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Methodist Ladies’ College

Annual Report 2012

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Appendix 1 - Staff Qualifications


Reflections of 2012 2012 was another year where our girls tenaciously explored the endless opportunities that Methodist Ladies’ College (MLC) offers. Indeed, the theme of our 2012 Collegian was Endless Opportunities and this publication overflowed with stories of our girls making the most of their opportunities while successfully striving for and reaching the heights. I applaud our students of 2012 and thank them for the energy and humour they brought to a plethora of learning experiences. Whether the backdrop for the curriculum was New York, Los Angeles, Vietnam, the Kimberley, the bright lights of Chicago in our own Hadley Hall, a classroom overlooking the Swan River, or a Barclay playground the lessons taught were many and varied. The academic results that our 2012 Year 12 cohort achieved were exceptional and continued to enhance the standing of the College as a leading academic school within our State. It is worth remembering that these results were in addition to numerous contributions the students made to the ongoing excellent reputation of the school through wideranging fields of endeavour such as the performing arts, community service and sport. While our girls reached out on a global scale, at home our staff also strived for and reached new heights. The internal processes that keep the College thriving year in, year out are part of a huge cycle of work that is completed “behind the scenes” at MLC. All are important to ensuring the efficient operation of our complex business, especially given the significance of our outcomes – the best practice education of girls and young women.

With this in mind, I was delighted to share with the community in August that the College had completed our Renewal of Registration. Essentially, this is the mechanism used by the Department of Education Services (Government of Western Australia), that enables us to function independently; it is our license to provide services. I am delighted to share that among the words the review consultants used to describe our work were these three: exemplary, impressive and noteworthy. Indeed, it was a most affirming review and one where the efforts of our staff truly shone.

Another major project that entered a new stage in 2012 was our new Uniform Consultation. Arriving at this stage of the process has been the result of many hours of work by a number of dedicated individuals. I want to publicly recognise and thank this team.

Our three-fold relationship between hardworking students, skilled staff and supportive parents continues to strengthen at MLC. This is a defining characteristic of the College that helps to create and sustain a culture and climate in which young women can excel. A step to further strengthening this relationship was achieved in 2012 by a working group of dedicated parents who developed the charter and structure for the new MLC parent group – Parents of MLC. This is an amalgamated version of the Community Support Association and the Parents’ Association. Its purpose is to bring MLC Families together to strengthen the MLC Community.

Ms Rebecca Cody Principal

As we enter the next consultation phase I encourage our Community to provide open feedback. As always it is highly valued and an integral part of maintaining the essence of who and what we are. We are MLC and our commitment to striving for the heights lives on. Per Ardua Ad Alta.

Methodist Ladies’ College Annual Report 2012 3

Our Vision, Mission and Values MLC has a character that has been defined since 1907. Our Inspiration We are inspired by our Vision: Per Ardua Ad Alta; through striving to the heights.

Who are we? MLC is a College of the Uniting Church for boarding and day girls from Kindergarten to Year 12.

What do we do? MLC provides challenging and holistic educational experiences that inspire individual excellence and global citizenship. The College supports over 1,100 Australian and


international students to develop life skills that enable them to participate fully in society, to achieve their personal best and to value life-long learning.

How do we do it? To achieve this, we live our Christian Values: • Christian foundations in life; • Courage, resilience and confidence; • Community spirit which celebrates diversity; • Striving to make the most of

Methodist Ladies’ College Annual Report 2012

individual gifts; and • Respect for self, others and the environment.

What makes us different? We work together and achieve our goals through a collaborative, collegial and connected community. We embrace diversity and respect every child’s unique talents. We help them to discover who they are and the individual gifts they have, and then nurture them by providing opportunities and support to grow.

MLC Today Since its founding in 1907 to accommodate 30 boarders and 80 day scholars, MLC remains one of the oldest, most recognised and influential independent girls’ schools in Western Australia. Over the years it has defined a character and service which provides high quality, non-selective holistic education based on Christian beliefs and practice to girls and young women from diverse backgrounds. The College supports Australian and international students to develop the skills they need to participate fully in society, achieve their personal best and value continuous learning. With the active support of all members of the school community, the College seeks to enhance the intellectual, emotional, physical, cultural and spiritual development of every girl. It also fosters an ethos of love, mutual respect and compassion, and a commitment to the ideals of service, justice and peace, which are at the heart of the Christian faith. As a Uniting Church school, the College retains a fully inclusive community and is highly respectful

of the diversity of its 1,100 students, including in excess of 20 nationalities. Within a vibrant and optimistic learning culture girls are nurtured to meet the needs, expectations, constraints and complexities of the 21st century without diluting or compromising their standards, capacity or resources. Through an academically-focused curriculum, enriched by challenge and choice, the College recognises and enables the potential of girls to be agents of change, both for themselves and others.

to provide challenging and holistic educational experiences, the College inspires individual excellence and global citizenship. The governing body of MLC, known as the College Council, oversees the development of the School through the Strategic Plan and policy process, monitoring and reviewing tradition, goals and objectives. It is a critical friend of the Principal and her Leadership Team and is accountable to families and the wider community.

MLC’s Vision, Mission and Values align with the Uniting Church’s National Educational Charter within the specific context of all-girls’ education, from Kindergarten through to Year 12, and are used as defining statements to complement all strategic goals and objectives. With the Vision being Per Ardua Ad Alta (through striving to the heights) and a Mission

Since the Methodist Conference in 1906 duly passed the resolution for the establishment of MLC, the School has been steeped in the values of Christian teachings, has created a strong, purposeful and distinctive identity and has been acknowledged as a leader in education. These characteristics continue to encapsulate the spirit of the College and those we serve.

Methodist Ladies’ College Annual Report 2012 5

Strategic Directions 2011-2015 MLC strives to ‘leading learning’. We provide innovative guidance to our students and show leadership in many other ways. Our organisational culture values professional learning and development and we inspire and support our staff to achieve best \practices. Our Strategic Plan was developed in 2011 and provided the College with a revitalised and united direction. Inspired by not only the MLC community but also global leaders and influences the Strategic Plan and goals focus on the four pillars of our College:

2. Our People To develop an organisational identity that inspires and supports staff to achieve best professional practices.


To provide differentiated and rigorous opportunities for multiple intelligences and skills to be developed and celebrated within a balanced curriculum. To embed proactive pastoral care initiatives across our teaching, co-curricular and residential environments.

4. Our Community

To improve educational outcomes through the engagement of past, present and prospective families with the College’s Vision, Mission and Values.

To refine and strengthen business systems, communication strategies and processes.

To be recognised locally, nationally and internationally as a leader in education.

To achieve a five-phase PreKindergarten to Collegian, collaborative, collegial and connected community.

1. Our Students

be fully utilised as learning and administrative tools.

3. Our Resources

To strengthen, sustain and futureproof human, intellectual, financial and physical resources. To realise philanthropy as an active and sustainable college culture. To enable Information and Communication Technologies to

Methodist Ladies’ College Annual Report 2012

All staff are focused on our Strategic Plan and regularly report on their progress towards the attainment of goals. This Annual Report details progress in 2012.

MLC Council The achievements of staff and students at MLC are inspiring. I am proud to be associated with students and staff who understand and acknowledge service, companionship, innovation, opportunities, tradition, level of care and pursuit of excellence. Of significant importance in 2012 was the recommendation by the Government of Western Australia to re-register the school to 2017. The Re-Registration Report highlighted many positive outcomes for the College, including governance and legal compliance, level of care, student learning, quality of education and a curriculum that is differentiated to meet the needs of the students. These outstanding outcomes owe much to the remarkable leadership of

the College. Through the Principal, the College is well positioned to meet new challenges and direction to achieve considerable outcomes and impacts in 2013. We are a leading school which cannot stand still, and the Council fully supports the Principal, Ms Rebecca Cody, as she takes the school forward. I wish to acknowledge the contribution of the 2012 Council members for their continued support, acumen and enthusiasm on which the College’s reputation and achievements depend, and Chair: Dr Penny Flett (photographed above) Mr Nick Brasington Ms Dorothy Carey the comprehensive work Ms Rebecca Cody Mr Craig Colvin of Council Committees Mr John Goodlad Ms Prudence Honey supporting all aspects of the Mrs Elaine Ma Ms Judy Tennant Council’s work. Mrs Gaye McMath Mr Ralph Moore Mr Grant Robinson Mr David Singleton Dr Penny Flett Ms Diane Mony de Kerloy

MLC Foundation Since joining the Foundation Board in May 2012, I have had the opportunity to learn of the commitment and dedication of the Foundation Board Members who are passionate about developing philanthropy at MLC. In the second half of 2012, the MLC Foundation reviewed progress of the Partnering their Future Campaign and we are delighted to announce that since 2008, over 350 families have donated to the MLC Foundation. MLC philanthropists have invested over $1.2 million towards educational excellence for MLC girls and young

women. In 2012 this campaign attracted gross donations to the value of $350,381. I would like to thank John Goodlad, the outgoing Chair of the Foundation, for establishing the platform from which we can grow. The hardest part is often getting started and John has been tireless in establishing the Foundation in its current form and leading the passion to succeed Chair : Mr James McClements (above) in our mission to ingrain a Mr Nick Brasington Ms Melissa Callanan culture of philanthropy at MLC. Mr Craig Colvin Ms Megan Edwards Ms Elaine Ma Mr Peter O’Sullivan James McClements Ms Rachel Pritchard Mr Cliff Rocke Ms Lorica Storey Ex-Officio: Dr Penny Flett Ms Rebecca Cody Methodist Ladies’ College Annual Report 2012 7

Our Students

MLC 2012 Graduates Strive to the Heights MLC’s 2012 graduating Year 12 cohort achieved excellent results in both WACE and Vocational Course. They have continued to enhance the standing of the College as a leading academic school in the State by achieving: • 97.95 per cent achieved secondary graduation;

achieved one or more WACE Course Scores of at least 75; • 2 General Exhibitions; • 3 Course Exhibitions; • 1 Special Course Award;

MLC achieved “top performing students” status in 14 WACE Stage 3 including: • 3AB Accounting and Finance • 3AB Biology • 3AB Chemistry

• A median ATAR of 91.3 per cent;

• 14 Certificates of Distinction; and

• 3AB Economics

• 94 per cent of the students attained an ATAR of 66.6 and above, putting them in the top third of the Western Australian WACE population;

• 12 Certificates of Commendation.

