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Breakfast with a champion Collegians’ Centenary Celebrations 2013

Issue 4 I Semester 2 I 2012

Connecting home with school MLC girls have their day in court

MLC sisters’ volleyball success MLC Chorale is world-class

Prepare to amaze yourself.

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Principal’s Perspective A Message from the Chair of Council A Message from the Chair of Foundation Academic Excellence Engineering Prize for MLC Collegian MLC’s Young Doctors Congratulations to MLC’s 2013 Scholarship Winners Holistic Education


Global Citizenship – Kobe College Exchange National Simultaneous Storytime MLC girls have their day in court Early Leaning – Connecting Home with School Sporting Endeavours Installation of ‘The Mike Higgins’ MLC Sisters’ Volleyball Success Head of the River High Flyer Wins National Championships


Artistic Pursuits MLC Chorale is World Class ABODA Festival Success Visual Art in the Junior Years Through Lisa’s eyes... The New York and Los Angeles Dance and Drama Tour Dance Night 2012 Chicago

Principal’s Perspective To stretch and reach for the heights is fundamental to the fabric of MLC; we exist for the principled purpose of learning and teaching, and as such, never remain static. Like all organisations operating in a dynamic and adaptive environment, MLC needs to ensure that our Values and promise are precisely defined and appealing, and that their presentation and promotion are focused and compelling. As a part of our rigorous internal self review processes we have identified a need for greater discipline and consistency and better integration of our communications; this edition of Strive reflects our progress to date.

15 Service Learning

Since late August, we have been introducing a new look for the

Methodist Ladies’ College students give from the heart MLC Love Angel Ambassadors Relay for Life

College which employs a simplified and distinctive format. You will

18 19

Reflections of College Sunday 2012 Leadership Young Western Australian of the Year Breakfast with a champion

opportunities for every girl to achieve to the limit of their abilities

20 Boarding MLC’s Visit to the Northern Wheatbelt Reflections on Boarding Life by Verity Dickins Year 7 Boarder 21

Philanthropy Prosperity – makes a difference for others 2012 Donors Adopt a Brick MLC Foundation Fashion Fundraiser

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notice that our powerful promise, “Prepare to amaze yourself”, is more prominent than ever. This is most fitting as MLC continues to provide and, ideally, exceed their highest expectations. You will also note that what has not changed in this publication are the many examples of MLC girls amazing themselves, and others, with their incredible achievements. As custodians of MLC past, present and future we have been very mindful in this recent review to safeguard our proud traditions, every day customs and unwavering core Values. In our refined look these are represented by what I affectionately call our “Collegian green”. This, with the introduction of the small but unmissable touch of vibrant purple, symbolises the College’s recognition of the need to remain relevant and constantly open to “evolutionary” change. Readers will be well aware that the purple-green combination is associated strongly with the advancement of women internationally; the celebration of this global connection that unites women in striving for equality, opportunity and choices will always be relevant, especially in the context of a girls’ school. So, as ever, please do enjoy Strive’s stories. The “hat photo” on the front cover is yet another example of a unique MLC ritual. The 2012 version was first set up by the Collegians’ Committee in 1978 to mark a change to the uniform – the removal of the winter felt school hat. The further significance of this is that the daughter of our 1978 editor who established this tradition is actually the editor of this year’s Collegian magazine! The beauty of this thread within our College is merely one of thousands that together, form a rich tapestry. The tapestry is a kaleidoscope of colour: it’s strong, it’s warm and it embraces us all; it

356 Stirling Highway Claremont WA 6010 PO Box 222 Claremont WA 6910 T (+61 8) 9384 4000 F (+61 8) 9385 1509 E W CRICOS Registration Number: 00441G

is our MLC. Ms Rebecca Cody

A Message from the Chair of Council It has been a great privilege to follow Professor

Council has been delighted with the truly excellent

Lesley Parker as Chair of the MLC Council, in

result of the recent Registration process. Preparation

February this year.

was a major piece of work for Rebecca Cody

My aspiration is to build on Lesley’s legacy, as we

and her staff, and they justly deserve comments

all work together to ensure that MLC can realise

like ‘exemplary, and ‘impressive’, as the College

its dreams.

was recommended to be awarded a five year

My first few months with MLC have been a steep


learning curve, as I have come to know Council

Council spends much of its time and focus on

members, and the senior leadership team.

strategic matters - how to organise resources to

Rebecca Cody has deftly and carefully led me

achieve the buildings, amenities and arrangements

on much of this voyage of discovery and I am

to take MLC into the coming decades; how to

thoroughly enjoying the whole MLC experience.

ensure MLC’s performance and reputation to

Inevitably I reflect on my own school experience,

successfully compete with its contemporaries

half a century ago, on the other side of the

in education excellence; how to be the place

world. It wasn’t quite Dickensian, but nor was it St

parents aspire to for their daughters education and

Trinians, - although we were all boarders and we

springboard for life.

played a lot of hockey in very inclement weather.

I thank all at MLC for the very warm welcome

Nonetheless, our dreams were exactly the same

extended to me, it is my pleasure and privilege to

as MLC girls are today, our teaching and all round

be part of this community, and I look forward to

education was extensive and equal to the best

helping the college grow and excel.

available anywhere, our school aspirations were as lofty as any all-girls school today.

Dr Penny Flett

So, although I have started at MLC as a ‘stranger’, I feel very at home, comfortable with the values and the ethos, and I hope I am fitting in well!

A Message from the Chair of Foundation Since launching the ‘Partnering for their Future’

The MLC Foundation Board has two new recruits

campaign in 2008, the MLC Foundation has

and we welcome Nick Brasington and Craig

raised over 1.2 million dollars from over 740


donations to support the College. These funds have

The Foundation is currently reviewing strategy

contributed to the development of scholarships

and significant discussion is occurring to refine

and facilities for MLC girls including the Meredith

our mission. Our primary purpose is to serve the

Taylor Health and Sports Centre. The generosity

school and our discussions are leading toward

of these donors will echo well into the future

setting objectives to support the development of

as MLC girls access the excellent facilities and

an open culture of philanthropy at MLC; support

scholarship recipients live out our mission to Strive

and sustain fund raising activities and create an

to the Heights. Albert Einstein said “If you have

intergenerational source of independent income.

knowledge, let others light their candle in it”, and

Feedback would be welcome from any member

so we thank all those who have contributed to

of the MLC community regarding the purpose

lighting candles for the future education of young

and objectives of the Foundation. In order to

women at MLC.

provide the quality of the schools infrastructure,

In recognition of these achievements and building

buildings, scholarships, quality of teaching and

a culture of philanthropy at MLC we thank John

opportunity, the College needs to develop its

Goodlad who stepped down as Chair of the

philanthropic culture and the Foundation welcomes

Foundation in June. Whilst John is not lost to the

the opportunity to provide leadership in these

Foundation and continues in a role on the School

discussions and activities in the coming years.

Council, his effort to reinvigorate the Foundation and foster discussion regarding philanthropy at MLC has

Mr James McClements

been a major contribution. I thank him for this and look forward to building upon this groundwork.

Methodist Ladies’ College - Strive 2

Academic Excellence Engineering Prize for MLC Collegian MLC’s Young Doctors Methodist Ladies’ College will be exceptionally well represented amongst Western Australia’s future medical profession with a total of eight past students studying 4th Year Medicine this year. Currently there are seven 2008 Leavers studying 4th Year Medicine at UWA and one at Notre Dame. They recently revisited the College and their former Chemistry teacher Mrs Dee Haughton. There are 240 Medical Students in each intake so to have eight of them from the one school is an extraordinary achievement. The girls have two and a half years of study remaining. Phoebe Power who was Head Prefect in 2008 said, “We’ve just got out of the lecture theatre and into clinical practice. I need to see more to Bethany pictured with Year 12 students Sarah Gardner, Mathilda Lipscombe and Amy Joyce.

In 2012 Bethany Williamson completed a Bachelor of Engineering and Bachelor of Science at Murdoch University with an 80+ HD average.

to take some much needed time away from her

She also completed a double major for

and renewable energy measures. She also

engineering in Renewable Energy and Electrical

aspires to play regularly on the National Beach

Power and due to her outstanding performance

Volleyball Tour.

won the Institution of Engineering and Technology Prize, the Occasional Prize in Engineering and the Frederic Barnes Waldron Prize. These exceptional achievements were recognised at an awards ceremony in April. Bethany, recently spoke of her passion for sustainability at a Year 12 Father Daughter Breakfast at Claremont Yacht Club. She told her audience that, “I first became interested in sustainability and renewable energy after a Year 10 Society and Environment excursion to Piney Lakes Environmental Education Centre. Later, while I was looking at university options, my physics teacher Gary Thomas gave me an application for a scholarship to Murdoch’s Sustainable Energy Management science degree. His enthusiasm for science was obviously infectious and together with my other science teachers influenced my decision to take up science based courses at university. Bethany is keenly aware of the importance of balance and playing state volleyball allows her

studies. She also coaches some of MLC’s up and coming state volleyball stars. Her goals are to one day own her own business

decide what I’m going to do in medicine, but the course has lived up to expectations. I’ve always wanted a job with a science background that was intellectually stimulating. The culture at MLC really helped me prepare for medicine. Doing your best is something that is really valued there.”

consulting on how to implement sustainability Left to right with Mrs Haughton in the centre: Phoebe Power, Jemma Ford-, Maureen Krasnoff, Molly Gilfillan, Kelsey Sweeney , Lalitha Menon, Maddie Kannegiesser-Bailey and Kate O’Hare.

