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MLC Foundation (Inc) | Annual Report 2016



MLC Foundation (Inc) | Annual Report 2016

FOUNDATION The Foundation depends on the generosity of families of current and past students, Collegians, staff, volunteers and community members: every dollar generously given to the Foundation will provide generations of girls and young women with an education that better prepares them to enter the world. Supporting the Foundation enables MLC to:

The MLC Foundation (Inc) (the Foundation) was established in 1987 to assist Methodist Ladies’ College (MLC) in strengthening its educational reputation and values. MLC tuition fees pay for tuition and operational costs; they are not enough to brilliantly manifest the College’s aspirations and secure its long-term future.

Empower the next generation of bold thinkers, creative doers, and global citizens;

Drive the next iteration of translating MLC’s vision into practice;

Guarantee that the students who attend MLC today maximise their educational experience, just as generations before them have;

Honour our founder’s legacy of innovative initiatives on behalf of our girls; and

Ensure our girls will leave MLC inspired and prepared for purposeful futures.

To do this successfully, the Foundation closely aligns with MLC’s strategic plan and supports facilities, scholarships and strategic initiatives. The Foundation’s key objectives are to: •

Support the development of a culture of philanthropy at MLC;

Create an intergenerational source of independent income;

Support and sustain uninterrupted philanthropic programmes;

Receive $1,000,000 in donated funding annually; and

Aspire to $1,000,000 annual spending contribution to the College by 2020.

MLC Foundation (Inc) | Annual Report 2016


PRINCIPAL’S PERSPECTIVE PURPOSEFUL CAMARADERIE MLC’s educational theme for 2016 was Purposeful Camaraderie. Its focus was on knowing, believing and behaving in ways that respect every individual and unite our community in a sense of belonging. Purposeful Camaraderie prioritises trust in one another and a lifelong commitment to our MLC Values. The Foundation works alongside the College to promote connections with individual MLC community members, and partnerships with the wider community. In doing so, it upholds the ideals of Purposeful Camaraderie, especially in nurturing a sense of belonging that supports us to be united in our philanthropic mission. One achievement of 2016 exemplifies the progress we have made in energising our philanthropic culture at MLC: in only four years we have grown our donor numbers from 89 to just over 300. This level of community engagement propels us into new terrain; it affords even greater outcomes for our learners.

“There’s always that girl whose name you don’t know, or her year, but when you cross paths it’s a tradition to flash each other the biggest smiles… Like a family, MLC wants only the best for us and will go to great lengths to help us achieve our best.” Clara Lipscombe, Head Prefect, 2016

In 2016 we witnessed the emergence of one such outcome as it literally appeared from the earth! Week by week the construction of our Junior Years’ Redevelopment (Phase 1) evolved; its presence gave glimpses into the possibilities of the new learning spaces and more importantly, the learning adventures that it will enable for our girls. This state-of-the-art learning and teaching environment has been designed to optimise flexible, collaborative and playful learning. Its functionality is yet another demonstration of our commitment to nourishing hearts and minds through holistic education. For their unwavering pursuit of our Vision – to be an international leader of holistic learning and teaching – I once again pay tribute to our generous and highly skilled Chair, James McClements, the Foundation Board, Development Team and Donors for their purposeful camaraderie in 2016. Rebecca Cody | Principal


MLC Foundation (Inc) | Annual Report 2016

CHAIR’S MESSAGE In a year in which the spirit

A major focus for the Foundation in 2016 was to

of community was very

commence our fundraising for the Junior Years’

much evident, a highpoint

Redevelopment; a $2m target over 3 years to support this

for me was the 2016 MLC

important infrastructure. This is a bold target; however, I

Foundation Gala. MLC

am reassured by the generosity of our united community

camaraderie was evident

and believe that we can achieve it. We have received sound

in delivery of another

support for the Bosisto Walk initiative; all

truly spectacular Gala in

families donating will see their contribution acknowledged

May. This biennial event

with the inclusion of their names within the new building.

showcases the generosity

As the first year of fundraising for the Redevelopment

of so many members of our

concludes, I encourage you to support us in completing

community, with the Foundation and the MLC Community

the Redevelopment in the stellar fashion we associate

Support Groups collaborating to raise valuable funds for

with MLC. I welcome contact from community members

the College by bringing the remarkable night to fruition.

who are interested in learning more about the campaign and how they can make a difference for the future of the

There was a moment at the Gala, when I looked around

College and the opportunities of our girls.

the room and was elated to witness our community’s participation in our mission. Not only had over 300 guests

We celebrate the Circle of Success, as it continues to

purchased their ticket to the Gala, the entire audience

display how collectively we can bring about valuable

had gone beyond this, to further support the College

improvements for the benefit of today’s students

through their participation in raffles and auctions. Equally

promptly. This year we opened the Yvonne Palmer

impressive was the generosity of Gala sponsors. We

Biological Sciences Laboratory, the selected 2015 project

thank them most sincerely for making the night possible.

and committed to complete two additional projects;

At this occasion the tough economic conditions in Perth

the Rejuvenation of the Gertrude Walton Centre and

were not evident; instead, we united to make the event a

the Refurbishment of the Pool. These are significant

success. The Gala raised $124,000, a significant increase

capital projects that will be delivered in 2017. The pool

from the inaugural event in 2014. This is a testament

refurbishment can be attributed to the benevolence of

to the dedicated and talented organising team, our

three MLC families; a significant gift that will provide a

community’s united stance and commitment to the cause,

long-term benefit for MLC students. I would like to thank

as well as their willingness to give what they could. On

all members of the Circle of Success for bringing these

behalf of the Board, I warmly thank the Gala Sponsorship

impressive improvements to the College. Your donations

Committee and everyone involved in making the Gala such

make a difference.

