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M L C • Foundation Annual Report 2015 1

2 M L C • Foundation Annual Report 2015

LIVING LIFE ON PURPOSE “Make sure everyone around you knows that they count, that they are important in your life. Make your words count, make your actions count, you all have so much to bring to the world, so find your purpose and this year, let’s make it count.” Emily Wray, Head Prefect, 2015 The early aspiration for Methodist Ladies College (MLC) was to have a “noble career of usefulness”. Over 100 years later, MLC has stayed true to that principle, guiding generations of young learners to seek purposeful futures. MLC is a school rich in history and traditions with an alumni of proven leaders in a range of pursuits. This history is steeped in the generosity of benefactors who have enabled the continued expansion of the College’s infrastructure and educational capabilities. The College is dependent on the support of the MLC community to ensure we can continue to offer the same levels of excellence experienced today to future generations. The MLC Foundation (the Foundation) was established in 1987 for the purpose of assisting the College achieve its aspirations to strengthen its educational reputation and values. To do this successfully, the Foundation is closely aligned with the College’s Strategic Plan in order to provide the required funds for the development of facilities, scholarships and strategic initiatives. Tuition fees alone are not enough to secure the long term future of MLC. The Foundation recognises the importance of creating and fostering a holistic philanthropic culture within the entire MLC community to ultimately achieve uninterrupted intergenerational funding for the College. The Foundation is proud to work along side, and offer support to, the other College Community Support Groups. The Foundation believes that the creation of the strongest possible culture of philanthropy starts with the students themselves. After all, they are the future alumni and parents of the school. The Foundation’s key objectives are to: • Support the development of a culture of philanthropy at MLC; • Create an intergenerational source of independent income; • Support and sustain uninterrupted philanthropic programmes; • Receive $1,000,000 in donated funding annually within 3 years; and • Aspire to $1,000,000 annual spending contribution to the College by 2020. The generosity of parents and grandparents, Collegians and the wider community has made an incredible difference to MLC students, past, present and future. An MLC education is varied and holistic, and aims to allow for each individual to thrive. Ultimately, a College that commits to holistic education for its girls must be supported by a holistic approach to philanthropy through fundraising campaigns, bequests and the support of scholarships. Continued investment in the College will ensure the reputation of MLC remains strong, opening doors to career and networking opportunities, while fostering friendships that will last a lifetime. Every dollar generously given to MLC will provide generations of girls and young women with an education that prepares them to successfully enter the world as tomorrow’s achievers and leaders.

M L C • Foundation Annual Report 2015 3

“May all those who serve the MLC Foundation Inc. continue to strengthen our united culture of philanthropy for the betterment of our girls. Per Ardua Ad Alta!”

PRINCIPAL’S PERSPECTIVE As this publication reflects, the Foundation’s initiatives and outcomes for 2015 are impressive. Of course, this is no accident: our successes are born of James McClements’ inspirational example and the extraordinary commitment of all Board and committee members who are skilfully supported by our Development Team. We celebrate also the stewardship of our Foundation Ambassadors and Trustees. Undoubtedly, these leadership roles increase our likelihood of fulfilling the intent of MLC’s Vision; we are striving to be an international leader of holistic learning and teaching. In achieving this overarching aspiration, it is important to be mindful that leadership is demonstrated in many ways and that every contribution counts. This sentiment was clearly evident with the launch of our Circle of Success (CoS) initiative. MLC’s CoS offered our community a unique opportunity to embrace the power of collective philanthropy and decision making. The winning Project also enabled us to pay tribute to the incomparable and deeply revered Ms Yvonne Palmer. As a classroom teacher, Coordinator of Biological Sciences, Head of House, Head of Academic Department - Science, Deputy Principal and Acting Principal, she embodied wisdom, professionalism and benevolence. Indeed, Yvonne is a discerning woman of courage and conviction, and the finest educator I have ever worked alongside. It seems only fitting that through the Foundation’s CoS, the generosity of MLC families enabled the development of the Yvonne Palmer Biological Sciences Laboratory. Yours in striving to the heights REBECCA CODY (MS) PRINCIPAL

4 M L C • Foundation Annual Report 2015

CHAIRMAN’S MESSAGE 2015 has been a successful year for the Foundation. Importantly, I would like to start by thanking our entire MLC community for its exceptional generosity this year. The support received throughout 2015 has been remarkable and clearly demonstrates that we are progressing towards achieving our vision of creating a united philanthropic culture within the MLC community.