Congratulations to MLC’s 2013 Scholarship Winners

Methodist Ladies’ College 2013 scholarship winners have been announced and all recipients joined with Rebecca Cody at a special morning tea at the College on Friday 11 May. In welcoming the girls to the College Principal Rebecca Cody said: “Striving to make the most of individual gifts is a life-long pursuit. Along the way, obstacles will be overcome and rewards reaped. It is with the latter in mind that we celebrate our 2013 scholarship recipients. At MLC, scholarships are awarded annually for

Nina Kolnik Andrea Vidler Amelia Cooney Sabrina Bilston-John Rachel Lim Jane Zhao Tara Suann Sophie Hogan Angela Humphris Jackie Bridgwood Imogen Sweeney Emily Wray Ella Wylynko

Methodist Ladies’ College Rosalie Primary School Methodist Ladies’ College British International School, Phuket Methodist Ladies’ College Nedlands Primary School Methodist Ladies’ College Methodist Ladies’ College St Bernard’s Catholic PS Kojonup Methodist Ladies’ College Methodist Ladies’ College Methodist Ladies’ College North Cottesloe Primary School

Council Academic Scholarship Derrick Row Academic Scholarship Council Academic Scholarship Council Academic Scholarship Council Academic Scholarship Ohman Music Scholarship Council Academic Scholarship Council Academic Scholarship Council Rural Scholarship Council Academic Scholarship Council Academic Scholarship MLC Collegian Scholarship MLC Collegian Academic Prize

Details of 2013 scholarships are available on the College’s website or through the College’s Admissions Office on 9384 4000.

academic and musical excellence to girls in Years 7, 8 and 10. Our approach is to attract

excellence to students entering Years 7, 8 or 10

Educational Research (ACER) Scholarship testing

and retain those students drawn to us because of

in the year following their application. These

programmes. Scholarships are awarded on the

the special qualities of education and community

awards acknowledge and reward the strengths

basis of the examination; review of recent school

life that the College offers. Indeed, we seek girls

of recipients, and take into account their potential

reports and, in the case of Music Scholarships,

who demonstrate commitment to our Vision and

to contribute creatively to the wider service of the

a formal practical assessment. Scholarships



typically provide a 50% tuition fee reduction or,

Each year the College Council awards a number

To assist with the awarding of scholarships, the

in the case of our Rural Scholarships, a 100%

of scholarships for academic and musical

College participates in the Australian Council for

boarding fee reduction.

Methodist Ladies’ College - Strive 4

Holistic Education Japanese language classes. Japanese teacher Anne Ashby says, “This year’s exchange went extremely smoothly and was a big success. The Kobe College students themselves were a really lovely group of girls. They were happy and enthusiastic, were very positive about all activities and were willing to give everything a go. They fit into the homes of their host families very well and all wanted to stay longer.” “From the other perspective, we had really kind, caring and supportive host families who opened their homes and their hearts to these girls. I am most grateful to them all, as without the willing and generous support of the host families, an exchange program like this could not run. I think the tears shed by the KC girls, their MLC host sisters and even the MLC host Mums spoke

Global Citizenship – Kobe College Exchange

volumes about the close bond forged over such a short time.” Anne says, “Such exchange programs bring a

From 11 to 24 August MLC students in Years 7 - 9 played host to 20 students from Kobe College in Japan.

a group of students from Kobe College each

myriad of benefits to both Colleges. The most

alternative year.

obvious of these is improvement of language

Kobe College is a private girls’ boarding school

skills. It is one thing to learn a language in the

with a Christian ethos, which like Methodist

classroom, but to use it in real life with native

The relationship between Methodist Ladies’

Ladies’ College provides its students with

speakers as a true communication tool is most

College and Kobe College began in 1986

an academically vigorous yet well-rounded


when the first group of Kobe College students

education. This year it was Methodist Ladies’

“Our partnership with Kobe College is yet

visited Perth. Since then the exchange program

College’s turn to host Kobe College. Visiting

another example of how we live our mission to

has been progressing steadily with a group

students took part in classes such as cooking,

provide challenging and holistic educational

of our Year 10 and 11 students visiting Kobe

sewing, art, English as a Second Language

experiences that inspire individual excellence and

College every second year. In return, MLC hosts

and PE, as well as assisting in all Year 7 – 12

global citizenship.”

National Simultaneous Storytime The very cranky bear On Wednesday 23 May 2012 at 11:00am, Methodist Ladies’ College joined with schools from Broome to Hobart to read the picture book The Very Cranky Bear. More than 400 girls from Kindergarten to Year 6 listened to Ms Cody roar as she read the tale about four friends who encounter a very cranky bear. Ms Cody who spent many nights rehearsing her reading with her children, Jack and Eve, said, “Jack gave me strict instructions on my roaring. This book has been great for our vocabulary. Now instead of asking each other if we’re grumpy, we ask if we’re cranky.” National Simultaneous Storytime, is organised by the Australian Library and Information Association and aims to promote the value of reading and literacy, the importance of Australia’s book industry, and the role of libraries. The association said more than 170,000 children participated in this year’s event. Ms Cody is a passionate advocate of reading as the key to overall improvement in academic success. “Reading nourishes the soul and sharpens the mind; it is one of life’s greatest joys and acts as a vitamin for the brain! I am in complete agreement with Dr Seuss: ‘The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn the more places you’ll go.’ ”

Photograph courtesy of POST Newspapers.

MLC girls have their day in court This year Methodist Ladies’ College again

witnesses to get our side of events across to the

teams contest a fictitious Western Australian

participated strongly in the prestigious Mock

magistrate. In cross examination our barristers

legal matter presented in the WA court system.

Law Trials organised by the “Law Society of

thrived on attacking the opposing witnesses

The cases are presented by two teams - a

Western Australia”. MLC had two teams

to destroy the material parts of their case and

prosecution/plaintiff team and a defence

competing in the trials held in the Supreme

weaken their evidence.”

team - made up of students playing the roles

Court of Western Australia. Politics and

“Methodist Ladies’ College students are

of barristers, solicitors, witnesses and court

Law teacher David Ford says, “With 1000

generally a picture of quiet grounded


students from 50 schools, the competition

composure and when placed in the adversarial

The Interschool Mock Trials Competition

was particularly fierce but our girls were most

environment of the court they hold their own with

provides an enjoyable, dynamic way of

certainly up to the challenge.”

stealth. Many a witness was taken by surprise

introducing students to the law. It provides

“Our barristers were absolutely outstanding, their

by the ferociousness of a Methodist Ladies’

students with an opportunity to learn valuable

opening addresses and examination in chiefs

College cross examination!”

skills in research and the development and

laid out our cases clearly and enabled our

A mock trial is a simulated court case in which

presentation of a persuasive argument.

Early Learning – Connecting Home with School In 2012 Methodist Ladies’ College trialled an innovative programme to more strongly connect home with school by visiting all Kindergarten students at home. Head of Early Years’ Melissa McNamara visited each Kindergarten child in their own home taking with her all the fixings for a ‘Mad Hatters Tea Party’. Afternoon tea served in traditional high tea style provided a sure fire way to break the ice. Following afternoon tea there was time to play and Melissa and each student spend some time getting to know each other better through the girls chosen activity. The program has realised a number of benefits for both students and teachers. It settles the girls in their early days at school and it’s comforting for them to see a connection between school and home. It gives the teachers a good insight into their students in their home environment and they see a side of the child that might not normally be apparent in a group situation. Melissa has seen the benefits first hand, “the program has opened the floodgates for communication. I’ve been able to get to know each girl on an individual basis much more quickly than I might ordinarily do so. The girls’ choice of play activities in their own homes has been enlightening and allowed me to know about their particular interests which I can then adapt to enhance their individual learning style.” The program supports one of Methodist Ladies’ College’s Early Years’ guiding philosophies of ‘Fundamental Skills through Play’ which in turn supports the College’s Mission of providing challenging and holistic educational experiences that inspire individual excellence and global citizenship.

MethodistLadies’ Ladies’College College--Strive Strive 66 Methodist

Sporting Endeavours Installation of ‘The Mike Higgins’ On the evening of Friday 15 June the Rowing Club hosted more than 100 past and present crew members, coaches, parents and staff to celebrate the installation of the Mike Higgins boat in the MLC Dining Room.