a wonderful event. The MLC Foundation’s success is built on community. I Although the Foundation did not meet its 2016 fundraising

take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to all

budget an impressive $595,910 was received in donations.

contributors to the MLC Foundation. The MLC community

Our investment manager, NWQ Capital, reported a net

is generous in all their gifts, including time and energy

negative return of -6.187% from the funds invested in

to support the College through various committees and

the Fiduciary Fund. The performance of our Fund was

community based activities. This continued commitment

negatively impacted in 2016 by unusual market conditions,

and dedication is exceptional and highly valued.

however our Fund has provided a positive return since inception in September 2014. The endowment fund is

In 2017, I look forward to acknowledging more families

steadily growing with funds from the essential Foundation

during the campaign for the Junior Years’ Redevelopment,

Future Levy. These contributions enable our aim of

enhancing our financial position and further building on

establishing an intergenerational source of independent

the success of fundraising campaigns, as together we

income to support the College in perpetuity.

strive to develop an open culture of philanthropy at MLC. James McClements | Chair, MLC Foundation

MLC Foundation (Inc) | Annual Report 2016


GOVERNANCE The Foundation is governed by volunteers, with a resourceful staff team delivering on their strategy. The Foundation thanks their Trustees, Board and sub-Committee members for their stalwart commitment of time, expertise and counsel to undertake these roles. Each of our Trustees, Board and Sub-Committee members also made a financial contribution to the Foundation in 2016. Equally, our thanks are extended to all members involved with the Gala, Circle of Success and other initiatives throughout the year, as well as the dedicated staff team. The Foundation is fortunate to have such a collaborative, experienced and reputable group of individuals involved to together drive our vision and it is a privilege to be the steward of the contributions of so many remarkable members of our community.


THE TRUSTEES The Board of the Foundation is ultimately accountable to the Trustee members. Although nominated by MLC Council and MLC Foundation, the Trustees are independent and act, when necessary, in the interests of the Foundation. The Trustees are: MLC FOUNDATION NOMINATED TRUSTEES


Meredith Campion Partner, Allen and Overy

Craig Colvin Barrister, Francis Burt Chambers

Lindy Jenkins Judge, Supreme Court of Western Australia

Carol Dolan Actuary and Risk Management Professional

James McClements Managing Partner, Resources Capital Funds

Prudence Honey Director, Honey and Honey

Felicity Zempilas Magistrate, Magistrates Court of Western Australia

Grant Robinson Partner, KPMG


MLC Foundation (Inc) | Annual Report 2016

THE BOARD The Foundation is overseen by a dedicated Board that governs through a transparent and sustainable business model. BOARD MEMBERS James McClements | Chair - MLC Foundation, Chair - Prosperity Committee Nick Brasington | Member - Prosperity Committee, Council Member - MLC Council John Klepec | Member - Investment Committee Andree Megson | Chair - Development Committee Geoff Pritchard | Chair - Investment Committee Rachel Pritchard | Chair - Audit, Risk and Compliance Committee Cliff Rocke | Member - Audit Risk and Compliance Committee and Prosperity Committee Sue Ulreich | Member - Prosperity Committee Rebecca Cody, ex-officio | Principal - MLC Penny Flett, ex-officio | Chair - MLC Council Invitees to Board meetings included the following MLC staff: the Director of Corporate Services (Peter O’Sullivan), the Director of Development (Lauren Major) and for recording of minutes the Development Associate, Foundation Secretary (Robin Ashton). In 2016, the Board welcomed the following new sub-committee members: Marcello Cardaci | Audit, Risk and Compliance Committee Marcello is a partner at Gilbert and Tobin and has over 27 years of experience in law. He advises on a wide range of corporate and commercial matters including public and private equity fund raising and public and private mergers, acquisitions and divestment. Marcello also specialises in matters relating to the Corporations Act and Australian Securities Exchange Listing Rules. He has significant cross-border experience, having advised on numerous overseas transactions including capital raising, takeovers, schemes of arrangements and the structuring of acquisitions and joint ventures internationally. Marcello has been recognised in Best Lawyers 2017 for Corporate, Equity Capital Markets, Mergers and Acquisitions Law categories and has previously been listed as a recommended lawyer for Capital Markets in Legal 500 Asia Pacific. He is also a director of ASX listed Energia Minerals Ltd and Manhattan Corporation Ltd. Marcello has two sons and a daughter. His daughter and nieces attend MLC.

Nick Henry | Audit, Risk and Compliance Committee Nick is the leader of PwC’s Assurance practice in Perth. He has over 26 years of experience in Assurance specialising in the resources sector in Australia, the United States and Canada having spent 4 years in the San Francisco office and 22 years in Perth. He has extensive experience in providing audit and accounting services to resource and service companies. Nick has experience in advising clients on a range of commercial issues including capital raising, mergers, acquisitions and restructures, with expertise held in identifying pragmatic solutions to complex issues. Nick is a Governor of the American Chamber of Commerce, a Non-Executive Director and Treasurer of Youth Focus Inc. (a not for profit) and is a former State Chairman of the Institute of Chartered Accountants. He has a daughter who attends MLC and two sons.

