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MLC School has used its best endeavours to ensure that material contained in this publication was correct at the time of printing. MLC School gives no warranty and accepts no responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of information and MLC School reserves the right to make changes without notice at any time in its absolute discretion. Users of this publication are advised to reconcile the accuracy and currency of the information provided with MLC School before acting upon or in consideration of the information. Copyright in this publication is owned by MLC School and no part of it may be reproduced without the permission of MLC School.


MLC SCHOOL COUNCIL Chair’s Report Mrs Pauline Johnston


2015 was a year of continuing achievement at MLC School. A year of outstanding student performance across academia, sport, the arts and service, as we at MLC School have become so accustomed, and yet unashamedly share the joy and pride again with each new generation of achievers. In 2014 MLC School once again achieved academic results that are remarkable for a non-selective school. 52% of the 2014 Year 12 cohort achieved an ATAR over 90 in the combined HSC and IB results, while over 37% of the cohort achieved an ATAR over 95. Fifty-one students joined the Distinguished Achievers list for those who received a result in the highest band possible for one or more of their courses. Three of our IB students achieved a perfect score of 45 and five achieved a score of 44. Congratulations to the class of 2014! In addition, our Year 9 and Seniors team made the Grand Final of the Archdale Debating Competition, our Year 12 Drama students achieved extraordinary results with four nominated for inclusion in the prestigious OnSTAGE where only eight places are available and our Under 17 Double Scull team won the Rowing NSW Sprint Championship. As I have said so many times before, these outstanding results in all areas of achievement, as wonderful as they are, are actually not what defines MLC School. The essence of MLC School is to create a place where every young woman can discover and achieve all that she is capable of, a place where she can discover how she can make a unique contribution to this world we all share. In very many ways successes such as those I have just described are

simply a by-product of what we do at MLC School, rather than an end in themselves. I would like to pause to acknowledge two key contributors to the spirit and essence of MLC School – our beloved Chaplaincy team of Reverend Naomi Cook and Reverend Punam Bent. Together, they have served MLC School for a combined 21 years, walking alongside us all in humility, love and service. Both Punam and Naomi have been called to serve in other school communities from the beginning of 2016. We will miss them greatly. We thank them for all they have contributed to MLC School, their calmness, wisdom and Godly leadership. Punam, Naomi, on a personal note I would like to thank you for the graceful support you have shown me over the years. We wish you all happiness and success in the next chapters of your ministry journeys. As an MLC School community we all share one common goal – for MLC School to be the best it can be and to create a place like no other where all people are respected and our daughters can thrive and become women of substance that make the world a better place for their having shared in it. As we have been reminded, no school, family, organisation or individual is perfect. What makes a school or person great is the ability to learn from the imperfections, to grow and develop. At MLC School whilst we are

‘As an MLC School community we all share one common goal – for MLC School to be the best it can be and to create a place like no other where all people are respected and our daughters can thrive and become women of substance that make the world a better place for their having shared in it.’ extremely proud of what we do, we are also acutely aware that we are not perfect and that there is always room for improvement. The School Council and Leadership Team are aware that at the current time there are differences of views within our school community regarding aspects of the journey we are on. We thank those members of the community who have contributed suggestions and ideas respectfully and thoughtfully towards the common goal of furthering this great school. Coming from the perspective that no one individual or group has a monopoly on good ideas, we so appreciate the opportunity to consider the ideas and contributions from all members of our community. We need to unify in support of our amazing students and to celebrate them for all they have achieved during 2015 and their years at MLC School. In the spirit of continued improvement, over 2015 we have focused on delivering the Powerful Learning philosophy across the whole school, improving teaching programs and outcomes for students. To support this, much work has been done to plan the redevelopment of the Senior Campus, a project that replaces ageing classrooms and infrastructure with flexible spaces that will stand us in good stead well into the future. We all know that a school and its outcomes are not about buildings but about the interactions and relationships our students have every day. As such, the redevelopment plans for the campus have been developed with the sole purpose of providing facilities that support the learning and growth of all students and facilitate interaction and enquiry-based learning as it will evolve through the 21st century. We are also proud of the introduction of the

Year 10 Enlightenment Goes Global Service Learning Experience in Chiang Mai and the opening of the two STEAM labs, continuing the MLC School tradition of pushing the boundaries of girls’ education. For those of us who left school many years ago, STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics – considered by many to be the core capabilities teenagers of today will need to succeed in the world of the future in which they will live and work. The things that our girls will learn in these environments will position them well to lead in the world of the future and continue our fine tradition of more than matching anything their male colleagues can achieve.

retiring or moving onto new opportunities. Thank you all for all you have given and contributed to the school and most of all for the hand you have had in creating generations of exceptional women. Thank you to the people who have been on the teaching staff for over 10 years:

Of course none of this would be possible without the outstanding contribution of the staff and volunteers that give tirelessly to make MLC School all that it is. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff and Principal of the school, as well as my fellow members of the School Council and all our other volunteers, for the hard work, vision and dedication that see you constantly rise to challenges, model resilience and deliver results for our students.

• Louise Keller

On this note I would like to acknowledge the efforts and contributions of a number of members of our community. From the School Council we say farewell to John Oldmeadow and Jim Mein, whose wisdom and guidance over a combined total of 24 years have been invaluable to me and the school leadership. Working in the background, few will be aware of the significant impact you have had on this school and we thank you for all you have contributed. I would also like to acknowledge the efforts of a number of our exceptional, long-standing staff members who will be

• Caroline Bruce • Celinda Corsini • Katie Edwards • Sharon Fajou • Louise Gregory • Christopher Hayles • Craig Malyon And most importantly, I would like us all to thank and honour the students of the school. You are the reason we are all here and you are the reason we are all so proud to be part of the MLC School community. You are a remarkable body of young women and you have every right to be very proud – your energy, enthusiasm, love of learning and care for one another truly embody the sprit of our school. You remind us all of the joy to be found in daily living and keep us focused on delivering our shared vision for MLC School. Thank you and may God bless every one of you as you leave from this place into the next stage of your life journey, or return after a break to continue the journey with us. Mrs Pauline Johnston Chair of the MLC School Council




I am aware that as your Principal there will be times when the school can feel less than perfect. We are a living breathing learning place and transition can be hard on us all. As a leader I am not perfect. I love this school and like parents and teachers, I continuously work for the benefit of all our students and the school, bringing all that I can and all that I am to each day. I know you all love the school as much as I do.

We are all going to miss the staff leaving us this year. Thank you for sharing your lives and talents with us. We wish you all our love for your ongoing happiness and success. You never really leave us because your special contribution and a piece of yourself is woven into our story. Individually the people who are leaving us are taking the next step in their lives’ journeys. Collectively this may feel frightening or it may feel liberating; it may feel like too much change all at one time; we may have mixed emotions as the pull of the old feels stronger than the pull of the new and we can be fearful of what the future holds. It is often fear of change that makes us stand still and makes us battle the very progress that we want for our children. In my first speech night as Principal at the end of 2011 I talked about fear – the fear of losing power that corrupts. It was a fear described by the democracy campaigner Aung San Suu Kyi. Since then this remarkable leader has continued to campaign for democracy and this year won a landmark election. She stands in the spotlight poised to assume the leadership of her country. Aung San Suu Kyi has landed her vision of

winning an election on behalf of the vast majority of her people. A vision she has held firstly in her own mind and soul, which then became an inspiration for countless others and finally a reality for an entire country. She has endured house arrest, the absence of her family and many other dangers with patience, tenacity and humility. Of course many challenges lie ahead. There will be set backs and disappointments as well as unexpected triumphs. Yet the fact remains that her patience, her principles and her resilience have carried her forward. She has, above all, learned to overcome fear – she truly is a fearless thinker and a great role model for all our young women and staff. Now more than ever we are experiencing the process of our visions becoming inspirations for others and then landing as realities. Some of the changes have unlocked solutions whilst others have encountered hurdles. As a school we are not perfect and we are not immune to upsets. The process of visioning, planning and landing our dreams is an organic one. There are times of vision, times of change, times of fruition, times of rapid growth and times of quiet. We are gathering momentum in so many inspiring and exciting ways.

‘We have the grace and opportunity at this incredible school to ‘land’ our programs so that they help our girls and young women to make the world a better place.’ In 2015, after years of planning, we landed: • The first Year 10 Enlightenment Goes Global Service Learning Experience in Chiang Mai • The first stage of our co-curricular improvements • The continuing development of the MYP program which I recognise is significant work for our teachers both in training and implementation time. I admire their willingness to recognise the huge benefits for our students in planning cross-disciplinary projects. This is the way the real world learns; this provides our girls with a future focused platform that’s all about long life learning • Continuing roll out of Educator Impact – a program designed to enhance learning by reflecting on teaching practice • The enhancement of our sporting program to provide more expert coaches and lengthened practice sessions • The introduction of additional dance opportunities that saw growth in the Pre-Kindergarten to Year 12 program and a wonderful Showcase held at NIDA’s Parade Theatre • Introduction of enhanced pastoral care structures for students with Heads of Year positions for staff looking after our girls in Year 7 to Year 12; as one Year 12 student told me, ‘My Head of Year is my guardian angel and my mum away from home’ • Exciting social justice programs with opportunities for our students to lead agendas that make a difference in the lives of others

• Opening of two STEAM labs, one in the Junior School and one in Senior School. The myriad of programs now provided are all designed to offer a limitless platform for opportunities in the highly valued fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics. Our IT Pedagogy team is second to none. We have established a platform ripe for innovation The Senior School redevelopment is now well underway. The new facilities mean that from Pre-Kindergarten to Year 12 all MLC School students will benefit from a welcoming and inspiring environment that is highly conducive to contemporary teaching and learning. Café 1886 is also a teaching space; our hospitality students will have an onsite, real life learning environment to complete their compulsory training hours. At the heart of our school are our students. Everything we do is for them. The vibrancy that is evident as you walk through our school is amazing. Thank you girls for the joy you bring us every day. To all our teachers, thank you for your hard work, your incredible dedication, your love for our students. You bring the visions of learning into the realities of knowledge for our students every day. As we say farewell to a number of staff, we must not forget the exceptional team of staff who are continuing in 2016; many who have served the school for many years. They are excited about their future careers at MLC School and have already planned great learning projects for our students

and look forward to the exceptional educators recruited for 2016 to join them. Around the globe this year fear has been evident for the people of the world: homeless refugees, mass shootings, wars and unrest. In a time of this kind, what is our role? What can we do? We have the grace and opportunity at this incredible school to ‘land’ our programs so that they help our girls and young women to make the world a better place. In a recent address Aung San Suu Kyi said: ‘Every thought, every word and every action that adds to the positive and the wholesome is a contribution to peace. Each and every one of us is capable of making such a contribution.’ To Year 12 2015, I’m going to miss you all but feel such pride as I think of each and every one of you. Go with our love. Take your place. Blaze your trail. And ‘Walk as daughters of the light.’ Mrs Denice Scala Principal



‘I am conscious that a Principal is not the school. The school is bigger than you and it will continue on beyond you. It is not about me, it is about the students – who they are, who they aspire to be and how I, together with the staff, can inspire them to live their lives with passion, purpose and love for themselves and others’.


Denice Scala is an inspired and creative educator who in her years as Principal at MLC School, worked to ensure a challenging educational environment that fosters innovative, critical thinking and a passion for lifelong learning. Denice was committed to preparing the students for lives of contribution and significance, unbound by conventional thinking. She strove to support an ethnically diverse culture that prizes challenge, problem solving, leadership and service. One of Denice Scala’s most significant legacies will be the development of the New Horizons Strategic Plan, the framework for the school’s future based on the three prongs of programs, people and partnerships. Introduced at the end of 2012, it emphasised fearless thinking, multiple perspectives and the service of humanity and embraced the concepts of unrivalled experiences and a whole school focus. The strategic design included an architectural redesign of the Senior School campus, in response to needs articulated by the students. It championed the creation of a physical ‘heart’ for the school and flexible learning spaces to support challenging and relevant curricular and collaborative working styles. Under Mrs Scala’s leadership, MLC School experienced strongly growing enrolments and enviable academic results. She introduced Chinese (Mandarin) for all girls and continued the implementation of the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program and the delivery of Educator Impact to ensure ongoing improvements in teacher performance. In addition, Denice’s pastoral care initiatives saw a new structure for student wellbeing rolled out from Year 7 to Year 12.

‘One of Denice Scala’s most significant legacies will be the development of the New Horizons Strategic Plan.’ Denice introduced a greater emphasis on technology, with the opening of two STEAM Labs, one in the Junior and one in the Senior School and a myriad of programs that put MLC School at the forefront of modern pedagogy. She also enhanced the school’s Dance programs and appointed a full-time archivist who is doing the important job of connecting the school with its past and future. One of Denice’s proudest achievements was the introduction of the Year 10 global service learning program in Chiang Mai, Thailand. This program provides students with opportunities that increase their autonomy, courage, integrity, work ethic and compassion. As with many Denice Scala initiatives, the Chiang Mai trip was an enormous undertaking but it delivers benefits to the students that will likely last their entire lives.



If I was to find just one word to sum up this year, it would be ‘commitment’.


Mrs Suzanne Floro

Commitment from our students – to excellence in all its forms, to participation in academic, sporting, musical and co-curricular pursuits; commitment to mastery and improvement with hard work, effort and persistence; commitment to building, maintaining and widening friendship circles; and commitment to serving others. Commitment from our parents – in entrusting your daughter to us, in being involved in her life at school and in understanding that connection to the school sends a powerful and important message to her. Commitment from strong teams of parents who have organised events for our community – the benefit of this participation is the shared camaraderie and sense of belonging that comes from the satisfaction of seeing your efforts rewarded in the smiles on the faces of our girls. On behalf of all of the members of our community, thank you for your commitment to planning, running and attending these events for your daughters. We sincerely appreciate all of your efforts. Commitment to new co-curricular programs offering a wide array of opportunities for the girls – tiny little people learning to code, young girls understanding the design process and the importance of multiple iterations to achieve the best possible outcome, joy on the faces of girls and staff alike, as problems are solved and challenging concepts are mastered and perhaps most importantly, the building of a belief that anything is possible and that failure is just part of the process and an opportunity to learn!

Commitment to Sport – in 2015, we have had our largest participation numbers in Saturday Sport; significant representation and success at IPSHA and CIS Championship events, as well as at the PSSA level. Outstanding results, achieved as a result of hard work and an attitude of personal best performance. Commitment to Music – an enormously successful Opera House Concert where our girls had an opportunity to shine amongst their high performing peers in older years. It is this exposure to excellence that has the potential to light a flame in our Junior School musicians. Commitment from our staff – to excellence, to innovation and to conquering the unknown, bravely forging new paths to develop unrivalled experiences of powerful learning for our students; going far beyond the expected, leading the girls to make connections between the content and its application in the real world. Collaborative Learning Projects are developed with an understanding that as life itself is interdisciplinary, so too should a school be. Life is a complex interplay between the acquisition of knowledge and the development of skills to maximise its application. In developing our new programs, we have kept at the forefront of our minds that school is not about preparation for life – school IS life! This year saw the inception of a Junior School STEAM Lab. A place where the individual disciplines of Science, Technology,

Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics merge so beautifully. A place where the girls and staff uncover the relationship between these disciplines; a place to identify and seek to solve the big problems of the world. The STEAM Lab is an outstanding addition to our school. This space has become yet another hub of innovation and creativity; a place to tinker, to build, to invent and to create. A place to try, fail and try again. Such powerful learning for all of our girls, even the tiniest amongst us. Learning that will equip them with the skills to be leaders of innovation in tomorrow’s world, a world that does not yet exist. Last year, I spoke about Malala Yousefzai, a young girl who is single-handedly changing the world. This year I am so proud to report that the students have worked together, collectively changing the world, for many who are less privileged than they. The girls have lived our school mission – to be fearless thinkers with moral courage and compassion, and to be agents of change in their own lives and in the lives of others. The service learning events that they helped to create this year have not only raised money for children in Australia and other parts of the world, but by their very design, have enabled our fortunate girls to have just the slightest glimpse into the world of others less fortunate. They have learnt that it is not enough to bring a gold coin to wear mufti, with no thought as to where those coins are going; it is not enough to ask mum and dad for money.

‘Last year I said our girls have the potential to change the world. This year, I can confidently say that they did so. We have all seen first hand the exhilaration that comes from doing something for others, for taking action, for making a real difference in the lives of others, inspiring further action.’ Our school leaders have bravely taken the students into uncomfortable territory and they should be enormously proud of their efforts. They have slept on the floor to raise funds to buy beds for an orphanage in Africa; they have expressed their outrage for Ugandan girls, who have the right to a free education – only if they can afford the $5 it costs to buy the compulsory school uniform – 1000 Ugandan girls can now go to school because of the efforts of your daughters; they have put thousands of dollars worth of quality literature into the hands of underprivileged Australian children; and they have lived their compassion for others in our community who struggle to put food on the table each night by donating to our Christmas food appeal. Last year I said our girls have the potential to change the world. This year, I can confidently say that they did so. We have all seen first hand the exhilaration that comes from doing something for others, for taking action, for making a real difference in the lives of others, inspiring further action. MLC School is a community of learners. So, what have I learnt this year that will impact what we do and how we do it into the future? So much! Much that I have always known but now understand more deeply. I have learnt the power of story. On every occasion where we interact with another person; the student who walks through the doors of our school each day, her parents or even her grandparents, we are contributing to her story. We have a significant part to play. We are all story makers, for our girls and for their families and our impact is deep and far reaching. I have learnt the power of personalisation. One size does not fit all, needs must be individually assessed and comprehensively planned for, skilfully executed and continuously reassessed so that we meet

optimal outcomes for all. It is a lofty goal but eminently do-able and on the agenda for 2016. I have learnt first hand the power of a high performance team where each member brings their own expertise to assess, collaborate, contribute, problemsolve, plan, execute, evaluate and revise … together. The synergy of one plus one can equal many more than two. I have learnt that when we equip our children with the skills of resilience, those skills will come to the fore when they meet something that is big, scary and overwhelming and that they will have the confidence to ask for help in dealing with that big, scary thing if they need it. I have learnt the incredible power of community. In 2015, after almost two years here, I have felt the full force of our vibrant and strong MLC School community. I have been quite literally overwhelmed with the support I have received from all facets of the school – girls, parents and staff. To the girls – you kept me going when the going was tough! Your smiles, your questions, your love. To the parents – never underestimate my appreciation of your messages of support and encouragement. To the staff of the Junior School – thank you for your ‘can do’ attitude. Your willingness to step up, your openness to innovation and your enthusiasm for embracing change as you hone your craft as educators. Thank you for your care of the girls and your interest in all of their endeavours. You understand the power of relationships, the vital importance of the connection that you make with your students and that its impact is profound.

In the words of John Amatt, ‘Adventure is not hanging on a rope off the side of a mountain. Adventure is an attitude that we must apply to the day to day obstacles of life’. Life is one great big adventure and we have the power to take control; to steer our way through that adventure, whether it be through beaming sunshine, silent drizzle or tumultuous hail! We are, at all times, writing our own version of our adventure story as we go. I have learnt that we will be blindsided and taken by surprise, but that we have the power to hold on tight; to steer, and navigate our way through the storm, no matter how big and ferocious, knowing that the sun will always emerge from behind the clouds to reveal the beauty of God’s creation and the clarity of a path that lies ahead. Mrs Suzanne Floro Head of Junior School



Lily Stewart

‘Be proud to be an MLC School girl. Together we can continue to represent what it means to be a ‘daughter of the light’.

When I think of MLC School and the time that I have spent here, the one word that always comes to mind is ‘resilience’. It was not until my final year of schooling, however, that I truly understood the meaning of this word. Resilience is about turning stumbling blocks into stepping stones. MLC School is resilient. It is a school which overcomes, unites parents, staff and students and bounces back stronger no matter the circumstance. Elected by the students, the Leadership Team is entrusted with the responsibility of representing the voice of the school. Let MLC School continue to cherish and be guided by what matters – the power of education and the value of family. Girls, as part of a sisterhood (along with parents and staff) everyday when you wake up, remember that you are the creators of your own lives and have the strength to empower yourselves and others as women of today and tomorrow. Be the change you wish to see in the school and in the wider community. As Anne Frank said, ‘How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world’.

Be proud to be an MLC School girl. Together we can continue to represent what it means to be a ‘daughter of the light’. To quote an Old Girl who was in our position two years ago, ‘Remember a candle does not lose its light when lighting another candle’. In times of need, be there for each other, because everyone struggles at one time or another. MLC School is a place that encourages individuality and therefore individual dreams. You are the author of your story and as Blinky Bill would say, ‘YOU are EXTRAordinary!’ Lily Stewart School Captain


2015 was a momentous year. The students watched Mr Malyon lip sync as our favourite Frozen queen at a standard that would put Channing Tatum to shame, performed in an Opera House Concert that was none other than memorable and witnessed School Captains ‘Lil Stew’ and ‘I Jizzle’ debut their rapping skills on their rise to global stardom. Most important for me, however, was the development of an enhanced sense of community among students, family, teachers and staff. The school body came together with the purpose of making the school a better place, much like the Belieber fandom after Bieber’s new album (minus the hysterical cries).

‘Here in the MLC School community we can find support and strength.’

The 2015 Year 12 Leadership Team wanted to focus on building stronger relationships, not only within the student body but also with the staff and teachers. At MLC School we are fortunate to have so many opportunities to do so, through the large number of co-curricular activities that we can pursue. By engaging in Sport, Music and Debating myself, I not only fostered meaningful relationships with girls in many year groups who share my passions, I have also come to appreciate the extensive

dedication and commitment of MLC School staff who keep this energetic culture of school participation alive. Here in the MLC School community we can find support and strength. For the Year 12 cohort, 2015 was something of a challenge. However, as the last year to grace the homely abode that was our common room, it is the discussions and experiences that we shared inside this space that I will miss the most. Yes, we did have an extremely bipolar air-con fixed at a temperature five degrees too high or too low and no we did not get a car park despite our last minute plans, nor new school buildings. But what we did get were memories and friendships that I will definitely never forget. Thank you to the canteen for brightening my world with your salted caramel muffins and to everyone at MLC School for an amazing six years. It has been an absolute privilege to be your Vice Captain. Ivy Jiang School Vice Captain

Ivy Jiang



Lily Velez


‘The Student Representative Council found a way to join all of these committees together to create collaboration across many different areas.’

Students have used their voice in many different ways this year and I have been proud to see so many students take action. Each day in 2015 at lunchtime or recess a committee discussed, planned and executed activities and events to make our school a more inclusive, aware and positive place. Round Square, led by some brilliant Seniors (Francesca Searle, Amanda Ong, Claudia Feng, Jessie Field, Keertana Avalur Venkateshwar and Tanya Ponggun) ran another successful Rainbow Week along with many inspiring lunchtime meetings. Throughout the year the Environment Committee, led by Kate Quinn and Melody Moy, came up with numerous solutions to make our school a more ecofriendly place. Collective Voice held its annual International Women’s Day Assembly and Wear It Purple Day, bringing awareness to some important social issues that are not often talked about in a school environment. The Student Representative Council, led

by Aniela Haigh and Tarisha Gunaratnam found a way to join all of these committees together to create collaboration across many different areas and execute suggestions from the student body into actionable changes within the school. A large thank you to all those student leaders who have contributed immensely over the last 12 months, especially to the Year 12s who gave their time in a very busy year! None of this would have taken place without the support of our Student Voice teachers. A special thank you to Ms White, Ms Fajou and Mr Edelstein who made it all possible. I can’t wait to see what fantastic things Grace Susuairara and the new committee leaders do in 2016. Lily Velez Student Voice Captain Student Representative Council Collective Voice

Wear It Purple Day 2015


Memory is one of the most powerful tools that we have as human beings. It is a thread that not only ties us to the events that we experience but binds us to each other through the twists and turns of our shared journeys. The Middle Years cohort enjoyed an abundance of such connections in 2015. As a group of young women we have grown, matured and expanded, not only in our thinking but in our approach and determination to be the best versions of ourselves. We Captains commenced our new responsibilities with a famous Dr Seuss quote in mind, ‘Today I shall behave as if this is the day I will be remembered’, which became the compass for how we would lead by example and inspire our peers. With the rest of the Leadership Team we connected with the wider MLC School community by assisting at information evenings for new students and running school tours, while we developed our

organisation and speaking skills by helping with assemblies and religious services. As Captains we were honoured to represent the school at the Sydney International Women’s Day breakfast where we were inspired by many impressive female role models.

The themes we weaved into our Middle Years assemblies in 2015 included the importance of turning wishes into goals, the essence of team work, specifically how ‘together everyone achieves more’ and the importance of positive thinking in developing ourselves.

‘As a group of young women we have grown, matured and expanded, not only in our thinking but in our approach and determination to be the best versions of ourselves.’

As a Leadership Team we expressed care for our peers by implementing a Birthday Box and shared the message of keeping our belongings 15 safe by creating an entertaining mini movie based on the concept of ‘lock it or lose it’. All of these achievements were reached under the guidance of Mrs Sarmiento who we would like to thank for her never ending support, enthusiasm and faith in our abilities. We would also like to express gratitude to every member of the Leadership Team and wish the incoming team every success for 2016. We truly hope that we have added to the memories that each student will take away with them from their school journey. Capri Maher and Emily Millar Middle Years Captains

FRONT ROW, left to right: Georgia Ventouris, Capri Maher , Mrs D Scala, Emily Millar, Zoe Lindhout SECOND ROW, left to right: Laura Sutherland, Chloe Gentle , Olivia Wu, Annike Lindhout, Emily Osborne ABSENT: Cassan dra Economides


Tina Papamanuel


I would like to thank Mrs Floro and Mrs Scala for giving us so many opportunities and the teachers for helping us throughout our leaning journey. Thank you also to Year 3 and Year 4 for always being encouraging and supporting to each other, Year 5 for being great leaders of the school and to all of the new girls in Year 5 who came in and were such great role models and leaders. We would like to acknowledge and thank the House Captains and Vice Captains who met together each week to plan events and the many school monitors who assisted the teachers so well. Lastly we would like to thank the Guardian Angels for their service each and every lunchtime and our parents for always supporting us. 2015 was certainly a busy year at MLC School and full of opportunity. It has included the Opera House Concert, excursions and camps and activities like Chess, Debating and Drama as well as the ICT initiatives and the opening of the amazing STEAM Lab. During the school holidays, my family and I went to Greece. One evening we were sitting at a seaside café on the island of Samos enjoying ice cream. In front of us passed two police cars followed by

three empty coaches. Because Samos is very close to Turkey, refugees that had been making their way from Syria to Turkey were now trying to head into Europe for safety and better opportunities. About 30 minutes later, the police cars and coaches came back full of people including children my age, some even younger, who stared out at me with the saddest looks on their faces, looks that I am not used to seeing here in Australia. I had to quickly look away, I felt so much guilt. How different were our lives? What lay ahead for these children? Since coming back to school, I have realised how fortunate we are to have so many wonderful experiences and opportunities to embrace. We should all try and not take these opportunities for granted and make the most of these privileges, not just for ourselves but for others as well. Let’s head into 2016 with renewed enthusiasm and do things outside of our comfort zone. Here at MLC School we have opportunities to do whatever we dream. Let’s embrace this! Tina Papamanuel Junior School Captain

‘We should all try and not take these opportunities for granted and make the most of these privileges.’



FRONT ROW: Isabella Kristallis, Mia Eker, Holly Dauparas, Rachel Lao, Abbie Sen, Harriet Gohil, Marissa Tsaousidis, Sienna Marriott SECOND ROW: Ms D McKernan, Laura Kardasis, Lia Al-Soufi, Zoe Clark, Elke Krassoi, Anna Constantinidis, Charlotte McCrory, Mr D Finlay


Each Friday, at morning tea, the students of the Junior School Student Council (JSSC) met to discuss events and matters arising from discussions in their respective class groups. The girls were very enthusiastic and proactive in their meetings and took an open-minded and problem-solving approach during this weekly time together. 2015 saw the first group of Year 2 students join the JSSC for Semester 2. The girls have performed their duties very well and were delighted to be nominated to represent the Early Years students. The council ably supported the selection of the Citizen of the Term, ensuring that sensible and thoughtful questions were asked of potential award winners prior to the vote. The candidates were very proud to be nominated by their classmates. In 2015 there were two winners from Year 3 (Sienna Marriott and Gwenyth Smith) and one from Year 5 (Tori Charalambous).

‘The girls were very enthusiastic and proactive in their meetings and took an open-minded and problem-solving approach during this weekly time together.’ Another very successful Stay and Play was held on the final day of Term 3 with some

new and exciting activities on offer for the girls and their families. The inaugural silent disco also included a series of fun pursuits including a jumping castle, petting farm, sausage sizzle, fingernail painting, coloured hairspray, arts and crafts and many more. This huge event is organised by the JSSC with help from Ms Carr, while the girls take on the responsibility of running the stalls. We would like to thank the parents who assisted at Stay and Play and the School Community for their continued support. The girls of the JSSC have been a great asset to the school this year and are commended for their efforts, energies and leadership. Mr Doug Finlay Junior School Student Council



School Chaplaincy Team 2015 Historically, the Uniting Church’s beliefs are drawn from the Bible and from the Apostles’ and Nicene Creeds. It also affirms the place of ongoing theological, literary, historical and scientific study. Such history associated with MLC School includes the Methodist heritage brought into the Basis of Union in 1971. This past year at MLC School we have connected the heritage and scholarship of these writings and traditions to support and develop the church’s way of living and being in numerous ways. From regular weekly Chapel Services to annual House Chapel Services, the school met in worship to experience the church’s traditions and liturgies delivered with a style aimed to encourage us as we live in a close, loving, personal, dynamic relationship with the living God and participate in this worshipping, caring and serving community. The Uniting Church’s commitment to love of God and neighbour means it has long taken a role in the political arena, encouraging moral, social and ethical integrity. It is also a multicultural church, striving to treat people on an equal basis, and seeking to give a voice to the poor, outcast and needy. This year the earthquakes in Nepal and their impact on that nation’s people occupied our thoughts. A number of House Chapel Services were focused on the plight of those who had lost homes, loved ones or even whole communities. Funds were raised via the offertory and personally delivered to Nepal by Chaplaincy Team member, Rosemary King.

Much of its role is to stand alongside the individual, inside and outside the church. Supporting this, throughout the year, the celebration of the Service of Holy Communion each Monday morning before school, gave staff, students and parents an opportunity to stop, experience a moment of peace and physically accept the gift of Grace ahead of a busy day. The fellowship groups Jesus and Me (JAM) in the Junior School and Jesus in School Time (JIST) in the Senior School helped the students to find joy, community and an opportunity for self development through faith. We particularly thank Joanna Chan for her involvement in these groups. Lent and Advent Services were opportunities for the school to join the wider Christian community and come together and remember the Holy Day holidays in the church calendar. These are associated with and celebrate the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus. At MLC School we supported the celebration of Easter and Christmas with the guiding message of living as peacemakers in a time of instability. Meanwhile, in the classrooms, the teaching of Religion took a whole school approach with a particular focus on personal discovery and personal ethics. Students engaged in enquiry-based learning, considering what it means to be a Uniting Church School and key events and people in Christianity’s history. They considered and discussed ways

to evaluate situations and make principled decisions, explored philosophical questions around the causes of suffering and paths to happiness and asked ‘Does God exist?’ As part of understanding themselves, they also investigated a range of world religions to develop understanding of other cultures, people and traditions and, as a result, each other in the classroom. The overarching aim was to promote, support and nurture each girl as she learned to value difference, respect diversity and contribute to her community. This philosophy of inclusiveness and openness was modelled by each member of the Chaplaincy Team, both through proclamation and in their relationships with the girls, parents and staff. With that we thank Pastor Emma Parr who has supported both girls and staff in the latter half of 2015. It was with sadness that at the end of 2015 we said farewell to Reverend Punam Bent who was called by the Uniting Church Board of Mission and Education to serve at Pymble Ladies’ College in Pymble from Term 1 2016 and Reverend Naomi Cooke who took the decision to return to the Anglican Church and serve as Chaplain at Bishop Druitt College in Coffs Harbour. Both women will be sorely missed by all of us as sources of nurture and inspiration for the MLC School community.



L SI O R E XCE 2015




Denice Scala BA Ed, Dip Ed, Dip RSA, COGE, M Ed



Suzanne Floro B Ed, Dip Ed, Grad Dip (Chn’s Lit), COGE, Grad Dip Psych

HEAD OF LEARNING, DESIGN AND INNOVATION Carolyn Rhodes B Ed, Dip Ed, Cert of Gifted Education 20


Michael Hayes B Sci (Hons), MA, Dip Ed




Neil Scotney B Phys Ed, B Ed (PDHPE)


Joanne Sarmiento B Sc, B Ed, Cert TESOL







Monika Slobodova Assoc Dip Bus

ADMINISTRATION AND FINANCE Carla Comitogianni Brett Grey Easso Mathews Kestie Neligan B Ed, Dip Ed Head of School Administration

Trinh Nguyen Andrea Prevost Deanne Taylor Paula Terry-Lancaster BA (Hons), PG Dip, Dip RSA Navoda Wellege ACMA AQUATIC CENTRE Alanna Doblinger Jason Nicholas CAREERS Stefan Alexander M Sc, GT&L HEd, Grad Soc Sci HR, Dip Car Dev. Catherine Roach RN, (Cert IV Grad Career Development) Loretta Toole Dip Teach, Dip Rel Ed, Grad Dip Careers Ed, Dip Counselling, MBTI Accred. Director of Careers CHAPLAINCY AND COUNSELLING Punam Bent BA, M Div, M Min Joanna Ka Chan Naomi Cooke BA, B Theology (Hons) Elizabeth Hill BA, Dip Ed, MA Rosemary King Dip PE (Hons), BA, MLitt, BD, MACE, Grad Cert in World Religion Susan Rountree BA, Dip Ed, MA CO-CURRICULAR Susie Musgrove B Sc DANCE, DRAMA AND ENTERTAINMENT (DDE) Bianca Argyrous BA, B Ed, Cert IV Perf Arts Kate Caron BA, Dip Ed, M Ed Kate Drady M Teach, B Arts Dance, B Arts Dance Honours Blake Fatouros B Health Sci, Grad Dip Creative Industries – Dance Teaching(Secondary Ed), B Ed, Cert III Ent, Cert IV Workplace Assess, B Ed Secondary PDHPE and Dance Lisa Jinga BA, Dip Ed, MA Head of Learning and Curriculum Bojana Kvrgic BA, Design for TV and Theatre Penelope Laidlaw Jenna Skepper B Ed Dance and PDHPE Alisha Vigna BA, B Ed EDUCATIONAL SUPPORT SERVICES Lynn Calluaud Dip Teach (Early Childhood), BA, Grad Dip TESOL, MEd (English, Literacy and Drama in Education) ENGLISH Rachel Alice BA, Dip Ed Christine Choi BA, Dip Ed, Cert of Tesol Carmel Cordaro BA (Hons), Dip Ed Benjamin Haeusler B Ed (Hons) Joanna House BA (Hons), PGCE Elizabeth King BA, Dip Ed, Cert of TESOL

Simon Little BA, B Ed Hanna Lucas BA, Dip Ed Viviana Mattiello BA, M Ed Deborah Moir BA (Hons) Fiona Pow BA (Hons), PGCE Lynne Slarke BA, Dip Ed, M Ed M SPEd, Grad Dip Sp Ed, B Ed Irene Swain Dip T, Dp Ed, Grad Dip Sp Ed, Cert IV Ass & Tr., Cert Comp in Ed Ass HISTORY Antonella Accurso B Ed (Sec) Lesley-Ann Angus BA, Dip Ed Christina Bulbrook BA, Grad Dip Ed Gemma Goldberger BA, Grad Dip Ed Johanna Kerin BA, B Teach (Sec), Grad Cert Journalism, M Ed (Indigenous Studies) Peter Klamka BA (Hons), Dip Ed Head of Learning and Curriculum Vicky Zinopoulos BA, BEd, Cert IV Assessment and Workplace Training HUMAN SOCIETY AND ITS ENVIRONMENT (HSIE) Lynne Bondar BA, Dip Ed Manuel Condoleon B Comm, B Ed, M Ed (Research) Annie Conway BA, DipEd, Dip Christian Studies, M Spirituality Jocelyn Jabbour-Perez B Ec, Grad Dip Applied Fin and Investment, Dip Financial Planning, Grad Dip Ed, Cert RE Helen Kondos B Ec, Dip Ed Allison McCulloch B Ec, Dip Ed, MA, Grad Dip, RE Head of Learning and Curriculum Prue Pope BA, B Teach, M Religious Education Katie Wright BSc, PGCE Joan Wyllie BA, Dip Ed IT Shane Beal Anthony Cheater Catherina De Gier BA, Dip LibSci Rudy De Vos Grad Cert Mgt IT X 2 Scott Dimmock Kathy Kong Elias Shakif JUNIOR SCHOOL Julie Alimpic B Phys Ed Wendy Allen Cert III Teachers Special Aide Elizabeth Astle BA (Hons), Dip Ed Teri-Ann Bezzant B Ed Susan Blanche B Ed, Higher Dip Teach, Dip Art Ed Diane Bonnici Diploma in Education Rachael Borg B Ed (Early Childhood) Felicia Calautti Cert III Bus Admin Education Steven Caldwell BA, M Teach Carol Campbell M Ed (Library Science) Xuemei Sherry Chen BA, B Teach (Sec), M Ed Geneva Clayton B Teach (Hons), COGE Maya Cupac Emma Davey B Ed (Primary), B of Early Childhood

Samantha Edwards B Ed (Primary) (Hons) Belinda Ellis Jan Falls BA, MECH, M Ed, Dip Ed, Dip Decorative Arts Douglas Finlay Dip Teach, B Ed Studies Carmen Gaspersic B Ed Pauline Georgina Carr B Teach (Primary), RN, Certified Midwife Fiorella Gioia Daniel Green Nerida Greville BA, Dip Ed Samantha Hancock B Ed (Primary) Grace Kapellos BA, MA (Psych) Jeanie Kobylinski B Ed (Early Childhood) Jane Lancaster Dip Ed (Primary), BA, M Art and Design Ed Cassandra Lawless B Ed Elin Lazar BA, Dip Ed Vicki Liubinskas Associate Diploma in Early Childhood Rachel Maroun B Ed (Primary) Annette McClure Donna McKernan BA, Higher Dip Ed Belinda Merrick B Ed (Early Childhood) (Hons) Philippa Miller B Ed, Dip Teach, Grad Dip Ed Studies, MA Eleonora Monda LANGUAGES Lijun Bi Jennifer Brown Head of Learning and Curriculum Celinda Corsini BA (Hons), M Teach Cristy Gover BA (Asian Studies), Dip Ed, MHRM Gabriele Grave Languages Dip Ed (Secondary), English, LOTE (German) Louise Gregory BA, M Teach, Cert TESOL Penelope Hewett BA, B Com, Mteach Louisa Macdonald BA (Hons), MA, PGCE Frank Schaer Veronique Tormey BA (Hons), MA, PGCE LIBRARY AND INFORMATION SERVICES Nola Booth Dip of Library and Information Services Tim Doyle BA, Dip Ed, Dip Interactive Multimedia Sharon Goad BA, Dip Ed, Dip Library and Information Services Tara Howell B Information Studies, Dip Library and Information Services Cate Mitchell B Ed, Grad Dip School Librarianship, Acting Head of Library and Information Services Michelle Olah Louise Piggot Dip Teaching, B Ed, M Ed MARKETING AND COMMUNITY RELATIONS Christina Barriere

Jennifer Care BA Barbara Hoffman B Sc (Hons), Grad Cert Records Management Miriam Lai B Jour, BA Ashleigh Oddi B Des (Vis Comm) Melissa Perreault B Jour (Hons) Christina Scott BA, Dip Ed, Grad Cert TESOL Sarah St George B Des (Vis Comm) Nerida Coman Dip Teach (Primary), Cert III Bus Admin Erin Dawson Dip Bus Admin, Dip Bus Mktg Diane Forster Dip AppSc (Nursing), B Heatlh Sc, M Public Health MATHEMATICS Caroline Bruce BA (Hons), Dip Ed Christopher Eddleston M Maths (Hons), PG Dip Ed Sharon Fajou B Sc, Dip Ed Genevieve Green B Sc, Dip Ed David Keanan-Brown B Sc, M Ed, Dip Ed, MACE Head of Learning and Curriculum Vivienne Migdanis B Ed, Cert RE Julie Mortensen B Sc, Dip Ed Carla Oliphant B Ed Jake Plaskett BA Angela Renwick B App Sc (Mathematics), B Teach (Sec Ed) Jennifer Woods B Ed, Dip Teach, MLM Ed MIDDLE YEARS Shaunna Evens Dip Teach Irene Gabra B Media, Dip Theology, M Teach (Primary) Jody Gilroy BA, M Teach Cheryl Jackson B Ed Kim Lightfoot B Ed (Hons 1) MUSIC James Allington Director of Music, GTCL, FTCL, ARCO, AmusTCL, PGCE Emma Bourke BA Music (Hons), PGCE Music Tristan Coelho B Mus (Hons) Bethany Cook B Mus (Hons), MMus (Dist), LRAM Richard Coward B Mus Ed Cert III Technical Operations, Cert IV Training & Assessment Guy de Villiers BMus (Hons), LRAM, PGCE Alison Duncan BA (Hons), M Mus Elizabeth Gilberthorpe Alicia Grant B Mus (Hons), DPhil, ATCL, LRAM, ARAM Christopher Hayles B Mus, CSCM (Merit) Kurt Ison Louise Keller B Mus Ed, ATCL, LTCL, AMusA Adrian Kingwell Phillipa Knight BA (Hons), Dip Ed Nathanael Primrose-Heaney B Mus (Hon), MA (Hon), DipEd Gladys Uy

NURSE Anne Shearman B Sci (Nursing), RN PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT, HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION (PDHPE) Chloe Elizabeth Congdon B Design, M Integrated Design, B Psychology, Level 3 Performance Rowing Coach Karlie Cunningham GradDipEd, B Exc Sc Wayne Donley B Ed, Dip Ed, Dip AppSc, Grad Dip In Rel Ed, Grad Dip Educational Studies Head of Learning and Curriculum Katherine Edwards B Ed, Human Movement (Hons) Jane Ferguson B Ed (Physical & Health) Michelle Hiss B Ed, Physical and Health Ed Leesa Lawrence B Ed (Human Movement Health Education) Olivia Nolan Grad Dip Ed, B Exc Sc, M Ed Neil Scotney B Ed (PDHPE) Gavin Starr Phys Ed, B Ed Laura Verlinden PROPERTY SERVICES Erdal Altas Scott Ingwersen Horticultural Cert, Assoc Dip Landscaping Gregory McGirr Cert III Electrical Fitter Mech Trade, Cert IV Indust Electronics Jorge Schell Jeffery Wright SCIENCE Marc Berndsen M Biology, Grad Dip Ed Felicity Cassidy B Pharm, B Teach Mary Correa Assoc Dip Chemical Technology Moira Gaha B Ed Tracey Getts MSc, BSc (Hon), Dip Ed Susan Rowley B Sc, M Sc, M Teach (Hons), Grad Dip FDA Head of Learning and Curriculum Ingrid Smolka B Sc, Dip Ed Sandra Street Chemistry Certificate Roseanne Thompson B Sc, Grad Dip Ed Sarah Tynan B Sc, M Teach Patricia Watson B Sc, Dip Ed STUDIES OFFICE Ellen Duff MA Applied Social Science Olivia Francis Wendy Strachan TAS Kate Andrews B App Sci, Grad Dip Ed (Secy), Dip Hosp Mngt, Dip Food Tech, Cert IV Ass and Wkp Trg, Cert II Hosp Nicole Gilberd B Design in Fashion and Textiles, Grad Cert in Marketing

Sujatha Gunja M Teach, B Sci (Comp Sci) Kara Laidsaar Robyn Langford Dip Teach, Home Economics and Fashion Certificate Bryce Lindstrom B Teach (Computing), Dip Information Technology Business Systems Robyn Mackertich B Ed Home Economics Pamela McGowan Dip Teach (Sec) Helen Missiris Tim Sutherland B Ed, M Ed, Dip Design Head of Learning and Curriculum Caitlin White B Int Arch, B Teaching and Education (Design Tech and Industrial Tech) Renee Williemsen B Ed, Cert Ed G&T, Cert II Hosp, Cert IV WT&A Nicole Wirth BSc, MSc, DipEd, Cert II in Hosp, Cert IV Ass and Wkp Trg VISUAL ARTS Douglas Evans BA, Dip Ed Emma Hogan BA, B Art Theory, B Art Ed John Jerapetritis Anita Lee B Design/Art Ed Craig Malyon BA (Visual Arts), MA (Art/Design Ed) Head of Learning and Curriculum Sally Marks BA DipEd, Dip Fine Arts, Cert IV International Retail Travel Anne McGoldrick Dip Art Ed Liane Simpson JP, Certificate Clothing Assembly, Cert III Hospitality


STAFF Photos



STAFF Farewells


Rev Punam Bent

Mrs Caroline Bruce

Rev Naomi Cooke

Ms Celinda Corsini

In her 12 years at MLC School Rev Punam Bent made an immeasurable contribution to the life of the school community, walking alongside all members in good and bad times. The entire school community benefitted in a multitude of ways from Rev Bent’s strong faith, her wonderful sense of humanity and the light she shone on everyone. She was respected and loved and a living embodiment of the values of the Uniting Church.

