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MLC Foundation Annual Report 2013

MLC Foundation Annual Report 2013

Mrs Anne Russell-Brown (‘72) with MLC 2014 Prefects


MLC Foundation Annual Report 2013

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The MLC Foundation


Principal’s Perspective


Chair of Foundation’s Message




Foundation Ambassadors Group


Financial Report 2013


Shell Scholarships


Regional Boarding Scholarships


MLC Scholarship Facts


Foundation Evening With the Principal Dinners


Amazing Women @ MLC


Colleen Willoughby Breakfast

20 – 21. MLC Foundation Donors 22 – 23. Donor Thank You Function


MLC Foundation Annual Report 2013


MLC Foundation Annual Report 2013

The MLC Foundation The MLC Foundation was established in 1987 to assist the College Council by encouraging and fostering a culture of philanthropy within MLC’s Community of parents, past students and friends. The Foundation is committed to creating sustainable philanthropic programmes that will allow us to build an intergenerational source of independent income. Growth of the Foundation corpus of funds is achieved as a result of voluntary donations, including annual giving, bequests and sponsorships, along with the introduction of the Foundation Future Levy in 2014. The Foundation is also charged with the responsibility for the management and investment of these funds in accordance with prudential accounting, financial advisory and legal standards ensuring the longterm sustainability of the Foundation for the benefit of the College. Above all, the Foundation is looking to build long-term ongoing relationships with all associated with our school Community. MLC is committed to achieving excellence and equity in all areas of education. The Foundation provides money for needs that are beyond traditional funding sources. This in turn continues the Vision of the College’s founders and notable leaders, that MLC provides all students now and into the future, the opportunity to participate fully in society, to achieve their personal best and value lifelong learning. Gifts to the Foundation not only reflect our shared passion, Vision and Values, they become an investment with inestimable returns to others.

‘Partnering for their Future’ was launched in 2008 to encompass all fundraising initiatives undertaken by the MLC Foundation until the end of 2013. Since ‘Partnering for their Future’ was launched, the Foundation has achieved many milestones, including: •

significant funds contributed towards educational excellence for MLC girls and young women, allowing our scholarship programmes to be further developed and the vision of the Meredith Taylor Health and Sports Centre to be brought to life;

programmes such as the ‘Adopt a Brick’ appeal implemented allowing 336 MLC Collegians, families and supporters of the school to have their names recorded in perpetuity in the College grounds, in recognition of their support of MLC;

the introduction of forums, such as the ‘Foundation Evening With the Principal’ dinners, to develop the culture of philanthropy; and

preparing the Foundation for future growth.


MLC Foundation Annual Report 2013

Principal’s Perspective “I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver.” – Maya Angelou Spanning over 100 years, Methodist Ladies’ College’s (MLC) impressive history is celebrated and respected widely. As a Community, we cherish the role our School plays in educating girls and young women. MLC’s more recent history has been shaped through the support of the Foundation. Indeed, progressive plans for the development of the campus and initiatives to improve the quality of our students’ learning experiences have been energised by the Foundation. The Foundation’s endeavours are aligned with our College’s overarching Strategic Goals, specifically: • to strengthen, sustain and future-proof human, intellectual, financial and physical resources; and


• to realise philanthropy as an active and sustainable College culture. As your Principal, I am inspired by our Community’s generosity; giving so abundantly of time, talent and treasure paves the way to an open culture of philanthropy. This culture is nurtured in our students who are encouraged to serve their local, national and international community at every opportunity. In short, at MLC, our collaborative, collegial and connected Community strives together to achieve ambitious and noteworthy goals. Long may our College motto motivate the Foundation and all who perform its duties – Per Ardua Ad Alta! Rebecca Cody (Ms) Principal

MLC Foundation Annual Report 2013

Chair of Foundation’s Message I am excited to be a member of the MLC Foundation which has achieved remarkable outcomes for the School since its inception; contributing to the development of the Meredith Taylor Health and Sports Centre and the Middle Years’ building and supporting the development of girls through the Scholarship Programme. It is with enthusiasm that we move forward and continue to enrich the futures of young women educated at this institution. Since joining the Foundation Board in May 2012, I have had the opportunity to learn of the commitment and dedication of the Foundation Board members and members of the various associated sub-committees, all of whom are passionate about developing philanthropy at MLC. I wish to thank all Foundation Board and sub-committee members for their passion and support in 2013. Between 2008 and 2013, 380 supporters of the MLC Foundation ‘Partnering their Future’ campaign have invested more than $1.3 million towards educational excellence for MLC girls and young women. I would like to sincerely thank all contributors to the campaign for their ongoing commitment to the advancement of the College. Their generosity will echo into the future as MLC students access the excellent facilities and scholarship recipients live the MLC Vision to strive to the heights. I would like to make a special thanks to John Goodlad, the prior Chair of the Foundation, for establishing and nurturing this campaign to ensure its success. John recently stepped down from the Council after many years of selfless service to the College. The MLC Community is also very generous in giving their time and energy to support the School through various committees and community-based activities. Their dedication and support is also greatly valued and acknowledged as being as important to the College as the financial aspects of our philanthropic role.

