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68% of Americans use some kind of dietary supplement daily. Out of the 68%, 85% say that they are completely confident in the supplement. The supplements that are used the most include: multi-vitamins (52%), Omega-3/Fish oil des (21%), Vitamin-D (20%), Vitamin-C (19%), and Calcium (17%). es igner ch sh odim ow w ose a (Virgo ublishing, LLC, 2014) h re v ers ent fe at str on en ery s e min is ca l like. gth, p pecifi c o d to pab A le o fter ta wer, lar . Y a f o exc nd ton u will almo king st ess e n ene d figu ot only re rgy , sta , but min you a,

According to a study done by Kay Uzoma, 45 million Americans go on a diet every year, and spend over 33 billion dollars on weightloss supplements. Of those 45 million Americans, 27% of them stuck to their diet.

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