Through your generosity, the Foundation has achieved substantial growth within all three of its fundraising arms; namely, Endowment, Scholarship and Building Funds. The Endowment Fund is on its way to building an intergenerational source of independent income through the annual injection of funds from the Foundation Future Levy, now in its second year. The Scholarship Fund continued to receive the support of our Scholarship partner, Shell, through the funding of the Shell Australia Regional Science Scholarship which is now in its third year. Earlier in the year we formed a new scholarship partnership with the SAS Resources Fund to establish two scholarships for children of deceased or severely injured members of the SAS regiment. It is intended the SASRF scholarships become perpetual by securing further donors and I am pleased to advise that we have already received assistance from independent donors within our MLC community towards ensuring its longevity. Further funding is still required in order to reach perpetuity, but an encouraging start. A significant achievement in 2015 was the establishment of a dependable and collaborative Office of Development. Under the guidance and leadership of Lauren Major, Director of Development, the team has been instrumental in bringing the many fundraising initiatives to fruition in 2015. I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank the Office of Development, namely, Lauren Major, Cath Woodley and Robin Ashton for their outstanding teamwork and solidarity in 2015. One of the highlights of 2015 was the introduction of Circle of Success. This initiative was an enormous success and clearly delivered the message that we are a united and passionate community. In 2015, the Foundation revamped its Alumni Annual Giving Initiative with a focus on the Scholarship Fund. The Alumni Annual Giving initiative is aimed towards retaining and building strong relationships with Collegians who support MLC’s philanthropic endeavours. From a financial perspective, the Foundation had a successful year considering the challenges faced by a volatile economy. The investment manager, NWQ Capital, reported a 13% annual yield from the funds invested in the Fudiciary Fund and we finished close to the budgeted fundraising target for 2015. Looking ahead, it is encouraging to report that the Foundation is in a strong and stable position. The Gala, which is one of our key fundraising and engagement initiatives is being held on 14 May 2016 and we are looking forward to building on the momentum of the Circle of Success programme. The major focus for 2016 will be to commence our fundraising campaign for the Junior Years Redevelopment. The Foundation has committed to raise $2m over three years to support the Redevelopment. Whilst an ambitious target, I am confident we will achieve this through the many champions of philanthropy and the gracious and generous support of the MLC community. I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks again to all contributors to the Foundation. Your continued support and generosity is valued greatly and pivotal to the success of the Foundation and the College. I look forward to continuing our journey together as we strive to develop an open culture of philanthropy at MLC. MR JAMES MCCLEMENTS CHAIR, MLC FOUNDATION

M L C • Foundation Annual Report 2015 5

THE BOARD The Foundation is overseen by a dedicated and committed Board that governs through a transparent and sustainable business model. BOARD MEMBERS James McClements (Chair), Nick Brasington, Rebecca Cody (Principal), Penny Flett (Chair of MLC Council), Andree Megson, Geoff Pritchard, Rachel Pritchard and Cliff Rocke.

BOARD AND SUB-COMMITTEE MOVEMENTS In 2015, the Board welcomed the following new members:

Geoff Pritchard (Board)

Geoff Pritchard is the Chair of the MLC Foundation Investment Committee and joined the board in October 2015. Following 25 years in the wealth management sector, most recently as the Managing Director of two award-winning national advisory, private equity and wealth management businesses, Geoff became the co-founder of Go Capital, a strategy consulting, corporate advisory and private equity business with a specific focus in the rapidly emerging technology sector. Geoff is also the Executive Chairman of Habitat 1, an interior design, project management and construction business and a current Australia/New Zealand Regional Board Member for the Young President’s Organisation.

Andree Megson (Board)

Andree Megson is Chair of the MLC Foundation Development Committee and joined the Board in November 2015. Andree is a Director of McIntyre Management and Marketing and has over 16 years experience in marketing and public relations consulting and planning for a range of industries. Andree is also a Philanthropy Manager for The Black Swan Theatre Company and Business Development Manager for the Telstra Perth Fashion Festival.

Dr Sue Ulreich (Prosperity Committee)

Sue Ulreich joined as a member of the Foundation’s Prosperity Committee in April 2015. Sue is a practising radiologist and is the CEO of SKG Radiology, a fully owned subsidiary of ASX-listed Sonic Healthcare. Sue serves on the national Executive Committee of ADIA (Australian Diagnostic Imaging Associates) and is a member of WPO (World President’s Organisation). She is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and joined the Board of Good Samaritan Industries in 2014.

The following Board and Sub Committee Members resigned at the end of 2015.

Cathryn Carver

Lorica Storey

Loretta Van Merwyck

Cathryn was Deputy Chair of the Foundation and Senior Managing Director of International and Institutional Banking at ANZ. Cathryn and her husband Angus had a daughter at MLC completing Year 9 in 2015. Cathryn and her family relocated to the eastern states at the end of 2015.

Lorica was a Director at Biolectric Pty Ltd and was the Director of Corporate Services at MLC from 2008 to 2011. Lorica was Chair of the Foundation’s Audit, Risk and Compliance Committee. Lorica resigned at the end of the year due to a career change.

Loretta was Chair of the Foundation’s Development Committee and was the driving force behind the organisation of the inaugural 2014 MLC Gala. Loretta and her husband Tony have a daughter in Year 5 in 2015. Loretta is a Company Director in the hospitality sector and resigned due to her expanded business activities.

6 M L C • Foundation Annual Report 2015

The MLC Foundation would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank, Cathryn, Lorica and Loretta for their significant contribution to the Foundation during their time as Board and Sub-Committee members. Their valued advice and guidance will be greatly missed and we look forward to their continued association with MLC through the many other avenues in which they are involved with the School.

