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Packaging Concept

The new packaging for Six Star Pro Nutrition will be similar to the original packaging except for the images used. The images used on the new packaging won’t be actual fitness models, but instead will be figures doing different workouts/activities. The concept of using fitness models gives off the impression that either the product will make you look like that (not everyone who supplements wants the muscular look), or that only people who want muscles like that should use the product.

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Six Star Pro Nutrition re-branding campaign

Dimensions and Specs Six Star Pro Nutrtion sells several different supplement products ranging in different sizes. Depnding on what product is being packaged determines the size of the packaging, and the size of the packaging design.


Whey Protein

Packaging: 4.5” w X 8.2” h Packaging Design: 18.1” w X 7.5 h 2. Creatine Packaging: 2” w X 4.7” h Packaging Design: 8.4” w X 4” h 3.

Fat Burner

Packaging: 2” w X 5.2 h Packaging Design: 8.4” w X 4.3” h 4. BCAA Packaging: 3” w X 6.5 “h Packaging Design: 10” w x 3.8” h

Packaging concepts and specs  
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