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WELCOME HOME We would like to welcome you and your family to our MLC boarding community.

the ethos and values of a College of the Uniting Church.

Girls from regional Western Australia and from around the world have been at home in our Boarding House since 1907. It’s a place where our girls foster lifelong friendships, live, learn and grow.

Our Boarding Supervisors (fondly called ‘House Mothers’ by the girls) come from a variety of different employment, educational and cultural backgrounds, and from both the city and the country. Each House Mother has a unique set of skills that she brings to the College, and a wealth of knowledge and experience. House Mothers are chosen for their rapport with young people and their passion for working with adolescents. They are always available with a sympathetic ear if and when needed.

As caring for you is a partnership between your parents and the Boarding House staff, regular and open communication is encouraged and fostered. All of our girls develop a strong sense of family and support each other throughout their boarding adventure. Our Director of Boarding, Mrs Elaine Riley, has been making the Boarding House the fantastic home it is today since 2002, and lives within two minutes of the campus. Her office door is always open, and she regularly welcomes students and parents who drop past.

Our highest priority is the safety and wellbeing of each of our girls. Our Thrival Curriculum, which focuses on wellbeing, health and positive psychology, is carried over from the classroom into the Boarding House, ensuring that each and every girl knows that she is a special part of our family.

To fulfil her vision of maintaining a familyorientated environment, Mrs Riley has put together a team of skilled and caring professionals who embrace and reflect

We hope your time with us will be happy and memorable, and that you will make friendships that last a lifetime.



We strive to...

Located in the Centenary Building at the heart of the campus, the Boarding House is home to girls in Years 6-12.

Live the College Values of Integrity, Mastery, Enterprise and Justice; Provide a positive boarding experience for each and every girl; Deepen a girl’s commitment to understanding, tolerance, personal responsibility and respect for others and their rights; Provide opportunities for leadership; Provide a safe and comfortable environment; Foster good communication between the Director of Boarding, House Mothers, boarders and their parents and guardians; Provide excellent pastoral care; Promote an atmosphere of tolerance, trust and mutual respect.

Year groups are housed together in specific wings to ensure bedtimes and study needs are met. Each wing has a family room where the girls can mingle, and there are many nooks where they can get away from the throng of living with so many ‘sisters’. Girls in Years 6-9 live in the Burnside and Centenary wings, while our Senior Years’ girls are at home in the Upper and Lower Riverside wings.


Pastoral Care | Whom To Turn To?

Before your adventure at MLC begins, we want to get to know you and we want you to get to know us.

If you feel alone and do not know what you can do to solve your problems, there are people you can turn to who can help. Here are some suggestions:

Girls from regional Western Australia are visited in the year prior to moving to MLC by the Director of Boarding and a senior member of staff. As a new boarder you will have an opportunity to make yourself at home in the Boarding House prior to the beginning of a new term. You, along with your parents, will meet many of the people who will play an important part in your life. You will also meet your ‘big sister’ who understands what it is like to move into the Boarding House and will help get you through your transition. At the beginning of each year, new boarders are invited to the overnight orientation, when your mother or guardian may sleepover with you. This gives you a real insight into boarding, making for an easy transition. All students must stay in the Boarding House for the first weekend of Term 1 to attend our ‘getting to know you’ weekend when we bond over games, food and lots of fun.

• You can call your parents; • Speak to friends. •

Talk to one of your Peer Support Leaders (Boarding Sisters) and mentors who may understand from personal experience what you are going through.

• The Health Centre Nurses are always ready to listen and may be able to help. • Your House Mother or tutor can help. •

The Director of Boarding, Head of Year or Chaplain are always available to discuss any issues with you. Both have an open door policy and boarders are always welcome.

Our College Counsellors can be a great support and can offer helpful advice. The Counsellors are found on the third floor of Sumner House.

Whatever happens, please do not suffer in silence; help is just a conversation away.

STAYING IN TOUCH We encourage you to stay in touch with your family and friends from home. We do not replace your family, we just extend it.

Visitors Visitors are always welcome at MLC. When your visitor arrives you will be called to the office to greet them. Male visitors are not permitted to go into unsupervised areas of the Boarding House, such as the bedrooms and family rooms. You may like to take your visitor to the lounge in the foyer area above the Chapel or take them outside to enjoy the view over the Swan River and your magnificent gardens.

