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The Opening of the Senior Centre Friday 24 May 2019




The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba from Solomon, by George Frideric Handel Members of the MLC School Chamber Orchestra

Welcome to Country

Aunty Deb Lennis


MLC School Principal, Ms Lisa Moloney

Official opening address

His Excellency General the Honourable Sir Peter Cosgrove AK MC (Retd) Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia


MLC School Captain, Jessica Kuo


General Secretary, The Uniting Church in Australia, Synod of NSW and the ACT, Rev Jane Fry


Chair, MLC School Council, Mrs Pauline Johnston

Unveiling of plaque

His Excellency General the Honourable Sir Peter Cosgrove AK MC (Retd) Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia

MLC School song

Here in this House by John Masefield Here in this house, where we are singing thus, Long generations will come after us; Friends we shall never know will come to share This life of ours, wondering what we were, Long after we are gone their minds will take The human pathways our endeavours make. We shall not see them, but we can endow This place with the beauty for them, here and now. We can so live that after we are dead They may find beauty here like daily bread. We can so live that they may find, each one, A life here of truth said and kindness done; The knowledge, that this world of mysteries Wants many thousands true for one that’s wise; The faith, that when a twilight finds us gone, All we have consecrated will live on To help the souls of other unseen friends Into a calm where beauty never ends.

Australian National Anthem Recessional

The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba from Solomon, by George Frideric Handel Members of the MLC School Chamber Orchestra Official party His Excellency General the Honourable Sir Peter Cosgrove AK MC (Retd) Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia and Her Excellency Lady Cosgrove Chair, MLC School Council, Mrs Pauline Johnston Principal, Ms Lisa Moloney Deputy Principal, Ms Frances Booth Head of Senior School, Mr Neil Scotney 2019 School Captain, Jessica Kuo Aboriginal Program Supervisor Inner West Council, Aunty Deb Lennis Uniting Church General Secretary, Reverend Jane Fry

Musicians Vocalist Sofia Carey

Violin Charis Chiu Yijun Cui Kirsten Dao Cherie Pepperell Nichole Wang Viola Tahlia Hatzisarantinos Eloise Riviere Ruby Scott-Wishart

Cello Coco Huang Hannah Kang Jessica MacMaster Halle Yang Double Bass Jade Di Girolamo Flute Jessica Kim Oboe Annika Lee Jade Park

Saxophone Maya Felice Amelie Roediger Taiko Olivia Bersais Maria Costantino Vicky Feng Aleksia Grbic Ellena Hartzenberg Lauren Huynh Katrina Marshall Veronikah McClelland Eloise Riviere

Lydia Todoroska Ella Tomkins Tessa Tomkins

Music staff MLC School Chamber Orchestra Dr Joanna Drimatis Ms Ying Ho

Taiko Ms Karen Roberts

The Opening of the Senior Centre | 3

From the Chair of Council I am delighted to celebrate with you today the opening our new Senior Centre, an outstanding educational facility that is, in many ways, the physical manifestation of MLC School’s world leading 21st century approach to education. Since our very beginnings, MLC School has been synonymous with pushing the boundaries of girls’ education, providing the young women in our care every opportunity and encouragement to be all that they can be. This purpose-built senior learning environment continues this tradition, daring us all to be more by creating a setting in which learning is ever-present; and curiosity and enquiry are the natural response. I would particularly like to express my heartfelt thanks to everyone involved in imagining this Senior Centre and making it a reality. A project like this requires the talent, inspiration, generosity, dedication and sheer hard work of many, many people within our school community and beyond. Many of these have given of their time, expertise and resources freely and with a generosity beyond all reasonable expectation. Thank you for your commitment to the future of education of MLC School girls, you can be justly proud of the impact you have had, and will continue to have, on the lives of generations of young women. You can be confident that, in the words of our School Song, long after we are gone their minds will take the human pathways your endeavours have made. As the most ambitious building project ever undertaken at MLC School, the journey from concept to completion has not been insignificant. Over the last five years the planning, design and construction of this facility has benefited from the foresight and courage of Council, staff, students, architects and builders. It has been so exciting to see the fruits of all this careful thought and planning, as we now witness the girls and teachers together learning, collaborating and flourishing as they begin to explore all that is possible in this new space. Along with the entire School Council, I look forward to seeing learning come alive in this new setting. I am certain that over time it will be used in ways that none of us ever dreamed of, to take the minds of our students to places none of us have yet dreamed of; and to rewrite MLC School’s spirit of leading-edge education for girls for the generations to come. Mrs Pauline Johnston Chair, MLC School Council

4 | MLC School

From the Principal In a recent publication Workforce of the future – The competing forces shaping 2030, PricewaterhouseCoopers examined the impact that technology and changes to the nature of work are likely to have on the jobs of the future, and the skills and characteristics that will be the most sought after in employees and critical for the success of their leaders. Although much of the report centres on the impact of technology on current jobs, it was interesting to note that despite all the changes that they are dealing with, employers report that “Finding people with the right skills has become the biggest threat to their business. Perhaps not surprisingly, these hard to find skills are problem‐solving, adaptability, collaboration, leadership, creativity and innovation.”

‘So what should we tell our children? That to stay ahead, you need to focus on your ability to continuously adapt, engage with others in that process, and most importantly retain your core sense of identity and values. For students, it’s not just about acquiring knowledge, but about how to learn. For the rest of us, we should remember that intellectual complacency is not our friend and that learning – not just new things but new ways of thinking – is a life-long endeavour.’ Blair Sheppard, Global Leader, Strategy and Leadership Development, PwC

It is exciting then, to see how the forward thinking design of our spectacular Senior School building is encouraging the teaching and development of these skills, providing an environment where learning can be creative, collegial and innovative. From the very first day of classes, staff and students have embraced the challenge of utilising all that it offers. Moving through the building, one is struck by the wide variety of approaches to learning that are taking place and the visible nature of that learning. The transition in our approach to learning from Junior School to Senior School is now seamless and sequential, with our commitment to learning in spaces that encourage flexibility, adaptability and problem solving available to girls of all ages. Equally important, the building and associated works have given us a central place to gather and interact; a new ‘heart of the School’. Earlier this term our prefects hosted a gathering of prefects from Schools across Sydney. How lovely it was to hear them welcome their guests with a smile and proudly announce that this was their new building. Indeed that is what it has become – a special place that is already loved and owned by our girls. Along with the associated landscaping and outdoor café seating, what we have is a space to be embraced and enjoyed by us all. I would like to acknowledge the vision and foresight shown by all those involved in the creation and execution of this project. As a result of careful planning and a clear vision for learning at MLC School, we have a place that is a visible representation of who we are as a learning community, and an environment in which we can continue to challenge traditional ways of teaching and ready our girls for the world into which they will graduate. Ms Lisa Moloney Principal, MLC School

The Opening of the Senior Centre | 5

The MLC School Senior Centre

‘The whole perimeter of the building is a full-height, double-glazed high-performance facade, which maximises access to daylight. A skin of perforated folded aluminium panels wraps around the glazed facade, providing sunshading and privacy. The aluminium skin is pierced by large pop-out windows, which maximise access to the views and showcase the learning that happens inside. Automated louvre windows allow the building to be naturally ventilated as well as air-conditioned. A large skylight above the central atrium brings light right in through internal pop-out quiet rooms and meeting rooms, and down to the amphitheatre space. The interior reflects the principle of the ‘building as a teacher’. Exposed services and off-form concrete showcase the functionality and structure. An abundance of timber, plywood and cork finishes create a warm, homely feeling. The timber-framed glazed internal partitions, with their plywood joinery elements, provide a balance between transparency and privacy, while the timber floors of the central circulation stairs and bridges bring warmth to the heart of the space.’