In 2014, the Foundation will launch the ‘Foundation Future Levy’ to enable our College and our students to prosper for generations to come. The ‘Foundation Future Levy’ will support an endowment that will allow the Foundation to establish an intergenerational source of income while sharing the responsibility to sustain the College across all members of the Community. This initiative will be an important contributor to future growth and secure financial stability regardless of external pressures, allowing the College to plan with security and confidence. The substantial growth of the Foundation however, remains, and will continue to remain, with the generous support of voluntary donors. The Community as a whole should applaud these contributors as their generosity benefits the entire Community. The primary purpose of the Foundation is to serve the School. Looking forward, our objectives are; • to nurture the development of an open culture of philanthropy at MLC; • to support and sustain fundraising activities; and, • to establish an endowment as an intergenerational source of independent income. We will be working hard in the coming years to serve the College and we look forward to engaging with the Community in an open and transparent manner regarding our progress, with this our first annual report being an important element in the development of our objectives. Mr James McClements Chair, MLC Foundation


MLC Foundation Annual Report 2013


James McClements Chair

“I have a vision to establish the Foundation and philanthropy as an integral aspect of the MLC Community such that the culture is self-sustaining and MLC is able to rely on the Foundation as an independent source of funding for generations to come. This will it allow it to maintain its preeminent ranking amongst its Australian peers enhancing its reputation for excellence and community service.”

Cathryn Carver “It is my vision that philanthropy becomes core to the school’s culture, this resulting in the Fund being able to provide amazing facilities and scholarships thereby allowing our young women to reach their full potential and add value to society.”

Rachel Pritchard


“My vision for the MLC Foundation is that philanthropy becomes an integral part of the MLC Community’s culture, such that the Foundation can assist MLC in providing first class educational facilities and scholarships to current and future generations of students.”

Penny Flett “I envisage that the MLC Foundation will create and sustain a culture of generosity among today’s generation of MLC’s beneficiaries, to enable future generations of girls to enjoy that same advantage, to flourish and achieve their full potential.”

Craig Colvin “My vision for the Foundation is to encourage and secure increased philanthropic support to ensure that the College remains a vibrant and diverse Community equipping capable, amazing, young women able to offer a lifetime of positive contributions to our Community.”

Cliff Rocke “I aspire for the Foundation to be seen as a Community leader in the pursuit of philanthropy that is self-sufficient as a source of funding for the progress of girls’ education for generations that is aligned to the culture and values of MLC.”

Nick Brasington “It is my dream to witness a culture of philanthropy arise within the MLC Community, which is referenced by global institutions as a visionary aspiration to attain. The ultimate beau ideal. That the future leaders and contributors of society derive from the diverse young women of MLC.”

Elaine Ma “My aspiration for the MLC Foundation is to imbue the spirit of giving, of time, money and expertise, into the MLC Community, past and present, to benefit the students of today and tomorrow, who will embrace their MLC values and heritage while forging their futures as world citizens.”

Lorica Storey “The MLC Foundation is the custodian of the Community’s goodwill and is entrusted with management of resources to support the achievement of the MLC vision. I have chosen to join the Foundation to participate in developing increased opportunities for girls to access MLC education for generations to come.”

MLC Foundation Annual Report 2013

Foundation Board Foundation Board The Foundation operates independently of but collaboratively with the College Council. The primary role of the Foundation is to assist the College to develop and maintain excellence in education. This is achieved by promoting philanthropy within the broader College Community and overseeing the effective management of the Foundation’s assets.

Audit, Risk and Compliance Committee (AR&CC)

Investment Committee (IC)

Prosperity Committee (PC)

Development Committee (DC)

Audit, Risk and Compliance Committee

Investment Committee (IC)

Development Committee (DC)


The IC’s primary responsibilities relate to the prudent financial management of the Foundation Investment Funds and fundraising monies to support the College. The IC monitors, reviews, implements and oversees investment strategies and performance to ensure compliance and objectives are being achieved, as well as providing recommendations to the Board on the appointment of the investment consultant and managers. The Investment Committee ran three workshops in 2013 to consider the role and fiduciary responsibility of the Committee and review best practice in regards to the investment management of endowment funds.

The DC’s primary responsibilities relate to the development of the culture of philanthropy to ensure alignment with both the Foundation and College objectives. The DC assists the Board with developing and maintaining relationships with the wider community to effectively drive and communicate the Board’s vision and values.

Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) funds

MLC Foundation Building DGR Fund

MLC Foundation Scholarship DGR Fund

The MLC Foundation operates two DGR funds in accordance with Australian Taxation Office guidelines. Donations to these funds by residents of Australia are tax deductible.

This Fund provides for the construction and maintenance of College buildings.

This Fund provides for scholarships and bursaries for girls wishing to attend or currently attending Methodist Ladies’ College.

The AR&CC provides advice and recommendations to the Board with respect to its financial and performance reporting, application of accounting policies, financial management, internal control systems, business policies and practices, investments, risk management and compliance with applicable laws, regulations and statutory requirements. The AR&CC also assists the Board with providing a formal forum for communication between the Board, external audit and senior management. Over the past two years, the Committee has had a significant role in reviewing and updating the governance structures of the Foundation along with greater definition of the relationship with the College Council.

Prosperity Committee (PC) The PC’s primary responsibilities relate to developing and building relationships with high-end organisations and donors to the College to secure the long-term financial security and growth of the Foundation.


MLC Foundation Annual Report 2013

Foundation Ambassadors The MLC Foundation Ambassadors are a diverse, well-connected group of advocates for MLC, who support the goals of the MLC Foundation in building the philanthropic culture for girls’ education. By establishing this group, the Foundation is able to identify, through the Ambassadors’ connections, potential high-level contributors to the Foundation’s campaigns.


Hon. Richard Court Former Premier and Treasurer of Western Australia.

R.H. Lisa Scaffidi The Right Honourable The Lord Mayor of the City of Perth.

Mrs Valerie Davies Director of One.2.One Communications Pty Ltd.

Mr David Flanagan Chairman of Atlas Iron Limited.

MLC Foundation Annual Report 2013

MLC Development Staff

Vicki Rasmussen

Peter O’Sullivan

Robin Ashton

Development Consultant

Director of Corporate Services

Development Associate

Vicki is a Collegian and will be working in the Development team as a consultant from 2014. She is one of WA’s most respected and successful fundraisers having worked in the not-for-profit sector for more than 19 years. During her extensive career, Vicki has been personally responsible for several multi-million dollar campaigns. She has first-hand experience working with leading philanthropists, business leaders and campaign advocates, ensuring that their journey is successful and impactful.

Peter is a Certified Practicing Acountant and has been in the role of Director of Corporate Services at MLC for two and a half years. He has extensive experience in education, charitable and commercial organisations. As a member of the Development team, Peter is responsible for ensuring financial and governance compliance. He is a attendee of the Foundation Board, and also sits on the Foundation Audit, Risk and Compliance Committee, Investment Committee and Prosperity Committee.

Robin will join the Development team in 2014 as a Development Associate on a part-time basis to provide support and project management to the Board and its Sub-Committees. As part of her role, she will also assist the Foundation with its future fundraising initiatives. Robin brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the Foundation having worked at PwC alongside the Managing Partner for the past 20 years. While Robin continues to work part-time at PwC, she has chosen a change in her career to learn and garner experience in philanthropy.

Cath Woodley

Tamara Kilian

Development Associate Cath will join the Development team in 2014 after making a conscious decision to follow her philanthropic passions. Cath has spent the past 10 years building a successful wholesale business with husband, Mark, and proudly raising two young children, Sophia who is in Year One at MLC and Benjamin.

Development Coordinator Tamara has been a part of the MLC Office of Development and Community Relations for three years following the completion of a Bachelor of Arts degree with a double major in Public Relations and Journalism. As part of the Development team, she is responsible for the management and coordination of the Foundation’s key events. Tamara is also responsible for the management of the College’s Alumni network, establishing connections between the College and its Alumni through various events and programmes.

She will work with the Foundation Board, Prosperity Committee and Development Committee to help further embed a culture of philanthropy within the College Community.


MLC Foundation Annual Report 2013

Financial Report for 2013 Methodist Ladies’ College Foundation Inc. is a not-for-profit, charitable institution incorporated under the Association’s Incorporation Act. The financial reporting period of the Foundation runs from 1 January to 31 December. The tables below reflect the financial performance during 2013, and the Net Asset position as at 31 December 2013:













Surplus / (Deficit) prior to distribution


Distribution to Methodist Ladies' College


Surplus / (Deficit) after distribution


NET ASSETS General Fund Endowment Fund Building Fund Scholarship Fund Total Net Assets 12

$1,495,691 $25,052 $611,226 $81,785 $2,213,754

MLC Foundation Annual Report 2013

Financial Report for 2013 The following graphs represent the categories of Income and Expenditure:

MLC Foundation Income 2013

MLC Foundation Expenditure 2013


Audit fees, bank and misc. charges 16%



Professional Fees 38%

Fundraising Expenses 34%

Philanthropy Development 28%

The portfolio returns include the net change in fair value of available-for-sale financial assets. During the year, the Foundation made a distribution of $272,499 to Methodist Ladies’ College. The surplus prior to distribution was $663,397, and surplus after distribution was $390,898. A new Deed of Cooperation was signed between the Foundation and the College during 2013. This new Deed replaced the Memorandum of Understanding that had previously been in place. Under the new Deed, the Foundation will not make any distribution to the College until 2016, other than specific tied fundraising that requires direct distribution. From 2016 onwards, the Distribution Policy included in the Deed provides for a distribution to the College calculated at 4 per cent of the Foundation’s balance of Net Assets at the beginning of each year.