MLC Foundation (Inc) | Annual Report 2016


THE SUB-COMMITTEES The Board is supported by four sub-committees. AUDIT, RISK AND COMPLIANCE COMMITTEE


Rachel Pritchard (Chair)

Andree Megson (Chair)

Marcello Cardaci

Amanda Cox

Cliff Rocke (Board Member)

David Minns Bronwyn Rasmussen

Nick Henry

Mei Teo

Regular invitees:

Regular invitees:

Robin Ashton

Lauren Major

Peter O’Sullivan

Cath Woodley



Geoff Pritchard (Chair)

James McClements (Chair)

Kelvin Flynn

Nick Brasington (Board Member)

John Klepec James McClements Leanda Visagie Regular invitees: Robin Ashton

Cliff Rocke (Board Member) Sue Ulreich Regular invitees: Robin Ashton

Stuart McClure, NWQ (Investment Advisor)

Peter O’Sullivan

Peter O’Sullivan

Lauren Major

THE AMBASSADORS The Foundation continues to be supported by the following accomplished and influential group of Ambassadors: The Honourable Richard Court Former Premier and Treasurer of Western Australia, Australia’s Ambassador to Japan. Valerie Davies Director of One.2.One. Communications Pty Ltd. David Flanagan Managing Director of Atlas Iron Limited, Director of Northern Star, Chairman of Battery Minerals and Chancellor of Murdoch University. Dr Dongyi Hua Executive Director of VDM Group Limited. The Right Honourable the Lord Mayor, Lisa-M. Scaffidi The Lord Mayor of Perth. MLC Collegian.


MLC Foundation (Inc) | Annual Report 2016

RETIRED MEMBERS The Foundation recognises the following Foundation staff and volunteers who retired during 2016 for their valuable contribution to MLC: Robin Ashton | Development Associate (staff) | Service Commenced 2014 Carol Dolan | Trustee | Service Commenced 2014 Leanda Visagie | Investment Committee member | Service Commenced 2014

THE OFFICE OF DEVELOPMENT The Office of Development continues to build awareness, engage the MLC community in the Foundation and deliver on the Foundation’s objectives. The team has established a solid portfolio of fundraising initiatives. The staff team consists of:

Peter O’Sullivan

Lauren Major

Director of Corporate Services

Director of Development

Robin Ashton

Cath Woodley

Development Associate (part time)

Development Associate (part time)

MLC Foundation (Inc) | Annual Report 2016


2016 FINANCIAL REPORT PROFIT AND LOSS STATEMENT The MLC Foundation is a not-for-profit, charitable institution incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Act. The financial reporting period for the Foundation is from 1 January to 31 December 2016. The table below reflects the financial performance during that period.





















Surplus/(Deficit) prior to distribution to MLC


Surplus/(Deficit) after distribution to MLC


Portfolio Returns - Unrealised Reduction


Surplus/(Deficit) after distribution to MLC and Portfolio Revaluation


NET ASSETS General Fund


Endowment Fund


Building Fund


Scholarship Fund





MLC Foundation (Inc) | Annual Report 2016

2016 FINANCIAL REPORT INCOME AND EXPENDITURE The following charts represent the categories of income and expenditure for the Foundation.


EXPENDITURE 2016 Audit Fees, Bank and Miscellaneous Charges 4%

Foundation Future Levy 27%

Portfolio Returns Realised Gains 13%

Donations 36%

Fundraising Expenses 34%

Philanthropy Development 62% Fundraising Income 24%

The Foundation Future Levy was introduced in 2014, with no distribution to the College until 2016. In 2016 and beyond, 4% of the total fund value is distributed to MLC on an annual basis. 

• Portfolio Returns - Realised Gains includes distributions from funds under management. • Donations include direct donations to the Foundation.

• Fundraising Expenses include costs associated with fundraising campaigns, activities and events. • Philanthropy Development includes staffing costs and administration support costs.
 • Portfolio Returns – Unrealised Reduction reflects the net reduction in fair value of available for sale financial assets.

• Fundraising Income includes fundraising (other than direct donations) from events and activities. 

MLC Foundation (Inc) | Annual Report 2016


2016 FINANCIAL REPORT FUNDRAISING TARGETS The main sources of revenue for the Foundation are: • The Foundation Future Levy; • Donations; • Fundraising generated from events and activities; • Interest received from bank deposits held as investments; and

During 2016 the Foundation donated $851,000 to the College. The contributions included $500,000 towards the Boarding House Transformation, $72,000 for Circle of Success projects, $115,000 towards Scholarships, $70,000 in Gala distributions and $94,000 in non-tied distributions. The 2016 provision of $500,000 to the College for the Boarding House Transformation relates to donations received in prior years.

• Distributions from investments. The Foundation had a $1m fundraising target for 2016. The Foundation’s ambitious fundraising pursuit for the College’s Junior Years’ Redevelopment resulted in a collective shortfall. This deficit is not a reflection of overall performance, with all other fundraising initiatives achieving strong results and the Foundation raising more funds than the previous year.

While the Foundation’s investment fund provided strong portfolio returns in a tumultuous year in 2015, this year continued to be a difficult year globally. Overall the fund provided a net reduction after revaluation of assets held for sale at the end of the year.



$995,339 INCOME










MLC Foundation (Inc) | Annual Report 2016

2016 FINANCIAL REPORT INVESTMENT GOAL AND OBJECTIVES The overall investment objective of the Foundation is to generate net growth of the total Foundation portfolios over the long-term. It is guided by the following key principles: a)

There is a primary preference to achieve reasonable real growth of the Funds.


The Foundation values capital preservation and places a strong emphasis on mitigating downside investment volatility.

Growth in the Foundation’s corpus of funds is achieved as a result of voluntary donations (including Annual Giving, Bequests and Sponsorships), the Foundation Future Levy and growth through financial management of the corpus. The Foundation is responsible for the management and investment of funds in accordance with prudent accounting, financial advisory and legal standards. Investing supports the sustainability of the Foundation with sound returns achieved for the benefit of the College over the long-term.

c) Assets should be allocated and managed in a way that provides sensible diversification across asset classes and by investment process. d)

Net investment outcome is a priority.


The investment process should emphasise the absolute return or “cash plus”/“Inflation plus” outcomes.

