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Introduction Designer’s Notes It is a priviledge to be given the opportunity to be a part of the campaign project for a product that I am extremely passioante about. I am very driven and dedicated towards my health and to fitness, and so I believe others should be as well. Knowing that is not the case, the designer decided to design a program that people can fit into their busy schedules. Everyone needs to know how it feels to be fit and healthy. To know what its like to be able to eat a healthy meal instead of grabbing McDonald’s when in a hurry. Living a fit and healthy lifestyle even when life is chaotic, and you’re on a budget is possible.

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Style Guide Logo Usage Typography


Style Guide T

Logo Usage

Usage This is the original logo that is to be used on all forms of packaging.

This logo is to be used on small objects, such as stamps, tickets, etc.

The black and white logo is only to be used in newspaper print ads.

The logo for Six Star Pro Nutrition should always be presented in its original colors. No other colors are acceptable.

Non- Usage For newspaper print ads, the logo is always to be presented in black and white. It is never to be presented in white and black.

The logo should also never be presented without the silhouette in the center behind the number six.


Heading: Abadi MT Condensed Extra Bold- 24-48pt

Tagline: Marker Felt- Wide- 18-24pt

Body: Arial Black- 6-12pt

The designer chose to utilize bold, but fun fonts throughout this campaign. She chose bold fonts because their stroke weights are incremental degrees heavier than the basic roman or medium weight of a typeface. Their primary use in text is to provide emphasis or establish a typographic hierarchy that conveys relative ranking of information. In this context, bold weights clarify content. The fonts that were chosen are Abadi MT Condensed Extra Bold, Marker Felt-Wide, and Arial Black. These fonts are send out the same message that any other bold-faced font would, but it also adds a bit of fun and excitement as well. The designer wants people to get excited when they see Six Star products or when they read about the Six Step Program.

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