MLC Foundation Annual Report 2013

MLC Shell Australia Regional Science Scholarships “We really appreciate the opportunity that Shell Australia has given our family.”

Methodist Ladies’ College and Shell Australia have entered into a partnership to profile Science as a creative and innovative pursuit through a scholarship programme for girls from regional communities. Shell Australia has committed a financial contribution over six years to fund four scholarships that will support girls who demonstrate talent in Maths and/or Science and a desire to achieve at a high level of excellence.

“We really appreciate the opportunity that Shell Australia has given our family. We wouldn’t have been in a financial position to send Sara to a school like MLC had the scholarship not come about,” says Sonja.

The first MLC Shell Australia Regional Science Scholarship has been awarded to Sara Koster who is entering Year 10 in 2014. The Scholarship will support Sara’s education through years 10, 11 and 12.

A scholarship will also be offered in 2015, 2016 and 2017, each of which covers 100% of boarding and tuition fees for three years.

“Sara has always been keen to go to boarding school so when the opportunity for her to come to MLC arose, of course she went for it,” says Sara’s mother, Sonja Koster. “Sara definitely has an aptitude for Maths and Science and hopes to study Veterinary Science at university. She had a job at a vet in Kojonup which she loved as she was able to watch animals be operated on.


Shell will contribute the tuition component of the scholarship and the College will match this contribution by funding the Boarding component. Human Resources Manager for Shell Australia Joanne Neild says: “Shell has a long history of involvement with the communities in which we work. We know that a good education is key to so many things in life. By supporting educational initiatives for our young people we are helping to grow a future workforce and vibrant community for everyone.”

Joanne Neild, Sara Koster and Principal Rebecca Cody

MLC Foundation Annual Report 2013

Regional Boarding Scholarships MLC has a strong tradition of Boarding and extensive links with Western Australia’s regional communities. Women in the rural sector play significant leadership roles, enriching communities and adapting to external economic pressures. Many of these resilient, inspiring, regional women are MLC Collegians. In recognition of these qualities, MLC has established a Regional Boarding Scholarship programme to enable girls in regional communities to access the benefits of an MLC education. A number of Regional Boarding Scholarships are available to girls entering Year 10 in 2014 and 2015, who are not currently enrolled at a metropolitan boarding school (including MLC). Asha McFarlane from Doodlakine, Cyra Park from Kojonup and Grace Maddams from Boyup Brook will be joining MLC in 2014 after being awarded the Regional Boarding Scholarships, and Caitlin Atherton also from Boyup Brook and Tegan Gibson fron Albany have been offered scholarships for 2015. These scholarships provide 100 per cent of the boarding fees for girls with unique qualities and abilities, who show leadership potential and demonstrate community spirit. Asha McFarlane (pictured centre with Grace Maddams, left and Cyra Park, right) studied at Merredin College before being awarded a Regional Scholarship at MLC and will begin in Year 9 in 2014.

“I would like to study at UWA when I graduate from MLC and, after that, I would like to study Medicine at Stanford University in the United States. I applied for the scholarship with that in mind and now that I’m here I know I’ll have the chance to get there,” Asha said.

“I would like to study at UWA when I graduate from MLC and, after that, I would like to study Medicine at Stanford University in the United States”.

Early in 2012, the Methodist Ladies’ College Council committed to completing a major upgrade of the College Boarding House. The project includes the provision of air-conditioning, refurbishment of bathrooms and renovations of all bedrooms and common rooms. The first stages have been completed, which included the airconditioning of all bedrooms and common rooms. The Foundation has been able to provide financial assistance to this upgrade project, and through the philanthropic gestures of members of the Community, the project has been expanded and brought forward. Upon completion, this project, with the combined commitment from the Foundation and the College, will see the MLC Boarding House set the standard for high quality boarding facilities in Australia.