BVN, MLC School Senior Centre architects ÎÎ The building spans four levels plus a basement ÎÎ The ground floor consists of class rooms, IT genius bar, Studies Office and an open amphitheatre, which can be viewed from each level through the central void. ÎÎ The remaining three levels consist of a combination of teaching spaces, Science laboratories, collaborative learning spaces, suspended pop-out meeting staff rooms and an outdoor teaching balcony on level three. ÎÎ The basement features dance studios and is also used for storage and plant rooms. 10 | MLC School

FACTS AND FIGURES ÎÎ The demolition of the North Wing in December 2016 left a hole in the ground which was 4m deep and 2000m2 in area. ÎÎ Main works construction started in July 2017 with the pouring of structural piles and the ground floor slab. ÎÎ 4377m3 of concrete was poured into the project with 412t of reinforcement bars and 8106m2 of reinforcement mesh. ÎÎ 1645 construction workers were inducted over a period of 16months. ÎÎ Safety was paramount on the project and Lipman achieved over 100,000 hours worked with no lost time injuries. ÎÎ The Senior Centre Main Works was completed ahead of schedule.

THE CONSTRUCTION PROGRESSION ÎÎ Masterplan process started in 2010 ÎÎ Masterplan document submitted 2012

ÎÎ Revised Tender (Contract Set) for Senior Centre and Middle Years building issued December 2015 ÎÎ Kent House completed December 2015 – to provide for ability to replace facilities from the existing senior school building. ÎÎ Café 1866 completed April 2016 – required as the existing canteen was part of the senior school building that was due to be demolished ÎÎ Re-design process of the Senior Centre started May 2016 ÎÎ Early works stage for Senior Centre building started December 2016, completed July 2017 ÎÎ Re-documentation of the Senior Centre started January 2017 ÎÎ Revised Tender issued April 2017 ÎÎ Revised drawings for construction issued June 2017 ÎÎ Construction of Senior Centre commenced July 2017 completed January 2019

ÎÎ Stage 1 Design started in 2013

ÎÎ Demolition of staff room block September 2018

ÎÎ First DA for Senior Centre and Middle Years building submitted early 2014

ÎÎ Demolition of Science wing December 2018

ÎÎ State Significant DA (SSDA) for Senior Centre and Middle Years building submitted in November 2014

ÎÎ Construction of the landscaping commenced December 2018 and scheduled for completion June 2019

ÎÎ SSDA approved March 2015 ÎÎ Parents’ presentation September 2015 ÎÎ Tender issued September 2015 and awarded to Lipman ÎÎ BVN internal technical review started September 2015 ÎÎ MLC School Peer Review started September 2015 leading to identification that a fourth level was needed

‘We can all say it has been worth the wait! The rooms that I really enjoy are the Science labs. They make it so easy for us to try cool, new experiments.’ Georgie Roediger, Year 7

12 | MLC School

‘The classroom spaces are fantastic; big, bright and fun to teach in. Being able to break out during group work is a real benefit and it means that students do not stay in the same seat all lesson. The design pushed me to think about how I develop lessons to use the spaces creatively.’ Fiona Pow, Head of Year 8

The Opening of the Senior Centre | 13

A Contemporary Teaching and Learning Space

‘The new Senior Learning Centre at MLC School expands the learning clusters to deliver a contemporary teaching and learning space. The new building delivers state-ofthe-art teaching areas wrapped around a central atrium. Two large landscaped courtyards surround the Centre, allowing the teaching and learning to spill out into outdoor learning spaces. MLC School’s brief was to create dynamic and engaging spaces that enhance student learning and embrace the future. This meant creating a building that moves away from the institutional model.’ BVN, MLC School Senior Centre architects

14 | MLC School

A Building that Creates and Encourages Learning ‘The MLC School Senior Centre was an extremely exciting and rewarding project for the Lipman team, and we are proud to have played our role in bringing the School’s vision to completion. The new Senior Centre is a highly innovative building that creates and encourages learning. It is much more like a university building than a school.’ Lipman, MLC School Senior Centre builders

The Opening of the Senior Centre | 15

Pioneers and Leaders in Girls’ Education Since 1886


‘possess a store of knowledge and breadth of view, and a reliance upon their own acquaintance with things … which would fit them for any position in the world’.

From the early days of the Wesleyan Church in Australia, the higher education of women and girls was considered an important objective.

He further stated that women were entitled to take their place ‘as the co-equals of men, in every avenue of human activity’.

In 1872, the Wesleyan Conference of NSW resolved that: ‘the superior education of the daughters of our people was a worthwhile objective’.

For the late 1800s, these ideals – the core of MLC School’s foundation – were revolutionary. For over 133 years, MLC School has continued to subvert preconceptions of women’s roles by preparing girls to be ‘fit for any position in the world’.

On 4 May 1883, a Committee (which included our future Founding Principal, Rev Dr Charles Prescott) met at the Wesleyan Centenary Chapel York Street, Sydney and the idea of our School began: ‘considering the great importance to our Church of higher education… the time has now come for the immediate establishment in the Colony of a high school for girls.’ The Committee spent three years searching for the right property, and in November 1885, Miss Lester’s ‘Kent House’, on the corner of Rowley Street and Park Road, with adjacent paddock, was purchased. Within six weeks, Rev Dr Prescott had sourced furniture, hired staff and the School was ready for students. The SMH advertisement on 23 January 1886, announcing the imminent opening of the Wesleyan Ladies’ College, included that the School would ‘make provision for those who wish to prepare for University honours’. This radical statement was only five years after women had, for the first time, gained admission to The University of Sydney. Delivering the Schofield Hall opening address in November 1892, Rev Charles Stead stated that the ambition of the Wesleyan Ladies’ College was that its graduates would 16 | MLC School

A HISTORY OF BUILDING SPACES FOR EXCEPTIONAL LEARNING EXPERIENCES Rather than following education trends, MLC School has created them. From the time of its inception, there was a clear intention to acquire land and construct buildings to provide a superior level of educational experiences for its students. By being at the forefront of innovative teaching methods and evolving our educational spaces, MLC School has consistently been able to offer its students exceptional learning environments. Australia’s first school to construct a kindergarten building Shortly after the opening of MLC School, Rev Dr Prescott, who firmly believed in the importance of educating very young children, persuaded the College Council to establish a coeducational kindergarten. The importance of this innovation cannot be understated. The Kindergarten Movement, based on ideas developed in Germany by

Friedrich Froebel, was in its early days in Australia and was struggling to gain support. Rev Dr Prescott’s vision placed the Wesleyan Ladies’ College in the forefront of educational practice when it established a kindergarten in 1889. The success of the kindergarten was evident within the first year, leading the College Council to approve the building in 1890 of a ‘one-storey wooden structure with a wide verandah’ to house the new kindergarten. It stood at the corner of Rowley and Grantham Street in the corner of the existing School grounds. Mens sana and corpus sanum The paddock, acquired with the original purchase of Miss Lester’s Kent House, although greatly expanded, has remained a sports field for the life of the School. Developing the ‘whole person’ with a ‘mens sana’ (healthy mind) as well as a ‘corpus sanum’ (healthy body), as Rev Dr Prescott stated in 1886 in his first Speech Day report, has always been at MLC School’s core. It reflects a commitment to building leadership skills and developing within our girls a strong sense of fair play and resilience. The Sports Field became the site of the first Athletics Carnival for girls in Australia, when on 3 November 1906, MLC School held its first Sports Day. Old Girl Marguerite Cooper (Henry,1913) reminisced that “we were considered very ‘modern’ because we had a Sports Day and ran races like our brothers.” A second donation from Mrs Schofield led to the building of the Tower Wing that housed classrooms as well as the Principal’s residence. The hand-drawn plan for the construction, dated 11 July 1918 is one of the oldest plans held in the School’s archives.