Mike Higgins began coaching at MLC in

A plaque now hangs in the Dining Room to

1991. As Head Coach he was responsible for

commemorate the installation of the boat as well

the continued success of rowing at MLC until

as Mike’s tireless work in guiding the growth of

his departure in 2008. Over those 17 years

the MLC Rowing community.

he passionately advanced MLC Rowing and achieved overwhelming confirmation of his passion for the sport, his love of coaching and his total commitment to his crews, with nine very convincing wins in the girls Head of the River Race in 1994 - 1997, 2001 – 2004 and 2006. In 1984 Robert Hemery encouraged his daughter Danielle to, “come down to the river and try rowing”. Danielle Hemery, Fiona Meiklejohn, Lynette Langmead, Susan Lang and Nicky Amesz (Cox) became the Foundation Five

Danielle Besson (Hemery), Mr Robert Hemery, Fiona Meiklejohn, Lyn Walsh (Langmead)

and started training out of the Swan River Rowing Club in any boat they could find. By 1985 WAIS Head of Women’s Rowing Warren Gibson had arranged for the girls to be coached by David Mulroney and began training Mike Higgins & Rebecca Cody

out of the University Club. And so began the foundations of rowing at MLC. The evening acknowledged the contribution Mike

Greg Harrison

has made to rowing at MLC. He responded with a speech to encourage the current rowing girls to follow the College vision Per Ardua Ad Alta and strive to the heights in all their rowing efforts. Guest speakers on the night included Principal Rebecca Cody, crewmates Renae Loftus and Amanda Rukuwai, who crewed together in 1994 and 1995, as well as Rowing Club President Greg Harrison. The Mike Higgins

MLC Sisters’ Volleyball Success Year 9 student Courtney Doran has been chosen to represent WA in the under 17 women’s volleyball team. She joins her sister Caitlin, a member of the under 19 team, in the state squad. Caitlin graduated in 2011 and remains connected to the school through volleyball; she is now on the coaching staff and fills both a coaching and umpiring role. Volleyball is a very popular sport at MLC with over 160 girls participating in 16 teams in the IGSSA competition. Senior Coach and Physical Education teacher Mandy Coombes played at state level for 11 years in the same position that Courtney is now playing; that of ‘setter’. She was Captain of the state team for a number of years. She believes the sport is so popular in the school for a number of reasons. “Volleyball is a high skill game that appeals to MLC girls. Our facilities are excellent with the Meredith Taylor Health and Sports Centre being so exceptional that the Australian Volleyball Team has used it on a number of occasions.” Courtney and Caitlin Doran. Photograph courtesy of POST Newspapers.

The 2006 Crew

High Flyer Wins National Championships

Head of the River

Photograph courtesy of POST Newspapers.

In March this year MLC’s own Nicole Robinson travelled to Sydney to compete in the Australian Junior Athletic Championships where she won the Under 16 gold medal for high jump. She won the event with a jump of 1.7m, falling just short of her personal best of 1.72m. She also placed 9th, out of 23 competitors, in the 90 meter hurdles event with a time of 13.53sec, missing out on the finals by just 0.02 of a second. After winning the National Championships she flew back to Perth to compete in the State Championships where she again won the high jump with a jump of 1.65m and placed 2nd in shot put with a throw of 11.04m. These results allowed her to qualify to go to Singapore in July as part of an international little athletics team. Nicole won gold in High Jump jumping 1.68m, equalling the current record. She also won

After four months of early morning starts, afternoon sessions, fitness training and rowing camps the rowing season came to a close with the Head of the River Regatta on Saturday 18 August.

coming third in all previous regattas this season,

Held at Champion Lakes, all crews

The night was full of much laughter and tears,

participated in the event including Quads,

and some truly wonderful speeches were made

Sculls and 8s from Year 9 through to Year 12.

as the proud parents looked on.

It was a beautiful warm day for rowing and

All the girls showed an appreciation of each

many supporters showed up to cheer the teams

rower and their team members, all the hard

on, including Principal Rebecca Cody with

work and resilience, the great coaches and

baby Eve and son Jack.

special moments experienced over the course

All rowers put in valiant efforts and “strived to

of the season.

the heights” in their races.

Ms Cody presented all the girls with a medal in

The First 8 who placed a brilliant second after

recognition of their tireless work.

were cheered on by supporters showing their allegiance in green and yellow wigs. The Head of the River Dinner was held that night to recognise and celebrate all the hard work and comradeship stemming from being a part of an MLC crew.

bronze in shot-put with a throw of 10.86m but is quick to point out that this is not her best! Nicole’s aim for the coming season is to gain selection into an AIS training camp. To do this she needs to do well in the National Championships in 2013 which will be held in Perth. For the long term she has her sights set on one day qualifying for the Olympics. Nicole trains hard to hone her skills and improve her fitness. She is under the guidance of two coaches who support her in all areas of her athletic development. Her favourite quote is “ Don’t let it happen - MAKE it happen!”

MethodistLadies’ Ladies’College College--Strive Strive 88 Methodist

Artistic Pursuits MLC Chorale is World-Class The World’s Top 1000 Choir rankings have been released for 2012 and the Methodist Ladies’ College Chorale is now ranked in the world’s Top 100 Youth and Children’s choirs.

The increased ranking comes as a direct result

Prix of Choral Music during their visit to Graz,

of the Chorale’s recent successes in 2011 when


94 MLC music students from Years 7 – 12, led

The College’s Chorale placed third in the

by Director of Music Bobby Gallo, impressed

category of Youth Choirs and Equal Voices

audiences across Europe as they showcased their

in the Champions Round of the World Choir

skills at a number of world-famous festivals and

Championships and was awarded a gold medal

It is the second highest Australian Choir ranking

competitive events.

for their performance.

behind only the University of Newcastle. The

They returned as proud recipients of a gold

The INTERKULTUR World Rankings (WRL) is the

College’s Barbershop is also highly ranked and is

and a silver medal from the World Choir

only one of its kind and takes into account all

now 553 in the world.

Championships of Youth and Young Adults and

results at INTERKULTUR competitions since 2000.

the recipients of a gold medal from the Grand

ABODA Festival Success The 2012 Western Australian Schools Orchestra, Concert Band and Jazz Band Festivals took place across two weekends in August. Over 200 MLC students participated in the largest ever state-wide music festival. Director of Music Mr Gallo says, “The ABODA festival is unique. It offers the opportunity for MLC and indeed for all schools – public, private and Catholic to perform to each other whilst allowing for the rich interaction of music making.”

MLC participated with the following ensembles and achieved excellent results from all groups: Concert Band Awarded Excellent, conductor Mrs Katie Hodson Sinfonietta String Orchestra Awarded Outstanding, conductors MrsHelen Beaton, Mr Brendon Pearn Philharmonic Orchestra Awarded Excellent, conductors Mr Bruce Cash, Mr Brendon Pearn Symphony Orchestra Awarded Excellent, conductor Mr Bobby Gallo Swing Band Awarded Outstanding, conductor Mrs Katie Hodson Jazz Band Awarded Excellent, conductor Mr Bobby Gallo

Visual Art in the Junior Years “It is art that makes life, makes interest, makes importance, and I know of no substitute whatever for the force and beauty of its process”. Henry James

tactile, concrete and sequential help students to

cutting skills; using scissors to hand cut the many

build a foundation of understanding about art

pieces of translucent paper needed to complete

elements through their senses.

their ‘stained glass effect’ design.

Students’ exploration of the Visual Sense includes

Pattern is at the core of our physical and

Colour and Pre-Primary students are taught basic

mathematical world and Year 1 students explore

colour theory before using a colour scheme

the Visual Sense and the art element of Shape,

Central to the Visual Art program in the

to create a painting in the style of Jean Miro.

by using a set of graded simple geometric

MLC Junior Years are three Habits of Mind:

This leads to the discovery of the art element of

shapes placed in repeated sequences, to

Gathering Data through All the Senses, Thinking

Texture through the Tactile Sense, as the colour

create geometric patterns. By using concrete

Interdependently and Creating, Imagining, and

rules used in the ‘Miro paintings’ are translated

materials such as these, students are able to


into a stained glass design for a candle holder.

understand how complex designs are created by

From Kindergarten to Year 2, the focus is on

This experience in turn, creates the opportunity

overlapping shapes. Armed with this knowledge

Gathering Data through All the Senses. In the

for viewing stained glass windows and students

they explore radial symmetry and mandala

early years, students absorb information though

are inspired to create a colour scheme for a Rose

designs before creating their own mandala

their senses and art experiences are planned

window inspired by the South Rose Window of


to nourish this. Learning experiences that are

Notre Dame Cathedral. They then practise their

Through Lisa’s eyes

Year 12 student Lisa Embleton’s beautiful

that I saw with my mind. As the years go

photographs have been gracing the pages of

by I started to appreciate the different forms

our magazines and publications for some time

of photography and started to embrace it. I

now. Lisa started taking photos with her dad’s

attended different photography workshops and

point and shoot camera in early 2009 on family

opportunities and this opened my eyes to whole

holidays, and since then hasn’t really stopped,

new experiences.”