2015 STRUCTURE BOARD MEMBERS James McClements (Chair) Nick Brasington



Rebecca Cody

Meredith Campion (F)

Richard Court Valerie Davies David Flanagan Dr Dongyi Hua Lisa Scaffidi

Penny Flett

Craig Colvin (C)

Andree Megson

Carol Dolan (C)

Geoff Pritchard

Prudence Honey (C)

Rachel Pritchard

Lindy Jenkins (F)

Cliff Rocke

James McClements (F)

Peter O’Sullivan

Grant Robinson (C)

Lauren Major#

Felicity Zempilas (F)

Robin Ashton*




Andree Megson (Chair)

Geoff Pritchard (Chair)

Amanda Cox

James McClements (Chair)

David Minns

Nick Brasington

John Klepec

Bronwyn Rasmussen

Cliff Rocke

James McClements

Mei Teo ^

Sue Ulreich

Leanda Visagie

Invitee: Lauren Major# Cath Woodley*

Invitee: Peter O’Sullivan Lauren Major# Robin Ashton*

Invitee: Stuart McClure, NWQ (Investment Advisor) Peter O’Sullivan Robin Ashton*


# Director of Development * Development Associate ^ Joined in late December 2015


Council members


Kelvin Flynn



Rachel Pritchard (Chair) Marcello Cardaci ^ Cliff Rocke Invitee: Peter O’Sullivan Robin Ashton*


The Sub-Committees Audit Risk & Compliance Committee • Lorica Storey (Chair) (retired in December 2015) • Marcello Cardaci (joined in December 2015) • Rachel Prichard (incoming Chair / Board Member) • Cliff Rocke (Board Member)

Development Committee • Loretta van Merwyk (Chair) (retired in November 2015) • Andree Megson (incoming Chair / Board Member) • Amanda Cox • David Minns • Bronwyn Rasmussen • Mei Teo (joined in December 2015)

Investment Committee • Geoff Pritchard (Chair / Board Member) • Kelvin Flynn • John Klepec • James McClements (Board Chair) • Leanda Visagie Prosperity Committee • James McClements (Chair / Board Chair) • Nick Brasington (Board Member) • Cliff Rocke (Board Member) • Sue Ulreich

The Foundation would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank the Board and Sub-Committee members for their stalwart commitment of time, expertise and counsel in order to undertake these roles. The Foundation is privileged to have such a collaborative, experienced and reputable group of individuals on the Board and Sub-Committees and looks forward to another thriving year ahead.

M L C • Foundation Annual Report 2015 7

THE AMBASSADORS & TRUSTEES The Foundation is again fortunate to have the support and backing in 2015 of the following influential and well-connected group of Ambassadors. • Hon Richard Court (Former Premier and Treasurer of Western Australia) • Valerie Davies (Director of One 2 One Communications Pty Ltd) • David Flanagan (Managing Director of Atlas Iron Limited and Chancellor of Murdoch University) • Dr Dongyi Hua (Executive Chairman and CEO of VDM Group Limited) • RH Lisa Scaffidi (The Right Hon The Lord Mayor) We are privileged to have such a diverse and prominent group of MLC advocates out in the community actively promoting MLC at every opportunity. The Foundation wishes to thank the Foundation Ambassadors for their continued support and assistance throughout 2015.

TRUSTEE MEMBERS 2015 witnessed the first year for the Board and Sub-Committees to be governed under the provisions of the new Constitution. The new Constitution sanctions a more streamlined and simple structure to be created and maintained. The main noticeable difference is the formation of the Trustee Members to exercise the rights and responsibilities of membership of an incorporated association. The Board of the Foundation is ultimately accountable to the Trustee Members who are the only individuals entitled to vote in person or via proxy at the Annual General Meeting and any special general meetings. Therefore, when identifying the Trustee Members it was important they were independent and able to act, where necessary, in the interests of the Foundation.

8 M L C • Foundation Annual Report 2015

The Trustees comprise 8 members in total made up of 4 Foundation nominated Trustees and 4 Council nominated Trustees. The 4 Foundation Trustees are: • Meredith Campion (Partner, Allen & Overy) • Lindy Jenkins (Judge, Supreme Court of Western Australia) • James McClements (Managing Partner, Resource Capital Funds) • Felicity Zempilas (Magistrate, Magistrates Court of Western Australia)

The 4 Council Trustees are: • Craig Colvin (Barrister, Francis Burt Chambers) • Carol Dolan (Actuary and Risk Management Professional) • Prudence Honey (Director, Honey & Honey) • Grant Robinson (Partner, KPMG) The Foundation would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank the Trustee Members for agreeing to take on this important role. We greatly appreciate their commitment and contribution of their valuable time, knowledge and experience in order act as Trustees.