MLC Foundation Annual Report 2013

Scholarship Facts In 2014, the College will invest more than $650,000 in scholarships and bursaries to support the education of 47 girls who demonstrate exceptional academic or musical potential. The funds to support this investment come directly from the income of tuition fees. CPI for the education sector in Perth has risen on average by 6.1 per cent over the past five years and 6.3 per cent over the past 10 years. By comparison, CPI across all groups in Perth has risen on average by 2.4 per cent over the past five years and 3.0 per cent over the past 10 years. The College is committed to supporting a scholarship programme that shares the gift of an MLC education with many talented and passionate girls and young women. The benefits to the College are immeasurable and the flow on effects from these exceptional young women and girls are felt right across the College and the wider community. The Foundation has the opportunity to play an important role in the development of this programme. Over the coming years, the intention is that the Foundation will be able to financially support some scholarships, therefore allowing the College to direct funds elsewhere.


MLC Foundation Annual Report 2013

Foundation Evening With The Principal

Members of the MLC Community are invited to join Principal Rebecca Cody and Chair of Foundation James McClements for dinner at the College, hosted by the Foundation. These dinners involve sharing the Foundation’s achievements, motivations and vision for the future with small groups of MLC families to establish a culture of giving and philanthropy. Social entrepreneur and 2012 Young Western Australian of the Year, Holly Ransom (pictured right with Principal Rebecca Cody), Chairman of Atlas Iron Limited David Flanagan, Director of Kalparrin Sarah Flanagan, and Social Investment Advisor at Shell Development Australia Kara Sloper, have joined this programme as guest speakers in 2013.


MLC Foundation Annual Report 2013

Amazing Women Inspiring Leadership @ MLC In 2013, the MLC Foundation launched the ‘Amazing Women – Inspiring Leadership’ initiative. This series of networking breakfast events is aimed at inspiring our students and women in our Community to strive and support one another. The breakfasts bring together some of Western Australia’s highest achieving women in leadership to create a collegiate environment. Leaders Professor Fiona Wood, Hon. Justice Lindy Jenkins and Mrs Sue Murphy spoke with honesty


at the ‘Amazing Women’ breakfasts, about their experiences as women in their careers. They joined MLC senior students at assembly following breakfast where they inspired the students with their presentations. Their authentic and thought provoking accounts provided our girls with a motivation to strive to the heights.

MLC Foundation Annual Report 2013

“Women work 66 per cent of the world’s working hours yet earn only 10 per cent of the world’s income.” – UNICEF, ‘Gender Equality – the Big Picture’, 2007.

Colleen Willoughby Breakfast The MLC Foundation was honoured to host international leader in philanthropy Colleen Willoughby for breakfast with senior students and their mothers as part of her four-city Australian tour in August 2013. Colleen Willoughby is Founder of the Washington Women’s Foundation (WWF), an award-winning organisation that works to unite and educate female donors to become effective philanthropists. The organisation has now grown to more than 500 members who have invested $13 million of their own money into the community, touching 700 organisations. Colleen (pictured below with MLC students) spoke about the WWF’s growth and impact on the community and told her own story; from her youth, where her journey began, and on to forming the Washington Women’s Foundation. Her dedication to philanthropic endeavours is truly inspiring and her insight into giving was invaluable to the future of the Foundation. Guests also heard from Chair of the Australian Women Donor Network Eve Mahlab who spoke about enraging, inspiring and enabling women.


MLC Foundation Annual Report 2013

The MLC Foundation would like to sincerely thank the following people for their generous support of the ‘Partnering for Their Future’ campaign from 1 January 2008 – 31 December 2013.

Partners of MLC have donated more than $5000 and Patrons have donated more than $15,000.

*Donors highlighted in bold have given three times or more.

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” – Winston S. Churchill



Mr T Alcock and Ms Y Low Mr D Bovell MLC Community Support Association Hon R and Mrs J Court Mr M and Mrs J Hills The McClements Foundation MLC Parents' Association Mrs J Mostrom Miss E Ng Mr G and Mrs J Purich Salim Nominees Pty Ltd Mr J Seed Mr M and Mrs D Throsby Mr A and Mrs L Van Merwyk