• 3AB English

• 56 per cent of the students achieved an ATAR of 90 and above; • 61.26 per cent of the students studying a 3A/3B course

"This is a tribute to all of the girls' hard work, and that of the teachers who have been on this wonderful learning journey with them," MLC principal Rebecca Cody said. "I know that the young women who graduated in 2012 will go on to become all that they dream; they may even amaze themselves with exactly what they can achieve.”

• 3AB English Literature • 3AB Food Science and Technology • 3AB French • 3AB Human Biological Science • 3AB Marine & Maritime Technology • 3AB Materials, Design & Technology • 3AB Mathematics • 3AB Political and Legal Studies • 3AB Psychology

MLC’s Young Doctors MLC will be exceptionally well represented among Western Australia's future medical profession with a total of eight past students studying 4th Year Medicine in 2012. There are seven 2008 Leavers studying 4th Year Medicine at UWA and one at Notre Dame. In 2012 they revisited the College and their former Chemistry teacher Mrs Dee Haughton. (pictured right)

Phoebe Power who was Head Prefect in 2008 said: "We've just got out of the lecture theatre and into clinical practice. I’ve always wanted a job with a science background that was intellectually stimulating.

There are 240 Medical Students in each intake so to have eight from the one school is an extraordinary achievement.


Methodist Ladies’ College Annual Report 2012

The culture at MLC really helped me prepare for medicine. Doing your best is something that is really valued there.”

Our Students

Academic Competitions and Results Girls across all year groups challenged themselves in a number of academic competitions and received national and international recognition including:

Engineers Australia Certificate of Excellence 

Awarded to Students who have a score of at least 75% in each of the four WACE subjects:

Mathematics 3CD, Mathematics Specialist 3CD, Physics 3AB and Chemistry 3AB • MLC had 4 recipients

National Chemistry Quiz • 110,000 students from 15 countries • 93 MLC students Year 10 -12. • 9 students achieved Certificates of High Distinction • 18 achieved Certificates of Distinction • 17 received Credit Awards

Havesumfun Year 5 – 54 teams competed • 1st place – MLC 2 scored 30 out of 30 • 6th place – MLC 1 scored 29.9 Year 6 – 77 teams competed • 2nd place – MLC 4 scored 30 out of 30 • 5th place – MLC 3 scored 29.9 • 35th place – MLC 5 scored 27.7

Alliance Française Examination

Language Perfect 2012 World Championship

• 384 students sat Stage 3 examinations • 30 Certificates of High Distinction were awarded with 4 going to MLC girls • MLC girls were awarded 5 Certificates of Distinction

• MLC’s Global Ranking was 129 out of 802 schools • 14 in WA out of 105 schools

Australian Mathematics Competition

ICAS – University of NSW Competition

175 MLC students participated across Years 7 - 12: • 6 High Distinction awards • 6 Distinction awards • 76 credit awards

• 86 overall in Australia out of 504 schools • 14 in French out of 85 schools • 20 for Chinese in Australia out of 205 schools

• Year 4 – top performing student in the State for writing • Year 4 – top performing student in the State for English

• 47 proficiency certificates

ICAS - English, Science, Mathematics, Spelling and Writing. Girls in Year 3 - 6 competed against over one million children from 6300 schools internationally. MLC students received: • 2 Medals • 10 High Distinction • 51 Distinctions

Methodist Ladies’ College Annual Report 2012 9

Our Students

MLC has a rich fabric of students We are respectful of our students’ individuality and diversity and offer each girl an academically-focused curriculum, enriched by challenge and choice. Enrolments at 3 December 2012

Day Students











Junior Years 1 – 6




Middle and Senior Years 7 - 12








Student Attendance • Junior Years’ students’ attendance rate during 2012 was 97.5%. • Middle Years’ students’ attendance rate during 2012 was 96.5%. • Senior Years’ students’ attendance rate during 2012 was 96.4%.

The College has a detailed Attendance Policy with processes and responsibilities to ensure:

care programme. • we maintain accurate attendance records.

• we meet our Duty of Care responsibilities. • our attendance monitoring system connects directly with our pastoral

Engineering Prize for MLC Collegian MLC Collegian Bethany Williamson has won a number of awards after completing a Bachelor of Engineering at Murdoch with an 80+ HD average.

Bethany, pictured below, spoke of having a life outside of her studies at the 2012 Year12 Father Daughter Breakfast at Claremont Yacht Club.

Bethany completed a double major in Renewable Energy and Sustainable Energy and, due to her outstanding performance, won the Institution of Engineering and Technology Prize, the Occasional Prize in Engineering and the Frederic Barnes Waldron Prize. These exceptional achievements were recognised at an awards ceremony on Wednesday 4 April. 10

Methodist Ladies’ College Annual Report 2012

For her, playing state volleyball allows her time away from her studies. Bethany also coaches some of MLC’s up and coming volleyball players.

Our Students

NAPLAN Years 3, 5, 7, 9 - another strong result In May 2012 the National Assessment Programme - Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) was completed by all students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 in all government and non-government schools. The results of the tests provided

important information about what each student can do and was used to support teaching and learning programmes. Parents received a report indicating their child’s level of achievement, against the national minimum standard.

The tests are a useful snapshot, a one-off assessment, that allows the College to review our Teaching and Learning Programmes at a whole school level and also to look at the individual growth of each child.


Year 3 % Achieving Benchmark

Year 5 % Achieving Benchmark

Year 7 % Achieving Benchmark

Year 9 % Achieving Benchmark


























2012 Enrolments (as at 3 December 2012)

Indigenous Youth at MLC MLC currently has six indigenous students; two in Year 8, one in Year 9, two in Year 10 and one in Year 12, all of whom are boarders.

She is an advocate for indigenous students becoming positive role models for indigenous youth and meets weekly with the students.

MLC has a commitment to embed the notion that education is a key

A series of events recognising cultural engagement and to reinforce

component to the future of indigenous Australians.

knowledge and appreciation of indigenous culture have been held or are being planned. These being:

The current indigenous students receive encouragement to achieve in both the curriculum and co-curricular activities. The staff of the school ensure an understanding of cultural issues and any special needs. The Indigenous Students’ Programme is coordinated by the Director of Boarding, whose main purpose is to ensure that the education of indigenous students is maintained through mentoring and support.


Reconciliation Week

Study Vacation Programme at the University of WA

University Tours

Welcome to Country

Acknowledgment of Country

Future Footprints Student Council Meetings – ongoing

Future Footprints Termly Camps

Year 11/12 Indigenous Leadership Seminars

Year 9/10 - Indigenous Science Camps

WACE Revision

Year 8 Discovery Days

Methodist Ladies’ College Annual Report 2012 11

Our Students

A Balanced Curriculum To achieve our goal to provide differentiated and rigorous opportunities for multiple intelligences and skills to be developed and celebrated within a balanced curriculum, we have worked collaboratively to create our Preferred Educational Model and Differentiated Learning Programmes. Our Preferred Educational Model is based upon three underlying principles: 1. An enhanced professional framework for staff. 2. An overarching objective to establish MLC as a leader in learning within a global context. 3. Our K to 12, holistic, learnercentred philosophy with an emphasis on individual academic excellence, faith development, artistic pursuits, and sporting endeavours.

The purpose of the Preferred Educational Model is twofold: 1. To define a sound educational model that prioritises the ongoing strengthening of learning outcomes. 2. To develop a sustainable enrolment structure that builds on one of MLC’s greatest strengths the relationship between teachers and students. MLC students benefit in a number of ways from this model in that our teachers are better able to ‘know’ each girl, to understand her abilities

and aspirations, and therefore be more equipped to provide experiences that inspire her to achieve excellence - whatever that might mean for her. From a business perspective, the new model supports an achievable and sustainable structure, leading to stability and confidence at all levels. Above all, the Model builds on one of MLC’s greatest strengths - its teacher-student relationships - to create an even more successful learning environment.

Every girl is an individual... Tian Beckett’s journey is an example of Differentiated Learning@MLC in action. In August 2012 Tian returned from the Oceania track cycling championships in Adelaide where she had won the 500m time trial in 35.699 seconds: the fastest-ever time in the world for her age and the fourth-fastest time in the world for the event this year. “I went under 20 seconds for the first lap but I have to get that second lap down,” Tian said. “I know where I need to improve and will analyse the video.” Tian, who started at MLC in Year 2, is quick to credit some of her success to the College saying, “since I started cycling seriously, MLC has supported 12

me every step of the way. My classes have been tailored to allow for training schedules and the teachers are all very understanding of my need to travel to competitions. “My Year 12 subjects have been selected and timed to allow me to complete my education but at the same time I will be able to achieve my dream of someday cycling for Australia.” Tian Beckett on the podium after winning the Under-19 women's time trial at the 2013 Subaru Track National Championships. Picture courtesy of Cycling Australia.

Methodist Ladies’ College Annual Report 2012

Our Students

Differentiated Learning @ MLC At MLC we respect every child’s unique talents. We help them to discover who they are and the individual gifts they have, and then nurture them by providing opportunities and support to grow. Differentiated Learning @MLC provides the richest learning opportunities for students across four domains. Enrichment Students with exceptional strengths are encouraged and supported throughout their educational journey. There are opportunities to take part in specific programmes but generally, modifications are made in an integrated setting. There are many specialist areas within the main curriculum or in co-curricular fields where staff are able to identify and extend exceptional talents.

Flexible Learning Support (Literacy and Numeracy) Students with moderate learning difficulties are provided with learning support from specialist teachers who can work alongside class teachers or with small groups of students in a withdrawal situation where more

intensive programmes in literacy or numeracy are needed. These teachers also provide advice and resources to teachers to assist them to differentiate curriculum to support individual student learning needs within the regular class environment.

Learning Support Centre and Learning Support Unit (K-12) Students with learning disabilities are supported by the Learning Support Centre in Middle and Senior Years, and the Learning Support Unit in Junior Years. In Junior Years students’ needs are catered for in class with an Education Assistant. The Learning Support Centre recognises the need for greater assistance as regular classroom work requires increasing

independence but at the same time encourages integration within the student’s year group.

Modified Learning Programmes Students with extensive external commitments or severe health problems can negotiate a Modified Learning Programme which recognises and encourages their external learning. This generally involves time adjustments while maintaining a rigorous core curriculum. Principles and processes applied in these domains accommodate the very different and often changing skills, abilities, experiences and circumstances that impact upon an individual girls ability to engage with her learning programme.