THE DEVELOPMENT OFFICE The Development Office continued to strengthen in 2015. The introduction of Lauren Major, as the Director of Development at the end of 2014 created the necessary structure to ensure an appropriate team was in place for 2015. The Development Office comprises Lauren Major, Director of Development and two part-time Development Associates, Robin Ashton and Cath Woodley. Throughout 2015, the team has worked seamlessly together to inform and educate the MLC community of the vision and objectives of the Foundation. The team were instrumental

in the success of the 2015 fundraising initiatives; the MLC Tuition Raffle, Alumni Annual Giving and Circle of Success. They are committed to assisting the Foundation in creating an open culture of philanthropy at MLC and understand and promote the importance of educating girls so that they can become tomorrow’s leaders and achievers. The Foundation are delighted to have such a strong and collaborative Development Office and would like to thank Lauren, Robin and Cath for their valuable commitment and support in 2015.

M L C • Foundation Annual Report 2015 9

2015 FINANCIAL REPORT The MLC Foundation is a not-for-profit, charitable institution incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Act. The financial reporting period for the Foundation runs from 1 January to 31 December. The table below reflects the financial performance during 2015.











Surplus / (Deficit) prior to distribution


$61,773 $238,553 $13,707 $314,033


Distribution to Methodist Ladies' College


Surplus / (Deficit) after distribution


NET ASSETS General Fund


Endowment Fund


Building Fund


Scholarship Fund




10 M L C • Foundation Annual Report 2015

2015 FINANCIAL REPORT The following graphs represent the categories of Income and Expenditure:


EXPENSES 2015 Audit Fees, Bank and Misc. charges 4%

Foundation Future Levy 17%

Portfolio Returns 24%

Fundraising Expenses 20%

Donations 56% Philanthropic Development 76%

Fundraising Income 3%



• The Foundation Future Levy was introduced in 2014 and will remain untouched until the end of 2016.

• Philanthropic Development includes staffing costs and administration support costs.

• Portfolio returns includes distributions from funds under management and the net change in fair value of available for sale financial assets.

• Fundraising expenses include costs associated with fundraising campaigns and events.

• Donations include direct donations and fundraising from events.

M L C • Foundation Annual Report 2015 11

STRIVING TO THE HEIGHTS The Foundation has identified that they need to grow its corpus to $8m by 2020 in order to reach its goal of $1m annual spending contribution to the College by 2020 inclusive of annual donations. MLC FOUNDATION FUNDRAISING TARGETS TO FY20 FY20 FY19 FY18 FY17 FY16 FY15

FY14 0




4 Millions

Total Contribution to MLC Total Corpus





Actual Contribution to MLC FY15 & FY14 Actual Total Corpus FY15 and FY14

The main sources of revenue for the Foundation are: • The Foundation Future Levy; • Donations; • Fundraising generated from events; • Interest received from bank deposits held as investments; and • Distributions from investments. During 2015 the Foundation donated $779,900 to the College. The contributions included $500,000 towards the Boarding House Transformation, $174,000 for Circle of Success projects and $75,000 towards Scholarships. The Foundation’s Net Assets increased from $2,973,657 at the end of 2014 to $3,430,997 as at 31 December 2015. The actual total corpus results for 2014 and 2015 exceeded targets mainly due to the strong performance of invested funds through NWQ Capital as well as the inclusion of the Boarding House Transformation which was not included in the Foundation’s 2015 budget. The actual contributions to MLC for 2014 and 2015 were $52,962 and $779,900 respectively. The 2014 results came in well under target whilst the 2015 results exceeded expectations, again due to the Boarding House Transformation and also the overwhelming success of the Circle of Success in its first year.

12 M L C • Foundation Annual Report 2015



NWQ Fiduciary Fund Total Return = 17.54%


MLCF Total Return* = 10.75%


Bloomberg AusBond Composite Index = 2.59%


Smarter Money Active Cash Total Return = 2.57%


ASX200 TR Index = 2.56%

MLCF Consoildated Performance

NWQ Fiduciary Fund

Smarter Money Active Cash

ASX200 TR Index

15 /2 0

15 /2 0

1/ 12

15 1/ 11

/2 0


1/ 10


1/ 9/ 20


1/ 8/ 20


1/ 7/ 20


1/ 6/ 20


1/ 5/ 20


1/ 4/ 20


1/ 3/ 20

1/ 2/ 20

1/ 1/ 20



Bloomberg AusBond Composite Index

Growth of the Foundation’s corpus of funds is achieved as a result of voluntary donations, including Annual Giving, Bequests and sponsorships, along with the Foundation Future Levy now in its second year and significant growth through financial management of the corpus. The Foundation is also charged with the responsibility for the management and investment of these funds in accordance with prudential accounting, financial advisory and legal standards, ensuring the long-term sustainability of the Foundation for the benefit of the College. NWQ Capital, in their first full year as the Foundation’s investment managers, have successfully achieved a total return of 10.75% from funds under management. This is an outstanding result, and compares to returns over the same period of 2.56% for the ASX200 TR Index. The graph above shows the cumulative performance of the investments made by NWQ Capital on behalf of the Foundation in 2015, comprising of the NWQ Fiduciary Fund and Smarter Money Active Cash investments.