Peer Support/Mentor Programme The Peer Support/Mentor Programme is designed to help you, as a new student, settle into your new life at the College. Each week you will meet with your support leaders/mentors for a range of activities and discussions. The Year 11 students involved in this programme have been carefully selected after participating in the Leadership Training programme at the end of Year 10.

Chapel A Chapel service is held in the College Chapel on Monday evenings after dinner. The College Chaplain and Boarding Prefects prepare the services. All boarders are expected to attend these services. A respectful standard of dress is required. Neat casual clothing with appropriate footwear. No mobile phones are to be taken into Chapel.

All visitors are welcome to stay and join us for a meal if they are visiting over a dinner time. Please talk to the Supervisor on duty and request permission. Visitors may not stay over prep time.

Guardians And Emergency Contacts All international students require a guardian who can be contacted in an emergency when it is impossible to contact parents directly. Guardians should reside in Western Australia. Parents should ensure the named guardians are fully aware of their responsibilities. These are: • Have loco parentus authority in order to sign for medical treatment; •

Be able to collect the student from the College and care for her if she has an infectious illness which precludes her from remaining in the Boarding House;

Be able to collect and accommodate the student at exeats and end of term if parents are unable to do so, unless alternative arrangements have been made; and,

• Be able to collect and accommodate the student if deemed neccessary by the College and parents are unable to do so.

Prep (Homework) Years 6-9 6-7.30pm Prep is supervised by the Academic Mentor and Educational Interns in the Walter Shepherd Resource Centre, Monday to Thursday. Years 10-12 From 6pm until 8.30pm May continue prep if needed. Senior Years’ boarders complete prep in their own rooms. Weekend prep is offered to those students who need additional support in their subjects. This is advertised and organised as needed.

YOUR DAY 6.45am Wake Up. House mothers will wake all of the girls up from 6.45am, giving them ample time to shower/dress and have a good breakfast before departing for school no later than 8.20am. Breakfast is provided in the Dining Room.

8.20am All girls must leave the Boarding

Bedtimes And Lights Out Bedtimes vary in the Boarding House depending on the age of the students. The following is a guide to the bedtime and lights out requirements: Years 6-8 Technology handed in at 8.20pm In bed and reading 8.30pm

House and go to their classes.

Lights out 9pm

8.30am School day commences.

Year 9

10.40am Recess. Snacks provided in the

Technology handed in at 8.50pm

Dining Room, except on Thursdays when it is set up in the Boarding House foyer.

In bed and reading 9pm

1pm Lunch is provided in the dining room.

Year 10

Boarders collect their lunches and then move out with the daygirls. The Year 12s have the

Technology handed in at 9.30pm

privilege of eating their lunch in the Dining Room should they wish.

Year 11

Lights out 9.30pm

In room by 10pm

3.30pm School day ends and afternoon tea

Technology handed in at 10.30pm

is provided in the Boarding House.

In room by 11pm

3.30-5.30pm After school activities or free

Year 12


Do not have to hand in technology

5.30pm Dinner is served in the Dining Room. 6pm Prep

In room by 11pm

WHAT YOU WILL NEED Clothing List And Other Requirements Clothing • School uniform for the current term • School bathers • Casual bathers • sun hat • Casual clothing, including jeans, shorts, T-shirts, tracksuit, jumpers. • Nightwear • Underwear • Socks • Any sports uniforms for co-curricular sports • Good outfits for social events Shoes • School shoes • Sports shoes • Slippers • Casual shoes • Rubber thongs Toiletries • Toilet bag and personal effects • Sunscreen • Soap or body wash • Toothbrush (and charger if electric) • Toothpaste • Deodorant • Shampoo and conditioner • Sanitary requirements • Hair brush Linen • King single fitted sheet (2), King single flat sheet (107cm x 204cm x 30cm), King single or double bed doona and cover

• Two pillow slips (we provide the pillow) • Two bath towels • Beach towel Other items • Mug, plate, bowl, fork and airtight container for food • A large mesh laundry bag for clothes • A small mesh laundry bag for washing socks, bras and underwear • Coat hangers • Whiteboard markers, thumb tacks and you might like personal craft items such as coloured paper, feathers etc. • Headphones, torch and batteries • Permanent marker/stick on name labels • A cuddly toy or two, photos of family, pets and friends • Shoe cleaning kit • Small digital alarm clock • Water bottle and lunch cooler bag for excursions • Items to personalise your room

Do Not Bring • Electric blankets • Heaters • Fans • Televisions

Pets Girls may bring fish in small bowls and tanks to keep in their rooms. They take complete responsibility for their pets.