“I eventually got given my own camera and just

“Taking photographs has become such a serious

took photographs of everything and anything that

thing that I created a Facebook page for people

was in sight. When I was given a DSLR camera

to like and enjoy the photographs that I post.

for Christmas, life was just great! I started to take

‘Lisa Embleton Photography’ currently has 480+

photography seriously and observed more and

likes and is growing, which makes me feel great

eventually this hobby became a serious pastime.”

about the work that I do.”

There is no doubt that Lisa has an exceptional

Lisa’s photography has obviously touched many

eye. She says, “I’ve always loved art and being

people and we thank her for allowing us all to

creative and expressing it; it got to the point

see some of the world through her eyes. Her

where I was taking photographs of everything

reflections of College Sunday are on Page 18.

Lisa Embleton Self Portrait

Methodist Ladies’ College - Strive 10

Artistic Pursuits

The New York and Los Angeles Dance and Drama Tour

The Dance and Drama Tour was a whirlwind two weeks of wonderful new discoveries and excitement. New York cast its spell on us, with 5th Avenue, Times Square and Central Park being only a few minutes’ walk from our accommodation on the corner of 52nd and Broadway. Museum visits, sightseeing, boat tours and informative guides helped us to get to know New York City and appreciate its beauty. An emotional and reflective morning at ‘Ground Zero’ reminded us all of the impact that 9/11 had on the whole world. While in New York, we saw three performances; two Broadway productions and one offBroadway production, which were all completely different and exposed us to styles of theatre we had never seen before. The Argentinean off-Broadway production “Fuerza Bruta” was a smashing, crashing, rainy and windy physical piece that had us all soaking wet and yet still dancing in the crowd! The Broadway shows “Memphis,” and “Peter and the Star Catcher,” both received standing ovations and were certainly an inspiration for us as budding performers.

Workshops with Broadway trained professionals gave us an insight into what life as a performer is really like as well providing valuable techniques to apply to our work. Giving an open air performance in Central Park was a once in a lifetime experience and New Yorkers stopped to clap, laugh and sing along as we performed short scenes, songs and dances that we felt represented Australia. Our visit to Los Angeles allowed us to experience movies in the making at Universal Studios, Hollywood and it was marvellous to see the pristine streets of Beverly Hills, so familiar from films and TV shows. This trip was an amazing, once in a lifetime opportunity to learn and discover the performing arts in the country in which they are most famous and celebrated. All of us greatly appreciated every member of staff who accompanied us and worked so hard to ensure our safety, wellness and comfort. This tour will surely be looked back on with fond memories for the rest of our lives. – a reflection by Lowri Cox - Arts Prefect 2012

Dance Night 2012 On Thursday, 23 August over 250 MLC Dance Students from Year 7 – 12 took to stage for Dance Night 2012. Dance Night is an annual theatre event that exists to grant students the opportunity to perform their class dance routines to a community audience. Dance works included ballet, contemporary, jazz, tap, hip hop and cheerleading, just to name a few. Students had the opportunity to choreograph part of their dance works in collaboration with their dance teachers. For some of our students, this was the first time they have performed publicly.

Methodist Ladies’ College - Strive 12

Artistic Pursuits Chicago

A musical set in America in the 1920s about deception, intrigue, crime and jazz. So with themes like these, why would this be chosen as the 2012 Methodist Ladies’ College production?

“This would not have happened if I did not have

The reasons for this choice were many, but the

students involved the opportunity to showcase

number one reason was because this production was unique and allowed all the girls skills of acting, dancing and music to be showcased equally. This political satire also has some of the catchiest music to ever hit the stage and a plethora of strong female characters. Chicago played for three nights in August, with the Friday and Saturday evening shows being sell outs. The students involved in this show worked extremely hard to create convincing characters, learn complex choreography and perfect challenging musical numbers, delivering a most memorable show for the audience members. Director Suzy Bayne said, “It is an amazing feeling as a director to watch the final product of months of work and see it turn out exactly as you imagined it.”

such a wonderful cast who put their hearts and souls into this show. I would like to thank all the Methodist Ladies’ College community for being so warm in your support of this show.” “A College production such as this gives the their talents, even if they do not study the associated subjects.” There is no doubt the experience of performing on the big stage provides students with wonderful lifelong memories. Amy Joyce, who played the lead role of Velma Kelly in the show, said, “Chicago was a once off experience and I am glad I was part of this show as I will never have another opportunity to work with such a professional band, director and crew.” “The whole production was a team effort and I feel, because of this, we were able to put on the best show possible.” “So many wonderful memories were created and I’m very thankful for the school providing the opportunity for this to happen.”

Methodist Ladies’ College - Strive 14

Service Learning In July, 25 MLC students travelled to Vietnam to work with children in orphanages and hospitals. The tour was a part of the College’s Service Learning program in which the girls are taught to focus on serving others. Prior to leaving the girls worked hard to raise over $15,000 to spend on the children. A whole of school drive also resulted in donations of over 375 kg of clothing, toys, toiletries and other goodies. The Vietnam Service Trip was a wonderful experience for students and staff alike and here Year 11s Georgia Carey, Maddie Hart and Samara Love share some of their experiences: “Our life-changing journey began in Hanoi when we set out for our first day at the orphanage. As our bus passed through the gate we were greeted by dozens of happy, smiling faces. The children were raring to meet us and we were excited too. Our carefully planned activities and workshops went out the window when the excited children were allowed out to play. They were replaced by the slightly chaotic games of paint brush chasey, bubble blowing while skipping, and face-paint footy to name just a few. The next day, we headed for the markets to buy much-needed supplies for the children. We returned for our final day, bringing the goods along with the donations provided by the wonderful MLC community. After giving each child a backpack full of clothing, shoes and toiletries we had the rest of the day to restore two classrooms, the playground and even a pigpen! We ended with an Australia vs. Vietnam game of dodge ball. Many a tear was shed as we left the orphanage. From Hanoi we travelled to Hue in central Vietnam. Here we spent three days at a Medical Centre for the Disabled. The children there suffered from various physical disabilities and required constant care. After spending time with the mothers and children, we separated into groups to paint two of the rooms where the

Methodist Ladies’ College students give from the heart

families sleep. We transformed the rooms from having plain blue walls with holes and cobwebs, to being vibrant rooms themed with bees and flowers! That evening, we went to a shopping centre, and with the money we’d raised cleared the shelves of nappies, noodles, milk, sugar and lollies – filling over 9 trolleys!

We returned to the Medical Centre to distribute much needed supplies before planning themes for three more rooms. We then worked hard to create an underwater wonderland, a room full of fairies and rainbows, and another with frogs and lily pads. It was very hot and many of us suffered the effects of the heat, but we persevered. The smiles that lit up the faces of all the girls, staff and families as the 3 rooms were unveiled made it all worthwhile. In Ho Chi Minh City, we spent four full days in the orphanage where we played with the young children, feeding them, and rocking them to sleep. At the end of each day when it was time to depart, leaving the children brought tears to our eyes. It was terribly difficult to leave on the last day but we were comforted by knowing that we had brightened their lives for even just a short while. The 2012 Vietnam Service Trip gave us a new insight into our privileged lives in Australia. We all feel like new people who have made many new friendships and are now inspired to continue to help others.�

Methodist Ladies’ College - Strive 16

Service Learning MLC Love Angel Ambassadors Two MLC students have been named Ambassadors for renowned philanthropist Dr Ros Worthington’s (OAM) Love Angel Foundation. A number of Year 5 and 6 MLC students have been working on this philanthropic project for the last 4 years, but recently Year 6 students Neve Cridge and Elena Stoffel (pictured) were named Junior Love Angels Ambassadors for contributing to a book written about the act of giving. MLC Junior Years support of this worthy cause began some years ago when after listening to a talk given by Dr Worthington and hearing about the work of a lady called Maboboa, our girls decided they wanted to do something to support the organisation. Since then the major fundraising for one term in the Junior Years is for the Love Angels Foundation. The Love Angels project allows children to raise money for other young people in third world countries. In essence the students create ‘love angels’ which are then sold to raise money for charities and orphanages around the world. Dean of Junior Years’ Education Michael Brown said, “As the fundraising is for disadvantaged children, the girls at MLC have certainly embraced the Love Angels Foundation.” “The girls have come to realise how fortunate they are compared to other children; their hearts and minds have been opened to the idea that they can help others and make a difference.”

Relay for Life Twenty-five Year 11 students participated in the

personal goal to walk non-stop for 24 hours. No

2012 Relay for Life on May 5 and 6 at Venues

matter how much pain I was in and in my sleep

West WA Athletics Stadium. The relay is an

deprived state, I will never forget the feeling of

overnight event held annually to raise funds for

accomplishment as I crossed the finish line one

the Cancer Council. Participants are required to

last time and achieving my goal.”

keep a baton constantly moving to honour those

The event gave the girls involved the opportunity

lost to cancer and to provide hope for a cancer

to reflect on the effects cancer has on everyone

free future. The girls were supported by a number

in their community and actively do something to

of parents and staff who provided much needed

try to halt the spread of this disease.

food and encouragement along the way.