Caroline taught Mathematics at MLC School for 14 years. She was well regarded by her students who felt great support from her. They found Caroline’s maths lessons sound and well-organised. Caroline took part in the Year 9 Broken Hill experience for eight years, with four years as coordinator. She regularly contributed to MLC School’s famous biennial Opera House Concerts as well as at Speech Night as a member of the staff choir. Her company was always appreciated by school staff and she will be missed.

Rev Naomi Cooke gave MLC School nine years of heartfelt service and Christian ministry. She valued diversity, inclusiveness and openness and recognised the need for difference and individuality as well as community. She promoted and embraced the notion of ecumenicalism. Naomi ensured that students were actively involved in Chapel Services which she made accessible to all ages. Her gentle ministry to all members of the MLC School community was greatly appreciated. She is returning to the Anglican Church to complete her ordination as a Priest under the direction of the Anglican Archbishop of Grafton, First female diocesan bishop in Australia.

Celinda was a part-time Italian teacher for over 11 years who was devoted to her family. Celinda’s passion for blended learning and the flipped classroom benefited her students greatly with commensurate results. Her online course remains as an ongoing resource for MLC School students. Celinda was diligent in finding ways to improve her teaching practice and her lessons were innovative and motivating for students. Her authentic Italian fashion style was appreciated by all and her students benefited from the links she created in Italy for academic exchange.

She not only saw to her flock of students and staff but also ministered to Old Girls performing weddings and christenings in the Chapel. The Uniting Church Board of Mission and Education called upon her to serve another community – Pymble Ladies’ College.

Ms Louise Keller Louise Keller was a dedicated and diligent music teacher who was Head of Strings for 14 years. She was noted in her pastoral care work for sensitively dealing with students on every level. She taught with intelligence and compassion and showed that she was prepared to try anything and go

anywhere. She gained allegiance and respect from her students and she was committed to helping them reach their musical potential, delighting in their achievements. She organised music tours and was enthusiastically involved with our famous concerts at the Sydney Opera House.

Ms Katherine Edwards

Ms Sharon Fajou

Ms Louise Gregory

Mr Christopher Hayles

MLC School Old Girl Katie Edwards (1989) gave the school 20 years of committed service to PDHPE and Sport as a teacher, coach, team player, Director of Sport (1998-2001) and subsequently Acting Head of the PDHPE Department and Head of Athletics. Her passion for PDHPE teaching combined with a love of sport inspired the students who followed in her path.

Sharon taught mathematics at MLC School for 10 years and was Head of Leawarra House and of Collective Voice. She worked tirelessly with the students and nothing was ever too much trouble for her. Her extracurricular contributions to school community life included instigating the Mother’s Day stall fundraising activity for charity and arranging guest speakers for social justice and other initiatives. She created an extremely in-depth program designed to develop confidence in young women and other online learning programs focused on pastoral care.

Louise Gregory was an extremely dedicated and versatile member of MLC School staff for almost 15 years. She taught Japanese, French and Indonesian and also took on the role as Assistant to the IB Coordinator. She ran and maintained the Seitoku sister school exchange programs. She was known at MLC School as a quiet achiever whose lessons were always appreciated by her students. She found particular joy early in her MLC School career, meeting her future husband here – he was teaching in the Technical and Applied Sciences Department.

Christopher Hayles shared his wonderful sense of humour with all at MLC School as well as his exceptional musical talents and technical skills. He taught music for 17 years and was Head of Brass, Woodwind and Percussion for 10 years. Often seen riding his scooter on campus, he was noted for his lovable eccentricity as well as his brilliance as a performer on a range of instruments. He initiated our Big Band and started the Taiko drumming group. His innovative teaching included but was not limited to making industry standard recordings of student performances, leading a jazz tour to Cuba and involvement in the biennial Opera House concerts. The arrangement of Groove – an annual performance by senior students in an authentic jazz ‘speakeasy’ in Sydney’s inner west – was another of his important contributions to our musical life.

Sharon’s commitment to gender and sexuality awareness was always evident on Wear it Purple day when she sported purple hair!

Mr Craig Malyon Craig was a dedicated and passionate art teacher leading the Visual Arts faculty for 14 years. He had immense energy and inspired his students to achieve great results. Craig ran hugely successful biennial Art and Design Tours to Europe and the US. His ability to open doors not usually open to visiting school groups was uncanny. He worked all hours, no was not a word in his vocabulary. He was responsible for the annual HSC and IB showcases with outstanding results.

His innovations included the introduction of multimedia and digital art at MLC School, and the establishment of the Robin Anderson Film Award – a national award for secondary school filmmaking students. They say art imitates life, but Craig’s MLC School colleagues described him as a one-off, never letting small details like limited budgets or the need for sleep get in the way of bringing to life a worthwhile project.



12 L SI O R E XCE 2015

YEAR 12 Prescott




Lily Stewart At MLC School since 2010

Ivy Jiang At MLC School since 2010


Lucy McKindlay At MLC School since 2010

Emily Bailey-Hughes At MLC School since 2011



Rebecca Diiorio De Domeneghi At MLC School since 2011









Victoria Tong At MLC School since 2010

Tess Bradford At MLC School since 2010

STUDENT VOICE CAPTAIN Lily Velez At MLC School since 2006


Abbeythorpe VICE CAPTAIN

Rebecca Nash At MLC School since 2010

Yi June (June) Wang At MLC School since 2009


Sophia-Maria Pyrgiotis At MLC School since 2006

Taylah Stapleton At MLC School since 2010








House Captains



Felicity Thomas At MLC School since 2003

Matilda Kopff At MLC School since 2013





Milan Sharma At MLC School since 2003

Marissa Motsos At MLC School since 2010








Taylor Jones At MLC School since 2003

Tarisha Gunaratnam At MLC School since 2010


Mooramoora Maria Ventouris At MLC School since 2008

Briony Farquhar At MLC School since 2010





Deborah Greenbaum At MLC School since 2010

Jessica Pitty At MLC School since 2010





Alexandra Zoras At MLC School since 2003

Lucinda Hughes At MLC School since 2010






Bronte Gossling At MLC School since 2008

Stephanie Valaris At MLC School since 2003




YEAR 12 House Captains continued



Dana Gan At MLC School since 2010

Emma Cross At MLC School since 2003


YEAR 12 Abbeythorpe





Olivia Adoncello

Sarah Al-horani

Maia Alfonzetti

Samantha Anderson

At MLC School since 2003

At MLC School since 2013

At MLC School since 2008

At MLC School since 2010

Taylor Atkins

Keertana Avalur Venkateshwar

At MLC School since 2010






Emily Bailey-Hughes

Jasmin Baker

At MLC School since 2011

At MLC School since 2011





At MLC School since 2010

Jade Brooks

Roshana Carmody

At MLC School since 2003

At MLC School since 2010

At MLC School since 2008

At MLC School since 2003




Tess Bradford


Nicole Bor

Seda Ceylan

Lifei Chen

Hong Yi (Sabrina) Chiu

Rebecca Chou

At MLC School since 2010

At MLC School since 2010

At MLC School since 2003

At MLC School since 2010




Abbeythorpe Leona Cohen

Tilda Cook

Alexandra Corbett

Emma Cross

At MLC School since 2010

At MLC School since 2010

At MLC School since 2009

At MLC School since 2003






Emma Denton

Cassandra Diamantis

At MLC School since 2013

At MLC School since 2003

At MLC School since 2003

At MLC School since 2013

At MLC School since 2008

Wenjing Fan

At MLC School since 2010

At MLC School since 2009



Yasmin Dowla


Sutton At MLC School since 2011


Lester Nina Dillon Britton

Rebecca Diiorio De Domeneghi


Genevieve de la Motte


Siyumi Dassanayake

Briony Farquhar

Claudia Feng

Georgia Ferguson

Caroline Fernandes

At MLC School since 2010

At MLC School since 2003

At MLC School since 2007

At MLC School since 2012

YEAR 12 Abbeythorpe




Portraits continued

Jessie Field

Emily Florio

Emily Francis

Olivia Fresta

At MLC School since 2010

At MLC School since 2010

At MLC School since 2006

At MLC School since 2008






Maneesha Gopalan

Bronte Gossling

At MLC School since 2012

At MLC School since 2010

At MLC School since 2010

At MLC School since 2008




Dana Gan


Qiaoqian (Vanessa) Fu

Katie Gu

Tarisha Gunaratnam

Olivia Gunawan

At MLC School since 2010

At MLC School since 2011

At MLC School since 2010

At MLC School since 2010





Deborah Greenbaum

Aniela Haigh

Rachel Hammond

Helena Harpas

Beatrice Hay

At MLC School since 2008

At MLC School since 2008

At MLC School since 2003

At MLC School since 2003




Booralee Shu Yang (Cindy) He

Maxine Heim

Mariana Helidoniotis

Monique Hrsto

At MLC School since 2014

At MLC School since 2010

At MLC School since 2003

At MLC School since 2008






Mia Jessurun

Ivy Jiang

At MLC School since 2010

At MLC School since 2013

At MLC School since 2007

At MLC School since 2010




Vindhiya Jayashri


Lucinda Hughes

Lucy Jin

Taylor Jones

Michelle Kong

At MLC School since 2013

At MLC School since 2009

At MLC School since 2003

At MLC School since 2010





Ying Qi (Angel) Jiang

Matilda Kopff

Meryem Kopuz

Nisa Kopuz

Shevon Lau

At MLC School since 2013

At MLC School since 2010

At MLC School since 2010

At MLC School since 2010

YEAR 12 Wade




Portraits continued

Annabel Lee

Cathy Liang

Vanessa Liang

Tracie Lin

At MLC School since 2003

At MLC School since 2010

At MLC School since 2010

At MLC School since 2010






Tracy Liu

Yixuan (Jessica) Luo

Alicia Machalias

At MLC School since 2010

At MLC School since 2003

At MLC School since 2011

At MLC School since 2010





Claire Lindsay

Chelsea Martin

Natasha Matsias

At MLC School since 2010

At MLC School since 2003

At MLC School since 2011

At MLC School since 2010

Alessandra McCluskey-Voigt

At MLC School since 2010




Anjelica Margaritis


Louise Makarious

Georgina McCrohon

Lucy McKindlay

Marissa Motsos

At MLC School since 2003

At MLC School since 2010

At MLC School since 2010




Lester Melody Moy

Stephanie Musumeci

Joanna Nam

Rebecca Nash

At MLC School since 2009

At MLC School since 2003

At MLC School since 2003

At MLC School since 2010






Michelle Nguyen

Cassandra Nicomede

At MLC School since 2008

At MLC School since 2013

At MLC School since 2003

At MLC School since 2009




Hien (Ivy) Nguyen


Jamie Ng

Elizabeth Park

Charlotte Patterson

At MLC School since 2010

At MLC School since 2010

At MLC School since 2011

At MLC School since 2010




Amanda Ong


Brittany O’Hare

Jessica Pitty

Tanya Ponggun

Louise Poole

At MLC School since 2010

At MLC School since 2003

At MLC School since 2010

Sophia-Maria Pyrgiotis At MLC School since 2006

YEAR 12 Churunga




Portraits continued

Kate Quinn

Julia Rajcevski

Jacinta Rassan

Stephani Rassan

At MLC School since 2010

At MLC School since 2011

At MLC School since 2013

At MLC School since 2013






Bianca Riley

Dana Royle

At MLC School since 2012

At MLC School since 2011

At MLC School since 2008

At MLC School since 2010




Rachel Ribeiro


Zixuan (Lucia) Ren

Ellie Shearer

Hyehee Shin

At MLC School since 2008

At MLC School since 2003

At MLC School since 2010

At MLC School since 2008




Milan Sharma


Francesca Searle

Rachel Siu

Sandy So

Christine Song

Lucy Southwick

At MLC School since 2010

At MLC School since 2007

At MLC School since 2010

At MLC School since 2006




Booralee Taylah Stapleton

Bobbi Stavropoulos

Lily Stewart

Tiffany Sun

At MLC School since 2010

At MLC School since 2005

At MLC School since 2010

At MLC School since 2003






Ivy Tang

Latifa Tasipale

Felicity Thomas

At MLC School since 2010

At MLC School since 2003

At MLC School since 2010

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Sarah Sung

Alice Tornaros

Michelle Tran

At MLC School since 2008

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Victoria Tong


Yasmin Tinaz

Natasha Tran

Emma Tucker

Stephanie Valaris

Mary Valtas

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YEAR 12 Abbeythorpe




Portraits continued

Lily Velez

Maria Ventouris

Grace Mieko Wang

Yi June (June) Wang

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Georgia Wilde

Jasmond Wong

Cynthia Woo

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Jacqueline Wesiak

Victoria Xu

Candy Yao

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Emma Workman


Adele Woods

Janice Yoon

Jessica Zhang

Alexandra Zoras

Chloe Zurynski

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YEAR 12 We would like to acknowledge the following students who have been educated at MLC School from Kindergarten to Year 12.


FRONT ROW Hong Yi (Sabrina) Chiu, Michelle Nguyen, Claudia Feng, Helena Harpas, Felicity Thomas, Mariana Helidoniotis, Taylor Jones, Ivy Tang, Stephanie Valaris SECOND ROW Mrs D Scala (Principal), Tanya Ponggun, Rebecca Chou, Joanna Nam, Tiffany Sun, Anjelica Margaritis, Olivia Adoncello, Annabel Lee, Mr P Brown (Deputy Principal and Head of Senior School) THIRD ROW Alexandra Zoras, Nicole Bor, Emma Denton, Emma Workman, Emma Cross, Tracy Liu, Milan Sharma, Matilda Kopff ABSENT Roshana Carmody, Genevieve de la Motte, Beatrice Hay, Georgina McCrohon, Stephanie Musumeci


Prize Winners


Senior Swimming Champion.................................................................................................................................................. Taylor Atkins Meryl Hilda Wright Award in Food Technology.........................................................................................................................Seda Ceylan Music 2................................................................................................................................................................................. Leona Cohen English Standard....................................................................................................................................................................... Tilda Cook Modern History Studies of Religion II.............................................................................................................................................................. Emma Cross Dance............................................................................................................................................................................ Georgia Ferguson Italian Beginners.....................................................................................................................................................................Olivia Fresta Design and Technology...........................................................................................................................................................Aniela Haigh 40

Mathematics Extension 1....................................................................................................................................................... Shu Yang He Textiles and Design.................................................................................................................................................................Melody Moy Mathematics Personal Development, Health and Physical Education..................................................................................................Charlotte Patterson Biology Drama Mathematics General............................................................................................................................................................... Kate Quinn Industrial Technology – Multimedia.................................................................................................................................. Stephani Rassan Entertainment......................................................................................................................................................................... Bianca Riley History Extension (aeq.)............................................................................................................................................................ Dana Royle Music 1....................................................................................................................................................................................... Sandy So Tennis Doubles Champion (aeq.)...............................................................................................................................................Tiffany Sun Music Extension....................................................................................................................................................Jasmine Tan (accelerant) History Extension (aeq.).......................................................................................................................................................Felicity Thomas Business Studies Hospitality........................................................................................................................................................................... Alice Tornaros English as a Second Language..................................................................................................................................... Grace Mieko Wang Tennis Doubles Champion (aeq.)....................................................................................................................................Jacqueline Wesiak Economics.........................................................................................................................................................................Alexandra Zoras Ancient History English Advanced English Extension 1 The Jennifer Carr (Grant) Memorial Prize for English Extension 2 Visual Arts Runner-up to Dux of MLC School HSC Candidature....................................................................................................Joanna Nam Chemistry Mathematics Extension 2 Physics The George Lane Prize for Dux of MLC School HSC Candidature............................................................................... Victoria Xu


Community Action Service...........................................................................................................................Keertana Avalur Venkateshwar Indonesian............................................................................................................................................................................Tess Bradford Visual Arts..................................................................................................................................................Rebecca Diiorio De Domeneghi Psychology.............................................................................................................................................................................Claudia Feng Geography.................................................................................................................................................................Deborah Greenbaum Design Technology.................................................................................................................................................................Mia Jessurun Business and Management Mathematical Studies..............................................................................................................................................................Taylor Jones Japanese Physics....................................................................................................................................................................................Hyehee Shin Theatre................................................................................................................................................................................ Latifa Tasipale Music.....................................................................................................................................................................................Victoria Tong Chemistry Economics English HL French Mathematics SL Dux of MLC School IB Diploma Candidature (aeq.)..............................................................................................Maia Alfonzetti History Italian ab initio Theory of Knowledge Dux of MLC School IB Diploma Candidature (aeq.)..............................................................................................Lucinda Hughes Biology English SL Mathematics HL Dux of MLC School IB Diploma Candidature (aeq.)..........................................................................................................Ivy Jiang

The following students have demonstrated All-round Academic Excellence: Maia Alfonzetti Keertana Avalur Venkateshwar Leona Cohen Emma Cross Maneesha Gopalan

Lucinda Hughes Ivy Jiang Taylor Jones Jessica Luo Louise Makarious

Joanna Nam Charlotte Patterson Kate Quinn Victoria Xu


HSC AND IB Results


We applaud and celebrate the achievements of every young woman at MLC School, especially those of the 2015 Year 12 cohort. Using the Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) as a measure, we can combine the results of the HSC and the IB to summarise the whole cohort’s performance in 2015. Eighty-eight students studied for the HSC and 50 for the IB.

FRONT ROW Victoria Xu, Candy Yao, Felicity Thomas, Jessie Field, Olivia Andoncello, Charlotte Patterson, Emma Cross, Briony Farquhar SECOND ROW Melody Moy, Emma Denton, Alessandra McCluskey-Voigt, Maxine Heim


• 52% of the 2015 Year 12 cohort achieved a combined ATAR over 90 in the HSC and IB while 32% of the 2015 Year 12 cohort achieved an ATAR over 95 • Seven of our IB students achieved a perfect score of 45 (equating to an ATAR of 99.95) and one achieved a score of 44 (equating to an ATAR of 99.85)

• There were 115 instances of a student being awarded a Band 6 or Band E4, the highest bands possible • The highest ATAR achieved by an HSC student was 99.95 • A total of 55 students (60% of the cohort) joined the Distinguished Achievers list for those who received a result in the highest band possible for one or more courses • Median ATAR (middle score) for the HSC cohort was 84.05 • 100% of HSC Music 2 students achieved a Band 6 (NSW state average is 37%) • 77% of HSC Drama students achieved a Band 6 (NSW state average is 14%) • 71% of Textiles and Design students achieved a Band 6 (NSW state average 15%) • 56% of HSC Art achieved a Band 6 (NSW state average is 13%) • 55% of English Extension 1 students achieved a Band E4 (NSW average 35%)

• Victoria Xu achieved an ATAR of 99.95 (the highest possible in the HSC) and has been awarded the UNSW Co-Op Scholarship in Electrical Engineering • Three students were placed on the HSC All Rounders list, for those who achieve Band 6 in 10 units of studies • Four students were listed in the Top Achievers in Course • One student was selected for the ENCORE concert at the Sydney Opera House in February for her composition • Five students were shortlisted for the ARTEXPRESS exhibition and one was selected for final exhibition • Four students were nominated to perform in ONSTAGE, with two being selected for final performance

ATARS OVER 99 Victoria Xu


Maia Alfonzetti


Nina Dillon Britton


Luci Hughes


Ivy Jiang


Victoria Tong


Jessica Luo


Latifa Tasipale


Emily Bailey-Hughes


Tarisha Gunaratnam


Taylor Jones


Georgia Wilde


Mia Jessurun


Hyehee Shin


Lily Stewart


Keertana Avalur Venkateshwar 99.45


FRONT ROW Tess Bradford, Taylor Jones, Francesca Searle, Lucinda Hughes, Victoria Tong, Jessica Luo SECOND ROW Deborah Greenbaum, Georgia Wilde, Tarisha Gunaratnam, Keertana Avalur Venkateshwar, Lily Stewar t, Ivy Jiang, Mia Jessurun, Marissa Motsos

INTERNATIONAL BACCALAUREATE (IB) HIGHLIGHTS • Seven MLC School students achieved a perfect score of 45 (99.95 ATAR) and one student achieved 44, placing MLC School in the top echelon of IB schools internationally and making MLC School the top IB school in Australia • The average score among Australian IB students was 34.45 – at MLC School it was 38.10 • The average score (HSC equivalent ATAR) for the MLC School IB cohort was 39 (equivalent to an ATAR of 97.55) • Of the 50 students who sat for the IB at MLC School, 33 (66%) achieved an ATAR of 95 or higher

* The Australian Tertiary Admission Rank, or ATAR, is a percentile awarded to students for application into undergraduate university programs upon completion of Year 12 in all Australian States except Queensland. The maximum rank attainable is 99.95.

YEAR 12 Reflections

Lily Stewart

Taylor Jones

Tess Bradford








Melody Moy

Ivy Jiang

Mia Jessurun




Keertana Avalur Venkateshwar



Georgia Wilde




THIRD ROW Taylah Stapleton, Tarisha Gunaratnam, Emma Cross, Jessica Pitty, Marissa Motsos, Alexandra Zoras


L SI O R E XCE 2015

SECOND ROW Mrs A Layman, Milan Sharma, Bronte Gossling, Felicity Thomas, Matilda Kopff, Briony Farquhar, Dana Gan, Taylor Jones, Denice Scala (Principal)


FRONT ROW Yi June Wang, Deborah Greenbaum, Stephanie Valaris, Lucinda Hughes, Maria Ventouris, Rebecca Nash, Sophia-Maria Pyrgiotis


2015 has been an all-round brilliant year for Abbeythorpe House. We accomplished tremendous goals, from the huge improvement we made in both the Swimming and Athletics carnivals, to the feeling of family that we created within the House. These have now become precious memories that we will all cherish for a very long time. Abbeythorpe worked together very enthusiastically over the year, achieving a strong sense of House spirit which came in handy when our annual fundraiser rolled around. We raised money by baking healthy muffins and salads for our House charity, Relay For Life, with some girls attending the charity’s Inner West event to further contribute to the Cancer Council. Our House well and truly shone at this year’s Swimming Carnival, decked out in sequinned outfits inspired by the theme Abbeythorpe ABBA. The Year 12s danced away to the Swedish foursome’s familiar melodies in the Synchronised Swimming event, beating our own record as a House! We are so proud and honoured to have been in Abbeythorpe, a House full of love, respect and kindness, where everyone looks out for one another. This strong sense of community was emphasised in the 2015 Abbeythorpe Chapel Service theme, Sisterhood. Each House

member wrote an affirmation on a green piece of paper which was then tied to branches to create an image of a tree, the Abbeythorpe emblem. The tree then made its way around MLC School as a symbol of inspiration. We would like to deeply thank the staff and students in the House who made our journey as Captains so wonderful, especially our dedicated Head of House, Mrs Wright. Finally, with much sadness, we must say goodbye to our family away from home. We wish the 2016 Captains Yu Bai and Samantha Constantinidis all the best. We are sure the House will continue to grow and shine. As the Abbeythorpe song says, ‘We are one, our Abbeythorpe, our spirit shines, we grow together’. House Captain, Rebecca Nash Vice Captain, June Wang




Junior School Report


Firstly we would like to say how much we have enjoyed being the Booralee House Captains in 2015. The teachers and girls of Booralee made our leadership roles such a pleasurable experience. We would like to especially thank the Booralee Year 5 students. You were always so ready to help out whenever asked. The Swimming, Athletics and Cross Country carnivals were so much fun. We thought everybody tried their hardest. We were so proud of them all.


Booralee had an excellent year in the Junior School, coming 2nd in the Year 3 to Year 5 Swimming Carnival, 3rd in the Cross Country, 3rd in the Kindergarten to Year 2 Athletics Carnival and 4th in the Year 3 to Year 5 Athletics Carnival. We would like to congratulate all of the Booralee girls who were placed in their race or named the Champion of their age group. For our fundraiser this year we supported This is a charity founded by an MLC School Old Girl that provides education for children in Uganda, Africa. We discovered that, while education is free in Uganda, it is compulsory to wear a school uniform which costs $5. We asked MLC School students to bring in donations of $5 to allow Ugandan girls to go to school. We would like to thank

the Year 5 girls from Booralee who gave so much of their time to help us in our appeal. We are very proud to say that Booralee House raised over $2500. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the fundraiser – you changed people’s lives! Being House Captains is an honour and we have grown to be better people by learning how to respect and appreciate our peers. We hope that the 2016 Leadership Team of Captains and Vice Captains will receive as much support and have as much fun as we had. Thank you for voting for us as your House Captains. We hope we inspired you. House Captain, Georgia Mouscas Vice Captain, Helena Panos



Senior School Report

The Booralee colour of red symbolises passion, energy and strength. We believe that all the girls in Booralee House perfectly embody these attributes. They show strength and determination in their sense of community and House spirit, passion in their friendships and energy in the excitement they bring to the school carnivals. We Captains could not have been more proud of each Booralee girl in 2015, particularly as they worked together to achieve a win at the Athletics Carnival.



The Booralee cake stall that raised money for the Indigenous Literacy Foundation was another great success. House spirit was further evident in the House Bake Off where students from each year group made cupcakes to raise funds for the earthquake victims in Nepal. Booralee’s House Chapel Service for the year was a celebration of friendships within the House and also with the wider world. This theme was reflected in Booralee’s decision to donate the offertory from this chapel service to the wider areas of Nepal that lacked emergency aid after the earthquake. The commitment, enthusiasm and cross-year connections of Booralee students were also demonstrated in regular House activities and at the Opera House Concert. The constantly improving strength of our

Booralee community and sisterhood has been a huge influence on our successes, both individually and as a House. There are people who have made this year easier for us. As House Captains, we not only thank each girl for their encouragement, patience, and consistent smiles but also our Head of House Ms Bulbrook, who has supported us from Term 4, 2014 through to the end of 2015. We wish the best of luck to the 2016 Booralee captains, Stephanie Tanevski and Georgina Robinson. House Captain, Sophia-Maria Pyrgiotis Vice Captain, Taylah Stapleton


Junior School Report


Churunga House did so well in the Junior School in 2015. We won the Kindergarten to Year 2 Athletics Carnival, came 3rd in the Year 3 to Year 12 Athletics Carnival, 4th in the Swimming Carnival and 4th in the Cross Country. We have had so much fun and are very proud of the enthusiasm of all our Churunga House girls.


Our carnivals were a great success. Even though we did not win many, our House had so much spirit and kept cheering on. Congratulations to all the Churunga students who won their events. We had so much fun working with the girls and helping them improve. We would like to thank Miss Alimpic and Mrs Hiss for all their hard work. In 2015 Churunga raised over $2200 which was a great achievement. We chose to support Room To Read, a worldwide charity that provides education to disadvantaged children and sent money to help educate children in Nepal after the devastating earthquake. We also raised money to create two Little Free Libraries which we are hoping to place in Burwood Park to promote reading in the community. Our House Chapel Service was a fabulous event. The theme was the Holy Book and the message that books and reading should be treasured. It was beautiful to hear

what the students think about education and listen to the girls in Kindergarten to Year 2 sing. We would like to thank the teachers, Rev Cooke and all the girls for their hard work in preparing this service. We would also like to thank all the teachers in Churunga House for their hard work and determination. We would especially like to thank our House Patron, Ms McKernan for all her help and enthusiasm. Being Captains has taught us to become time efficient, to be good role models and to write great speeches (Thanks Mr Finlay!). We would like to wish the 2016 Churunga House Captains all the best and remind everybody that you don’t have to have a badge to be a leader! House Captain, Alexandra Robinson Vice Captain, Ruby Scott-Wishart



Senior School Report

2015 was another exciting year for Churunga that showcased the camaraderie and commitment that represent what being in a House is all about. Through hours of tireless commitment from all Churunga students and teachers, we achieved some great results.




The year started with the Swimming Carnival where Churunga chose the festive theme of Christmas. Our tremendous efforts were acknowledged when Churunga won the House Spirit Trophy. This was a true team effort and special acknowledgement must go to the Year 12 students who led by example by each participating in at least one event. Many of them swam every race possible and encouraged their fellow housemates to do the same. It was a great way to create a sense of unity at the start of the year. The Athletics Carnival was another huge event that saw every girl put their blood, sweat and tears on the line to represent their House. The theme of Golden Goddesses was chosen to reflect our House colour. We were so proud of all of Churunga on such a successful day.

demonstrate the importance of education and equality for everyone on the planet. As Captains, we are proud of Churunga’s achievements and the energy and enthusiasm shown by each House member. We wish the 2016 Churunga Captains, Olivia Hill and Olivia Klianis, all the best and know that they will continue to embody the Churunga House spirit. We would like to thank every girl and staff member in the House and extend a special thanks to our Head of House, Ms Andrews. We have been truly privileged and grateful to have been the Captains this year and are going to miss wearing that blinding yellow at House events in the future. House Captain, Felicity Thomas Vice Captain, Matilda Kopff

This year Churunga’s Chapel Service highlighted our charity, Save the Children. We realised that there are many people around the world who suffer from harm and a lack of education and health services. Our fundraiser raised over $600 and in the process helped to create awareness and




Junior School Report


We are so proud of the effort Leawarra girls put in during 2015. We were enthusiastic and tried our best at everything. Leawarra has thrived as a House this year and everyone has helped each other in all aspects of school life. We are especially thankful for the Year 5 girls who helped out all throughout the year. We would not have had such a great year without them.


Every member of Leawarra tried very hard and enjoyed themselves at the Athletics and Swimming carnivals. We think that the House spirit was excellent and we thank the whole House for joining in the cheers so loudly. Congratulations to all of the outstanding Leawarra Age Champions. Our chosen charity was the Exodus Foundation that supplies all sorts of help to people in need. In Term 4 we ran a toy and food drive and we know that these toys and food items will be appreciated by those who are in need of help at Christmas. We would like to thank the Year 5 girls who helped us in getting this fundraiser going. Leawarra’s House Chapel Service went really well. So many family members came to the service and it was a lovely morning. A big congratulations to all the girls who participated. The theme for the Chapel Service was Helping us to Act as Daughters

of the Light. It was a big success. We would like to give special thanks to Ms Clayton for being a great support for the House. We would also like to thank Ms Garland and Ms Astle for their help as well. Thanks to all the members of Leawarra House for being enthusiastic and excited and for giving us the opportunity to be your House Captains for 2015. Being a House Captain has meant a lot to us and we are so lucky to have been given the opportunity to lead and be a part of Leawarra. We have grown immensely because of this role. We wish next year’s Leawarra House Captain and Vice Captain good luck. House Captain, Anna Sundquist Vice Captain, Christyn Cordato




Senior School Report

Throughout the year the girls of Leawarra have displayed outstanding House spirit and prowess. To start things off the Swimming Carnival was an immense success with Leawarra decked out as Purple Politicians. Teamwork, support and companionship radiated from the stands to the pool. The successful campaign of our ‘Party’ resulted in Leawarra winning the overall competition and the Year 12s Synchronised Swimming, as well as coming 2nd in House spirit. It was an excellent day that reflected House unity and good sportsmanship, which continued throughout the year.


For the Athletics Carnival we all dressed up in the theme Purple Priscilla and there was no shortage of purple glitter, feather boas, fake eyelashes and sequins. Despite several drawbacks in regard to weather and injuries, the carnival was anything but a ‘drag’ with every girl participating admirably, resulting in an overall first in House spirit. This year the Leawarra Chapel Service reflected on The Beauty that Remains, focusing on the beauty within the world and the beautiful musical and artistic talents of the girls of Leawarra House. The service, along with our hugely successful annual Mother’s Day Stall, raised a combined total of $3500 enabling us to grant our first wish to The Starlight Foundation. Congratulations must be extended to the very generous Leawarra community for this significant achievement.



possible without our dedicated teachers and our brilliant Head of House, Ms Fajou. Her optimism, commitment and tireless effort created a sense of community that will continue as her ongoing legacy.

We would like to thank each member of Leawarra for making 2015 such a successful year. Thank you for allowing us the privilege of leading you; we are so very proud of you all and what we have achieved together. Thank you also to Year 12 Leawarra for your support and encouragement. We wish our new Captains, Isabelle Stackpool and Amelia Xouris the best of luck. We know that you will do a fantastic job to continue Leawarra’s amazing sense of community and spirit. Go Leawarra! House Captain, Milan Sharma Vice Captain, Marissa Motsos



As Co-Captains we feel very proud to have led Lester House through what has been an exceptional year. Guided by the theme of Love and Peace, 2015 has seen our House achieve admirable service and sporting goals and continue to build upon the strong sense of community shared by all Lesterians.


We began the year with the Swimming Carnival where our orange stand was filled with endless cheering from girls in their creative Lester Love and Peace hippy themed outfits. With impressive swimming performances, participation rates and especially House spirit levels, the carnival stands out to us as one of the very best. The Athletics Carnival proved to be just as memorable with girls channelling their favourite Orange is the New Black characters to fit in with our Lester Locked Up theme. Each girl helped to create a great atmosphere around the field and within our House stall. An equally special atmosphere was created at our annual House Chapel Service by the inspiring words of Reverend Bent and the musical performances from talented Lester girls, which served to remind us of the importance of spreading and promoting Love and Peace within our communities. The entire House was involved in the decision to assist the non-profit organisation House of


Welcome in 2015. This Western Sydney agency helps in the settlement and empowerment of refugees, many of whom are children. Thanks to the generosity of students and staff, we were able to collect much needed food and household items and build awareness of the challenges faced by refugees and asylum seekers within the broader school community. These successes would not have been possible without the ongoing and valued support of our Head of House, Ms Jabbour-Perez, as well as the other Lester staff members. A big thanks also to our fellow Year 12 cohort for their constant encouragement and enthusiasm. Lastly we are particularly grateful to every Lester girl for making this House such a positive community. We are confident that Lester will only continue to grow under the leadership of Tamara Graham and Emily Shum and wish them luck in their new roles. House Co-Captains, Taylor Jones and Tarisha Gunaratnam



Junior School Report


This year Mooramoora was an amazing House to work with. Everyone was really enthusiastic and very encouraging to one another. Year 5 was very helpful and gave their time to help organise all of the events.


This year Mooramoora won every single one of the Year 3 to Year 5 carnivals; Cross Country, Athletics and Swimming. In the Kindergarten to Year 2 Athletics Carnival, we came 4th. Everyone was so supportive and we all had so much fun. We would like to congratulate Mooramoora’s stand out performers who won in their races and were named Age Champions. This year we followed on with our service project from last year by raising money for the Unhambi Zambezi Orphanage Project. We held a Pyjama Day to raise funds, asking people to donate money to students in Year 3 to Year 5 who slept on the floor for one night. The students in Kindergarten to Year 2 raised money by having a student from Years 3, 4 or 5 read them a book while they sat on the floor. Everyone wore their pyjamas and the day was a success, raising over $6500! The Year 5 girls were once again such a help to us with organising this day.


As House Captains we have many people to thank for their effort and support of Mooramoora this year. We thank all of our House patrons for what they have done for us in 2015. We would also like to thank all of the members of our House for giving us the opportunity to be their leaders and we would like to thank everybody who has helped us and put in the utmost amount of effort and enthusiasm. Being a House Captain in 2015 has meant a lot to both of us. We have grown so much from this experience. We both wish the Mooramoora Captain and Vice Captain of 2016 all the very best. We have enjoyed our time as Mooramoora House Captains tremendously. House Captain, Natalie Cavallaro Vice Captain, Gauri Sharma



Senior School Report

2015 proved that Mooramoora is more than just a House, it is a family and we have been honoured to watch it grow in strength every day. The year began with a bang. We welcomed new students to the Mooramoora community with fun and games and the Big Sister Little Sister Program which fostered bonds between girls from different years. We built on these connections during House time through activities like lip sync and dance battles and quizzes. Thank you to the Year 11 Mooramoora girls who worked hard to make House time as enjoyable as possible.


House spirit shone through at the Swimming Carnival as all girls participated in our theme Mooramoora Martial Arts, displaying the House colour enthusiastically and sporting some terrific costumes. Overall the Swimming Carnival was a learning experience. The whole House made a commendable effort as did the Year 12s in the Synchronised Swimming competition. The Athletics Carnival saw the Mooramoora Movie Stars take to the track, keeping spirits high with a wide range of costumes from Mickey Mouse to Marilyn Monroe and arousing high levels of House participation. Our theme for the Mooramoora Chapel

Service was Harmony and every girl pitched in to contribute ideas, making it an enormous success. We worked hard to raise money in the House Bake Off Challenge to support those affected by the tragic earthquakes in Nepal, building House camaraderie and putting our theme of Harmony into practice. Mooramoora changed its House charity this year to the Chris O’Brien Lifehouse after being touched by its dedication to the cause of helping those with cancer. We hope the House will continue to support this worthwhile foundation. As our time in Mooramoora draws to an end we will remember the very best of you all. Thank you to our Head of House Mrs Pope for supporting us all year. We wish new Captains Madeline Sutherland and Nikita Chawla the very best of luck. Most importantly, thank you to the Mooramoora girls for creating a loving family that we will take with us wherever we go. House Captain, Maria Ventouris Vice Captain, Briony Farquhar



From the start of 2015, we Captains worked hard to implement strategies to unite our peers and reignite the strong sense of community that has always characterised Prescott House. The Swimming Carnival proved to be an eventful day, filled with Prescott wins and accomplishments. Particularly notable was the degree of participation from non-competitive students which gained us extra House points and revealed the strength of character of Prescott girls. 58

This was followed by our annual charity fundraiser, the Prescott Gelato Stall to raise money for Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia. The scheduled day was a heat wave, resulting in an influx of customers and a total of over $800 raised in a single recess and lunch time. This huge achievement left everyone in Prescott on a high that set the tone for the remainder of the year. Other House events and activities such as the Chapel Service, Athletics Carnival, and House times allowed students to create even deeper bonds across year groups; friendships that we are sure will continue for years to come. Prescott students boast a broad range of often unnoticed skills from Sport and Music to

Drama and Debating. It is as if each Prescott girl has a unique story to tell about their individual persona and how it has been formed through the variety of co-curricular activities offered by MLC School. As Captains we tried to articulate these strengths by allowing individual students to share their achievements and inspire their fellow Prescott members. On behalf of Prescott’s class of 2015, we would like to thank Ms Nolan, Ms House and Mrs Migdanis, who each spent time as Head of House during our years at MLC School. Without their hard work and dedication, Prescott would not be the House it is today, based on the fundamentals of self-belief, passion for the happiness of the individual and the placement of others’ needs before our own. Finally, we would like to wish all the best to the new Prescott Captains, Eve Taylor and Imogen Moore. House Captain, Deborah Greenbaum Vice Captain, Jessica Pitty




‘WE CREATED SUTTON T-SHIRTS AND WATER BOTTLES, SUTTON 2015 has been an exceptionally successful year for Sutton House,Awith House spirit, STAMP AND EVEN SUTTON participation and rapport between students greater than ever before. Not only TATTOOS’

were our goals of strengthening inter-year relations and carnival enthusiasm well and truly accomplished, but the House performed remarkably well in all carnivals. The girls and teachers of Sutton House can feel incredibly proud of themselves. The Swimming Carnival was the first event and although preparations were frantic, the Sutton girls made the day a huge success. We were particularly touched by the support given to our routine for the Year 12 Synchronised Swimming Competition, for which we were proud to receive 3rd place. Part of Mr Starr’s grand new plans for the House was the creation of new Sutton ‘brand’. To this end, we created Sutton T-shirts and water bottles, a Sutton stamp and even Sutton tattoos! 2015 also saw the inaugural ‘Scala’s Tug of War’ competition, during which our House annihilated Leawarra in an activity designed to increase the level of friendly competition among the Houses. Sutton also introduced before-school Cross Country preparation to not only better performance but strengthen House spirit and the bond between girls from different years.


The Chapel Service was a memorable and intimate event with the theme New Directions to encapsulate Sutton’s reinvigoration, while Sutton bakers contributed 120 cupcakes to the Cupcake Bake Off, many of which looked like culinary masterpieces. The huge crowd of excited buyers that flocked to the Sutton stall attested to the talent and effort of our bakers. Thank you so much to Mr Starr for your unwavering enthusiasm and passion, and to all the Sutton House staff members and girls. Not only have you contributed to the successes of the past year but you have formed experiences and memories for us all to cherish now and into the future. We wish the 2016 House Captains, Hayley Cavanagh and Jessie Cai the very best. Go Sutton – continue to sport your pink attire with passion and pride! House Captain, Alexandra Zoras Vice Captain, Lucinda Hughes



WADE Report

As Wade House Captains for 2015, our focus was to redefine House unity and strengthen personal relationships between the students. The bittersweet departure of Ms Tynan, and the pleasant arrival of our new Head of House, Mr Primrose-Heaney, encouraged us Captains to emphasise togetherness within Wade House at a time of change, providing a positive environment in which the girls could enjoy themselves.