LOOKING AFTER YOUR BELONGINGS The Boarding House operates on a system of trust, but, from time to time, things go missing or are mislaid. To minimise this, the following is essential: • All belongings must be labelled. The Supervisor can provide a permanent marker on request. •

Money, purses, mobile phones, iPod and other valuable items must not be kept in bedrooms unless secured in the locked drawer provided.

• It is essential that all large sums of money or other valuables are given to the Supervisor who will arrange for

them to be locked in the Director of Boarding’s safe. The College cannot accept responsibility for money or valuables left in the Boarding House.

Insurance of personal belongings is the responsibility of your parents. The belongings of Australian students are usually covered by the household contents’ insurance cover held by their parents. However, it is recommended that overseas students consider taking out personal contents’ insurance.

• Please hand your passports or tickets to the Director of Boarding for safe keeping. Throughout Terms 1, 2 and 3, belongings may remain in your bedroom during

holidays and breaks. It is sensible to take home anything that will not be required for the next term. At the end of Term 4, rooms must be completely emptied and all belongings returned home. Allowance is made to store a small number of items if necessary; this is particularly helpful for international students.

Laptops And iPads Personal computers/laptops or iPads are recommended for students in the Boarding House. The College Wi-Fi is available throughout the Boarding House to all students. As a boarder you are expected to use your technology appropriately at all times. A technology usage contract is to be signed by all students at MLC and this outlines your responsibilities. It is a requirement of the contract that all internet usage is accessed via the College network. If the contract is not adhered to, the privilege of using a personal device may be withdrawn.

Electrical Appliances You may bring hairdryers, radios, CD players, computers, iPads, iPods etc. to School. To ensure that you do not disturb others it is essential that all boarders use headphones during prep time.

Mobile Phones The use of mobile phones is permitted under the following guidelines:

COMMUNICATIONS Wi-Fi, Computers And Electronic Devices The College does not accept any responsibility for the loss of electronic equipment and devices, so please look after them. Any other inappropriate use of electronic devices in the bedrooms will result in your computer or other device being confiscated. To have access to the MLC Wi-Fi you will have to sign the MLC Acceptable Use Agreement. If this agreement is not adhered to, you will be cut off from the Internet.

Telephones We do not have public phones available in the Boarding House. Should boarders need to be contacted after hours there are two incoming lines in the Boarding Office. These calls are restricted to 10 minutes and cannot be taken during prep, at meal times or after bed time. Direct Line: (+61 8) 9383 0202 Fax/phone Line: (+61 8) 9383 0270

Mobile phone numbers must be registered with the Boarding Office at the beginning of the year and updated as necessary;

Mobile phones and all other mobile technology are to be collected by the House Mothers from girls in Years 6-11 to ensure girls are not disturbed after lights out. These items can be collected from 7am the next morning;

Direct access to the Internet via mobile can put students at considerable risk. Please consider whether this access is necessary for your daughter. The Boarding House is unable to guarantee the safety of your daughter should this capability be provided to her. If student conduct is found to be inappropriate via this direct access, the device will be confiscated and a discussion will be held with parents.

• Mobile phones must not be used during prep time or after lights out; • You may not take your mobile phone to the Dining Room, Chapel or Library; • If you take your mobile phone to school, please be aware it must not be used during class time; • Mobile phones may be confiscated if not properly used.

Email It is very important to stay in touch with your family and friends. Please try to send an email at least once a fortnight and encourage family and friends to do so. Your email address is: firstname.surname@




Our boarders have access to a wide range of activities within the house, and cocurricular activities, which may be held outside of College grounds.

Letters and parcels are forwarded to the Boarding House for collection after school. Parcels are collected from the Boarding Office and should be addressed as follows: Student’s Name MLC Boarding PO Box 222 Claremont WA 6910 Or Student’s Name MLC Boarding 356 Stirling Highway Claremont WA 6010

Throughout their stay, you will be given age-appropriate access to newspapers, television and music, as well as Internet and email access in accordance with the College policy. A Recreation Officer organises a variety of interesting and fun activities at weekends. While these activities are not compulsory, we do encourage the girls to take part.

Organised Activities Skype Skype is also available to students living in the Boarding House. Our Skype User Policy sets out the guidelines for safe and appropriate use of Skype: • All skype users must have signed parent permission to use Skype in the Boarding House; • All skype users must sign the policy agreeing to the terms of use; • The use of Skype in the Boarding House is a privilege not a right; • Skype use is subject to the same conditions as that of mobile telephones, i.e., no access during prep or after bedtime; • Skype usage without staff permission will result in the removal of the computer for a designated length of time.