Teamwork, cooperation, enthusiasm and energy

MLC student Lauren Dudfield said it was the

got them through a rainy and stormy 24 hours

most challenging yet inspirational 24 hours she

and allowed them to realise the strength they all

had ever experienced. “The atmosphere at the

hold within.

stadium was incredible, full of passionate people

Lauren said it was an incredible experience and

all determined to do what they could to fight

she would definitely fundraise and walk again

back against cancer,” she said. “I set myself a

next year.

Worship Reflections of College Sunday 2012 College Sunday 2012 was inspired by Instruments of God, a poem written by Joyce Rupp, an American author and Spiritual Director.

... my often empty life rests in the hand of God; like the hollowed flute, it yearns for the melody which only Breath can give…’ This poem is an invitation to become an instrument through which the melody of God’s love takes shape. The College Sunday community, through music, dance and song skilfully performed by staff and students, were encouraged to explore how God plays the basic melody in our lives to which we can sing and dance our own song. Photographs by Lisa Embleton

Methodist Ladies’ College - Strive 18

Leadership Young Western Australian of the Year On Saturday June 2 MLC Collegian Holly Ransom (‘07) won the Young Western Australian of the Year Award in front of more than 500 guests at the Burswood Entertainment Complex.

Holly said, “I hope this award will provide a

It’s been a very busy year for the 22 year old

platform to reach even more young people and

who has also recently been named as President

get them passionate about volunteering and

of the Crawley Rotary Club. She said, “Crawley

getting involved in the community.”

is only two years old and it’s the biggest Club

Other winners on the night included author Kim

in WA with 110 members. It’s an incredibly

Scott, Australian cricketer Adam Gilchrist and

exciting opportunity to be elected President, not

Now in its 40th year, the awards aim to recognise

prominent neurologist William Carroll. Among

only to work to engage the community in creating

those in attendance to honour the recipients

positive outcomes in projects that aim to improve

were WA Premier Colin Barnett and Governor of

the lives of those less fortunate in Australia and

Western Australia Malcolm McCusker.

worldwide but it’s also an exciting opportunity to

those West Australians who have made significant contributions in areas such as Business and Professions, Arts and Culture and Sport.

try and drive change within the Rotary movement internationally. It’s a privilege and honour to lead such a dynamic and intergenerational club and to be able to serve such a phenomenal international organisation that has been helping people for more than 107 years. At the same time I’m committed to ensuring that Rotary continues to embrace change and evolve to meet the needs of the 21st century and allow the organisation to continue to have an extraordinary impact.”

Holly Ransom with Lisa Scaffidi (Saunders ’77) and friends at the Awards Ceremony.

Breakfast with a champion Two MLC students recently enjoyed a breakfast

the 1982 Commonwealth Games in Brisbane.

advice and it didn’t matter if you were 17 like

they won’t forget with Australian track and

“It was incredible. She was really grounded,

Yasmin and Lauren or a little older like I am! The

field legend Raelene Boyle. The Olympic and

genuine and incredibly direct. For me she

one thing that stuck with me is that she said that

Commonwealth Games medallist was in town as

epitomised the MLC value of courage, it was

she owed it to her talent to keep competing. She

guest speaker ahead of the London Olympics and

something I’ll never forget,” said Ms Cody.

realised she was gifted and with that gift came

to promote Breast Cancer Network Australia.

“She gave me and everybody there some sound


For year 12 students Yasmin Tuchaai, Lauren Witherow and MLC Principal Rebecca Cody, the breakfast was a chance to get up close and personal with Raelene. As a sports prefect and cross-country runner the meeting was a highlight for Yasmin, “I didn’t know who she was when I was told I was going to meet her and then I did some research and then thought, wow how lucky I am to be meeting someone like Raelene. What was so amazing is that she was so down to earth and you got the feeling that she would only say what she believed in.” As part of the PricewaterhouseCoopers organised breakfast, Raelene spoke about everything from her international debut as a 14 year old at the 1968 Olympic Games in Mexico City and eventually retiring after winning gold at

Boarding MLC’s Visit to the Northern Wheatbelt Recently a team from MLC headed north to meet and greet Collegians, old friends and new, in the northern wheatbelt town of Carnamah. Principal Rebecca Cody, along with Director of Development and Communications, the Director of Boarding and the Admissions Registrar, were joined by over 40 women to hear about MLC and what it has to offer to their daughters. Principal Cody spoke about the benefits of single sex education, saying that, “girls really have an opportunity to show leadership, and excel in subjects which might normally be stereotyped as a male domain.” In an article from the Central Midlands Advocate it was noted that “Ms Cody’s youth and compassion towards the school and education was captivating and the ladies who attended were genuinely impressed with her leadership and individual approach to her role.” A very special guest on the day was Hazel Bothe (nee Chapel) of Coorow who attended MLC in the late 40’s as a boarder, under the leadership of Principal Gertrude Walton. Mrs Bothe shared some anecdotes about her time at the College and obviously has some fond memories of her years at MLC. Also at the event were Justine Reudavey and her daughter Taylor. Taylor graduated in 2011 and is now completing a degree in Fine Arts at Curtin University. The event was kindly organised by Angela Dring (’87) whose daughter Olivia, is due to join the MLC Boarding community in Year 8, 2014.

Reflections on Boarding Life by Verity Dickins Year 7 Boarder Without experiencing

and saying ‘Good Morning’ to your much loved

The facilities are great. There are always Milo or

boarding you cannot


Scotch Fingers too munch on if you feel peckish

define it. There is

Before starting boarding school at MLC, I was

and the showers and toilets are only a short

nothing quite like

worried how long it would take me to make

walk away. Not to mention Burgie, our amazing

snuggling up on the

proper friends. The answer is plain and simple,

Recreation Officer, who makes sure we always

Common Room sofa

not long! Within the first term I had learnt the

have something to do and organises fun activities

with your boarding

names of the inhabitants, including our wonderful

for us.

sisters, watching

and very efficient housemothers. Of course the

Boarding at MLC is a great opportunity and I

a girly movie on a

day girls are friendly too but it was a lot easier

really love it here and I’m sure you would too.

Friday night. Or waking up the next morning

to bond and be yourself in the boarding house,

and stepping onto your under the floor heating

after all you do live with them.

MethodistLadies’ Ladies’College College--Strive Strive 20 20 Methodist

Philanthropy Prosperity – makes a difference for others “Knowledge will bring you the opportunity to make a difference.” Claire Fagin

the outdoors. During my youth, the Thompsons

of young women creates a multiplier effect far

had a strong family involvement and interest

beyond the immediate and echoes for society

in MLC which was well known for its stellar

over time. We are delighted to announce the

academic and athletic programs. My days at

first inter-generational endowment bursary and

The MLC Foundation is delighted to announce

MLC were full and memorable.

we thank Jean for demonstrating leadership

the Jean S Thompson Alumnus Bursary available

In those days, people couldn’t afford university,

through this initiative. The MLC Foundation was

in perpetuity made possible by a donation of

and scholarships were critical resources to

established to build a culture of philanthropy

$20,000 to establish an endowment fund. Jean

furthering one’s education. After graduating

that supports excellence in achievement and

S Thompson was MLC’s Captain of School in

from the University of Western Australia in Arts,

leadership development of our MLC girls. The

1935, Dux in 1936, Champion Athlete 1934

I was awarded a Commonwealth Scholarship

endowment model is a best practice way to

and 1935, Senior Prefect 1936 and editor of

that enabled me to study physical education

achieve ongoing investment for the education of

the Collegian 1936.

at Melbourne University. Following university,

MLC girls.”

This bursary was established by Jean (pictured

I applied for and was selected as the First

right with her husband) to recognise and reward

National Fitness Director for the Commonwealth

student leadership and enthusiastic engagement

of Australia, reporting to the Director General of

in Physical Education. The Jean S Thompson

Health. My days at MLC and the Commonwealth

Alumnus Bursary aims to provide an incentive

Scholarship opened doors for me to pursue my

for attracting the best and brightest Year 11

passion of physical education, and I would like

students to continue their involvement in Physical

to think that other young women could be helped

Education in and beyond Year 12 and will be

with funds from this alumnus bursary to carry on

awarded annually from 2013.

what they might not have otherwise been able to

Jean explains her decision to fund an alumnus

do. My hope is that they, too, will have a chance

bursary: “As the daughter of an English Professor

to fulfill their dreams.”

and a nurse, the Thompson family embraced a

James McClements, Chair, MLC Foundation said;

love of education, physical fitness, nature, and

“A philanthropic investment in the education

If you are interested to learn more about establishing an endowment or scholarship please contact Melissa Callanan, Director of Development and Communications on 9383 0204 or

The Methodist Ladies’ College Foundation would like to recognise and thank the following people for their generous support in 2012: Patrons Mr M & Mrs J Hills The McClements Foundation Partners Mr C & Mrs L Colvin Mr I McDonald Mr J & Mrs G McMath Mrs J Potier Mr D Snellgrove & Ms T Trevisan Mr T & Mrs C Ward Donors Mr J Afiat & Mrs I Djajaseputra Drs M and E Alberghini Mrs E Beggs Mr R & Mrs M Bell Mr J & Mrs F Bennett Ms L Blacklow Mrs D Bowyer Mr S Alcor & Miss E Carson Mr S & Dr A Ch’ng Dr N & Mrs J Clarke

