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Club Readies to Train Another President

FRIDAY: Bill L. Lewis, Assistant Director in Charge FBI Los Angeles Division

Mighty Los Angeles 5 summoned the membership for its 105th annual crisis: We have another President on our hands!

July 19: Herb K. Schultz, Regional Director U. S. Department of Health & Human Services July 26: Tim McCallion, President Verizon West Region August 2: John Chiang, California State Controller VISIT WWW.ROTARYLA5.ORG FOR MORE INFORMATION ON SPEAKERS & EVENTS

Ken Chong is the club’s selection for the job. Ken, on the surface, has admirable qualities that just might help the club maintain its position as the #1 Club in the region. For starters, Ken is a UCLA graduate and boasts of an enviable business career. He has often displayed wit and calm when under pressure, two essential attributes that will help him greatly if conflict erupts over parking places, lunch service or members who make rostrum announcements that have no end in sight. Past President Ed Matveld summed it up nicely. “We get a fresh recruit every year and in only twelve months we turn them into something special. Come for lunch every week and enjoy watching us do this one more time.”

Rotary Club of Los Angeles established 1905 July 12, 2013

Top G Man Addresses Rotary this Friday On Friday, July 12, the Assistant Director in Charge of the FBI’s Los Angeles Division, Bill Lewis will talk to us about the FBI’s mission in Los Angeles. THIS IS A MEETING YOU WILL NOT WANT TO MISS! The FBI is the United States' leading federal domestic law enforcement agency. Following the terrorist attacks of September 11, the FBI was reorganized and assigned a new list of priorities. ○ Protect the United States from terrorist attack ○ Protect the United States against foreign intelligence operations and espionage ○ Protect the United States against cyber-based attacks and hightechnology crimes These new priorities shifted the FBI’s main mission from prosecuting crimes after they've happened to preventing crimes that are being planned. Over the last decade, the FBI has become a much more intelligence-driven organization and today’s technology has made unprecedented amounts of information available about U.S. citizens to the FBI. The data collection methods and the uses of such data will be a key issue for the FBI and our society moving forward. Bill Lewis will be introduced by Andre Birotte Jr., the U.S. Attorney for the Central District of California. At this meeting you have a onetime opportunity to meet the top Federal Law Enforcement Officers on the West Coast. — by Jose Vera

Annual UCLA/USC Football Luncheon Set The UCLA/USC Football Luncheon is planned for Tuesday, November 26. This will be a flash back luncheon: former UCLA Coach Terry Donahue and former USC Coach John Robinson are confirmed speakers. LA5 member Gary Hankins and LA5 Director Al Shonk are the event coordinators. The Rotary Clubs of Santa Monica, Beverly Hills and Westwood Village are joining LA5 for what will be a 4 Club lunch meeting. It will be a huge crowd with lots of fun and rivalry.

Annual LA5 Dues Should Be Paid in July All LA5 members will have received their annual dues statement delivered by a uniformed agent of the United States Postal Service no later than July 1. To spare Rotarians from receiving multiple Rotary statements, the Club serves as a single collection point for four areas: the club’s administrative costs, the member’s dues to Rotary International, the member’s dues to the Rotary District and special District Assessments. Dues are collected by all Rotary Clubs around the world for the fiscal year that begins every July 1 and concludes the following June 30. The dues statement should be returned to the LA5 business office by July 31. Dues can be satisfied in a single payment or twelve monthly payments. Members also have the opportunity to include contributions to the LA5 Community Service Fund to support Local Charities and International Projects.

2 El Rodeo

President Jay’s Demotion

Past Presidents David Bland, Megan O’Rourke and incoming President Ken ready for their role in the skits.

President Jay thanks Past President Dave Meshulam for bringing the Scout Honor Guards.

First Lady Miyuki presented convincing evidence President Jay didn’t work on Rotary matters exclusively.