Our Chapel Service theme of Community helped us further strengthen the bonds between Wade girls and became a motif for our many other activities during the year. The Swimming Carnival brought an onslaught of students dressed as tennis players for Wade Wimbledon with enthusiastic cheers coming from the stands. The Athletics Carnival gave us the opportunity to work together as a team, preparing costumes in House time for our theme Turquoise Twenties. These outfits were a great success and led to a 4th place in House spirit. The Opera House Concert was another opportunity for us Captains and the wider MLC School community, to witness the product of our students’ and teachers’ hard work. From dancers, to singers and even instrumentalists, the concert demonstrated Wade’s endless talent and dedication in all circumstances. Another proud 2015 achievement for Wade


was our successful fundraising for the charity, Triple Care Farm. Triple Care Farm facilitates the rehabilitation of youth in need, and Wade’s partnership with this influential organisation has allowed our girls to realise our good fortune and use the experience to further develop our humility and awareness. Community spirit and enthusiasm grew strongly over the course of 2015, partly thanks to the nurture and support of our teachers. A particular thank you to the Wade teachers and our Head of House, Mr Primrose-Heaney. From the new Year 6 girls through to our long-standing Year 12 members, Wade House thrived in a time of change and emerged strong. We wish Courtney Fletcher and Ella Esposito Doolan the best of luck as Captains in 2016 and hope the House continues to grow and strengthen in the coming years. House Captain, Bronte Gossling Vice Captain, Stephanie Valaris



‘WE CREATED SUTTON T-SHIRTS AND WATER BOTTLES, A SUTTON A central goal of House activities in 2015 was to foster aSTAMP greaterAND sense of goodwill EVEN SUTTON and trust between older and younger girls in Whitley House.TATTOOS’ As girls who experienced the

Big Sister Little Sister Program from Year 7, we know what a difference these activities can make. Each Friday we gathered in the Independent Learning Centre (ILC) to play fun and interactive games that reflected the growing friendship between the year groups. Whitley House has always been committed to serving not only our House charity, Burnside, but other causes which resonate with the girls. This year we worked our way to first place in the Cupcake Bake Off to raise money for victims of the Nepal earthquakes. The younger Whitley girls were particularly enthusiastic, baking a large assortment of delicious goodies. We also held a charity blanket drive to contribute to Anglicare’s work for the homeless. This initiative took a great deal of initiative and energy, reflecting the passion with which Whitley girls undertake service work. Although the golden reign of Whitley might be over, House enthusiasm remains strong. The Swimming Carnival saw us place 2nd overall in House spirit, an achievement that reflected weeks of preparation led by our Year 11 and Year 12 girls who stuck up posters, provided costume ideas and wrote cheers. The Athletics


Carnival was another significant moment as large numbers of girls participated in a wide range of races. The incoming class of 2016 exhibited passionate leadership skills by running the cheers and creatively decorating our stand in line with our theme, Whitley Workout. Above all as Captains, we would like to thank our Head of House Ms Argyrous and the other Whitley staff leaders who assisted and guided us whenever needed. Additionally, Whitley girls from every year contributed in their own ways and we would like to thank them for giving us the opportunity to act as their Captains. We wish the 2016 Captains, Alexia Riotto and Tess Morrison all the best in their future endeavours and wish them luck in bringing Whitley House to glory! House Captain, Dana Gan Vice Captain, Emma Cross



ABBEYTHORPE 62 FRONT ROW Audrey Phuong Anh Nguyen, Macayla Li-Ting Wong, Ms C Gover, Mr J Plaskett, Ms K Cunningham, Ms F Pow, Yi June Wang, Ms K Wright, Rebecca Nash, Ms L MacDonald, Ms K Edwards, Mr J Allington, Mr M Gaha, Sophie Ogilvy, Hanna Nash

THIRD ROW Annie Chen, Jaimie Kappas, Annie Gu, Eliana Farr, Madeleine Grisard, Emma Clark, Eleni Charalambidis, Katherine Du, Eden Cheng, Isabella Leighton, Amy Yimei Song, Jennifer Yee Tang, Rachel Bai, Phoebe Kaiying Zhou, Prerna Pabathi, Ella Fletcher, Nikki Zanuttini

FOURTH ROW Jamie Ng, Clare Gu, Lakshmi Bhuphatiraju, Ivy Hoi Lee Tang, Jessica Jia Yi Zhang, Meryem Kopuz, Yu Angela Bai, Victoria Tong, Chang Cheryl Shen, Eloise Smith, Jasmine Todoroska, Adele Woods, Zixuan Ren, Natasha Matsias, Olivia Fresta, Rita Nguyen

FIFTH ROW Eliza Crossley, Sarita Alam, Antonique Amperidis, Sienna Fresta, Ananya Krishna, Nicole Miloucheva, Alexandra Farrow, Claire McLelland, Laura Sutherland, Giorgia Ferrari, Christina Catania, Elizabeth Farrow, Grace Gilmore, Lydia Todoroska, Emmeline Booth, Klara Zhao

SIXTH ROW Rebecca Chen, Ivy Ning, Samantha Constantinidis, Gizem Yavuz, Grace Susuairara, Samantha Anderson, Taylor Atkins, Adelaide Grisard, Amanda Lee, Mina Kotoric, Leona Cohen, Monique Lin, Lillian Wu, Harriet Gibson

ABSENT Hope Tzannes, Haelin Park, Sachi Jhingran, Mrs S Evens

SECOND ROW Uma Barrett, Chanel Boudib, Kendall Harris, Cienna Dent, Kirsten Dao, Emily Eker, Eleni Kaloterakis, Ivy Wei Jiang, Batoul Sabsabi, Xue Lin, Tiahna Sortwell, Olivia Winlaw, Amy Yarrow, Laura Cincotta, Hannah Chau, Sarah Zikovski

THIRD ROW Maekayla My-Tien Tran, Laura Laman, Natasha Tran, Lily Rodgers, Danah Maher-Lee, Monique Jomaa, Tiara Huynh, Jessica Kuo, Kate Baker, Gemma Sorial, Nancy Wang, Zoe Scoufis, Hyehee Shin, Htet Crist Aung, Alyson Huynh

FOURTH ROW Chloe Gentle, Katerina Malafouris, Hannah Kelly, Michelle Joseph, Janice Yoon, Georgia Bowrey, Sandy Qui, Ashley Oliver-Sjahry, Wen Ting Shi, Jayfel Lee, Janjane Feng, Cindy He, Mia Caputo, Natalie Sorial, Emily Huynh

FIFTH ROW Beth Balas, Gabrielle Cadena, Ashley Liptak, Susan Boyle, Amity Dent, Ellena Hartzenberg, Anna Wilson, Isabella Anderson, Sreya Parakala, Olivia Tanevski, Sonja Florio, Georgina Robinson, Won Kim, Nancy Faraj, Brittany Childs

SIXTH ROW Teresa Chan, Julia De Sterke, Eliza Tallon, Olivia Adoncello, Emily Florio, Rachel Hammond, Taya Lacey, Isha Gupta, Stephanie Tanevski, Julia Tanevski, Mariana Helidoniotis, Elizabeth Hewish, Nicola Yarrow, Giulia Milazzo, Carissa Long



SECOND ROW Alyssa Ciarroni, Daisy I-Ven Zheng, Claudia Catania, Nazla Sajed, Jobeth Dator, Yuting Jin, Nisa Kopuz, Nicole Moore, Tiffany Lee, Cecilia Wong, Rebecca Zhong, Catelyn Anh Ha, Sydney Yun Chen, Shakira Chung, Layla Ziade, Anousha Xegas, Joy Zhang

FRONT ROW Mikaela Minh Phuong Nguyen, Angelica Wilson, Gabrielle Giannakos, Theophani Stavropoulos, Mr B Lindstrom, Ms S Gunja, Taylah Stapleton, Miss C Bulbrook, SophiaMaria Pyrgiotis, Ms L Keller, Ms F Cassidy, Stephanie Kalamvokis, Eva Scoufis, Ashleigh Childs, Natalia Giannakos



63 FRONT ROW Georgia Long, Amala Cuganesan, Daiety Vezza, Miss I Gabra, Ms C White, Mr C Eddleston, Felicity Thomas, Ms K Andrews, Matilda Kopff, Mrs C Bruce, Ms L Calluaud, Miss P Hewett, Vittoria Loprevite, Alyssar Zogheib, Ariana Haghighi

SECOND ROW Layla Nazha, Jocelyn Ting, Zoe Morrison, Cassandra Economides, Bethany Ying-Xi Xue, Hazel Sung, Neethika Naidu, Ana Otaegui-Campos, Tae Kyung Ueon, Tina Tian Li Liu, Menawish Asif, Grace Karras, Emma Dauparas, Mia Burjan, Georgia Wyatt

THIRD ROW Rahni Eng-Shan Ong, Sarah Dejanovic, Jacinta Rassan, Trang Nguyen, Rebecca Bisseh, Christina Burjan, Anjali Cuganesan, Isabelle Decaria, Victoria Chang, Priyanka Visvalingam, Imogen Locke-Sodhi, Michelle QuiQi Wang, Vani Jaidka, Stephani Rassan, Maddison Fisher, Emily Hunt

FOURTH ROW Alanah Paras-Cho, Olivia Hill, Annabella Lewis, Zoe Lindhout, Sophie Graham, Lily Velez, Rebecca Janes, Jasmond Wong, Tiffany Sun, Kate Quinn, Alice Tornaros, Emerald Bui, Eva Wright, Emily Millar, Annike Lindhout, Olivia Klianis, Cindy Zhi

FIFTH ROW Claudia Kendrovski, Jaya Eng-Sha Ong, Lucinda Baker, Eva Gouganovski, Chloe Zurynski, Nicola Economides, Vishaya Pracy, Imogen Greenslade, Veronika Males, Juliet Bladon, Olivia Toomey, Jasmin Baker, Isabella Lasovski, Diya Mehta, Milla Webb, Olivia Bubalo

SIXTH ROW Abbie Milton, Sophia Nikiforidis, Sarah Moller, Samantha Naayen, Michelle Kong, Cassandra Nicomede, April Guest, Tilda Cook, Anna Abourizk, Lucy McKindlay, Eliza Stewart, Nina Frissel-Thomas, Grace Webster, Madison Long, Alyssa Filippoff, Katrina Tsaousidis, Avalon Hopkins

ABSENT Emily Hart, Isobel Hageman, Mr B Fatouros, Ms L Jinga, Ms V Sim, Ms I Swain


FRONT ROW Emily Fitzgerald, Ruby Guminski, Ms L Toole, Ms A Conway, Ms B Hill, Mr G de Villiers, Marissa Motsos, Ms S Fajou, Milan Sharma, Mr S Little, Ms K Caron, Mrs J Brown, Ms E Gilberthorpe, Eloise Proctor, Claudia Seales

SECOND ROW Anabelle Truong, Nicola Oddie, Erin Glover, Catalina Canas, Sabrine Yassine, Emma Juffermans, Tiffany Pang, Neusha Ghahreman, Cathy Liang, Samara Tucker, Anika Lammers, Josephine Lam, Katerina Delis, Amy-Grace Docherty, Mariam Yassine, Madison Gollan

THIRD ROW Te’jhaan Altiok-Brown, Alexandra Stackpool, Lisa Soliman, Anoushka Adam, Sian Thomas, Molly Pinnock, Crystal Warner, Livia O’Dea, Brittany O’Hare, Malia Crawford, Teagan Truong, Abigail Rae, Caitlyn Kakakios, Madeleine Lysaght, Olivia Cain, Lillian Dummett, Mia Novati

FOURTH ROW Carla Platania, Catalina Floros, Beatrice Drake, Ashlyn Tredinnick, Madison Allan, Connie She, Erika Vuki, Isabelle Stackpool, Emily Osborne, Isabelle Sherbon, Edlyn Liew, Holly Mason, Rose Kethel, Claire Lindsay, Helena Harpas, Hannah Arnold, Charlie Kairaitis, Annaliese Konidaris

FIFTH ROW Ruth Snelling, Nina Dillon Britton, Emma Tucker, Lucy Southwick, Claudia Byrne, Saskia Kanellos, Hanna Woodward, Jessica Tippett, Dana Royle, Sienna Prowse, Julia Oddie, Madeleine Aitken, Charlotte Seales, Georgia Wilde, Frankie Howard-White, Isabel Chan, Anja Seeto

SIXTH ROW Lily Soliman, Isabella Seales, Lilian Hunt, Georgia McNaughton, Emily Bailey-Hughes, Isabelle Whitfield, Emma Dickson, Milly Xouris, Sarah Law, Emma Workman, Stella Kochanowicz, Ellyn Sheehy, Zoe Latham, Emma Denton, Olivia van Gelder, Chelsea Martin, Angelique Barrett

ABSENT Mrs P Watson

LESTER 64 FRONT ROW Hiu Wai Tiffany Chi, Eliza Kennedy, Patria Koutsogiannis, Elizabeth Linardos, Mrs R Thompson, Mr T Sutherland, Taylor Jones, Mrs J Jabbour-Perez, Mr C Hayles, Tarisha Gunaratnam, Ms S Rountree, Mr B Haeusler, Fiona MacKenzie, Georgia Softsis, Rachel Kardasis, Kayla Graham

SECOND ROW Dyana Hamed, Sarah Sung, Kim Trang, Sahana Sivathas, Tamara Graham, Vindhiya Jayashri, Yasmin Dowla, Olivia Redwin, Michelle Thanhtra Pham Nguyen, Selina Cho, Emily Shum, Cho Yan Joanne Wong, Annabel Lee, Ivy Nguyen, Gabrielle Cain, Caitlin Field

THIRD ROW Anna Brew, Charlotte Sodbinov, Olivia Sodbinov, Olivia Debs, Halle Yang, Lauren Madden, Seo Kang, Wenhui Chen, Morgan Kelaher, Maeve Ryan, Claudia Sale, Imogen Kuah, Mackenzie McCowan, Divya Mehta, Megan Xie, Anjelica Issa

FOURTH ROW Leilani Innes, Vicky Yuan Shaw Feng, Teresa Du, Victoria Rule, Vanessa Liang, Melody Moy, Louise Poole, Yu Jia Wang, Bonnie Wei Wong, Rachel Ribeiro, Tess Bradford, Candy Yao, Holly Jones, Anastasia Giannakakos, Sophie Newby

FIFTH ROW Mary Pilkinton, Nicole Bor, Lilian Lac Nhi Le, Kayla Tanevski, Ellen Brown, Sarah Cain, Ying Qi Jiang, Cynthia Jung Min Woo, Claire Rogers, Amelia Dale, Jasmine Yip, Bobbi Stavropoulos, Colleen Zhang, Shuang Claris Foo

SIXTH ROW Vivian Law, Sarah Carvolth, Ava McGrigor, Zahra Kemp-Tollefsen, Rosa Cai Xiao Wang, Olivia Codevelle, Madeleine Murphy, Eva Novikov, Rita Cammaroto, Briana Chapman, Jessica Karabesinis, Michelle Law, Eleanor Thorpe

ABSENT Mrs S Marks, Mrs E King, Edith Buckland Watts, Ella Beere, Lucy Jin, Elizabeth Jo, Cindy Lo, Sashira Mulholland, Christie Ch’ng

MOORAMOORA FRONT ROW Amelia Whitmont, Gloria Lim, Ruby Ince, Ms K Laidsaar, Ms V Tormay, Ms A McCulloch, Briony Farquhar, Ms P Pope, Maria Ventouris, Ms P McGowan, Mrs C Jackson, Mrs A Cardinale, Ella Tomkins, Zara Rashid, Gracelyn Dao

SECOND ROW Katie Papachatgis, Isabella Zhang, Amara Kalcev, Jessica MacMaster, Ella Tsaousidis, Sonali Dewan, Eva Jessurun, Georgia Ventouris, Alicia Machalias, Ashna Kapoor, Paris Mitropoulos, Tahlia Hatzisarantinos, Chloe Beraldo, Katherine Eggleton, Jacqueline Field

THIRD ROW Shreeya Haridas, Erin Bofinger, Billie Whittaker, Ashley So, Samar Taleb, Lucy Squier, Olivia Papasavvas, Angelica Lovel, Sarah Taleb, Grace John, Francesca Searle, Madeleine Sherbon, Anna Michael, Amelia FoxJacobe, Jessie Field

FOURTH ROW Emma Suster, Ho Lam, Tayla Casey, Genevieve de la Motte, Anastasia Hatzisarantinos, Gabriella Searle, Nikita Chawla, Chehlsea Kanangara, Rohita Vimalarajah, Shirley Chen, Sargun Bhatia, Mia Jessurun, Annika Haller, Aleksia Grbic

FIFTH ROW Madeline Sutherland, Niomi Karunaratna, Demi Charalambous, Kaitlyn Duong, Ava Tsaousidis, Zhiying Danielle Zhu, Shuyu Lin, Ashley Waters, Tina Wu, Marissa Kassapakis, Felicia Ventouris, Olivia Robb, Christina Shin

SIXTH ROW Ellie Shearer, Chantelle Huynh, Mina Watkins, Anastasia Rimagmos, Mary Valtas, Kiara Bletsas, Hannah Suster, Makayla Kalcev, Esther Rizk, Jessica Luo, Ava Sukkar, Brittany Duncombe

ABSENT Anita Watkins, Beatrice Hay, Mia-Kate BoursianiLawrence, Tess Hallion

PRESCOTT 65 FRONT ROW Breanna Scott, Clara Janssen, Ms J Mortensen, Ms S Rowley, Ms J House, Deborah Greenbaum, Ms V Migdanis, Jessica Pitty, Ms O Nolan, Mr D Evans, Mr M Berndsen, Amy Miller, Eugenie Xingyi Tan

SECOND ROW Minh Tam Le, Aleyna Gunduz, Ayla Varol, Amelie Roediger, Natalie Lin, Olivia Otto, Aisling McCreery, Sandy So, Wenjing Fan, Emilie Choi, Rhiannon MacLeod, Olivia Makhlouf, Audrey Williams, Kelly Zhang, Jane So, Alyssa Scott

THIRD ROW Sabrina Chiu, Bella Burton, Simone Maddison, Christiana Perdis, Ana-Maria Stevans, Maria Salman, Rebecca Janssen, Ella Finlay, Jasmine Dowidar, Natashja Eyles, Virginia Peter, Taylor Hosking, Sophie Liang, Amanda Su Yen Ong

FOURTH ROW Claudia Feng, Eliza Swann, Matilda Swann, Maggie Collins, Christine Song, Victoria Lee, Nikita Qian, Yevin Kim, Vanessa Fu, Julia Spiker, Laura Libro, Lyla Groom, Latifa Tasipale

FIFTH ROW Ella Whitehurst, Michelle Wang, Kaelyn Bachir, Jessica Song, Maya Felice, Philippa Machin, Olivia Dodd, Imogen Turner, Lily Smith, Ella Woolbank, Jasmine Ypermachou, Katrina Wu, Cherry Liu, Fiona Deng

SIXTH ROW Lily Stewart, Stephanie Dimovski, Chloe Donkin, Rose Callaghan, Emma Rutherford, Victoria Xu, Julia Athos, Alessandra McCluskey-Voigt, Asena Gunduz, Natassia Gutierrez, Nicole Lin, Tracy JL Liu, Tedaree Jamieson

ABSENT Miranda Norton, Imogen Moore, Eve Taylor, Yoko Lin


FRONT ROW Zara Zuccolotto, Kimberley Ngo, Kylie Becvarovski, Mrs L Bondar, Mrs J Wyllie, Mr C. Malyon, Alex Zoras, Mrs K Neligan, Mr G Starr, Luci Hughes, Mr P Klamka, Ms G Grave, Dr L Bi, Lauren Huynh, Vanessa Yakasem, Ziya Kalra

SECOND ROW Kayla Andreopoulos, Jade Jameson, Jaclyn Duncombe, Meghana Gopalan, Olivia Bersais, Isabel Leung, Elena Viatos, Tara Wilkie, Tiana Gutierrez, Megan Cavanagh, Josefine Ticic, Zoe Berg, Ria Kapoor, Samantha Cavanagh, Alice Kreis

THIRD ROW Olivia Grasso, Ellen Margaritis, Angelina Tran, Alyssa Nguyen, Jessica Zhu, Leanne Chan, Tessa Iversen, Katia Matar, Suzanna Steele, Joy Xu, Anna Nguyen, Elle Andreopoulos, Gabriela Delgado, Sherry Jiang, Victoria Michael

FOURTH ROW Renee Li, Selina Ho, Jasmine Shenouda, Katerina Chen, Elizabeth Borodin, Alana BraxtonBoal, Seda Ceylan, Olivia Gunawan, Rebecca Diiorio-De Domeneghi, Anjelica Margaritis, Roshana Carmody, Megan Wyllie, Katrina Wong, Chantelle Man, Alicia Davies

FIFTH ROW Sarah Al-horani, Nicole Hussein, Jessie Cai, Yijun Cui, Grace Gilhawley, Caroline Fernandes, Marie Yan, Isabelle Ingham, Jamie Oslington, Eloise Riviere, Emily Francis, Hannah Gilhawley, Katie Zheng, Hayley Cavanagh, Elizabeth Tran, Bridget Goonan

SIXTH ROW Hannah Kingsley, Georgie Smith, Amira Hatoum, Yasmin Tinaz, Sophie Norton, Rebecca Minett, Sarah Wellfare, Georgia Hewitt, Louise Wang, Caitlin Farrell, Jessica Gnanaratnam, Jacqueline Wesiak, Angela Peng

ABSENT Marina Chan, Alex Corbett, Maneesha Gopalan, Isabella Al-horani, Rosie Min, Mrs A Accurso

WADE 66 FRONT ROW Marissa Matthews, Bethany Lo, Darcy Martin, Sabrina Tran, Mouna El-Ahmad, Mrs A Renwick, Bronte Gossling, Mr N Heaney, Stephanie Valaris, Mrs C Corsini, Cailey Smith, Lilly-Rose Williams, Laurette Bechara, Mia Tsirekas, Amelia Kilby

THIRD ROW Vivian Shen, Mellita Kang-Vertigan, Ella Esposito Doolan, Gabriella Melhem, Keertana Avalur Venkateshwar, Jenny Zhang, Sofia Costa, Atoufa Mohanna, Sabina Tom, Chuhua Lin, Margaret Zhu, Michelle Tran, Sarah Healey, Elizabeth Park, Caroline Chae Yun Lee, Ruby New

FOURTH ROW Emma Randell, Elizabeth Liu, Sheree Kuan, Rebecca Chou, Tanya Ponggun, Navini Fernando, Federica Lannan, Milly Day-Collett, Courtney Fletcher, Katie Gu, Lifei Chen, Semela Angelides, Cassandra Diamantis, Aniela Haigh, Sarah Chou, Alexis Madden

FIFTH ROW Georgia Dunn, Dakota Comino, Gemma Dessent, Capri Maher, Sarah Cooper, Vivian Szeto, Artemis Alfonzetti, Jessica Kotselas, Lauren Barclay, Tracie Lin, Elena Sladkova, Therese Makarious, Nicole Healey, Amelie Coman, Christiane Diamantis, Liliana Mijatovic

SIXTH ROW Anastasia Kennett, Vivian Lai, Maia Alfonzetti, Tiffany Lai, Annelise Chu, Alexis Norington, Alice Patterson, Yaeji Son, Carma Jackson, Divya Ahlawat, Zelin Zhuang, Charlotte Patterson, Louise Makarious, Joanna Nam, Jane Faung Liu

ABSENT Kaitlyn McCaw, Annika Pienaar, Claire Wang, Ms J Skepper, Ms H Kondos, Ms R Mackertich, Ms A McGoldrick, Ms R Langford

SECOND ROW Angie Shao Xu, Kaisha Rollason, Charlotte Pullinger, Afamia Moussa, Daphne Doumanis, Josephine Lewis, Jennifer Lee, Jessica Pizzinga, Sabrina Lowe, Yasmin Mills, Fiona Hwiyeon Lee, Maria Costantino, Anica Shen, Olivia Keeble Otero, Katrina Marshall, Olivia Wu

THIRD ROW Desiray Yee Tong La, Coco Nara Chung, Emily Hui Yi Li, Georgia Ferguson, Siyumi Dassanayake, Georgina McCrohon, Monique Hrsto, Tess Morrison, Catherine Jang, Shevon Lau, Grace Mieko Wang, Sophia Costantino, Sarina Wan, Zoe Cross, Sophia Copp, Emma Christie, Holly Miller

FOURTH ROW Megan Nipatcharoen, Rachel Wang, Ava Heine, Amanda Yu, Swathi Ilanko, Ella Makovec, Natalie Kai Yi Wong, Chloe Cheong, Sarah Day, Madeline Bide, Lilie Tyler, Georgia Pollitt, Darani Gilchrist, Zoe Hannam, Catherine Papadimitriou

FIFTH ROW Simone Yoo, Ella Viney, Alexia Riotto, Adele Marwood, Athanasia Sakoutis, Sienna Eggleton, Grace Sixsmith, Natasha Taumoepeau, Adalita Young, Charlotte Mackie Pawson, Vivian Qiao, Cathy Zeng, Jasmine Tan, Zoha Syed

SIXTH ROW Georgia Keogh, Isabella Suckling, Rachel Siu, Francesca Wen Lee, Jade Brooks, Maxine Heim, Natasha Opacic, Bianca Riley, Julia Rajcevski, Claudia Orr, Charlotte Beckett, Janice Chae Hyun Lee, Lisa Chen

ABSENT Elizabeth Chen, Chloe King, Lauren McLean, Mathilda Barnard


SECOND ROW Charis Chiu, Shannon Song, Phillipa Signorelli, Sarah Monaha, Zoe Westbrook, Arabella Macken, Sherrie Chung, Ga Chung, Tiarna Cominos, Hannah Ross, Meera Patel, Georgia Melhem, Isabelle Tang, Rasika Bains

FRONT ROW Ava Che-Huei Gaudry Lee, Elle Tamvakolos, Preeyangka Manogaran, Mrs C Robertson, Mr M Condoleon, Emma Cross, Ms I Smolka, Ms G Green, Dana Gan, Mr D KeananBrown, Ms E Hogan, Sein Choi, Mikayla Papadimitriou, Sarvani Bala








2015 was another successful year of growth in the Junior School with a continued commitment to providing outstanding learning opportunities for every girl. We enhanced our programs through the collaborative expertise of focus groups, drawing on the strengths of our talented staff and internal and external experts and further developing our Collaborative Learning Projects (CLP).

The MLC School Collaborative Learning Project is an in-depth study of Science and Technology, Human Society and Its Environment and History. The CLP has traditionally emerged from our exploration and understanding of The Reggio Emilia Approach and is a strategy that embraces learning across several disciplines for all students. The focus this year has been to identify overarching concepts and authentic links to specific key learning areas, particularly English and Mathematics. We provided an opportunity for inquiry and deep thinking, leading to meaningful and engaging learning experiences for our students. Our CLPs have been further enhanced by the recent introduction of the Junior School STEAM Lab. STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics and represents the way all subject areas relate to each other and to the real world. STEAM programs encourage students to think critically and apply a creative approach to real world problems while building on their mathematical and scientific skills. The CLP encourages students to explore, investigate, research and respond to

learning through several ‘languages’ thereby developing multiple literacies: visual, musical, kinesthetic, electronic and verbal. It also provides opportunities for an emerging curriculum where students lead and direct their learning through a variety of key learning areas to promote cognitive and emotional growth. Our efforts to embed the new NSW Board of Studies syllabus documents have seen us work alongside curriculum experts to create programs that are not only aligned with regulatory expectations, but more importantly provide opportunities for deep, purposeful investigation. The integrated nature of our programs has led our students to enjoy many exciting opportunities throughout the year, including the Pre-Kindergarten project ‘Impossible Pets’. This project required the students to imagine, design, predict, reflect and use technology to bring their ‘pet’ to life. Using the programming tool ‘Scratch’ the girls’ imaginings became realities before their eyes. It was an incredibly powerful moment for our young students. In Year 2, the girls took a step back in time and explored the concepts of perspective and significance. This unit saw them identify and research significant people,

‘We provided an opportunity for inquiry and deep thinking, leading to meaningful and engaging learning experiences for our students’.


places and events related to MLC School and explore the way these factors influence and shape life today. The girls engaged in conversations with Old Girls and made predictions based on their understanding of the school’s future. Their predictions required an application of various subject areas including mathematical, literacy and historical inquiry skills. They used the application Aurasma to display their final projects. Parents engaged with their daughters’ learning in many ways including at Celebration of Learning and Parent Learning events. With much enthusiasm and excitement, each student Year group showcased their amazing educational experiences, further strengthening opportunities for Powerful Learning.



During 2015, MLC School was committed to promoting a problem-based STEAM education program for students from Pre-Kindergarten to Year 5. The aim was to advance the girls from a sequential, connect the dots approach to project work towards a more exploratory ‘tinkering’ style that is closer to the working methods of real-world scientists and engineers. This familiarised the students with new tools and materials and helped them create relevant and authentic connections between Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics; connections that will later serve more complex and innovative endeavours.

‘STEAM education is a process of trial and error and it is often when projects do not go as planned that the greatest learning occurs.’

The first Pre-Kindergarten project was the construction of an ‘Impossible Pet’ engineered with recycled materials, plaster, paint and craft accessories. After composing and recording a pet sound using the coding program Scratch, students made their pets ‘come to life’ by connecting alligator clips, circuit boards and USB cables to make the sound play when someone interacted with their pet. The project was an exciting break with standard educational practice for this age group. Year 1 students worked on several STEAM activities; beginning with the difficult task of constructing a cardboard ‘wind ball’ using Makedo components. This was an opportunity to develop collaboration and teamwork skills as each girl measured and marked out their own part of the wind ball, paying attention to dimension, shape and accuracy before combining them to create one large ball. The ambitious project fell short of its intended goal but was nevertheless cause for celebration. STEAM education is a process of trial and error and it is often when projects do not go as planned that the greatest learning occurs.

Impossible Pets

Water Catchment Device

LED Wristbands

Year 5

Year 2

Wind Ball

Year 4

Year 1


Notable Projects

A highlight of the program in 2015 was the introduction of a STEAM Passport that enabled students to track their skills across a variety of areas including construction and engineering with paper, wood, plastic, e-textiles, robotics, 3D printing, electronics and computer programming. Once they had attained proficiency and learned the necessary safety techniques, they were able to move on to more complex tools, tasks and creative STEAM practices.

Wooden Balancing Toy

Another Year 1 task was to construct and program a robotic device to test the structure and stability of a variety of products using Lego WeDo software. The girls designed and programmed some interesting gadgets including alligator mouths, snapping devices and kicking machines. Year 5 students engaged in the challenging task of creating a wooden balancing toy. This Applied Mathematics task incorporated Engineering, Physics, construction and design. The girls used hand tools to saw and drill their wooden toys and TinkerCAD software and our brand new Makerbot Mini 3D printer to create objects to support them. In the process they not only learned concepts like balance and equilibrium in a concrete and memorable way but gained valuable woodwork skills. In Term 4 our Year 4 students worked tirelessly to complete wearable technology LED wristbands. They were introduced to circuits and electrically conductive thread and sewed their own conductive circuits by connecting a light and battery. This helped them to understand the relationships between the different components of wearable technology. They are now ready to move on to a series of more complex, open-ended explorations. Finally, our Year 2 students worked on a water catchment device to sustain MLC School’s vegetable garden. Stage 1 of the project required them to construct prototypes for a water catchment solution. They collaborated with the maintenance staff and parent engineer Mr Mark Lewis who provided constructive feedback via Skype. We look forward to more exciting and creative cross-boundary learning in the STEAM lab in 2016. Ms Vanessa Noonan and Mr Daniel Green STEAM Lab Coordinators




At the end of Term 3, we celebrated Art Week. The Junior School students transformed the Art Studio into an Imaginarium – a place to dive in and explore their imaginations! The Art Monitors ran Art activities at lunchtime. Kindergarten and Year 1 created a collaborative spray painting, developing spectacular effects as metallic paint drizzled down the paper. They also took part in drawing tutorials and decorated the glass windows of the Art Studio, inspired by their visions of imaginary plants and animals. Year 2 and Year 3 students constructed playful sculptures with plasticine, pipe cleaners, plastic lids and feathers, and also added some imaginary characters to the windows of the Imaginarium. Year 4 and Year 5 students created some fantastical sculptures and took part in a collaborative splatter painting which flowed freely as they dripped paint across the canvas, creating a spontaneous, energetic artwork. Many thanks to the Senior School Art Team, who produced fabulous bookmarks, key chains, bags, and clay bowls to sell at the Art stall during the week. A very special thank you to the Junior School Art Monitors, who ensured that Art Week was such a great success. Ms Jane Lancaster Visual Arts Specialist BALLARAT CAMP Armed with beanies, scarves and gloves, Year 5 set off for the most amazing camp of the year, Ballarat. After a short flight we were soon sucked up into the reality of life in the 1850s and learnt about the Gold Rush, the Eureka Stockade and the harsh conditions on the mining fields. Our first stop was an old gold mine and as we walked through the dark, musty tunnels of the mine it was as if we were experiencing the dangerous conditions that the miners had endured. We also had the opportunity to look at the tools they used and listen to a talk on the tough life of the gold diggers in the 1850s. On the second day we made our way to Sovereign Hill which is a well-known open-air museum. As we entered we were instantly greeted by ladies dressed in long skirts and men in smart vests and old-fashioned pants. We were truly back to the 1850s! Sovereign Hill was packed with many thrilling and educational activities such as gold panning, a mineshaft visit and a walk around an old-fashioned school. The most amazing experience however came at night when we visited the spectacular sound and light show ‘Blood on the Southern Cross’. Our Ballarat trip was cold, thrilling, fun and educational. We will certainly never forget it. Lia Al-Soufi Year 5

BOOK WEEK Book Week is the longest running children’s festival in Australia, coordinated by the Children’s Book Council to celebrate outstanding books for children. This year it came with a difference; it was co-shared with our first MLC School Technology Week and as 2015 was the National Year of Light, it made a great partnership. The Junior School kicked off the celebrations by hosting Aaron Blabey; celebrated children’s book author, illustrator and creator of Pig the Pug. Aaron was a most engaging speaker, taking us on a journey through the art of story creation and illustration and generously sharing extracts from the many new titles he has coming out. A week of technology and literature activities, culminated on Friday 4 September with parents, students and staff arriving bright and early for our BBQ breakfast. Year 5 students supported the fundraising effort by running a cake and baby photo stall and entertained us with some busking. After filling up on bacon and egg rolls we all gathered in Daphne Line Hall for the much-anticipated Book Character Parade. The Book Week theme this year was Books Light Up Our World and staff and students alike took to the stage dressed as the wide variety of book characters who have ignited their imaginations. Book Week is always a wonderful annual event with a lovely community spirit. Each year staff, students and MLC School families alike embrace the dress-up theme and support the activities wholeheartedly. We look forward to the 2016 Book Week celebrations with the theme Australia: Story Country. Ms Carol Campbell Junior School Teacher-Librarian

CHINESE NEW YEAR CELEBRATIONS Thursday 19 February marked the beginning of the 15-day celebration of the Chinese New Year, also known as the Lunar New Year or the Spring Festival. It was a time to reflect on what we have achieved in the past year and an opportunity to spend time with family and friends. The Junior School celebrated with a number of cultural activities. Girls in Year 4 decorated Peking Opera masks, Year 5 students created oriental fans and Year 6 made oriental umbrellas. Students from Pre-Kindergarten to Year 5 all learned to sing the Happy New Year song and everyone enjoyed a Lion Dance performance on the tennis court. 2015 was the Year of the Wooden Goat and people born in a year of the Goat are generally believed to be clever, polite and kind. As part of welcoming the Chinese New Year, Junior School students set up goals to achieve in the coming year. They had some interesting thoughts including the ‘Year of Excellence’, the ‘Year of Hard Working’ and the ‘Year of Happiness’. I hope 2015 has been a year of significance for everyone in our school community, a year where you have not just grown stronger, you have grown better. Ms Sherry Chen Junior School Chinese (Mandarin) Teacher ENGINEERING CLUB Engineering Club is an exciting co-curricular activity that integrates Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics (STEAM). Each week the girls worked individually and in teams to solve real life problems using the Engineering Design Process Wheel. This involved defining a problem, researching initiatives, developing a plan and creating and testing prototypes. STEAM inspires ‘out of the box’ solutions

and the girls were encouraged to have a go, take charge of their own learning and think fearlessly. Not only did they build on their prior knowledge but they explored new and interesting possibilities, ultimately acquiring the sort of skills necessary for the real world. Miss Teri-Ann Bezzant Kindergarten Teacher INTERNATIONAL NIGHT Over 500 people, many dressed in costumes from around the world, attended the 2015 International Night organised by Year 2 parents to celebrate the school’s diverse community. Held on Friday 13 November, this vibrant, fun family evening provided guests the opportunity to taste a vast array of international foods, try their hand at cultural arts and crafts and enjoy dance workshops and performances by the MLC School Big Band and MLC School dancers. The event was enlivened in 2015 by high quality acts with a multicultural flavour. Helen Anu, sister of Christine Anu, sang pieces influenced by her Torres Strait Islander heritage, Chilean flamenco guitarist Victor Martinez played his high energy jazz flamenco sounds, while the female trio Libelle enticed listeners with their blend of traditional and contemporary Latin American folk music. LITTLE PEOPLE, BIG FUTURES On Tuesday 4 August, students celebrated National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children’s Day which recognises the strengths and culture of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children. Students celebrated the day by creating a collaborative artwork, recreating the Secretariat of National Aboriginal and Islander Child Care (SNAICC) logo with spot stickers in the symbolic colours of red, yellow and black. We acknowledged the important role of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community-led services in creating safe and welcoming environments to enable these ‘little kids’ to have ‘big futures’. The artwork


STUDENT LIFE continued


is a reminder to our students and community of the importance of ensuring that all children are given opportunities to thrive. SMOKING CEREMONY Year 2 students hosted a traditional Aboriginal smoking ceremony around the beautiful plaque designed by Ms Johanna Kerin, Indigenous Education Coordinator. Local Elder, Uncle Greg Simms, conducted the ceremony while guests Gumaroy Newman, Principal Mrs Denice Scala, Rev Punam Bent and Head of the Junior School Mrs Sue Floro spoke of the importance of harmony and reconciliation. Peta Strachan from the Bangarra Dance Theatre instructed the girls in some beautiful traditional Aboriginal dances while Nancia Guiverra and Angie Abdilla, who have daughters in Year 2, made a visit to share their knowledge of Indigenous Australian cultures. ENVIRONMENTAL MONITORS Think of a world where there is rubbish everywhere. A place where nobody cleans up. This is what the Environmental Monitors try to prevent. The Environmental Monitors are a group of Year 5 students who think of ways to keep the environment clean and get the Junior school involved with fundraisers to save environments and animals. They meet once a week to discuss fundraising ideas and girls in the playground who have been picking up a lot of rubbish. In 2015 the Environmental Monitors planted pot plants in the school, organised Science Week, Earth Hour, Clean Up Friday and many other exciting events that the Junior School had the opportunity to participate in.