INVESTMENT GOAL & OBJECTIVES The overall investment objective of the Foundation is to generate net growth of the total Foundation portfolios over the long-term. It is guided by the following key principles: (a) There is a primary preference to achieve reasonable real growth of the Funds. (b) The Foundation values capital preservation and places a strong emphasis on mitigating downside investment volatility. (c) Assets should be allocated and managed in a way that provides sensible diversification across asset classes and by investment process.

(d) Cost is important, but net investment outcome is more important. (e) The investment process should emphasise absolute return or “cash plus”/”inflation plus” outcomes. The Foundation wishes to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank NWQ Capital for their continued support and valuable contribution throughout 2015. The Foundation has thoroughly enjoyed developing a trusted relationship with NWQ throughout 2015 and look forward to building on that relationship in 2016 and beyond.

M L C • Foundation Annual Report 2015 13

2015 FUNDRAISING INITIATIVES CIRCLE OF SUCCESS Without doubt, one of the highlights for the Foundation in 2015 was the introduction of Circle of Success (CoS). The extraordinary results from the initiative far exceeded our expectations. CoS was initiated to help towards meeting the Foundation’s objective of creating an open culture of philanthropy at MLC. One of the key objectives of COS was to identify and bring together likeminded donors to collaborate and vote on fulfilling much needed impactful College projects and educational opportunities to benefit current and future MLC students. The idea was simple – to attract 100 MLC Community members to give a minimum of $1,000 towards a cooperative gift to the MLC Foundation. Each member is then entitled to one vote for the project they would like to see funded. Each year the project with the highest number of votes is supported; providing significant benefit to MLC students and an overwhelming sense of member satisfaction. The projects presented to CoS members for voting are nominated by the MLC College Leadership Team and are based on meeting the following criteria: • Broad reaching impact for the MLC students and Community; • An alignment with the College’s strategic direction; • Short to medium term completion to ensure annual donor satisfaction; and, • Meet the tax deductibility requirements of the MLC Foundation in accordance with the Scholarship and Building Funds.

“Alone we can do so little: Together we can do so much.” HELEN KELLER

The inaugural launch in 2015 secured 77 members and a total donation of $86,000. Six worthy projects were identified and presented at the Pinnacle of Success vote night. While every project was deserving of victory, the 2015 CoS membership voted to transform the MLC Biological Sciences Laboratory, renamed the Yvonne Palmer Biological Sciences Laboratory. The transformation commenced in the October 2015 school holidays and regular updates of progress and shared stories of the enhanced learning experiences as students begin to enjoy the transformed space are provided to members. CoS was a truly collaborative initiative that generated an extremely positive response within the MLC community and provided members with a genuine sense of belonging as they united with other families to make a significant difference for MLC students. CoS also created a further welcomed outcome of educating parents’ awareness of the various areas throughout the College that required attention. One of our exceptional MLC families came forward to match the total funds raised by COS to complete an additional project, the upgrade of the Hadley Hall Audio Visual System. Both projects selected will benefit all of the current and future generations of MLC students. The Foundation wishes to acknowledge and thank the CoS members for their involvement and generosity. The outcome was simply tremendous.

14 M L C • Foundation Annual Report 2015

MLC TUITION RAFFLE In an effort to continue to create and support uninterrupted philanthropic programmes and independent income, the Foundation launched the annual MLC Tuition Raffle in October 2014. One of the key objectives of the MLC Tuition Raffle was to offer the MLC Community the opportunity to engage in philanthropy at a manageable and affordable investment level. Tickets are $100 each and all monies raised went towards supporting the MLC Foundation. The MLC Tuition Raffle was drawn at the 2015 Sunset on the Green in front of close to 800 members of the MLC Community, and the prizes offered were: • First Prize: 2015 School Tuition Fees paid for one current MLC Student (up to the value of $25,000) • Second Prize: New MLC 2015 Uniform fit out to the value of $1,000 • Third Prize: a New Apple iPad Air 64gb Congratulations to the 2015 winning ticket holders. The MLC 2016 Tuition Raffle went on sale in October 2015, with sales continuing to 10 February 2016. The Raffle will again be drawn at Sunset on the Green on 12 February 2016. The proceeds will benefit the MLC Foundation Scholarship Fund. The Foundation wishes to thank those members of the MLC community who donated to the Foundation by purchasing a ticket in the Tuition Raffle.

MLC BOARDING HOUSE REFURBISHMENT A very generous anonymous donor committed the necessary funds required for the College to accelerate it’s refurbishment plans for the MLC Boarding house in 2015. Over the course of the year, the Boarding House has been completely transformed into a modern, welcoming home for our boarders. The Boarding House provides a truly boutique and bespoke experience and the immediate impact has been felt in the substantial lift in boarding numbers. Works are due to be completed in January 2016.