Independant Girls’ School Sporting Association (IGSSA) Results 2012 Athletics Fifth Cross Country Fifth Swimming Sixth Basketball Fifth Netball Seventh Hockey Third Softball Fourth Rowing Third Volleyball Sixth Tennis Fourth Water polo Second Methodist Ladies’ College Annual Report 2012 13

Our Students

Sporting Endeavours MLC offers girls a variety of team games, in which co-operation, discipline and respect for others are emphasised at all times. These are balanced by individual pursuits to build selfesteem, a sense of achievement and school spirit. 2012 was a great year for sport within the MLC community. All girls experienced the challenges and rewards of a competitive year of IGSSA sport emerging with a great sense of sportsmanship and camaraderie. The sporting year kick-started with rigorous early morning swimming training throughout the January school holidays. This was in preparation for the IGSSA Swimming Carnival, where MLC achieved a commendable sixth place. In conjunction with swimming in Term 1 many girls competed in volleyball and tennis for MLC showing both great team spirit and individual excellence. The Year 7/8 A and C


tennis teams won their pennants. Term 2 marked the beginning of cross-country, netball and hockey. A tremendous job by the Year 7 cohort ensured they won their pennant for cross-country, helping MLC achieve 5th place overall. This was a major step towards a great future of crosscountry at MLC. Both netballers and hockey players showed immense dedication to their respective sports with the strong year 7/8 B team taking out the hockey pennant for their division. A busy Term 3 was filled with rowing, basketball and soccer achievements. MLC rowers dedicated many hours

Methodist Ladies’ College Annual Report 2012

to training early in the mornings and this paid off with consistently good results throughout the IGSSA season. The winter sports at MLC showcased the girls’ depth and talent across a range of sporting events, including the IGSSA athletics competition which ran throughout the term. Overall 2012 has been a great year of sport with MLC students consistently showing their team spirit, dedication and talent across the board. The future of sport at MLC is looking very promising and the improving strength and depth within the College will reflect in improved results in the coming years.

Our Students

Artistic Pursuits Participation in the arts enhances self-esteem, encourages spontaneity and risk-taking and allows difference to be celebrated. Our Music, Dance and Drama programmes encourage students to strive for the heights. In 2012 they did this and achieved excellence. MLC Chorale is world class MLC’s Chorale is now ranked in the world’s Top 100 Youth/Children’s choirs. It is also the second highest Australian Choir ranking behind only the University of Newcastle. The College’s Barbershop is also highly

at the World Choir Championships of Youth and Young Adults as proud recipients of a gold and a silver medal. They were also awarded a gold medal at the Grand Prix of Choral Music in Graz, Austria. The

ranked and is now 553 in the world. The increased ranking comes as a direct result of the chorale’s successes

College’s Chorale placed third in the category of Youth Choirs and Equal Voices in the Champions Round of

the World Choir Championships and was awarded a gold medal for their performance. This success was continued in 2012 at the Joondalup Eisteddfod when the Chorale was awarded First Place in the Secondary School Choir Open, Over 20 Voices section.

Bravo to the Chicago team! Chicago - a musical set in the 1920s - was a very slick and engaging production that played to packed houses over three memorable nights in August. The superb jazz band, clever choreography and staging, along with the impressive set and

overall set design, including stylish costumes, were all brilliant backdrops to appropriately showcase the girls’ talents. Principal Rebecca Cody said, “In every aspect, this was a demanding show requiring skills well beyond our

girls’ years. The themes of corruption in the administration of justice and the concept of criminal celebrity were based on events that actually occurred in prohibition Chicago. They resonate with life today.”

Methodist Ladies’ College Annual Report 2012 15

Our Students

MLC Symphony Orchestra scales the heights The MLC Symphony Orchestra was awarded the Matthew Krel Memorial Prize for Orchestral Excellence along with a cheque for $4,000. This competition was open to school orchestras nationwide with one prize awarded to WA and one to Victoria. The award demonstrated that the MLC Symphony Orchestra had reached a quality of performance that ranks with the most advanced in Australian schools. It was a fitting tribute to Orchestra conductor Mr Bobby Gallo, all music staff and students.

Excelling at the 2012 Western Australian Schools’ Orchestra and Jazz Festivals • The Symphony Orchestra received the Award of Excellence in the Full Orchestra - Premier Division.

• The Sinfonietta String Orchestra received the award of Outstanding in the String Orchestra C Division.

• The Philharmonic Orchestra, received the Award of Excellence in the Full Orchestra B Division.

• The Jazz Band received the award of Excellence in the Senior Full Division.

• The Swing Band received the award of Outstanding in the Junior Full Division.

Gaining an International Perspective: the New York and Los Angeles Dance and Drama Tour The 2012 Dance and Drama Tour provided rich learning as girls were exposed to new contexts over two whirlwind weeks of discoveries. While in New York, the girls attended three performances; two Broadway productions and one off-Broadway production, all completely different and exposing them to styles of theatre they had never seen before. The Argentinian off-Broadway production Fuerza Bruta was a smashing, crashing, rainy and windy 16

physical piece that saw them soaking wet, yet still dancing in the crowd! The Broadway shows Memphis and Peter and the Star Catcher were an inspiration for budding performers. Workshops with Broadway-trained professionals gave an insight into what life as a performer is really like, as well providing valuable techniques to apply to their work. Their visit to Los Angeles allowed them to experience movies in the making at Universal Studios, Hollywood.

Methodist Ladies’ College Annual Report 2012

Our Students

We focus on the whole child MLC has a genuinely holistic approach to education. Pastoral care initiatives are embedded across our teaching, co-curricular and residential environments. The College is proud of its genuinely caring environment, in which active responsibility is taken for the welfare of every student. The content of the specially planned pastoral care curriculum across all years varies as the girls progress through College life. Elements include friendship, interacting cooperatively, conflict resolution, problem solving, social skills, adjusting to change, tolerance, etiquette, social responsibility, building self-esteem, resilience, facing challenges, confidence, integrity and self awareness.

In the Junior, Middle and Senior Years, the class teacher is the key nurturer with support from the wider staff. Other specialist staff who contribute significantly are the College Counsellors, Prayer Support Group, School Nurses, Deputy Principal and Chaplain.

Spiritual Guidance The College community is served by the Chaplain, who is responsible for the faith and worship dimension of College life. In 2012 Reverend Elke Riekmann fulfilled this role with quiet wisdom offering the most engaging and uplifting reflections. She led all

students in Chapel fortnightly with a service for staff at the commencement of each term as well as College Sunday for the whole community. She coordinated the Service Learning activities in the College and is available for counselling. The Chaplain’s work is supported by the Christian Education Teachers and the Youth Worker. Three Counsellors are also available to the whole College Community, to offer information, advice and the opportunity to talk about school progress, career planning, course and subject selection, homework, study, and relationship issues.

Learning through Service As part of the College’s Service Learning Framework, students are encouraged and supported to engage in activities that contribute to the betterment of people around them. This deeper level of social responsibility has reinforced the appreciation and importance of connectedness to, and interdependence on, each other and our environment. At MLC our approach has been to generate learning outcomes through identifying an issue and exploring that issue in order to lead to some form of action. During the July school holidays 25 students from Years 11 and 12 travelled to Vietnam on a twoweek Service Learning Mission to experience another culture and to support orphans.

Under the direction of Mr Binh Nguyen, the College Christian Education Youth Worker, and supported by four other MLC staff, the girls experienced working in orphanages and medical centres in Hanoi, Hue and Ho Chi Minh City. For some of the party this was a rich and life changing experience. As part of their social responsibility the girls undertook several fundraising activities to raise funds and equipment for the orphanages. They raised over $15,000 to spend on the children an enormous learning experience in its own right. Methodist Ladies’ College Annual Report 2012 17

Our Students

Leading the way in Pastoral Care Pastoral Care at MLC is led by our Pastoral Care Board consisting of the Principal, Deputy Principal, Director of Boarding, Deans of Education, Counsellors and School Nurses. In 2012 the Board has been proactive in reviewing and developing policies and procedures to strengthen our pastoral care with a number of initiatives including: • Ratification of the Policy and Procedures for Managing Self Harm and Suicidal Behaviours. • Completion of training by one of our counsellors to be a facilitator of the Rainbows Programme, to provide support for students dealing with grief, death or divorce in their family. • The introduction of a ‘What Went Well’ section into the Student Diary to encourage students to

reflect and focus on what went well each week and develop a sense of gratitude for positive experiences as opposed to dwelling on the negatives. • A review of pastoral care programmes offered in Junior Years’ revealed how our programmes align with Martin Seligman’s Wellbeing Theory - the PERMA model. (Positive emotions, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, Accomplishment). • R U OK? Day was placed on the College Calendar to encourage meaningful conversations to help any person experiencing a problem to be better supported and less vulnerable to a crisis. • MMG Stakeholder Satisfaction Survey Results for questions related to Pastoral Care were analysed and outcomes were

used to inform revision of the Tutorial Programme for Middle Years. • An audit of actions by the College to support Staff Welfare was undertaken and used to assess gaps and recommend strategies. • The International Student Coordinator Role was refined to ensure strong communication connections. • Middle Years’ Tutors undertook Vital Conversations training to equip them for a shift to the role of ‘Tutors as Coaches’. • A recommendation to include cybersafety education for students, staff and parents on an annual cycle starting in Term 1 2013.

An Early Years’ initiative to connect home with school In 2012 MLC trialled an innovative programme to more strongly connect home with school by targeting all Kindergarten students for a home visit. Head of Early Years’ Melissa McNamara visited each child in their own home taking with her all the fixings for a Mad Hatters Tea Party. Afternoon tea served in traditional high tea style provided a sure fire way to break the ice. Following afternoon tea there was time to play and Melissa and each student spent some time getting to know each other better through the girl’s chosen activity. 18

The programme settles the girls in their early days at school and it’s comforting for them to see a connection between school and home. It gives the teachers a good insight into their students in their home environment and they see a side of the child that might not normally be apparent in a group situation. The programme supports one of MLC’s Early Years’ guiding philosophies of ‘Fundamental Skills through Play’ which in turn supports the College Mission of providing challenging and holistic educational experiences

Methodist Ladies’ College Annual Report 2012

that inspire individual excellence and global citizenship.