As an Environmental Monitor, you have the responsibility of taking care of the school environment; things like making sure other students don’t litter. Being an Environmental Monitor is fun and a very motivating way to help everyone protect the environment. Laryssa Latt Year 5 JESUS AND ME (JAM) 2015 was a year of Bible stories, singing, and fun as we journeyed together through the year. Girls from Year 3 to Year 5 gathered every Thursday lunchtime, with food in hand to get to know each other, learn and grow in Christian faith. This year we learnt about the stories of Jesus through the gospel of Mark, about the amazing miracles he performed and his important work to show us who God was. Students invited their friends to our activities throughout the year and grew in relationship with one another as they learned about the nature of God. A select number of students were also chosen to attend Followers in Training (FIT) events run by Crusaders at Meriden throughout the year. These activities broadened our students’ Christian outlook, gave them experience in organising games and important leadership skills. Ms Joanna Chan Chaplaincy Team




FRONT ROW Charlotte McCrory, Mahibhana Mahinthan, Emma Mahant, Aisling Matthews, Amelia Chan, Kirsten Moller, Anna Constantinidis, Gabriella Chen SECOND ROW Eloise Drake, Erykah Lakkis, Trinity Elghitany, Elke Krassoi, Dylan Rose, Mounica Akula, Ms J Lancaster

ENVIRONMENTAL MONITORS FRONT ROW Armita Dutta Gupta, Laryssa Latt, Madeleine Lewis, Tiffany Weng, Molly Rose North, Ivana Fernando, Sarah Kanaan, Marlene Anderson SECOND ROW Coco Huang, Mia Jameson, Lia Al-Soufi, Briar Campbell, Sophie Reid, Sophia Cairns, Hayley Ma, Mrs P Miller ABSENT Chloe Correia, Jacqueline Flett, Himani Gupta, Sen Sen Xie, Layla Hare, Zoe Clark



FRONT ROW Charlotte Trieu, Olivia Smith, Dakota Sinozic, Sophie Thomas, Jade Di Girolamo, Brittany Warner


FRONT ROW Gauri Sharma, Natalie Cavallaro, Tori Charalambous, Tina Papamanuel, Georgia Mouscas, Helena Panos SECOND ROW Mr D Finlay Alexandra Robinson, Anna Sundquist, Ruby Scott-Wishart, Christyn Cordato, Mrs S Floro ABSENT Adalita Young



FRONT ROW Noelle Elias, Niamh Canadas, Christina Messih, Chloe Lu, Taylor Lu, Rachael Ming, Stephanie El’Atrache, Talia Trevillien, Olivia Kozman, Mai Phan, Sofia Lam, Miranda Lin, Maryse Elassal, Tiffany Ibrahim SECOND ROW Rachael McGuire, Rima Zhang, Georgina Auld, Jiarui Song, Emma Rose Koeswandy, Alisha Dhaliwal, Ari Kim, Alana Siluk, Allison Videira Firmino, Ada Savage, Megan Kuit, Katherine Woo THIRD ROW Ms E Rhodes, Ms S Sawdy Mrs E Monda, Ms J Kobylinski, Audrey Boulton, Elyse Vivash, Avery Dauphinee, Izabella Mansory, Ava Brown, Zoe Brown, Evelyn Gogos, Emma Kanaan, Adelaide Akers, Katherine Goldring, Ingrid Henderson,Mrs E Monda, Ms J Kobylinski ABSENT Mrs M Wyatt, Mrs V Liubinskas

KINDERGARTEN FRONT ROW Mia Coady, Orianna Ellis, Georgia Delis, Sophie Connolly, Ines Prince, Lara Omran, Ilaria Blanco, Avnika Kandala, India-Rose MacÈ, Isabella Munoz, Sophia Hu, Stephanie Phong, Cassandra Vielman SECOND ROW Janice Leong, Mikayla Woon, Mia Rice, Rose Lin, Jodhi Bou, Angelina Ng, Gurnaaz Kahlon, Lam Nguyen, Liana Wai, Soraya Bates, Charlotte Kanaan, Aashi Shah THIRD ROW Miss T Bezzant, Eleanor McKeough, Kyra Narang, Carina Chu, Sacha Jeyasingam, Nectaria Constanti, Aaliya Salim, Chelsea Chen, Niamh Johnson, Sophia Antipas, Stella Wallace, Imogen Wong, Nicola Keast, Ms R Maroun ABSENT Aisha Karunakaran, Avery Koh


YEAR 1 79

FRONT ROW Chloe Kypreos, Sophie Pan, Chloe Messih, Chloe He, Valerie Tran, Dina Saeed, Gauri Nathan, Chloe Constantinidis, Danielle Wan, Jiayi Li, Gabriella Ayad, Amelia Kozman, Ellie Li SECOND ROW Elysse Diep, Emily Duong, Ava Roins, Hazel Gohil, Mya Andrews-Ruker, Amalia Fernandes, Camille McLucas, Maalika Chalak, Umaiza Mahfuz, Brooklynn Nguyen, Emily Bitar, Rafaela Lee THIRD ROW Ms C Lawless Julia Zarlenga, Bianca Trimboli, Isabella Correia, Aryana Sah, Isabel Garner, Kathleen Chrun, Ava Saad, Anisha Sivagurunathan, Kiara Elghitany, Megan Lieu, Stephanie Wang, Emma Sullivan, Ms S Blanche FOURTH ROW Ella Zhang, Ella Wu, Angelique Houltham, Olivia Sun-Ryan, Naomi Samuel, Jemima Zoud, Haegan Sitou, Grace Farrow, Florence Ata, Julinar Alshehabi, Allegra Carlini ABSENT Sneha Hasanat, Annika Yogaratnam


FRONT ROW Alana Ikladios, Nghi Nguyen, Anastazia Samad, Natalia Gadelrabb, Amaya Karunakaran, Aiesha Sivaranjan, Christine Jin, Tayla Georges, Misha Behi, Lara Bazzi, Emily Phong, Katelyn Tu SECOND ROW Elizabeth Cruz, Mimi Lim, Selina Wang, Lucinda Butcher, Felicia Hannah, Stephanie Chew, Lana Radwan, Sara Trimboli, Ruby Tsirekas, Lucia Scala, Giovanna Lim THIRD ROW Ms S Edwards Nicole Audi, Jolina Zhang, Angelina Le, Zara Dhawan, Sameera Khatri, Chloe Ho-Shon, Emma Burgess, Annaliese Yan, Kristina Bitar, Evie Papamanuel, Sarah Pickett, Mia Rae, Ms D Mc Kernan FOURTH ROW Fatat Malas, Neika Abdilla Bacon, Scarlett De Barros, Khadije Macey-Najjarine, Christina Di Giandomenico, Mannix Aurisch, Sophie Moshonas, Soraya Trevillien, Ynez Liauw, Jasmine Banks ABSENT Jossie Liu



FRONT ROW Angelina Hu, Amelia Norton, Jody Feng, Joanne Law, Isabella Kristallis, Danielle Dib, Holly Dauparas, Mia Tsaousidis, Jana Mourad, Sienna Marriott, Sofia Wilson, Joyce Mai, Gwenyth Smith, Santina Signorelli SECOND ROW Nicole Giannacopoulos, Nevaeh Nicholas, Isabella Bednaic, Azzurra Zappacosta, Anikah Sanan, Fiona Feng, Amelia Cosmidis, Cara Wu, Keira O’Connor, Raashi Parmar, Aileen Leong, Bariah Khaznadar, Zara Luong THIRD ROW Ms P Carr, Genevieve Cesarano, Zoe Jameson, Claire Liu, Clare Butcher, Georgia Terzis, Harriet Gohil, Tiana Roins, Seraya Srikumar, Lucinda Winlaw, Georgie Roediger, Ruby Wiefler, Olivia Gouganovski, Mrs J Falls FOURTH ROW Naja Abas, Isabel Baudille, Bella Upcroft, Alexandra Walker, Isabelle Lin, Sophia Pavlovic, Gabrielle Palmer, Sophia Sefein, Zara Constance, Isabella Gadelrabb, Ivana Dolenac, Lara Stojkovic

YEAR 4 FRONT ROW Chantelle Wan, Keiralyn Dao, Chloe Bofinger, Zahli Harris, Zhiru Lin, Cassandra Tong, Rachel Lao, Mia Eker, Mahi Shah, Charlotte Waters, Erica Chou, Sanjana Natkunamanickam, Georgina Lim, Zoe Proctor SECOND ROW Eshwari Surendran, Elizabeth Giannacopoulos, Madhavi Chauhan, Elsa McDonald, Mikaela Sitaramayya, Abbie Sen, Chloe Chu, Isabel McKeough, Athena Nikolakopoulos, Yianna Mitropoulos, Seetha Nathan, Jana Roy, Ivy Ross THIRD ROW Mrs P Miller Kylie Zhou, Brooke Bucholtz, Julia Lok, Amisha Khatri, Rochelle Wang, Breanna Mar, Jennisa Ha, Alannah Gill, Shelley Zhou, Charlize Hosking, Dalia Alsaad, Laura Kardasis, Ms E Astle FOURTH ROW Aimee Goodridge, Matilda Clayton, Destiny Nicholas, Sarah Truong, Helena Lu, Aadhya Dhanpal, Zaara Chalak, Jasmine Stavros, Trisha Prabhu, Taotao Jiang, Giselle Cruz, Abigail Latham ABSENT Yasmin Yogaratnam


YEAR 5 FRONT ROW Tina Papamanuel, Laryssa Latt, Sarah Kanaan, Charlotte McCrory, Christyn Cordato, Mahibhana Mahinthan, Jade Di Girolamo, Hayley Ma, Natalie Cavallaro, Zunairah Mahfuz, Anna Constantinidis, Brittany Warner, Caitlin Hartnett, Helena Panos, Armita Dutta Gupta SECOND ROW Madison Floros, Georgia Mouscas, Annading Chen, Gabriella Chen, Ivana Fernando, Zoe Brase, Molly Rose North, Tiffany Weng, Kirsten Moller, Madeleine Lewis, Alexandra Robinson, Olivia Smith, Gauri Sharma, Amelia Bresolin, Soina Thind, Marissa Tsaousidis THIRD ROW Mr S Caldwell Marlene Anderson, Emma Mahant, Jeyda Ceylan, Chloe Correia, Mia Jameson, Mounica Akula, Zoe Clark, Tara Grasso, Tess Callaghan, Tori Charalambous, Erykah Lakkis, Sophie Beraldo, Amelia Chan, Aisling Matthews, Charlotte Trieu Ms K Lightfoot, Mr D Finlay FOURTH ROW Coco Huang, Sophia Cairns, Sophie Reid, Briar Campbell, Layla Hare, Mirabella Shang, Dylan Rose, Dakota Sinozic, Anna Sundquist, Lara Taleb, Eloise Drake, Ruby Scott-Wishart, Lia Al-Soufi, Shivani Spencer FIFTH ROW Sophie Walker, Mei Wong, Jacqueline Flett, Sophie Thomas, Trinity Elghitany, Himani Gupta, Renae Varvaris, Courtney Roberts, Sen Sen Xie, Elke Krassoi, Arya Sharma, Evie Gallagher, Anu Bandaru, Maggie Wang ABSENT Sophie Ciesielski







L SI O R E XCE 2015





YEAR 6 DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE An exploration of Lewis Carroll’s novel, Alice in Wonderland, was undertaken by students in Year 6 for the third year in a row. The moment in the first chapter when Alice follows a white rabbit down a rabbit hole is the major focus. It’s scary and exciting and has inspired readers for over 100 years! People have wondered what it would have been like to be Alice, falling down the rabbit hole and journeying into Wonderland, a mystical place where anything is possible. This is a journey into the realms of the imagination. The girls were invited to develop a personal interest project; something of their own choosing. They were inspired by the inquiry cycle to think about that moment when Alice falls. How does it make you feel? What do you make of it? What does it remind you of? What does it mean to you? Using this as inspiration, the girls developed their projects over a seven-week period. The projects are developed within the Middle Years Programme (MYP) framework

with a strong focus on the process of inquiry, action and reflection. This inquiry cycle best develops the students’ ability to learn and react/act in response to their learning. The MYP emphasises intellectual challenge, encouraging the students to make connections between their studies in traditional subjects and the real world. It fosters the development of skills for communication, intercultural understanding and global engagement – essential qualities for young people who aspire to be change makers. The development of a project of this size, this early, provides the opportunity to develop the knowledge, attitudes and skills the girls need in order to manage complexity and take responsible action in the future. Our world puts enormous value on being able to identify needs or challenges and find new and innovative solutions to these. An enjoyment of problem solving and the ability to think independently are key attributes

that the MYP seeks to nurture in the girls. Some of this year’s projects included: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The fine line between reality and a dream Why do people suffer from anxiety? Why do we dream? Do mirrors cause depression? Why is education important? Is there life in outer space? Is there an edge to the universe? Is your red the same as my red? Where do girls fit in the world? How did tigers evolve? How does the brain make decisions? What is justice? What happens if we forget everything? Who are we? What if the world is a big dream? What is genetic makeup? What’s beyond the event horizon? How can fabric tell a story?

Mrs Joanne Sarmiento Head of Middle Years

YEAR 7 ILLUMINATION PROJECT For 5 days in October, Year 7 well and truly immersed themselves in Shakespeare’s World as they took part in the MLC School Illumination Project. Supported and guided by a troupe of fantastic actors from Sport for Jove, the girls explored the forest and fantasy of A Midsummer Night’s Dream and told the tumultuous tale of The Tempest. Some groups cried war for Henry V, and others meddled in magic and mayhem with Macbeth. Star-crossed students explored Romeo and Juliet, whilst others explained it was all Much Ado About Nothing. There was laughter and confusion for the Twelfth Night, and conspiracy and chaos in Julius Caesar. All in all, a veritable feast of comedy, history and tragedy. During the week, Year 7 engaged with their challenges exceptionally well. They worked together to forge new friendships, and develop their understanding of the

language and ideas of Shakespeare. An undoubtable challenge, the girls performed around the school on a balmy evening to the delight of proud parents. Beginning and ending with a song and a dance, as well as a memorable group rendition of the iconic Twelve Ages of Man speech, this was a week and a night to remember. As student Lily Smith said, ‘I absolutely loved it and I am still thinking about it. I learnt many amazing things including drama techniques and Shakespearean language, but perhaps the best part was getting to know girls who I didn’t know before’.

‘I absolutely loved it and I am still thinking about it. I learnt many amazing things including drama techniques and Shakespearean language.’

Ms Fiona Pow Head of Year 7 85

YEAR 8 CITY EXPERIENCE Year 8 students began 2015 with an exploration of the benefits of effective time management and goal setting. They completed a series of online study skills units and evaluated and discussed a range of strategies to address different approaches to their learning. The girls then looked at the concept of friendship and developed their social skills through a series of activities that included deep discussion, online quizzes and team games. They embraced the chance to build their leadership ability by taking responsibility for a Year Meeting or assuming a leadership role in Open Days and Senior School Tours.


The two-week City Experience provided Year 8 students with a cultural and academic powerful learning opportunity that formed part of the continuum of immersive

experiences offered at MLC School. They enjoyed the freedom of using the city as their classroom and renewed their appreciation of the Sydney CBD and all it has to offer. City Experience challenges students to interact with a new physical environment in a way that sparks their curiosity and provokes inquiry. They observed and investigated specific elements of their urban locale, while at the same time developing collaborative and problem solving skills. They found inspiration in the exploration of significant landmarks, places and historical sites, conducted interviews, analysed their survey data and evaluated the ways that people and the systems within our city are connected. Some of the areas visited included the CBD, Manly, Haymarket, Darling Harbour and Barangaroo. The girls then spent a week

based at the Karstens Centre in The Rocks to focus on innovation and the creation of their final presentation products. As the students applied themselves to an exciting and challenging task, they developed an understanding of what it is like to work and interact in the city as well as the ability to think critically. At the culmination of the project they celebrated their learning with their teachers and parents. Ms Joanna House Head of Year 8 Ms Carolyn Rhodes Head of Learning and Innovation

YEAR 9 BROKEN HILL They say nothing prepares you for the contrast between Sydney and the dusty red earth of ‘Silver City’. It was a cultural shock not lost on Year 9 when they arrived in Broken Hill to immerse themselves in MLC School’s impactful annual program of social, cultural, historical and service experiences. As a town born in the 1880s mining boom, Broken Hill is a living museum where even the architecture tells a story. The girls’ itinerary was filled with visits to historic sites like Silverton School where they tried their hand at writing with slate pencils and old fountain pens. Cultural experiences included the chance to learn to line dance with the town’s older women and to hear about outback policing through an evening talk presented by the Broken Hill constabulary. 87

Some of the most important learning came from mundane daily activities. The students had to show team work and leadership capabilities as they bought and cooked their own food and cleaned and coordinated the use of the facilities in their small cabins over the two-week period. While they were away they drew beautiful artworks that expressed their personal responses to outback life and worked in groups to produce a cook book and a story book inspired by Broken Hill. An important aspect of the trip was a visit to Broken Hill High School (BHHS), one of the most isolated and disadvantaged schools in the country. BHHS students use pen and paper rather than computers now that the Government’s free laptop program has ended, can access just one pool – the community pool in the centre of town – and have nothing to do on weekends but go to the cinema, where only one film is shown at a time. Following the MLC School girls’ trip, a small group of BHHS students had the chance to visit MLC School and stay with MLC School families for a taste of city life. Competition for places on the annual visit is tight and the students needed to demonstrate perfect behaviour and strong academic performance over the course of the year to qualify. ‘Their parents are always very keen for them to have the chance to see life outside their bubble; to learn how hard students work in big cities of the world and understand how many opportunities are there for you if you work towards them,’ their teacher said.

While at MLC School, the BHHS students completed an underwater photography project, learned to use screen printing equipment and tried out instruments in the Music Department. They also made a presentation to Year 5 about their home. ‘We told them about the flora and fauna, the dangerous animals, the dust storms and life in the mines,’ said Sasha Cox. ‘In Broken Hill you could wake up with a kangaroo in your front yard and an emu in the back. They liked hearing about that!’


YEAR 10 ENLIGHTENMENT Our year was the lucky first to travel to Chiang Mai in 2015. It was a life-changing opportunity that challenged each of us mentally and physically, whilst exceeding any preconceived expectations we might have had. We are often told how privileged we are to have the lives we have and to attend a school like MLC School, however it was not until this trip that we began to really understand this concept. The whole journey was eye-opening but our time in the remote hill tribe village was particularly impactful and drove us just that little bit harder to make any positive difference we could whilst we were there. We worked on two projects: a concrete slab that would become a future playground for the children living in the village and a classroom for the local school, which consists of one teacher and 15 students. This doesn’t seem very glamorous and it wasn’t, but we threw ourselves into the challenge. It turned out to be quite strenuous work but we didn’t care, and we broke all the stereotypes of

private school girls. It was the most rewarding experience. We got dirty and sweaty and we loved it. The formula needed to make that concrete will be forever imprinted into our heads: ‘Six buckets of sand, two buckets of concrete, four buckets of rocks and two to three buckets of water. Mix with a hoe until it is a paste, but not too wet and not too dry’. The impact on the village just with a few days of work really showed us the effect we had on their community and on the children that went to school there. It was conveyed clearly through their smiling faces and the way they immediately jumped on their new playground and started playing games (which they continued to do long after we arrived back in Sydney as witnessed by the photos we received by email of the completed classroom with the kids learning in it). ‘I can confidently say that this trip has had a lasting impact on me personally, particularly our visit to the elephant rescue and rehabilitation centre. Seeing

the rehabilitation of these animals was amazing and has inspired me to want to work in animal conservation or become a veterinarian. Since our trip I have taken up a voluntary job at Taronga Zoo and completed work experience at a vet hospital and loved it!’ – Hannah Kelly, Year 10 ‘This experience furthered my interest in voluntary work and I can confidently say that I will be continuing to involve myself with work like this after I graduate. I am now looking towards occupations that have an impact on the lives of individuals who are less fortunate than us. I don’t think it is possible to describe the impact this experience has had on me. It is something that I will remember forever’. – Phoebe Hunter-Mole, Year 10 Hopefully the Chiang Mai trip will become an annual event so that every MLC School girl can experience this amazing opportunity for herself. Hannah Kelly and Phoebe Hunter-Mole Year 10, 2015

CAREERS Students participated in a rich array of activities and programs in 2015. Through personality testing, lectures and one on one guidance, the girls are led to a better understanding of themselves and their own unique talents. The school also facilitates the organisation of appropriate and effective work experience placements and internships. The Career Development Program begins in Year 10 and endeavours to establish the students as effective negotiators of their own careers in an ever-changing world. The students have a wonderful opportunity to try out different work environments through the Work Experience Immersion program which is compulsory for Year 10 and is also offered to all students in Year 10 to Year 12 as a holiday program. The end of Year 10 is an ideal time to benefit from an experience that provides a sense of life as a university student. In Term 4 Year 10 students have the opportunity to engage in a series of university campus tours. This year students in Year 10 experienced The University of Sydney, the University of New South Wales, Macquarie University and University of Technology Sydney. During the tours, student guides explained the features of the university, pointing out

whether it was a distinguishing feature and why. Each university provided a seminar, workshop or activity, which students found most engaging. These included a hands-on engineering workshop and a presentation about what career paths are open to students with a Bachelor of Arts.

‘The end of Year 10 is an ideal time to benefit from an experience that provides a sense of life as a university student.’ Year 10 students engage in a careers assessment, mapping their strengths and interests. The Year 10 Career Assessment Report forms a strong basis for HSC and IB subject selection. This year, Year 12 participated in an additional careers assessment that built on Year 10 information. This data provided a rich source of information to support students in deciding their steps in the transition from school to tertiary education and beyond.

Increasingly we find that students are interested in the prospect of studying at an overseas university and to that end we hosted an International University Information Evening. We were fortunate to have representatives from well-known American universities attend such as Princeton, Columbia, Georgetown, Duke and Northwestern. The evening was well supported by students and parents and sparked a great deal of interest. In addition, all Senior students have access to the Careers and Tertiary Expo, which is their introduction to a myriad of tertiary institutions, employer groups and gap year programs. This event opens their eyes to exciting emerging opportunities including leading-edge courses that respond to employer demand for skills like critical and creative thinking, future scenario building and sustainable futures innovation. The career landscape is evolving and we want students be fully informed about the world they are graduating into and not just choose the traditional options. Mrs Loretta Toole Director of Careers/VET Coordinator



DANCE, DRAMA AND ENTERTAINMENT (DDE) 2015 saw performance and entertainment at the heart of an outstanding, action-packed year for the Dance, Drama, and Entertainment (DDE) Department. Our annual school production, 1000 Paper Cranes, was the highlight of Term 1 and involved over 40 students, including boys from Newington College. We sold out over three nights as well as an extra performance for Year 6 and had many great reports about the show. Our inclusive approach to the school production included an IB solo danced by Maia Alfonzetti as a Geisha and an HSC core composition based on origami paper folding created by Maria Ventouris and danced by Mina Kotoric. Our actors’ dynamic performance included a traditional Japanese

Obon dance and factual information delivered through theatre. We used the skills of our Entertainment students who constructed and painted a great set, incorporating projection screens that vividly recreated different Japanese locations. The crew looked after over 100 props, complicated costumes, frontof-house, ticketing, lighting, sound and audio. Our curriculum classes have had a great year. Year 12 Drama students performed brilliantly at their Trial Showcase and their final works were outstanding with five Individual Projects and a group work nominated for OnSTAGE. Emma Cross’ IP Research Project and Matilda Koppf’s Performance were among those finally selected. Other classes presented creative showcases of their work

in Playbuilding and Script, such as Girls Just Want to Have Fun by our two Year 9 classes on their drama night and Barefoot in the Park by Year 10. The Year 11 production of Rhinoceros was an outstanding performance of the Absurd play, which brought the preliminary year to its conclusion. Other 2015 highlights included a range of diverse workshops such as comedy and circus skills. So, as the house lights fade and the curtain falls on 2015, all students and staff of DDE can take a bow to a well deserved round of applause! We look forward to the next show. Ms Lisa Jinga Head of Drama, Dance and Entertainment

ENGLISH ‘It is not in the Stars to hold our Destiny but in ourselves.’ – William Shakespeare Both the students and English faculty continued to reach for the stars this year, immersing themselves in the world of literature. Whether it be studying the works of William Shakespeare or postmodern poets, our students embraced the powerful learning experiences provided by the ever-talented English Department. Our Year 12 HSC students embarked on a journey of Discovery as the new HSC Prescriptions Text list was implemented and students explored works composed by the greats: William Shakespeare, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Elizabeth Barrett Browning and Orson Welles. The Year 12 HSC cohort also ventured into the University of Sydney where they took part in an HSC Study Day that focused on Shakespeare’s The Tempest and Michael Gow’s Away. Dr Felicity Plunkett ran numerous writing workshops for our English Extension 1 students throughout the year as they finessed their imaginative writing skills, and Professor Penny Gay visited MLC School to share her insights into the poetry of Emily Dickinson and Elizabeth Barrett Browning with our Year 12 IB and HSC pupils. In 2015, four of our HSC students undertook the HSC English Extension 2 course, crafting original and inventive Major Works under the tutelage of Elizabeth King. Joanna Nam constructed a short film screenplay that focused on local communities who have come face to face with the disorienting experience of new global developments. Through the short story form, Jessie Field and Jasmond

Wong reinvented the ancient Greek myth of Pandora and Samuel Coleridge’s Kubla Khan respectively, whilst Alessandra McCluskey wrote a perceptive short story entitled Embers, set in a 19th century English village. The Year 12 ESL students were fortunate enough to view a fantastic production of The Shoe-Horn Sonata. Furthermore, our Year 11 English Extension 1 students saw a ground-breaking performance of Desdemona at Sydney Theatre Company, an exciting appropriation of Shakespeare’s Othello that kick-started the annual Sydney Festival. Throughout the year our students were encouraged to enter their own writing in various competitions. Olivia Hill (Year 11) was named runner-up for her persuasive piece on capital punishment in the Whitlam Institute’s What Matters? competition and Atoufa Mohanna’s poem Where is the love? was shortlisted as a finalist in the nationwide Dorothea Mackellar Poetry Competition. A number of our Year 8 students also participated in the Write a Book in a Day Initiative, under the guidance of Ms Michelle Olah and Mrs Irene Swain, raising funds for the Kids Cancer Project. Their book, Bamal Ganing was shortlisted by the judges and the students were presented with a ‘Highly Commended’ award at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead. The committed team of English teachers continued to provide fresh and exciting learning opportunities introducing numerous new units of work and continuing to share their passion and love of literature with the school community, as well as the wider

educational community. A number of staff presented at numerous conferences throughout the year for the English Teachers’ Association (ETA) and Association of Independent Schools (AIS) NSW on a wide variety of topics. Our dedicated and zealous department are also busily working on introducing new units of work across the curriculum, including an exciting revamp of the IB English: Literature course, introducing works of literature from Tennessee Williams, Harold Pinter and Margaret Atwood. Our fresh new Year 11 English Advanced program will also include an eclectic variety of works from Arthur Miller’s classic play Death of a Salesman to this year’s Best Picture Oscar winning film Birdman. On behalf of the English Department, I would like to take this opportunity to wish both Ms Viviana Mattiello and Mr Simon Little a fond farewell as they leave MLC School to pursue new endeavours. I would also like to formally acknowledge the contribution of Ms Clare Thomas who joined our faculty on a temporary basis for the duration of 2015. We are also very excited to welcome Ms Deborah Moir who has recently joined the English faculty as the Assistant Head of Learning and Curriculum English. Overall, it has been a stimulating and exhilarating year for the English Department and we are all keenly looking forward to the new adventures that await us in 2016. Mr Benjamen Haeusler Head of Learning and Curriculum – English


HISTORY Making Connections in History History is about making connections between the past and the present, ultimately helping to shape our future as individuals and as a society.


Perhaps no group of students was more aware of this than Year 12 this year. Their final results have both an immediate and long term impact in shaping the many varied pathways students will take in the years ahead. Whether studying Bronze Age Greek archaeology, the reasons for the rise of Hitler, or the collapse of the Soviet Union, Year 12 History students are always aware of creating relevance by making connections to their own worlds. The skills learnt in studying History, including proficiency in research, communication and analysis have equipped them with all they need to continue to be successful learners. The girls’ success is in part reflected by excellent results in the HSC in 2015. The highest mark for Ancient History was 97% and 80% of students gained either a Band 5 or 6 in Modern History. Over 50% of students achieved a Grade 5 or 6 in IB History. Most importantly, each student has made progress as an informed young adult. The teaching and studying of Year 10 History always provides the exciting opportunity for students to use their imagination and creativity in exploring the world around them. In 2015 the issue of human rights was made a Powerful Learning Project. Students developed their own research question and presented visual and informative museum installations in a market place structure. Their engagement and enthusiasm was evident in topics ranging from political prisoners and refugees to modern slavery and the right to clean water. Guest speakers included an Old Girl from the Refugee Advocacy Centre as well as parent, Archie Law, from ‘Action Aid’. Their discussions revealed the importance of History as part of lifelong learning. The Year 9 Broken Hill experience always provides the opportunity to develop relationships and make connections between staff, students and a part of Australia’s heritage that may seem foreign to them, both in time and space. Two weeks spent absorbing the vastness of Australia’s red desert and the isolation of people and culture leaves an indelible impact on all of us. As Year 7 and Year 8 progress in their exploration of the ancient and medieval

worlds, solid connections and global views are being developed, enabling all our students to understand themselves and their place in the world around us. Mr Peter Klamka Head of Learning and Curriculum – History


HUMAN SOCIETY AND ITS ENVIRONMENT (HSIE) This was another year of exciting challenges as we investigated the diversity of human culture, attitudes and beliefs and the impact we, as humans, have on the individuals, societies and environments around us. For our Year 8 students, this was the first year of the Middle Years Program. The geographers investigated global issues such as threatened habitats and urbanisation using an exciting variety of case studies from around the globe. Year 7 students completed an interdisciplinary unit with Science, looking at different global environments and the adaptations that living things make to their surroundings. Year 9 and Year 10 continued their examination of Australia with an inquiry into surviving natural disasters and fieldwork at Collaroy, looking at management of our coasts. Senior students studied a wide range of issues from global development through

to leisure, tourism, sport and health. Our Commerce, Business and Economics students learned about citizenship and entrepreneurship. Their studies included visits to places such as the Reserve Bank, Law Courts, IKEA, Taronga Zoo and IMAX. We also had an interesting talk from Ben Levi from Sydney’s Fishburners community (a community of start ups). Meanwhile, three of our Year 10 Commerce students (Madison Allan, Christina Burjan and Sophia Costantino) won a prize for their business plan in the NSW Plan Your Own Enterprise Competition, which attracted entries from around the state. Their plan was for an app called iProcrastinate which helps high school students plan their study. In Religion the students conducted investigations into Christian beliefs and practices as well as those of a range of

world religions. They also examined ‘big’ questions such as ‘why do bad things happen to good people?’ and ‘how do we know what is the right thing to do?’ by looking at the different approaches taken by a variety of philosophical and religious traditions. ‘Why humans behave the way they do’ was also the focus of the Senior IB Psychology students’ study. This year we say farewell to Rev Cooke and Rev Bent who have, among their many roles in the school, been inspirational classroom teachers in our faculty. We wish them all the best in their future endeavours. Ms Allison McCulloch Head of Learning and Curriculum – HSIE

IB AND HSC REPORT 2015 The academic achievement of the class of 2015 was outstanding and a credit to the talents and efforts of the girls who worked so diligently throughout the year under the guidance and inspiration of their highly skilled teachers and, of course, with the constant support of their parents.


Overall the Year 12 cohort achieved a median ATAR (middle score) of 90.60. 12% of students achieved an ATAR of 99 or greater, 32% of the cohort achieved an ATAR of 95 or greater, and 52% of the cohort achieved an ATAR of 90 or greater. We were also delighted that in 2015, ATAR scores below 90 showed a significant improvement on previous results which demonstrates the commitment the school has to ensuring that girls of all ability levels are given the opportunity to achieve to their potential. HSC REPORT 2015 Congratulations to the 2015 HSC cohort who achieved impressive results, continuing the long and proud tradition of academic achievement at the school. 60% of the MLC School HSC cohort achieved a Band 6 in at least one subject. There were 115 instances of a student being awarded a Band 6 or E4 (the highest bands possible). Individual highlights include: • Victoria Xu achieved an ATAR of 99.95 and was awarded the UNSW Co-Op Scholarship in Electrical Engineering • Leona Cohen achieved an ATAR of 98.9 • Three students were placed on the HSC All Rounders list for those who achieved a Band 6 in 10 units: • Leona Cohen • Joanna Nam • Victoria Xu Five students were listed in the Top Achievers in Course list: • Victoria Xu – 2nd in Physics and 5th in Chemistry • Ivy Nguyen – 3rd in English as a Second Language

• • •

Grace Mieko Wang – 8th in English as a Second Language Kate Quinn – 12th in Mathematics General 2 Charlotte Patterson – 18th in PDHPE

Other highlights include: • 100% of HSC Music 2 students achieved a Band 6 (NSW state average 37%) • 77% of HSC Drama students achieved a Band 6 (NSW state average 14%) • 71% of Textiles and Design students achieved a band 6 (NSW state average 15%) • 56% of HSC Art students achieved a Band 6 (NSW state average 13%) • 55% of HSC English Extension 1 students achieved a Band E4 (NSW average 35%) ENCORE Leona Cohen was selected for ENCORE, a concert of outstanding performances and compositions from HSC Music students. ARTEXPRESS Brittany O’Hare was selected for ARTEXPRESS out of five shortlisted MLC School students. ONSTAGE Matilda Kopff and Emma Cross were selected for OnSTAGE for Individual Performance with three other students nominated; Tilda Cook, Emma Tucker and Kate Quinn. Five students were also nominated in the group category; Emma Cross, Emma Tucker, Samantha Anderson, Jessica Zhang and Jessie Field. TEXSTYLE Matilda Kopff was selected for Texstyle, a display of the Top 40 works from NSW HSC Textiles and Design students. IB REPORT 2015 Fifty very keen and excited students waited patiently for the release of their IB Diploma results in January this year. The wait was certainly worth it with five students from

MLC School scoring 45 which is an ATAR equivalent of 99.95. Only 13 students across Australia scored at this high level. A few weeks later, MLC School’s tally of 45s had risen to seven making it the most successful IB Diploma school in Australia in 2015. The increase was due to successful remarks of examination papers which students can request, although on average, most remarks are unsuccessful. ‘In 2015 more than 580,780 diploma examination papers were processed in 79 languages by examiners from over 140 countries, ’ states IB Diploma November 2015 Results Released to IB World Schools, Asia Pacific, 3 January 2016. 2015 saw the introduction of new syllabuses in Business Management, Biology, Chemistry, Design Technology, Physics, Theatre and Visual Arts as well as CAS which is now called Creativity, Activity and Service. To ensure the smooth transition to the new syllabuses MLC School staff attended workshops run by the International Baccalaureate Organisation. The core of the IB Diploma Programme is becoming increasingly important with the condition being introduced that if a student receives a grade E in either Theory of Knowledge of Extended Essay, they will not receive their diploma regardless of their score. The Extended Essay is commenced after the Year 11 examinations and is a 4000-word academic research essay conducted with the assistance of a school appointed supervisor who can advise for 4-5 hours only. Theory of Knowledge is a course about critical thinking and inquiry into the process of knowing. The course identifies eight specific ways of knowing language, sense, perception, emotion, reason, imagination, faith, intuition and memory (Theory of Knowledge Syllabus, IBO, April 2013). Students must complete a 1600word essay from one of six prescribed titles and a 10-minute presentation that explores a knowledge question based on a real life situation. Mr Paul Brown Deputy Principal and Head of Senior School Mrs Anne Layman Director of Senior Curriculum and International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme Coordinator

LANGUAGES ‘If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart.’ – Nelson Mandela We talk constantly about living in a connected world. Thanks to technological advancements, breaking down all kinds of borders is an every day occurrence, we can be here just as easily as there. It is easy to see why learning another language in this 21st century arena has never been so important. Learning a language goes far beyond just trying to talk to someone in another country. To ‘get to their heart’ and truly be agents of change, we need to use the acquired language as a way to understand not only ourselves but the lives and cultures of others. We do not just want to be ‘connected’; we need to be connected in a profound and humane way that fosters tolerance, empathy and understanding. Language is our medium. During 2015, the Language Department has continued to explore ways to engage students in the language they are acquiring and to open up opportunities for them to cross boundaries through collaboration, inquiry and innovative thinking. It was our second year of the Year 8 Spell-a-thon, through which students explored and appraised ways of learning vocabulary whilst making a difference in the lives of others through their sponsorship endeavours. The students surpassed themselves this year by raising over $9000 to sponsor Lilian

Muthuka and Maxine Jeptoo to attend the Starehe Girls’ Centre in Kenya. Languages Day 2015 was a fabulous opportunity to immerse students in language and culture. It was a colourful and vibrant day and included activities such as French, Chinese and Japanese cooking, Indonesian dancing, German Tyrol dancing, French theatre, story-telling workshops, and sports and arts workshops. Students also enjoyed a lunch that showcased the cuisine of different cultures. It was a day of celebrating cultural diversity when language and culture came to life outside the classroom. Another exciting event was the 2015 Linguafest Film Competition in which students were required to create a short film that showcased all four of their language skills, ITC skills and creativity. The theme was ‘An Excuse’ and the students needed to include the eating of an ice cream at some stage during their two-minute film. The exercise required them to show that they were able to manage their time effectively to meet deadlines, work cooperatively and fully use the skills of each individual within their group. We were delighted when we heard that two of our films from Year 8 Indonesian and Year 10 French made the finals and were to be shown to a large audience on the big Dendy screen in Circular Quay! To further our mission of immersing students in an inquiry-based approach to language learning, three Language Department staff

completed an online Harvard course in visible thinking routines. The benefits for students have been enormous and they have embraced the opportunity to work collaboratively to complete activities that test their reasoning and critical thinking. This year the Language Faculty said farewell to two of our staff. Ms Celinda Corsini and Mrs Louise Gregory have made valuable contributions to the school community in the areas of curriculum, pastoral care and co-curricular studies. We thank them for their passion, commitment and creativity and wish them luck in their future endeavours.

‘Languages Day 2015 was a fabulous opportunity to immerse students in language and culture.’ Finally, the Language Department would like to congratulate the graduating class of 2015. We have strived to foster a love of language learning and hope that your future endeavours will involve a life-long interest in language and culture. Ms Louisa Macdonald Acting Head of Languages



MATHEMATICS ‘Without mathematics, there’s nothing you can do. Everything around you is mathematics. Everything around you is numbers.’ – Shakuntala Devi The MLC School HSC and IB Mathematics results were very pleasing in 2015. For HSC Mathematics General 2 Kate Quinn placed 12th in NSW and for IB Mathematics, 17 Grade 7s were achieved. IB students enjoyed an engaging year of learning as they investigated a range of areas of interest for their Internal Projects. These included a complex study entitled Comparison of Mathematical Models for Purchasing a Car and Influences on Female Perceptions of Domestic Violence in Developing Nations. The newly introduced Middle Years Programme (MYP) also teaches maths concepts in an engaging and relevant way. In Term 3, Year 8 Statistics was studied in the context of the students’ year cohort. Students collected and analysed information from different class groups. Collaborative teams worked creatively to present their analysis of the data in a variety of modes, attempting

to describe the ‘average Year 8 student’. This activity placed an emphasis on the written and verbal communication of maths, using multiple forms of graphical display as well as the demonstration of skills and interpretation. MYP projects can demand significant mental energy and the Mathematics Department uses fun rewards like bubble blowing on the completion of tasks, to keep the students’ mood and motivation high. Students from Year 6 to Year 10 were entered in the annual Australian Mathematics Competition. High Distinctions were awarded to Hannah Chau and Jane Liu of Year 9 and Distinctions were awarded to Christie Ch’ng, Coco Chung, and Nancy Faraj of Year 6; Marie Yan, Isabelle Choi, Daisy Zheng, Annie Chen, Jessica Song, Eden Chen, Natalie Wong, Monique Jomaa, Samantha Naayen, Olivia Winlaw, and Aisling McCreery of Year 7; Cassandra Economides, Charis Chiu, Rachel Wang, Nicola Yarrow, Olivia Cain, Tessa Iversen, Nicole Lin, Katrina Marshall, Yijun Cui, and Annike Lindhout of Year 8; Nancy Wang and Sarah Chou of Year 9; and Seoyeon Cho and Tiffany Lai of Year 10.

The Mathematics Challenge for Young Australians attracted MLC School students from Year 7 to Year 10. In the Challenge Stage a High Distinction was awarded to Olivia Wu of Year 8, while Distinctions were awarded to Anica Shen of Year 7, Charis Chiu and Rachel Wang of Year 8 and Vivian Shen of Year 10. Congratulations to all those who entered competitions. The experience is invaluable. I would like to acknowledge the effort that all our Mathematics teachers give every day to students of their classes, working closely as a collaborative team to support and share teaching innovations, resulting in outstanding academic results and a love of the subject. Mr David Keanan-Brown Head of Learning and Curriculum – Mathematics

MUSIC In 2015 the Music curriculum provided opportunities for purposeful, crossboundary learning, memorable shared experiences and a deepening appreciation of the beauty of music. Students completed projects designed to develop their ability to think creatively, work collaboratively and take risks. Exceptional standards were attained and much fun was had.

‘The Music results for both the HSC and IB were again outstanding. All the girls in the Music 2 course attained a Band 6.’ STAGE 5 The Broken Hill outdoor education program offers elective Music students in Year 9 the chance to incorporate their Music elective skills into the various projects that take place over the two weeks. It is very beneficial for the girls to organise their performance music into various activities and venues in the Broken Hill community. The main Broken Hill curriculum project provides another opportunity for the girls to create music.

STAGE 4 MYP is now mandatory for Year 6 to Year 8 as an Arts subject and as such, Music programs have been developed alongside Dance, Drama and Visual Arts along with a range of other curricular. The Year 6 project Down the Rabbit Hole provided an exciting stimulus for the girls to create their own music. There is a strong correlation between music and film and students in both Year 7 and Year 8 studied units that explored this powerful medium. As many girls play instruments and all sing in the year choirs as part of the Music curriculum, the establishment of performance assessment tasks was an important step forward. Both the Sydney Opera House Concert Identity and the annual Music Awards concert provided excellent opportunities to achieve this. Finally, the introduction of a Kodaly Musicianship Program has offered all girls the opportunity to enhance their musical skills.

Year 10 students meanwhile used the Wotopera project as an opportunity to work collaboratively on a student-led guided project. The result was an impressive and moving piece of music theatre. STAGE 6 Australian Music Day hosted by MLC School reinforced the two Music strands that reflect the different styles of music and compositional techniques necessary for the final years of elective Music. Leading Australian composers including Casey Bennetto, Packwood, Mark Grandison and Chris Williams presented workshops. The fully subscribed event attracted young people from a variety of schools, reflecting its value as a support for the creative talents of Sydney students. The Music results for both the HSC and IB were again outstanding. All the girls in the Music 2 course attained a Band 6 and Leona Cohen’s extension composition Voyage of Contemplation was programmed in the Encore concert at Sydney Opera House Concert Hall.



PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT, HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION (PDHPE) The PDHPE program continues to evolve as it equips our young women with the skills and attributes they need to contribute as leaders of the future. Our society is ever-changing and the PDHPE department strives to deliver current and innovative programs around this change. The Senior School students have undertaken many interesting units including Hip Hop Dance, Bronze Medallion Life Saving, and Life in the City, which links directly to the work the Year 8 students completed during their City Experience. In Year 9, students worked on projects relating to the issues of adolescence which tied in with the impactful time they spent in Broken Hill.

Our Physical Activity and Sport Studies girls in Year 10 experienced the Snorkelling and Scuba Camp while Year 9 enjoyed an Alpine Camp which saw them ski cross-country, learn to build a snow cave and sleep out on the snow. The staff have made significant efforts to provide thought-provoking and stimulating experiences for girls across the year groups. Their work to make learning engaging and memorable has fostered a high level of physical and mental wellbeing in the girls. Our thanks and best wishes go to Mrs Katie Edwards who is leaving MLC School after 20 years. Katie has been an integral part of our PDHPE team and her contribution will be missed. We wish her all the best in the future.

Undoubtedly PDHPE teaching at MLC School will continue to grow and nurture our girls as we move into 2016.

‘The PDHPE program continues to evolve as it equips our young women with the skills and attributes they need to contribute as leaders of the future.’

SCIENCE ‘Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.’ – Albert Einstein Girls who study Science at MLC School are encouraged to imagine. They design investigations to answer questions, which can be simple or complex. They explore ideas underpinning universal theories such as conservation of mass, plate tectonics, wave-particle duality and evolution. They grapple with ways to describe their understanding using models, diagrams, videos and narratives. They are encouraged to seek what motivates and interests them and then challenge themselves to build links with other areas of Science and other subjects. While teachers explicitly help students make these links in the classroom, students are directed towards reading, videos and discussion to develop a deeper love of the subject. Imagination in Science is key to understanding the behaviour of objects that are to too small to observe or too large to manipulate. Closing your eyes and visualising how an electron cloud might look, what is happening in the cell membrane or why gravitational forces influence comets is scientific imagination in action.


Throughout 2015, the Science staff guided and encouraged students to explore the great experiments of famous scientists as well as find pleasure in conducting their own investigations. Science is a creative endeavour and all our courses celebrate the joy of imagination. MLC School students participated in a range of experiences as part of their Science studies. Year 7 visited Taronga Zoo as part of their interdisciplinary MYP study and used their observations to consider the social, moral and scientific role of zoos. Year 8 took a day trip to explore the stalagmites and stalactites at Jenolan Caves; Year 9 investigated human impact at Bantry Bay; Our Year 10 Cutting Edge Conference focused on Women in Science and a number of outstanding presenters participated in this annual event. Year 11 Biology students undertook an ecology field study while Year 12 Biology students viewed medical specimens at the Museum of Human Diseases. Year 12 Chemistry and Physics students visited ANSTO and Year 12 Chemistry students learnt how water is treated and recycled at Sydney Water. These events continue to add richness to the study of Science and inspire girls to see Science in their everyday life.

I congratulate our Year 12 students, not only for their excellent results but also for the resilience and dedication they showed towards their studies. Studies in Science are demanding, however, many students underestimate their capacity to do well. As students adopt a growth mindset and strive to reach their potential, Science provides the ultimate challenge and reward for effort. Many of our Year 12 students achieved personal bests as a result of sheer hard work and perseverance. I wish them great success in their future studies and look forward to following their scientific pursuits. The Science staff are an enthusiastic and highly skilled team. We work diligently to ensure that each student has the opportunity to succeed in Science and we nurture the

‘emerging scientist’ in all of our students. We have embraced a range of STEM initiatives through the Nucleus Science Club and acknowledge the girls who participated in the RACI Crystal Growing Challenge and the UNSW Solar Car Challenge. The school sincerely thanks all the Science staff for their commitment to and interest in each student. Mrs Susan Rowley Head of Learning and Curriculum – Science


VISUAL ARTS 2015 was an amazing year for Visual Arts at MLC School. All three Year 12 classes achieved excellent results in their final examinations. Special congratulations go to Joanna Nam and Shevon Lau for their outstanding HSC marks, while our IB cohort all achieved Band 6 or 7 for their stunning and diverse works.

alongside their Cuban peers. The girls produced works that represented the idea of creative collaboration through photography and film. They also ventured out on photographic trips around the city, taking portraits of people and developing personal projects that highlighted their interest in Cuban culture and the Arts in general.