M L C • Foundation Annual Report 2015 15

2015 PARTNERS The MLC/Shell Regional Science Scholarship

Inaugurated in 2014, this innovative partnership between MLC and Shell supports girls with a strong interest and aptitude in the field of science and are from regional communities. This scholarship covers 100 per cent of boarding and tuition fees for three years, with Shell contributing the tuition component and the College and Foundation providing with the boarding component. The first MLC/Shell Regional Science Scholarship winner was Sarah Koster, who commenced in 2014 in Year 10 and has recently been elected Boarding Prefect for 2016. The 2015 recipient of the Scholarship is Mikayla Parkin from Dowerin. A scholarship will continue to be offered each year in 2016 and 2017.

SAS Resources Fund/MLC Scholarships In November 2014, the Foundation and the College entered into two Scholarship agreements with the SAS Resources Fund (SASRF). The SASRF provides relief to current and former members of the SAS regiment and their dependants, and the security of knowing that their families will be provided for in times of need or if they are killed or seriously injured in the line of duty. Each scholarship supports one girl at a time to attend the College for her final six years of education. Funded in equal portions by the SASRF and the Foundation, the funds are set aside to finance the scholarships in perpetuity. The scholarships are named in honour of a past member of the SAS regiment and an MLC family’s great grandfather, both of who provided distinguished service to their country: The Paul Harold Denehey Scholarship and the William Charles Colin Brown Scholarship.

SCHOLARSHIPS The Foundation is committed to assisting the College with it’s vision to attract and support students drawn to MLC because of the special qualities of education and community life on offer. The College and the Foundation share the belief that scholarships strengthen and enrich the diversity of student community. Scholarship holders benefit the College’s aims of excellency, diversity and equity in education.

16 M L C • Foundation Annual Report 2015

In 2015, the Foundation received further donations to the two SASRF / MLC scholarships from members of the MLC community to assist towards the objective of reaching perpetuity for the Scholarships.

SUPPORT GROUP PARTNERSHIPS In 2015, the Foundation focused on working more closely with the Parent and Collegian Support Groups. The Foundation is committed to creating a closer relationship and working with the Support Groups to support their various fundraising campaigns. The Foundation acknowledges that the co-operation and support of the Community Support Groups is vital for the success of the Gala, Circle of Success, the MLC Foundation Tuition Raffle and Alumni Annual Giving. In a Gala year, members of the Community groups are invited onto the sponsorship committee and, in return, the Foundation makes a distribution of funds to each community group which relies on the financial success of the event. In 2015 the Foundation was pleased to offer administration and acknowledgement support to the Friends of Music in their Grand Legacy campaign. The Foundation looks forward to furthering its relationship with the Community Support Groups in 2016.

M L C • Foundation Annual Report 2015 17

2015 DONORS Every gift makes a difference; every girl on every day in every generation will benefit. The Foundation is extremely fortunate to be able to engage with a giving and generous MLC community. Many within the MLC community choose to make an ongoing commitment to the College and have supported the Foundation and the College over many years. Amongst these are the Seed Family, whose extraordinary determination to get our rowers on the water closer to home is an inspiration. Also Danny Forte and Sanaa El Fil and their family who have brought us new and exciting initiatives throughout the year and the Kopejtka Family for their generous donation to fund the upgrading of the Hadley Hall Audio Visual System. Other families choose to make their donations anonymously, and we thank them also for their support. We greatly value the support of our scholarship partners. The Shell Australia Regional Science Scholarship continues to bring enquiring scientific minds from regional areas to MLC. Our newly formed scholarship partnership with the SAS Resources Fund to establish two scholarships for children of deceased or severely injured members of the SAS regiment is a source of great pride. The establishment of the SASRF Scholarships inspired the Low and Alcock family and the LAYF Foundation to provide additional funds to assist with ensuring the perpetuity objectives can be reached in the future.

18 M L C • Foundation Annual Report 2015

Every donation makes a difference to our current and future students. The MLC Foundation gratefully acknowledges all our 2015 donors. With the introduction of the College’s new Strategic Plan “Towards 2025”, together with recent governance and fundraising changes, the Foundation has taken an opportunity to review the current Donor Recognition programme. It is proposed that the Foundation will launch a new system of Donor Recognition in 2016 which is aligned with the language and intent of “Towards 2025” to properly recognise the current and projected levels of giving for the duration of the Strategic Plan. Communication of the new program will be done on an individual basis to donors in 2016.



Mr T Alcock, Ms Y Low and the LAYF Foundation Mr D Bovell The Brasington Family Hon R and Mrs J Court Mr M and Mrs J Hills The McClements Foundation Mr P and Mrs K Kopejtka Ms J Mostrom Mr G and Mrs J Purich Salim Nominees Pty Ltd The Seed Family Mr M and Mrs D Throsby Mr D Snellgrove and Ms T Trevisan Mr R and Mrs K Staniforth Mr A and Mrs L Van Merwyk The Ward Family Mr P Watson and Mrs R Watson 2 Anonymous Donations

Mrs D Bowyer Dr M Chan Ms E Del Borello Mrs J Elliott-Lockhart Prof G and Mrs G Hardisty Prof P Johnson and Dr S Morris Mrs N and Mr J Lake Dr B and Dr J Lee Mr X Li Miss G Malone Miss M O’Leary Mr and Mrs O’Sullivan Mrs S Primeau Mrs E Riley Mrs W Robinson Miss D Timermanis Mrs J Twine Miss J Young 1 Anonymous Donation