Our Students

Developing Social Responsibility As part of the College’s Service Learning Framework, students are encouraged and supported to engage in activities that contribute to the betterment of people around them. The overarching theme for our Service Learning Framework - young women connecting with our world at the local, national and international level - provides for age appropriate endeavours to be included across Years 7-12.


Amount Raised


College Sunday Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea Harmony Day Face Painting Interhouse Athletics Great Book Swap Challenge 40 Hour Famine 40 Hour Famine Crazy Hair Day Easter Cake Bake

$3,515.25 $950.00

Uniting Care West Cancer Council Research

$635.55 $236.00 $671.45 $381.65 $4,459.30 $4514.81 $479.05 $578.74

Vietnam Service Tour Asthma Foundation Surf Lifesaving World Vision – relief packs World Vision World Vision Leukaemia Foundation Love Angels Foundation

• Social Services Week - Goods Collected and donated to Cerebral Palsy Auction

Shades for Aids Relay for Life Fashion Parade Lapathon

$529.50 $3,172.55 $441.00 $2686.35

Hope for Cambodian Children Cancer Council Nulsen Nulsen

• The Year 10 - Nulsen Houses Youth Patrons Project

Sports Week


Australian Paralympic Team

Sports Week


MLC Foundation

• Year 10 - Beagle Bay, Kimberley – community service trip

House Athletics Carnival


Arts Week K-12


Indigenous Communities Education and Awareness Foundation Indigenous Literacy foundation

Popcorn Sales


Cerebral Palsy

The learning outcomes build from identifying an issue, to exploration of it and action, such as fundraising or service. The College supports a number of programmes including:

• Year 11 - Relay for Life • Year 11 and 12 - Red Cross Soup Patrol • Year 11 and 12 - Vietnam Service Tour

Year 8 Fundraising


Uniting Care West

Year 12 Valedictory


Uniting Care West



• Hope for Children - Collected pens and stationary • Bindaring Red Cross Clothing Collection - Staff and students • Christmas Food and Gift Bank Collection - Staff and Students K to 12. Students also participated in assisting to make up hampers at the food depot. The table to the right outlines fundraising activities and results undertaken by MLC girls in 2012. Methodist Ladies’ College Annual Report 2012 19

Our People

Attracting and retaining exceptional staff We recognise that our staff are a key strength of our College and as a result our aim is to consolidate MLC as the employer of choice in Western Australia. We have a strategic goal to develop an organisational identity that inspires and supports staff to achieve best professional practice: Staff Attendance

Performance and Review

In 2012 staff were absent for 571 days or 4568 hours.

The College’s Performance Review process is linked toward the fulfilment of the Strategic Plan. Every staff member has individual strategic

This averages at 3.8 days per staff member and includes not only illness but also commitments due to other College activities.

that will contribute toward the attainment of these strategic goals. The College has adopted Art Costa’s Habits of Mind as behavioural examples of best practice. The implementation of these is also assessed annually by each Staff Members’ Head of Department or Line Manager.

goals which are a subset of the organisational goals. They are asked on an annual basis to provide evidence of behaviours and outcomes

MLC Staff Profile 2012* Women



Full Time

Part Time

Full Time

Part Time



















Managers Operations










Other Teachers










Operational Employees










Leadership Team Heads of Academic Departments & Senior Teachers

Women Men

% Total

*These details are included with our annual report to the Workplace Gender Equality Agency.


Methodist Ladies’ College Annual Report 2012

Women Men

Our People

A new Director of Music for MLC Towards the end of 2012 our Director of Music, Mr Bobby Gallo, secured a position as Director of the School for Performing Arts at John Paul College in Queensland. After an international search we successfully appointed Dr Robert Faulkner to the position. Dr Faulkner is an honours graduate of the Royal Academy of Music, London. He is a Royal Academy musicology scholarship winner and former student of Guildhall School of Music and Drama, London. In addition he holds a licentiate diploma from the Royal Academy in singing, a postgraduate certificate in education, an MA in

music psychology and PhD from The University of Sheffield.

kindergarten through to tertiary and adult education and is internationally recognised as an innovative music educator. Dr Faulkner comes to MLC from UWA where he has been an Associate Professor in Early Childhood and Music in the Faculty of Education.

As a choral conductor, Dr Faulkner has performed with childrens and adults choirs in the UK, Iceland, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Finland and Australia. He has been musical director of a range of music theatre and operatic productions at school, university and community levels including collaborations with professional companies. Before moving to Australia, Dr Faulkner played a leading role in music and arts education in Iceland. He has extensive teaching experience at every level of education from

Professional Learning and Development is the key Professional Learning and Development (PLD) activities encompass training and development on curriculum matters, innovation in teaching, pastoral care and staff personal development. The College is totally committed to a comprehensive PLD programme and all staff are encouraged to apply for appropriate courses. A substantial budgetary allowance has been made to fund attendance including transport, accommodation and wages for both the staff member and their replacement. In addition to unplanned attendance during teaching time, 176 days were assigned to Professional Learning Development (approximately 1 day per person).

An Investment in Personal Excellence In 2012 seven staff participated in the Pacific Institute’s “Investment in Personal Excellence” programme. The course was an opportunity to learn about positive psychology and be involved in strengthening organisational culture. The initial participants were subsequently offered the opportunity to be trained as facilitators, with a view to presenting the course to all staff members and possibly students at MLC. While the course is designed to assist with positive cultural change at an organisational level, the content was initially delivered at a very personal level. The underlying tenets of the course revolve around the concepts of self-efficacy, goal setting (and achieving!) and learning

how to “be yourself brilliantly”. Through interactive activities, video presentations, personal stories, discussion and reflection, the team was introduced to and re-acquainted with a range of theories in the field of cognitive psychology. They learnt the importance of knowing what you want and more importantly some useful tools to assist with how to get it. Helen Beaton, the Junior Years Music Specialist, participated in the course and said: “The course was exceptionally valuable to me as an individual, a teacher, a parent, a partner and a team member. The concepts were challenging and thought provoking, and the skills I learnt were practical, sensible and immediately applicable. I would highly recommend the course to all academic and operational staff members, parents and students.”

Methodist Ladies’ College Annual Report 2012 21

Our People

Looking toward Best Practice in Learning Technologies Following an extensive analysis of our MMG stakeholder research findings and a specific external review of information and communication technologies at MLC early in 2012, we have established a new position: the Director of Information Learning Technologies (ILT) reporting to the Principal with a strategic position within the College Leadership Team. This role will enable and support learning, teaching, research and administration by managing and integrating services in information management and technology. Mr Ben Beaton (right) has been appointed to fill this role. He joins us after twelve years at Scotch College where he has worked as an English Teacher, Head of Library and Information Services and Curriculum Leader of Design and Technology and the IB Middle Years Programme

Coordinator. In this role he forged local and international links with students and educators across the Asia Pacific region. Ben is also employed by Murdoch University drawing on his extensive experience in international education as a lecturer in international studies, and is an Apple Distinguished Educator. The latter has enabled him to regularly present to teachers and the wider community on implementing contemporary learning technology into the classroom experience. Ben recently completed his Masters of Education Leadership at UWA, specialising in Advanced e-Learning. Ben’s research focused on best practice implementation of learning technologies that improve outcomes for students and teachers. In addition to his work in schools, Ben has a creative passion for music and COUNCIL


Director of Boarding

Uniform Shop

Boarding House Staff


Director of ILT

Director of Corporate Services

Director of Development and Communications


Head of Operational Departments

Office of Development and Communications

Operating Teams

Senior Years’ Subject Coordinators


Health Centre

Middle Years’ Curriculum Coordinators

Deputy Principal

Assistant to Council

Deputy Principal’s Assistant

Dean of Junior Years’ Education

Dean of Middle Years’ Education

Assistant Deans of Junior Years’ Education

Assistant Dean of Middle Years’ Education

Heads of Academic Departments

Academic Dean


Head of Staff and Student Services

Methodist Ladies’ College Annual Report 2012

Curriculum coordinators

Junior Years’ Administrative Assistant


Director of Human Resources

Principal’s Assistant

Staff and Student Services


the arts culminating in the publication of his first novel Mama’s Song for a young adult audience. Released to critical acclaim Mama’s Song was recognised as a Notable Book by the Australia Book Council and the novel was awarded a White Raven, an international award for books that deserve worldwide attention because of their universal themes and their exceptional artistic and literary style.

Heads of Year

Heads of Year

Middle Years’ Administrative Assistant

Senior Years’ Administrative Assistant

Dean of Senior Years’ Education

Heads of Year (includes Assistant Deans of Senior Years’ Education responsibilities)

Human Resources Team

Our People

A Passion for Communication Following the departure of Ms Andrea McGurk in May, Melissa Callanan was appointed as the new Director of Development and Communications. Melissa was General Manager with RTRFM 92.1, a national award-winning community broadcaster, with a staff of 10 and over 240 volunteers. Melissa is passionate about the arts and education. She is a graduate of the UWA Business School with a Masters of Business Administration and also holds a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Professional Studies (honours) from Murdoch University in the discipline

of education. Melissa was the Senior Faculty Development Officer with the UWA Business School fundraising team and was previously the Business Development Manager with the Perth International Arts Festival. Melissa has an extensive marketing and administration background in the arts having worked with Barking Gecko Theatre Company, the WA Fringe Festival, KULCHA Multicultural Arts of Western Australia and independent contemporary Western Australian theatre, Steamworks Arts Productions. She is a former Chair of Stages (WA Playwright Consortium) and a former

Board Member of FPWA Sexual Health Services and Ausdance WA. Melissa currently sits on the WA Committee of Musica Viva and is a Board Member with Perth Theatre Company.

MLC staff achieve above and beyond Lainie Gara, Head of Science receives her Doctor of Education. In 2012 Head of Science, Lainie Gara received her Degree of Doctor of Education. Lainie’s thesis topic was University Admission: the dynamics between policy and practice in an Australian context. As a Science and Human Biology teacher, Lainie sets a fine example for our girls, modelling a commitment to life-long learning as she strives to make the most of her individual gifts.

A Scholar in Residence In February 2012 MLC hosted Alice Pung, writer, lawyer and teacher, as Scholar in Residence 2012. Alice is the author of two books, Her Father’s Daughter and Unpolished Gem. The latter won the 2007 Australian Newcomer of the Year award in

Coaching for Transition

the Australian Book Industry Awards and was shortlisted for several other awards. Alice Pung has achieved much for her age and served as an exceptional role model of a successful and articulate young woman.