The Visual Arts Department took advantage of the Museum of Contemporary Art’s experimental Virtual Excursions program in 2015. This scheme enables students to connect to the MCA from anywhere in the country for interactive workshops that develop their relationship with contemporary art and understanding of art making.

The Art and Design tour was a highlight of 2015 with its itinerary of 17 galleries and museums over three weeks. 36 students from Year 10 and Year 11 enjoyed a myriad of stand out experiences. These included the chance to witness the new Louis Vuitton Foundation designed by Frank Gehry, a surprise exhibition which featured Edvard Munch’s The Scream and the glamour of attending Chicag-o on Broadway.

Our Digital Media students took part in the annual Robin Anderson Film Awards. Ashley So’s moving narrative about her grandmother’s journey to Australia as a refugee, The Lucky Country, won Best Non-Fiction Film. Lilian Le’s documentary film and Michelle Wang’s fiction work Margaret were selected as finalists.

Another significant development was the launch of the MLC School Art Illuminates lecture series that is open to everyone in the school community. Our first speaker was Old Girl Judith Torzillo who inspired the students with stories of her own artistic practice.

A small group of girls accompanied Music and Dance students on a cultural trip to Cuba in 2015 that offered the chance to attend drawing lessons at the local art school and work on a digital media project

Our Year 9 classes were the first to delve into site-specific installations, taking a day excursion to Narrabeen Beach to respond to the natural environment and work with found objects. It was a highly successful excursion that we will repeat in the future.

The end of the year saw the departure of Head of Department, Mr Craig Malyon, who has been an amazing and passionate teacher and will be missed. Ms Emma Hogan Visual Arts Teacher




L SI O R E XCE 2015





neghi rio De Dome Rebecca Diio


‘Over the course of 2015, the team grew from 11 members to 35 students across all age groups.’

It was a great honour to be the Art and Design Captain for 2015. MLC School is fortunate to have an Art and Design department that encourages girls to find their personal voice and express it through their art. My goals in relation to the Art and Design Committee were all achieved, thanks to the unity and hard work of every committee member. The Art and Design Committee exists for students who study an artistic subject, whether it be Visual Art, Design Technology, Textiles or Photography. It meets every Thursday at lunchtime and is made up of girls with vibrant and creative personalities and a broad range of talents. Our combined vision was to bring a larger focus to Art and Design within the school. We did this most successfully with our two fundraisers, which enabled the school community to buy products we had made during the year. As Art and Design Captain, my personal aim was to increase the size of the committee to broaden the number and scope of ideas that could be shared. Over the course of 2015, the team grew from 11 members to 35 students across all age groups. We started out by establishing team connection through some fun workshops and activities that included blind drawing classes and fashion illustration. We also completed the

small project of redecorating the Kent House bathrooms by attaching designs to the doors. Art and Design Week is the committee’s main activity. We aimed to make it eventful with numerous stalls and activities occurring at once to give students something new to look forward to each lunch period. The committee worked extremely well together to run stencil art workshops and make acrylic key rings, plywood and cardboard bookmarks, printed canvas bags and decorated clay bowls. The very successful week raised $1020 across the Senior and Junior Schools. We also recruited 15 new members to the Art and Design committee. I would like to take this opportunity to thank every teacher in the Art and Design department and every member of the Art and Design committee for their support and dedication. It has been a privilege to use our collective love for art to create opportunities for broad involvement. I leave the committee in the creative, hardworking hands of 2016 Captain, Katrina Wu. Rebecca Diiorio De Domeneghi Art and Design Captain


ART AND DESIGN TOUR 2015 The three-week 2015 Art and Design Tour was an extraordinary adventure, not only giving students an experience of much of the world’s finest artworks but an understanding of some of its most influential cultures and a taste of their cuisines.

Triomphe, a climb up the hill of Montmartre and a trip to Musée d’Orsay with its artworks representing early modernism to the 1920s. The girls were impressed by the internal and external beauty of the Cathedral of Notre Dame and awed by the opulence of the gardens of the Palace of Versailles. Other highlights in the city of light were a trip up the Eiffel Tower, a river cruise on the Seine, and a visit to Le Père Lachaise Cemetery, which features the graves of Jim Morrison, Edith Piaf and Oscar Wilde among others.

The trip began with the romance of Venice; modern art at the Venice Biennale, a visit to the Murano Glass Museum, time for sketching the stunning Piazza San Marco and the consumption of much pizza and gelato. Then it was on to Florence where the students viewed the Birth of Venus among other iconic works at the Uffizi museum and created art of their own in the Boboli Gardens where the scenery includes sculptures dating from Roman times to the 18th century.

‘It was without doubt, the trip of a lifetime.’

In Paris students spent four hours in the Louvre where they viewed the Mona Lisa and found ‘something more fascinating and beautiful in every room’. Other Parisian highlights included a visit to the Arc de

In New York the girls visited the American Museum of Natural History and the Hayden Planetarium. They loved the New York High Line – a disused elevated railway line converted into a stunning park and the Whitney Museum which specialises in

American art. They also visited the Frick Collection and the Guggenheim Museum where they saw paintings by artists from Kandinsky to Monet and the Metroplitan Museum of Art where they saw an exhibition of beautiful dresses designed by the likes of Christian Dior, Yves St Laurent, Jean Paul Gaultier and Alexander McQueen. The students witnessed the sunset from the rooftop of the Rockefeller Centre and fireworks to celebrate American Independence Day on 4 July. They visited the confronting but beautiful 9/11 memorial, toured the modern campus of Parsons School of Design and even fitted in a grudge match of soccer and a moment of collaborative art making with students from Wenona School. It was without doubt, the trip of a lifetime.

ART AND DESIGN WEEK Art and Design Week 2015 was an amazing time where students from Year 6 to Year 12 celebrated the arts culture at MLC School. The Art and Design Committee brainstormed to come up with the witty and quirky theme Make Art, Not Friends which set a joyous tone. A warm thank you to all the girls and teachers involved in the intense planning process who made the week such a success. I would also like to thank Rebecca Diiorio De Domeneghi for her support and guidance. Prior to Art and Design Week, students were offered the chance to participate in various competitions such as the annual photography competition, ‘Lucis’. Congratulations to Stefanie Raasan in Year 12 who won first prize of $400 for her amazing photography work. The competition provided only a snapshot of the talent here at MLC School and it was 104 amazing to see so many entries come in from every year group. Mr Ron Pratt and Mr Craig Malyon had the tough job of choosing a winner from all the impressive entries.

Throughout the week, products made by committee members of all ages were sold to the school community. They included printed Alice in Wonderland canvas bags, bandanas, laser cut wooden bookmarks, keyrings and more.

‘Art and Design Week 2015 was an amazing time where students from Year 6 to Year 12 celebrated the arts culture at MLC School.’ The week ended on a high with a series of light-hearted events in Palm Court, including the spontaneous, fun spraypaint frenzy, Minute Madness. Teams of students were given just one minute to work collaboratively on a theme – an exciting, happy end to the week’s activities.

All I can say is what an amazing year it was for Art and Design culture at MLC School. Thank you to all staff and students for their incredible efforts. I can’t wait for Art and Design Week 2016. Katrina Wu Creative Art and Design Captain 2016

BOOK WEEK Book Week in September was a highlight of 2015 that inspired students with its theme Books Light up our World. The Hub celebrated with a week of literature and technology activities and a popular interactive book display. Students in the Senior School enjoyed reading in the glow cave that Year 6 decorated with UV painted book covers. They also participated in movie and popcorn afternoons and craft activities such as lantern making and a variety of literature related quizzes. The top borrowing staff and students were also invited to a morning tea to recognise their commitment to reading. Celebrations culminated with a BBQ breakfast for the Junior School community and the ever-popular Book Character Parade. The library organised visiting authors so that students were given the opportunity to ‘Learn from the Greats’ and meet the people behind some of their favourite books. In 2015 students had the privilege of working with Sydney author Will Kostakis, who inspired students to start writing their own novels. Students also listened to Carole Wilkinson’s presentation about her famous Dragonkeeper series and were able to meet Aaron Blabey who read from his much loved Pig the Pug picture book in The Hub. In addition to Book Week, both the Wearne Library and The Hub organised a number of displays and activities that complemented the students’ studies or promoted significant events on the calendar. This year the Anzac Day display, acknowledging the 100th anniversary of the landings at Gallipoli, was particularly memorable as students had the opportunity to learn from and discuss Australian war stories. Both the Wearne Library and The Hub continue to be committed to building a culture and love of reading at MLC School. To this end, 2015 also saw the introduction of a Year 7 and a Year 11 Book Café where students select and read a common book and then meet together over lunch to discuss their opinions. MLC School Library and Information Services


COMMITTEES COLLECTIVE VOICE Collective Voice had a fantastic 2015 with many successful events staged including our assembly for International Women’s Day, Wear it Purple Day and the screening of a number of inspiring movies during lunch period that sparked avid discussions on the social issues that matter most to MLC School girls. The fourth annual Wear it Purple Day was held in August. This national event raises awareness about the challenges that Rainbow youth face each year and is celebrated at MLC School so that every student can feel safe, regardless of their sexuality. In my speech I challenged the school community to spend some time reflecting on how we can be the best possible friends to each other, 106 to actively contemplate ways to help each other out and to make life a little easier. I also called on everyone to refrain from making assumptions about others, to use more inclusive language and to avoid the use of words such as ‘gay’ as a slur. Both students and teachers welcomed the day with a positive and supportive attitude. I have been a member of Collective Voice for five years and each year it has been fantastic to see so many new members join. It has been even better to see so many younger members turn up each week. This is a testament to the inclusive atmosphere at MLC School where girls are encouraged to think about feminism and similar social justice issues early. We were sad to see the staff representative of Collective Voice, Ms Fajou leave the school at the end of 2015. Ms Fajou embodies the essence of Collective Voice with her passion for the education of women and desire to inspire us to make the world a better place. We thank her for everything she has done for us over the years. As an inclusive, friendly community, Collective Voice welcomes everyone from the school to join us in 2016. Lily Velez Student Voice Captain

JESUS IN SCHOOL TIME (JIST) God has blessed JIST immensely in 2015. Our group grew from five to around 20 girls who came regularly to the Year 6 Centre at Wednesday lunchtimes to study and discuss Bible verses. Some brought their non-Christian friends, resulting in valuable inter-faith dialogue in the spirit of MLC School’s Powerful Learning philosophy. Each week of Term 4 the girls created a drawing on a circle cut from card to represent a particular Bible verse. At the end of the term, the circles were turned into key rings, resulting in a lasting memory and a spiritual inspiration. Once a term, a select group of girls attended an inter-school Crusaders event with peers from schools like PLC Sydney and Newington College. They heard speakers discuss core Christian ideas, deepening their understanding of the Bible and making longstanding friendships. The departure of Rev Punam Bent and Rev Naomi Cooke was a sad time and many girls prayed with thanks for their faithful service to present and past students and the entire MLC School community. The impressive commitment of our student leaders has been a source of encouragement to the teachers and everyone who has participated in JIST in 2015. We are grateful that God provided us with such high calibre young people and for the freedom we have found through Jesus Christ, from bitterness and fear of death.

NUCLEUS The highlight in Nucleus 2015 was entering the UNSW SunSprint Solar Challenge, which consisted of three different solar vehicle competitions for solar cars and boats. There were three MLC School Nucleus teams that started the Challenge, and two competed in the event. During Nucleus meetings, our brief was to design a 20cm solar power car using only two solar panels, a thin piece of corrugated plastic, a small motor, four wheels and a switch. Through the design phase of our car we had to take into account the direction of the sun and an aerodynamic, yet stable design. We trialled a number of designs and were still completing the construction of the car on the day of the Challenge! The Challenge was held on the University of NSW Open Day at the Kensington Campus and it was a very festive event. There were a number of schools competing, both primary and secondary, and a wide variety of vehicles. Whilst our design did not perform well we came unstuck with too much (wet) glue!, we have some great ideas on how to improve in 2016. Lily Smith Year 7

DA VINCI DECATHLON Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) was one of the world’s greatest thinkers and scholars. He perceived the interconnected nature of knowledge and embraced learning with a lifelong passion and determination to uncover the unknown. The da Vinci Decathlon competition is an academic contest designed to challenge and stimulate the minds of school students. It places a particular emphasis on higher order thinking skills, problem solving and creativity. The students compete in teams of eight across 10 disciplines including Engineering, Mathematics, Code Breaking, Art and Poetry, Science and English. In 2015 MLC School entered five teams from Year 7 to Year 11. We enjoyed success in many categories including:

Year 7 2nd in Art and Poetry 3rd in Science 4th in Engineering 4th in English Year 8 4th in English 4th in Philosophy 7th in Science 8th in General Knowledge Year 9 7th in Art and Poetry Year 11 3rd in Art and Poetry 3rd in Cartography 5th in Science 5th in Code Breaking 9th in Mathematics/Chess

During the two-day competition, the girls displayed some wonderful teamwork and supported each other’s individual strengths and contributions. The competition rounds were fast-paced and exciting and the students really enjoyed themselves. Congratulations to all. The 2016 theme is ‘Synergy’ and we are putting on our creative thinking and problem solving hats in preparation for a great competition.

‘It places a particular emphasis on higher order thinking skills, problem solving and creativity.’


DEBATING 2015 was an amazing year for Debating and Public Speaking. Record numbers of MLC School teams made their finals in the three Debating competitions Independent Schools’ Debating Association (ISDA), the Archdale Debating Competition and Friday Evening Debating (FED). We also enjoyed some incredible individual achievements in Public Speaking and only narrowly missed out on being the Archdale Shield winners for the third year in a row, by a mere two points.


‘We gain the ability to analyse situations, to challenge and think, skills that are truly life long.’ As we students move through our schooling and prepare for a future in the real world, the ability to challenge and be challenged is critical. Members of the Debating and Public Speaking community learn to look at the different sides of any case and to be articulate and brave enough to argue for important things. We gain the ability to analyse situations, to challenge and think, skills that are truly life long. I think this is why the Debating and Public Speaking community is one of the most important at MLC School and why it was such a pleasure to be the Debating Captain in 2015.

I would like to thank Mrs Scala and Mr Brown for their support throughout the year. Thank you also to Mr Little, Mr Plaskett, Tessa Pang and Ms Cordaro for organising another successful Debating and Public Speaking season. Thank you to our incredible coaches, parents and supporters and finally, a big thank you to all the debaters and public speakers who made 2015 a great success. Lucy McKindlay Debating Captain

DUKE OF EDINBURGH’S AWARD Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is an international leadership in action award that includes the demonstration of various skills and abilities for students between the ages of 14 and 25. The scheme has had a recent boost at MLC School, with the number of participants climbing to 163. STUDENT STORIES When I first heard of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme I knew that it had my name all over it. It was an award that I could do that combined all my favourite things, exercise, skills improvement, volunteer work and hiking. It was a chance to put my current capabilities to use and stretch them beyond. It was exciting to know that I was about to go on a life changing adventure. Throughout the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, students learn many things, and no, it isn’t only about learning how to set up a tent or how to successfully squash a hundred leeches. The award scheme allows participants to mature, solve complex problems and overcome personal fears. Although the award can be challenging at times it makes students emotionally stronger and more courageous. Looking back over my years of treks and experiences, I understand how much they have helped me overcome many personal fears, especially fear of the unknown. I have learned to embrace change, and to consider any new situation as an opportunity. I will never forget the memories and experiences involved in achieving the awards, not forgetting the many friends that I have made who I will take with me as I embark on my future endeavours. Felicity Thomas Year 12 Doing the Duke of Edinburgh’s Bronze Award is an incredibly satisfying experience, especially as you progress through the various stages. If it were not for the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, I would never have tried so many different types of sports. The moment that you tick off 100% of the activities required of you is really the best part of the award. Of course, then there is more paperwork before you are able to finally move on to the next level! It is true that the final trip is really exhausting. We trekked for 16 hours over the course of two days through rivers, mud and rain. But we were left with a feeling of immense satisfaction at having conquered the great cliffs and crevasses that nature had subjected us to. When you see the campsite after a full day of trekking with backpacks a quarter of your body weight, you feel an incomparable sense of exuberance and relief. Canned soup tastes like a banquet, new friendships have been formed and new capabilities reached. Klara Zhao Year 9


INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY International Women’s Day was celebrated at MLC School with a Devotional Assembly led by Collective Voice members. The 2015 theme for International Women’s Day was ‘Make it Happen’: encouraging effective action to advance and recognise women and acknowledge the local and global work of those who strive to make the world a better and more equitable place. The assembly focused on the inspirational women who won the Australian of the Year awards, such as Rosie Batty. While International Women’s Day is designed to recognise the achievements of women, it also recognises the significant work still to be done in order to achieve true gender equality in areas like education, domestic violence and pay equity. Collective Voice looks forward to celebrating women again in 2016, particularly those women who continue to ‘Make it Happen’ in the fight for gender equality. 110

At MLC School, International Women’s Day (IWD) has been celebrated since 2010. Around the world, IWD has been observed since the early 1900s. It is a global day (on 8 March every year) celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity. According to www. internationalwomensday. com, IWD began in a time of great expansion and turbulence in the industrialised world that saw booming population growth and the rise of radical ideologies. The first IWD occurred in Austria, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland in 1911. More than one million women and men attended IWD rallies campaigning for women's rights to work, vote, be trained, to hold public office and end discrimination. In 1913 rallies were held in more European countries

including Russia and the annual date of 8 March was set for most other countries. In 1975 IWD was celebrated for the first time by the United Nations. Annual themes began in 1996 with ‘Celebrating the past, Planning for the Future’. In Australia, IWD is now administrated by UN Women (United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women). UN Women’s overriding mission is to stop violence against women and girls. UN Women says that currently around the world, one in three women will experience sexual violence in their lifetime This is as high as two in three women, in some of our neighbouring Pacific countries In Australia one woman dies almost every week as a result of domestic violence.

‘While International Women’s Day is designed to recognise the achievements of women, it also recognises the significant work still to be done in order to achieve true gender equality.’

MLC School’s Collective Voice is a student committee focused on the role of women within our society and around the world. Since 2010 the committee’s initiatives have included signing petitions and writing letters to the Advertising Standards Bureau, lunchtime stalls, annual International Women’s Day devotional assembly, Wear it Purple Day events and assembly presentations. They also participate in many community events involving women’s rights.

LANGUAGE DAY Language Day 2015 was a vision of vibrant, colourful flags billowing amid a sea of bustling student uniforms. The second Language Day to be held at MLC School, it was full of wonders that included calligraphy, boules and martial arts. Students trailed after the many exotic aromas that wafted from the Food Technology kitchens and were treated to delicious food from around the globe including crĂŞpes, dumplings and baguettes. Whether they were participating in cooking these delicious morsels or playing a game from overseas, every girl had a ball on Language Day. It truly captured the fusion of nationalities that is MLC School and provided a glimpse into the nuances that make up each culture. Christiana Perdis, Yijun Cui, Diya Mehta Year 9


O WEEK The Student Representative Council organises Orientation Week at the start of the academic year to make the new Year 7 students feel welcomed into the school and to give them a taste of what MLC School has to offer. From House stalls where House Captains gave gifts to their new Year 7 students, to stalls organised by the vast array of MLC School committees, O Week 2015 provided an insight into the opportunities and relationships that enhance school life. A highlight of the week was the chance for new students to meet their ‘big sister’, the Year 11 buddy from their House who was to look after them during their first year of school. Senior School can be overwhelming at first and O Week provides a valuable opportunity for new students to adjust to the transition and 112 make a host of new friends. We would like to thank Year 7 coordinator, Ms Pow, for working alongside us to organise the week and Ms Care who assisted with the welcome bags. Aniela Haigh and Tarisha Gunaratnam Student Representative Council Leaders

RAINBOW WEEK Rainbow Week 2015 created a buzz of fellowship and unity around the school in celebration of international diversity and tolerance. The annual SRC led event represents weeks of preparation in support of Round Square ideals. Students conducted a series of activities to support various charities. A portion of their fundraising was directed to Kidz Positive, a charity which supports children and families affected by HIV/AIDS and other chronic diseases. A key Rainbow Week activity is the annual sale of Rainbow Week badges, hand made by women in the Western Cape of Africa whose families have been affected by AIDS. Other fundraising events included the preparation and delivery of lunches prepared by Hospitality students, student versus teacher soccer matches and rowing competitions and a fun, secret candy cane service that delivered a Christmas surprise to lucky recipients.

Duke of Edinburgh

‘The annual SRC-led event represents weeks of preparation in support of Round Square ideals.’

In addition, a clothing drive was conducted for the children of Arlparra, an Indigenous community in the Northern Territory as part of the Utopia project. Reading glasses, prescription glasses and sunglasses were collected for distribution in places like Papua New Guinea where health services are difficult to access.


RECONCILIATION The reconciliation process focuses on building better relationships between the wider community and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people for the benefit of all Australians. The key is to engage more people in a discussion of the issues and the development of innovative ideas and actions. MLC School took a significant step forward with the establishment in 2015 of a Reconciliation Action Plan Committee. This group of staff is working towards developing a culture of representing and embedding reconciliation at every level of school life. During 2015, the Junior School continued to demonstrate their support for reconciliation through literature, art and conversations about Aboriginal culture. We celebrated National Sorry Day by placing a ‘Stolen Generation Track Home’ in the playground. 114 This image of 54 coloured feet represents the 54 recommendations made in the Bringing

Them Home report presented by the National Sorry Day Committee. The Stolen Generation

Track is recommended for use until 2017 in the hope that all recommendations will have been successfully fulfilled. As a part of Reconciliation Week, the students in the Junior School were exposed to a variety of literature to aid their understanding of Aboriginal culture. Posters, books and Aboriginal artefacts were displayed around the school to raise awareness of the importance of reconciliation in the school community. Junior School students also celebrated National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children’s Day, recognising the strengths and culture of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children. Students created a collaborative artwork recreating the Secretariat of National Aboriginal and Islander Child Care (SNAICC) logo with spot stickers in the symbolic colours of red, yellow and black. The artwork is a reminder to our students and community of the importance of ensuring that all children are given opportunities to thrive.

2015 saw new student-led initiatives in the Senior School like the Utopia project – an

ongoing relationship between MLC School and the Aboriginal community of Utopia, 350km north east of Alice Springs. Ten students worked with staff from Arlparra High School and members of the Arlparra community to devise ways to foster the literacy and numeracy skills of local students and boost school attendance. Now that the relationship has been established, new projects are being investigated. We look forward to the publication in 2016 of the School’s Reconciliation Action Plan, which will place the building of meaning and understanding at the heart of reconciliation activities. The Reconciliation Action Planning Committee

ROUND SQUARE Round Square, an association of forward thinking schools in 40 countries, gives students the opportunity to examine ideas, act for change and explore the world. A team of five MLC School students attended an international conference in Singapore with the theme Act Today Change Tomorrow. Several others had the good fortune to participate in a local or overseas exchange. Round Square Exchange to New York My exchange to Hackley School in Tarrytown, New York was full of unforgettable memories, like the first night when I was greeted by my newfound family and introduced to a two-pound bag of pretzel chips. I was overwhelmed by the beautiful school campus full of tall trees which popped the skyline with orange and red on the verge of Fall. The teachers and students at the school’s boarding house where I stayed the week welcomed me warmly. If that wasn’t enough names to remember, I went on to train with their hockey team (or ‘fockey’ as they call it). I had the opportunity to visit the city and see some sights, such as the Statue of Liberty. I also attended a lot of sporting games including college football, ice hockey and soccer. Due to this, my hat and scarf collection expanded with various souvenirs of team apparel. My exchange has not only created beautiful and exciting memories but has united me with what I know will be lifelong friendships. Rebecca Janes Year 11

Round Square Exchange to England

Round Square Exchange to Adelaide

I spent six weeks on a Round Square Exchange to Cobham Hall in England (where the movie Wild Child was filmed). Arriving at the school was a little overwhelming as the campus was massive and there were no familiar faces but I quickly settled in with the help of my How to Survive Boarding at Cobham booklet and roommates.

For my Year 8 exchange, I travelled to Westminster School in Adelaide. It was different from anything I had ever done before as my exchange partner was a boarder. The boarding experience not only enhanced my independence and social skills but was also so much fun! Westminster is a school with lovely grounds and very welcoming students and staff. The school provided many wonderful activities, including PE Week where Houses compete in various sports such as Basketball, Ultimate Frisbee, Soccer and Table Tennis during lunch. We also visited Craigburn Farm where people with an intellectual disability grow plants for companies such as Bunnings and Woolworths. My exchange partner’s mother took us to see some of Adelaide’s iconic sites such as Glenelg Beach and Mount Lofty, the view from which gave me an insight on just how vast Adelaide is compared to the tightly packed city of Sydney.

There was always something to do in the boarding house, from playing foosball in the common room to learning to speak new languages from other international boarders. Weekends consisted of taking day trips, which allowed me to learn a lot about the country’s history and see famous landmarks. Through the exchange I have made many memories and lifelong friends from all corners of the world. It was a wonderful experience and I recommend a Round Square exchange to everyone. Holly Jones Year 11 Round Square Exchange to Alice Springs While on exchange in Alice Springs I gained unique experiences in the outback. On my first weekend I went camping in the bush, two hours outside of town. We set up camp close to a small stream on a beach. Although it was a bit uncomfortable with the scorching dry heat and many flies following me around, it was a thoroughly memorable experience. We also went camel riding which was awesome! We met up with Sarah Day who was also on exchange in Alice Springs and together chatted about our experiences and watched the beautiful ranges in the sunset lighting. I loved the exchange as it allowed me to form new connections with people in Alice Springs and expand my horizons. Claire McLelland Year 9

In conclusion, my Year 8 exchange was thoroughly enjoyable and helped me develop my social skills and independence. I highly recommend it for anyone who is interested! Rasika Bains Year 8

‘Round Square, an association of forward thinking schools in 40 countries, gives students the opportunity to examine ideas, act for change and explore the world.’







The entire school community mobilised in response to the 2015 earthquake disaster in Nepal, raising $5000 through the offertory plate in Chapel services, a Bake Off Challenge and the sale of brooches hand made by Junior School students. The MLC School Crochet Club made beanies and scarves and new clothes were collected for Nepalese children born with HIV. Member of the Chaplaincy Team, Rosemary King, travelled to Nepal to personally deliver the money and goods, ensuring that they went directly to those in most need.

The MLC School community is one of the Red Cross’s most enthusiastic blood donor groups. In 2014 we filled the Red Cross Bus twice over and made a similar contribution in 2015. ‘I started donating blood as soon as I was old enough, since it is one of the simplest ways to help those in critical need,’ said Year 12 student Deborah Greenbaum. ‘It doesn’t hurt, takes only 20 minutes and your donation is used directly to assist people with cancer and blood diseases, burn patients, pregnant women, young children and accident victims’.

Mooramoora students in Year 3 to Year 5 were sponsored to sleep on the floor for a night and younger students lay on the floor and had a story read to them, to gain a better understanding of life as an orphan in Africa. The $750 they raised will buy beds to help Zimbabwean children sleep well in order to learn well.

SPELLING BEE Year 8 students raised $9200 in the second annual MLC School Spelling Bee Challenge in 2015. The funds will pay for the full education of two students at the Starehe Girls’ Centre in Nairobi, Lilian Muthaka and Maxine Jeptoo. The MLC School girls will stay in touch with Lilian and Maxine and receive regular reports on their progress. An additional benefit of the Spelling Bee Challenge is the multitude of foreign words that Year 8 girls can now spell along with the knowledge they gained about different methods of retaining information.

UTOPIA Ten students from Year 10 and Year 11 were selected to visit the remote outback town of Utopia, one of the most disadvantaged areas in the country. The trip was instigated by Year 11 student Yoko Liu and coordinated with the help of her IB CAS supervisor, Ms White. During the trip the girls attended Arlparra High School to help teacher’s aides instruct the Utopia students in skills like reading. They also took part in community meetings organised to brainstorm ways to lift literacy standards and school attendance.

‘The MLC School community is one of the Red Cross’ most enthusiastic blood donor groups.’

CLOTHING DRIVE As a part of a two-week Year 10 Enlightenment Service Project, students visited the Marrickville headquarters of Dress for Success, a charity organisation that matches experienced fashion stylists with women who are long term unemploye. The women are dressed in a high quality outfit to suit an upcoming job interview in a bid to boost their confidence and economic independence. Following the excursion, the MLC School girls staged a February clothing drive to support the organisation’s efforts. CHILDREN IN DETENTION Senior students raised awareness of the plight of children in detention by hosting an installation to symbolise the 179 children locked in Australia’s immigration detention facilities in Nauru. They also held a doll drive for the Australian Coalition to End Child Detention.



SPORTS DINNER Late in 2015 we held the annual Sports Dinner to celebrate the many sporting achievements of MLC School students and staff and the important place that sport holds in our lives, no matter our level or ability. The inspiring guest speaker was Melinda Gainsford-Taylor who is a three-time Olympian and current Australian record holder in the 200m. Melinda now works as a corporate coach, working with businesses to provide management and goal setting techniques to inspire and motivate staff. At the dinner, Melinda spoke with insight and humour of her life’s journey as an international elite athlete. She shared the highs and lows of her career, including her climb back from injury and inspired everyone in the room with her obvious courage and determination.

The Sports Dinner is supported by the MLC School P&F and champions the students’ efforts as well as that of their coaches and the dedicated families who make participation possible. Tess Bradford of Year 12 won the Thelma Coyne Long Award; the Senior Athlete of the Year was Deborah Greenbaum of Year 12 and the Junior Athlete of the Year was Mia Jameson of Year 8. Delia Halmu was named Coach of the Year and Jim Dummet took out Team Manager of the Year. The Year 6 Pink Netball Team was named Junior Team of the Year, while the MLC School Fencing Team was the Senior Team of the Year. Congratulations to all winners and nominees.


ARCHDALE DEBATING 119 FRONT ROW Amala Cuganesan, Cassandra Economides, Annie Chen, Sein Choi, Lucy McKindlay, Annie Gu, Hazel Sung, Clara Janssen, Ariana Haghighi SECOND ROW Zoe Cross, Anna Brew, Isabel Xin-Yuan Leung, Ruth Snelling, Georgia Bowrey, Annike Lindhout, Mackenzie McCowan, Eva Jessurun, Olivia Wu, Tiarna Cominos THIRD ROW Yijun Cui, Ashley Oliver-Sjahry, Ruihan Wang, Latifa Tasipale, Victoria Lee, Shuang Claris Foo, Rose Kethel, Hannah Arnold, Diya Mehta, Chloe Gentle FOURTH ROW Jasmine Todoroska, Nina Dillon Britton, Elizabeth Farrow, Isabella Anderson, Taya Lacey, Julia De Sterke, Anastasia Kennett, Isabelle Campbell, Carissa Long ABSENT Ella Finlay


FRONT ROW Michelle QuiQi Wang, Klara Zhao, Katrina Wu, Rebecca Diiorio-De Domeneghi, Won Kim, Cho Yan Joanne Wong SECOND ROW Eleni Charalambidis, Marissa Motsos, Lucy McKindlay, Natasha Matsias, Mr C Malyon



FRONT ROW Rohita Vimalarajah, Eva Jessurun, Sophia Costantino, Bella Burton, Lily Velez, Abigail Rae, Michelle QuiQi Wang, Olivia Cain, Hazel Sung SECOND ROW Htet Crist Aung, Charlotte Seales, Vivian Szeto, Colleen Zhang, Mia Jessurun, Marissa Kassapakis, Alana Braxton-Boal, Catherine Papadimitriou, Ms S Fajou THIRD ROW Isabelle Stackpool, Sienna Eggleton, Jamie Oslington, Grace Susuairara, Anna Abourizk, Bianca Riley, Stephanie Dimovski, Briony Farquhar, Grace Sixsmith

CROCHET CLUB FRONT ROW Sarah Al-horani, Cho Yan Joanne Wong, Vivian Szeto, Victoria Lee, Claudia Feng, Sabrina Chiu, Yi June Wang SECOND ROW Won Kim, Tess Morrison, Carissa Long, Maia Alfonzetti, Victoria Tong, Federica Lannan, Ms K Wright THIRD ROW Marissa Motsos, Ivy Wei Jiang, Julia De Sterke, Taya Lacey, Emma Workman, Jessica Luo, Harriet Gibson



FRONT ROW Ariana Haghighi, Amala Cuganesan, Mikaela Minh Phuong Nguyen, Coco Nara Chung, Eva Scoufis, Kirsten Dao, Gracelyn Dao, Emma Christie, Annie Chen, Angelica Wilson SECOND ROW Sarita Alam, Emma Dauparas, Hazel Sung, Charis Chiu, Katrina Marshall, Isabel Xin-Yuan Leung, Annabella Lewis, Nancy Faraj, Emily Osborne, Eva Jessurun, Olivia Mei Hui Wu, Amelie Roediger, Ms I Swain THIRD ROW Danah Maher-Lee, Yasmin Mills, Catherine Papadimitriou, Ruihan Wang, Michelle QuiQi Wang, Anjali Cuganesan, Nicole Moore, Rebecca Zhong, Nicole Lin, Vicky Yuan Shaw Feng, Diya Mehta, Abigail Rae FOURTH ROW Victoria Lee, Lily Smith, Yu Angela Bai, Mary Pilkinton, Ellena Hartzenberg, Claudia Orr, Sachi Jhingran, Belle Watson, Madeleine Murphy, Sreya Parakala, Julia De Sterke, Carissa Long


FRONT ROW Crystal Warner, Lucinda Baker, Eve Taylor, Ashna Kapoor, Georgia Dunn, Sabrine Yassine SECOND ROW Nikita Chawla, Briony Farquhar, Bianca Riley, Imogen Greenslade, Emily Bailey-Hughes, Ms L Jinga

DUKE OF EDINBURGH’S AWARD FRONT ROW Josephine Lam, Sophie Liang, Kaelyn Bachir, Madison Allan, Jane Liu, Elizabeth Chen, Emily Hart, Semela Angelides, Ashley So, Cecilia Wong, Ananya Krishna SECOND ROW Sherrie Chung, Navini Fernando, Phoebe Hunter-Mole, Dakota Comino, Sarah Chou, Swathi Ilanko, Jennifer Tang, Danah Maher, Jasmine Dowidar, Holly Jones, Klara Zhao, Emily Li, Mr G Mole (Duke of Edinburgh Award Leader) THIRD ROW Nancy Wang, Ashley Oliver-Sjahry, Nicole Healey, Felicia Ventouris, Stephanie Valaris, Rebecca Janes, Felicity Thomas, Deborah Greenbaum, Katerina Chen, Yasmin Mills, Georgia Pollitt, Anja Seeto FOURTH ROW Victoria Tong, Isabelle Ingham, Janjane Feng, Imogen Turner, Brittany Duncombe, Claris Foo, Lilian Hunt, Kayla Tanevski, Annelise Chu, Nicola Economides, Demi Charalambous, Eloise Smith, Taylor Jones FIFTH ROW Sreya Parakala, Angela Peng, Tiffany Lai, Claudia Orr, Jessica Luo, Edith Buckland-Watts, Lucy McKindlay, Sachi Jhingran, Annika Pienaar, April Guest, Zoe Latham, Stephanie Dimovski ABSENT Lucinda Hughes, Erin Bofinger


FED DEBATING FRONT ROW Clara Janssen, Cassandra Economides, Daisy I-Ven Zheng, Charis Chiu, Bethany Ying-Xi Xue, Ana-Maria Stevans, Katrina Marshall, Eva Jessurun SECOND ROW Meghana Gopalan, Fiona Hwiyeon Lee, Yasmin Mills, Emmeline Booth, Chloe Gentle, Anna Brew, Karen Chung THIRD ROW Rebecca Janssen, Sahana Sivathas, Adalita Young, Tracy JL Liu, Sargun Bhatia, Anjali Cuganesan FOURTH ROW Nicole Lin, Jane Faung Liu, Sreya Parakala, Isha Gupta, Emma Dickson, Ellena Hartzenberg


ISDA DEBATING 123 FRONT ROW Angelica Wilson, Macayla Li-Ting Wong, Kirsten Dao, Coco Nara Chung, Lucy McKindlay, Jaclyn Duncombe, Mikaela Minh Nguyen, Elle Tamvakolos, Gracelyn Dao SECOND ROW Ariana Haghighi, Tiarna Cominos, Madeleine Grisard, Diya Mehta, Hannah Arnold, Olivia Wu, Zoe Cross, Hazel Sung, Annie Chen THIRD ROW Mackenzie McCowan, Yijun Cui, Ashley Oliver-Sjahry, Anastasia Kennett, Victoria Lee, Rose Kethel, Ruth Snelling, Georgia Bowrey, Ruihan Wang, Annike Lindhout FOURTH ROW Nina Dillon Britton, Isabelle Campbell, Carissa Long, Ivy Wei Jiang, Taya Lacey, Julia De Sterke, Isabella Anderson, Jasmine Todoroska, Latifa Tasipale ABSENT Ella Finlay


FRONT ROW Audrey Phuong Nguyen, Clara Janssen, Angelina Tran, Rebecca Janssen, Amelie Roediger, Macayla Li-Ting Wong SECOND ROW Rev N Cooke, Charis Chiu, Leilani Innes, Neethika Naidu, Rev P Bent, Mrs C Jackson THIRD ROW Gabriella Searle, Ellena Hartzenberg, Grace Susuairara, Mary Pilkinton, Kate Baker ABSENT Emmeline Booth, Mrs L Bondar


124 FRONT ROW Cassandra Economides, Capri Maher, Mr P Brown (DPHoSS), Mrs D Scala (Principal), Ms J Sarmiento (Head of Middle Years), Emily Millar, Olivia Mei Hui Wu SECOND ROW Georgia Ventouris, Emily Osborne, Annike Lindhout, Laura Sutherland, Chloe Gentle, Zoe Lindhout

MIDDLE YEARS STUDENT REPRESENTATIVE COUNCIL (SRC) FRONT ROW Mariam Yassine, Olivia Wu, Alyssa Nguyen, Catherine Papadimitriou, Monique Jomaa, Katrina Marshall, Cailey Smith, Kylie Becvarovski SECOND ROW Ms I Smolka, Phoebe Zhou, Ruihan Wang, Aleksia Grbic, Nicole Lin, Jessica Pizzinga, Daiety Vezza, Bianca Riley ABSENT Claire Wang


PUBLIC SPEAKING 125 FRONT ROW Sein Choi, Olivia Mei Hui Wu, Vicky Yuan Shaw Feng, Angie Shao Xu, Annie Chen SECOND ROW Ella Finlay, Ruihan Wang, Charlotte Beckett, Hazel Sung ABSENT Rosa Ueon, Michelle Wang, Fiona Lee, Ellena Hartzenberg


FRONT ROW Bethany Ying-Xi Xue, Olivia Cain, Kim Trang, Keertana Avalur Venkateshwar (Leader), Ms L Calluaud, Ms C White, Ms A Ong, Sabrina Chiu, Maekayla My-Tien Tran, Sherrie Chung SECOND ROW Diya Mehta, Annabella Lewis, Lyla Groom, Olivia Bubalo, Nicole Miloucheva, Jessie Field (Leader), Tanya Ponggun (Leader), Francesca Searle (Leader), Madeline Sutherland, Danah Maher-Lee, Olivia Mei Hui Wu, Sophia Costantino THIRD ROW Bella Burton, Victoria Tong, Abigail Rae, Charlotte Seales, Tess Bradford, Shuang Claris Foo, Catherine Papadimitriou, Crystal Warner, Jessie Cai, Deborah Greenbaum, Federica Lannan FOURTH ROW Claudia Feng, Emily Hart, Candy Yao, Emmeline Booth, Briony Farquhar, Jane Faung Liu, Alyssa Filippoff, Jessica Pitty, Ashley Oliver-Sjahry, Claire Lindsay, Georgia Bowrey FIFTH ROW Mary Pilkinton, Victoria Xu, Sarah Day, Divya Ahlawat, Grace Susuairara, Sachi Jhingran, Belle Watson, Sreya Parakala, Claire McLelland, Angela Peng, Stephanie Dimovski




FRONT ROW Kim Trang, Maekayla My-Tien Tran, Tanya Ponggun, Aniela Haigh, Tarisha Gunaratnam, Federica Lannan, Vanessa Liang, Lucinda Hughes SECOND ROW Francesca Searle, Christine Song, Grace Susuairara, Sachi Jhingran, Sreya Parakala, Jessie Cai, Katie Gu, Mr C Eddleston

TOURNAMENT OF MINDS (TOM) FRONT ROW Elle Tamvakolos, Emma Christie, Emma Dauparas, Daisy I-Ven Zheng, Ria Kapoor, Bethany Ying-Xi Xue, Eva Scoufis, Mikaela Minh Phuong Nguyen, Angelica Wilson SECOND ROW Serena Uyen-Vi Nguyen, Hazel Sung, Madeleine Grisard, Vivian Law, Anica Shen, Jessica Song, Katrina Marshall, Coco Nara Chung, Ms I Swain THIRD ROW Diya Mehta, Ruihan Wang, Beth Balas, Olivia Tanevski, Madeleine Murphy, Nicole Lin, Vicky Yuan Shaw Feng, Nancy Faraj





2015 has been a fun and overwhelmingly busy year for Dance, Drama and Entertainment (DDE) with the huge success of the large scale MLC School productions, A Thousand Cranes and The Women of Oz, not to mention the achievements of MLC School dancers in the Wakakirri, State Pom and Cheer and Hip Hop competitions. 128 Emily Bailey-Hughes

‘I feel grateful to have attended a school where education and experience in the Arts is unlimited by culture or theatrical traditions.’

This year, DDE Committee members and the many girls who take Entertainment as a Higher School Certificate subject worked extremely hard behind the scenes to ensure the success of such projects. Before I present a run-down of the year, I would like to extend an enormous thank you to this often under-appreciated group of people. Without your dedication and skill DDE would not be what it is. In all my time at MLC School I have never seen a production attract the anticipation and box office success that was achieved by A Thousand Cranes. All three nights of the performance were completely sold out (and then some). And rightfully so! The production consisted of a daring amalgamation of various traditional and modified styles, forms and practices of Japanese theatre and dance. I feel grateful to have attended a school where education and experience in the Arts is unlimited by culture or theatrical traditions (or lack thereof). This year the MLC School Dance Showcase, The Women of Oz, was held at NIDA’s Parade Theatre, an indication of its scale! Dance is such a powerful, communicative

tool and I feel extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to explore the stories of so many influential women, such as Nancy Wake, Nancy-Bird Walton and MLC School’s own Elsie Sheppard. Thank you to all our Dance teachers. Even though I am not a natural dancer (to put it mildly), you have let me hang around and made me a part of the Dance family. Thank you also for all the effort you put in behind scenes. In fact, DDE would be nothing without every member of the DDE staff. You are a big part of what makes DDE at MLC School so wonderful and rewarding. Every one of you has made DDE feel like home to me. I actually believe that I’ve spent more time in your company or working in your office in this past year than I have in my own home. Finally, thank you to the DDE Committee members who worked hard all year both backstage and front of house. Without your effort, cooperation and constant jokes, we would not have achieved half as much as we did. To the 2016 DDE Captain, Sonali Dewan, you are an inspiring, supportive and incredibly talented young woman. I hope that you manage to get some of the things that we all worked on together up and running with the help of the DDE Committee and wish you all the best for 2016 and beyond! Emily Bailey-Hughes Dance, Drama and Entertainment Captain



Dance at MLC School enjoyed a year of strong growth with participant numbers climbing. The standout event was our 2015 Dance Showcase, The Women of Oz, which featured 250 girls and attracted a full crowd to the prestigious NIDA Parade Theatre. The focus was Australian women including Elsie Sheppard, Annette Kellerman, Nancy Wake and Gabi Hollows; women whose lives brim with qualities like courage, tenacity, intelligence and empathy, the traits that MLC School seeks to engender in its girls. In line with previous years, the showcase enhanced the students’ socio-historical awareness as much as it extended their physical dance skills. The program included works developed by Year 12 students for their final examinations and portfolios as dancers or composers and covered every style from Pom to Hip Hop and Contemporary Dance. Further key events were the Wakakirri Senior School and Junior School competitions that celebrate storytelling through dance. The Junior School girls performed the narrative of Australian professional swimmer, vaudeville star, film actress and writer Annette Kellerman, earning a Performance Award

and the judge’s comment, ‘From the very first beat this was a classy production’. The Senior School dancers interpreted the story of Elsie Sheppard and were nominated for the Wakakirri People’s Choice Awards where they won Best Historical Story. They also garnered state awards for Best Amazing Moment, Best Combination of Dancing and Acting, Best Overall Costume Design and Best Historical Story and earned the judge comment, ‘Smart symbolic choreography and very effective story’. Other 2015 successes included Year 12 student Maia Alfonzetti’s IB solo composition Detained, which was selected as a finalist in the Short Sharp Dance choreographic competition at Parramatta Riverside Theatre.