2015 PARTNERS Mr J Afiat and Mrs I Djajaseputra Mr B and Mrs L Carnley Mr A and Mrs C Carver Mr C and Dr L Colvin Mrs Lorraine Court Creative Fruition Dr L and Mrs P Crostella Mr Sandy Dunn Dr D Forte and Mrs S El-Fil Mr P Garner Dr D Hua Ms A Leguier Ms A McGurk INMAC Engineering Pty Ltd Mr P and Mrs E Ma Mr I and Mrs C McDonald Mr J and Mrs G McMath Mr B and Mrs L McVeigh Dr P and Dr E Moore Mr N and Mrs J Potier Mr D and Mrs F Rakich Mr G and Mrs L Robinson Mr D and Mrs M Rose Ms M Saunders The Thomas Family Mr J Timms Dr C Viiala and Dr G Dogra The Watson Family Mr C and Mrs C Wilkinson 1 Anonymous Donation

M L C • Foundation Annual Report 2015 19

2015 Circle Of Success – A Collaborative Gift of $86,000 to MLC. Mr J Afiat and Mrs I Djajaseputra Dr G Cull and Mrs T Armson-Cull Mr G and Mrs S Bamford Mr L and Mrs C Bartlett Dr D and Mrs K Calder Mr R and Mrs M Campion Mr M and Mrs G Cardaci Mr A and Mrs C Carver Mr C and Mrs J Chan Mr S Herczykowski and Ms R Cody Mr S Collins Mr C and Dr L Colvin Dr P Cooke and Ms M Connolly The Cox Family Dr L and Mrs P Crostella Mrs C Cust Dr P and Dr A Dhillon The Dickins Family Dr P and Mrs C Dolan Sandy Dunn Mr S and Mrs J Edis Mr L and Mrs J Ferguson Mr K and Mrs V Flynn The Lefroy Family

Sanna El Fil and Danne Forte

The Oakey Family

The Friars Family

Mr P Owens amd Mrs F Kermode

Nicole Gallin

Byron and Lana Palmer

Mr G and Mrs L Gordon

Mr D and Mrs C Panzich

Mr G Heath

Jacinta Pickford

David and Elaine Horlock

The Piggott Family

Ary and Peter Johnson

Mr J and Mrs R Potalivo

Mr G and Mrs N Kerr

The Pritchard Family

Mr J and Mrs E Klepec

Mr G and Mrs B Rasmussen

Mr K and Mrs A Korte

Mr C and Mrs E Riley

Mr P and Mrs K Kopejtka

Mrs Kathy Seed

The Latchem Family

David and Cassandra Simpson

Mr T Alcock, Ms Y Low & LAYF Foundation

Mr B Smith and Mrs K McKinnon-Smith

Ms V Leigh

Ms D Smith-Gander

The Lewis Family

Brett and Annette Suann

Mr J Lewis and Dr S Cherian

Robin and Mei Teo

The Lisle Family

Dr J Terry and Dr A Nowak

The Lubich Family

Mr P Thomas

David and Jenni Mackie

Mr and Mrs L van Merwyk

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Grand Legacy – The proceeds of this appeal contributed $11,100 towards the recent purchase of the ….. Piano. Mr R and Mrs S Bentley

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20 M L C • Foundation Annual Report 2015

Together with the following MLC Support Groups Parents of MLC Friends of Music MLC

WAYS TO DONATE Scholarships The College offers scholarships to strengthen and enrich the diversity of our student community. There are two types of scholarships offered by the College. The first supports academic excellence and the other offers the opportunity of an MLC education where it may otherwise be out of reach. The Foundation continues to focus on identifying donors to assist with raising funds for the Scholarship Fund in order to assist in funding the following identified scholarships: • • • • • •

Derrick Row Scholarship The Ohman Music Scholarship Yalari Shell Australia Regional Science Scholarship Paul Harold Denehey Scholarship William Charles Colin Brown Scholarship

Should you require further information on the Foundation’s Scholarship Fund, please refer to our Scholarship Brochure on the MLC website in the community section

Building The College’s Strategic Plan guides campus development. Continuous improvement of College facilities allows MLC students to thrive in their learning environment and is influential in attracting enrolments. This in turn supports the financial prosperity of MLC.

Endowment The MLC Foundation Endowment Fund is building an intergenerational source of independent income to benefit current and future students at MLC. The corpus of funds is achieved through community donations and the annual Foundation Future Levy.

M L C • Foundation Annual Report 2015 21

2015 INSPIRING LEADERSHIP @ MLC The Foundation helps to foster the ‘women supporting women’ culture within the MLC College community. The Foundation’s Amazing Women series was launched with an aim to inspire women in the MLC community, and our students striving to the heights, through a guest speaker address at breakfast and then at Senior Years’ assembly. The Foundation promotes these events as a collaborative way to seek community engagement and build closer relationships with Alumni. The following amazing women gave inspiring presentations to both members of the MLC community and also to the MLC students throughout the 2015 year.