The Potts years of expansion and growth The much-admired Rev Potts was Principal of MLC School from 1922 to 1933. Under his stewardship, the School purchased many new properties and expanded significantly. He directed the building of numerous classrooms, tennis courts and a hockey field, and beautified the School by laying many gardens. He also remodelled the School’s frontage, wrapping Miss Lester’s original Kent House to match the rest of the facade, and with that he created Prescott Wing. Within the Prescott Wing, Old Girl (1896 cohort) and Headmistress (1912–1940), Miss Mabel Sutton, organised the construction of our first Science Lab which opened in Term 1 1924. At the same time, Miss Sutton added Physics to the MLC School curriculum (to accompany Chemistry, Biology, Botany and Geology) and MLC School became the first school in Australia to have girls sit Physics in the Leaving Certificate. Rev Potts was also instrumental in procuring Abbeythorpe, in 1923, which played an important role in the life of the School for over 50 years, accommodating Kindergarten and Primary classes as well as weekly Boarders. Rev Potts’ final and greatest achievement was overseeing the construction of our Assembly Hall, with ‘numerous gymnastic rooms, and other conveniences, beneath it’, opening in 1926. After his sudden and tragic death in 1933, the Assembly Hall was renamed the Potts Assembly Hall in his honour. In 1929 and in the 1930s further properties along Park Road were purchased and the School’s property grew once more. And in 1936 ‘Cartreff’ at 36 Grantham Street was acquired and renamed Sutton House in honour of Miss Mabel Sutton. The next great expansion of the School was with the 1949 purchase of ‘Youngarra’ which stood on the corner of Rowley and Gordon Streets. At the same time the School celebrated the opening of the newly constructed Sutton House along the Grantham Street edge of the original ‘Cartreff’ property. ‘Youngarra’ was renamed Kent House, in tribute to the first property purchased for the School in 1885. From 1949 to 1965,

this Kent House was occupied by the Kindergarten and Lower Primary School. It was replaced by a new and larger building (the Kent House we know today) which finally brought the whole Kindergarten and Primary School under the one roof in 1966. Wearne Library MLC School established a fiction library in its second year, and in 1922, with funds donated by the Old Girls’ Union, a Reference Library was established. The Reference Library was renamed ‘The Minnie F. Wearne Library’ in 1932 in memory of the former MLC School Headmistress (1887–1909) – and one of the first women to graduate from the University of Sydney – who had died that year. Sutton House was built to house the contents of the Fiction and Reference Libraries. The new combined library retained the name Wearne Library, and a full-time trained Librarian was employed. The Library occupied most of the first floor of Sutton House and contained shelving for 8,000 books. In 1971, while on assignment for the Department of Trade, Max Dupain visited MLC School and on the landing outside the Wearne Library in Sutton House, he ‘strikingly captured the silhouette of a young violinist rehearsing’. This photograph was used by the Department of Trade to promote Australia’s education system, and was also used by the National Archives of Australia for the cover of their 2007 publication Max Dupain: On Assignment. In 1983 the new Wearne Library was opened (since incorporated into the Independent Learning Centre, ILC). The site chosen for the new Library was almost directly behind the old one (in Sutton House). The building was raised to first-floor level and the area underneath was paved, providing landscaped gardens and seating. In 1998 the Independent Learning Centre was opened with the Wearne Library located on its first and second floors. Our first swimming pool The idea of a swimming pool began in 1929 with the establishment of the P&F. The original members chose as their first objective ‘the provision of a swimming pool in the College grounds’.

The Great Depression and WWII meant that fund raising was a challenge, but on 9 March 1957 the P&F had their ‘fulfilment of a dream’ and the first MLC School pool was officially opened. Design for the Seventies At the beginning the 1970s many urgent needs were identified: more boarding house accommodations, renovations to existing boarder facilities, additional class rooms and laboratories. A campaign Design for the Seventies was established to achieve these goals. The final ‘dream’ was to build a ‘first class gymnasium’. This dream came to fruition when in 1978 the gymnasium (now capped within the Aquatic Centre) was finally opened. From the ashes The devastation of the 1977 fire was substantial with the whole of the Rowley Street and Park Road corner being destroyed. As always, the School rallied and within a few years two new and important buildings were celebrated in a grand opening in 1981. For the first time on the campus, the School had a Chapel as well as an impressive new Drama Theatre. MLC School’s centenary The building project chosen to commemorate 100 years as a school was the Centenary Music Centre. Opening in 1987, the new home for Music at MLC School contained a recital auditorium, keyboard laboratory, three classrooms and twelve studios, adding great energy to the already flourishing department. A home for technology When the Independent Learning Centre was opened in 1998 it was the physical centre for the Information Technology and Network Communications for the whole School. Building of the ILC demonstrated an ongoing commitment to the development and improvement of flexible learning spaces that incorporate technological advances. ILC now is the home of Café 1886, the Wearne Library and the magnificent Ailsa Butcher Room on ILC3. This room contains Foundation Boards recognising our generous donors who made the ILC possible. The Opening of the Senior Centre | 17

Expansion of our swimming and diving space The award-winning MLC School Aquatic Centre was opened in 2003 by Dawn Fraser AO and Old Girl Olympian, Lorraine Thurlow AM (Crapp, 1955). Its construction expanded physical education programs and provided a comprehensive, year-round learn to swim and squad training program. Generous donors who made the Aquatic Centre possible are recognised on the Foundation Boards within the Aquatic Centre.

The inspired designs of the MLC Junior School (opened in 2009) and Year 6 Centre (opened in 2011) utilise the relationships between space, colour and light to create wonderful places that encourage children to develop their full range of senses and experiences, to nurture their intellectual and creative development, and to capture the young, playful and imaginative world of the inquisitive early learner. Today All of our innovative spaces have informed the ideas behind our brilliant new Senior Centre.

Developments in the last decade The last decade at MLC School has been about consistently challenging classroom boundaries to improve outcomes for students.

This allows each girl to interact, imagine, multitask, focus, collaborate, create, and innovate, and brings out the best in every student. With gratitude to our Community The story of MLC School’s expansion over the last 133 years would not have been possible without generous contributions from our Community. Donations raised by the MLC School Building Fund have assisted, and will continue to assist, financing major capital works of extraordinary vision for the future of all girls at MLC School.

The development of these new learning spaces contain light and comfortable, flexible and agile spaces for collaborative and individual or contemplative tasks. They are equipped with technology and other learning tools to facilitate the development of challenging and relevant curricula for girls to engage in their learning.

Two factors key to continuing this tradition for 21st century learners – tailoring learning to individual needs and the integration of technology – are difficult to achieve in traditional classrooms.