Lynne Hughes Lynne has co-ordinated MLC’s City after Dark Programme for some years now. In 2012 this programme was nominated in the Western Australian Community Programme and Partnership (Metropolitan) Category and finished in the Top 3. The category recognises a Western Australian Community group, partnership or programme that has made an outstanding contribution to child safety, inspired others to actively participate and created safer environments for children in the Perth metropolitan area.

As part of our commitment to leading learning, in 2012 teaching staff undertook professional development in coaching. The goal of coaching is to enhance academic performance, goal striving and resilience and to provide students with self-management tools to respond effectively to events as they transition through school and life. Both Middle Years’ and Senior Years’ Tutors have now been trained to identify strengths and resources in students and guide them to manage various road blocks to change. Tutors have been taught the use of powerful questioning to help students develop their own strategies to achieve personal and academic goals. Coaching has a central role in organisations and the development of a culture of excellence.

Methodist Ladies’ College Annual Report 2012 23

Our Resources

College income and expenditure Tuition and Boarding Fees remain the principal source of income for the College accounting for 77% of revenue. Any reduction in Government funding in real terms would have a significant impact on the College as together State and Federal funding accounts for 16% of our total revenue. The MLC Council is committed to maintaining a healthy financial position for the College, while always being mindful of the need to keep fees as affordable as possible.

Your Library @ MLC – a K-12 experience 2012 marked the beginning of a new era in the provision of Library and Information Services (L&IS) to the College. During 2011 the College Council brought forward a decision to merge the Junior Years, Lorna Dickson Library with the Walter Shepherd Resource Centre, to create a truly K-12 library environment. Resources were moved at the end of 2011, and the Library was fully operational by the start of the 2012 school year.

opportunity for L&IS to do this, not only by improving the physical environment and facilities available to our students, but by becoming a united, more efficient team, operating with a shared focus on improving the K-12 learning, recreational and pastoral experience of our students, library, both physically and virtually.

Strategic planning for the 20112015 period, clarified how L&IS should operate as a continuum for the development of a consistent approach to foster higher levels of reading comprehension, vocabulary development and language. Central to this has been the pursuit of best practice and shared goals and policies between the College Strategic Plan and L&IS aspirations.

In housing the Junior Years’ collection and spaces on the lower level of the building we aimed to achieve a Pre K-12 facility which would make effective use of shared spaces, resources, and procedures, while still making sure that age suitable and safe environments were maintained. Accordingly, an environment was created over two levels, with the learning, reading, recreational and pastoral needs of the students in each phase of their journey in mind. The

This physical move provided the 24

Methodist Ladies’ College Annual Report 2012

resulting transformation included the provision of vibrant and comfortable casual seating, including cushions, and floor mats as well as the popular modular lounge and sofas; ergonomic chairs and desktop computers in a roomy class enquiry area, and spaces for the small group or independent learner. Students of all ages have taken to their new facilities with delight and enthusiasm. Sharing one library building has many benefits. It eases the transition to Year 7 and our ability to both differentiate and provide a comprehensive collection has improved. Voracious readers are able to select from a wider range and our shared policy and procedures enables us to optimise financial and time efficiency, while providing more effectively for the needs of all students.

Our Resources

A culture of giving Since launching the Partnering for their Future campaign in 2008, the MLC Foundation has raised over $1.2 million dollars from over 335 donors to support the College. Significant funds have contributed to the development of scholarships and facilities for MLC girls including the Meredith Taylor Health and Sports Centre. The generosity of these donors will echo well into the future as MLC girls’ access the excellent facilities and scholarship recipients live out our Vision through striving to the heights. In 2012 the MLC Foundation was delighted to announce the Jean S Thompson Alumnus Bursary available in perpetuity and made possible by a donation of $20,000 to establish an endowment fund. Jean S Thompson was MLC’s Captain of School in 1935, Dux in 1936, Champion Athlete 1934 and 1935, Senior Prefect 1936 and editor of the Collegian 1936.

This Bursary was established by Collegian Jean S Thompson, who has lived in America for many years, to recognise and reward student leadership and enthusiastic engagement in Physical Education.

Jean for demonstrating leadership through this initiative. The MLC Foundation was established to build a culture of philanthropy that supports excellence in achievement and leadership development of our MLC girls and the endowment model is a best practice way to achieve ongoing investment for the education of MLC girls.”

The Jean S Thompson Alumnus Bursary aims to provide an incentive for attracting the best and brightest year 11 students to continue their involvement in Physical Education in and beyond Year 12 and will be awarded annually from 2013. James McClements, Chair, MLC Foundation said; “A philanthropic investment in the education of young women creates a multiplier effect far beyond the immediate and echoes for society over time. We are delighted to announce the first inter-generational endowment bursary and we thank

The Foundation is currently reviewing strategy and significant discussion is occurring to refine our mission. Our primary purpose is to serve the school and our discussions are leading toward setting objectives to support the development of an open culture of Philanthropy at MLC; support and sustain fund raising activities and create an intergenerational source of independent income.

Brick by brick The MLC Foundation ‘Adopt a Brick’ programme has provided an opportunity for families, Collegians and members of the MLC Community to have their name recorded in perpetuity along the walkway adjacent to the Meredith Taylor Health and Sports Centre. 288 bricks have already been purchased and laid on the walkway and due to popular demand the Foundation secured further space for a fourth and final batch of 48 bricks to be made available in total. In total the campaign has raised over $1.5 million dollars.

Methodist Ladies’ College Annual Report 2012 25

Our Resources

A Commitment to Philanthropy MLC would like to thank the following people for their generous support of the Foundation’s Partnering for their Future campaign from 1/1/2008 – 31/12/2012. We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. Winston S. Churchill Patrons Mr D Bovell MLC Community Support Association Hon R and Mrs J Court Mr M and Mrs J Hills The McClements Foundation MLC Parents’ Association Mrs J Mostrom Miss E Ng Mr G and Mrs J Purich Salim Nominees Pty Ltd Mr M and Mrs D Throsby Mr A and Mrs L Van Merwyk

Partners Mr C and Mrs L Colvin Mrs Lorraine Court Creative Fruition Mr P Garner LAYF Pty Ldt. Ms Y Low and Mr T Alcock Mr P and Mrs E Ma Mr I and Mrs C McDonald Ms A McGurk and Miss A Bennett Mr J and Mrs G McMath Men of MLC Dr E and Dr P Moore Mr N and Mrs J Potier Mr D Snellgrove and Ms T Trevisan Mr T and Mrs C Ward Mr C and Mrs C Wilkinson Women Who Lead

Donors Mr and Mrs A Abbott Mrs R Adamson Miss B Afiat Mr J Afiat and Mrs I Djajaseputra Dr E and Dr M Alberghini Mr M and Mrs L Alciaturi Mr W Anderson and Dr S Ulreich Apache Energy Ltd Mr P and Mrs C Ball 26

Miss G Ball Mr S and Mrs K Beckett Mr A and Mrs K Beers Mrs E Beggs Mrs M Bell Ms K Benda Mr J and Mrs F Bennett Mr J and Mrs V Bhharathhan BHP Billiton Matched Giving Program Ms L Blacklow Dr M and Mrs T Blake Dr D Blythe and Dr M Dunne Mrs P Boadle Boost Juice Pty Ltd Bowtell Clarke and Yole Mrs D Bowyer Ms K Braden and Mr D Rummer Mr D and Mrs V Briffa Mrs K Brooks Mr D and Mrs K Brough Mr M Brown and Mrs S Steel Mrs M Brown Mr J and Mrs R Browne-Cooper Mr G and Mrs L Bunney Mr D and Mrs J Cain Mr B Canet-Gibson MrS K and Mr R Carroll Miss E Carson and Mr S Alcorn Mr C and Ms M Cavanagh Mr S and Dr A Ch’ng Mrs Lee Min Chan Mr J and Mrs T Chase Mr Q Chen and Mrs P Tian Mrs M Chih Chilli’s Catering Mr H and Mrs J Chrystal Dr N and Mrs J Clarke Ms R Cody and Mr S Herczykowski The Cooney Family Craig Steere Architects Mr N and Mrs J Cridge Dr L and Mrs P Crostella Ms B Curwen-Walker Ms L Cutler and Mr D Den Ouden

Methodist Ladies’ College Annual Report 2012

Mr T and Mrs H Dalgleish Miss E Del Borrello Mr T and Mrs S Del Borrello Dr P and Mrs H Di Bona Mr D and Mrs D Drake-Brockman Mr G and Mrs M Duff Dr S and Dr J Dunne Mr M and Mrs J M Dye Professor M Eddington Ms M Edwards Enjo Pty Ltd Dr H and Mrs J Esbenshade Mr M Evangelisti Mr M Ferguson and Ms P Hiron Fineline Print and Copy Service Mrs F Finkelstein Mrs L Fisher Miss S Fisher Mrs M Flower Dr D Forte and Mrs S El-Fil The Foster Family The Fowler Family Mr R and Dr R Francis Mr R and Mrs J Gajewski Mrs J Garbutt Mr A Gardner and Dr P Si Dr C Gent The Gilchrist Family Glendale Little Athletics Club Mrs B Godfrey Mr B and Mrs K Goodin Mr J Goodlad and Ms J Mathews Miss S Goodlad Miss G Goodwin Mr H and Mrs M Goonatillake The Gregg Family Miss R Gower Mr W and Mrs T Gower Dr G and Mrs L Hadley Dr A Halbert and Dr F Brennan Mrs M Halbert Mr G and Mrs G Hardisty Mr G and Mrs A Harrison Mr J and Mrs J Haythornthwaite