All costs associated with most recreational activities provided for boarders by the Recreation Officer are covered by the Boarding House. The exception to this would be for special excursions where the costs are very high (for example, Cirque du Soleil), when parents would be asked to have the costs charged to their accounts. Appropriate behaviour is expected of all girls on or off the campus. Inappropriate behaviour may lead to a girl forfeiting the opportunity to participate in any future activities.

Fitness Walks Or Runs Years 8-9 girls may go on walks or runs within a three kilometre radius of the College in groups of at least three, and must carry a mobile phone. They must have permission each time from their supervisor before signing out. Years 10-12 Girls may go on walks or runs within a three kilometre radius of the College in groups of at least two, and must carry a mobile phone. All Year 7 off-campus movement is at the discretion of the supervisor and in keeping with their Duty of Care. Year 6 girls are not permitted to go out without adult supervision. If you are in Year 6 and would like to go for a walk or a run, just ask the Recreation Officer to go with you.

Swimming Pool


Years 6-11 must be accompanied by a supervisor at all times.

Mornings 6.30-7.30am Years 8-12 girls need to notify the supervisor the evening before a planned walk or run. You must record your departure and return times in the office, and carry a mobile phone. Afternoons 3.45-5pm Weekends Years 8-9 girls may take a one-hour walk in a group of three between 9am and 4pm off campus at the discretion of staff. A mobile phone must be carried. Girls in Years 10-12 can go on walks or runs at the discretion of the supervisor. You must return within three hours. You must always be in pairs and carry a mobile phone.

The pool is open during Terms 1 and 4 at the discretion of the Recreation Officer. Swimming pool access:

Year 12s may swim in threes without a supervisor, as long as one of them holds a bronze medallion in life saving.

Television Television is not available during prep time Monday to Thursday or on Sunday evenings for Years 6-10. Friday and Saturday evening television viewing must end by 10pm, however, it may be extended by half an hour at the discretion of the supervisor.

Year 12 Privileges Dinner and entertainment leave is available to the Year 12s on a Friday and Saturday night at the discretion of the Director of Boarding. Leave is granted for up to four hours and all girls must return to the Boarding House by 10pm.

TRAVEL , LEAVE AND HOLIDAYS Travel Mid-term and end-of-term travel bookings need to be made at least two weeks prior to the date of departure. All girls must attend classes until the end of term or midterm. Except in very special circumstances, no girl will be permitted to leave the Boarding House early or return late. When making travel arrangements please be aware that girls may not leave or enter the Boarding House after 11pm or before 7am. The Boarding House will make every attempt to take girls to the airport and collect on their return, however, in some circumstances, girls will be required to take taxis or be collected by guardians.

Leave Checking Out The Boarding House uses an electronic system of approving leave called REACH. The system requires you to log on and enter a leave request that is then directed to either the Director of Boarding and/or a parent or guardian. It is important, as a Boarder, you are aware that while the process in gaining permission to take leave from the Boarding House may appear onerous, it is designed to protect you. Please be understanding about the responsibility and difficulties that your

House Mothers face when processing your leave requests. It is not as simple as it would be at home. Your room must be neat and tidy before you go on leave; you may be required to return to your room and tidy it if it is left in an unacceptable condition prior to departure. Details of hosts, provided by your parents, will be logged into REACH. Leave requests to these designated hosts do not require your parent’s permission. Permissions If you plan to take leave with someone under the age of 19, then written permission must be gained from your parents and given to the Director of Boarding. If permission has been granted for you to travel unaccompanied, it is the responsibility of your parents or host to telephone the Boarding House to confirm your safe arrival. All unaccompanied students must carry a mobile phone that is charged, has credit, and it must remain switched on until arrival. Leave during prep time Monday to Thursday evenings is restricted to parents or guardians only.

Holidays And Mid-term Exeats These are shown in the College calendar and, unless otherwise stated, commence from 3.30pm. Parents are requested to make travel plans as close as possible to the dates and times. The College requires all students to complete the organised academic programme. The Boarding House re-opens from 2pm on the day prior to the commencement of each term. Supervision is not available prior to this.

Transport Bicycles, Cars and Other Transport Your bicycle may be kept at the College with the written permission from your parents. You need to gain permission from the supervisor on duty to go for a ride and you must wear a helmet at all times when you are using your bicycle. Cars must not be kept at the College by boarders.