In 2015 NWQ Capital, the Foundation’s investment managers, achieved exceptional returns of between 7.98% and 17.54% for the Foundation’s funds under management. This was well in excess of the 2.56% return for the ASX200 TR index for the same period. 2016 however proved extremely challenging due to turbulent global conditions, resulting in the first negative calendar year for the fund since NWQ started in 2007. Despite the difficult year in 2016, NWQ is confident the fund is well position to recover in 2017; reinforced/indicated by January providing a positive return of 0.99%.

Annual Returns %


General Fund Cash

Building Fund - Cash

Building Fund Investment Pool

Endowment Fund Investment Pool

Scholarship Fund General Investment Pool

Scholarship Fund SASRT Investment Pool

Annual Return % 2016







Annual Return % 2015







MLC Foundation (Inc) | Annual Report 2016


2016 FUNDRAISING INITIATIVES MLC FOUNDATION GALA Our community came together on 14 May 2016 at the biennial MLC Foundation Gala. The event welcomed over 330 guests in spectacular fashion; the University of Western Australia’s Winthrop Hall was glowing in purple and MLC’s Dolce Quartet, and the MLC Drumline, set the mood for our spectacular evening. Over fine food and wine and with entertainment that kept guests dancing throughout the evening, the lively company dug deep to generously support our girls. The Gala was made possible by the commitment, generosity and talent of the volunteers on the Sponsorship Committee, representatives from our MLC Support Groups, as well as the College’s organising staff and the support of our 75 sponsors. Our appreciation is also extended to, our Master of Ceremonies, Adrian Barich, our Auctioneer, Kim Green, and our treasured Emerald Sponsors who each donated goods and services in excess of $10,000 in value: Moss Wood Wines, Beaumonde Catering, Stefan Diamonds, LUX Creative Events, Consuming Passion Pty Ltd and one anonymous sponsor. The Gala raised an impressive $124,000. In gratitude for their valued contribution and in line with our Gala partnership agreement, the Foundation distributed half of these funds to the MLC Community Support Groups: Parents of MLC, Friends of Music, the Rowing Club and the Collegians’ Association. The Gala funds have assisted in the purchase a Race 8 rowing scull, contributed to the purchase of the Shigeru Kawai EX Concert Grand Piano and will be utilised for the 2017 Parents of MLC Wish List Programme, for College purchases beyond budget provisions. The Gala was a night of generosity and one to truly remember; we look forward to the next event in 2018 which is sure to surprise and delight guests, as our community again unites in benevolence for the benefit of our girls.


MLC Foundation (Inc) | Annual Report 2016

CIRCLE OF SUCCESS Our MLC community continues to display the power of collective philanthropy and decision making, with another incredible year of contribution to the Circle of Success. In 2016, there was a total commitment of $201,777 towards significant capital projects for the benefit of current and future MLC students. On 15 June, at the Pinnacle of Success voting night, members also celebrated the opening of the 2015 project, the Yvonne Palmer Biological Sciences Laboratory. Members could see the benefits of their donation, as well as acknowledge and honour our long-serving and admired retired Deputy Principal, Yvonne Palmer. Forty-one members provided a collective $72,777 donation and voted for the Rejuvenation of the Gertrude Walton Drama Centre. Members were persuaded by a surprise appearance by Miss Gertrude Walton, who spoke of the structure originally housing the College’s library. The muchneeded funding will renovate this integral facility to better service students and to celebrate its history ahead of the building’s 60th birthday in 2017. Again, a heartfelt thank you to all our 2016 Circle of Success members, 100% of your donations benefit our students. With absolute appreciation, we also recognise the three MLC families who together committed to an additional Circle of Success project, the heating and upgrade of the MLC pool. The pool project will now be completed in 2017. Since inception, in just two years, the MLC community has rallied together to contribute $369,777 to worthy, meaningful capital projects; the Revitalisation of the Yvonne Palmer Biological Sciences Laboratory, the AV Upgrade of Hadley Hall, the Rejuvenation of the Gertrude Walton Drama Centre and the Refurbishment of the Pool. The involvement of the MLC community has been remarkable. Thank you to all of our 2015 and 2016 members, we look forward to seeing you again in 2017. Memberships remain open and the Foundation encourages new MLC families to get involved with a donation of $1,000 or more if you are able.

MLC Foundation (Inc) | Annual Report 2016


2016 FUNDRAISING INITIATIVES AMAZING WOMEN BREAKFASTS The 2017 MLC prefecture-elect and their parents were invited to the 2 November, Amazing Women Breakfast. The Prefecture were once again congratulated on their new roles and enjoyed the learnings shared by our extraordinary guest speaker. Lieutenant Colonel Base Commander Kirsten Scudamore spoke of her journey to success occurring in an unconventional way. She highlighted the importance of staying true to yourself, as she explained her early interest and desire to join the Military, however outside influences persuaded her into law, before she eventually moved across to the Military to fulfil her ambition. Lieutenant Colonel Scudamore’s inspiring delivery provided a refreshing perspective on leadership, expressed the learning achievable through making mistakes and the value of hard work. Earlier in the year, to celebrate International Women’s’ Day, Superintendent Sharron Leonhardt was the guest speaker at the Amazing Women Breakfast on 3 March. Sharron highlighted that attitude is just as important as ability, as well as the need to maintain your integrity and remaining true to yourself. This was a profound message, having an impact on all guests.

MLC TUITION RAFFLE The MLC Tuition Raffle offered all families the opportunity to participate in philanthropy at an affordable investment level of $100 per ticket. We congratulate the 2016 winning ticket holder announced on 12 February. The first place prize was their 2016 School Tuition Fees (up to $26,000 value).