Meanwhile, six MLC School teams participated in the Australian All Star Cheer Federation State Championships with great success: • 1st Place Primary School Hip Hop (Junior Hip Hop Crew) • 1st Place High School Hip Hop (Senior Hip Hop Crew) • 2nd Place Primary School Pom (Junior Royals) • 2nd Place High School Pom (Senior Stars) • 3rd Place Primary School Pom (Junior Stars) • 3rd Place High School Pom (Senior Royals) The Senior Stars Pom achieved 3rd in the Overall Scholastic Divisions.



A THOUSAND CRANES The sight of a huge Japanese tori gate and the sounds of Taiko drumming emanating from the Drama Theatre set the scene for the 2015 School Production, A Thousand Cranes. Adapted for the stage by Kathryn Schultz Miller, the play tells the story of Sadako Saski who developed leukaemia after the 1945 bombing of Hiroshima, Japan. After falling ill, Sadako attempts to fold a thousand origami cranes, believing that if she completes the task, her wish to be healthy again will be granted. A talented ensemble cast portrayed Sadako’s journey as she moved from the real world to encounter characters of the spirit world. The touching performance successfully blended realistic drama with multi-media, dance, physical theatre and song, all punctuated

by Taiko drumming. Combined with evocative lighting and beautiful costumes, it was an experience not to be missed. The hallmarks of an MLC School production are high production values, extensive student involvement in all areas of the creative process and a multi-faceted engagement with the curriculum. Year 6 students attended a special matinee performance and Year 7 and Year 8 used the play as stimulus for creative work; Year 7 performing original haikus and Year 8 choreographing dance sequences based on paper crane folding. In the Senior Years, Year 10 Music students mastered an original music track for a scene, Year 11 Entertainment students used the production as an opportunity to learn skills in staging and Year 12 Entertainment

students demonstrated front of house competencies. Year 12 IB Theatre students completed production roles in costume, makeup and direction. Additionally, Maria Ventouris’ HSC Dance Core Composition and Maia Alfonzetti’s IB Dance composition were woven into the performance. It was a pleasure to work with such a dedicated group of young people, including boys from Newington College. A Thousand Cranes was a thought-provoking, contemporary production which proved an invaluable opportunity for students across the school to develop new skills through the collaborative creation of theatre. Mrs Kate Caron Director



2015 has been an eventful year with many student successes. The girls have excelled in Australian Speech Communication Association (ASCA) and Trinity College London exams as well as Eisteddfods, holiday productions, open days and showcases. Year 2 to Year 5 Speech and Drama students participating in the ASCA exams performed outstandingly with a record 47 High Distinctions and 21 Distinctions. Some of our students received ASCA Excellence Awards presented at The Kings School in March 2016. MLC School students of all ages achieved excellent results in the Trinity College of London examinations in Speech and Drama in Term 4. They gained 46 Distinctions and 11 Credits. MLC School was represented at the Inner West and Ryde Eisteddfods with excellent results. Students achieved numerous 1st, 2nd and 3rd places as well a number of Highly Commended Awards in Prepared Speech, Verse Speaking, Character Recital in Costume, Duologues in Costume and Group Scene sections. A group of MLC School students performed at the 2015 Association of Heads of Independent Girls’ Schools Festival of Speech. Junior School students from Pre-K to Year 5 produced five highly creative and successful holiday productions in 2015, including The Lorax, The Little Mermaid, Cinderella, The Wind in the Willows, and ’Twas the Night before Christmas. The productions were

assisted by talented production teams made up of Middle and Senior School students. The Open Days are a chance for our wider community to see the Speech and Drama Studio program in action. Pre-K to Year 5 students presented at Open Days to family and friends throughout the year while Middle and Senior School students performed at the Trinity Exam Showcase days in Term 4, where families had the opportunity to view the excellent exam pieces their children had developed. We are so proud of each and every one of our students for the energy and commitment they have brought to Speech and Drama sessions throughout 2015. The work they do can be transformative, uncovering creative potential and developing skills that benefits the girls not only in their schooling, but throughout their lives. Mrs Monica Brian Director, The Speech and Drama Studio



SENIOR DANCE COMPANIES FRONT ROW Ella Tomkins, Bethany Lo, Amy Miller, Mia Tsirekas, Sarah Monaha, Jessica MacMaster, Sabrine Yassine, Georgia Softsis, Gabrielle Giannakos, Annie Chen, Mia Novati, Ruby Ince SECOND ROW Mr B Fatouros, Mikayla Papadimitriou, Joy Zhang, Paris Mitropoulos, Katerina Delis, Anika Lammers, Tiarna Cominos, Daphne Doumanis, Hannah Ross, Annaliese Konidaris, Sherrie Chung, Ruby Guminski, Ms J Skepper, Mrs B Argyrous THIRD ROW Ashna Kapoor, Audrey Williams, Gabriella Melhem, Aisling McCreery, Prerna Pabathi, Olivia Keeble Otero, Charlie Kairaitis, Olivia Sodbinov, Charlotte Sodbinov, Georgia Ferguson, Samara Tucker, Erin Glover, Eleni Kaloterakis FOURTH ROW Htet Crist Aung, Alanah Paras-Cho, Jessica Pizzinga, Georgia Dunn, Natashja Eyles, Tiara Huynh, Emily Huynh, Georgia Ventouris, Lucinda Baker, Jessica Kuo, Morgan Kelaher, Hoang Trang Joan Nguyen, Cindy Lo FIFTH ROW Lucinda Hughes, Won Kim, Emily Hunt, Aleksia Grbic, Elena Sladkova, Zoe Hannam, Gabrielle Cadena, Colleen Zhang, Catherine Papadimitriou, Sophie Graham, Sofia Costa, Maria Ventouris SIXTH ROW Grace John, Lily Smith, Madeleine Aitken, Grace Gilmore, Felicia Ventouris, Taylah Stapleton, Melissa Kearney, Capri Maher, Katie Papachatgis, Natalie Kai Yi Wong, Amelie Coman, Eva Wright SEVENTH ROW Maia Alfonzetti, Kaitlyn Duong, Monique Lin, Amira Hatoum, Imogen Moore, Stella Kochanowicz, Veronika Males, Emily Bailey-Hughes, Sarah Day, Nicola Economides, Alexia Riotto, Ella Viney


FRONT ROW Crystal Warner, Lucinda Baker, Eve Taylor, Ashna Kapoor, Georgia Dunn, Sabrine Yassine SECOND ROW Nikita Chawla, Briony Farquhar, Bianca Riley, Imogen Greenslade, Emily Bailey-Hughes, Ms L Jinga



L SI O R E XCE 2015



2015 has been an incredible year, heralding a new age for Music at MLC School.

Victoria Tong


‘Looking back I am astounded by the passion and professionalism shown by every student.’

First up was Music Camp which provided both students and staff with the opportunity to not only become acquainted with the repertoire for the Opera House Concert, but to get to know one another. During four days of intensive rehearsals we saw the return of a well-loved camp tradition, ‘The Priest of the Parish,’ and the beginning of a new one, the Seniors’ Scavenger Hunt. Despite the spiders and bush turkeys that visited our rehearsals, we had an incredible time and formed a tight-knit family of ‘musos’. MLC School Idol was of course a great success. The girls were able to showcase their talents, singing either solo or group pieces and the support from students and teachers alike was electrifying. The three heats culminated in an incredible final with an unprecedented result: Year 6 student Madison Gollan won both the Judges Award and Student Choice vote! Of course there was also our biennial Opera House Concert, paying tribute this year to the Australian Identity on the centenary of the Gallipoli campaign. It was truly an occasion to behold. As a student I have never really appreciated just how monumental an achievement a concert of that scale is. Looking back I am astounded by the passion and professionalism shown by every student until I remember what it was like backstage!

None of this would have been possible without the extraordinarily hard-working and talented Music staff. Thank you to Mr Allington, who in his first year as Director of Music tackled the immense challenges of the Opera House Concert with great gusto and resolve. Thank you also to the teachers, conductors, performers and administrators of the Music Department for your dedication and for the passion with which you share your love of music. You are the embodiment of what Music represents and I, like the whole school, will always remember the times we have shared. A special thank you to the students, in particular the Year 12 girls, for being such a supportive and spirited group and for allowing me the privilege of serving you as Music Captain. Good luck to Rebecca Zhong who assumes the role in 2016. I am sure that she will carry on our proud tradition of musical excellence. Finally, to every MLC School music student – keep loving music. Victoria Tong Music Captain



MUSIC AND PERFORMANCE At MLC School all Junior School girls have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of musical activities from formal music classes and choir and instrumental lessons to a wide range of vocal and instrumental ensembles and performances. SYDNEY OPERA HOUSE CONCERT At the biennial MLC School Opera House Concert in May, our Year 3 to Year 5 Choir sang Old Man Platypus which was based on a poem by Banjo Patterson. The song was written especially for the choir by an Old Girl of the school, Liane Papantoniou. Some Junior School girls also performed in Senior wind and string ensembles.

MUSIC AWARDS In November the Year 5 Choir performed a Spanish lullaby called A La Nanita Nana at the Town Hall as part of MLC School’s annual Music Awards. Senior School students accompanied the choir on tuned percussion and double pianos. TWENTY LITTLE PENGUINS AND FRIENDS Pre-Kindegarten, Kindergarten, Year 1 and Year 2 students performed a musical called Twenty Little Penguins and Friends in Potts Hall in December. The musical follows the adventures of a penguin called Goggles whose brothers and sisters leave him home alone. He meets a bad arctic fox and his henchmen the polar bears, a school of dancing fish, some kind jellyfish, a poetryreciting walrus Chief of Police and his troop of police girls and some singing icicles.

PICCOLE STELLE Over 80 girls have performed in our ‘Piccole Stelle’ Lunchtime Concerts which are held every week in the Junior School. The concerts give our young musicians the opportunity to gain performance experience in a relaxed setting. CHAMBER CHOIR The Chamber Choir is made up of girls from Year 3 to Year 5 who love to sing. At the end of each term we have an open rehearsal to show parents and friends how we warm up and prepare our repertoire. The parents particularly liked our Rubber Chicken warm-up. The girls gave performances at the Advent Carol Service and Speech Day.


TAIKO DRUMMING We are very excited to have been able to introduce Taiko Drumming into the Junior School. Twelve excited Year 5 girls began lessons at the Music Centre in Term 4. They have relished the physical and intellectual challenge. SOIREES AND FESTIVALS Throughout the year instrumental teachers organise festivals and soirees to showcase their students’ work. This year we have enjoyed performances from our vocal, string, keyboard, wind and brass musicians.

LINBURN NURSING HOME Year 1 and Year 2 made regular visits to Linburn Nursing Home in 2015, singing and playing for the residents. It was wonderful to see the joy on the audiences’ faces as they watch the girls perform.



MLC School musicians continued to build on their strong reputation in 2015, playing consummately at a number of key events. Alongside performances, the girls took part in a vast range of opportunities from private tuition to choirs, instrumental ensembles and orchestras that provided opportunities for growth and friendship. AUSTRALIAN MUSIC DAY Australian Music Day was a great success with participants from all over Sydney making MLC School their home for two days of music composition in a variety of genres. The young musicians worked alongside renowned performers and composers and experienced the creative rush of hearing their own compositions played minutes after they were written. When it was over, the students felt ready to start composing and a teacher from Loreto Kirribilli commented, ‘Great day! So much enthusiasm from the presenters, pitched at a level for all students’.

CUBAN CULTURAL TOUR In September and October, 32 students flew to Cuba to gain inspiration from the country’s richly energetic arts culture. It was the school’s second trip to the island nation but the first to include students from three strands; Music, Dance and Visual Arts. ‘Seeing the enthusiasm and love shown towards their culture made me want to further my own musical abilities,’ said Phoebe Hunter-Mole (Year 10). European and African influences have fused in Cuba and made significant contributions to Western popular culture. It is a place that truly embraces the arts – music, dance and art is everywhere you look and performed to an extremely high standard. The MLC School students enjoyed the privilege of studying at the famed Havana arts schools which have been immortalised in books and on film. Students also participated in workshops, lectures and demonstrations of artistic styles. ‘The lessons learnt will be something that all of us who went on this adventure will truly never forget,’ said Head of Woodwind, Brass and Percussion, Mr Christopher Hayles. According to Year

10 student Anna Wilson, ‘It was truly remarkable that despite the language barrier we were able to communicate through music and form close friendships as a result of our shared interests’. MUSIC AWARDS At the 2015 MLC School Music Awards, our musicians revelled in the joy of music making with a program that traversed a number of musical styles. The strongest influence was South American, inspired by the Cuban cultural tour undertaken by students and staff in the September school holidays. Pieces by the likes of Argentinian composer Astor Piazzolla and Arturo Marquez, as well as Beethoven’s Cavatina from String Quartet No.13 in B flat major, Op.130, filled the Sydney Town Hall with energy and rhythm. The Music Awards celebrate all that is wonderful about the Music program at the school and honour the creativity, diligence and commitment of MLC School musicians. It is an immersive experience that strengthens the students’ ability to access higher learning and breakthrough thinking, preparing them for success in all areas of life.


‘Our musicians revelled in the joy of making music with a program that traversed a number of musical styles.’



Stars of the Future is a weekly public concert held Wednesday at lunchtime in the Sylvia Lew Music Auditorium. It provides a platform for any student who has attained a high level of performance and is open to all years and levels of achievement. Stars of the Future not only fulfills performance outcomes but allows students to gain valuable skills in preparing for public performance and the art of communicating and working with a pianist or in ensemble formats. Two farewell recitals were held in 2015 for remarkably talented students selected to study overseas. Rachel Siu (2015) departed for New York to study at the Juilliard School on a full scholarship and Johanna Blake (2014) left for London to study at the Royal College of Music on a four-year scholarship.

A new MLC School Student Music Committee was formed in 2015, made up of four girls from Year 8 to Year 11 and led by Music Captain, Rebecca Zhong. The committee met once a week to discuss ideas to support and promote school music events such as the Music Awards and MLC School Idol. The finals of the latter were held on the last day of Rainbow Week in Term 4. They provided an exceptional display of community, encouragement and skill and attracted a loud and enthusiastic audience.

SYDNEY OPERA HOUSE CONCERT The theme of the 2015 Opera House Concert was Identity and its foundation was five specially commissioned works that included collaborations between Old Girls and present students plus contributions from both emerging and leading artists. Each piece held meaning as a reflection of the Australian character and of our existence as individuals and a community.

Filiae, a piece based on the poem by Year 12 student Emma Cross and featuring the Taiko ensemble, at times combined pitched percussion, claves, harps, a didgeridoo and the Sydney Opera House organ and was a particular highlight. Waltzing Matilda, written by composer Ruth McCall, melded the beloved, familiar tune with an Aboriginal chant and a new modern melody. ‘The blend of materials reflects our nation’s mixed heritage and cultural desire to identify with the underdog who struggles against authority,’ Ruth said of her work.

Other performances with a strong Australian flavour were Old Man Platypus, The Loaded Dog and the ANZAC Anthem. Mestizaje, written by the school’s Composer in Residence Adrian Kingwell, was inspired by the Cuban poet Jose Lezama Lima and a nod to MLC School musicians’ strong connection with the spirited island nation. The 2015 Opera House Concert not only provided students with the opportunity to work with some of the country’s most interesting composers but also some standout musicians including Elizabeth Scott, a leading young choral conductor. The performances were of such high standard that it was difficult to remember the musicians on stage were girls and young women from eight to 18. In the days following the concert, letters and emails of congratulations flowed in. Particular thanks must go to Director of Music Mr Allington, members of the

‘The blend of materials reflects our nation’s heritage and cultural desire to identify with the underdog who struggles against authority.’

Music team and the entire staff of MLC School who worked behind the scenes. We acknowledge the assistance provided by parents and most importantly, pay respect to our musicians who rehearsed with tenacity and doggedness to produce a concert of the highest standard and of which we can all feel extremely proud.





BIG BAND 141 FRONT ROW Sheree Kuan, Ashley Liptak, Olivia Hill, Anna Michael, Georgia McNaughton, Tina Wu, Rebecca Zhong SECOND ROW Mr C Hayles, Clara Janssen, Annabella Lewis, Phoebe Hunter-Mole, Jasmine Todoroska, Bella Burton, Klara Zhao, Amelie Roediger, Mr R Coward THIRD ROW Jane Faung Liu, Eliza Stewart, Nina Frissel-Thomas, Anna Wilson, Milly Day-Collett, Ella Woolbank ABSENT Adalita Young, Morgan Kelaher, Suzanna Steele, Emily Osborne, Adele Woods, Christina Shin, Emily Francis, Cassandra Economides, Adele Marwood

CHAMBER CHOIR FRONT ROW Samantha Cavanagh, Christina Burjan, Hyehee Shin, Alicia Davies, Megan Cavanagh, Meghana Gopalan, Catelyn Anh Ha, Sabrina Chiu, Rebecca Janssen, Madeleine Grisard SECOND ROW Ms L McDonald, Eva Scoufis, Holly Miller, Erin Bofinger, Josephine Lewis, Charlie Kairaitis, Anica Shen, Eva Jessurun, Tiffany Pang, Amelie Roediger, Emma Dauparas, Ariana Haghighi, Mr J Allington THIRD ROW Darcy Martin, Hannah Arnold, Emmeline Booth, Eva Novikov, Tiffany Lai, Isabella Suckling, Rosa Cai Xiao Wang, Olivia Bubalo, Claire Lindsay, Rebecca Chou, Jessica Song FOURTH ROW Danah Maher-Lee, Claudia Feng, Tarisha Gunaratnam, Milly Day-Collett, Nina Frissel-Thomas, Madeleine Murphy, Georgia Hewitt, Marlena Watkins, Adelaide Grisard, Leona Cohen, Charlotte Beckett


142 FRONT ROW Rebecca Janssen, Rebecca Zhong, Sheree Kuan, Jessica Song, Halle Yang, Cho Yan Joanne Wong, Charis Chiu SECOND ROW Sherrie Chung, Fiona Hwiyeon Lee, Catherine Jang, Jasmine Tan, Teresa Du, Danah Maher-Lee, Ms L Keller THIRD ROW Leanne Chan, Francesca Wen Lee, Adelaide Grisard, Chloe Cheong, Lilian Le, Esther Rizk ABSENT Louise Wang, Yijun Cui, Yaeji Son, Christina Burjan, Georgina Robinson, Olivia van Gelderd

CHOIR FRONT ROW Eloise Proctor, Samantha Cavanagh, Ayla Varol, Darcy Martin, Meghana Gopalan, Angelica Wilson, Georgia Long, Mr G de Villiers, Mr J Allington, Sein Choi, Natalia Giannakos, Zara Zuccolotto, Emily Fitzgerald, Jade Jameson, Yuting Jin, Haelin Park, Hiu Wai Tiffany Chi SECOND ROW Alyssa Ciarroni, Ariana Haghighi, Angie Shao Xu, Mikaela Minh Phuong Nguyen, Eva Scoufis, Natasha Tran, Maekayla My-Tien Tran, Emma Randell, Vivian Law, Katherine Du, Kim Trang, Klara Zhao, Holly Miller, Emma Dauparas, Desiray Yee Tong La, Annie Chen, Clara Janssen, Sabrina Tran, Audrey Phuong Anh Nguyen THIRD ROW Gabrielle Giannakos, Anabelle Truong, Tiffany Pang, Rebecca Janssen, Cathy Liang, Hyehee Shin, Cailey Smith, Zoe Westbrook, Audrey Williams, Mia Burjan, Olivia Bersais, Annie Gu, Olivia Winlaw, Sabrina Chiu, Alicia Davies, Charlie Kairaitis, Samara Tucker, Erin Bofinger, Amy Yarrow FOURTH ROW Megan Cavanagh, Amelie Roediger, Charlotte Sodbinov, Olivia Sodbinov, Ria Kapoor, Madeleine Grisard, Tanya Ponggun, Rebecca Chou, Eva Jessurun, Katrina Marshall, Anica Shen, Olivia Debs, Josephine Lewis, Olivia Redwin, Michelle QuiQi Wang, Ivy Hoi Lee Tang, Tahlia Hatzisarantinos, Christina Burjan, Diya Mehta, Crystal Warner FIFTH ROW Abigail Rae, Sarah Carvolth, Eloise Riviere, Natalie Lin, Zoe Cross, Vivian Shen, Lyla Groom, Olivia Bubalo, Teagan Truong, Georgia Wilde, Georgia Dunn, Phoebe Kaiying Zhou, Seo Kang, Danah Maher-Lee, Catelyn Anh Ha, Sarah Chou, Ellena Hartzenberg, Yun Clare Gu, Cecilia Wong SIXTH ROW Sophie Liang, Tiffany Lee, Hannah Arnold, Vicky Yuan Shaw Feng, Megan Nipatcharoen, Ruihan Wang, Nicole Lin, Hayley Cavanagh, Hannah Suster, Briony Farquhar, Felicity Thomas, Stephanie Valaris, Monique Hrsto, Amity Dent, Jessie Cai, Lydia Todoroska, Ashley Oliver-Sjahry, Emily Hart, Lifei Chen, Vanessa Liang, Victoria Tong SEVENTH ROW Lucinda Hughes, Keertana Avalur Venkateshwar, Candy Yao, Adele Woods, Elizabeth Chen, Claudia Feng, Anastasia Hatzisarantinos, Isabella Suckling, Isabella Seales, Ella Finlay, Tiffany Lai, Jasmine Todoroska, Charlotte Beckett, Leona Cohen, Semela Angelides, Claire Lindsay, Christine Song, Yu Jia Wang, Anastasia Kennett, Emmeline Booth EIGHTH ROW Nicola Economides, Alyssa Filippoff, Sienna Prowse, Dongni Connie She, Ivy Ning, Ellen Brown, Emma Rutherford, Tarisha Gunaratnam, Jacqueline Wesiak, Carma Jackson, Emma Denton,Ivy Wei Jiang, Nicole Bor, Michelle Kong, Jane Faung Liu, Grace Sixsmith, Tina Wu, Yu Angela Bai, Xu Yan NINTH ROW Isabella Anderson, Shuang Claris Foo, Amanda Lee, Milly Day-Collett, Nicola Yarrow, Julia Tanevski, Emily Bailey-Hughes, Marlena Watkins, Claudia Orr, Georgia Hewitt, Madeleine Murphy, Lucy McKindlay, Nina Frissel-Thomas, Adelaide Grisard, Sarah Day, Zoe Latham, Georgia McNaughton, Victoria Xu



COMBO 1 143

FRONT ROW Rebecca Zhong, Teresa Du, Milly Day-Collett, Olivia Hill, Ashley Liptak, Tessa Iversen SECOND ROW Anna Michael, Anna Wilson, Eliza Stewart, Laura Sutherland, Phoebe Hunter-Mole, Mr C Hayles ABSENT Rebecca Chou


FRONT ROW Amelie Roediger, Annabella Lewis, Bella Burton, Christina Shin, Nina Frissel-Thomas, Ella Woolbank, Isabel Xin-Yuan Leung, Clara Janssen SECOND ROW Mr C Hayles, Morgan Kelaher, Tina Wu, Georgia McNaughton, Jane Faung Liu, Emily Francis, Suzanna Steele, Sheree Kuan, Klara Zhao, Mr R Coward ABSENT Adalita Young

CONCERT BAND 1 AND 2 FRONT ROW Renae Varvaris, Zoe Lindhout, Clara Janssen, Samantha Cavanagh, Ella Tomkins, Mr G de Villiers, Mr C Hayles, Cassandra Economides, Ayla Varol, Chanel Boudib, Isabella Leighton, Seoyeon Cho SECOND ROW Tina Papamanuel, Ashleigh Childs, Trinity Elghitany, Amy Yarrow, Annie Chen, Meera Patel, Zoe Berg, Olivia Cain, Zoe Latham, Divya Mehta, Emma Juffermans, Macayla Li-Ting Wong, Daisy I-Ven Zheng, Olivia Winlaw, Jacqueline Flett, Arya Sharma, Hayley Ma THIRD ROW Annike Lindhout, Sophie Graham, Adele Woods, Olivia Hill, Sandy So, Isabel Xin-Yuan Leung, Tiahna Sortwell, Paris Mitropoulos, Sashira Mulholland, Katherine Du, Anjelica Issa, Annie Gu, Christiana Perdis, Elena Viatos, Alicia Davies FOURTH ROW Katie Papachatgis, Anna Michael, Maya Felice, Ella Woolbank, Suzanna Steele, Emily Osborne, Briana Chapman, Annabella Lewis, Ruihan Wang, Tessa Iversen, Rachel Bai, Phoebe Hunter-Mole, Ashley Liptak, Amelie Roediger FIFTH ROW Lucy Squier, Bella Burton, Jasmine Todoroska, Gabriella Searle, Tina Wu, Victoria Tong, Deborah Greenbaum, Tess Bradford, Rebecca Chou, Christina Shin, Gabrielle Cadena, Hayley Cavanagh, Josephine Lewis, Morgan Kelaher SIXTH ROW Anna Wilson, Ivy Wei Jiang, Tarisha Gunaratnam, Emily Bailey-Hughes, Adalita Young, Julia De Sterke, Emmeline Booth, Xu Yan, Jane Faung Liu, Ashley Oliver-Sjahry, Georgia McNaughton, Milly Day-Collett, Emily Millar SEVENTH ROW Shuang Claris Foo, Elizabeth Hewish, Claire McLelland, Alexis Norington, Emma Dickson, Nina Frissel-Thomas, Georgia Hewitt, Madeleine Murphy, April Guest, Nicola Yarrow, Brittany Childs, Victoria Xu, Laura Sutherland, Seo Kang, Ellena Hartzenberg


JUNIOR SCHOOL CHAMBER CHOIR FRONT ROW Joyce Mai, Sofia Wilson, Zoe Proctor, Seetha Nathan, Erica Chou, Sophia Cairns, Madhavi Chauhan, Chloe Bofinger, Zoe Jameson, Sienna Marriott, Ruby Wiefler, Madison Floros SECOND ROW Ms E Finlayson, Gwenyth Smith, Armita Dutta Gupta, Rachel Lao, Isabel Baudille, Lara Stojkovic, Seraya Srikumar, Tiana Roins, Harriet Gohil, Zhiru Lin, Georgie Roediger, Naja Abas, Holly Dauparas, Mrs A McClure THIRD ROW Lucinda Winlaw, Charlotte McCrory, Shelley Zhou, Zara Constance, Mahibhana Mahinthan, Dalia Alsaad, Hayley Ma, Brittany Warner, Gabriella Chen, Ivana Dolenac, Charlize Hosking, Bella Upcroft FOURTH ROW Kylie Zhou, Sophia Pavlovic, Shivani Spencer, Eloise Drake, Arya Sharma, Himani Gupta, Yasmin Yogaratnam, Tori Charalambous, Sophie Reid, Emma Mahant, Taotao Jiang



ORCHESTRA FRONT ROW Natasha Tran, Christina Burjan, Catelyn Anh Ha, Sherrie Chung, Catherine Jang, Ms L Keller, Mr C Hayles, Rebecca Zhong, Danah Maher-Lee, Yuting Jin, Cho Yan Joanne Wong, Annabel Lee SECOND ROW Clara Janssen, Eva Scoufis, Adelaide Grisard, Klara Zhao, Francesca Wen Lee, Teresa Du, Jade Di Girolamo, Olivia van Gelder, Emily Hui Yi Li, Ariana Haghighi THIRD ROW Shakira Chung, Tanya Ponggun, Sheree Kuan, Annabella Lewis, Divya Mehta, Halle Yang, Olivia Debs, Anica Shen, Eden Cheng, Isabel Xin-Yuan Leung, Elena Viatos, Madeleine Grisard, Rebecca Janssen FOURTH ROW Emily Shum, Charis Chiu, Sandy So, Ashley Liptak, Seo Kang, Elizabeth Chen, Tessa Iversen, Jessica Song, Leanne Chan, Fiona Hwiyeon Lee, Phoebe Hunter-Mole, Georgina Robinson, Alicia Davies FIFTH ROW Suzanna Steele, Claire Lindsay, Jasmine Tan, Laura Sutherland, Rebecca Chou, Tess Bradford, Deborah Greenbaum, Leona Cohen, Victoria Tong, Hayley Cavanagh, Gabriella Searle, Adele Woods, Eloise Riviere SIXTH ROW Adalita Young, Julia De Sterke, Georgia McNaughton, Anna Wilson, Lilian Lac Nhi Le, Chloe Cheong, Yaeji Son, Zoe Latham, Esther Rizk, Victoria Xu, Ivy Wei Jiang, Tarisha Gunaratnam ABSENT Yijun Cui, Louise Wang, Rachel Siu, Michelle Tran, Sarah Sung, Juliet Bladon, Lauren Barclay


SINFIONETTA AND CONCERTANTE FRONT ROW Bethany Ying-Xi Xue, Desiray Yee Tong La, Isabelle Tang, Neethika Naidu, Megan Xie, Ms L Keller, Charlie Kairaitis, Ria Kapoor, Tahlia Hatzisarantinos, Kirsten Dao, Gabrielle Giannakos SECOND ROW Gracelyn Dao, Georgia Long, Chloe Beraldo, Darcy Martin, Mia Tsirekas, Theophani Stavropoulos, Jessica MacMaster, Natalia Giannakos, Angie Shao Xu, Angelica Wilson THIRD ROW Uma Barrett, Coco Nara Chung, Olivia Mei Hui Wu, Georgia Ventouris, Lauren Madden, Emilie Choi, Yasmin Mills, Fiona Deng, Erin Bofinger, Joy Xu, Emma Dauparas, Mia Burjan FOURTH ROW Samantha Cavanagh, Olivia Bersais, Megan Cavanagh, Nancy Faraj, Jessica Kuo, Katie Zheng, Elizabeth Liu, Maya Felice, Hannah Arnold, Virginia Peter, Ga Chung, Tiffany Pang FIFTH ROW Olivia Bubalo, Zoe Hannam, Nicole Lin, Tiffany Lai, Lilian Hunt, Amanda Lee, Hannah Kingsley, Yu Jia Wang, Natalie Kai Yi Wong, Lyla Groom, Sarah Chou ABSENT Christie Ch’ng, Jennifer Lee





FRONT ROW Hanna Nash, Paris Mitropoulos, Natalia Giannakos, Angelina Tran, Kim Trang, Amanda Su Yen Ong, Olivia Cain, Rhiannon MacLeod, Sarah Zikovski, Elle Tamvakolos SECOND ROW Phoebe Kaiying Zhou, Darcy Martin, Maekayla My-Tien Tran, Sophie Liang, Alanah Paras-Cho, Chantelle Man, Keertana Avalur Venkateshwar, Sophia Costantino, Virginia Peter, Mr C Hayles THIRD ROW Victoria Chang, Georgia Ventouris, Colleen Zhang, Katie Papachatgis, Catherine Papadimitriou, Maeve Ryan, Maria Costantino, Klara Zhao, Katrina Wong, Olivia Bersais FOURTH ROW Madeline Bide, Eloise Riviere, Shuang Claris Foo, Sachi Jhingran, Isha Gupta, Sreya Parakala, Tess Bradford, Aleksia Grbic, Lydia Todoroska, Jacqueline Field



L SI O R E XCE 2015





Tess Bradford

‘Our sporting culture features dedicated girls with positive attitudes, a tenacious sense of school pride and friendships that hold despite the challenges faced.’

Sport at MLC School encompasses some of the most important skills for school life. Our sporting culture features dedicated girls with positive attitudes, a tenacious sense of school pride and friendships that hold despite the challenges faced. These are the things that I have valued most since I began at MLC School in Year 7. I am honoured to have been a part of what has been an incredibly exciting year for sport. The 2015 Athletics and Swimming carnivals were very successful with hundreds of girls lined up passionately cheering for their Houses and giving their all in their races. It has also been very pleasing to see sport at MLC School gain a voice in 2015 through the revival of our Sports Committee. Girls met every week to discuss ways to improve sport at school and worked with Ms Fear to effectively implement them. The Saturday Independent Girls’ Schools Sporting Association (IGSSA) competition revealed the continued improvement of all teams across the Junior and Senior schools. Our Senior Firsts for Hockey and Touch Football both won their respective premierships while many teams in other grades also achieved great results.

The excellence attained by our high level athletes cannot go unnoticed, with girls representing MLC School, state and country in sports as diverse as Sports Aerobics, Fencing and Water Polo. Thank you to the entire Sports Department for their endless commitment to sport at MLC School. It is the enthusiasm and dedication of all teachers, coaches, and sports administrators that enables us to perform our best every time. MLC School’s passionate Director of Sport, Ms Fear, has shown tireless commitment to the School and held high standards of sportsmanship and excellence for all our girls. Finally, thank you to all the girls who I have had the pleasure of getting to know and play sport with throughout my MLC School life. We are provided many amazing opportunities and I am so glad that I could experience them with some fantastic athletes. Tess Bradford Sports Captain 2015

JUNIOR SCHOOL YEAR 3 TO YEAR 5 ATHLETICS CARNIVAL AGE CHAMPIONS 8 Years Ruby Wiefler 9 Years Ivy Ross 10 Years Mia Jameson 11 Years Lia Al-Soufi YEAR 3 TO YEAR 5 CROSS COUNTRY CARNIVAL AGE CHAMPIONS 8 Years Zoe Jameson 9 Years Keiralyn Dao


10 Years Alannah Gill 11 Years Alexandra Robinson 12 Years Tess Callaghan YEAR 3 TO YEAR 5 SWIMMING CARNIVAL AGE CHAMPIONS

Sports Champions

8 Years Zoe Jameson 9 Years Keiralyn Dao 10 Years Rachel Lao 11 Years Alexandra Robinson and Madeleine Lewis 12 Years Eloise Drake Junior Swimming Age Champions Rachel Lao Senior Swimming Age Champion Alexandra Robinson and Madeleine Lewis Overall Junior School Swimming Champion Rachel Lao KINDERGARTEN TO YEAR 2 HOUSE CHAMPIONS 1. Churunga 2. Leawarra 3. Booralee 4. Mooramoora



Sports Champions

Overall House Champion Booralee House Spirit Leawarra Year 6 Champion Eva Scoufis Junior Laura Sutherland SWIMMING CARNIVAL Megan Cavanagh 8 Years EvaIntermediate Scoufis

SeniorDao Ella Beere 9 Years Keiralyn SWIMMING 10 Years Rachel Lao Overall House Champion Leawarra 11 Years Alexandra Robinson and Madeline Lewis House Spirit Churunga 12 Years Eloise Drake Year 6 Champion Sarah Moller Junior Swimming Age Champion Rachel Lao Junior Sienna Prowse and Tiahna Sortwell Senior Swimming Age Champion Alexandra Robinson and Madeline Lewis Intermediate Sarah Wellfare Overall Junior School Swimming Champion Rachel Lao *The Cross Country Carnival did not run in 2015 due to adverse weather.

Senior Maxine Heim



BASKETBALL 2015 was MLC School’s first foray into the IPSHA Basketball competition. As it is still a new competition we were able to enter four Year 6 teams which was very exciting. With little opportunity for training before the first game, the girls had a steep learning curve to adjust and adapt their well developed Netball skills in line with the demands of Basketball. It proved quite a challenge to focus on moving with the ball while bouncing it! The girls trained hard throughout the season and improved every week. They conducted themselves well and displayed great sportsmanship.

MINKEY/HOCKEY MLC School entered six Year 4 to Year 6 teams in the 2015 IPSHA Minkey/Hockey competition. A number of exciting games were played and the girls impressed the coaches with their energy, ball control and solid defence. Remarkable teamwork and sportsmanship were also on display throughout the season. We congratulate every player but particular commendation must go to the Year 4 team whose improvement was outstanding. Many of their players were new to Minkey, yet they scored and saved several goals each game. Well done also to the undefeated Year 6 Blue team.



What a season! Two great MLC School teams entered the IPSHA competition with both the Year 4 and Year 5 girls excited to learn new skills and have fun. They might have started out with a few losses but got to work on their understanding of the game and hand-eye coordination to begin hitting boundaries and bowling out the opposition as the season progressed.

Teeball and Softball players significantly improved their skills, providing an enjoyable 2015 season. Their enthusiasm and excitement out on the diamond was impressive and they were always on their ‘toes’! Team members listened to their coaches and respected position rotation to ensure that every player gained maximum experience on the field.

The IPSHA Gala Day in Balmain featured a great turnout and strong parent support. Both MLC School teams played Abbotsleigh whose experience and strength proved to be a challenge. Nevertheless, each of our players came away with a smile and happy with their performance. Their positive attitude made it a fun and memorable season.

The Year 4 and Year 5 Teeball teams showed a desire to learn, strong cooperative spirit and even experienced some double plays. Meanwhile the Year 6 Softball team enjoyed the transition from Modball to Softball with many girls learning to pitch well and managing some spectacular home runs.

GYMNASTICS The MLC School Junior School gymnasts performed some outstanding routines at the IPSHA Gymnastics competition held on Thursday 22 October in Rooty Hill. MLC school gymnasts represented the school in Level 1 through to Level 6. Along with achieving exceptional results, the girls displayed standout sportsmanship and school spirit.


NETBALL Nine teams represented MLC School in the IPSHA Netball competition in 2015. The year was marked by an increased commitment to training and the girls took to the courts with exceptional sportsmanship and teamwork, playing some tight and breathtaking games that featured excellent passing, shooting and footwork. Parent encouragement and enthusiasm from the sidelines was the key to turning many close matches into wins. Every girl displayed fabulous team spirit and a willingness to help out when a team was short on players due to injury or illness. The Year 4 girls enjoyed an encouraging first season, participating eagerly and showed improvement at each game, while the Year 5 Yellow and Year 6 Pink teams progressed undefeated. SOCCER 2015 provided another great Soccer season for MLC School. The girls improved their timing and execution thanks to each player’s determination to develop their skills and game performance. All teams from Year 4 to Year 6 experienced some great wins and close losses. The girls’ sense of sportsmanship and support for their fellow team members was lovely to witness. We look forward to another great season in 2016. TENNIS 2015 saw a further increase in numbers for the MLC School Tennis squad. Our six teams in the IPSHA competition played with great commitment and determination, training well throughout the term and improving their play and sportsmanship on the court. The two Development squads also showed a strong commitment to training, learning to serve, improving their forehand and backhand and progressing their footwork to increase their court coverage. All girls are to be commended on their commitment to their team and for representing the school with pride and dignity. We look forward to another successful season in 2016.







The sun was out and the energy high for the Kindergarten to Year 2 Athletics Carnival. The girls came brightly dressed in their House colours ready to participate in six mini events. The House points were extremely close and it came down to the year group sprinting event to decide the winning House, which was Churunga. Thank you to everyone who helped the carnival to run so smoothly, including the Year 5 Captains and House Captains who assisted with the running of event.

In March, girls in Kindergarten to Year 2 participated in the mini Cross Country Fun Run. The exceptionally windy conditions failed to dampen the girls’ sporting spirit and they all looked bright and colourful in their House colours. This was Kindergarten’s first carnival and the girls were determined to run fast and finish the course. Thank you to the Year 9 girls and the Year 5 House leaders who came to support and cheer on their younger peers.

The Kindergarten to Year 2 Swim Fun Day held on Thursday 26 November was many girls’ first experience of a swimming carnival. With House-coloured swimming caps, goggles and the official starter ready, the Year 1 and Year 2 girls took to the water to show off the skills they had learned throughout their Swimming Program. The Kindergarten girls participated in two races, including Freestyle and a fun noodle race. It was evident that the Infants girls’ House spirit rivals that of their Primary peers.


YEAR 3 TO YEAR 12 ATHLETICS CARNIVAL The Year 3 to Year 12 Athletics Carnival was marked by extremely cold conditions but sunshine and blue skies appeared in time to help the girls enjoy a fabulous day. The energy, enthusiasm and House spirit on display was extraordinary. Congratulations to Moormoora, the 2015 Year 3 to Year 5 House Athletics Champions. Two new records were set in 2015: • Courtney Roberts: 10 Years Shot Put • Jacqueline Flett: 11 Years Shot Put

YEAR 3 TO YEAR 5 CROSS COUNTRY CARNIVAL In March girls in Year 3 to Year 5 participated in their annual Cross Country Carnival. Each ran the long and challenging course exceptionally well, resulting in some close finishes. The House Captains motivated their teams with cheers and chants that raised the Junior School sporting spirit to an all-time high!

The Junior School Swimming Carnival held on Friday 13 February was an incredibly close competition that resulted in Mooramoora being crowned the 2015 House Swimming Champions. The girls were excited to participate in their nominated events and looked fantastic dressed in their House colours. The House Captains and leaders admirably led their members in cheers that demonstrated an impressive level of sporting spirit. The girls participated in 100m, 50m and 33m swimming races. Leawarra won the Year 5 House Relay and Churunga the All Age House Champion Relay. Congratulations to every girl and staff member who contributed to this wonderful event.



CIS SWIMMING CHAMPIONSHIPS The NSW combined Independent Schools (CIS) Primary Swimming Championships were held at Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre (SOPAC) on Thursday 19 March. The Junior Freestyle Relay team placed 6th overall, while Rachel Lao placed 5th in the Junior Butterfly and 6th in the Breaststroke. Year 2 student Annaliese Yan won the overall 8 Years 50m Freestyle to progress to the Primary Schools Sports Association (PSSA) Swimming State Championships. IPSHA ATHLETICS CARNIVAL This year 25 girls represented MLC School at the Independent Primary School Heads of Australia (IPSHA) Athletics Championships. All girls displayed true MLC School team spirit and their performance and determination in both track and field events resulted in several time and distance personal bests. IPSHA CROSS COUNTRY CHAMPIONSHIPS Saturday 28 March saw almost 4000 competitors and spectators turn out for the IPSHA Cross Country Championships held at King’s Preparatory School. 28 girls were selected to represent MLC School. Both the 8/9 Years and 10 Years girls competed in the 2km run while the 11 Years and 12/13 Years girls competed in the 3km run. Congratulations to Eva Scoufis who was the overall winner in the 11 Years Division.