Plan of Kent House, 1886

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18 | MLC School

MLC School’s first Science laboratory, 1924

Prescott Wing, 1926

Assembly Hall, 1926 Renamed Potts Hall

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ing er W w To

1906 1890

Abbeythorpe, 1923

1924 1918

1922 1922–1933

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1926 1923

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1936 1929

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1949 ff’ rtre ) ‘Ca utton S ed am n e (r


Sutton House, 1949

Construction plans, Tower Wing, 1918

‘Youngarra’, 1949, Renamed Kent House

The Young Violinist, Max Dupain, 1971

MLC School girls enjoying the new pool, 1958

First swimming pool, 1957, Abbeythorpe in the background

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1977 1971

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1981 1978

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1987 1983

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2003 1998

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2009–2011 ol cho C S entre L M ic C uat Aq

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The Opening of the Senior Centre | 19

Acknowledgement and Thanks

The MLC School Senior Centre would not have come to fruition without the dedication, drive and determination of a significant number of people. The School acknowledges with gratitude the diverse team of volunteers, staff, and professionals from the worlds of planning, architecture, design, finance and construction. Council The School Council’s determination to see the building come to life cannot be underestimated. Chair of Council, Pauline Johnston has been at the helm of the Council throughout the entire period and never waivered from the view that this project would deliver superior outcomes for MLC School girls, staff and parents. All members of the School Council should also be acknowledged for their expertise and support: MLC School Council members from 2010 to present (current and resigned) Current members Mrs Pauline Johnston Mr Colman Chan Ms Kylie Bryden-Smith Rev Kent Crawford Dr Suresh Cuganesan Ms Ita Farhat Ms Fiona Hollier Mr Adrian Jameson Ms Lynn McNally Dr Paraskevi (Eve) Tsironis Miss Anne Empson

Former members Ms Joanne Hawkins Mr Robert B Kell Dr Carolyn Mole Miss Helena Grahame

20 | MLC School

Mr John Oldmeadow Mr Jim Mein Mr Rolf Latimer Mrs Victoria Lakis Mr Richard Tiems Dr Robert Woods Ms Kim Rowley Mr Russell K Foxe Emeritus Professor Christine E Deer Master Plan Committee Chairs Robert Kell and Adrian Jameson, with committee member Howard Packer for their significant input into design and oversight of building. Principals Denice Scala, worked on the original design brief, Louise Robert Smith for her involvement during final design requirements and construction and Lisa Moloney, who saw through the final construction and occupancy. Business Manager and Project Sponsor Ross Kirby, who was responsible for oversight of the Project including managing the Project Budget & financial controls. Facilities Manager Greg McGirr as MLC School’s principal representative working through the detail and coordinated with the builders and consultants during construction.

BVN, architects Phillip Rossington, Director supported by the BVN team including Project Architect Marco Montevecchi and his assistants, Sam Sweeney and Lucy Rimmer. Lipman, builders There were many staff across the term of the project who contributed. Special mention to Grant Nelson, Senior Project Manager and his team, Cameron Bowden, Murray Sinclair, Gavin Finlayson, Simona Henley and Nicholas Duffy. Farrell Coyne Robert Farrell, Project Manager and Contract Superintendent. Staff, students and parents The School appreciates the support of all staff, students and parents who have adapted to many changes to facilitate the construction of the Senior Centre and the redevelopment of the open spaces. It has tested patience and caused inconvenience at times, nevertheless the School has continued to offer a safe environment; the teachers have continued to deliver an outstanding educational experience; and the girls have proved to be resilient and agile. Our parents trusted our assurances that the revolution of the campus would justify the dirt and dust, and we are confident that their faith has been deserved.

Donors The financial support of the following individuals from 2014–2018 has enabled the School to find the resources to transform the campus. We are truly grateful for your support and investment in MLC School. Dr T Abdelrahim and Mrs A Chalabi Mr M Abourizk and Dr L Hall Mr N and Mrs V Ackland Mr J Adam Mr D and Mrs K Aitken Mr D and Mrs L Akers Mr G and Mrs A Al Ali Dr F Alam and Dr T Parvin Mr P and Mrs D Alaveras Mr J and Mrs S Aldridge Dr G and Mrs M Al-Horani Mr D Allan and Ms J Humphries Mr C Allchin and Dr A Funder Mr P Allport and Dr P Figgis Mr A Alsaad and Mrs V Alqus-Hanna Dr S Al-Soufi and Mrs A Verschuren Mr V Amarnath and Mrs D Marvth Mr C Anderson and Ms A Kovarik Ms M Anderson Dr C Andrews and Ms N Ruker Mr M P Angell Dr S and Mrs E Angelides Mr N and Mrs I Ansuh-Yeboah Mr G and Mrs E Antipas Mrs R Athos Mr S and Mrs S Atkinson Mr F and Dr T Audi Dr S Auld and Ms F Moore Mr J Aurisch and Ms J Stewart Mr R Avalur Venkateshwar and Mrs K Mysore Mr J and Mrs Y Azzam Mrs C Baber Mr R and Mrs L Bachir Mr C Bai and Mrs F Cui Mr B and Mrs L Baker Mr M and Mrs S Baker Mr P and Mrs C Baker Mr Y Bakir and Mrs L Alameddine Ms S Balu Mr C and Mrs T Balas Mr M and Mrs I Balleine Dr B and Mrs S Balzer Mr M and Mrs S Banfield Mr S and Mrs L Barclay Mr P Barrett Dr W Barrett and Dr S Dutt Mr P Barry and Ms R Pilkinton Mr E Battersby and Ms T Bromley Mr R Bean and Ms E Parish Dr A and Mrs M Beattie Mr C and Mrs K Beattie Mr J and Mrs L Bechara Mr S Beckett and Ms S Mostyn Dr Z and Dr M Becvarovski Mr J and Mrs N Beere Mr S Bellew and Ms C Bourke Dr Y and Mrs A Bhat Mr A and Mrs E Bide Mr A and Mrs R Bisseh Mr K and Mrs J Bitar Mr T Boal and Mrs L Braxton-Boal Dr I and Mrs T Bofinger Dr M and Ms A Booth Mr C Bor and Mrs C Chiang Mr M and Mrs V Boudib Mr O Bou and Ms L Tsang Mr M Bowrey and Ms F Macdonald Dr M Boyd and Ms F Boyd-Russo Mr R Brase and Ms A Hinder Mr A and Mrs S Brasher Mr J and Mrs T Bresolin Dr S Brew and Dr E Barr Mr A Britton and Dr K Bessey