Songstress Carol Schafer and Mario Haug enjoyed one of the best demotions ever.


raditionally Rotary Clubs honor their out-going president with a formal demotion. For an entire year having pretended the club president was not important, the members have an occasion to tell a president Steve Cooley won the 50-50 and Ben Turner pumped Steve how important he/she really was to the success of the group. LA5’s final lunch meeting of Jay’s year included music, for some legal advice on overdue parking tickets. comedy, testimonials and skits. Many in the audience thought it was the best meeting of the year. El Rodeo 3

Insightful decision that has united every political faction

President Ken Slashes Lunch Prices President Ken left reporters and photographers speechless at his first press conference. Clearing playing to the cost-conscious constituency credited with putting him in office, President Ken declared, “There’s been too much fat in the budget but not enough meat. By executive action I therefore am cutting LA5 lunch prices by 22% effective immediately.” The cost for lunch now plummets to only $31, which includes beverages, tax and gratuity. Non-diners pay only $7.50 for beverages and table goodies. Due to the generosity of this benefit, the new low price is available to LA5 members only. Non-members and

guests will continue to pay the $40 lunch cost. Discussion of politics at a Rotary Club is always forbidden, but it is acceptable to report President Ken’s bold move united all political factions. Liberals say similar government subsidies are responsible for saving hundreds of low-paying food service jobs. Conservatives say the members now have more control of their hard-earned dollars and the money will subsequently trickle-down through the economy. The only group that appeared slighted by the announcement was the LA5 Vegan Committee. They calmed down when it was explained that President Ken did not plan to have more meat meals—it was just an expression he used at the news conference. One practice that has not changed is the California Club’s polite request that members RSVP if they plan to dine. Keeping lunch prices low is possible only when the kitchen can have an accurate meal count and can assemble its resources appropriately. RSVPs take only a minute when done on the club’s website.

Attendance makes a BIG DIFFERENCE


A5’s most important resource is its members.

All LA5 Rotarians, when they accepted their sponsor’s invitation to join the club, made a decision to participate in the club’s meetings and activities. Perfect attendance does not make one a better Rotarian, of course. But attendance at club meetings and activities makes you more aware of LA5’s opportunities to serve and find your comfortable place in the club. Dozens of your fellow members invest countless hours every week to make the Friday lunch meetings engaging and interesting. Vice President and Program Chair Jose Vera is responsible for soliciting speakers who the club members want to hear and who will also draw visitors to the lunch. Club Service Directors Art Kassel and Paul Richey oversee a wide group of club volunteers who are 4 El Rodeo

responsible for registration and badge distribution. Another group is responsible for the music, pledge and invocation. There are other Board Directors who organize membership mixers, Gateway meetings, community and international projects, and other activities They all work seamlessly with a single goal to insure the club is the preeminent venue in Downtown Los Angeles to make a difference. LA5 is the conduit to dozens of leading Los Angeles charities. LA5 has a long and distinguished record of international projects that have grown and inspired other Rotary Clubs in the region. So, whether you attend for networking, fellowship, service or any combination, LA5 makes connections between you and your community. If you have yet to realize your potential at LA5, then don’t hesitate to approach any Board Director or Club Officer and ask, “What can I do to make a difference?”

Rotarians You Want to Know:

Chartered June 25, 1909

Club Leadership 2013-14 Ken Chong, President Alan Bernstein, President-Elect Jose Vera, Vice-President Elizabeth Wheeler, Secretary Don Robinson, Treasurer Jay Richardson, Immediate Past President Club Service Arthur Kassel Paul Richey Community Service Margaret Karren Jim Hoyt Funding Todd Johnson Al Shonk International Service Laine Wagenseller Rick Sarmiento Membership and Retention Charisse Older Erick Weiss Vocational Service John Miller John Jaacks Youth Service Anthony Calloway Paul Jacques Sergeant-at-Arms Paul Ekstrand Barry Hytowitz Steve Sommers