Mr and Mrs A Abbott Mrs R Adamson Miss B Afiat Dr S and Mrs F Afonso Dr M and Dr E Alberghini Mr M and Mrs L Alciaturi Mr S Alcorn and Miss E Carson Mrs C Allanson Mr R and Mrs J Amatulli Mrs S Anderson Mr W Anderson and Dr S Ulreich Apache Energy Ltd Mr W and Mrs F Armstrong Dr A and Dr U Arunasalam Mr E Babington and Ms F Sutherland Mr G and Mrs G Bagios Mr O and Mrs S Bakare Mr P and Mrs C Ball Miss G Ball Mr R and Mrs A Bannerman Mrs B Barker Mr W and Mrs E Basford Mr S and Mrs K Beckett Mr A and Mrs K Beers Mrs E Beggs Mrs M Bell Ms K Benda Mrs A Bennett Mr J and Mrs F Bennett Mr J and Mrs S Beyer Mr J and Mrs V Bhharathhan BHP Billiton Matched Giving Program Mr R and Mrs J Birmingham Ms L Blacklow Dr M and Mrs T Blake Mr T and Mrs S Blood Dr D Blythe and Dr M Dunne Mrs P Boadle Mr S and Mrs F Bodycoat Boost Juice Pty Ltd Bowtell Clarke and Yole Mrs D Bowyer Mr D and Mrs V Briffa Mrs K Brooks Mr D and Mrs K Brough Mr R and Mrs P Brousseau Mr J Brown and Ms M Thompson Mr M Brown and Mrs S Steel Mrs M Brown Mr J and Mrs R BrowneCooper Mr G and Mrs L Bunney Mr M and Mrs V Burke Mr D and Mrs J Cain Mrs A Calcutt Mrs M Camilleri Mr B Canet-Gibson Dr S and Mrs G Cardaci Mr B and Mrs L Carnley Mrs K and Mr R Carroll Mr C and Ms M Cavanagh Mr S and Dr A Ch'ng Mr B & Mrs M Chaar Mrs Lee Min Chan

Partners Mr J Afiat and Mrs I Djajaseputra The Brasington Family Mr C and Dr L Colvin Mrs Lorraine Court Creative Fruition Mr P Garner LAYF Pty Ldt. Mr P and Mrs E Ma Mr I and Mrs C McDonald Ms A McGurk and Miss A Bennett Mr J and Mrs G McMath Mr B and Mrs L McVeigh Men of MLC Dr E and Dr P Moore Mr N and Mrs J Potier Mr D and Mrs M Rose Mr D Snellgrove and Ms T Trevisan The Thomas Family Mr T and Mrs C Ward Mr P and Mrs R Watson Mr C and Mrs C Wilkinson Women Who Lead


Mr M Chan and Mrs H Wong Mr G and Mrs S Chapman Mr J and Mrs T Chase Mr Q Chen and Mrs P Tian Mr W Cheung and Ms H Wang Mrs M Chih Chilli's Catering Mr J Cho and Ms E Kim Mr P Chow and Ms H Lim Mr H and Mrs J Chrystal Ms C Ciccarelli Mr J and Mrs B Clark Dr N and Mrs J Clarke Dr J and Mrs D Clements Mr D and Mrs T Collopy Dr P and Dr F Connolly The Cooney Family Mr A Cooper and Ms D Carey Mr G and Mrs C Cooper Mrs M Cornwall Mr B and Mrs N Coxon Craig Steere Architects Mr N and Mrs J Cridge Dr L and Mrs P Crostella Ms B Curwen-Walker Mrs C Cust Mr T and Mrs H Dalgleish Mr D Darling and Ms R McInnes Miss E Davenport Dr J and Mrs T Davidson Mr N and Mrs S Daws Mr J and Mrs P de Albuquerque Mr M and Mrs J De Silva Dr J and Ms R de Sousa Mr R Dehiwala Liyanage Don and Mrs C Shani Dissanayake Miss E Del Borrello Mr T and Mrs S Del Borrello Mr J and Mrs C Della Vedova Mr D Den Ouden and Ms L Cutler Mr B and Mrs K Devenish Dr P and Mrs H Di Bona Mr N and Mrs A Dickins Mr S and Mrs K Dobney Dr P and Mrs C Dolan Mr D and Mrs D DrakeBrockman Mr G Droppert and Ms C Hogan Mr L and Mrs Y Dudfield Mr G and Mrs M Duff Mr T and Mrs R Dunn Dr S and Dr J Dunne Mr M and Mrs J M Dye Mr B and Mrs M Dyson Professor M Eddington Ms M Edwards Mrs R Edwards Mr C and Mrs N Eaves Enjo Pty Ltd Dr H and Mrs J Esbenshade Mr M Evangelisti Mr P and Mrs A Evans Mr J Fairhurst and Ms J Curran Mr P and Mrs A Fassetta