Mr W Brown and Ms R Painter Mr J Bucholtz Mr M and Mrs S Burgess Mr A and Mrs L Burjan Mr P and Mrs E Burton Mr R Byrne and Mrs K Low Mrs J Cai Mr C X Cai and Mrs C X Wang Ms C Calder Mr R and Mrs D Callaghan Mr N and Mrs S Campbell Mr L and Mrs S Canadas Dr V Carey and Ms A Balafas Mrs S Cartwright Mr J and Mrs A Catania Mr S Cathcart and Dr J Momsen Dr S Cavallaro and Dr L Elliott Mr S and Mrs A Cesarano Mr K Ch’ng and Mrs S Teh Mr M and Mrs L Chalak Mr N and Mrs S Chandra Mr K Chang and Ms T Li Mr T and Mrs Y Chang Mr K and Mrs L Chan Dr L and Dr S Chan Mr P and Mrs M Chantler Mr T and Mrs D Charalambidis Mr S and Mrs N Chatnantawej Mr B and Mrs S Chen Mr D Chen and Mrs S Dong Mrs C Y Chen Mr H B Chen and Mrs Y Su Mr M Chen and Mrs M Jiao Mr P Chen and Mrs W Zhu Mr S Chen and Mrs J Shen Mr X Chen and Mrs X Ruan Mr X and Mrs Y Chen Mr C Chiang and Mrs J Hong Mr G and Mrs K Childs Mr C M A and Mrs M L Chiu Mr P Chiu and Ms P Cheung Mr M Cohan and Mrs A Amir Mr J Choi and Ms H Bang Mr S and Mrs C Choi Mr J Cho and Mrs S Kim Mr R Cho and Mrs K Paras-Cho Mr S H Cho Dr and Mrs D Chou Mr B and Mrs J Christie Mr C and Mrs P Chu Mr G and Mrs I Chung Mr H Chung and Mrs X Zhang Mr L Chung and Ms V Lee Mr A Churchill and Ms S Choi Mr L and Mrs M Ciarroni Mr B and Mrs M Cicinelli Mr J P and Mrs M Cincotta Mr C Clarke and Ms L Bland Mr S and Mrs K Clark Mr G and Mrs F Clemens Mr J Clowes and Ms T Lam Dr M Coady and Mrs N Fung-Coady Mr P and Mrs J Coates Mr D and Ms N Codevelle Dr R and Mrs G Cohen Dr B and Prof M Collins Mr G and Mrs N Coman Mr J and Mrs L Cominos Mr A and Mrs A Constantinidis Mr C and Mrs G Constanti Mr A and Dr P Coorey Mr M and Mrs W Copp Dr N and Mrs D Cordato

Mr V and Mrs D Correia Mr M and Mrs M Cosmidis Mr A Costantino and Mrs M Angelakis Rev K H Crawford Mr D Cross and Ms S Khouri Prof M Crossley and Prof M Kearns Mr K J Cui and Mrs X Y Han Mr S Cui and Ms L Ma Ms J Curnow Dr N and Mrs B Cvetkovski Ms R Daniel Mr P D’arcy-King and Mrs G D’arcy Dr A and Mrs V Das Mr S and Mrs H Dastyari Mr J and Mrs J V Dauparas Mr A Davies and Ms J Lee-Davies Dr L Davis and Dr R Kahwati-Davi Mr R and Mrs F Delgado Mrs G Demos Mr R J Deng and Mrs L Guo Ms R G Dent Mr R Denton and Dr R Balleine Mr B and Mrs M Dessent Prof C de Sterke and Assoc Prof J Dawes Mr K and Mrs N Devlin Mr E Di Grande Mr R and Mrs J Dhaliwal Mr R and Mrs S Dhawan Mr E and Mrs C Diamantis Mr L and Mrs J Di Girolamo Mr H Dillon and Ms A Britton Mr G Dimento and Ms C Haigh Mr M Dinh and Ms H Tran Dr J Doan and Ms A Pham Ms Y Dobbie Mr S Docherty and Ms K Birch Mr A and Mrs L Dodd Mr J and Mrs R Donkin Dr N Doumanis and Ms H Tirekidis Mr M and Mrs R Dowidar Dr M and Mrs S Dowla Ms D Duffy Mr R and Mrs C Dugan Mr A and Mrs S Duggan Mr J and Mrs E Dummett Mr R and Mrs M Duncombe Drs H D and M L Duong Mr A and Mrs M Durie Mr S and Mrs R Edwards Prof B and Mrs S Eggleton Mr Z and Mrs R El-Ahmad Mr J and Mrs N El’Atrache Mr A and Mrs J El-Ghitany Mr E and Mrs N Eliades Ms A Empson Mr J Errol Mr L Falecki and Ms T Falecki-Carstis Mr Y Fan and Mrs W Gu Mr J and Mrs J Farah Mr A and Mrs A Farquhar Mr C Farrow and Ms H Kozman Dr J and Mrs J Farrow Mr H Feng and Ms Y Wu Mr H Feng and Ms N Wang Mr P Feng and Mrs L J Zhang Mr S Feng and Ms Z Jian Mr M Feng and Ms S Gan Mr D Ferguson and Ms D Bowley Mr R and Mrs S Fernandes Mr M and Mrs S Field Mr P Finlay and Ms G Hutchinson Mr J Firmino and Mrs L Da Videira Firmino Dr C Fisher and Dr J A Smith

Mr R and Mrs I Fitch Mrs A Flanagan Mr H and Mrs J Flett Mr J and Mrs N Floros Ms J Fogarty and Ms E Thomas Mr C B Fu and Mrs J P Jin Mr T Furlan and Ms C Luk Mr G and Dr S Gaikaiwari Mr A and Mrs K Gall Mr X Gao and Mrs Y Lin Mr Z Gao and Mrs J Guo Mr S Garner and Ms C Pope Mr W Gentle and Ms J Buckley Mr M and Mrs P Ghaly Dr S and Mrs Y Ghaly Mr T and Mrs A Gibson Dr Gilchrist and Prof S Dunwoodie Mr R and Mrs D Gilhawley Mr P and Mrs N Gill Mr S and Mrs K Girard Dr C and Dr C Girgis Mr S and Mrs N Glover Mr R Gohil and Ms M Caruana Mr C and Mrs A Goldring Mr C and Mrs C Gollan Mr J and Mrs T Goodridge Mr B and Mrs E Gouganovski Mr C Gough and Ms K Smith Mrs D Gourlas Mr P Govender and Dr C Pather Ms C Gover Mr C and Mrs S Graham Mr T Grannall and Ms E Baranowska Mr S and Mrs B Grbic Mr J Green and Ms A Connolly Mr F and Mrs C Guan Mr W Guan and Ms L Zhou Mr P Gui and Ms Y Chen Assoc Prof A Guminski and Ms S Finberg Mr H and Dr N Gupta Ms R Gupta Mr X Gu and Mrs Z Jiang Mr P and Mrs C Gwynne Mr D V Q and Mrs M H Ha Mr J Hageman and Dr H Redmond Dr K Haghighi and Dr S Limaye Mr K Ha and Mrs W Gao Mr K and Mrs L Haller Mr M Hallit and Ms K Alden Dr E Halliday and Dr F Clissold Dr J and Mrs M Hall Mr E and Mrs A Hanna Mr P Hannam and Ms Y Cao Mr D and Mrs S Harris Ms N Hawick Mr C and Mrs L Hayes Mr D Hazelwood and Mrs J Lee Mr D and Mrs S Healey Mr C and Mrs G He Mr D and Mrs S Heine Mr T and Mrs E Henderson Mr T Heng and Mrs K Nam Mr B D and Mrs J E Herden Mr D Hewish and Dr C Ross Dr E and Mrs E Heyde Ms F Hollier Mr M and Mrs B Ho Dr M Hong and Ms A Au Ms P Horvath and Ms M Katsiaris Dr K Ho-Shon and Ms R Cook Mr J Hosking and Mrs J Ray-Hosking Mr M Howard and Ms C White Mr M and Mrs J Howard