Ms R Cody Dr T & Mrs M Cooney Dr L & Mrs P Crostella Mrs S & Mr T Del Borrello Ms E Del Borrello Dr J & Dr S Dunne Ms M Edwards Mrs F Finkelstein Dr C Gent The Gilchrist Family Mr B & Mrs K Goodin Dr G & Mrs L Hadley Mrs G Hardisty & Professor G Hardisty Mr G & Mrs A Harrison The Hoffmann Family Dr G Hogan & Dr K Ingram Mr J & Mrs R Humphris Dr S Kain & Mr T Kain Ms S Lander-Foof Drs B Lee and J Teh Dr R & Mrs M Manasseh Mr B & Mrs L McVeigh

Mrs L Muir Mrs H Mussared Ms C O’Donnell Mr J Payne & Ms J Langsford Mr M Potts & Ms P Mitchell Ms C Preuss Mrs W Robinson Mr D & Mrs M Rose Ms A E Russell-Brown Ms M Saunder Mr B & Mrs A Suann Mrs J Sugget Dr Y Lu Mrs R Tait The Thomas Family Miss D Timermanis Mr M Townsend & Mrs D Arellano de Townsend Mrs J Twine The Viney Family Dr K & Mrs A Wulff

MLC Foundation Fashion Fundraiser

A number of Year 12 Materials, Design and Textiles students took to the runway in their own creations on Saturday 4 August at the inaugural MLC Foundation Fashion Fundraiser. Twenty-six students modelled garments they created themselves as an opening item to the Perth launch of Spring/Summer 2013 collection of international fashion label Billion Dollar Babes. The owner and designer of Billion Dollar Babes, MLC parent Michelle Cooke, encouraged Year 6 and 11 students to model her fresh, innovative designs in the show. The evening provided participating students with an opportunity to observe firsthand how a professional show runs. “This was a wonderful opportunity for the students to showcase their designs, and be involved in a real fashion show,” said MLC teacher Mrs Cheryl Lundy. “It’s also a great opportunity for guests to see the work of a number of talented future designers.” The Materials, Design and Technology (MDT) course at MLC is attracting exceptional students and as a result, in 2010 and 2011 MLC girls achieved subject exhibitions and top state marks. “The course is all about creativity and innovation, and we have had very talented students in the group for three years running now,” said Mrs Lundy. Aside from the display of talent, the evening raised over $15,000 for the Foundation’s development projects.

Adopt a Brick The MLC Foundation ‘Adopt a Brick’ program

outstanding resources, facilities and

provides an opportunity for families, Collegians

opportunities to benefit all MLC girls. To discuss

and members of the MLC community to have

how you can purchase a brick or actively

their name recorded in perpetuity along the

support the MLC Foundation please contact

walkway adjacent to the Meredith Taylor Health

Tamara Kilian, Alumni Relations via email

and Sports Centre. Two hundred and eighty eight on direct line 9383 8851.

bricks have already been purchased and laid on

Pictured right is Barbara Partington (Jones’54)

the walkway and due to popular demand; the

as a young girl departing for school at MLC in

Foundation has just secured further space for a

1941 and pictured again with Rebecca Cody.

fourth and final batch of 48 bricks to be made

Barbara has remained heavily involved with


the College as a member of the Collegians’

The MLC Foundation raises funds through

Association and her engraved brick is a lasting

philanthropy and investments to deliver

record of her involvement with MLC.

MethodistLadies’ Ladies’College College--Strive Strive 22 22 Methodist

Uniform History Looking Back, Looking Forward - The Uniform of Methodist Ladies’ College and the exciting times ahead! The new Australian Curriculum for History has a focus on Time, Continuity and Change. Over the past 14 months, these concepts have been important considerations for the Uniform Review Group as it took up directions signalled in the 2010 MLC Uniform Survey to guide the evolution of new summer and winter pieces. Survey responses confirmed that the uniform was ready for some ‘reshaping’ to marry a more contemporary and sophisticated look with traditional elements, including our distinctive dark green. Members of the Uniform Review Group understand the privilege and responsibility involved in leading this process; they have been most enthusiastic in applying creative thinking to the task! Exciting options are emerging, after much consideration of different fabrics and styles. One outcome is that there may be subtle differences to distinguish Junior, Middle and Senior Years while our K-12 ness is tied together with strong traditional elements! We hope we can soon share the designs with you and offer some choices within these. We aspire to create a standout uniform that will define a new era in MLC’s history! Yvonne Palmer, Deputy Principal

In reviewing the uniform Principal Cody has said she is looking forward to “a more contemporary look with quality fabrics and flattering shapes. The injection of age-appropriate elegance would also be most welcomed.”


School tie (archive collection)

1909 – 1920 n

Navy blue tunic


Black added to belt


White Straw hats in summer


Navy Blue felt hats in winter



Green felt hat in winter

Official uniform:


Black shoes and stockings


Straw Panama style hat with Prefect Honour pocket


Skirt of dark green wool-de-chine


Pale green shirt

green rim binding

(later referred to as ‘apple green’)



Green and gold school tie for winter


Winter: Dark green flannel blazer


Pale green wool pullover


Winter: School tie


Dark green flannel blazer bound with

Since 1933 the winter uniform has remained

green braid for winter

virtually unchanged.

1921 Navy Blue Blazer bound with gold and black cord

1921 Did you know that MLC students used to wear navy blue? 1923 Prospectus: ‘That navy blue is required for school wear. For going out wear white in summer and navy blue in winter. Ordinary white straw hats are worn in summer and navy blue felt in winter. Hair ribbons must be navy blue, black or white. Shoes and stockings must be black’.

1948 Winter Berets introduced

1949 Beige stockings worn due to black stockings in short supply

1950 n

Green and white check ‘tablecloth’ summer dress


White gloves worn for ‘formal’ occasions

Methodist Ladies’ College - Strive 24

Uniform History 1955 n

Summer dress replaced by plain green dress


Dark green cardigan


Yellow stripe hatband

with belt. Crest embroided in gold on pocket

1957 Collegian 1957: ‘Over the past five years there have been several uniform changes made. The summer check dresses have been replaced with a different styled pale green cotton. A dark green cardigan can be worn in school if desired. The new hatband has a yellow stripe instead of the cream’.

1959 Synthetic straw summer hats with bottle green under brim and gold and black stripe edging. Fused collar blouses permitted for senior girls.

1972 Summer beige, green and yellow check dress in double breasted style.

Some hemlines are best left to the 70s. Today’s uniform is strictly ‘at the knee’



Bottle green raincoat made compulsory

Low cut white socks worn with uniform White short sleeve shirt introduced as part of


winter uniform and summer in 4th term for Y 12.

Summer dress yellow or green stripes

In 2002 Year 12s were permitted to wear either the summer dress or the white shirt with dark green

1965 Velour winter hat replaces beret Panama style hat introduced

1967 Plain green summer dress

1969 Plain green seniors’ tie introduced

winter skirt in Terms 1 and 4.

MLC 2010 Uniform Survey The MLC 2010 Uniform Survey sought the opinions of 1070 people. There were 3 major survey sections and these included the formal elements of the Winter Uniform, Summer Uniform and PE/sports Uniform. In total over 4,000 free comments were recorded! From these comments the following trends emerged and are now being taken into consideration. Apple Green Shirt. The majority of our survey group requested a change to the shirt with many being moved to make additional comments regarding the colour. Striped Tie.



Hats phased out. In 1978 hats were removed

Pale synthetic straw hat with dark green under brim

from the school uniform. With the advent of sun

A light green wool winter jumper has been worn

awareness, hats were reintroduced in 1989 and

since 1933.

made compulsory in 1992. Today, hats remain an integral part of the school uniform.

1983 n

Raincoat not part of uniform

1989 n

Hats reintroduced


Drop waisted style light green summer dress

with white collar and dark green tie worn with white socks

Over half of our survey group requested a change or removal of the tie. Skirt. There was a balanced opinion regarding the green skirt but a large percentage of survey population commented that the fabric was itchy. There was a significant push for a change to darker green or tartan, black or other. Apple Green Jumper. Nearly three quarters of the survey population requested a change or removal of the Apple Green jumper. Again many found it itchy to wear. Blazer. Many of the survey group commented that the shoulder pads should be removed and that it should be a different cut; less boxy and more flattering for girls. Summer Dress. With regard to the summer dress nearly three quarters of survey population would like to see a change to a more flattering style with removal of the tie. These trends are now being considered as we consult with experts in the uniform industry about the best way forward. If you have uniform items of interest to donate to the MLC archive collection please contact Archivist Michelle Campbell at

Methodist Ladies’ College - Strive 26

Collegians Collegians’ Presidents Message Welcome to the last edition of Strive for 2012.