Rollerblades, scooters and skateboards may not be used on the campus and must not be brought into the Boarding House. P Plates Boarders may not accept lifts from a person on a P plate unless the driver is their sibling and written permission is given by their parents. Public Transport A Boarder may not travel unaccompanied on public transport unless written permission is given by her parents and the Director of Boarding. An exception is made for Instep and Work Experience, and for those with approved employment. Girls travelling alone must have a fully charged, active mobile phone with them, which is switched on at all times. You must call the Boarding House once you reach your destination.

The Boarding House also has a wellequipped fitness centre which girls may use before and after school and at weekends.

Laundry The laundry is located within the Boarding House and is open to year groups on specified nights. Students are responsible for washing their own personal laundry.

BOARDING HOUSE FACILITIES The Boarding House has recently undergone a significant refurbishment and has bright and welcoming Family Rooms, functional and well-equipped kitchens, and comfortable and welcoming areas to relax. The bedrooms are spacious and bright. Girls in Years 6-9 share a room while Senior Years’ girls enjoy single room accommodation. The building is fitted with alarm systems for both fire and security. There’s plenty to do in the Boarding House: table tennis, chess, Monopoly and other board games, televisions and DVDs. The swimming pool and tennis courts are popular in the warmer months. Boarders have access to all the facilities of the College after hours and on weekends. These include the Library, IT Centre and Music rooms.

The College Housekeeping staff launders all the girls’ sheets, pillowcases and towels weekly, and launder and iron all the school uniforms weekly. Winter skirts may be sent for dry-cleaning three times a term. If drycleaning is required more frequently, then the cost will be charged to the student’s account. Blazers may be sent to the laundry for dry-cleaning. The cost of this is charged to the boarder’s account. The College laundry does not accept responsibility for damaged or lost items.

Academic Coaching Centre The Academic Coaching Centre is open for all Senior Years’ students Monday to Friday from 3.30-5.30pm, and is supervised by tutors and teaching staff. In addition, the College provides Academic Coaching by subject before school. The schedule for this coaching is published at the start of each term.

Gym The Boarding House has a small, wellequipped gym that is available between 7-8am and 3.30-5.30pm weekdays, and on request over the weekend. The College has a fully equipped gymnasium in the Meredith Taylor Health and Sports Centre, which is open to all students at designated times.



Most meals are served cafeteria style in the Dining Room. Our caterers create an array of healthy meal options to suit most tastes. If you have special dietary needs, please let us know.

It is important that you look after your health. If you are feeling unwell you should tell a House Mother or go and see the School Nurse.

The Boarders eat together as a community in the College Dining Room. Healthy breakfasts are available from 6am to 8.15am, and lunch is from 1pm to 1.40pm. The evening meal is served at 5.30pm and it is expected that all Boarders will attend. On one night per week we have allocated seating where we mix everyone up to ensure that you get to know students from different year groups and backgrounds. Early breakfasts, late dinners and packed lunches can be arranged by speaking with a House Mother. Neat casual clothing is required; pyjamas are not acceptable attire in the Dining Room, except at breakfast on a Saturday and Sunday morning. For safety reasons footwear must be worn at all times. Your parents are very welcome to dine with you except when an invitation-only, formal dinner is being held. Please advise the House Mother on duty if your parents would like to stay for a meal.

If your parents have any concerns regarding your health, they can call the Health Centre on (08) 9383 0220 or email healthcentre@

Feeling Unwell? The Health Centre is open during the school week between 8am and 5pm. A registered nurse provides health assessment, education and treatment during the school day. When a student requires further assessment and treatment by a primary care provider, the nurse will assist in scheduling an appointment, arranging transport, communicating concerns and coordinating care with the provider. The Health Centre will contact your parents if you spend a whole day in the Health Centre or if you need to be referred to a health professional. Students who are deemed too ill to be adequately cared for in the Boarding House when the Health Centre is closed, are best cared for at home, or by either a guardian or an approved host.

YOUR HEALTH Chemist Accounts Each student is provided with an account at the Friendlies Chemist in Claremont. The pharmacy provides a daily delivery service for prescriptions and orders for pharmaceuticals.

Medical Appointments If any appointments are needed, please contact the Health Centre for advice or assistance in arranging appointments or choosing health professionals. We are happy to provide you with names of medical and paramedical providers in the local area. If parents make appointments they should be, where possible, outside of school hours. Please inform the Health Centre of the date, time, address and travel arrangements made.