Our Resources

Mr G and Mrs D Higham Mr B and Mrs E Hill Ms K Hislop Mrs M Hodnett The Hoffmann Family Dr G Hogan The Hopkins Family Dr W Hui Mr J and Mrs R Humphris Mr B and Mrs N Hunter INMAC Engineering Pty Ltd Jana Beauty Dr I and Mrs S Jenkins Mr E and Mrs N Jessop Dr C Jones and Mr D Whittle Mr S Josland and Mrs K Everett Mr J and Mrs E Joynson Mr T and Dr S Kain Mr D and Mrs Y Kajimura Mr S and Mrs K Kameyama Dr F Keogh Mr P and Mrs J Kingsley Mr G and Mrs S Kotkis Mr R and Mrs E Lake Mr B and Mrs B Lane Mrs S Lander-Foof Dr B and Dr M Latham Dr B and Dr J Lee Mr B and Mrs B Li Dr Y Liu and Dr H Yang Mr I and Mrs A Love Mrs R and Mr S Loyalka Dr Y Lu and Dr H Sun Miss K Lugun Mr S and Mrs A Mahony Mrs Alison Maloney The Manasseh Family Dr R Manasseh and Ms M Cheng Mr D and Mrs J Martin Mr R and Mrs L Matthews Mrs B McCarthy Mr C and Mrs A McGinnis Mr G and Mrs J McKeesick Mr B and Mrs L McVeigh Master C and Miss C McVeigh Miss I Millar Mrs J and Mr J Millar Ms A Millard and Mr N Longworth Miss K Miller Mrs E Mills Dr D and Mrs T Minns

Ms P Mitchell and Mr M Potts MLC Collegians’ Association Mr K and Mrs D Mony de Kerloy Mr A and Mrs K Morgan Mr W and Mrs N Morrison Mr P and Mrs E Moyle Mrs L Muir The Murray Family Mrs H Mussared Ms A Neil and Mr S Tepper Mrs L Ng Mr G and Mrs E Nicholas Dr A Nowak and Dr J Terry Miss S Nugawela Mrs C O’Donnell Miss M O’Leary Dr J and Mrs M O’Shea Mr T and Mrs M Oldfield Mr P and Mrs F Owens Mr B Palmer and Mrs L CheethamPalmer Prof. L Parker Mr J Payne and Ms J Langsford Mr and Mrs R Pearce Perpetual Trustee Mrs L Petterson Ms C Phillips Photo Hendriks Dr H Piirto Mrs J Pixley Mr Z and Dr M Ponos Dr E and Mrs J Popovic Ms C Preuss Mr P and Mrs M Price The Pritchard Family Mr A and Mrs M Pytte Mr D and Ms F Rakich Mr C and Mrs E Riley The Robb Family Mrs W Robinson Mr D and Mrs M Rose Miss T Rourke Mrs A Russell-Brown Miss C Sachse Mrs J Sanderson Dr L Sang and Dr A Wang Mr E and Mrs K Santelli Professor S Maloney and Mrs C Sargent-Maloney Mr P and Ms M Saunders Mrs E Scott

Mr C Serjeant Miss S Sim Mr I and Mrs D Singleton Mr C and Mrs S Smailes Dr H Smith and Dr L Norman Mr D St George and Ms C Jenkins Reverend M Stacy Mr R and Mrs K Staniforth Mrs D Stock Mr J and Mrs C Stockley Mr B and Mrs A Suann Mrs J Sugget Mrs J Swan Ms R Tait Madam C Tan Miss J Tarca Mr C Taylor and Mrs K An-Taylor The Thomas Family Ms M Thompson and Mr J Brown Miss D Timermanis The Tissiman Family Mr M Townsend and Mrs D Arellano de Townsend Mrs E Trethowan Miss B Tsui Mrs J Twine Dr J and Mrs M Vercoe Mrs H G I Vincent Mrs N Viner The Viney Family Mr M Ward The Ward Family Mr B and Mrs J Warland The Watson Family Mr P and Mrs R Watson William Davidson Uniforms and Fashion Mrs J Williams Dr D Williamson and Dr S David Mrs M Wilson Mrs E Worcester-Rapp Mrs D Wright Dr K and Mrs A Wulff Mr C Yaxley and Ms E O’Sullivan Dr A Yeo and Dr L Lim Mr N and Mrs M Yokota Ms M Yuan 81 Anonymous donations

Methodist Ladies’ College Annual Report 2012 27

Our Resources

Information and Learning Technology - ILT@MLC In 2012 MLC continued to improve student access to computing resources by installing laptops and upgrading desktop computers to take our ratio to 1:1 computer per student in years 9 to 12. As part of the Federal Government’s Digital Education Revolution initiative, MLC provided a comprehensive fleet of laptops, desktops, specialised computers for Media and high end graphical arts work and all in one machines. In addition to the desktop/laptop fleet, the College has implemented a trial of iPads, with approximately 200 of these devices available to students. The iPad allows students and teachers to leverage the mobility of these devices as learning tools, and utilise subject-based applications in class.

bringing a holistic view to technology support for all members of the MLC community, and works with teachers and students to effectively integrate learning technology in the teaching and learning program. The appointment of Mr. Ben Beaton to this position brings not only his experience as a classroom teacher, Apple Distinguished Educator but also a wealth of knowledge gained

2012 was an important year of reflection in our approach and attitude to ICT provision in the college. Xcite Logic, a leading education technology company, was engaged to conduct an ICT audit for the school, considering the devices available for teaching and learning, our back-end infrastructure and the systems in place to bring technology to life in class. The audit illustrated that, while our infrastructure and approach to ICT provision is sound, it required stronger integration with teaching and learning outcomes, and lacked strategic direction. At the conclusion of 2012, a new position on the College Leadership Team was created, Director of Information Learning Technology. This strategic role drives and executes the MLC ICT vision and strategy, 28

Methodist Ladies’ College Annual Report 2012

by leading education technology at Scotch College. Ben’s initial goal will be to develop systems that connect people with great education resources; leverage mobile technology to learn everywhere; and implement systems that personalise information in order to make informed choices about student learning outcomes.

Our Community

Strengthening communications To stretch and reach for the heights is fundamental to the fabric of MLC; we exist for the principled purpose of learning and teaching and, as such, never remain static. Like all organisations operating in a dynamic and adaptive environment, MLC needs to ensure that our Values and promises are precisely defined and appealing, and that their presentation and promotion are focused and compelling. As a part of our rigorous internal selfreview processes we have identified a need for greater consistency and better integration of our communications. In late August we introduced a new look for the College which employs a simplified and distinctive format. Our powerful promise, Prepare to amaze yourself, is now more prominent than ever. This is most fitting as MLC continues to provide opportunities for every girl

to achieve to the limit of her abilities and, ideally, exceed her highest expectations. As custodians of MLC’s past, present and future we have been very mindful in this recent review to safeguard our proud traditions, everyday customs and unwavering core Values. These are represented in our refined look by our traditional “Collegian green.” There is also the introduction of the small but unmissable touch of vibrant purple, symbolising the

College’s recognition of the need to remain relevant and constantly open to evolutionary change so that we may develop our educational foundation of excellence for MLC girls. The purple-green combination is associated strongly with the advancement of women internationally; the celebration of this global connection that unites women in striving for equality, opportunity and choices will always be relevant, especially in the context of a girls’ school.

Methodist Ladies’ College Annual Report 2012 29

Our Community

MLC is ‘with you all the way’ The College supports students in one seamless lifetime journey. You can be a part of the MLC community from ‘birth to memorial’. To achieve this MLC aims to achieve a five-phase Pre-Kindergarten to Collegian collaborative, collegial and connected community. Parents as Partners

Parents of MLC

MLC has a long tradition of parental involvement in social and community based activities. The involvement of parents as partners in the education of their daughters provides a caring and supportive environment for the girls, and an array of opportunities for them that may not have been possible without a strong parental network of support. The involvement of parents creates many treasured memories and lifelong friendships. Of particular importance to the College are the contributions and input from the College’s other ‘families’, namely the:

Parents of MLC is a combination of the Community Support Association and the Parents Association. The purpose of Parents of MLC is to bring MLC Families together to strengthen the MLC Community by supporting the girls, their families and the College by:

• • • • • •

Parents of MLC Men of MLC Music Support Group MLC Rowing Club Collegians’ Association Per Ardua Association

• fostering interaction among families. • organising and supporting social activities designed to promote the general welfare of the College. • supporting families in crisis. • providing assistance to the staff for College activities. • supporting and encouraging interaction and cooperation between College Support Groups. • raising funds and using these to further the objectives of the Parents of MLC.

The Bownes Bursary 2012 30

Methodist Ladies’ College Annual Report 2012

Dr Hadley’s Memoirs

Parents, step parents, guardians, carers or any person having familial care of a student attending the College automatically become a member of Parents of MLC.

Men of MLC (MoMLC) Established in 2009 with only a handful of eager dads, MoMLC has developed a membership of over 250 enthusiastic and innovative dads, uncles, brothers and grandfathers, who enjoy being constructively involved in the students’ College lives. The MoMLC annual programme includes the annual Father Daughter Seminar, MoMLC Fun Day and Father Daughter camps. These events are often sell-outs and build an enormous sense of belonging. The group aims to foster the dad-daughter relationship, and to build on the power of networking to provide enrichment and support in a variety of ways.

Pop Up MLC

Our Community

Music Support Group

Collegians’ Association

As its name suggests, the Music Support Group promotes and supports the development of Music within the College and the wider community.

Every young woman leaving MLC automatically becomes a member of the Collegians' Association. The Association aims to provide opportunities for MLC Collegians to maintain a constant connection with the College and each other through various events and campaigns while reinforcing the importance of the MLC philosophy - an MLC experience does not end after graduation; once an MLC girl, always an MLC girl.

This takes the form of practical support for concerts held within the College and fundraising events for specific activities. Parents of students involved in the musical life of the College are encouraged to participate, but membership is open to everyone and is a positive and pro-active way of showing support for MLC Music.

MLC Rowing Club The MLC Rowing Club is a dynamic and dedicated group of parents of MLC rowing girls, past MLC rowers, past and present coaches and members of the MLC staff that offers practical support to the rowing programme of the College. The Club has a strong fundraising focus as well as providing a fabulous social component.

40 Year Re-union

Throughout 2012, the Collegians’ Association Committee worked to coordinate a number of events to mark the Associations’ centenary in 2013 including a Centenary High Tea, Collegians’ Sleepover and Cocktail Party. In addition to a number of reunions in 2012 the Association awarded the Bownes Bursary to Rowie Snooke for the year of 2012 based on her participation and success in many facets of school life and the surrounding community. The Bownes Memorial Bursary was established

to commemorate the lives of Noelle and Gillian Bownes who were both Collegians. Noelle Bownes taught at MLC and was also a Council member.