Rabia Siddique – 5 March 2015 Rabia Siddique shared her extraordinary story at MLC at an International Women’s Day Breakfast on 5 March 2015. Rabia gave an inspirational presentation on her life from a childhood of bigotry and abuse to the adult world of sexual discrimination. She grew from being a girl who had to keep her abuse quiet to a woman who took on an army. Amazing Woman, Soldier and Humanitarian.

22 M L C • Foundation Annual Report 2015

Dr Diane Davies – 23 July 2015 Collegian, Dr Diane Davies shared her incredible passion for the field of Obstetrics and Gynaecology together with her unwavering support of outreach services for Aboriginal Communities and the provision of Homeless Healthcare. In Dr Davies incredibly modest words she was “surprisingly” inducted into the WA Women’s Hall of Fame in 2014 and spoke about her journey from MLC to medical school and into specialty training at King Edward Memorial Hospital. Dr Davies stressed the importance of mentorship and how women can best encourage and inspire each other including leading by example and her refusal to accept the notion of a “glass ceiling”. Dr Davies also dedicates many unpaid hours to making the world a better place.

Ms Katie O’Donnell - 12 November 2015 Katie O’Donnell was a State Finalist in the Young Australian of the Year in 2011. At the age of eight Katie was diagnosed with a rare form of muscular dystrophy and in high school was gradually confined to a wheelchair. Despite these physical obstacles, Katie graduated year 12 with the most number of individual “Top of Class” awards in her year and went on to study a Bachelor of Mass Communications twice receiving the Vice Chancellor’s award for being in the top 1% of her course. Katie now contributes to record breaking fundraising in her role as Marketing & Fundraising Manager at Variety - the Children’s Charity of WA. She is an accomplished singer for the Variety Youth Choir and a member of the Shine Performance Group which gives young people with disabilities the chance to nurture and showcase their musical talents.

M L C • Foundation Annual Report 2015 23

THE YEAR AHEAD The history of MLC is told through the lives and accomplishments of all those who have learned, taught and been a part of the MLC community. The Foundation has a number of exciting initiatives to be launched in 2016 in a continued pursuit to raise funds to assist the College. We are looking forward to hosting our premier signature event, the Biennial Foundation Gala, on the evening of Saturday, 14 May 2016. The 2016 MLC Gala dinner provides a unique opportunity to bring the MLC community together to celebrate and promote the Foundation’s intent to build a strong and vibrant philanthropic culture. The inaugural 2014 MLC Gala dinner was an enormous success and we anticipate the 2016 Gala to be even better. The MLC community are great advocates of the Gala and we are looking forward to another successful event in 2016. The Foundation will be introducing the Connell Bequest Society in 2016 for the community to consider as a way to give recognition to their association with MLC across generations. The society is named in recognition of Maud Connell, who was Principal of MLC (1907 to 1913). Maud Connell was the creator of the College’s motto that continues today; Per Adua Ad Alta; through striving to the heights. We are proud to re-launch our Bequest program and look forward to growing the Connell Bequest Society membership. In 2016, we will continue to build on the momentum of Circle of Success. Our hope is to increase membership to fund further needed projects around the College. The Alumni Annual Giving initiative will continue in 2016 with the aim of building stronger and trusted relationships with our incredible Collegians. The leadership, achievements and knowledge embedded within our Alumni is abundant. In 2016, the Foundation wishes to work and interact more closely with the Alumni to develop a trusted and mutually fulfilling friendship to explore mentoring and leadership opportunities to edify and benefit our current and future MLC students. The final initiative for 2016 is the very exciting Junior Years Redevelopment. It is imperative that MLC’s physical environment continues to improve in order to provide appropriate facilities for learning and teaching as well as opportunities to inspire,

24 M L C • Foundation Annual Report 2015

engage and interact. The Foundation is fully committed to support the College achieve this. As part of its Strategic Plan, Towards 2025, MLC commenced the Junior Years redevelopment in 2015. Phase One commenced at the end of 2015 with a completion date of 2017. Phase Two will begin in 2016. In support if this exciting initiative, the Foundation will contribute $2m towards the cost of the redevelopment. In order to fund this commitment, the Foundation will undergo a fundraising campaign over three years commencing in 2016. The Foundation is looking forward to assisting the College maintain it’s reputation as a leading and innovative school and providing a stateof-the-art learning and teaching environment to enhance MLC students’ adventures and introduce them to a world of learning and opportunity. The Foundation has a number of new and revised initiatives being introduced throughout 2016, which remains fully aligned with the aspirations of the College’s new Strategic Plan, “Towards 2025”, as launched in 2015. The Foundation looks forward to continuing to work alongside the College as they continue their journey towards its vision of being an international leader of holistic learning and teaching.


If you would like to find out more about the MLC Foundation and how you can support it, please contact Lauren Major, Director of Development at or (08) 9383 8858.

MLC Foundation Annual Report 2015