The Opening of the Senior Centre | 21

Mr P Howes Ms P A Hoang Mr P and Ms R Hoyne Mr R and Ms Y Huang Mr W Huang and Ms H Yu Dr L Hughes Mr R Hughes and Ms R Bailey Mr G Hui and Ms J Yip Ms J Hu Mr C Hunt and Ms J Breuer Mr T J M Hunt and Ms L Chan Mr R Hu and Ms A Guo Mr H Huynh and Ms T Le Dr T and Mrs M Huynh Mr A and Mrs D Hyland Mr J Hynes and Ms C Snelling Mr E and Mrs J Ibrahim Mr P and Mrs M Ikladios Mr J and Mrs J Ince Dr N and Dr C Ingham Ms N Innes Mr P Ioakimidis and Mrs M Stefanopoulos Mr A and Dr L Issa Mr R and Mrs C Jablonski Mr A and Dr C Jameson Mr Jamieson and Mrs Fitzpatrick Mr M Jang and Mrs J Jung Dr C and Mrs E Janssen Mr W and Mrs N Jayashri Dr S Jessup Mr B Jiang and Ms N Liu Mr D H Jiang and Ms I Tang Mr F Jaing and Ms M Ou Mr X Jiao and Ms J Huang Mr M Jing and Mrs H Huang Mr G Jin and Ms M Chen Mr T Jin and Mrs H Xue Mr Z M Jin and Mrs X Y Liu Mr A and Mrs K Johnstone Mr A Johnston and Ms E In Der Maur Mr F and Mrs C Johnson Mr T and Mrs P Johnson Mr K and Mrs Y Jo Mr A and Mrs V Jones Mr D Joyce and Ms D Townsend Mr R Jubelin and Ms H Kidd Mr M Juffermans and Mrs J Korringa Mr G Kahlon and Mrs N Kaur Dr L and Mrs H Kairaitis Mr C and Mrs M Kakakios Mr S and Mrs S Kalamvokis Mr S Kalra and Ms R K Sekhon Dr U Kandala Mr C Kanellos and Ms J Roe Dr K and Dr K Kanesalingam Mr P Kang and Mrs Y Cho Mr S Kang and Ms J Yun Mr K Kanthathas and Dr N Sathasivam Mr P and Mrs M Kappas Mr L and Mrs L Karabesinis Mr G and Mrs N Karunakaran Mr K Karunaratna and Dr H Meegoda Mr S Keeble and Ms R Otero De Agueda Ms J Kelleher Dr A Kennedy and Ms J Honeychurch Mr N Kenzler and Ms K Joice Mr A and Mrs L Keogh Mr D Keomanivong and Ms A Tran Dr M and Dr M Kerr Mr G Kethel and Ms T Fuller Mr R and Mrs S Khatri Mr O Khaznadar and Mrs M Trad Mr J Kilborn and Dr K Pressick-Kilborn Mr B G and Mrs S E Kim Dr D and Mrs A Kim Mr S and Mrs H Kim Mrs S Kim Dr D Knight Mr B and Mrs S Ko

22 | MLC School

Mr D and Mrs M Kochanowicz Mr T Koh and Ms C Chow Mr C Kong and Ms Y Foong Mr P and Mrs C Kong Dr G and Mrs T Konidaris Mr I and Mrs F Kotoric Mr G and Mrs M Kotselas Mr V Kotishaskar and Ms A Malvia Dr D and Mrs I Kozman Dr R and Mrs E Krassoi Mr C and Mrs D Kreis Mr A and Mrs V Krekacs Dr S R G and Dr S V Krishna Mr A and Mrs M Kristallis Mr M and Mrs S Kritzler Dr D Kuah and Ms M McCarthy Ms H Kubica Mr D and Mrs T Kuman Dr W and Dr M Kuo Mr C and Mrs M Kypreos Mr J and Mrs M Lacey Mr C and Mrs J La Mr I Lafoa’i and Dr B Meiser Dr K and Mrs F Lai Mr Y F Lai and Ms F Wang Mr M and Mrs B Lakkis Mr P and Mrs S Laman Dr M Lannan and Dr R Di Genua Mr Q Lan and Mrs J Ma Mr R and Mrs L Lasovski Mr A and Mrs H Latham Mr S Latham and Ms B Mcgill Dr I and Mrs F Lau Mr M Law and Mrs Y Kartolo Mr J Lawrie and Ms K Balsdon Mr S Law and Mrs J Chen Mr D Le and Mrs H Doan Mr A J Lee and Ms S Gaudry Mr B Lee and Ms L Ji Mr C and Mrs H Lee Mr G Lee and Ms Y Lou Dr J Lee and Mrs A Lai Mr M Lee and Mrs H Choi Mr P Lee and Ms A Tan Mr S C and Mrs M J Lee Dr S Lee and Dr A Georgiou Mr T Lee and Mrs H Kim Mr Y Lee and Mrs Y Li Dr N Le and Ms Thi Nguyen Mr C Leong and Ms C Ng Mr T Le and Mrs T Tran Mr H and Mrs C Leung Mr M Lewis and Ms J Mackarell Mr T Liang and Ms A Xu Assoc Prof W S and Mrs E Liauw Mr C and Ms C Libro Dr D and Dr M Licenblat Mr S Lieu and Ms N T Nguyen Mr S S Liew and Mrs C S Bok Mr G Z Li and Ms Y Yin Dr T Lim and Ms J Darmamulia Mr D and Mrs C Lin Mr D Lin and Ms Y Fang Mr R Lin and Ms A Lye Mr S Lin and Mrs X Liu Mr W Lin and Ms N Li Mr Q Li and Mrs Y Tian Mr Q and Mrs S Li Mr C Liu and Mrs W Gong Mr J Liu and Mrs J Zhong Mr J Liu and Ms W Lee Mr M Liu and Ms S J Li Mr Q Liu and Mrs X Sang Mr W Li and Mrs Q Chen Mr A Loganathan Mr D and Mrs K Long Dr G and Dr F Long Mr T and Mrs C Loprevite Mr R Lovel and Dr S Jennings

Mr W and Mrs J Z Lowe Mr Y Lo and Mrs X Wei Mr M Lu and Mrs X Mao Dr H Luo and Ms Y Wei Ms S Luo Mr L Lv and Ms C Yu Mrs M Lysaght Mr A and Mrs E Macgonigal Mr D MacKenzie and Ms S Robertson Ms A MacLeod Mr B Madden and Ms C Calder Mr S and Mrs Y Maddison Mr J Madgwick and Ms S Selby Mr M Mahathevan and Mrs T Mahinthan Dr R and Dr N Mahfuz Mr W and Mrs M Maidment Mr H Mai and Mrs T Vu Mr K Mai and Mrs L Bu Dr E and Mrs M Makary Mr I Makovec and Ms B Lewis Dr J and Mrs M Males Ms B Malinovic Mr M Ma and Ms Y Kong Mr P and Mrs C Managreve Dr R and Mrs G Manocha Mr K Mansory and Ms J Nerses Mr R and Dr A Margarian Mr D and Mrs K Marshall Mr R and Mrs D Martin Mr A and Ms G Marwood Mr A and Mrs M Mason Mr B and Mrs M Mason Mr B and Mrs L Masters Dr M Matar and Dr V Gorelik Mr D Matthews and Mrs M Macrae Mr M and Mrs T Matthews Mr D and Dr L McCaul Mr G and Mrs K McCaw Mr G and Mrs H McClelland Mr M and Mrs F J McCowan Mr R and Mrs J McCreery Mr B McDonald and Ms E Kessler Mr M and Mrs D McGuire Mr A and Mrs L McLelland Mr D McLucas and Dr F Re Mr D McNaughton and Ms D Mills Mr S and Mrs A Mehta Mr F and Mrs K Melhem Mr F and Mrs H Mersal Mr A and Mrs A Messih Mr B Mijakovac and Mrs B Janjic Mr A and Mrs G Miller Mr A Miller and Dr T Carlin Mr S and Mrs A Miller Mrs M Miltiades Mr R and Mrs D Milton Mr P Minett and Ms D Samuels Dr A Ming and Dr G Hassett Mr G Ming and Mrs X Bao Mr J Mitchell and Dr A Foo Mr M Mohanna and Ms D Awdi Mohanna Mr G Mole and Mrs K Hunter-Mole Mr K and Ms M Morrison Mr T and Mrs P Motsos Mr B and Mrs A Muir Mr A and Mrs N Mulholland Mr D Mullins and Ms M Allen Mr J and Mrs A Munoz Mr A and Mrs A Murphy Mr R Nadarajah and Mrs V Ramraj Dr R and Mrs S Nagra Dr A and Mrs N Najjarine Mr J and Mrs J A Nam Mr A and Mrs J Narang Mr A Narvaez and Dr M Teixeira Mr G and Mrs S Nash Mr C and Mrs P Nasr Mr J and Mrs B Nassif Dr R and Dr R Nathan