Mr J and Mrs L Feldman Mr L and Mrs J Ferguson Mr M Ferguson and Ms P Hiron Fineline Print and Copy Service Mrs F Finkelstein Mrs L Fisher Miss S Fisher Mr C Flaherty and Ms S Challen Mr D and Mrs S Flanagan Mr E and Mrs K Fleay Mrs M Flower Dr D Forte and Mrs S El-Fil The Foster Family The Fowler Family Mr R and Dr R Francis Mrs K Gairns Mr R and Mrs J Gajewski Mrs J Garbutt Mr A Gardner and Dr P Si Mr A and Mrs A Garza Mr G Gelavis Dr C and Mrs V Gent Mr J and Mrs D Gilbert Mr M and Mrs E Gilbert The Gilchrist Family Mr I and Mrs R Gilfillan Glendale Little Athletics Club Mr W and Mrs S Gnaden Mrs B Godfrey Mr B and Mrs K Goodin Mr J Goodlad and Ms J Mathews Miss S Goodlad Miss G Goodwin Mr H and Mrs M Goonatillake Miss R Gower Mr W and Mrs T Gower Ms S Grainger Mrs P Grant Dr P and Mrs P Graziotti Mrs H Green The Gregg Family Mr A and Mrs H Gringbergs Mr J Groppoli Dr G and Mrs L Hadley Dr A Halbert and Dr F Brennan Mrs M Halbert Prof. T and Mrs E Hall Mr D and Mrs G Hamilton Mr G and Mrs G Hardisty Mr G and Mrs A Harrison Mr A Hastings and Mrs D Corrigan Mr R and Mrs J Hawkins Mr J and Mrs J Haythornthwaite Dr B He and Mrs Y Han Mr S Herczykowski and Ms R Cody Mr A and Mrs C Hessamodini Dr B Hewitt Mr G and Mrs D Higham Mr B and Mrs E Hill Ms K Hislop Mrs M Hodnett The Hoffmann Family

MLC Foundation Annual Report 2013

Dr G Hogan and Dr K Ingram Mr D and Mrs E Holden Mr P and Mrs S Hollins The Hopkins Family Mr A and Mrs R Hopkins The Hudson Family Mrs L Hughes Dr W Hui Mr J and Mrs R Humphris Mr H and Mrs Y Huning Dr C and Mrs I Hunt Mr B and Mrs N Hunter Mr C and Mrs K Hynes INMAC Engineering Pty Ltd Dr T Isaacs Jana Beauty Dr I and Mrs S Jenkins Mr E and Mrs N Jessop Mr D and Mrs M Jones Mr S Josland and Mrs K Everett Mr J and Mrs E Joynson Mr T and Dr S Kain Mr D and Mrs Y Kajimura Mr S and Mrs K Kameyama Prof Y Kanagasingam and Mrs S Yogesan Miss J Kang Mr J Kannegiesser and Ms G Bailey RA and JM Kelsall Dr F Keogh Mr P and Mrs J Kingsley Mrs A Knight Ms L Koh Mr G and Mrs S Kotkis Mr J and Mrs K Kotula Dr R Kuan and Mrs A Wong Mr K and Mrs L Kyriakacis Mr R and Mrs E Lake Mrs J Lambert Mr B and Mrs B Lane Mrs S Lander-Foof Dr B and Dr M Latham Mr C Lawlor and Ms M Tarulli Dr B and Dr J Lee Mrs K Lee Mr D Letts and Ms S Gray Mr B and Mrs B Li Dr Y Liu and Dr H Yang Mr D and Mrs J Liu Dr G Lo and Ms M Mak Mr N Longworth and Ms A Millard Mr I and Mrs A Love Miss G Low Mrs R and Mr S Loyalka Dr Y Lu and Dr H Sun Miss K Lugun Mr G and Mrs S Madden Mr S and Mrs A Mahony Mrs Alison Maloney The Manasseh Family Dr R Manasseh and Ms M Cheng Mr M and Mrs S Marnewick Mr D and Mrs J Martin Mr S and Mrs M Martin Mr J and Mrs J Martino Mr D and Mrs D Marty

Mr T and Mrs L Mathers Mr R and Mrs L Matthews Dr W and Mrs A McAuliffe Mrs B McCarthy Mr C and Mrs A McGinnis Mr G and Mrs J McKeesick Master C and Miss C McVeigh Mrs E Melville Dr A Miles and Ms C Gaby Miss I Millar Mr J and Mrs J Millar Miss K Miller Mrs E Mills Dr D and Mrs T Minns Mr P and Mrs J Mitchell MLC Collegians' Association Mr K and Mrs D Mony de Kerloy Mr A and Mrs K Morgan Mr W and Mrs N Morrison Mr P and Mrs E Moyle Mrs L Muir Mr P and Mrs P Mullins The Murray Family Mrs H Mussared Dr H and Mrs E Nesbitt Dr F and Mrs T Nielsen Mrs L Ng Mr G and Mrs E Nicholas Ms P Norman Dr A Nowak and Dr J Terry Miss S Nugawela Mrs C O'Donnell Miss M O'Leary Dr J and Mrs M O'Shea Mr T and Mrs M Oldfield Mr J and Mrs J Orr Mr J and Mrs A Osborne Mrs L Osman Mr P and Mrs F Owens Mr B Palmer and Mrs L Cheetham-Palmer Mr D and Mrs C Panzich Prof. L Parker Mrs B Partington Dr R Paterson Mr J and Mrs E Pattillo Mr A and Mrs N Paul Mr J Payne and Ms J Langsford Mr and Mrs R Pearce Perpetual Trustee Mrs L Petterson Mr A Petitt and Ms M Reynolds Ms C Phillips Photo Hendriks Dr H Piirto Miss C Pink Mrs J Pixley Mr R and Mrs J Pollastri Mr Z and Dr M Ponos Dr E and Mrs J Popovic Mr D and Mrs P Potter Mr M Potts and Ms P Mitchell Mr J Pow Ms C Preuss Mr P and Mrs M Price The Pritchard Family

