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UPCOMING PROGRAMS March 21: Doug Pitt, Philanthropist & Businessman March 28: Special Surprise and our lips are sealed! April 4: DJ Peterson, President, Longview Global Advisors April 11: John Marquis, CFO Vallarta Supermarkets

CALENDAR IT NOW Mar 22: AbilityFirst Bowling organized by Denny Dynes May 3: Camp Paivikia Day VISIT WWW.ROTARYLA5.ORG FOR MORE INFORMATION ON SPEAKERS & EVENTS

Leon Elster (March 3), Mike Birkholm (March 4), Bob Donahue (March 28), Tim Brown (March 21), Christina Hurn (March 4), Susan Griego-Porter (March 24) and Jon Gibby (March 28) celebrated their March birthdays.

Prez Ken’s Last 100 Days in Office


n the surface, everything appears to be going right. Treasurer Don Robinson reports LA5 revenues are bloated by the multitude of presidential fines. People are lining up to brag about their new car, a fancy vacation, their new mistress or paramour, new promotions or new children/ grandchildren. Contact Prez Ken and get your place in line. Only 101 days remain in Prez Ken’s administration and he must count on the best players to carry him over the goal line. The infallible Arthur Kassel is in charge of the President’s Ball (April 25). Erick Weiss will manage The Grilled Cheese Invitational (April 12); last year he raised a zillion dollars for LA5 community projects. The always reliable Bob Donahue is supervising the big LA5 Rotary Scholastic Heroes Day @ Dodger Stadium (June 13). Prez Ken has nothing to worry about. It’s a great year at LA5.

Rotary Club of Los Angeles established 1909 March 21, 2014

The Rotary Club of Los Angeles Welcomes

Doug Pitt Philanthropist & Businessman

Providing basic needs to people across the globe Doug Pitt is the owner of ServiceWorld Computer Center, a past recipient of the Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year Award. Doug was named the Goodwill Ambassador for the United Republic of Tanzania. Doug is currently working with the Ministry of Agriculture and US partners on a food development program within Tanzania.

2 El Rodeo

If you missed seeing the gang last week

AbilityFirst CEO Lori Gangemi thanked Prez Ken for a $1500 grant check for the annual Bowling Party. Denny Dynes has organized the event for 13 years!

Friday’s program sponsor Mary Jensen, CIM Vice President Investor Relations, joined guest Betty LaMarr, CEO EmpowHer Insitute, for a wonderful lunch and laughs.

Walker Railey, always the fashion trend setter, modeled a spiffy bow tie to complement his Mad Men eyeglass frames. Steve Schultz is all envy.

Prez Ken, new member Joseph Klauzar and his sponsor John Miller.

Excited by the successful launch of her new Midnight Pleasure perfume, Carmen Estrada-Schaye shared marketing tips with Carole Donahue.

Prez Ken turned his back to the microphone for only a few seconds, but that was enough time for Kathy Turner to take the stage and break into a song.

El Rodeo 3

LA5 Grants $5,000 to Youth Project


rez Ken announced on Friday an LA5 grant for $5000 to A Place Called Home. The South Central Los Angeles non-profit offers programs in art, music, dance, athletics and other areas to kids and young adults. The programs are held after school and in the summer. LA5 member Jonathan Zeichner is the executive director. LA5’s contribution goes specifically towards volunteer-led workshops for high school juniors and seniors covering career planning, colleges, drugs abuse, self esteem and nutrition. Satisfactory attendance at only two workshops rewards the student with a dress or suit for the prom. Clothing is donated from the community. Prez Ken asked LA5ers for their help in supporting the Cinderella and Prince Charming Project. APCH needs your lightly used and clean dresses, purses, shoes and accessories. Bridesmaid dresses, cocktail dresses and formal night wear is what the young women need. And, because more and more young men will participate, they also need suits, shirts, ties, shoes, cuff links and belts. APCH will be at Rotary for the next few Fridays to collect clothes and accessories.

You May Have Won $2,000


rez Ken announced a new weekly raffle that awards an opportunity drawing for $2000. Winners may keep the money or apply it towards LA5 membership dues and lunches. The raffle winners this week are: ● ● ● ● ●

Mickie C. (joined LA5 in 2006) Walter J. (joined LA5 in 1988) Chris N. (joined LA5 in 2013) John R. (joined LA5 in 2003) Stefano V. (joined LA5 in 2006)

If you see your name, you must contact either Prez Ken or Jon Gibby before Friday, March 28, to claim your prize.

Grilled Cheese Invitational


ou’ve waited all year and it is time again: Saturday, April 12, is National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day.

LA5 will again celebrate the revered date by hosting a beer and wine garden at the International Grilled Cheese Invitational at the LA Center Stages. Last year LA5 netted over $13,000 from the bacchanal and all indicators point towards the club doing even better this year. Board Director Erick Weiss needs your help to sell drink tickets as you lounge in a sybaritic setting with old friends — and new ones, too! Please keep your eyes peeled for his e-mails and maintain an even closer watch on your spam folder because his provocative and enticing message may be indiscernible from promises of Nigerian wealth schemes or physical enhancement products.

Ben’s Lunch Advice World-class Gastronome Ben Tunnell recently added one more certification to his lengthy resumé — he is an AIS Sommelier of Olive Oil as designated by the North American Sommelier Assn. 4 El Rodeo

Diners: please RSVP to guarantee your seat! ENTREE: California club tossed Cobb salad. VEGETARIAN: Red quinoa vegetable paella, with zucchini, artichoke, grilled squash, peas, vine- ripened tomato coulis.