IPSHA SWIMMING CHAMPIONSHIPS The annual IPSHA Swimming and Diving Championships were held on 4 March at SOPAC. Eighteen girls qualified to compete in a variety of individual and team events. Following a dynamic and eventful day, four girls achieved outstanding results, progressing to the NSW CIS Championships.

PSSA CROSS COUNTRY CHAMPIONSHIPS Sydney Motorsport Park in Eastern Creek was the venue for the NSW PSSA Cross Country Carnival held on Friday 17 July. Eva Scoufis performed outstandingly in the 11 Years 2km Division, completing the course in a time of 14.23 and finishing 17th out of 74 competitors.

PSSA SWIMMING CHAMPIONSHIPS Annaliese Yan qualified for the final of the 8 Years 50m Freestyle and went on to win a silver medal at the 2015 NSW PSSA Swimming Championships.


ATHLETICS The MLC School Athletics squad competed in four Friday night carnivals, the IGSSA Carnival, NSW Knockout, NSW Schools Relays and the NSW All Schools Athletics Championships in a busy and successful finale to the Athletics season. The team performed extremely well with many girls making the IGSSA finals: Zoe Scoufis Morgan Kelaher

Eliza Swann Zoe Latham

Deborah Greenbaum

3rd 13yrs 800m 2nd Junior 1500m 1st 12yrs 100m 1st 12yrs 200m 4th 12yrs Long Jump 3rd 14yrs 100m 3rd 14yrs 200m 3rd Intermediate 400m 8th Intermediate High Jump 6th 18yrs Hurdles

Ella Beere

9th 17yrs 200m 8th 17yrs 100m Madeleine Murphy 8th Junior Javelin Alexandra Corbett 7th 18yrs Shot Put Jessica Karabesinis 7th 12yrs Shot Put Crystal Warner 8th 13yrs Shot Put Junior Girls Relay 6th (Nicola Yarrow, Eleni Kaloterakis, Eliza Swann, Morgan Kelaher) NSW Combined Independent Schools Results Eliza Swann

3rd 14yrs 100m 4th 14yrs 200m Morgan Kelaher 1st 12yrs 100m 2nd 12yrs 200m Zoe Latham 4th 15yrs 400m Zoe Scoufis 1st 13yrs 800m 1st 13yrs 1500m Chloe Gentle 4th 12–14yrs 3000m Jessica Karabensinis 4th 12yrs Discus

NSW Schools Relays Our Junior Girls Relay Team of Matilda Swann, Eliza Swann, Morgan Kelaher and Nicola Yarrow won the Under 15’s 4x100m Relay. NSW Knockout Championships Two Junior teams, one Intermediate and one Senior team competed against the best athletes and teams in NSW. Special mention to the Firsts Junior Team of Zoe Scoufis, Chloe Gentle, Morgan Kelaher, Madeleine Murphy, Eliza and Matilda Swann who were placed 6th out of 23 teams. NSW All Schools Athletics Carnival Congratulations to the following girls who competed at the NSW All Schools and achieved some fantastic results and Personal Bests. Morgan Kelaher

3rd 12yrs 200m 3rd 12yrs 100m Jessica Karabesinis 14th 12yrs Shot Put 8th 12yrs Discus 4th 12yrs Long Jump Crystal Warner 14th 13yrs Shot Put Matilda Swann 18th 14th 200m 17th 14yrs 100m Eliza Swann 17th 14yrs 200m 8th 14yrs 100m Chloe Gentle 6th 14yrs 1500m 6th 14yrs 800m 9th 14yrs 3000m Zoe Latham 5th 16yrs 400m Hurdles 13th 15yrs 400m Nina Frissel-Thomas 16th 16yrs Long Jump 15th 16yrs 400m 22nd 16yrs 100m Ella Beere 4th 17yrs 100m Hurdles 5th 17yrs 400m Hurdles 10th 17yrs 100m Hurdles It has been a wonderful year of Athletics, full of fun, fitness, hard work and friendship. MLC School would like to especially recognise outstanding Athletics Head Coach, Mrs Katie Edwards who, after over 20 years of contribution to sport at MLC School leaves the Athletics program in great heart for the future.

BADMINTON It was an early and busy start to the 2015 Badminton season in Term 1 with 57 girls participating in 16 teams. The competition is hosted and run by Loreto Normanhurst and while no MLC School teams were able to break into the top four of their divisions, our Senior and Junior First teams finished 5th and our Year 7 First team finished 6th. BASKETBALL Basketball is a popular sport at MLC School with over 120 students from Year 7 to Year 12 competing across 12 teams (four Junior, three Year 7 and five Senior). The Junior School now offers Basketball to students in Year 4 to Year 6 in Term 4, which should boost the number of Year 7 players in 2016. In 2015 MLC 2 and MLC 5 both enjoyed great seasons, making their respective Grand Finals. MLC 1 came 3rd, despite losing two of their players due to injury mid-way through the competition. MLC 1 benefited from the presence of a number of Basketball NSW Representative players. Stand outs included graduating Captain Jessica Pitty and experienced basketballer, Kayla Tanevski who acted as great role models for the younger girls. The coaching group was enhanced by the presence of two former MLC School students, Lily Frame and Gigi Lockhart. We also acknowledge the support of Meghan Kemp who worked hard to assemble and support an MLC School Basketball team to compete in the Glebe Spirit Basketball competition in the second half of 2015. Jessica Pitty will join the coaching team in 2016. CROSS COUNTRY MLC School Cross Country enjoyed a successful 2015. We are proud of every girl who participated but special congratulations must go to Zoe Scoufis who collected a Bronze medal at the School Sports Australia Cross Country Championships in Melbourne and a Silver in the National 1500m Cross Country Relay.


IGSSA Cross Country Zoe Scoufis Chloe Gentle Megan Cavanagh

1st 14th 15th

NSW CIS Cross Country 156 Zoe Scoufis

Chloe Gentle Megan Cavanagh

1st 5th 23rd

NSW CIS All Schools Cross Country and Australian All Schools Zoe Scoufis 2nd Chloe Gentle 6th Australian All Schools Championships Zoe Scoufis Chloe Gentle

13th 50th

DIVING Though the MLC School Diving program is small, it achieved some of the school’s best sporting results in 2015. Head Coach was Year 12 student Louise Poole who impressed not only with her own diving success but her ability to train others. Former Australian diver Deanne Chandler joined the coaching team in late 2015. Six divers represented MLC School at the IPSHA Diving Championships. This was followed by a fantastic team event win at the IGSSA Diving Championships, along with some great individual performances. The IGSSA Championships results were as follows: Team Event

1st Place

(Louise Poole, Sarah Cain, Emily Shum, Hannah Suster) Springboard 12 Years Eugenie Tan

4th IGSSA Event 5th CIS Trial

Ella Fletcher

6th CIS Trial

Ziya Kalra

11th CIS Trial

13 Years Annaliese Konidaris

7th IGSSA Event 11th CIS Trial

14 Years Natalie Lin

3rd IGSSA Event 4th CIS Trial

Jessica Kuo

6th CIS trial

Catalina Floros

11th CIS Trial

15 Years Gabrielle Cain

6th IGSSA Event

16 Years Tess Morrison

2nd IGSSA Event 2nd CIS Trial

17 Years Genevieve de la Motte

2nd IGSSA Event 2nd CIS Trial

Louise Poole

6th CIS trial

Deborah Greenbaum 8th CIS Trial

Platform 15/16 Years Tess Morrison

3rd IGSSA Event 2nd CIS Trial

Platform 17/18/19 Years Louise Poole

4th CIS trial

FENCING The Senior team of Erin Bofinger, Beatrice Hay and Adele Marwood qualified for the National School Fencing Championships where they won Bronze, making it one of our most sucessful teams. The team also won a total of 15 medals for the school and NSW: four Gold, three Silver and eight Bronze medals in individual and team competitions in their age group as well as open competitions at school and national level. MLC School is very fortunate to have as its Head Fencing Coach the former national representative for Greece, Dimitra Giovani who brings a wealth of experience to her role. The MLC School fencers have also enjoyed coaching from the Australian National Head Coach, Antonio Signorello and assistant coaches, Hugh Cotman and Alex Andre. The future of MLC School Fencing looks bright, with younger students Kaisha Rollason and Emma Dickson starting the 2015 season strongly after learning how to use the foil sword. They will participate in competitions in their age categories from 2016.

FOOTBALL The Term 2 Football season was a highlight of 2015. Over 160 players and 11 teams entered the IGSSA competition and although wet weather marred the term, the girls excelled. Three MLC School teams achieved Premiership status and three teams were Runners Up. The Premiers were MLC 2, the Junior School Thirds and the Year 7 Firsts. The Runners Up were MLC 3, Junior School Firsts and the Year 7 Seconds. MLC 1 was made up of girls in Year 9 to Year 12 who started the season strongly before injuries to key players took their toll, resulting in a 4th place ranking. The girls showed particular grit in their match against a grand finalist team in which they competed with only eight players against a quality opposition at full strength. The girls gave everything they had until the whistle blew, led by excellent Captain, Marissa Kassapakis. Special mention to Georgia Pollitt who was selected in the IGSSA Representative Team. In September MLC 1 enjoyed the opportunity to play New Zealand team, Lynfield College and overwhelmed them 5–0. FUTSAL 2015 marked MLC School’s first entry in the Football NSW Futsal School Championships after making the Grand Final of the Bankstown Regional competition. The girls displayed impeccable sportsmanship and skill to reach the Grand Final with an impressive season total of 35 goals for and one against. The Grand Final match against Endeavour Sports High School was a thriller, finishing in a 2–all draw. Endeavour Sports High finally broke the extra time deadlock to score but it was a brilliant effort by the MLC School girls. The team was three players down for the Championships due to school commitments or injury but did not disappoint. It finished the pool rounds with a very respectable 17 goals for and seven against, going down to Championship winners Galston in the semi final and making the competition’s top eight.




After many months of hard training and preparation, the MLC School Senior Gymnastics team achieved 3rd overall at the IGSSA Gymnastics Championships held on Friday 23 October. The girls performed in every session of the event which covers both Rhythmic and Artistic Gymnastics and were the loudest and most enthusiastic supporters of their team mates throughout.

The depth of MLC School Hockey talent is now stronger than it has been for some time. Over 100 girls tried out for teams in 2015, leading to an entry of seven teams across a variety of IGSSA Divisions and the opportunity to play more home ground matches.

Congratulations to the following gymnasts who represented MLC School at the NSW State Championships: Level 4

Laura Kardasis Rachel Kardasis Level 7 Emily Hart Level 9 Lily Rodgers Senior International Tara Wilkie Rhythmic Gymnasts Tara Wilkie and Lily Rodgers travelled to Melbourne to compete at the Australian National Gymnastics Championships where Tara came 3rd overall. From there Tara was invited to attempt to qualify for the World Championships at a test event in Perth.

Every team showed outstanding progress, resulting in six teams competing for a place in the top four and three Senior teams qualifying for the finals. The promising Year 7 Firsts teams played particularly well, and were thwarted by a goal in only the last minute of the regular season. Each Senior team played a tense semi-final with all three games decided by a goal or less. The Senior MLC 2 team drew their match and were very unlucky to be eliminated on the basis of ladder position. MLC 1 controlled their semifinal and qualified for the grand final by defeating Roseville 2–1. The Grand Final was played at MLC School and MLC 1 showed their skill and newfound determination on defence to comprehensively defeat Tara 2–0. Their final record for the season was an impressive eight wins, one draw, 24 goals for and only three against. The stand out players were Captain Elizabeth Hewish and NSW CIS representative player Rebecca Janes but the team’s success was equally due to the improved determination and skill level of every squad member.

NETBALL 158 Netball continued its enormous popularity

in the Senior School in 2015 with over 220 students participating across 21 teams. A new pilot program initiated in Term 2 saw one of the state’s top coaches, the NSW 17/U Coach Mrs Gaha join with a number of NSW representative players to lead the girls in 7am coaching sessions. This lifted the girls’ focus, fitness and skills in the lead up to the IGSSA Netball Competition in Term 3. Four teams made it to the semifinal playoffs and two made it through to the Grand Final. Our top Year 7 Netball Team (MLC 16) won its division in a dramatic and thrilling heart-stopper, securing a goal against Meriden in the final seconds of the game. MLC 8 started their Grand Final with polish and had an early lead before finally giving way to Tara in the final quarter. It was great to see their improvement over the course of the competition. Senior MLC 1 worked hard under their new coach, Mrs Gaha and while they played their best netball at the latter end of the season, they fell one game short of making the top four. Players came together in their final match to convincingly beat the competition’s top team, Kambala by 34–21. Despite suffering a number of injuries throughout the season, the team maintained its motivation and camaraderie. Players across the board not only boosted their individual skills and teamwork in 2015 but established new and lasting friendships.

ROWING The 2015 season started strongly, coming off the back of the 2014 Term 4 regatta and training preparation phase. MLC School achieved Runner Up to the most improved school at the IGSSA regatta. Thanks to the enormous effort of every rower, we more than doubled our point score at the NSW Schoolgirl Head of River from 42 in 2014 to 112 in 2015. MLC School was also strongly represented at the Rowing NSW State Championships where Bianca Riley, Taylor Jones, Alessandra McCluskey-Voight and Lauren McLean all qualified to compete at the Nationals. Alessandra McCluskey-Voight coordinated efforts to produce a fantastic video submission for the NSW Schoolgirl Rowing Video Competition which won the NSW Schoolgirl category by a landslide. The MLC School Rowing program enjoys the support of the Rowing Parents Group. Three longstanding members stood down this year: Kate Webster, Sylvia Riley and Franca Caputo. We would like to acknowledge their tremendous efforts. The future of Rowing at MLC School looks very promising with 14 girls entering the Learn to Row program in 2015.

SNOWSPORTS 2015 provided another successful season for the MLC School Snowsports team with more than 20 girls from Kindergarten to Year 12 competing in the Interschools Snowsports Championships. The first event was the Sydney Regional Championships, where MLC School girls entered every discipline: Alpine, Skier Cross, Moguls, Snowboarding Slalom, and Boarder Cross. In the July school holidays, the Division One Snowboarding team performed better than expected, taking out 3rd place in Slalom and 5th in Boarder Cross. The Division Three Ski team achieved 10th in Skier Cross and 11th in Alpine. Layla Nazha came 10th in the Individual competition and went on to make 21st in the State Championships. Nine Junior School girls competed in Downhill Skiing, the largest Kindergarten to Year 6 contingent in MLC School’s history. The standout results were the Division Five A team who placed 6th in Skier Cross and 7th in Alpine. The Moguls team also did exceptionally well against some very talented skiers. At the NSW/ACT Interschools State Championships, nine MLC School girls competed in Cross Country Freestyle and the Cross Country Relay. The Division One team performed exceptionally well, winning the Team event and placing 3rd in the Relay. The girls also achieved outstanding individual results with Tess Bradford placing 3rd, Felicity Thomas 10th, and Louise Poole 12th. The Division 2 team came 3rd in the Team event, and 7th at the Australian Interschools National Championships in Mt Buller. Many thanks to all the parents and staff who supported our Snowsports team this year.

SOFTBALL Softball had over 90 players registered across eight teams to compete in the IGSSA Softball competition. MLC School Softball is led by renowned NSW softball identities, Jannette Edgtton and her daughter Alison. Along with their coaching team, they worked hard to develop the players’ skills and teamwork in 2015. We saw a number of teams make the top four. The last few weeks of the season proved to be exciting with some thrilling matches that were too close to call until the final whistle. MLC 1 performed well in a highly competitive division. Their final game was a play off for 3rd and 4th in which Meriden came out just ahead in a tightly contested match (8–6). Our Year 7 Firsts had a tough start to their season, but were fortunate to receive last minute coaching. This helped them to a thrilling Grand Final win (8–6) against Abbotsleigh in which both the players and their coach showed nerves of steel and were anxiously cheered on and supported by a group of parents on the sidelines. MLC 2 wore down its opposition, Tara, to eventually win their Grand Final 7–4 in another exciting match. Meanwhile, Wenona 3 proved too strong for MLC 4 who nevertheless played with great heart throughout the game. It was wonderful to see every team make such improvement from the start of the season.

SWIMMING 2015 was an eventful year for the MLC School Swimming program. The IGSSA Swimming Championships held in March featured 23 MLC School swimmers from Year 7 to Year 12. Our competitors’ performances were boosted enormously by the many Year 9 students who took the time to come and cheer them on. MLC School’s experienced swimmers enjoyed some great results with Kaitlyn McCaw finishing 2nd in the 50m Butterfly and 3rd in the 50m Backstroke. Sarah Wellfare and Swim Team Captain Angelique Barrett also swam strongly to join Kaitlyn McCaw in qualifying for CIS. MLC School finished 11th overall and while this was not enough to push the team back into First Division, there were some pleasing results across all age groups with a number of top 10 finishes. MLC School students achieved more outstanding results in the highly competitive CIS event. Kaitlyn McCaw won both the 50m and 100m Butterfly, Angelique Barrett won Bronze in the 50m Butterfly and Sarah Wellfare finished just out of the top three, coming 4th in the 400m Freestyle. Both Angelique and Kaitlyn qualified to compete at the NSW All School Swimming Carnival where Angelique backed up her CIS success by earning selection in the NSW Team to compete at the Pacific School Games where she came 10th in the Women’s 17–19 years 100m Butterfly. MLC School Swimming looks set to enjoy a successful year in 2016 with former Commonwealth Games competitor and Olympic Swimming Coach, Simon Watkins appointed to the staff.

TENNIS MLC School Tennis continued to thrive in 2015 with over 170 students participating 159 in IGSSA Tennis in Term 1. Some great results were achieved in both Saturday morning competition and the annual Tildesley Tennis Shield Tournament. The girls faced some tough opposition from players from 29 independent girls’ schools. Their hard work paid off with 16 out of 33 MLC School IGSSA Tennis teams making the top four of their respective divisions and progressing to the finals. Four teams went on to win their division. In March, a team of 30 MLC School students competed in the 96th annual Tildesley Tennis Shield Tournament at Pennant Hills Park, placing 14th out of 26 schools. It was great to see 2014 Tildesley Singles Champion Stephanie Yamada back in a coaching role and passing on her experience to the younger players. Special mention must go to the reserves, umpires and lines girls who provided great support to the team. Overall every player showed strong commitment and school spirit throughout the season.

VOLLEYBALL The Term 4 2015 Volleyball season was both fun and challenging. MLC School entered 76 players and 10 teams in the annual competition run by Santa Sabina. Our girls were tested by some talented opposition but the experience they gained will serve them well in 2016. The improvement shown by a number of the Junior Teams was particularly pleasing, with MLC 8, MLC 10 and MLC 2 enjoying success over the course of the season. WATER POLO With only 36 players and three teams, Water Polo is one of the school’s smaller sports but also one of the most consistently successful. In 2015, two out of three teams made the top four and our Junior Team was undefeated, going on to win their Grand Final.


MLC School hosted the popular Friday night Water Polo competition in Term 3, which saw 22 teams compete across five divisions. This well organised and fun contest provided the ideal preparation for the IGSSA Water Polo competition in Term 4. The MLC School team was entered in the Junior Division and the bulk of their players went on to form the successful MLC School Junior Team that won their Grand Final 8–4 against St Vincent’s College in a classy display of team work on both defence and attack.

TOUCH FOOTBALL Touch Football was a sought after sport in 2015 with 134 players participating across 12 teams. MLC 1 finished a stunning season with a 5–3 Grand Final win. The team was in 1st place from early in the competition, never losing its winning streak. MLC 7 meanwhile played a strong, consistent season to make the Grand Finals and finish 2nd in their Division. MLC 1 boasted a core of senior and experienced players who all showed leadership ability and focus, consistently boosting their skills as the competition progressed. After drawing with Frensham during the regular season, they were clearly eager to prove a point in the Grand Final. Each player worked hard throughout the match but it was their positive attitude and commitment to teamwork that ultimately led them to take out the 2015 Premiership.

MLC 3 contested a number of very close games and finished on a high with a comprehensive 16–3 win against Tara in their last match. It was great to see their development over the season. MLC 1 were a formidable team with Australian Stingers Squad member, Alexandra Corbett heading a line up that also boasted representative players Emma Workman, Olivia Hill and Jasmin Yip. Congratulations to Lilian Hunt who was selected to attend the Water Polo NSW Academy training camp, to Olivia Hill who made the IGSSA Team and to Alexandra Corbett who was selected for the Australian Water Polo Tokyo 2020 Squad.





FRONT ROW Eva Scoufis


FRONT ROW Mia Jameson, Olivia Tanevski, Eva Scoufis



FRONT ROW Ava Lee, Mia Jameson





IPSHA ATHELTICS FRONT ROW Ivy Ross, Erica Chou, Aileen Leong, Athena Nikolakopoulos, Alexandra Robinson, Alannah Gill, Alexandra Walker, Charlotte Waters, Olivia Gouganovski SECOND ROW Mia Jameson, Lia Al-Soufi, Jacqueline Flett, Eva Scoufis, Kirsten Dao, Kayla Andreopoulos, Natalia Giannakos, Tara Grasso, Ruby Wiefler THIRD ROW Emma Christie, Sarah Zikovski, Nancy Faraj, Olivia Tanevski, Courtney Roberts, Ria Kapoor, Phillipa Signorelli


FRONT ROW Annaliese Yan, Tara Grasso, Rachel Lao, Zahli Harris


164 FRONT ROW Zahli Harris, Danielle Dib, Erica Chou, Isabel McKeough, Rachel Lao, Abbie Sen, Charlotte Waters, Ivy Ross, Olivia Gouganovski, Keiralyn Dao SECOND ROW Lara Stojkovic, Athena Nikolakopoulos, Alannah Gill, Alexandra Robinson, Emma Mahant, Gracelyn Dao, Charlotte McCrory, Alexandra Walker, Zoe Jameson THIRD ROW Mia Jameson, Zoe Clark, Sarah Zikovski, Sarah Carvolth, Eva Scoufis, Lia Al-Soufi, Shivani Spencer, Elle Tamvakolos

IPSHA DIVING FRONT ROW Ava Lee, Mia Jameson, Sophie Ciesielski, Tara Grasso, Brittany Warner





FRONT ROW Annaliese Yan, Keiralyn Dao, Holly Dauparas, Elsa McDonald, Georgie Roediger, Rachel Lao, Zahli Harris SECOND ROW Caitlin Hartnett, Gracelyn Dao, Molly North, Madeleine Lewis, Alexandra Robinson, Zoe Jameson THIRD ROW Elle Tamvakolos, Tara Grasso, Sophie Ciesielski, Sophie Walker, Eloise Drake


FRONT ROW Mimi Lim, Anastazia Samad, Gwenyth Smith, Athena Nikolakopoulos, Rachel Lao, Raashi Parmar, Zara Dhawan, Lucia Scala SECOND ROW Serena Nguyen, Alexandra Robinson, Georgia Long, Jane So, Ava Lee, Brittany Warner, Zoe Jameson THIRD ROW Mia Jameson, Tori Charalambous, Sophie Ciesielski, Anu Bandaru, Tara Grasso, Erykah Lakkis



FRONT ROW Keiralyn Dao, Isabel McKeough, Charlotte Waters, Chloe Chu, Stella Lin, Mia Eker, Laura Kardasis, Seetha Nathan, Elsa McDonald, Zoe Proctor, Zahli Harris SECOND ROW Caitlin Hartnett, Charlotte McCrory, Soina Thind, Anna Constantinidis, Gracelyn Dao, Mahibhana Mahinthan, Eloise Proctor, Georgia Mouscas, Julia Lok, Tina Papamanuel, Charlize Hosking THIRD ROW Natalie Cavallaro, Alexandra Robinson, Abigail Latham, Charlotte Bathgate, Sarah Truong, Coco Huang, Matilda Clayton, Gauri Sharma, Molly North, Annading Chen FOURTH ROW Jasmine Stavros, Emma Mahant, Sophie Ogilvy, Lilly-Rose Williams, Jacqueline Flett, Trinity Elghitany, Chloe Correia, Mounica Akula, Amelia Chan, Madeleine Lewis FIFTH ROW Jocelyn Ting, Rachel Bai, Madeleine Grisard, Courtney Roberts, Grace Gilhawley, Sarah Carvolth, Sen Sen Xie, Ria Kapoor, Himani Gupta






FRONT ROW Annaliese Yan


FRONT ROW Mia Jameson



FRONT ROW Sanjana Natkunamanickam, Abbie Sen, Rachel Lao, Jana Roy, Eshwari Surendran SECOND ROW Mikaela Sitaramayya, Rochelle Wang, Trisha Prabhu, Aimee Goodridge

YEAR 4 IPSHA MINKEY FRONT ROW Erica Chou, Isabel McKeough, Abbie Sen, Zoe Proctor, Eshwari Surendran SECOND ROW Laura Kardasis, Aimee Goodridge, Aadhya Dhanpal, Matilda Clayton, Mikaela Sitaramayya





FRONT ROW Keiralyn Dao, Zoe Proctor, Jana Roy, Yianna Mitropoulos, Charlotte Waters, Sanjana Natkunamanickam, Zahli Harris SECOND ROW Isabel McKeough, Laura Kardasis, Alannah Gill, Charlize Hosking, Mikaela Sitaramayya, Mia Eker THIRD ROW Amisha Khatri, Destiny Nicholas, Sarah Truong, Jasmine Stavros, Aimee Goodridge, Matilda Clayton


FRONT ROW Zahli Harris, Sanjana Natkunamanickam, Jana Roy, Erica Chou, Yianna Mitropoulos, Zoe Proctor, Eshwari Surendran SECOND ROW Mia Eker, Seetha Nathan, Charlize Hosking, Amisha Khatri, Laura Kardasis, Mikaela Sitaramayya, Athena Nikolakopoulos THIRD ROW Rochelle Wang, Trisha Prabhu, Jasmine Stavros, Aadhya Dhanpal, Aimee Goodridge, Matilda Clayton



FRONT ROW Eshwari Surendran, Elsa McDonald, Brittany Warner, Rochelle Wang, Julia Lok, Abbie Sen SECOND ROW Jacqueline Lewis, Amelia Chan, Aadhya Dhanpal, Mounica Akula, Abigail Latham

YEAR 5 IPSHA CRICKET FRONT ROW Hayley Ma, Olivia Smith, Mia Jameson, Kirsten Moller, Shivani Spencer, Brittany Warner SECOND ROW Dakota Sinozic, Evie Gallagher, Arya Sharma, Sravya Bandaru, Anna Sundquist, Ruby Scott-Wishart





FRONT ROW Tina Papamanuel, Sarah Kanaan, Mahibhana Mahinthan, Hayley Ma, Molly North, Aisling Matthews, Annading Chen, Soina Thind, Charlotte McCrory, Marissa Tsaousidis SECOND ROW Anna Constantinidis, Olivia Smith, Mounica Akula, Tori Charalambous, Zoe Clark, Tara Grasso, Eloise Drake, Mia Jameson, Emma Mahant, Amelia Chan THIRD ROW Briar Campbell, Chloe Correia, Sophie Thomas, Himani Gupta, Elke Krassoi, Courtney Roberts, Evie Gallagher, Ruby Scott-Wishart, Dakota Sinozic, Sophie Walker


FRONT ROW Charlotte McCrory, Hayley Ma, Emma Mahant, Amelia Chan, Madeleine Lewis, Brittany Warner, Tina Papamanuel SECOND ROW Tori Charalambous, Dakota Sinozic, Arya Sharma, Elke Krassoi, Jacqueline Flett, Ruby Scott-Wishart, Mia Jameson



FRONT ROW Tina Papamanuel, Georgia Mouscas, Hayley Ma, Kirsten Moller, Mahibhana Mahinthan, Soina Thind, Marissa Tsaousidi SECOND ROW Shivani Spencer, Chloe Correia, Dakota Sinozic, Anna Sundquist, Mia Jameson, Sophia Cairns THIRD ROW Trinity Elghitany, Himani Gupta, Elke Krassoi, Evie Gallagher, Maggie Wang, Sravya Bandaru

YEAR 6 IPSHA BASKETBALL FRONT ROW Ava Lee, Georgia Long, Rachel Kardasis, Kylie Becvarovski, Natalia Giannakos, Kayla Graham, Tiffany Chi, Emily Fitzgerald, Zara Zuccolotto SECOND ROW Kayla Andreopoulos, Gloria Lim, Alice Kreis, Kirsten Dao, Sarah Zikovski, Mikaela Nguyen, Preeyangka Manogaran, Amelia Kilby THIRD ROW Claudia Catania, Phillipa Signorelli, Neethika Naidu, Emma Randell, Tahlia Hatzisarantinos, Georgia Melhem, Coco Chung, Emma Christie FOURTH ROW Nancy Faraj, Emilie Choi, Gemma Sorial, Olivia Codevelle, Olivia Tanevski, Fiona MacKenzie, Anoushka Adam





FRONT ROW Emily Fitzgerald, Marissa Matthews, Natalia Giannakos, Kayla Andreopoulos, Aleyna Gunduz, Mikaela Nguyen, Alyssa Ciarroni, Kayla Graham, Georgia Long, Eloise Proctor SECOND ROW Georgia Wyatt, Alice Kreis, Georgia Melhem, Coco Chung, Ria Kapoor, Phillipa Signorelli, Claudia Catania, Kelly Zhang, Sarah Zikovski THIRD ROW Tahlia Hatzisarantinos, Sarah Carvolth, Gemma Sorial, Grace Gilhawley, Olivia Codevelle, Olivia Tanevski, Fiona MacKenzie, Nancy Faraj, Rachel Bai


FRONT ROW Ava Lee, Angelica Wilson, Elle Tamvakolos, Claudia Seales, Natalia Giannakos, Kylie Becvarovski, Kayla Graham, Tiffany Chi, Georgia Long, Eloise Proctor SECOND ROW Daiety Vezza, Kirsten Dao, Jocelyn Ting, Phillipa Signorelli, Georgia Melhem, Neethika Naidu, Kelly Zhang, Alice Kreis, Mikaela Nguyen, Kayla Andreopoulos THIRD ROW Emma Dauparas, Leilani Innes, Lauren Madden, Sarah Carvolth, Olivia Tanevski, Fiona MacKenzie, Gemma Sorial, Alexis Madden, Madeleine Grisard, Tahlia Hatzisarantinos





FRONT ROW Zara Zuccolotto, Gracelyn Dao, Georgia Long, Isabella Al-horani, Kayla Graham, Te’jhaan Altiok-Brown, Marissa Matthews, Emily Fitzgerald, Amelia Whitmont, Eloise Proctor SECOND ROW Claudia Seales, Alyssa Ciarroni, Lilly-Rose Williams, Aleyna Gunduz, Georgia Wyatt, Sarah Zikovski, Kirsten Dao, Kayla Andreopoulos, Natalia Giannakos THIRD ROW Claudia Catania, Phillipa Signorelli, Emma Randell, Anoushka Adam, Olivia Codevelle, Olivia Tanevski, Sarah Carvolth, Tahlia Hatzisarantinos, Georgia Melhem

FRONT ROW Angelica Wilson, Gloria Lim, Daiety Vezza, Mikaela Nguyen, Preeyangka Manogaran, Kylie Becvarovski SECOND ROW Emma Christie, Alexis Madden, Fiona MacKenzie, Gemma Sorial, Lauren Madden, Emma Dauparas





BADMINTON FRONT ROW Htet Yamin Aung, Tiffany Lee, Teresa Du, Elizabeth Chen, Annie Gu, Dongni Connie She, Yuting Jin, Vivian Shen, Cecilia Wong, Meghana Gopalan SECOND ROW Catalina Canas, Shakira Chung, Chantelle Man, Katrina Wong, Annabella Lewis, Emily Shum, Tiffany Pang, Shannon Song, Ariana Haghighi THIRD ROW Shirley Chen, Vicky Yuan Shaw Feng, Danah Maher-Lee, Sandy Qui, Wenhui Chen, Jessica Wen Qi Zhu, Megan Nipatcharoen, Ruihan Wang, Sarah Dejanovic FOURTH ROW Anna Michael, Ashley Oliver-Sjahry, Yu Jia Wang, Amanda Lee, Ellena Hartzenberg, Isha Gupta, Rosa Cai Xiao Wang, Jane Faung Liu


FRONT ROW Megan Cavanagh, Aisling McCreery, Kim Trang, Lauren McLean, Zoe Latham, Brittany Duncombe, Felicity Thomas, Hannah Kelly, Emily Osborne, Samantha Cavanagh SECOND ROW Ella Fletcher, Zoe Scoufis, Tiarna Cominos, Morgan Kelaher, Maya Felice, Jasmine Dowidar, Navini Fernando, Jessica Pizzinga, Crystal Warner, Stephanie Kalamvokis, Ziya Kalra, Ms L. Verlinden THIRD ROW Eliza Swann, Chloe Gentle, Tess Bradford, Milan Sharma, Annika Haller, Lydia Todoroska, Jessica Karabesinis, Hayley Cavanagh, Deborah Greenbaum, Zoe Lindhout, Matilda Swann FOURTH ROW Georgia Pollitt, Laura Sutherland, Nicola Yarrow, Nina Frissel-Thomas, Madeleine Murphy, Imogen Greenslade, Grace Webster, Ella Beere, Giorgia Ferrari, Lilie Tyler



FRONT ROW Mackenzie McCowan, Jessica Pitty, Zahra Kemp-Tollefsen, Kayla Tanevski, Zelin Zhuang SECOND ROW Charlotte Mackie Pawson, Emma Rutherford, Imogen Greenslade, Claudia Orr

BASKETBALL FRONT ROW Sein Choi, Amy Miller, Daisy I-Ven Zheng, Gabrielle Giannakos, Emily Hui Yi Li, Georgia Ventouris, Chantelle Man, Olivia Mei Hui Wu, Sabrine Yassine, Amelie Roediger, Jobeth Dator, Grace Karras, Amy Yarrow, Annie Chen SECOND ROW Madison Gollan, Annie Gu, Jacqueline Field, Wenhui Chen, Malia Crawford, Mackenzie McCowan, Helena Harpas, Maria Costantino, Simone Maddison, Eliza Crossley, Ga Chung, Sarah Dejanovic, Meera Patel, Maria Ventouris, Jessica Wen Qi Zhu, Kim Trang, Angelina Tran, Hazel Sung THIRD ROW Matilda Swann, Maeve Ryan, Olivia Papasavvas, Ava Heine, Madeleine Sherbon, Wen Ting Shi, Sandy Qui, Ellena Hartzenberg, Nicole Hussein, Nicole Miloucheva, Yasmin Mills, Lucinda Baker, Eliza Swann, Crystal Warner, Danah Maher-Lee, Anna Nguyen, Claudia Sale FOURTH ROW Elizabeth Hewish, |Lilian Hunt, Federica Lannan, Victoria Chang, Katrina Wong, Victoria Tong, Tess Bradford, Jessie Field, Alice Patterson, Felicity Thomas, Bianca Riley, Christina Shin, Anjali Cuganesan, Isabel Chan, Sashira Mulholland, Vivian Law, Anica Shen FIFTH ROW Taylor Jones, Ivy Wei Jiang, Aleksia Grbic, Ella Tsaousidis, Darani Gilchrist, Madison Long, Saskia Kanellos, Emily Millar, Hannah Kingsley, Eva Novikov, Zahra Kemp-Tollefsen, Natalie Kai Yi Wong, Gabrielle Cadena, Sarah Healey, Beatrice Drake, Maddison Fisher, Emily Hunt SIXTH ROW Zelin Zhuang, Eliza Tallon, Nicola Yarrow, Jessica Pitty, Charlotte Mackie Pawson, Marlena Watkins, Imogen Greenslade, Eliza Stewart, Isha Gupta, Claudia Orr, Kayla Tanevski, Emma Rutherford, Claire McLelland, Rosa Cai Xiao Wang, Briony Farquhar, Felicia Ventouris, Josephine Lewis




FRONT ROW Kim Trang, Anna Michael, Emily Osborne, Taylor Jones, Lauren McLean, Ella Whitehurst, Jane Faung Liu, Megan Cavanagh, Hannah Kelly, Samantha Cavanagh SECOND ROW Ashleigh Childs, Stephanie Kalamvokis, Jessica MacMaster, Tiarna Cominos, Navini Fernando, Zoe Scoufis, Olivia Makhlouf, Ella Fletcher, Ms L Verlinden THIRD ROW Rahni Eng-Shan Ong, Selina Ho, Natashja Eyles, Rebecca Janes, Isabelle Ingham, Ashley Oliver-Sjahry, Yasmin Mills, Chloe Gentle, Virginia Peter FOURTH ROW Hayley Cavanagh, Tess Bradford, Laura Sutherland, Ella Beere, Zoe Latham, Ivy Wei Jiang, Victoria Tong, Lucinda Hughes ABSENT Olivia van Gelder, Kendall Harris, Bethany Lo, Jaya Eng-Sha Ong, Sahana Sivathas, Billie Whittaker, Rebecca Zhong, Alex Zoras



BADMINTON FRONT ROW Ziya Kalra, Jessica Kuo, Emily Shum, Tess Morrison, Natalie Lin, Eugenie Xingyi Tan SECOND ROW Deborah Greenbaum, Louise Poole, Hannah Suster, Marissa Motsos, Ella Fletcher ABSENT Annaliese Konidaris, Catalina Floros, Gabrielle Cain, Sarah Cain, Genevieve de la Motte



FRONT ROW Macayla Li-Ting Wong, Erin Bofinger, Emma Dickson, Adele Marwood, Kaisha Rollason

GYMNASTICS FRONT ROW Hanna Nash, Zoe Cross, Olivia Otto, Tracy JL Liu, Deborah Greenbaum, Taylor Jones, Georgia Ventouris, Natalie Lin, Josephine Lam SECOND ROW Olivia Makhlouf, Rebecca Bisseh, Victoria Lee, Katrina Wu, Crystal Warner, Maria Ventouris, Jessica Kuo, Gabrielle Giannakos THIRD ROW Emily Huynh, Eleanor Thorpe, Felicia Ventouris, Elizabeth Hewish, Stella Kochanowicz, Sarah Day, Emily Hart, Tiara Huynh




FRONT ROW Hannah Kelly, Olivia Cain, Rebecca Janes, Isabelle Ingham, Briony Farquhar, Phoebe Hunter-Mole, Felicity Thomas SECOND ROW Shreeya Haridas, Eve Taylor, Isabella Seales, Elizabeth Hewish, Tess Bradford, Stephanie Valaris ABSENT Sahana Sivathas


HOCKEY FRONT ROW Hanna Nash, Ella Tomkins, Amy Yarrow, Emily Hui Yi Li, Anousha Xegas, Theophani Stavropoulos, Uma Barrett, Amelie Roediger, Lillian Dummett, Amala Cuganesan, Clara Janssen, Kimberley Ngo SECOND ROW Emma Juffermans, Isabel Xin-Yuan Leung, Annie Gu, Monique Jomaa, Cailey Smith, Olivia Keeble Otero, Olivia Sodbinov, Claudia Sale, Charlotte Sodbinov, Charlie Kairaitis, Anica Shen, Meera Patel, Isabelle Tang, Caitlin Field THIRD ROW Olivia Cain, Olivia Grasso, Marina Chan, Navini Fernando, Mia Caputo, Phoebe Hunter-Mole, Anja Seeto, Stephanie Valaris, Mary Pinnock, Georgia Pollitt, Shreeya Haridas, Victoria Michael, Laura Laman, Hannah Kelly FOURTH ROW Rebecca Janes, Felicity Thomas, Elle Andreopoulos, Hope Mersal, Georgina McCrohon, Madison Allan, Morgan Kelaher, Liliana Mijatovic, Francesca Searle, Christina Catania, Gabriella Melhem, Chloe Donkin, Tess Bradford FIFTH ROW Sarah Dejanovic, Emily Osborne, Ella Tsaousidis, Maya Felice, Beatrice Drake, Ava Heine, Vicky Yuan Shaw Feng, Eleanor Thorpe, Lilie Tyler, Jessica Karabesinis, Ellena Hartzenberg, Zoe Hannam, Maria Costantino SIXTH ROW Annika Haller, Emerald Bui, Isabelle Ingham, Lauren Barclay, Demi Charalambous, Katie Papachatgis, Giorgia Ferrari, Claire McLelland, Gabriella Searle, Imogen Turner, Janjane Feng, Eve Taylor, Nikita Chawla SEVENTH ROW Julia Oddie, Zoe Latham, Isabella Seales, Elizabeth Hewish, Georgia Keogh, Amelia Xouris, Eliza Stewart, Ellen Brown, Bianca Riley, Jasmine Yip, Jacqueline Wesiak, Briony Farquhar

NETBALL 1st 180

FRONT ROW Jessie Field, Julia De Sterke, Alice Patterson, Lauren McLean, Capri Maher SECOND ROW Lily Stewart, Bianca Riley, Sarah Law, Stephanie Tanevski, Lilian Hunt

NETBALL FRONT ROW Ruby Guminski, Ziya Kalra, Alexandra Stackpool, Holly Miller, Shannon Song, Jessica MacMaster, Vittoria Loprevite, Paris Mitropoulos, Patria Koutsogiannis, Georgia Softsis, Samantha Cavanagh, Zoe Morrison, Mia Novati, Bethany Lo, Chloe Beraldo, Ruby Ince, Madison Gollan SECOND ROW Hannah Ross, Katerina Delis, Emma Clark, Gabrielle Giannakos, Desiray Yee Tong La, Mia Burjan, Anika Lammers, Cienna Dent, Charlotte Pullinger, Eliza Crossley, Olivia Winlaw, Angie Shao Xu, Anabelle Truong, Olivia Makhlouf, Tiffany Pang, Catalina Canas, Eliza Kennedy THIRD ROW Antonique Amperidis, Olivia Bersais, Tiahna Sortwell, Tiarna Cominos, Laura Sutherland, Maddison Fisher, Rahni Eng-Shan Ong, Imogen Kuah, Isabella Zhang, Prerna Pabathi, Alicia Davies, Megan Cavanagh, Capri Maher, Emily Millar, Taylor Hosking, Sienna Fresta, Zoe Westbrook, Emily Eker FOURTH ROW Christina Burjan, Meghana Gopalan, Menawish Asif, Olivia Debs, Simone Maddison, Virginia Peter, Olivia Otto, Georgia Ventouris, Natashja Eyles, Rebecca Janssen, Kim Trang, Sophie Liang, Milla Webb, Natalie Sorial, Eden Cheng, Chantelle Man, Eloise Smith, Jacqueline Field, Katerina Chen FIFTH ROW Margaret Zhu, Katherine Du, Elizabeth Liu, Josephine Lewis, Michelle Law, Sarah Healey, Christiana Perdis, Diya Mehta, Katerina Malafouris, Emily Huynh, Eva Jessurun, Eliana Farr, Wenhui Chen, Sofia Costa, Amanda Yu, Jennifer Yee Tang, Swathi Ilanko, Olivia Bubalo, Georgia Dunn SIXTH ROW Tiara Huynh, Nancy Wang, Sarah Chou, Danah Maher-Lee, Nicole Healey, Georgia Bowrey, Catherine Papadimitriou, Lydia Todoroska, Maeve Ryan, Beth Balas, Hannah Arnold, Madeline Bide, Nicole Lin, Ruihan Wang, Jessica Song, Emmeline Booth, Felicia Ventouris, Briana Chapman, Gabrielle Cadena SEVENTH ROW Lucy Squier, Jasmine Todoroska, Isabella Anderson, Alexia Riotto, Isabelle Stackpool, Claire Rogers, Mia Jessurun, Hayley Cavanagh, Taylor Jones, Ella Woolbank, Stephanie Dimovski, Jessie Field, Claire Lindsay, Federica Lannan, Renee Yau Li, Amity Dent, Lauren McLean, Amelie Coman, Samantha Naayen EIGHTH ROW Darani Gilchrist, Madison Long, Jane Faung Liu, Xu Yan, Sarah Day, Nicola Yarrow, Lilian Hunt, Alice Patterson, Lisa Chen, Isabel Chan, Georgia Hewitt, Jessica Tippett, Brittany Duncombe, Julia Tanevski, Olivia Robb, Saskia Kanellos, Eliza Tallon, Rosa Cai Xiao Wang, Grace Susuairara NINTH ROW Chehlsea Kanangara, Janice Chae Hyun Lee, Emma Denton, Annika Pienaar, Stella Kochanowicz, Jessica Luo, Adelaide Grisard, Bianca Riley, Lucy McKindlay, Sarah Law, Anna Abourizk, Madeleine Murphy, Isha Gupta, Marlena Watkins, Divya Ahlawat, Stephanie Tanevski, Vivian Lai, Julia De Sterke



