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Past District Governors have a tendency to grab the spotlight, so Prez Ken enlisted a phalanx to restrict access to the rostrum. That didn’t stop the Past Governor Rick Mendoza from trying, though, as he approached the stage 25 minutes before scheduled. Russ Whittenburg, Elizabeth Wheeler, John Jaacks, John Lockhart, Todd Johnson and Steve Schultz did a great job holding the line.

UPCOMING PROGRAMS FRIDAY: Catherine Sandoval, Calif Public Utilities Commission

August 23: Robert J. Lowe, CEO Lowe Enterprises August 30: club is dark for Labor Day September 6: Frank E Baxter, Chairman Emeritus of Jefferies September 13: Ned Colletti, General Manager, LA Dodgers

CALENDAR IT NOW Sept 4: LA5 First Wednesday Mixer at LA Athletic Club 5pm VISIT WWW.ROTARYLA5.ORG FOR MORE

Past Governor swoops in to Save The Day

Governor Experiences LifeThreatening Tennis Elbow Injury Only minutes before he was to address LA5, District 5280 Governor Doug Baker suffered a grave tennis elbow attack that sent him to the hospital and almost upended a meeting that had otherwise gone without a hiccup. The first speaker on the special occasion, Paul Netzel, filled in the club on Rotary’s past and what we can anticipate in the future. Next, J. T. Warring gave a passionate firstperson account of the club’s Myanmar water project progress and efforts to reintroduce Rotary in that country. With Governor Doug out of action, the program continued without pause thanks to quick-thinking Past District Governor Rick Mendoza who always travels with a prepared speech in his pocket and fresh batteries in his portable microphone. Many in the audience wished he would speak endlessly and he did not disappoint them.

Rotary Club of Los Angeles established 1909 August 16, 2013

2 El Rodeo

If you missed the meeting last week

Paul Netzel Briefing

J. T. Warring shared with Prez Ken another secret trick to dazzling Rotary audiences: choose the blue and plaid combination versus brown on brown.

Past Club President, Past District Governor and Past RI Director Paul Netzel briefed the club on the most recent Council on Legislation. The COL is Rotary International's parliament which meets every three years in Chicago. Each of the 532 Rotary districts is entitled to have one elected representative serve as a voting member. The April 2013 meeting had a record 528 district representatives in attendance and it debated 200 proposals. Ultimately 53 Enactments and 6 Resolutions were adopted. The following are some of the noteworthy actions taken by the 2013 COL Representatives. ● Approved a US$1-a-year increase in dues that clubs pay to Rotary International starting July 2014. ● Approved changing the name of Rotary's Fifth Avenue of Service, currently called "New Generations" to "Youth Service."

Margaret Todd, Ruth Wong, Susan Griego and Program Chair Jose Vera.

● Approved a measure to allow an unlimited number of eclubs, removing a previous restriction of two e-clubs per district. E-clubs meet electronically, conduct service projects, and sometimes also hold in-person meetings. ● Approved a measure aimed at increasing membership, that provides for satellite clubs, whose members meet at a different time and location from their parent club but who are considered members of the parent club.

Johannes Masserer, Christina Hurn, Bruce Murdoch and Board Director Laine Waggenseller.

● Approved a measure allowing participation in club projects to count toward club attendance requirements. The measure amends the Standard Rotary Club Constitution to provide that a member must attend or make up at least 50 percent of club regular meetings or engage in club projects for at least 12 hours in each half of the year or a combination of both. Two measures were defeated that would have allowed clubs to meet less frequently. The delegates also rejected a measure that would have allowed a club to cancel six regular meetings a year instead of four, for holidays, the death of a club member, disasters or other emergencies.

With persistence Sr. Christine Bowman will eventually wrestle away from Steinar Tweiten.

Having received no opposition from 5% or more of the 34,558 clubs worldwide, the results of the 2013 COL will took effect in July and will be reflected in the next publication of Rotary’s Manual of Procedure. El Rodeo 3

LA5 Corporate Membership Program


he LA5 Board of Directors recently approved a Corporate Membership Program that will bring more organizations into the Rotary universe.

The program allows for two active memberships, including annual dues, initiation fees and a Community Service Fund contribution to qualify for the 365 Club. The company will receive a full page roster ad and prominent front page placement on the LA5 website. Other cross-marketing opportunities provided include an invitation to join the CEO Roundtable, host LA5 mixers or events at the company’s location and be a Program Sponsor. The cumulative benefits are far in excess of the $3000 annual fee. Rotary International launched this 20112014 pilot program to gauge the effectiveness of extending membership to companies. Many clubs have reported having experienced an improvement in leadership and engagement opportunities for members, an increase in participation in club activities, a greater gender balance in the club membership and stronger diversity within the club’s membership.

Who Wants to be a Program Sponsor?


o you need an effective forum to promote your company or your skills to the club? Consider either becoming a Program Sponsor or a Green Room Sponsor — or both!

A Program Sponsor receives branding for that week’s program: announcement placards at the California Club, website placement and mention in the prestigious El Rodeo. Janet Doud can give you the scoop and eloquently detail the myriad of benefits you will reap. Hal Barstow, here appearing fresh from sailing the Aral Sea in Uzbekistan says, “Don’t forget about sponsoring the Green Room, either!” The Green Room is the private guest reception held before the Friday LA5 lunch meeting. Interested in sponsoring? Please send an email to INFO@ROTARYLA5.ORG.