The series of events had over 100 guests, as well as inspiring our girls to strive to the heights and support one another. The Amazing Women Breakfasts will be retired in 2017, as part of a regeneration of the Foundation’s events programme.

The 2016 Raffle was as successful as its inauguration in 2015. Over 300 tickets were purchased and $35,300 raised. Funds raised from the Raffle support student scholarships via the MLC Foundation Scholarship Fund.


MLC Foundation (Inc) | Annual Report 2016


In the future, our girls will change the world in ways we can’t yet picture. Help us give our emergent leaders a learning environment that will fire their imaginations.

MLC Foundation (Inc) | Annual Report 2016


2016 FUNDRAISING INITIATIVES JUNIOR YEARS’ REDEVELOPMENT Our most significant fundraising target over the next few years is for the Junior Years’ Redevelopment. The MLC Foundation’s pledge to raise $2m will enable the full vision for the development to come to fruition and further reaffirm MLC’s reputation as a leading and innovative school. The design of the new buildings and play spaces, will demonstrate effective environments to support learning. To assist students with a smooth transition through year levels, the new buildings are better connected to the remainder of the campus. The new drama and music facilities will also be utilised by Middle and Senior Years’ students, with the development benefiting our entire College. Achieving the MLC Foundation’s fundraising target depends on the enthusiasm of our community to believe in our vision and donate for the benefit of our emerging young leaders. To initiate our fundraising for this exciting project, the Bosisto Walk campaign commenced late in 2016. We asked the MLC community to donate to the vision, with their contribution to be acknowledged within the new building. There will be 3 tiers of recognition for donations: • $500-$1,999 will be acknowledged with an engraved portion of the original Bosisto Hall Jarrah floorboards; • $2,000-$4,999 will be acknowledged with an engrave portion of original Bosisto Hall Wandoo or Jarrah floorboards; and • $5,000+ will be acknowledged with a choice of the finishes listed above, or a specially designed brushed metal on the commemorative plaque.


MLC Foundation (Inc) | Annual Report 2016

At the end of 2016, over 30 families had already donated over $45,831 to Bosisto Walk. These families will have their place written into MLC history within the Development. Importantly, Bosisto Walk will pay homage to our history. As we’ve farewelled Bosisto Hall; the new building will include a plaque to continue to commemorate Roy Bosisto, a former College Secretary. Mr Bosisto was instrumental in securing funding for the development of College facilities during his term and the former building was named in recognition of his significant efforts. The opportunity to contribute to fundraising for the Junior Years’ Redevelopment, including naming opportunities, remains open. We would be delighted to provide more information about how you can be instrumental in bringing the College’s vision to life. Please view details on the College website, or contact our Development staff on (08) 9383 8858.

MLC Foundation (Inc) | Annual Report 2016


2016 PARTNERS PARTNERSHIPS MLC and the Foundation value partnerships that assist us to deliver on the College’s Vision and Strategic Plan. The Foundation has formalised numerous partnerships since 2014 to provide valuable scholarships and curricular opportunities for our girls. In 2016, the College offered multiple scholarships in partnership, as outlined below: The Shell Regional Science Scholarship The scholarship is offered to girls from regional communities with a strong interest and aptitude in the field of science. The scholarship covers 100 per cent of boarding and tuition fees for three years, with Shell contributing to the tuition component and the College and Foundation providing the boarding component. This scholarship commenced in 2014 and was awarded to then, Year 10 student Sarah Koster. In 2016, Sarah was elected Boarding Prefect and graduated. Mikayla Parkin received the 2015 award and Leila Skoss received the 2016 award. The partnership will also offer this scholarship in 2017. SAS Resources Fund/ MLC Scholarships The College and Foundation continues to invest in their relationship with the Special Air Services (SAS) Resources Fund (SASRF). The partnership was formalised in 2014, with 2 scholarships named in honour of SAS members who provided distinguished service; the Paul Harold Denehey Scholarship and the William Charles Colin Brown Scholarship. Each scholarship supports one girl at a time to attend the College for her final six years of education (Years 6-12). The scholarships will provide relief to current and former SAS members and their dependants, if SAS members are killed or seriously injured in the line of duty. Funded in equal portions by the SASRF and the Foundation, the funds are set aside to finance the scholarships in perpetuity. The College is yet to award this scholarship. The Yalari Scholarships Yalari’s Mission is to educate and empower Indigenous children from regional, rural and remote communities to bring about generational change. Their Vision is to provide trusted, quality educational opportunities for Indigenous children to achieve positive outcomes for themselves and their families and make a valuable contribution as Australians. Yalari currently has 184 students enrolled in 29 boarding schools around Australia. MLC is Yalari’s chosen partner for girls’ education in Western Australia. Together, MLC and Yalari will provide places for up to 10 students at a time to attend the College, which commenced in 2016. The first two Yalari/MLC scholarships were awarded to Mareeya Pigram and Laurelle Wright. Curricular Partnerships The Jackman Furness Foundation Initiated in 2016 by an MLC family and Foundation donor, this partnership offers our Music, Dance and Drama students access to artists within WAAPA’s visiting artist programme. Through attendance at workshops, rehearsals, performances and masterclasses, MLC students benefit from a world of professional experience.