Emergency Medical Treatment We recommend that parents take out private health insurance to cover any medical treatment and emergencies, including ambulance.

The WA Ambulance Service is a user-pays service and costs up to $1,000 per use. If it is necessary to contact a doctor after hours the Boarding House uses a locum service, the local after-hours medical clinic, and the Emergency Department of Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital.

Medication You cannot keep any medication in your room except where self-medication procedures have been approved by the Health Centre and the Director of Boarding. Medication must be handed to the Health Centre or House Mother to dispense accordingly.

Missing School If you feel too sick to attend school, you need to see the Health Centre nurse who will decide if you need to remain in the Health Centre. Students who have afternoon or evening commitments, such as sport, shopping or an outing, must attend school all day in order to participate.

CONDUCT Boarding Expectations Boarders are expected to take responsibility for themselves as individuals, and as members of the Boarding House community. We expect our girls to maintain a high level of personal integrity and moral standards, and girls should conduct themselves in a courteous and thoughtful manner that contributes positively to the harmonious day-to-day management of the Boarding House. Good manners are mandatory. The following rules help to make the Boarding House a place where we can live happily, safely and productively. Students should arrive prepared to abide by all expectations and rules. It is important to remember that these rules are for teenagers living in a group situation.

Breaches Of Trust The Boarding House staff strive to develop a relationship based on courtesy, mutual respect and clear and transparent communication with the students in their care. The guidelines and rules of the Boarding House are based on three concepts: Duty of Care, Cooperation and Consideration. Parents and girls are asked to cooperate by observing the following guidelines and so contribute to the guidance and well being of the Boarders, and the whole school community.

Parents will be notified of any serious infringements. Three important rules that must always be observed: •

Boarders must inform their Supervisors of their whereabouts at all times. Girls may never leave the school grounds without the permission of either their Supervisor or the Director of Boarding.

• The use and/or possession of non- prescription drugs, alcohol or tobacco are major infringements and will not be tolerated. • Girls may not be outside on the school campus after 6.45pm or after dark in winter.

Discipline Our discipline is based on care, concern and mutual responsibility. If you breach the guidelines you may be temporarily or permanently excluded from the Boarding House. Girls who are disciplined will be guided through a processes of reconciliation and the restoration of good relations. Every attempt is made to assist students to carry on their lives at MLC in a climate of trust and mutual respect.

INAPPROPRIATE MATERIAL The Boarding House is home to a range of girls of different ages and cultures. Please do not bring material, such as magazines, CDs or DVDs, which may contain profanities, extreme violence or sexually explicit concepts. Material that is considered offensive will be removed.

Video Classifications The following video classifications apply for the Boarding House: PG | General Exhibition available for all years M | Available for Years 10-12 MA15+ | Available for Years 10-12 R18+ | Not available to any year group

Graffiti And Wilful Damage Dress Standards You must dress in an appropriate manner when taking leave or attending activities or excursions. Dress standards are discussed with you, and are at the discretion of the supervisors. When in school you must wear the correct School uniform and abide by the College dress code. Make-up and Hair Cuts Girls in Year 8 upwards may use light makeup when not in school uniform. Extreme haircuts, colour rinses or tints, tattoos and body piercing, other than in the ear lobes, are not permitted.

Students must not graffiti or wilfully damage School property in any way. The cost of repairs will be charged to the student’s account and her parents will be notified. When allocated a new bedroom, you must immediately notify staff of any damage or graffiti to avoid confusion regarding responsibility. No posters, Blu-tack, pins or thumb tacks are to be affixed to painted surfaces or ceilings. Fly screens have been installed for health reasons. They must not be removed. A fee will be charged to your account to repair and replace screens that are deliberately damaged or removed.

Caffeinated Drinks In the interests of student health, highly caffeinated drinks are not allowed in the Boarding House. If these drinks are brought into the Boarding House they will be confiscated.


UESFUL NUMBERS Director of Boarding | +61 8 9383 0253 Boarding House | +61 8 9383 0202 | Monday to Friday 3pm-8.30am Boarding House Fax/Phone | +61 8 9383 0270 Health Centre | +61 8 9383 0220

A College of the Uniting Church | 356 Stirling Highway Claremont WA 6010 | PO Box 222 Claremont WA 6910 T +618 9384 4000  F +618 9385 1509  E  W CRICOS Provider Code 00441G

MLC Boarding Handbook  
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