Mr L and Mrs D Pyke Mr M and Mrs R Pyne Mr A and Mrs M Pytte Mr T and Mrs H Quaife Mr D and Ms F Rakich Ms S Raven Mr P and Mrs R Richards Mr C and Mrs E Riley The Robb Family Mr G and Mrs L Robinson Mrs W Robinson Miss T Rourke Mrs J Rowe Mr M and Mrs F Rowe Mr D Rummer and Ms K Braden Mrs A Russell-Brown Mr A Sabbagh and Ms A Groppoli Miss C Sachse Ms L Saggers Mrs J Sanderson Dr L Sang and Dr A Wang Mr E and Mrs K Santelli Professor S Maloney and Mrs C Sargent-Maloney Mr L and Mrs P Satie Mr P and Ms M Saunders Mr T and Mrs A Scaglione Mrs E Scott Mr K and Mrs L Scott Mr C Serjeant Mr S and Mrs T Seward Mr R and Mrs M Sharma Mr D and Mrs M Sharpe Miss S Sim Mr A Simich Mr I and Mrs D Singleton Dr B and Dr V Siva Dr J Slee Mr C and Mrs S Smailes Dr H Smith and Dr L Norman Mr R and Mrs A Smith Mrs M Smith Mr J and Mrs N Snooke Mr D St George and Ms C Jenkins Reverend M Stacy Mr R and Mrs K Staniforth Mr K and Mrs J Stergiou Mr A and Mrs K Stevenson Mr J and Mrs C Stevenson Mrs D Stock Mr J and Mrs C Stockley Miss L Storey Mr B and Mrs A Suann Mrs J Sugget Ms A Suraphongchai Mr C and Mrs B Surtees Mrs J Swan Ms R Tait Madam C Tan Miss J Tarca Mr C Taylor and Mrs K An-Taylor Mr D and Mrs N Taylor Mrs M Taylor Mrs M Telfer Mr S Tepper and Ms A Neil Miss J Thompson Mr J and Mrs A Thorpe

Mr A Throssell and Mrs P Turcinov Miss D Timermanis Mr C and Mrs C Tingley The Tissiman Family Mr M Townsend and Mrs D Arellano de Townsend Mrs E Trethowan Miss B Tsui Dr M and Mrs T Tuchaai Mrs J Twine Mr P and Mrs L Van Wyk Dr J and Mrs M Vercoe Mr L and Mrs A Verheggen Dr C Viiala and Dr G Dogra Dr S Vijayasekaran and Mrs M Ward Mrs H G I Vincent Mrs N Viner The Viney Family Mr D and A Vivian Mr S and Mrs J Vivian-Williams Mr K Walker and Ms M Hegh Mr P and Mrs L Walsh Mr G and Mrs A Walter The Ward Family Mr M Ward Dr S and Mrs S Ward Mr B and Mrs J Warland The Watson Family Dr W and Mrs L Weightman Mr A and Mrs M White Mr D and Mrs A Whitehead Mr R and Mrs J Whiting Dr C Jones and Mr D Whittle Mr S Wicks and Ms C Turner Dr A and Mrs S Wilde William Davidson Uniforms and Fashion Mrs J Williams Dr D Williamson and Dr S David Mrs M Wilson Mr J and Mrs B Woo Mrs H Wooding Mrs E Worcester-Rapp Dr J and Dr E Wray Mrs D Wright Dr K and Mrs A Wulff Dr K and Mrs G Wyatt Mr Y Yang and Ms Y Chen Mr C Yaxley and Ms E O'Sullivan Dr A Yeo and Dr L Lim Mr N and Mrs M Yokota Mr L and Mrs E Youd Ms M Yuan Mr C and Mrs F Zempilas 95 anonymous donations


MLC Foundation Annual Report 2013

Donor Thank You Function Valued contributors to the Foundation’s ‘Partnering for their Future’ campaign and supporters of the College were invited to celebrate the achievements of their generosity at a Thank You function. At this special evening, the impact of MLC’s growing culture of philanthropy was celebrated and guests were personally thanked for their gifts.


MLC Foundation Annual Report 2013


If you would like to find out more about the MLC Foundation and how you can support it, please contact Development Associate Cath Woodley at or on 9383 8856.

MLC Foundation Annual Report 2013  
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