The MLC Per Ardua Association The MLC Per Ardua Association is made up of members from the wider alumni community including Collegians, past and current staff members, past parents and grandparents of current and former students. This group meets once a month to hear from a guest speaker and enjoy a coffee and a chat. In 2012, the Association was joined by a number of guest speakers including Theatre Arts voluntary group member Nicola Morrison, advocate for the Convict Woman Bonnet Memorial, Robyn Murray, CEO of the Water Corporation, Sue Murphy and Chair of MLC Council and CEO of Brightwater Care Group, Dr Penny Flett. Former MLC Principal Dr Geoff Hadley joined the Association to launch his memoirs Risks Worth the Taking.

Robyn Murray - advocate for Convict Women

Collegians’ Tennis

Methodist Ladies’ College Annual Report 2012 31

Our Community

Continual Improvement Feedback from our community is critical to achieve our goal to refine and strengthen business systems, communication strategies and processes. MLC is committed to listening to the views and expectations from key stakeholders and commissions independent surveys to provide performance feedback on a wide range of related education topics. The feedback from these surveys greatly assists the College with its operational and strategic planning and its determination to continually improve the value proposition and educational experience offered to the students. Over the course of 2012, 71 parents and 128 students from Year 12 as well as 161 staff participated in surveys and provided views on such areas as academic performance,

pastoral care, co-curricular nonsport, sport, publications and communications, reputation and community engagement. While we are very pleased with the results, we have identified some areas where further improvement can be made and the College Executive will be using this input for their future plans.

Parent Views A selection of the parent top level findings are detailed below, ranked in order of the importance the Parents placed on reasons for choosing a school for their child: •

76% of parents’ expectations were met or exceeded with

the quality of teaching at the College •

92% of parents’ expectations were met or exceeded with the balanced education

79% of parents’ expectations were met or exceeded in relation to the academic standards

86% of parents’ expectations were met or exceeded in relation to the focus on student welfare

84% of parents’ expectations were met or exceeded in relation to the Principal’s leadership

MLC gave my daughter:“A strong sense of belonging to an organisation/institution that has been around... been tried & tested and has withstood the tests...and is as relevant & on-message today as it ever was. Many of society's values seem up for review these days, but MLC does an extraordinarily good job of keeping the oldies but goodies alive & well. You know the old chestnuts of respect, consideration, patience, persistence, self-reliance, do talk about them still...just please keep the practice alive!” 32

Methodist Ladies’ College Annual Report 2012

Our Community

Student Views

Staff Views

A selection of the student top level findings are detailed below, ranked in order of the importance the students placed on reasons for choosing a school:

A selection of the staff top level findings are detailed below, ranked in order of the importance the parents placed on reasons for choosing a school for a child:

75% of students’ expectations were met or exceeded with the quality of teaching

98% of staff expectations were met or exceeded with the quality of teaching

89% of students’ expectations were met or exceeded in relation to the academic standards

89% of staff expectations were met or exceeded with the balanced education

94% of students’ expectations were met or exceeded with the balanced education

96% of staff expectations were met or exceeded in relation to the academic standards

86% of students’ expectations were met or exceeded with the focus on student welfare

91% of staff expectations were met or exceeded with the focus on student welfare

73% of students’ expectations were met or exceeded with the facilities and resources

94% of staff expectations were met or exceeded with the Principal’s leadership.

Methodist Ladies’ College Annual Report 2012 33

Our Community

Parents, students and staff were asked to provide open responses to the most valued aspects of MLC. The most frequently nominated aspects were: Year 12 Parents

Year 12 Students


• Friends made by my daughter at MLC

• The great relationships I have made with other students

• Collegial, professional and supportive colleagues

• Excellent Music Programme

• Relationships formed with certain Teachers

• Great students

• Enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff • Knowing my daughter was happy at school • The balanced all-round education my daughter received

• Quality academic education I received • The opportunities afforded to me at MLC

• Opportunities for professional growth • A strong, caring, learning community • Leadership of the Principal

• Reflection of the MLC reputation back on me

“I value the friendships made here and also the amount of help you get from the staff when you need help. I value boarding because it has helped me through my time here at MLC and has made me into an independent person.”

Our Year 12 Parents said they valued ...

Year 12 Students said they valued...

“The ability to be closely involved as a father with both of my daughter’s life at the College.”

“It's a very respectable school and has many good values and I've made more good friends with people who mostly share the same values and behave in a very matured and responsible way, it has also provided me with a valuable life experience of being a boarder.”

“I valued the enormous amount of help offered to my daughter when she chose to ask for it in extra tuition outside the class times and the support and encouragement she received, the values represented by the college and the lovely message repeatedly given to the girls they will always belong to MLC.” “How happy and content my daughter has been.” “Friendships my daughter, my husband and I have forged.” “Through my daughter's friends I have made lifelong friends myself. It was a pleasure to watch my daughter mature into a young lady with the support of MLC staff and a lovely friendship group.” “Friendliness, hard work and the active encouragement by both staff and students for each girl to try their very best.” “Happy, cheerful, safe environment that produces confident, articulate and responsible young ladies.”

“That it has taught me to be proud of myself and stick up for what I believe in. It has also improved my vigour in the support of women's rights. I value the people I have met here, and the new experiences and ideas I have been introduced to.” “The access that it has given me to fairly consistently good education and the opportunities to experience areas outside of academic education e.g. music, drama, leadership, community service.” “The education given and the friends made. Also the bonds with teachers made. I value the traditions that the school follows in an attempt to allow girls - especially those in their final year to thoroughly enjoy their remaining time at the school.”

“At MLC my daughter could make the most of her abilities, curricular and non-curricular. Her involvement with the music programme was beyond all expectations.” 34

Methodist Ladies’ College Annual Report 2012

Our Community

Leading the Way in Education MLC is at the forefront of education in Western Australia. In February 2012 Principal Rebecca Cody was named as one of WA’s Top Business Leaders under the age of 40. Ms Cody was not only placed among the 40 winners, but also received the UWA Strategic Alliance Award. Chair of the judging panel, WABN's Mark Pownell, commented that "once again, the 40 under 40 awards proves that entrepreneurial people in all walks of professional life can be found wherever you look in this great State." "I am thrilled to be one of the WA Business News 40 under 40 winners for 2012, and equally delighted to receive the Strategic Alliance Award," said Ms Cody.

Ms Cody was chosen to be among the winners due to her achievements in several areas, including her revision of MLC's leadership model, her work in developing a philanthropic campaign, and her influence on the culture of MLC through the Preferred Education Model. WABN also noted that she has become a soughtafter speaker about leadership in education, and was invited to serve

on the Uniting Church's Commission for Education, Discipleship and Leadership. "I wish to celebrate and thank the College's Council and my colleagues for their committed support," said Ms Cody. "Their willingness to embrace change and strive to do better for the students in our care has been inspiring."

"This recognition prompts me to reflect on how privileged I feel to lead MLC; I am especially proud to be part of a skilled and professional team educating girls and young women of Western Australia. Optimising the strengths and nurturing the wellbeing of our youth ultimately contributes to the State's robust future in so many fields of endeavour. As such, my career in education is purposeful, challenging and incredibly rewarding."

In 2012 MLC hosted a number of leaders in education including: •

Michael Grose, Dip.T., B.Ed., M.Ed.St. one of

author of the best selling book Fed Up (2008), Failsafe Cookbook, and the DVD Fed Up with Children’s Behaviour: How Food and Additives Affect Behaviour.

Australia’s most popular writers and speakers on parenting and family matters.

Tony Grandos - Executive Director LEAP Foundation a non-profit education foundation that annually organises a youth leadership programme held at the University of California and Los Angeles.

Sue Dengate - BA.Dip.Ed a psychology graduate and

Professor Erica McWilliam PhD, MEdSt, BA, DipT an internationally recognised scholar in the field of pedagogy.

Methodist Ladies’ College Annual Report 2012 35

Our Community

In 2012 MLC was represented in a cross section of media with articles portraying a balance of College Life. Date 12 January 2012 23 February 2012 29 February 2012 10 March 2012 5 March 2012 6 March 2012 31 March 2012 14 April 2012 April 2012 27 April 2012 28 April 2012 28 April 2012 April 2012 5 May 2012 12 May 2012 19 May 2012 26 May 2012 9 June 2012 23 June 2012 16 June 2012 23 June 2012 June 23 2012 14 July 2012 31 July 2012 July 2012 11 August 2012 4 August 2012 2 August 2012 4 August 2012 8 Sept 2012 October 2012 27 October 2012 27 October 2012 November 2012 3 November 2012 10 November 2011 8 December 36


Article Top 10 Ranking 40 under 40 MLC Head Awarded Chicago Portfolio Builds to a Grand Finish MLC Day Students get Boarding Risk with Hadley worth taking MLC Netballers stand firm Isla hits the floor Jenny Shelves last archives Young Remember the Fallen Mural takes eye to infinity Teenager ready for horror run to fame MLC girls have a lot to sing about MLC adds to the Doctors pool Flight of the bumble Bees Cranky MLC Girls Roar Ahead Maddie Inspires girls to achieve Find Balance Bethany Says Nicole’s is ready for takeoff Tiffany is a top talker Girls face hear and tears in Hanoi Down Memory Lane at MLC MLC Design Talent set to strut the catwalk Material girls Breakfast with a Champion Stand by to be dazzled Class of their own Meeting Kevin Rudd Top Young Musos to Shine Bayview revamp adds pizzaz Off to join the Circus Beach Swim Leavers 2012 Senior girls treat junior to a read Jaslyn is Word Perfect Cousins spirit inspires swim Tian is fastest in the world

Methodist Ladies’ College Annual Report 2012

Key Messages Academic Prowess Exceptional Staff Exceptional Staff Artistic Pursuits Academic Prowess Boarding Exceptional Staff Sporting Endeavour Successful Collegians Archives Community Facilities Collegian Achievements Artistic Pursuits Academic Prowess Academic Prowess Academic Prowess Sporting Endeavour Academic Prowess Sporting Endeavour Academic Prowess Service Learning Archives Artistic Pursuits Artistic Pursuits Sporting Endeavour Artistic Pursuits Artistic Pursuits Community Artistic Pursuits Artistic Pursuits Sporting Endeavour Year 12 Academic Prowess Community Sporting Endeavour Sporting Endeavour

Appendix 1

Appendix 1: Staff Qualifications Ashby, Anne

Diploma of Education. Bachelor of Economics.