When the Boss screws up your LA5 schedule Can’t attend LA5 on Friday because your boss is bugging you to finish a project? Then do a Make-Up at any Rotary Club and ask Secretary Elizabeth Wheeler to credit your attendance. Here are some nearby choices:

Playa Venice Sunrise Wednesdays 7:15 a.m. Woodland Hills Wednesdays 12 noon Wilshire Wednesdays 12 noon Westchester Wednesdays 12:10 p.m. Latinos Unidos Wednesdays 7:00 p.m. See the entire list at

4 El Rodeo


Rotarians You Want to Know: Chartered June 25, 1909

Club Leadership 2013-14 Ken Chong, President Alan Bernstein, President-Elect Jose Vera, Vice-President Elizabeth Wheeler, Secretary Don Robinson, Treasurer Jay Richardson, Past President Club Service Arthur Kassel Paul Richey Community Service Margaret Karren Jim Hoyt Funding Todd Johnson Al Shonk International Service Laine Wagenseller Rick Sarmiento Membership and Retention Charisse Older Erick Weiss Vocational Service John Miller John Jaacks Youth Service Anthony Calloway Paul Jacques Sergeant-at-Arms Paul Ekstrand Barry Hytowitz Steve Sommers Executive Director Jon Gibby Rotary Club of Los Angeles 523 West Sixth Street, Suite 718 Los Angeles, CA 90014 Telephone 213.624.8601 Facsimile 213.624.2694 District 5280 Governor Doug Baker El Rodeo Marc Leeka, Editor Felix Keats, Photographer

John Miller


OHN MILLER was a member of the Rotary Club of Santa Monica for 21 years before joining LA5, even serving as the club’s Program Chair. He is the son of a Rotarian and his wife is a Rotarian.

His personal commitment to Rotary came 30 years ago after he was selected to participate in a six-week Rotary Group Study Exchange to India, Nepal and Bangladesh. John was a young Christian minister at the time, so a highlight of the trip was the opportunity to stay in the homes of Hindu, Muslim, and Buddhist Rotarians. After observing the work of Rotary in the world, John decided that if he ever were given the opportunity to join a service club, Rotary would be the one. John cherishes the memory of one of his Muslim hosts planting a tree on his property on the day John departed to commemorate their new friendship saying ‘that just as the tree will grow and give life for generations to come, so will their fellowship and service through Rotary.’ One of John’s favorite memories of Rotary leadership took place the year John was vice president of programs. He recounts a story about when a long-scheduled speaker cancelled with almost no notice. “My sister had recently dated a Dodger Stadium peanut vendor. Desperate to fill the speaking slot, I got the guy’s phone number from my sister and asked John’s Favorites him to come and talk about ‘his life working for peanuts.’ The last book I read was The man agreed, and the “Halftime: Moving from Success club was wildly entertained to Significance” by Bob Buford. as he tossed bags of peanuts The best city I have ever visited overhand, underhand, side- was Jerusalem . arm, behind the back and over the shoulder, all the I know it is junk food, but my guilty pleasure is I cannot get while regaling the club with a enough chocolate chip ice crazy cascade of anecdotes cream. about life at the stadium. We saw how, even in humble cir- The most satisfying thing I have cumstances, life can be lived done in the club since I joined is with such a high level joy the Children’s Court Committee and service if we only bring And three albums I would take the right attitude.” to a desert island because I If you haven’t met John yet, never grow tired of listening to then please introduce your- them: Sammy Davis, Jr. and Buddy Rich “The Sounds of ‘66 , self at the next meeting. Rachmaninov “Piano Concerto No. 2” and Handel’s “Messiah.” El Rodeo 5

Letters to the Editor

District Peacemakers will go to Istanbul The District's 5-member Vocational Training Team will head to Istanbul, Turkey, the week of September 24 to attend the annual congress of Mediators Beyond Borders. The team will learn about cross-cultural negotiations and train to develop skills and strategies to build peaceable communities.


he vocational team concept was developed by The Rotary Foundation in the early 1960s to promote international goodwill and understanding by sending small groups of young business professionals from one Rotary district to a district in another country. Each team is led by one experienced Rotarian and three or four nonRotarians recruited from communities in the district. A team typically comprises one profession or focus and the trips allow participants to share their culture and know-how with their hosts. More than 70,000 young men and women have traveled in the program since 1965. The District 5280 team will be led by Greg O’Brien of the Palos Verdes Peninsula Club. If you have non-Rotarian acquaintances between the ages of 25-40 who would consider joining the experience of a lifetime, particularly any peacemakers or professional mediators, please contact VTT District Coordinator Freddi King at All expenses for the trip will be paid by a District Grant funded by The Rotary Foundation. Our annual contributions to The Rotary Foundation are returned to this district to be used for humanitarian and other projects that qualify under strict guidelines. 6 El Rodeo

Dear Editor, I passed Prez Ken at a lunch meeting and he shook my hand. I’m not too sure of the protocol. Do I refrain from washing that hand for two weeks or should I keep the Purell handy? STAPHYLOCOCCUS ADVERSE Dear Germphobic, All of us in the newsroom are highly suspicious of gladhanding present and past presidents. Don’t feel guilty washing your hands but continue to show your respect by burning a candle in the little presidential shrine all of us keep in our homes. Dear Editor, I think every lunch meeting should be described as uninhibitedly exuberant. I’m a new member and would like to feel more comfortable in such a vibrant crowd. How can I feel less timid approaching and meeting others. SHY IN LOS ANGELES Dear Wallflower, We wear giant name badges to encourage everyone to mingle and interact. If you still feel a little shy then walk up to one of the Directors (full list on page 5) and ask them to introduce you around. They know just about everyone.

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