To celebrate this wonderful milestone, the

holding our AGM in March and will advise

Association is hosting a:

further information prior to the event. We hold

Firstly, I would like to congratulate Year 11

• High Tea (March)

approximately 12 meetings throughout the year

• Boarders Sleepover (July School Holidays)

and host two functions.

• Cocktail Party (September)

As this is the last edition of Strive for this year, I

For further information, please visit the MLC

would like to extend the best of wishes to you all

website where dates, times and booking details

for Christmas and for 2013. I look forward to

are now available. There will be limited positions

seeing you at our centenary events.

available at the events so purchase your ticket

If you would like to register your interest

early to avoid missing out!

in attending one of the centenary events,

As part of the Centenary celebrations, MLC

purchasing a copy of 100 Collegian Voices or

will be publishing a book titled 100 Collegian

joining the Collegians’ Committee, please do so

Voices; a collection of stories celebrating the

on the contact details below

student and recipient of the 2012 Bownes Memorial Bursary; Rowie Snooke. The bursary is awarded to the descendent of a MLC Collegian who encapsulates all that is MLC. Thank you to Margaret Dawkins, daughter of Noelle and sister of Gillian Bownes for whom the bursary is named after, for presenting Rowie with the award at assembly and to Barbara Partington for organising the interviews and the selection. I hope those that attended the MLC Collegians’ Association Movie Night on Friday 31 August enjoyed the complimentary champagne and canapés followed by the screening of Hope Springs. I would like to thank those who assisted in arranging the event. 2013 marks the MLC Collegians’ Association’s 100th birthday.

achievements of many of our Collegians. Thank you to everyone who has nominated a Collegian for inclusion in the book. We are currently in the

Chelsea Gallash Collegians’ Association President:

process of requesting further information from those nominated, so please be on the lookout and return as soon as possible as the selection process is beginning shortly. If you are interested in joining the MLC Collegian Association Committee for our exciting celebratory year in 2013, we will be

L to R: Margaret Dawkins (Bownes), Rowie Snooke, Ms Rebecca Cody

Contact: Chelsea Gallash – 0431 820 932 Tamara Kilian – MLC Alumni Relations: 9383 8851

Centenary Celebrations

Founded in 1913 the MLC Collegians’ Association was first formed in response to an appeal by the present girls published in the Collegian magazine. Its initial purpose was simple – to keep the girls in touch with their old friends who had left the College. Since then, the Association has grown to become a dynamic and enduring part of life at MLC.

focussed on bringing together members of MLC’s

belongs to Margaret McLeod and Treasurer to

wider community in support of the College.

Susan Del Borrello. Other committee members

From concert nights, dances, sundowners and

include Sue Cameron, Barbara Partington,

the annual picnic, to dinners and balls, the

Melina Jackson, Julia Avery, Emmie Del Borrello

Collegians’ Association has been responsible

and Honorary Life member Derrick Row.

for a multitude of social and fundraising events

Recently, the Association has hosted a fashion

during its existence.

show in conjunction with Claremont Quarter,

The aim of providing facilities for current and

a Collegians’ Art Exhibition inspired by MLC’s

future students has always played a role in the

Heather Lamont Days, Movie Night fundraisers

Association’s activities. Contributions to the

and Quiz Nights to bring the Collegian

College range from the purchase of furniture to

community together.

fundraising to help build MLC’s first library, yet

2013 marks the centenary year of this

Twenty-three girls attended the inaugural meeting

one of the most tangible and lasting contributions

Association which has, and always will

on October 9, 1913. Principal Gertrude Walton

the Association has made to the College has

contribute to shaping the identity of this school

was unanimously elected as the first president

been the provision of Collegian Scholarships,

through celebrating the individual gifts of its

and was as much a part of the Association as

Prizes and Bursaries.

Collegian network and aiming to constantly

the girls themselves.

Since its inception, The Collegians’ Association

reconnect with alumni.

Although it has gone by different names over the

has been led by forty-six different presidents, the

years, including the Old Girls’ Association and

current being Chelsea Gallash who took on the

Old Scholars’ Association, it has always been

role in 2009. The Current Vice President position

Once an MLC girl, always an MLC girl.

MethodistLadies’ Ladies’College College--Strive Strive 28 28 Methodist


Pop up MLC On Sunday March 18, the Collegians’ Association hosted an exhibition of Collegians’ creative works inspired by MLC’s Heather Lamont Days.

jewellery designers; Dorothy Erickson whose

Collegians and friends enjoyed canapés, wine

or gold; and Robin Wells, who works with metal

tasting and live jazz music performed by Billie

and unique gemstones inspired by a range of

Court and Djuna Lee on Hadley Green following

influences from armour to flowers and petals.

the showcase of unique artwork, photography,

Artworks included figurative portraits by

jewellery, poetry and crafts in Hadley Foyer.

Anna McEachran and Jane Pestell-Litten and

The exhibition included works by Collegian

photography by Tamara Bakonyi.

award-winning works feature steel cable crafted with semi-precious stones and gold to create unique, kinetic designs; Nicole Winkler, who uses natural gems and pearls set in sterling silver

Collegians’ Online Community and Facebook The MLC Collegians’ Online Community is a site designed to help you keep in touch with friends you made during your time at the College. This community will enable you to;

• search for and contact any Collegian

If you would like to join the community please

registered with this alumni program

visit this website to sign up and stay informed;

• access current news and information about your fellow Collegians endeavours • view the Alumni calendar of events including reunions and other Alumni functions or; • view or post information on the site’s bulletin board Like the Methodist Ladies’ College facebook page to find out about College news and events. If you’re a Collegian, join the Methodist Ladies’ College – Collegians group for all alumni related events and reunion updates.

Tops Win Gold – 2012 Annual IGSSA Tennis Tournament

L to R: Mary Sullivan (Colliver ’67), Penny Humann (Smith ’71), Jo Sklarz (Brown ’71), Pam Williams (Bloch ’74), Helen Morgan (Dewar ’67). Angela Brown (Donato ’80), Barbara Partington (Jones ’54), Dale Croker (Wilderspin ’76), Virginia Burke (Saunders ’76).

Earlier this year MLC Collegians participated in

Sklarz who chose the style and Tamara Kilian,

The competition trophy was presented to the

the Annual IGSSA Tennis Tournament. Barbara

Alumni Relations who provided the design

team at a middle school assembly. For the team,

Partington the Collegians’ Tennis co-ordinator

features, all the team arrived on the day looking

this was a special occasion and added much to


very glamorous indeed.”

their well deserved win.

“Perth College was the host school for this year’s IGSSA Tennis Tournament held on Thursday 29 March at the Reabold Tennis Club, Floreat. It was another enjoyable, happy day, made even more so, by the team being victorious; well done Collegians! The team certainly looked the part. Their tennis shirts had been in desperate need of an upgrade and the Collegians’ Association came to the party providing very stylish new shirts. With the help of team members Helen Morgan and Jo

L to R: Pam Williams, Barbara Partington, Principal Rebecca Cody, Jo Sklarz, Helen Morgan, Mary Sullivan.

MethodistLadies’ Ladies’College College--Strive Strive 30 30 Methodist

Collegians Reunions Alumni Reunions are generally celebrated every ten years after graduation and provide a wonderful opportunity for Collegians to reconnect with their classmates and their old school. The Class of 1972 celebrated their 40 years since leaving the College on Saturday 7 July 2012. Guests were treated to a school tour and a rendition of the College Song: Per Ardua

Class of 2002 - 10 Year Reunion

Class of 1987 - 25 Year Reunion

Event Date: Friday 21 December

Event Date: Saturday 22 December

7.00pm – 9.00pm

6.30pm - close

Where: Claremont Yacht Club

Where: The Boulevard, Corner The Boulevard

Cost: $30.00

and Howtree Place, Floreat


Cost: $40.00

Name: Suz Fisher & Fiona Hope


Email: S:

Name: Kate Sugars (nee Biddles)



Phone: S: 0420 239 380 F: 0407874098

Phone: 0422 894 029

Trybooking link:

Trybooking link:

Ad Alta to which they all rose and sang along. Special thanks to Terrie O’Shea for her generosity in making the event such a success. The classes of 1992, 1982 and 1962 have recently revisited the College. Look out for photos from these events in the next edition of Strive. The reunions listed below are yet to come in 2012 – so please mark your diaries!

The class of ‘72

Please tell us if your contact details change after leaving MLC so that you don’t miss out on important reunion information. Complete and return the form on the back of the address sheet accompanying this magazine or contact the College on (08) 9384 4000 or

Where Are They Now? Lydia Litton (2000) Will be climbing Antarctica’s highest peak; Mount Vinson in December. Best of luck to Lydia! Denise Chern (2005) Denise has recently graduated from Monash University with a Masters degree in Science (International Relations). Rebecca Cohen (2003) Rebecca has been appointed Australian Lifesaving Still Water Coach for the Combined Australian Team for the World Championships later this year. She has previously coached Australian Royal Lifesaving Teams to win overall competitions in the Commonwealth Games in Canada and South Africa. Charm Phillips (1944) Recently held her 13th Solo Exhibition of paintings; Bakers Dozen in September at the Freight Gallery in Fremantle (as below). Charm’s work is represented in private collections nationally and internationally in Hong Kong, England, South Africa, Melbourne and Sydney.