Chartered June 25, 1909

Club Leadership 2013-14 Ken Chong, President Alan Bernstein, President-Elect Jose Vera, Vice-President Elizabeth Wheeler, Secretary Don Robinson, Treasurer Jay Richardson, Past President Club Service Arthur Kassel Paul Richey Community Service Margaret Karren Jim Hoyt Funding Todd Johnson Al Shonk International Service Laine Wagenseller Rick Sarmiento Membership and Retention Charisse Older Erick Weiss Vocational Service John Miller John Jaacks Youth Service Anthony Calloway Paul Jacques Sergeant-at-Arms Paul Ekstrand Barry Hytowitz Steve Sommers Executive Director Jon Gibby JON@ROTARYLA5.ORG Rotary Club of Los Angeles 523 West Sixth Street, Suite 718 Los Angeles, CA 90014 Telephone 213.624.8601 Facsimile 213.624.2694 WWW.ROTARYLA5.ORG District 5280 Governor Doug Baker El Rodeo Marc Leeka, Editor Peter Weinberger, Sr. Reporter Tony Medley, Photographer

Rotarians You Want to Know:

Hal Barstow


al Barstow has a number of passions but the one you hear about most often is the Los Angeles Maritime Institute where he has been a volunteer since 1998. The organization is famous for its TopSail Youth Program that teaches participants empowerment and teamwork. Hal is also a member of The International Yachting Fellowship of Rotarians, the oldest of the Rotary Fellowships and the largest with more than 3200 members. At LA5, Hal is the co-chair of the Guest Green Room, a way to help prospective members better understand the obligations and benefits of being a Rotarian. Hal says, “Co-chair Steve Schultz and I offer them a relaxing and informal introduction to our club, plus we help the shy ones mix with our great members.”

Hal’s Favorites The best city I in the world is Paris and I can lead you on the best walking tour imaginable. If I had one last restaurant meal in LA I would go to Ports O’Call on the waterfront in San Pedro.

The last book I finished was Fortune’s Children about the decline of Cornelius Vanderbilt’s family wealth and written by his grandson Arthur. I am currently “Rotary is known and unreading Steps to the Summit by derstood to be a force for good in almost every coun- LA5 speaker Paul Fejtek. try of the world. I tell pro- I know it is junk food but my spective members that be- guilty pleasure is chocolate chip ing a Rotarian opens doors cookies. all over the world. I know If I could take only three albums because I have done make- to a desert island I would bring up meetings in ten coun- Dean Martin’s Greatest Hits Voltries and I am on a first umes 1 & 2 and Frank Sinatra’s name basis at those clubs. Come Fly With Me. No other organization is as I graduated high school in 1963. good as ours.” Whenever I hear The 4 Season’s If you haven’t met Hal yet, “Sherry” on the radio it makes then please introduce your- me think of how much I’d like self at the next meeting. one of my wife Cheri’s chocolate chip cookies. El Rodeo 5

Letters to the Editor

Program Chair Jose Vera’s winning 50-50 ticket was closely verified by forensic investigator Ben Turner just to make sure there was no insider hanky panky. Jose bought a mountain bike and, showing off over the weekend, fell and broke his leg. Lesson: he should have bought two tickets to the President’s Ball.

Interview Scholarship Applicants


ob Donahue, Scholarship Committee Chair, has an opportunity that will rock your boat: interview LA5 scholarship applicants.

You will hear first hand about the challenges these students have had as they went about accomplishing great things during their high school years. They will talk about their goals and the colleges where they have been accepted. Year after year LA5ers say this is one of the best activities they have ever attended. What? You dropped out of school in the 5th grade and don’t feel qualified to interview the future leaders of America? Not to worry — Bob will hold your hand and the kids will gaze up at you as if you are Donald Trump. Thursday, May 1, from 8:30 a.m. until noon at the Braille Institute on Vermont Avenue. Call or e-mail Bob (all contact info is in the LA5 Directory) for a moment you will never forget. Most important: there is free parking.

April First Wednesday Mixer Set an appointment in your calendar for Wednesday, April 2, at the LA Athletic Club from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. for the next First Wednesday Mixer. $3 eats, $6.50 cocktails and $7 parking. The reason you’ve never seen any photos from prior events is that participants don’t want too many people sharing the fun. Show up and see why. 6 El Rodeo

Dear Editor, What’s the deal with attendance? CLUELESS IN CULVER CITY Dear Clueless, LA5 membership has its privileges, but it was granted only after you made a promise to be involved in our club and in Rotary activities. In one sentence: Your participation is essential to the success of LA5. Attendance is not a big obstacle and can be achieved in many ways. First, show up at the fun and entertaining Friday lunches. The food is good, Prez Ken runs a great meeting and you will leave the room a little smarter after hearing the program speaker. Plus you get to see your buddies and make new friends. If you don’t eat lunch then be a non-diner. Boss on your back and you can’t skip out on Friday? Then do a make-up meeting at any of the 100 clubs in the region. Attend one of the many great LA5 social and networking mixers. Roll up your sleeves and have a Rotary Moment at one of the service activities. Everybody is busy with work and family but every LA5er made a promise when they applied for membership in the worlds greatest service organization: they wanted to make a difference. If your situation is one where you are wrapped up in other things until you can get back into the LA5 swing, a modest quarterly attendance contribution will be charged to your account if you are unable to attend 50% of the time. The contribution is $10 for each meeting you are short but will not exceed $50. Contributions support Club operations. When you don’t attend you miss friendship, networking and a chance to make a difference. You miss the magic that is LA5.

Rotary LA5 El Rodeo 2014 03 21  
Rotary LA5 El Rodeo 2014 03 21  

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