Mr P and Mrs B Newman Mr A and Mrs K Newton Mr D Nguyen and Ms B Hien Mr K Nguyen and Mrs M To Mr T H Nguyen and Mrs H N Tran Mr T Nguyen and Mrs K Dao Mr V B and Mrs T K O Nguyen Mr V and Mrs T Nguyen Mr J and Mrs K Nicholias Mr N and Mrs A Nicomede Mr G and Mrs B Nikolopoulos Mr C and Mrs J Nipatcharoen Mr Y Ni and Mrs Y Wang Mr W and Mrs A Noble Mr J and Mrs S North Mr K Norton Mr D and Mrs S Novati Prof A Novikov and Dr N Kordzakhia Mr B and Ms B Obradovic Mr O and Mrs P O’Connor Mr G O’Dea and Dr G Long Mr B Ong and Mrs Y Cheung Mr S and Mrs L Ong Mr M Otto and Ms M Reen Mr G Ou and Mrs W Chen Mr M and Mrs R Oxley Mr V Pabathi and Mrs S Bairamadgi Mr H Packer and Ms C Oddie Mr W and Mrs E Padman Mr C and Mrs S Palmer Mr H Pang and Mrs Y Hu Mr A and Mrs K Papadimitriou Mr D and Mrs V Papaluca Mr A and Mrs F Papamanuel Mr J and Mrs V Papantoniou Mr A and Dr A Parapuram Rev D and Mrs C Park Mr D and Mrs S Pashos Mr M and Mrs V Pasupati Mr A Paterson and Dr A Brand Mr A Patterson and Dr M Cox Mr G Pawson and Ms B Mackie Pawson Mr G Peach and Dr S Arthur Mr J W and Mrs N Pearson Mr P and Mrs S Pepperell Mr D Peter and Ms M Fujii Mr P and Mrs T Pham Mr D Pham and Mrs T Dang Mr P Phan and Dr T Le Mr V Phan and Mrs A Ta Mr M and Mrs M Phelps Mr H and Mrs S Phengsavath Mr E H Phong and Ms X L Chen Mr B and Mrs K Pickering Mr A and Mrs A Pinnock Mr J and Mrs K Pizzinga Mr P and Mrs L Placanica Mr T Pollitt and Ms C Stern Mr D and Mrs P Poole Mr G Putt and Dr C Broderick Mr D and Mrs A Pyrgiotis Mr G Qiao and Mrs Y Zhou Mr H Qiu and Mrs M Chen Mr J Quan and Ms A Wu Mr S and Mrs M Radwan Mr S Rae and Ms E Klingberg Dr Y and Dr A Raguparan Dr N Rajanayagam and Mrs C Jayalath Mr M and Mrs A Ramsey Mr A Rashid and Ms J Pearson Mr J and Mrs J Ravens Dr R Redwin and Assoc Prof L Morgan Mr P and Mrs M Reid Mr G and Mrs M Reiter Mr N and Ms M Riviere Ms M Riley Mr Z and Mrs L Rizoski Mr L and Mrs N Roberts Mr A Robinson and Dr K Williams

Mr D Robinson and Dr S Jacobs Mr A and Mrs T Roediger Mr G and Mrs H Roins Captain L and Mrs H Rose Mrs A Rowe Mr J and Mrs M Roy Mr D J and Mrs J Russell Mr A and Mrs L Russo Mr B Rutherford and Ms A Alcorn Mrs A Rutherford Dr G Sakoutis and Mrs R Xiouri Mr A and Mrs K Samad Mr A Sandy and Ms C Featherstone Mr F and Mrs N J Sarayar Mr B Savage and Miss K Tulliani Mr P and Mrs D Scala Mr D Scott and Ms K Meadowcroft Mr S Scott Mr G Scoufis and Ms N Burtenshaw Mr P and Mrs R Seales Mr G and Mrs N Seeto Mr J Seo and Ms J Kang Dr K and Mrs B Shah Mr M Shan and Mrs Y Shang Dr S and Dr S Sharma Mr M Sheehy and Ms F Brandt Mr H She and Mrs B Chen Mr J Shen and Mrs Y Chen Dr M Shen and Dr Y Chen Mr G Shi and Mrs L Shen Mr C Shih and Ms L Chien Mr B and Mrs M Shin Mr Z Shi and Mrs Y Jiang Mr H and Mrs S Shum Mr G Siddharth and Mrs A Manicka Mr P and Mrs C Signorelli Mr D and Mrs J Siluk Mr P and Mrs S Simmons Dr I Simpson and Dr R Sachdev Mr S and Mrs D Sinozic Mr O and Mrs R Sirikci Mr A and Mrs M Sitaramayya Mr L and Mrs S Sitou Mr A Sixsmith and Ms M Smith Mr T Sjahry and Ms S Oliver Mr D Smith and Ms L McNally Mr D Smith and Ms E Munro Mr G and Mrs M Smith Mr W and Mrs J Smith Mr S Sok Chea and Mrs B Cifuentes Mr H Song and Mrs H Chen Mr X Y Song and Ms M Wu Mr X Song and Mrs Y Wang Mr Y Son and Mrs H Kwak Mr A Sorial Dr T Southwood and Ms L Hutchins Dr R Herkes and Ms C Spiker Mr D and Mrs U Springford Dr T and Mrs H Spyrakis Mr T and Mrs K Squier Mr J and G Srikumar Mr J and Mrs D Staltari Mr H and Mrs P Stamateris Mr E and Mrs V Stavroulakis Mr P Steele and Ms C Au-Yeung Mr G and Mrs J Steen Mr D and Mrs R Stojkovic Mr G and Mrs D Streater Mr A Suckling and Ms P McGuinness