Elise Rechichi (2003)

Sarah Forgie (2011)

Elise recently placed 7th in the overall standings

Sarah was recently accepted to study at the

for the Women’s 470 Class sailing event at the

Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design

London 2012 Olympic Games and placed 8th

in London and began her studies in August.

in the Medal Race.

Designers such as Alexander McQueen and

Elise won gold at the Beijing Olympics in 2008

Stella McCartney have attended this highly

in the 470 class event alongside former team

regarded College. She showcased one of her

mate Tessa Parkinson. After retiring in 2009,

pieces at the MLC Foundation Fashion Fundraiser

Elise made a return to sailing in 2011 where

event (pictured below).

she, and new team mate Belinda Stowell (pictured above), claimed 9th position in the World Championships which helped them to qualify for the London Olympic Games this year. Natalie Barry (2008) Georgi Kay (2010) Georgi Kay (aka Georgina Kingsley) has

Natalie is currently in her third year of studying Law at Notre Dame University.

had recent success in the music business after collaborating with renowned musicians to create the extraordinary piece; In My Mind in which she is featured alongside Ivan Gough and Feenixpawl. She has just returned from a national tour where she performed as the opening act to Ed Sheeran.

Collegians; we would love to hear about your latest endeavours. Please keep us updated by completing the form accompanying this magazine or email

MethodistLadies’ Ladies’College College--Strive Strive 32 32 Methodist

Per Ardua Per Ardua President’s Message Dear Per Ardua Members and Friends, 2012 has been yet another incredible year for Per Ardua with an array of remarkable guest speakers gracing us with their presence at our ‘Coffee and a Chat’ meetings.

giving some great water wise tips; and most

Thursday 15 November at 12 noon. I look

recently Dr Penny Flett who shared stories from

forward to welcoming you to the College at the

her many roles including Chair of the MLC

Luncheon and I hope to see some new faces

Council. We also enjoyed our annual Musicale


where we were treated to musical performances

Fay Woods

by the Concert Band, Chorale, Symphony

President, Per Ardua Association

We have heard from Collegians Robyn Murray


’70 whose presentation about a conceptual art

Our Per Ardua Reconnect campaign is continuing

If you would like to join us at a Per Ardua

display of historical convict bonnets left us all

into late 2012 with aims to reconnect further

meeting or event, please contact Alumni Relations

quite emotional; Sue Murphy ’75 who spoke

with past parents, grandparents, staff members

Coordinator Tamara Kilian at the College on

about her career as a civil engineer and position

and Collegians. Our last event this year is the

9383 8851 or at

as CEO of the Water Corporation while also

Per Ardua Christmas Luncheon to be held on

Orchestra and many more talented MLC student

Per Ardua Welcome Brunch hosting Dr Hadley’s Book Launch Former MLC Principal Dr Geoff Hadley launched his memoirs Risks Worth the Taking at the Per Ardua Welcome Brunch on Sunday 1 April. A high tea was served in MLC’s Stephen Lee Auditorium followed by the official book launch where Dr Hadley treated the crowd to humorous anecdotes from his time at the College. Dr Hadley signed copies of his memoirs for guests on the day and is donating all proceeds of sales of his book sold through the College to the MLC Foundation. Risks Worth the Taking recounts Dr Hadley’s 20 year journey at MLC along with his experiences from growing up on a dairy farm in Waroona to working in New York. If you would like a copy of the book contact Tamara Kilian on 9383 8851.

Vale Vale - Penny Bladen 1961 - 2010 Penelope Jane Bladen (Penny), the middle daughter of Colonel Ken and Stephanie Bladen was born at Taiping, Malaya in the British Military Hospital on 10 June 1961.

instant recognition with her first exhibition. This

Penny attended secondary school at MLC from

over her last thirteen years and faced her illness

lead to her teaching art to an enthusiastic group of students and in 2008 Penny won the Perrine Peoples’ Choice Prize in the City of Perth Black Swan Prize for Portraiture. Penny bravely endured many medical treatments with true courage and was inspirational to others

1975 as a day girl. Penny excelled in music

with her sympathy and understanding – always

and arts at school where in her final year she

good humoured. With a great deal of empathy

conducted the Rome House choir to first place

for fellow cancer sufferers Penny discovered

and played the piano to accompany the school

the number of patients waiting for a PET scan


in the Public Health System was over 400.

After matriculating Penny was awarded a Rotary

Consequently lobbying Parliament with the aid

scholarship to live with a German family and attend school there. On return to Perth Penny later achieved a BA Honours degree with a double major in German and English at UWA. Essentially, Penny was blessed with a number of talents, three of which she studied and developed simultaneously: music, ballet and singing, which she pursued enthusiastically. Her busy acting, singing and dancing career, which lead to working in theatre, film and television took her all over Australia.

of the media, Penny successfully increased hourly On her return to Perth in the mid 80s Penny

usage of the one PET machine available in order

established a successful interior design business

to ease the backlog of patients.

specialising in both residential and commercial

With the care and support of her dedicated

which resulted in a number of Perth Builders’

medical team, the love of her many wonderful


friends and her devoted family, Penny was

In the late 90s Penny was diagnosed with

able to enjoy life to the fullest – we all loved

breast cancer which subsequently developed

and admired her greatly. Penny passed away

secondaries. Despite her illness she then took up

peacefully on 25 November 2010. Penny’s

painting seriously and almost overnight achieved

former MLC principal, the Rev Dr Geoff Hadley kindly officiated at her funeral.

Vale - Jessie Gear 1926 - 2012 This short article is to honour the memory of Jessie Kent Gear, a friend, colleague and teacher.

I last saw Jessie at the celebration for HEIA WA’s

For those of us who have had a long association

along with her sharp wit, positive outlook and

with the home economics profession, our

her distinctive laugh.”

memories of Jessie who was born on the 9

“My own memories of Jessie in the late sixties

July 1926 at Bonnybridge Scotland, are very

and onwards are those of a new home

special. Jessie attended Muiravonside Primary

economics teacher who interacted with me

School and Falkirk High School and graduated

with the wonderful accent, the full laugh and

from Edinburgh College of Domestic Science

who always took the time to share stories about

and Economy, Scotland in 1947. Her teaching

her classroom teaching along with parenting

career began in Scotland and continued in Auckland, New Zealand. In August 1960, Jessie and her husband Bob travelled from New Zealand to Perth, Western Australia. Jessie’s appointment at Methodist Ladies’ College, Claremont began in 1967 through to her retirement in1991, a period of 24 years.

40th Birthday, and I could not believe how little she had changed. She still had the very upright posture and purposeful walk I remembered,

of 9 students, the change in lifestyle and learning was significant. My Tertiary Admissions Examination (TAE) Home Economics class was quite small and Jessie quickly became a favourite teacher of my favourite subject. Her Scottish accent was used to add special emphasis to important points in the classroom.

Noelene recalls her special memories of Jessie,

Roux was always spelt out as RRRRR (Rolling

her home economics teacher: “As a boarder at

roux). Roux sauce must have been a specialty of

MLC arriving for Years 11 and 12 from a small

Jessie, because I recall making them regularly,

country school where my Year 10 class consisted

lump free of course.

stories related to being a working mother of four children. The Western Australian Home Economics Association was established in 1965 and Jessie attended meetings regularly and definitely valued the contribution that practising teachers made to the profession. Jessie went on to lead the Western Australian home economics professional association. Thank you for the wonderful memories Jessie.” Noelene Matthews and Marilyn Yates

Methodist MethodistLadies’ Ladies’College College--Strive Strive 34 34

Collegians’ Association

Centenary 2013 Centenary High Tea

Boarders’ Sleepover

Cocktail Party

Sunday 24 March 2013 1pm – 3.30pm Middle Years’ Cliff Front

Saturday 13 & Sunday 14 July 2013 From 4pm Saturday Dining Room & Boarding House

Saturday 14 September 2013 7pm – late Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club

The MLC Collegians’ Association is celebrating

To commemorate this exciting event, a book

its centenary in 2013 and you are invited to join

titled 100 Collegian Voices is being produced.

in the celebrations. The Association is hosting a

This publication will commemorate the lives

number of events for Collegians’ of all ages to

of 100 MLC Collegians who have made


significant contributions to society based on

Tickets to these events will be limited so please

the below categories. 100 Collegian Voices

obtain yours quickly to avoid missing out on the celebrations. For further information about the Collegians’ centenary, please visit for or contact; or 9383 8851.

will provide an illustration of students who have honoured the College vision, Per Ardua Ad Alta; through striving to the heights. The book will be launched during the centenary year.

Prepare to amaze yourself.

Strive Issue 4  

Issue 4 Semester2 2012

Strive Issue 4  

Issue 4 Semester2 2012