MLC Foundation (Inc) | Annual Report 2016

SCHOLARSHIPS The College and the Foundation share a belief that scholarships strengthen and enrich our community, as well as providing an environment for young girls to flourish and fulfil their full potential. The Foundation is committed to assisting the College with upholding its Values of Integrity, Mastery, Enterprise and Justice, through support for educational scholarships. In 2016, two scholarships were granted: the Derrick Row Scholarship and the Ohman Music Scholarship. Derrick Row Scholarship Derrick Row made teaching at MLC his life’s work. Since his retirement in 2008 Derrick remains actively involved with the College through the Per Ardua Association and the Collegians’ Association, of which he is an Honorary Life Member. Inaugurated in 2011, the Derrick Row Scholarship is awarded for exceptional academic potential in the humanities and supports 50 per cent of tuition fees. The 2016 recipient of the Derrick Row Scholarship was Ava Nielsen. The Ohman Music Scholarship The Ohman Music Scholarship was originally funded by a bequest from the family of Vera Ohman (1914-1916), whose daughter and granddaughters also attended the College. The Scholarship provides 75 per cent remission of academic tuition fees and 100 per cent of music tuition on one instrument (60 minutes per week) for the duration of Middle and Senior Years. As this scholarship is subject to means testing, it provides a unique opportunity for a girl who may not otherwise be able to attend MLC. The 2016 recipient of the Ohman Music Scholarship was Veronique Gavin.

MLC Foundation (Inc) | Annual Report 2016


DONORS Every donation makes a difference for our current and future students. The MLC Foundation gratefully acknowledges and offers thanks to the following people for their generous support in 2016. FOUNDATION PATRONS Ms Y Low and Mr T Alcock Mr D Bovell The Brasington Family Dr B and Mrs Carnley Hon R and Mrs J Court Mr M and Mrs J Hills Peter and Ary Johnson and Family Mr P and Mrs K Kopejtka Ben and Gina Lisle Mr H Loton The McClements Foundation Mr G and Mrs J Purich Salim Nominees Pty Ltd The Seed Family Mr R and Mrs K Staniforth Mr M and Mrs D Throsby Ms T Trevisan and Mr D Snellgrove Mr A and Mrs L Van Merwyk The Ward Family Mr P and Mrs R Watson Mr Whittle and Dr Jones 2 Anonymous Patrons

FOUNDATION PARTNERS Mr J Afiat and Mrs I Djajaseputra Mr G and Mrs S Bamford Mr A and Mrs C Carver Ms R Cody and Mr S Herczykowski Mr C and Dr L Colvin Mrs L Court Dr L and Mrs P Crostella Mr A Dunn Dr D Forte and Mrs S El-Fil Mr P Garner Dr D Hua Ms A Leguier Mr P and Mrs E Ma Mr I and Mrs C McDonald Mr J and Mrs G McMath Mr B and Mrs L McVeigh Dr P Moore and Dr E Moore Dr F and Mrs T Nielsen Mr N and Mrs J Potier G and R Pritchard Mr D and Mrs F Rakich Mrs Elaine Riley Mr G and Mrs L Robinson Mr D and Mrs M Rose Ms M Saunders The Thomas Family

The Timms Family Dr C Viiala and Dr D Dogra Mr C and Mrs C Wilkinson

2016 DONORS Dr J Armstrong Prof. Jonathon Carapetis and Prof. Sue Skull Mrs E Carne and Mr M Carne Dr F Chai Mr S and Dr A Ch’ng Mr P Chow Mrs M Elliott Mrs L Gabriel Mrs L Gavan Mrs M Hodnett Mrs R Humphris Mrs C Jeffery Mr Ron Jones Prof. P Johnson and Dr S Morris Prof. Y Kanagasingam Mrs N Lake Mr P Lindquist Mrs F Martin Miss I Molyneux Mrs D Mony de Kerloy Dr A Nowak and Dr J Terry Mrs K O’Connor Mrs Margie Oldfield Mr P O’Sullivan Mrs B Partington The Piggott Family Miss N Pentony Mr A Robinson Dr M Samuel and Dr B Kuruvilla Mrs J Twine Mr S Volk 1 Anonymous Donor

2016 CIRCLE OF SUCCESS A collaborative gift of $72,777 to MLC Mr J Afiat and Mrs I Djajaseputra Ms Y Low and Mr T Alcock Mr W Anderson and Dr S Ulreich Mr and Mrs G Bamford Jonathon Carepetis and Sue Skull Mr M Cardaci and Ms G McGarry Chung and Janet Chan Ms R Cody Dr L Colvin and Mr C Colvin The Cox Family


Dr A Dayanandan The Dickins Family Dr P and Mrs C Dolan Mr A Dunn Mr L and Mrs J Ferguson Mr K Flynn Andrew and Mandy Friars Nicole Gallin Martyn and Elizabeth Gilbert Tania and Alex Gregg Kathryn Gunn and Wayne Bradford Jenni Hill and Andrew Wood David and Elaine Horlock Ary and Peter Johnson Felicity Kermode and Peter Owens Dr D Latchem and Ms N Sabatini Evdokia Klepec Karen Kopejtka Paul Kopejtka The Lefroy Family Vandra Leigh Dr John Lewis and Dr Sarah Cherian Emma Lipscombe Gina and Ben Lisle The MLC Collegians Association Dr Rita Malik and Dr Stephen Rodrigues Dr F and Mrs T Nielsen Mr P and Mrs E Ma David and Jenni Mackie Lauren and Paul Major Bruce and Gemma Marriott Meredith McClements Quentin and Andree Megson Jonathon and Amanda Osborne Andrew Patrikeos Roger and Lisa Piggott The Pritchard Family The Rasmussen Family Elaine Riley Will and Vicki Robinson Ms C Sargent and Prof. S Maloney Michelle Saunders Ms Kathy Seed David and Cassandra Simpson Diane Smith-Gander Jahnn and Lette Stati The Stevenson Family Brett and Annette Suann Robin and Mei Teo The Thomas Family

MLC Foundation (Inc) | Annual Report 2016

Tony Van Merwyck Johan and Leanda Visagie The Ward Family Di Warner Rachael Watson The Watson Family Mr B Wylynko and Ms S Grainger 1 Anonymous Donor