FRONT ROW Klara Zhao, Madison Allan, Ella Woolbank, Felicity Thomas, Layla Nazha SECOND ROW Tess Bradford, Zoe Latham, April Guest, Louise Poole



FRONT ROW Ayla Varol, Taylor Jones, Emily Osborne, Grace Sixsmith, Grace Webster, Jade Brooks, Stephanie Dimovski, Eliza Tallon, Lauren McLean, Kim Trang SECOND ROW Sherrie Chung, Daphne Doumanis, Eleni Charalambidis, Diya Mehta, Georgia Bowrey, Mary Pinnock, Olivia Debs, Imogen Kuah, Theophani Stavropoulos, Ms C. Congdon THIRD ROW Uma Barrett, Crystal Warner, Siyumi Dassanayake, Briana Chapman, Zahra Kemp-Tollefsen, Ella Woolbank, Georgina McCrohon, Madeleine Aitken, Ava Heine, Natashja Eyles FOURTH ROW Lucy Squier, Samantha Naayen, Dana Royle, Eve Taylor, Bianca Riley, Madeleine Murphy, Imogen Greenslade, Alessandra McCluskey-Voigt, Grace Susuairara, Mia Caputo

SOCCER 1st 182

FRONT ROW Hannah Kelly, Eve Taylor, Lauren Barclay, Phoebe Hunter-Mole, Georgia Pollitt, Anja Seeto, Claire Lindsay, Georgina Robinson SECOND ROW Briony Farquhar, Emerald Bui, Isabelle Ingham, Ella Beere, Marissa Motsos, Lauren McLean, Marissa Kassapakis

SOCCER FRONT ROW Eliza Kennedy, Anabelle Truong, Cienna Dent, Olivia Winlaw, Katerina Delis, Olivia Sodbinov, Charlie Kairaitis, Elena Viatos, Layla Ziade, Aisling McCreery, Isabel Xin-Yuan Leung, Taylor Hosking, Kaisha Rollason, Jessica MacMaster, Cailey Smith, Mia Tsirekas, Mikayla Papadimitriou SECOND ROW Anja Seeto, Clara Janssen, Mia Novati, Uma Barrett, Jaimie Kappas, Patria Koutsogiannis, Hannah Ross, Sahana Sivathas, Eleni Kaloterakis, Gabriella Melhem, Beth Balas, Virginia Peter, Sarah Monaha, Charlotte Sodbinov, Sienna Fresta, Emily Eker, Elizabeth Linardos, Ruby Ince, Ayla Varol, Theophani Stavropoulos, Lauren Huynh THIRD ROW Lillian Dummett, Sophia-Maria Pyrgiotis, Rebecca Bisseh, Victoria Michael, Nicole Moore, Eve Taylor, Grace John, Lucy Squier, Zoe Hannam, Zoe Lindhout, Annike Lindhout, Isabella Leighton, Sofia Costa, Anastasia Giannakakos, Mary Pinnock, Georgina Robinson, Ashley So, Hannah Kelly, Christiana Perdis FOURTH ROW Kaelyn Bachir, Georgia Dunn, Jessica Karabesinis, Vicky Yuan Shaw Feng, Grace Gilmore, Diya Mehta, Katie Papachatgis, Georgia Pollitt, Lilie Tyler, Isabelle Ingham, Marissa Kassapakis, Ella Makovec, Ava McGrigor, Lydia Todoroska, Annika Haller, Julia Spiker, Ella Woolbank, Maya Felice, Katerina Malafouris FIFTH ROW Natashja Eyles, Frankie Howard-White, Claire Lindsay, Stephanie Valaris, Milan Sharma, Lauren Barclay, Emerald Bui, Phoebe Hunter-Mole, Harriet Gibson, Asena Gunduz, Eloise Smith, Tedaree Jamieson, Amity Dent, Olivia Hill, Bella Burton, Aniela Haigh, Marissa Motsos, Briony Farquhar, Lauren McLean SIXTH ROW Isabella Seales, Sarah Moller, Alyssa Filippoff, Christina Catania, Stephanie Dimovski, Katrina Tsaousidis, Ashley Waters, Ella Beere, Veronika Males, Madeleine Murphy, Tilda Cook, Stephanie Tanevski, Amira Hatoum, Ellyn Sheehy, Adalita Young, Rita Cammaroto, Giorgia Ferrari, Amelie Coman



183 FRONT ROW Helena Harpas, Jasmine Todoroska, Briony Farquhar, Tess Bradford, Phoebe Hunter-Mole, Jacqueline Field SECOND ROW Lydia Todoroska, Jessie Field, Kayla Tanevski, Felicity Thomas, Georgia Pollitt ABSENT Holly Mason, Samantha Anderson, Sarah Cain



SOFTBALL FRONT ROW Clara Janssen, Mia Tsirekas, Amelie Roediger, Georgia Softsis, Sabrine Yassine, Anika Lammers, Olivia Cain, Emily Hui Yi Li, Gabrielle Giannakos, Holly Miller, Amala Cuganesan, Ruby Ince SECOND ROW Ashna Kapoor, Jacqueline Field, Cienna Dent, Priyanka Visvalingam, Meera Patel, Aisling McCreery, Rahni Eng-Shan Ong, Virginia Peter, Harriet Gibson, Isabel Xin-Yuan Leung, Samara Tucker, Menawish Asif, Olivia Keeble Otero, Eliza Crossley, Elena Viatos THIRD ROW Jessica Pizzinga, Lucinda Baker, Felicity Thomas, Milla Webb, Gemma Dessent, Nikita Chawla, Sophie Graham, Anja Seeto, Georgia Pollitt, Tess Bradford, Helena Harpas, Lyla Groom, Georgia Dunn FOURTH ROW Chehlsea Kanangara, Eloise Smith, Briony Farquhar, Jessie Field, Gabrielle Cadena, Zoe Hannam, Darani Gilchrist, Olivia Papasavvas, Grace John, Isabella Anderson, Phoebe Hunter-Mole, Jasmine Todoroska, Lydia Todoroska FIFTH ROW Lily Smith, Natalie Kai Yi Wong, Katie Papachatgis, Kayla Tanevski, Olivia Robb, Bianca Riley, Alexis Norington, Sarah Day, Maggie Collins, Ellen Brown, Eleanor Thorpe, Amelie Coman

SWIMMING 184 FRONT ROW Ashleigh Childs, Tiahna Sortwell, Maddison Fisher, Bridget Goonan, Angelique Barrett, Christina Shin, Virginia Peter, Emily Eker SECOND ROW Ella Woolbank, Maggie Collins, Sienna Prowse, Briony Farquhar, Samantha Naayen, Anastasia Kennett, Sarah Moller THIRD ROW Brittany Childs, Maxine Heim, Lucy McKindlay, Sarah Wellfare, Bianca Riley, Ella Beere ABSENT Livia O’Dea, Emily Hunt, Chloe Gentle, Lilian Hunt, Jasmine Yip, Olivia Hill, Juliet Bladon, Sarah Cain, Kaitlyn McCaw

TENNIS 1st FRONT ROW Nicole Miloucheva, Claudia Orr, Sophia-Maria Pyrgiotis ABSENT Rachel Hammond



TILDESLEY TENNIS BADMINTON FRONT ROW Stephanie Kalamvokis, Taylor Hosking, Bella Burton, Yasmin Mills, Margaret Zhu, Claudia Kendrovski, Sophia-Maria Pyrgiotis SECOND ROW Nicole Moore, Imogen Turner, Tiffany Sun, Eva Novikov, Jessica Gnanaratnam, Amity Dent, Nicole Miloucheva THIRD ROW Jacqueline Wesiak, Elizabeth Hewish, Claudia Orr, Stephanie Tanevski, April Guest, Angela Peng ABSENT Rachel Hammond, Eva Gouganovski, Athanasia Sakoutis, Jessica Tippett, Lisa Chen, Michelle Kong, Georgina Robinson, Victoria Tong, Hyehee Shin, Ivy Jiang


TENNIS FRONT ROW Annie Chen, Joy Zhang, Cailey Smith, Mia Burjan, Sein Choi, Chloe Beraldo, Morgan Kelaher, Desiray Yee Tong La, Daisy I-Ven Zheng, Zoe Westbrook, Angie Shao Xu, Jessica MacMaster, Ella Tomkins SECOND ROW Bethany Lo, Amy Miller, Amy Yarrow, Eliza Kennedy, Zoe Berg, Olivia Winlaw, Isabella Zhang, Prerna Pabathi, Alyson Huynh, Emma Juffermans, Layla Nazha, Nehreen Hassan, Lauren Huynh, Mr L. Catherine (Head Coach) THIRD ROW Stephanie Kalamvokis, Phoebe Kaiying Zhou, Christina Burjan, Olivia Sodbinov, Margaret Zhu, Josephine Lewis, Josefine Ticic, Monique Jomaa, Madeleine Lysaght, Sian Thomas, Taylor Hosking, Charlotte Sodbinov, Olivia Mei Hui Wu, Angelina Tran FOURTH ROW Eden Cheng, Anica Shen, Livia O’Dea, Sashira Mulholland, Aniela Haigh, Zoe Lindhout, Vivian Law, Nicole Miloucheva, Claudia Kendrovski, Annike Lindhout, Isabella Leighton, Katerina Malafouris, Teagan Truong, Anna Nguyen, Sophia-Maria Pyrgiotis FIFTH ROW Nicole Moore, Katerina Chen, Francesca Searle, Maddison Fisher, Victoria Tong, Gabriella Searle, Maya Felice, Philippa Machin, Xu Yan, Bella Burton, Grace Gilmore, Aleksia Grbic, Amity Dent, Jessica Song, Billie Whittaker, Wen Ting Shi SIXTH ROW Sarah Healey, Sarah Moller, Ivy Wei Jiang, Jessica Tippett, Amira Hatoum, Jessica Gnanaratnam, April Guest, Claudia Orr, Stephanie Tanevski, Alice Patterson, Elizabeth Hewish, Madison Long, Jacqueline Wesiak, Tiffany Sun, Beatrice Drake


FRONT ROW Lucinda Hughes, Jessie Cai, Felicity Thomas, Tess Bradford, Victoria Tong SECOND ROW Carissa Long, Anastasia Rimagmos, Julia De Sterke, Jessie Field, Briony Farquhar

TOUCH FOOTBALL FRONT ROW Ashna Kapoor, Laura Laman, Victoria Michael, Julia De Sterke, Mia Jessurun, Kayla Tanevski, Kaelyn Bachir, Felicity Thomas, Jacqueline Field, Stephanie Valaris, Lucinda Hughes, Anna Michael SECOND ROW Clara Janssen, Navini Fernando, Olivia Grasso, Jennifer Chae Lin Lee, Natalie Sorial, Sophie Graham, Catherine Papadimitriou, Milla Webb, Anja Seeto, Georgia Pollitt, Ava McGrigor, Lydia Todoroska, Katie Papachatgis, Chloe Gentle, Eleni Kaloterakis, Sarah Monaha, Olivia Cain THIRD ROW Emerald Bui, Isabelle Ingham, Eloise Smith, Jasmine Todoroska, Katrina Wong, Christina Shin, Isabel Chan, Jessie Cai, Victoria Chang, Dakota Comino, Sienna Prowse, Madeline Bide, Charlotte Seales, Vicky Yuan Shaw Feng FOURTH ROW Tess Bradford, Jessie Field, Louise Poole, Marissa Motsos, Carissa Long, Christina Catania, Julia Oddie, Maggie Collins, Ashley Waters, Caroline Fernandes, Tarisha Gunaratnam, Briony Farquhar, Isabella Seales, Eleanor Thorpe FIFTH ROW Elizabeth Hewish, Annelise Chu, Claudia Orr, Nicola Yarrow, Lisa Chen, Vivian Lai, Stephanie Tanevski, Anastasia Rimagmos, Julia Tanevski, Brittany Duncombe, Annika Pienaar, Olivia Robb, Victoria Tong, Rebecca Janes





FRONT ROW Yuting Jin, Sophia Costantino, Anjali Cuganesan, Elizabeth Chen, Imogen Moore, Ruihan Wang, Cho Yan Joanne Wong, Elizabeth Liu, Josephine Lam SECOND ROW Emily Hui Yi Li, Olivia Mei Hui Wu, Liliana Mijatovic, Amanda Yu, Jessica Pizzinga, Emily Shum, Katie Zheng, Katrina Marshall, Phoebe Kaiying Zhou, Nehreen Hassan THIRD ROW Isabelle Stackpool, Chloe Donkin, Olivia Bubalo, Megan Nipatcharoen, Nicole Healey, Lucinda Baker, Nancy Wang, Jennifer Yee Tang, Yu Angela Bai, Tess Morrison FOURTH ROW Won Kim, Marissa Kassapakis, Jessica Tippett, Isha Gupta, Anna Abourizk, Alexis Norington, Amanda Lee, Anastasia Kennett, Nicole Lin


FRONT ROW Yu Angela Bai, Isha Gupta, Alexis Norington, Marissa Kassapakis, Won Kim




FRONT ROW Brittany Childs, Maxine Heim, Emma Workman, Lucy McKindlay, Jasmine Yip, Olivia Hill ABSENT Alexandra Corbett, Milena Aravena, Sarah Cain, Lilian Hunt


FRONT ROW Mary Pinnock, Claudia Sale, Aleksia Grbic, Grace Gilmore, Saskia Kanellos, Georgia Dunn, Angelina Tran, Virginia Peter, Ashleigh Childs SECOND ROW Emily Millar, Gemma Dessent, Claire McLelland, Phoebe Hunter-Mole, Olivia Hill, Jasmine Yip, Brittany Childs, Ella Makovec, Amity Dent THIRD ROW Briony Farquhar, Bianca Riley, Lucy McKindlay, Emma Workman, Georgia Hewitt, Maxine Heim, Natasha Opacic, Brittany O’Hare



Chelsea Chen

Stella Wallace

Bianca Trimboli

Anastazia Samad

Adelaide Akers

Carina Chu

Imogen Wong

Danielle Wan

Lucia Scala

Georgina Auld

Mia Coady

Mikayla Woon

Stephanie Wang

Aiesha Sivaranjan

Audrey Boulton

Sophie Connolly

Ella Wu

Soraya Trevillien

Ava Brown

Nectaria Constanti

Annika Yogaratnam

Sara Trimboli

Zoe Brown

Alyssa Corbett

Julia Zarlenga

Katelyn Tu

Niamh Canadas

Lucy Cui

Ella Zhang

Selina Wang

Avery Dauphinee

Georgia Delis

Jemima Zoud

Annaliese Yan

Alisha Dhaliwal

Yolanda Dolenac

Stephanie El'Atrache

Orianna Ellis

Maryse Elassal

Charla Howard

Noelle Elias

Sophia Hu

Sunny Fu

Rae Huang

Evelyn Gogos

Sacha Jeyasingam

Katherine Goldring

Niamh Johnson

Ingrid Henderson

Diar Kabaha

Tiffany Ibrahim

Gurnaaz Kahlon

Emma Kanaan

Charlotte Kanaan

Ari Kim

Avnika Kandala

Emma Rose Koeswandy

Meena Kanthathas

Olivia Kozman

Aisha Karunakaran

Megan Kuit

Nicola Keast

Miranda Lin

Stephanie Keo

Chloe Lu

Avery Koh

Taylor Lu

Sofia Lam

Pip McGuire

Janice Leong

Christina Messih

Rose Lin

Rachael Ming

India-Rose Mace

Mai Phan

Eleanor McKeough

Elizabeth Ravens

Angelina Mijakovac

Ada Savage

Chloe Miller

Alana Siluk

Isabella Munoz

Jiarui Song

Kyra Narang

Emma Sugianto

Angelina Ng

Talia Trevillien

Lam Nguyen

Ally Videira Firmino

Lara Omran

Elyse Vivash

Angela Ong

Jiashan Wang

Stephanie Phong

Katherine Woo

Ines Prince

Rima Zhang

Mia Rice

Kindergarten Sophia Antipas Soraya Bates Ilaria Blanco Jodhi Bou

Aaliya Salim Aashi Shah Baylie Shen Cassandra Vielman Liana Wai

Year 1 Julinar Alshehabi Mya Andrews-Ruker Florence Ata Gabriella Ayad

Jolina Zhang

Emily Bitar

Year 2

Allegra Carlini

Neika Abdilla Bacon

Year 3

Maalika Chalak

Nicole Audi

Naja Abas

Kathleen Chrun

Mannix Aurisch

Isabel Baudille

Chloe Constantinidis

Jasmine Banks

Isabella Bednaic

Isabella Correia

Lara Bazzi

Clare Butcher

Elysse Diep

Misha Behi

Genevieve Cesarano

Emily Duong

Kristina Bitar

Zara Constance

Kiara Elghitany

Emma Burgess

Chiara Corbett

Grace Farrow

Lucinda Butcher

Amelia Cosmidis

Amalia Fernandes

Stephanie Chew

Danielle Dib

Isabel Garner

Elizabeth Cruz

Ivana Dolenac

Hazel Gohil

Scarlett De Barros

Fiona Feng

Sneha Hasanat

Zara Dhawan

Jody Feng

Chloe He

Christina Di Giandomenico

Isabella Gadelrabb

Angelique Houltham

Natalia Gadelrabb

Nicole Giannacopoulos

Amelia Kozman

Tayla Georges

Harriet Gohil

Chloe Kypreos

Felicia Hannah

Olivia Gouganovski

Rafaela Lee

Chloe Ho-Shon

Angelina Hu

Ellie Li

Alana Ikladios

Zoe Jameson

Jiayi Li

Christine Jin

Bariah Khaznadar

Megan Lieu

Amaya Karunakaran

Isabella Kristallis

Umaiza Mahfuz

Sameera Khatri

Joanne Law

Camille McLucas

Angelina Le

Aileen Leong

Chloe Messih

Ynez Liauw

Isabelle Lin

Gauri Nathan

Giovanna Lim

Claire Liu

Sophie Pan

Mimi Lim

Zara Luong

Ava Roins

Jossie Liu

Joyce Mai

Ava Saad

Khadije Macey-Najjarine

Sienna Marriott

Dina Saeed

Fatat Malas

Sophie Moshonas

Aryana Sah

Nghi Nguyen

Jana Mourad

Naomi Samuel

Brooklynn Nguyen

Nevaeh Nicholas

Haegan Sitou

Evie Papamanuel

Amelia Norton

Anisha Sivagurunathan

Emily Phong

Keira O'Connor

Emma Sullivan

Sarah Pickett

Gabrielle Palmer

Olivia Sun-Ryan

Lana Radwan

Raashi Parmar

Valerie Tran

Mia Rae

Sophia Pavlovic



Georgie Roediger

Sanjana Natkunamanickam

Caitlin Hartnett

Sravya Bandaru

Daiety Vezza

Tiana Roins

Destiny Nicholas

Coco Huang

Charlotte Bathgate

Amelia Whitmont

Anikah Sanan

Athena Nikolakopoulos

Mia Jameson

Laurette Bechara

Lilly-Rose Williams

Sophia Sefein

Zoe Proctor

Sarah Kanaan

Kylie Becvarovski

Georgia Wyatt

Santina Signorelli

Ivy Ross

Elke Krassoi

Sarah Carvolth

Mariam Yassine

Gwenyth Smith

Jana Roy

Erykah Lakkis

Claudia Catania

Kelly Zhang

Seraya Srikumar

Abbie Sen

Laryssa Latt

Christie Ch'ng

Sarah Zikovski

Lara Stojkovic

Mahi Shah

Madeleine Lewis

Gabriella Chen

Zara Zuccolotto

Georgia Terzis

Mikaela Sitaramayya

Hayley Ma

Emilie Choi

Mia Tsaousidis

Jasmine Stavros

Emma Mahant

Emma Christie

Bella Upcroft

Cassandra Tong

Zunairah Mahfuz

Olivia Codevelle

Alexandra Walker

Sarah Truong

Mahibhana Mahinthan

Gracelyn Dao

Ruby Wiefler

Chantelle Wan

Aisling Matthews

Kirsten Dao

Felicity Willcox

Rochelle Wang

Charlotte McCrory

Amy-Grace Docherty

Sofia Wilson

Charlotte Waters

Kirsten Moller

Jaclyn Duncombe

Lucinda Winlaw

Yasmin Yogaratnam

Georgia Mouscas

Nancy Faraj

Cara Wu

Kylie Zhou

Molly Rose North

Emily Fitzgerald

Azzurra Zappacosta

Shelley Zhou

Helena Panos

Natalia Giannakos

Tina Papamanuel

Grace Gilhawley

Trisha Prabhu

Kayla Graham

Sophie Reid

Aleyna Gunduz

Courtney Roberts

Tahlia Hatzisarantinos

Alexandra Robinson

Leilani Innes

Dylan Rose

Amara Kalcev

Ruby Scott-Wishart

Ria Kapoor

Mirabella Shang

Rachel Kardasis

Arya Sharma

Amelia Kilby

Gauri Sharma

Alice Kreis

Dakota Sinozic

Ava Lee

Olivia Smith

Gloria Lim

Shivani Spencer

Georgia Long

Anna Sundquist

Fiona MacKenzie

Eshwari Surendran

Lauren Madden

Lara Taleb

Preeyangka Manogaran

Soina Thind

Marissa Matthews

Sophie Thomas

Georgia Melhem

Charlotte Trieu

Neethika Naidu

Marissa Tsaousidis

Audrey Nguyen

Renae Varvaris

Mikaela Nguyen

Sophie Walker

Miranda Norton

Maggie Wang

Nicola Oddie

Brittany Warner

Sophie Ogilvy

Tiffany Weng

Eloise Proctor

Mei Yan Sophia Wong

Emma Randell

Sen Sen Xie

Claudia Seales

Year 4

Year 5

Dalia Alsaad

Mounica Akula

Chloe Bofinger

Lia Al-Soufi

Brooke Bucholtz

Polly Allchin

Zaara Chalak

Marlene Anderson

Madhavi Chauhan

Sophie Beraldo

Erica Chou

Zoe Brase

Matilda Clayton

Amelia Bresolin

Giselle Cruz

Sophia Cairns

Keiralyn Dao

Tess Callaghan

Holly Dauparas

Briar Campbell

Aadhya Dhanpal

Natalie Cavallaro

Mia Eker

Jeyda Ceylan

Elizabeth Giannacopoulos

Amelia Chan

Alannah Gill

Tori Charalambous

Aimee Goodridge

Annading Chen

Jennisa Ha

Chloe Chu

Zahli Harris

Sophie Ciesielski

Charlize Hosking

Zoe Clark

Taotao Jiang

Anna Constantinidis

Laura Kardasis

Christyn Cordato

Amisha Khatri

Chloe Correia

Rachel Lao

Jade Di Girolamo

Abigail Latham

Eloise Drake

Georgina Lim

Armita Dutta Gupta

Stella Lin

Trinity Elghitany

Julia Lok

Ivana Fernando

Helena Lu

Jacqueline Flett

Year 6

Breanna Mar

Madison Floros

Anoushka Adam

Elsa McDonald

Evie Gallagher

Isabella Al-horani

Isabel McKeough

Tara Grasso

Te’jhaan Altiok-Brown

Yianna Mitropoulos

Himani Gupta

Kayla Andreopoulos

Seetha Nathan

Layla Hare

Sarvani Bala

Phillipa Signorelli Gemma Sorial Elle Tamvakolos Olivia Tanevski Jocelyn Ting Sabrina Tran

Year 7 Antonique Amperidis Hannah Arnold Menawish Asif Chloe Azzam Rachel Bai Kate Baker Beth Balas Uma Barrett Chloe Beraldo Zoe Berg Olivia Bersais Chanel Boudib Mia Burjan Gabrielle Cadena Sammy Cavanagh Marina Chan Briana Chapman Annie Chen Eden Cheng Tiffany Chi Ashleigh Childs Isabelle Choi Karen Chung Coco Chung Alyssa Ciarroni Laura Cincotta Amelie Coman Tiarna Cominos Sophia Copp Sofia Costa Maria Antonia Costantino Eliza Crossley Amala Cuganesan Emma Dauparas Olivia Debs Sarah Dejanovic Katerina Delis Cienna Dent Emma Dickson Daphne Doumanis Beatrice Drake Katherine Du

Lilly Dummett

Bethany Lo

Josefine Ticic

Giorgia Ferrari

Madeleine Murphy

Katherine Eggleton

Madison Long

Ella Tomkins

Amelia Fox-Jacobe

Hanna Nash

Emily Eker

Vittoria Loprevite

Anabelle Truong

Chloe Gentle

Sophie Newby

Mouna El-Ahmad

Philippa Machin

Ella Tsaousidis

Gabrielle Giannakos

Alyssa Nguyen

Eliana Farr

Bella Macken

Mia Tsirekas

Hannah Gilhawley

Julia Oddie

Elizabeth Farrow

Jess MacMaster

Samara Tucker

Grace Gilmore

Emily Osborne

Maya Felice

Alexis Madden

Ayla Varol

Sophie Graham

Olivia Otto

Caitlin Field

Simone Maddison

Zoe Westbrook

Aleksia Grbic

Katie Papachatgis

Maddison Fisher

Darcy Martin

Audrey Williams

Imogen Greenslade

Kate Papadimitriou

Ella Fletcher

Aisling McCreery

Angelica Wilson

Annika Haller

Christiana Perdis

Sienna Fresta

Sarah McNaughton

Olivia Winlaw

Nehreen Hassan

Virginia Peter

Anastasia Giannakakos

Holly Miller

Natalie Wong

Emily Huynh

Jessica Pizzinga

Darani Gilchrist

Paris Mitropoulos

Macayla Wong

Tiara Huynh

Abigail Rae

Erin Glover

Sarah Moller

Ella Woolbank

Anjelica Issa

Olivia Robb

Madison Gollan

Zoe Morrison

Eva Wright

Tessa Iversen

Lily Rodgers

Meghana Gopalan

Samantha Naayen

Megan Xie

Clara Janssen

Claudia Sale

Madeleine Grisard

Layla Nazha

Angie Xu

Eva Jessurun

Breanna Scott

Annie Gu

Serena Nguyen

Joy Xu

Sherry Jiang

Zoe Scoufis

Ruby Guminski

Mia Novati

Vanessa Yakasem

Stephanie Kalamvokis

Charlotte Seales

Ariana Haghighi

Livia O'Dea

Marie Yan

Eleni Kaloterakis

Georgia Softsis

Zoe Hannam

Rahni Ong

Halle Yang

Saskia Kanellos

Natalie Sorial

Kendall Harris

Prerna Pabathi

Amy Yarrow

Grace Karras

Tiahna Sortwell

Ellena Hartzenberg

Mikayla Papadimitriou

Isabella Zhang

Zahra Kemp-Tollefsen

Julia Spiker

Sarah Healey

Olivia Papasavvas

Joy Zhang

Jessica Kuo

Jade Su

Ava Heine

Meera Patel

Daisy Zheng

Alice Ho Yi Lam

Laura Sutherland

Taylor Hosking

Grace Potts

Layla Ziade

Jennifer Lee

Eliza Swann

Emily Hunt

Charlotte Pullinger

Alyssar Zogheib

Bella Leighton

Matilda Swann

Nicole Hussein

Zara Rashid

Annabella Lewis

Sian Thomas

Lauren Huynh

Eloise Riviere

Laura Libro

Eleanor Thorpe

Ruby Ince

Amelie Roediger

Nicole Lin

Lydia Todoroska

Jade Jameson

Kaisha Rollason

Annike Lindhout

Angelina Tran

Grace John

Hannah Ross

Zoe Lindhout

Teagan Truong

Monique Jomaa

Maeve Ryan

Elizabeth Liu

Lilie Tyler

Emma Juffermans

Alyssa Scott

Madeleine Lysaght

Georgia Ventouris

Charlie Kairaitis

Eva Scoufis

Rhiannon Macleod

Claire Wang

Ziya Kalra

Anica Shen

Capri Maher

Rachel Wang

Olivia Makhlouf

Crystal Warner

Katerina Malafouris

Milla-Kate Webb

Ellen Margaritis

Billie Whittaker

Katrina Marshall

Olivia Wu

Ava McGrigor

Bethany Xue

Claire McLelland

Nicola Yarrow

Diya Mehta

Sabrine Yassine

Gabriella Melhem

Amanda Yu

Hope Mersal

Katie Zheng

Lilly Mijatovic

Phoebe Zhou

Jaimie Kappas

Cailey Smith

Jessica Karabesinis

Lily Smith

Olivia Keeble Otero

Charlie Sodbinov

Morgan Kelaher

Liv Sodbinov

Eliza Kennedy

Jessica Song

Annaliese Konidaris

Shannon Song

Patria Koutsogiannis

Lucy Squier

Imogen Kuah

Alex Stackpool

Desiray La

Mia Stavropoulos

Anika Lammers

Hazel Sung

Vivian Law

Emma Suster

Minh Tam Le

Samar Taleb

Isabel Leung

Eliza Tallon

Josephine Lewis

Eugenie Tan

Elizabeth Linardos

Isabelle Tang

Year 8 Madeleine Aitken Imogen Allchin Elle Andreopoulos Rasika Bains Lucy Baker Madeline Bide Anna Brew Claudia Byrne Olivia Cain Tayla Casey Christina Catania Eleni Charalambidis Charis Chiu Jasmine Cho Maggie Collins Yijun Cui Sarah Day Gemma Dessent Christiane Diamantis Georgia Dunn Cassandra Economides Natashja Eyles Vicky Feng

Emily Millar Amy Miller Sarah Monaha Afamia Moussa Sashira Mulholland

Year 9 Sarita Alam Julia Athos Isabelle Azzam Erin Bofinger



Emmeline Booth

Linda Lee

Sabina Tom

Teresa Du

Sophie Liang

Mia Boursiani-Lawrence

Jayfel Lee

Elizabeth Tran

Brittany Duncombe

Ashley Liptak

Georgia Bowrey

Emily Li

Anthea Trent

Nicola Economides

Imogen Locke-Sodhi

Olivia Bubalo

Monique Li

Ava Tsaousidis

Caitlin Farrell

Charlotte Mackie Pawson

Gabrielle Cain

Joyce Lin

Katrina Tsaousidis

Janjane Feng

Lauren McLean

Rose Callaghan

Judy Lin

Rosa Ueon

Navini Fernando

Georgia McNaughton

Rita Cammaroto

Natalie Lin

Nancy Wang

Jacqueline Field

Victoria Michael

Catalina Canas

Jane Liu

Rosa Wang

Ella Finlay

Sophie Norton

Megan Cavanagh

Tina Liu

Ashley Waters

Claris Foo

Sophie Norton

Leanne Chan

Angelica Lovel

Isabel Wilson

Nina Frissel-Thomas

Claudia Orr

Hannah Chau

Sabrina Lowe

Hanna Woodward

Chloe Gong

Tiffany Pang

Kitty Chen

Danah Maher-Lee

Anousha Xegas

Bridget Goonan

Sreya Parakala

Chloe Cheong

Therese Makarious

Jasmine Ypermachou

Olivia Grasso

Haelin Park

Brittany Childs

Ella Makovec

Nikki Zanuttini

Adelaide Grisard

Alice Patterson

Sarah Chou

Veronika Males

Klara Zhao

Clare Gu

Annika Pienaar

Sherrie Chung

Katia Matar

Jessica Zhu

April Guest

Mary Pilkinton

Emma Clark

MacKenzie McCowan

Tiana Gutierrez

Vishaya Pracy

Dakota Comino

Divya Mehta

Catelyn Ha

Olivia Redwin

Sarah Cooper

Anna Michael

Shreeya Haridas

Vicky Rule

Anastasia Hatzisarantinos

Tania Sakoutis

Elizabeth Hewish

Maria Salman

Frankie Howard-White

Bella Seales

Lilian Hunt

Gabriella Searle

Phoebe Hunter-Mole

Ellyn Sheehy

Alyson Huynh

Vivian Shen

Chantelle Huynh

Eloise Smith

Isabelle Ingham

Georgie Smith

Carma Jackson

Ashley So

Tedaree Jamieson

Lily Soliman

Rebecca Janes

Tiffany Son

Catherine Jang

Isabella Suckling

Rebecca Janssen

Zoha Syed

Sachi Jhingran

Julia Tanevski

Theresa Jiang

Kayla Tanevski

Yuting Jin

Jasmine Todoroska

Holly Jones

Olivia Toomey

Michelle Joseph

Maekayla Tran

Hannah Kelly

Kim Trang

Chloe King

Imogen Turner

Jessica Kotselas

Olivia van Gelder

Sheree Kuan

Felicia Ventouris

Jasmine Kyaw

Elena Viatos

Tiffany Lai

Anna Wang

Laura Laman

Michelle Wang

Zoe Latham

Anita Watkins

Sarah Law

Belle Watson

Lilian Le

Grace Webster

Amanda Lee

Sarah Wellfare

Francesca Lee

Tara Wilkie

Tiffany Lee

Anna Wilson

Leanne Li

Cecilia Wong

Malia Crawford

Yasmin Mills

Zoe Cross

Nicole Miloucheva

Radhika Dave

Abbie Milton

Gabriela Delgado

Beccy Minett

Chloe Donkin

Atoufa Mohanna

Alexandra Farrow

Kimberley Ngo

Alyssa Filippoff

Anna Nguyen

Catalina Floros

Sophia Nikiforidis

Tina Gong

Megan Nipatcharoen

Eva Gouganovski

Eva Novikov

Lyla Groom

Ashley Oliver-Sjahry

Asena Gunduz

Jaya Ong

Natassia Gutierrez

Ana Otaegui-Campos

Tess Hallion

Molly Pinnock

Dyana Hamed

Carla Platania

Emily Hart

Georgia Pollitt

Nicole Healey

Sienna Prowse

Georgia Hewitt

Sandy Qiu

Avalon Hopkins

Emma Rutherford

Swathi Ilanko

Anja Seeto

Patricia Islam-Parsons

Isabelle Sherbon

Caitlyn Kakakios

Madeleine Sherbon

Celine Kang

Wendy Shi

Ashna Kapoor

Ruth Snelling

Claudia Kendrovski

Lisa Soliman

Anastasia Kennett

Amy Song

Stella Kochanowicz

Suzanna Steele

Ananya Krishna

Ana-Maria Stevans

Josephine Lam

Sarah Taleb

Isabella Lasovski

Lynelle Tamerji

Michelle Law

Jennifer Tang

Fiona Lee

Jessica Tippett

Year 10 Artemis Alfonzetti Maddie Allan Isabella Anderson Semela Angelides Kaelyn Bachir Lauren Barclay Lotte Beckett Sargun Bhatia Lakshmi Bhuphatiraju Rebecca Bisseh Elizabeth Borodin Edie Buckland Watts Emerald Bui Christina Burjan Bella Burton Belle Campbell Mia Caputo Demi Charalambous Elizabeth Chen Katerina Chen Shirley Chen Sydney Chen Selina Cho Annelise Chu Shakira Chung Sophia Costantino Amelia Dale Milly Day-Collett Fiona Deng Stephanie Dimovski Olivia Dodd Lili Dorrell Jasmine Dowidar Kitty Du

Lillian Wu

Melissa Kearney

Grace Sixsmith

Jade Brooks

Megan Wyllie

Georgia Keogh

Elena Sladkova

Roshana Carmody

Jasmine Yip

Rosie Kethel

Izzy Stackpool

Seda Ceylan

Elizabeth Kim

Eliza Stewart

Lifei Chen

Yevin Kim

Ava Sukkar

Sabrina Chiu

Hannah Kingsley

Hannah Suster

Rebecca Chou

Olivia Klianis

Grace Susuairara

Leona Cohen

Bethany Kolos

Madeline Sutherland

Tilda Cook

Mina Kotoric

Vivian Szeto

Alexandra Corbett

Taya Lacey

Jasmine Tan

Emma Cross

Vivian Lai

Stephanie Tanevski

Genevieve de la Motte

Federica Lannan

Natasha Taumoepeau

Emma Denton

Caroline Lee

Eve Taylor

Cassandra Diamantis

Janice Lee

Ashlyn Tredinnick

Rebecca Diiorio De Domeneghi

Vicky Lee

Hope Tzannes

Nina Dillon Britton

Renee Li

Rohita Vimalarajah

Yasmin Dowla

Edlyn Liew

Ella Viney

Wenjing Fan

Monique Lin

Priyanka Visvalingam

Briony Farquhar

Shuyu Lin

Erika Vuki

Claudia Feng

Cherry Liu

Sarina Wan

Georgia Ferguson

Yoko Liu

Louise Wang

Caroline Fernandes

Carissa Long

Michelle Wang

Jessie Field

Chantelle Man

Mina Watkins

Emily Florio

Adele Marwood

Ella Whitehurst

Emily Francis

Holly Mason

Isabelle Whitfield

Olivia Fresta

Lilyanne Metcalfe

Bonnie Wong

Vanessa Fu

Giulia Milazzo

Joanne Wong

Dana Gan

Imogen Moore

Katrina Wong

Maneesha Gopalan

Nicole Moore

Katrina Wu

Bronte Gossling

Tess Morrison

Tina Wu

Tarisha Gunaratnam

Ruby New

Milly Xouris

Olivia Gunawan

Michelle Nguyen

Gizem Yavuz

Aniela Haigh

Rita Nguyen

Simone Yoo

Rachel Hammond

Trang Nguyen

Adalita Young

Helena Harpas

Ivy Ning

Cathy Zeng

Cindy He

Alexis Norington

Colleen Zhang

Maxine Heim

Natasha Opacic

Jenny Zhang

Mariana Helidoniotis

Jamie Oslington

Cindy Zhi

Alexandra Hewish

Alanah Paras-Cho

Rebecca Zhong

Monique Hrsto

Angela Peng

Danielle Zhu

Luci Hughes

Nikita Qian

Margaret Zhu

Vindhiya Jayashri

Vivian Qiao

Linlin Zhuang

Mia Jessurun

Anastasia Rimagmos

Alex Zoras

Angel Jiang

Year 11 Anna Abourizk Divya Ahlawat Crist Aung Yu Bai Angelique Barrett Ella Beere Juliet Bladon Kiara Bletsas Alana Braxton-Boal Ellen Brown Jessie Cai Sarah Cain Hayley Cavanagh Isabel Chan Teresa Chan Victoria Chang Nikita Chawla Lisa Chen Rebecca Chen Samantha Constantinidis Anjali Cuganesan Jobeth Emarita Dator Alicia Davies Julia de Sterke Isabelle Decaria Amity Dent Sonali Dewan Kaitlyn Duong Sienna Eggleton Ella Esposito Doolan Courtney Fletcher Sonja Florio Neusha Ghahreman Harriet Gibson Jessica Gnanaratnam Tamara Graham Deborah Greenbaum Katie Gu Isha Gupta Isobel Hageman Amira Hatoum Beatrice Hay Olivia Hill Selina Ho Vani Jaidka Elizabeth Jo Makayla Kalcev Chehlsea Kanangara Mellita Kang-Vertigan Niomi Karunaratna Marissa Kassapakis

Alexia Riotto Esther Rizk Georgie Robinson Claire Rogers Batoul Sabsabi Nazla Sajed Connie She Cheryl Shen Jasmine Shenouda Christina Shin Emily Shum Sahana Sivathas

Year 12 Olivia Adoncello Sarah Al-horani Maia Alfonzetti Samantha Anderson Taylor Atkins Keertana Avalur Venkateshwar Emily Bailey-Hughes Jasmin Baker Mathilda Barnard Nicole Bor Tess Bradford

Ivy Jiang Lucy Jin Taylor Jones Michelle Kong Matilda Kopff Meryem Kopuz Nisa Kopuz Shevon Lau Annabel Lee Cathy Liang Vanessa Liang Tracie Lin



Claire Lindsay

Tori Tong

Tracy Liu

Alice Tornaros

Jessica Luo

Michelle Tran

Alicia Machalias

Natasha Tran

Louise Makarious

Emma Tucker

Anjelica Margaritis

Stephanie Valaris

Chelsea Martin

Mary Valtas

Natasha Matsias

Lily Velez

Kaitlyn McCaw

Maria Ventouris

Alessandra McCluskey-Voigt

June Wang

Georgina McCrohon

Mieko Wang

Lucy McKindlay

Jacqueline Lee Wesiak

Rosie Min

Georgia Wilde

Marissa Motsos

Jasmond Wong

Melody Moy

Cynthia Woo

Stephanie Musumeci

Adele Woods

Joanna Nam

Emma Workman

Rebecca Nash

Victoria Xu

Jamie Ng

Candy Yao

Ivy Nguyen

Janice Yoon

Cassandra Nicomede

Jessica Zhang

Chanelle Noble

Chloe Zurynski

Brittany O’Hare Amanda Ong Elizabeth Park Charlotte Patterson Jessica Pitty Tanya Ponggun Louise Poole Sophie Pyrgiotis Kate Quinn Julia Rajcevski Jacinta Rassan Stephani Rassan Lucia Ren Rachel Ribeiro Bianca Riley Dana Royle Francesca Searle Milan Sharma Ellie Shearer Hyehee Shin Rachel Siu Sandy So Christine Song Lucy Southwick Taylah Stapleton Bobbi Stavropoulos Lily Stewart Tiffany Sun Sarah Sung Ivy Tang Latifa Tasipale Felicity Thomas Yasmin Tinaz

Rowley Street Burwood NSW 2134 Tel 61 2 9747 1266 Fax 61 2 9745 3254 CRICOS No. 02328D A UNITING CHURCH DAY SCHOOL FOR GIRLS, PRE-KINDERGARTEN TO YEAR 12

Excelsior 2015  
Excelsior 2015