Art Kassel

f you ask Art Kassel to show you a few photos, you’d better have a few hours free. There is Art with every US President since Gerald Ford. Here is Art with diplomat Averell Harriman. Art has a group of photos with most United States Secretary of States from Edmund Muskie (1980-81) to John Kerry. California Governors are everywhere, as are California Senators, Representatives and Los Angeles Mayors. He’s an Eagle Scout. He’s raised a ton of money for everything from the Bell Shelter to the Vermont Gurdwara Sikh Center to the LA Police Protective League’s Eagle and Badge Foundation. He’s a published author. And have you seen those Donald Sterling ads in the Los Angeles Times every week? How does Art find the time to chair so many of those fundraisers? With so many irons in the fire, it is easy for you to wonder: What exactly does Arthur Kassel do for a living? He recently retired as the Chief of Law Enforcement Services for the California State Department of Mental Health. Art also developed the Flexicisor in response to his late wife Tichi’s ambulatory challenges brought on by Parkinson’s disease. And, while many of us would be perfectly content to spend retirement watching the grass grow, Art stays busy with multiple security projects. Going back to those photos, there is Art with Barron Hilton, son of the founder of the Hilton Hotels chain. That explains why Art is cheek-to-cheek with Paris Hilton in two photos. Diana Ross is hugging Art over here; there is Lionel Richie over there. Jack Nicholson at Art’s table. Jayne Mansfield — yes, Jayne Mansfield — is with Art in one photo. Art was younger then but, even with a few extra lines here and there, Art looks pretty much the same today. Art came to Los Angeles 5 because he was already a Rotarian; he just needed to join a club to make it official. Past President Dave Meshulam closed the deal. As the LA5 Director of Club Service, Art works with Vice President Jose Vera to book important speakers and turn lunches into an events. Art was instrumental in arranging the recent LA Mayoral Debates at LA5 that drew 600+ people. “Turn LA5 into the most important meeting place in Downtown Los Angeles and the club can have a thousand members,” Art predicts. If you haven’t met Art yet, then please introduce yourself at the next meeting.

Executive Director Jon Gibby Rotary Club of Los Angeles Office 523 West Sixth Street, Suite 718 Los Angeles, CA 90014 Telephone 213.624.8601 Facsimile 213.624.2694 District 5280 Governor Doug Baker El Rodeo Editor Marc Leeka

If I agreed to join LA5, do I have to sit Art having a Boogie Night with Mark with you at every meeting? Wahlberg. El Rodeo 5

Be Aware of Scams targeting Rotarians Several Rotarians have recently reported receiving fraudulent emails, including one with the subject line “Proposed Rotary Visit.” It fraudulently claims to be from a Rotary club president in Nigeria asking for information to help coordinate exchanges or to partner on projects. Also be aware of Facebook pages or other websites using the Rotary logo without permission in order to solicit money and imply a relationship with Rotary. Other recent scams include fraudulent emails with the subject line “Rotary Membership Update” that reports to be from Rotary International asking them to update their membership status for the 2013 year by clicking on the link supplied in the email. Please be aware that this is a phishing scam. Phishing is the criminally fraudulent act of attempting to acquire sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, or credit card information by masquerading as a trusty source. Several Rotarians have reported receiving a fraudulent email which reports to be from an Australian Rotarian stuck in London, England. The email claims the individual was robbed at gunpoint while on holiday and that she needs money to get home. Other Rotarians have reported receiving a similar email sent out in the name of a senior Rotary leader, a trustee of The Rotary Foundation, seeking money. The email claims that the individual is stuck at an airport with lost luggage and needs the cash to get home. Both emails are scams. An email scam with the subject line “Dear Award Beneficiary!!!” has targeted Rotarians claiming the recipient has won US$500,000 and two HP laptops from RI. RI encourages Rotarians and Rotary clubs to avoid becoming victims of such scams by deleting any email that appears suspicious.

Rotary Org Chart

RI President 2013-14 Ron Burton from the Rotary Club of Norman, Oklahoma. Rotary International is 1,215,679 Rotarians in 34,380 clubs.

RI Zone Director Steve Snyder and Sharron from the Rotary Club of Auburn, California. Zones 25 and 26 are comprised of 61,010 Rotarians in 1327 clubs.

District 5280 Governor Doug Baker from the Rotary Club of Downey, California. District 5280 is comprised of 2566 Rotarians in 65 clubs.

The Rotary Foundation Quick Facts 1. Our contributions to the Rotary Foundation Annual Fund are “loaned” for two terms then returned to this district to be used ONLY for the programs we support. 2. The Rotary Foundation invests our loan and operates from the investment income. 3. Charity Navigator named The Rotary Foundation #2 on its list of “The Best Charitable Organizations You Have Heard Of.” 4. LA5 has directed its contributions to Ambassadorial Scholars, local service projects and international humanitarian projects in El Salvador, Panama, Ecuador, Uganda and Tanzania. 6 El Rodeo

Los Angeles 5 President Ken Chong leads 354 Rotarians.

Rotary LA5 El Rodeo 2013 07 12  

weekly bulletin of the Rotary Club of Los Angeles, the fifth oldest Rotary club and one of the largest Rotary Clubs in the world