2016 RAFFLE MLC Foundation Raffle for Tuition Fees, supporting the Scholarship Fund Mrs D Alder and Mr T Alder Dr S and Mrs D Afonso Mrs C Aitkenhead and Mr B Aitkenhead Dr S Aravinth and Dr S Aravinth Mrs M Atherton and Mr T Atherton Mrs K Austin and Mr S Austin Mr J and Mrs A Barich Mrs S Barrett and Mr C Barrett Mrs S Blood and Mr T Blood Mr G and Mrs L Brandon Mrs A Brown and Mr R Brown Mr G Bogdanich and Mrs L Chew-Bogdanich Mr M and Ms C Bonev Dr I Boyatzis and Mr L Boyatzis Mrs K Brough and Mr D Brough Mr M Brown and Mrs S Steel Mrs H Bucktin and Mr C Bucktin Dr A Bullock and Ms D Coleman Mrs S Bult and Mr M Bult Mr I and Mrs M Burrows Mr C Campbell Mr G Canova Mrs S Capewell Mrs M Caporn and Mr T Caporn Mr R Carvajal and Mrs M Rueda Dr S Cardaci Mrs L Carnley and Dr B Carnley Ms L Ceriani and Mr A Gardner Mr P Chow and Ms H Lim Mrs M Christidis and Mr G Christidis Dr L Colvin and Mr C Colvin Mrs A Cox and Mr A Cox Mrs N Craig and Mr K Craig Ms L Cutler Dr J and Mrs J Dass Dr R Dhillon Mrs H Di Bona and Dr P Di Bona

Mrs A Di Girolami and Mr B Di Girolami Mrs A Dunlop and Mr I Dunlop Mrs M Dunkeld and Mr A Dunkeld Mrs R Dunn Mrs M Dyson and Mr B Dyson Ms H Ecker and Mr M Fisher Mr C and Mrs R Edwards Mr D and Mrs S Edwards Mr R and Mrs S Eliott-Lockhart Ms J El-Saleh and Dr J Edwards Mrs S England and Mr T England Dr J and Mrs J Ferguson Mr B Godfrey and Ms S Raven Mrs L Gordon and Mr D Gordon Ms S Grainger and Mr B Wylynko Mrs L Graham and Mr P Graham Mrs T Gregg and Mr A Gregg Mr A and Mrs A Gribble Dr A Gubbay and Dr S Erickson Mrs T Hage and Mr T Hage Mrs N Hanlin and Mr T Hanlin Mrs C Hannington and Mr A Hannington Dr C Harrison and Dr A Patrikeos Mrs S Hart and Mr M Hart Dr P Hartree and Ms M Humphreys Mrs F Harvey and Mr A Harvey Mrs B Honey and Mr A Cook Mrs T Hunter Mrs K Hyde Mitchell and Mr H Mitchell Mrs B Iffla and Mr G Iffla Mrs S Ingram and Mr K Ingram Ms H Jin and Mr F Sun Mr P Johnson and Mrs M Aryawati Dr K Karthigasu and Dr C Stulner-Karthigasu Ms N Kinsella Mrs J Kirchner and Mr M Kirchner Mrs E Klepec and Mr J Klepec

Dr W McAuliffe Mrs J McFarlane and Mr S McFarlane Mr B and Mrs L McVeigh Mrs S Miller and Mr G Miller Dr D and Mrs T Minns Mrs I Mirmikidis and Mr A Mirmikidis Ms V Morris Mr J and Mrs V Munn Ms L Munro and Mr D Blows Mrs T Murie and Mr I Murie Mr P and Mrs S Murray Mrs T Nielsen and Dr F Nielsen Mrs J Newton and Mr A Newton Ms C Nleya Mrs C Nocciolino and Mr N Nocciolino Mrs A Osborne and Mr J Osborne Ms D Paciejun and Mr L Ritchie Mr B Palmer and Mrs L Cheetham-Palmer Mrs C Pollock and Mr N Pollock Mrs R Pritchard and Mr G Pritchard Mr P and Mrs S Rees Mrs S Rendell and Mr P Rendell Mr D and Mrs D Renton Mr A Robinson and Ms S Payne Mrs K Robinson and Mr P Robinson Mrs H Rocke and Mr C Rocke Mrs A Sartori and Mr P Sartori Ms M Saunders and Mr P Saunders Mr S and Mrs P Scott Mrs T Scott and Mr D Scott Mrs L Scott-Harmer and Mr K Harmer Mrs J Shearn Mrs D Singleton and Mr I Singleton Mrs J Skett and Mr P Skett Prof. S Skull and Prof. J Carapetis

Mrs A Koong and Dr B Koong Mrs K Kopejtka and Mr P Kopejtka Mrs S Kotkis and Mr G Kotkis Mrs K Lane and Dr P Stobie Dr D Latchem and Ms N Sabatini Ms V Leigh Mr G and Mrs L Lilleyman Mr A and Mrs J Lian Ms S Low and Mr G Woods Mrs J Mackie and Mr D Mackie Dr B and Mrs R Madin Mr D and Mrs A Manuel Mr S Sanda Marakkala and Mrs D Sundra Waduge Mrs G Marriott and Mr B Marriott Mrs A McAuliffe and

Mr B Smith and Mrs K McKinnon-Smith Mrs C Smith and Mr G Smith Ms J Smith Mr S Smith and Ms E Hardwick Mrs B Tan and Mr T Tan Mdm P Tan and Mr F Chong Ms V Tan Dr Y Tesfai and Dr B Amanuel Mrs M Thomson and Mr R Thomson Mrs S Torrisi and Mr C Torrisi Mrs P Turcinov and Mr A Throssell Ms C Turner and Mr S Wicks Mrs T Urie and Mr R Urie Mrs L Van Helden and Mr N Van Helden