Mr L Suen and Ms V Cheung Mr A Sugianto and Ms J Lim Mr J and Mrs Y Sullivan Mr G and Mrs N Sumich Mr A and Ms B Sundaraj Mr M and Mrs V Sundquist Mr D and Mrs S Sung Mr G Suntharam and Mrs R Magesan Dr S and Mrs I Suster Ms C Sutherland Mr N and Mrs M Sutherland Mr B and Mrs B Sutton Dr D Sutton and Ms R Tetley Ms N Swann Mr C Swann Mr B and Mrs S Talbot Mr H and Mrs H Taleb Mr K Tamerji and Mrs N El-Dorra Ms N Tanasap Mr J Tang and Ms X Ji Mr K Tang Mr N and Mrs J Tang Mr S and Mrs T Tang Ms S W Tang Mr H Tan and Mrs L Fang Mr J and Mrs S Tanios Mr W Tan and Mrs W Wu Mr L and Mrs S Tasipale Dr D and Mrs A Thadani Mr S Thamotharampillai and Mrs S Sananthanan Dr A and Dr H Thind Mr A and Mrs P Thomas Mr P and Mrs K Thomas Mr S and Mrs M Thomas Mr M Thorpe and Ms S Moore Mr N Ticic and Mrs D Bonic Mr R and Mrs R Timperi Mr W Ting and Ms F Wang Mr M Tkocz and Ms S Evans Mr C Tom and Ms C Lam Dr L Tong and Ms H Xu Mr P Tong and Mrs J Zhuang Mr D Toomey and Ms D Regan Dr P Towler and Ms N Still Ms C Townley and Ms B Taylor Mr D and Mrs C Townsend Mr C C Tran and Ms T L Chau Mr S H Tran and Mrs T H Bui Dr V Tran and Mrs C Vu Mr P and Mrs C Trent Capt K Trevillien Ms I Trevillien Dr L Trieu and Mrs H Quach Mr A S Trigg and Ms A Cortijo Mr C and Mrs J Trimboli Mr N and Mrs J Trpezanovski Mr Q Trung and Ms T Phung Mr A Tsoi and Dr K Liu Mr W and Mrs M Tsoi Mr G and Mrs J Turner Mr P and Mrs L Twomey Mr D and Mrs N Tynan Mr C Tzannes and Ms J Newman Mr S and Mrs H Tzouganatos Mr J I Ueon and Mrs S Park Mr D and Mrs S Ulutas Mr M Upcroft and Ms S Alden Mr S and Mrs N Valtas Mr A and Mrs N van der Stel

Mr G and Mrs A Van Der Merwe Mr N and Mrs M Vantas Dr C and Dr A Varol Mr K and Ms A Varvarigos Mr N and Mrs D Varvaris Mr Q Vertigan and Ms S Kang Mr D Vincent and Mrs L Hamilton-Vincent Dr C B and Mrs A Visvalingam Mr M T Vivash and Ms L M Lee Mr A Vo and Ms J Louie-Johnsun Mr M Volikas and Ms E Christianos Mr E and Mrs M Wai Mr D and Ms C Walker Mr S and Mrs V Walker Mr T and Mrs D Wallace Dr and Mrs W P Walsh Mr R Walters and Mrs K Magee Mr A and Mrs M Walton Mr A Wang and Mrs G Gao Mr B Wang and Mrs J Yu Mr D Wang and Ms L Mu Mr D G Wang and Mrs X Y Zhang Mr F Wang and Ms K Kawahito Mr G Wang and Ms S Zhang Mr H Wang and Mrs H Deng Mr J Wang and Ms D Xue Mr L Wang and Mrs Y Zhang Mr P Wang and Mrs Y Q Cai Mr W Wang Mr X Wang and Mrs M Luo Mr Y J and Mrs X F Wang Mr Y Wang and Mrs K Lee Mr Z Wang and Ms T Hu Mr Z Wang and Mrs M Li Mr Z Wang and Ms M Chen Mr S and Dr A Ward Mr B and Mrs K Warner Mr A and Mrs S Waters Mr M and Mrs M Webb Mr D Wellfare and Ms L Johnson Dr R Whitehurst and Dr C Cole Mr P and Mrs K Whitfield Mr M Wilde and Ms C Sidoti Mr R K Wilkie Mr S and Mrs K Wilkie Mr G and Mrs K Williams Mr K and Mrs B Williams Mr M and Mrs H Williams Mr R and Mrs K Williams Mr I and Mrs S Wilson Dr P Wilson and Ms J Mcgee Ms J Wilson Mrs K Wilson Prof D Winlaw and Dr M Butler Mr R Wishart and Ms M Winter Mr G and Mrs T Wong Dr J Wong and Dr P Chan Dr R Wong and Mrs B Yow-Wong Mr W and Mrs J Woods Mr Woodward Mr J and Mrs C Woo Mr D Woolbank and Ms K Brangwin Mr W Woo and Mrs Y Ge Mr G Wright and Ms A Pidcock Mr J Wu and Ms N Wang Mr D Wu and Mrs B Zhang Mr B Wyllie and Ms N Jones Mr M Xia and Mrs R Cai Mr L Xiang and Mrs Y Wu

Mr J Xie and Ms J Si Mr X Xie and Mrs C Ouyang Mr J Xiong and Mrs Y Shen Dr N and Mrs S Xouris Mr W and Mrs A Xue Mr F M Xu and Mrs J M Yu Mr H Xu and Mrs A Chen Mr H Xu and Mrs L Sun Mr L Xu and Mrs D Li Mr X Xu and Ms S Wang Mr A Yahia and Mrs S Al Haj Moh’d Mr M and Mrs M Yamada Mr H Yang and Mrs Q Cai Mr J Yang and Ms J Wu Mr M Yang and Mrs Y Chen Mr L Yan and Mrs Y Pan Mr W Yao and Mrs W Zhong Mr W Yao and Mrs B Tang Dr S and Mrs W Yarrow Mr T Yassine and Mrs M Alam Mr D Ye and Mrs H Qiu Mr J Ye and Mrs L Xu Dr T Young Mr C Yiu and Ms R Wong Mr S and Mrs S J Yoo Mr J Yu and Mrs Y Guo Mr Y S Yu and Mrs P Li Mr M and Mrs J Zappacosta Mr J and Mrs S Zarlenga Mr J and Mrs J Zeilinga Mr M Zeng and Mrs E Sitou Mr J Zhang and Mrs Y Fang Mr J Zhang and Mr Y Guo Dr K Zhang and Mrs Y Shu Mr S Zhang and Mrs J Shang Mr W Zhang and Ms M Chen Mr X Zhang and Mrs W Gao Mr Y Zhang and Mrs L Gao Mr G Zhao and Mrs X W Lu Mr T Zhao and Mrs J Gao Mr X Zhao and Mrs X Chen Mr D and Mrs F Zheng Mr J Zheng and Mrs S Peng Mr X Zheng and Ms K Chen Mr J Zhi and Mrs Y Sun Mr H Zhou and Mrs J Wang Mr J Zhou and Ms Y Pan Mr J M Zhou and Mrs N Zheng Mr J Zhuang and Mrs J Ruan Mr G L Zhu and Mrs J Y Ji Mr M Zhu and Mrs W Fan Dr A and Mrs A Ziade Mr P Zlamal and Mrs S Kong Dr K Zoud and Ms R Yassine Mr M Zraika and Mrs M Trad Dr P Zuccolotto and Ms M Feletti

Disclaimer: MLC School has made every endeavour to ensure the accuracy of this list. Please accept our apologies if we have made an error or omitted your name. We would appreciate you contacting us on with further details.

This commemorative booklet was designed and produced by the MLC School’s Marketing and Community Relations Department. In particular, we thank Michele Dunn, Head of Marketing and Community Relations; Shelley Kirkwood, Production Manager; and Hanh Nguyen, Graphic and Digital Designer. We also acknowledge Barbara Hoffman, Archivist, for her thorough research.

The Opening of the Senior Centre | 23

‘MLC School girls are so lucky to be able to experience our school life in the new building. The modern space itself is not only aesthetically beautiful, it is a wonderful space for learning. I love that the building provides both open spaces for collaboration, and smaller spaces like the little pods that serve as efficient study areas. When I step through the Senior Centre’s sliding doors, I am always welcomed by a warm school atmosphere that is always so lively.’ Jessica Kuo, MLC School Captain 2019

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