Ainsley Bakitch Bachelor of Arts (Education). Bachelor of Education. Associateship, Australian Library and Information Association. Bath, Belinda

Bachelor of Education. Diploma of Teaching.

Bayly, Katherine Diploma of Education. Bachelor of Science. Bayne, Suzy

Bachelor of Arts. Graduate Diploma of Education.

Beaton, Ben

Bachelor of Arts. Graduate Diploma of Education. Master of Education Leadership and Management.

Cash, Bruce

Graduate Diploma. Diploma of Teaching.

Chaney, Sally Bachelor of Science. Diploma of Education. Chaumont, Emmanuelle Graduate Diploma of Education. Bachelor of Arts. Chrystal, Jane Diploma of Education. Cody, Rebecca Bachelor of Education. (First Class Honours) Combes, Amanda Diploma of Teaching. Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. Cook, Andrea Bachelor of Education. Diploma of Teaching. Davis, Kareena Bachelor of Education. Teachers Certificate. De Boer, Chris Diploma of Education.

Beaton, Helen Bachelor of Music Education with Honours.

Dee-Vasilciuc, Andreia Bachelor of Arts. Graduate Diploma of Education.

Boon, Katie

Delena, Sarah Bachelor of Arts. Diploma of Education.

Bachelor of Education. Graduate Diploma of Education.

Borrill, Jennifer Bachelor of Education. Teachers Certificate. Diploma of Physical Education. Bourke, Deborah Diploma of Teaching. Graduate Diploma of Education.Master of Education. Graduate Diploma of Education. Boyce, Adele Bachelor of Physical Education. Diploma of Education. Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. Brahim, Roslyn Bachelor of Education Bachelor of Arts

Diedrichs, Jemma Post Graduate Diploma in Education. Dunn, Rosemarie Bachelor of Education. Diploma of Teaching. England, Samantha Bachelor of Science with Honours. Graduate Diploma of Education. Fallon, Colin

Bachelor of Commerce/Business. Graduate Diploma of Education.

Fletcher, Vanessa Bachelor of Arts. Graduate Diploma of Education.

Brand, Breanne Bachelor of Commerce/Business. Graduate Diploma of Education.

Ford, Jodie

Diploma of Education.

Franz, Tanya

Diploma of Education.

Brand, Elizabeth Bachelor of Arts. Bachelor of Education.

Gairns, Kate

Bromell, Heather Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. Bachelor of Arts. Graduate Diploma of Education.

Bachelor of Physical Education. Diploma of Teaching.

Gibson, Jill

Bachelor of Economics. Diploma of Education. Diploma of Teaching. Teachers Certificate.

Brookes-Kenworthy, Lucy Graduate Diploma of Education. Bachelor of Arts. Brown, Michael Post Graduate Certificate in Education. Bachelor of Applied Science. Burnett, Amelia Bachelor of Education Camilleri, Maria Graduate Diploma of Education. Bachelor of Arts.

Goff, Marina Bachelor of Education. Associate Diploma Groenewald, Daniel Master of Education. Post Graduate Certificate in Education. Bachelor of Arts. Masters of Arts. Bachelor of Arts with Honours Diploma of Education. Guggisberg, Patrick Bachelor of Education. Bachelor of Arts. Methodist Ladies’ College Annual Report 2012 37

Appendix 1

Guilfoyle, Janice Post Graduate Diploma in Education. Diploma of Teaching. Post Graduate Diploma of Science Education. Hall, Kate

Graduate Diploma of Education.

Halliday, Joanna Diploma of Teaching. Bachelor of Education.

Li, Ping

Lipscombe, Emma Bachelor of Education. Conversion Diploma of Education. Bachelor of Arts. Amanda Loss

Bachelor of Education. Diploma of Teaching (Librarianship). Associateship, Australian Library & Information Association.

Lundy, Cheryl

Diploma of Teaching. Associate Diploma of Applied Science.

Lussick, Dell

Diploma of Teaching. Teachers Certificate. Bachelor of Education.

Hardwicke, Jacquelene Master of Education. Bachelor of Education. Bachelor of Arts. Harris, Fiona Bachelor of Education. Haughton, Deirdre Bachelor of Science with Honours. Diploma of Education. Hilliard, Andrea Bachelor of Science. Graduate Diploma of Biotechnology. Post Graduate Diploma in Education. Hodkin, Michelle Bachelor of Education. Hodson, Katie Bachelor of Arts. Diploma of Education. Hole, Karen

Diploma of Teaching. Teachers Higher Certificate. Graduate Diploma of Physical Education.

Hooley, Diane Bachelor of Arts with Honours. Post Graduate Diploma in Education. Horler, Trudi

Bachelor of Education.

Howlett, Gary Graduate Diploma in Science. Diploma of Teaching. Hudson, Paula Associate Diploma. Diploma of Teaching.

Bachelor of Commerce / Business. Graduate Diploma of Education.

Lydon, Helen Graduate Diploma of Education. Bachelor of Science. Master of Education with Honours. Mah, Joyce

Post Graduate Diploma in Education. Bachelor of Commerce/Business.

Martin, Lesley Graduate Diploma of Education. Bachelor of Arts with Honours. Martino, Jennifer Bachelor of Science. Diploma of Education. Maslin, Leisa

Diploma of Teaching. Bachelor of Science.

McGillivray, Jennifer Bachelor of Education. Diploma of Education. Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

Hughes, Lynne Diploma of Physical Education. Diploma of Teaching.

McGlynn, Penelope Bachelor of Physical Education. Diploma of Education. Bachelor of Applied Science. Doctor of Philosophy.

Johnson, Jessica Bachelor of Arts. Bachelor of Education.

McNamara, Melissa Bachelor of Education.

Johnstone, Alta Post Graduate Diploma in Education. Bachelor of Arts Diploma of Teaching.

McNaughton, Gabrielle Bachelor of Education.

Jones, Ruth

Bachelor of Arts.

Kane, Emma

Graduate Diploma of Education. Bachelor of Arts with Honours.

Milne, Caroline Bachelor of Arts. Graduate Diploma of Education. Advanced Diploma. Moffat, Kerris

Teachers Certificate. Bachelor of Education.

Kennedy, Louise Bachelor of Arts. Bachelor of Education.

Nguyen, Binh Bachelor of Science. Graduate Diploma of Education. Graduate Diploma in Computing. Graduate Certificate.

Kinsey, Seanne Bachelor of Arts. Diploma of Education.

Norwood, Aasha

Kolka, Donna Bachelor of Physical Education. Post Graduate Certificate in Education.

O'Sullivan, Jane Bachelor of Arts. Graduate Diploma of Education.

Kucan, Kathy Diploma of Education. Bachelor of Arts. Master of Education.

Olsen, Sharleen Graduate Diploma of Education. Bachelor of Arts.

Kathriarachchi, Michelle Bachelor of Education.


Methodist Ladies’ College Annual Report 2012

Appendix 1

Ong, Robert

Bachelor of Science. Diploma of Education.

Padman, Katherine Bachelor of Science. Post Graduate Diploma in Education. Teachers Certificate Post Graduate Diploma. Master of Science. Palmer, Yvonne Bachelor of Science. Diploma of Education. Graduate Diploma of Education. Park, Barry

Bachelor of Arts with Honours.

Sewell, Vanessa Bachelor of Arts (Education). Graduate Diploma of Science (Information Services). Shadbolt, Tanya Bachelor of Arts. Graduate Diploma of Education. Shaw, Sue

Bachelor of Arts Graduate. Diploma of Education. Graduate Diploma of Psychology.

Silberstein, Rosalind Graduate Diploma. Bachelor of Science. Diploma of Education.

Parker, Cheryl Bachelor of Education. Bachelor of Arts.

Smith, Vanessa Bachelor of Economics. Bachelor of Arts. Graduate Diploma of Education.

Pearn, Brendon Bachelor of Music. Graduate Diploma.

Stark, Jane

Petchell, Katie Bachelor of Education. Porter, Kate

Bachelor of Arts .Graduate Diploma of Education.

Potier, Jennifer Bachelor of Science. Graduate Diploma of Education. Powell, Natalie Bachelor of Arts. Graduate Diploma of Education. Pritchard, Sharmaine Master of Education. Certificate of Education. Bachelor of Education. Quesnel, Denise Bachelor of Arts. Diploma of Education. Rackl, Megan Bachelor of Education. Riekmann, Elke Master of Theology. Roberts, Meredith Bachelor of Education. Robertson, Amanda Bachelor of Science. Graduate Diploma of Education. Rose, Laura

Starkie, Jo-Anne Master of Education with Honours. Graduate Certificate Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. Stulpner, Katherine Master of Science Honours. Bachelor of Science with Honours. Higher Diploma of Teaching. Tamblyn, Karen Bachelor of Arts. Graduate Diploma of Education. Master of Education. Taylor, Brian

Diploma of Teaching.

Templeton-Knight, Rachael Bachelor of Science with Honours. Diploma of Education. Teusner, Margot Graduate Diploma of Education. Bachelor of Arts. Trend, Felicity Bachelor of Education. Urbini, Jan

Bachelor of Education.

Rose, Nicola Graduate Diploma of Education. Bachelor of Arts. Certificate of Education.

Bachelor of Arts with Honours. Graduate Certificate.

Graduate Diploma of Education. Bachelor of Arts.

Varley, Marshall Bachelor of Science. Graduate Diploma.

Rose, Shannon Bachelor of Education.

Walsh, Alana Bachelor of Education. Certificate of Education.

Rossi, Luisa

Weekes, Jonathan Bachelor of Physical Education.

Graduate Diploma of Education.

Rough, Emma Bachelor of Arts. Graduate Diploma of Education.

Weight, Kate

Rudrum, Michelle Bachelor of Arts. Bachelor of Applied Science. Graduate Diploma of Education. Master of Education.

Woo, Bonnie Bachelor of Applied Science. Graduate Diploma of Education. Graduate Diploma.

Saunders, Romaine Bachelor of Science. Diploma of Education.

Zani, Tessa

Scott, David

Bachelor of Arts. Post Graduate Certificate in Education. Certificate of English Language.

Bachelor of Science. Diploma of Education.

Bachelor of Education.

Methodist Ladies’ College Annual Report 2012 39

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Methodist Ladies' College Annual Report 2012  
Methodist Ladies' College Annual Report 2012