Ms H Van Scherpenzeel and Mr M Westermann Mrs N Vanderzanden and Mr P Vanderzanden Dr R Varghese and Dr A Abraham Mrs J Viney and Mr B Viney Ms M Ward and Dr S Vijayasekaran Mr M and Mrs M Wallis Mr T and Mrs C Ward Mr T Weir and Ms V Kelleher Dr F Whitewood and Dr C Whitewood Mr R and Mrs J Whiting Mrs E Williamson and Mr K Wong Dr K Withanage and Dr I Withanage Ms C Wong and Mr H Ang Dr K Wong and Dr J Chan Ms P Wong and Mr M Cheng

2016 GALA SPONSORS Our grateful appreciation to our Gala sponsors and Gala attendees, auction bidders and Gala raffle participants. EMERALD Beaumonde Catering Consuming Passions Pty Ltd Lux Creative Events by Design Moss Wood, Wilyabrup, Margaret River Stefan Diamonds 1 Anonymous Sponsor PLATINUM Anne Neil Artist Barbagallo Raceway Pulau Group Luxury Charters Wandibirrup Grazing Co., Beaufort River GOLD Adam and Mel Gilchrist Affinity Day Spa Channel 7 John and Evdokia Klepec Heyder and Shears Kano Sari, Ubud Villas Larry Cherubino Wines Mela Metro Motors Mount Romance Must Wine Bar North Freo Stand Up Surf Shop Party Town Perth Wildcats R and D Speed Shop The Lisle Family Tinkahill Studio and Gallery Wise Wines

Art Presentations Baku Australia BCJ Plastics Brinkhaus Jewellers Bus West By Word of Mouth Catering Camilla Chartwells-Scolarest Cimbalino-Cottesloe Dalkeith Liquor Barons Dalkeith Nedlands Bowls Club Endless Jewellery Geographe Martine Charters Gullivers Music Travel JKJF Personal Training Long Board View Accommodation - The Marriott Family Little Leisure, Cottesloe Mainpeak Outdoor Mandoon Estate Maurice Mead Members of the MLC Foundation Board Mosh and Jolly Najo Jewellery National Corporate Imaging Olsen’s Catering Pastiche Jewellery Paul Kilderry Peppermint Grove Australia Perth Lions Netball Region Ranier Design Group Sami Renouf - Bromley of Zenska Designs Scott Printing Silk Construction Interior Design Siobhan Way Jeweller Snowgoose Sybella Jewellery The Boatshed Cottesloe The MLC Collegians Association The Whitehouse, Dunsborough Thomas Sabo, Claremont Von Treskow Jewellery Voyager Estate Anonymous Sponsors

Thank you to our Scholarship and Curricular Partners Shell Australia The SAS Resources Fund WAAPA and The Jackman Furness Foundation

We sincerely acknowledge the support of MLC Community Support Groups The Collegians Association Friends of Music The MLC Rowing Club Parents of MLC

SILVER ACO Adam Heath Apollo Risk Services

MLC Foundation (Inc) | Annual Report 2016


THE YEAR AHEAD In the College’s 110th Anniversary Year the MLC Foundation will be proud to support a new stage of the College’s growth. Our fundraising programmes will be directed to the final phase of the Junior Years’ Redevelopment: Circle of Success, the Raffle and or course our Bosisto Walk initiative will all support the cost of the build, and concentrate on finishing the project to a stellar MLC standard. We also look forward to supporting Mike Brown, Dean of Junior Years’ education, as he walks the Bibbulmun Track to raise funds for the Redevelopment. Our Annual Giving request to our Collegians will also offer the chance to be involved in Bosisto Walk. As always, we also welcome support for our scholarship programmes from our Collegian community. We will make a number of changes to our current programmes to reflect the changes that have been made within the school structure and curriculum.


Amazing Women Breakfasts will be retired and replaced with the Walton Leadership Institute Champions of Change series. This will commence with a celebration of MLC through the decades for International Women’s Day in 2017. We will maintain our Evening with the Principal welcome to new parents and Foundation Dinners will be replaced by a series of more intimate Principal’s Receptions to enable greater discussion about the work of the Foundation. Our donor recognition programme will be updated to more fully reflect the extraordinary contribution of our College community. Of course we will continue to acknowledge those who have made exceptional contributions in the past on our Foundation Honour Board in Hadley Hall. We also look forward to advancing the growth of our bequest society, the Connell Society.

MLC Foundation (Inc) | Annual Report 2016

WAYS TO DONATE Scholarships The College offers scholarships to strengthen and enrich the diversity of our student community. There are two types of scholarships offered by the College. The first supports academic excellence and the other offers the opportunity of an MLC education where it may otherwise be out of reach. The Foundation continues to focus on raising funds for the following scholarships: • Derrick Row Scholarship • The Ohman Music Scholarship • Yalari • Shell Australia Regional Science Scholarship • Paul Harold Denehey Scholarship • William Charles Colin Brown Scholarship Should you wish to find out more about the Foundation’s Scholarship Fund, please refer to our Scholarship Brochure in the Giving at MLC section, on the MLC website at; Building The College’s Strategic Plan guides campus development. Continuous improvement of College facilities allows MLC students to thrive in their learning environment and is influential in attracting enrolments. This in turn supports the financial prosperity of MLC. Endowment The MLC Foundation Endowment Fund is building an intergenerational source of independent income to benefit current and future students at MLC. The corpus of funds is achieved through community donations, bequests and the annual Foundation Future Levy. Donating To give now, please donate via our website at philanthropy or contact the Office of Development.

MLC Foundation (Inc) | Annual Report 2016



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MLC Foundation Annual Report 2016