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WELCOME TO MLC MLC is an outstanding college with an illustrious history and a long-standing tradition for academic excellence.

move towards their final years of secondary school, they are able to choose from three distinct pathways – the VCE, VCE VET and IB.

The strength of any community is dependent upon the individuals. At MLC we are unashamed in our commitment to quality teaching. Every classroom is led by an inspiring leader with a wealth of knowledge and experience. Our teachers provide academic rigour while encouraging students to explore and take risks, nurturing a love for lifelong learning from Kindle to Year 12.

We offer a balanced and holistic education. Students are encouraged to take part in our extensive cocurricular program that has been designed to tap into every student’s interests and talents.

We pride ourselves on being an open and diverse community – truly reflecting our global society as well as recognising the considerable range of interests and aptitudes that our students demonstrate. MLC has long been recognised for innovation in education. In 1990 we were the first school in the world to introduce a 1:1 laptop program, where every student from Year 5 and every teacher was provided with a laptop. In the years that have followed, this program has grown and developed and we now utilise a broad range of technologies to enhance each and every students’ learning. Offering one of the broadest curricula of any independent school, subject variety is a hallmark of an MLC education. As students

Our students lead busy, fulfilling lives and we recognise the support they require and the skills they need to develop in order to make the most of everything on offer now and in their futures. We deliver a range of age appropriate wellbeing programs to ensure that each student’s needs are being met. Our over-arching goal is to nurture and develop each student in our care, so that she leaves us with the skills, knowledge and values to support her at school and beyond. We are preparing students to be able to do what they want to do and be what they want to be in today’s globalised era. I look forward to welcoming you to MLC. Diana Vernon, Principal BA PGCE MACE MACEL


EARLY LEARNING AT MLC KINDLE Our Kindle program celebrates the natural curiosity of children through hands-on exploration of the world around them. The play-based learning program allows Kindle staff to introduce elements of teaching and learning to the experiences and activities to which children are naturally drawn. MLC Kindle welcomes both girls and boys aged from six weeks to five years and is staffed by a dedicated and experienced team of educators. The program combines high quality care with a high staff-to-child ratio, a family centred approach and MLC’s renowned educational expertise. Parent participation is encouraged, and teachers maintain open communication with parents to optimise each child’s learning experience. The program is inspired by the Reggio Emilia philosophy and all practice and documentation is informed by the National Quality Framework.


LEARNING IN JUNIOR SCHOOL PREP – YEAR 6 MLC’s Junior School is a stimulating, caring environment for students in Prep to Year 6. Here, students discover interesting spaces where friendships flourish and personalities develop. Students undertake a fully integrated curriculum that develops their curiosity and builds a solid foundation in literacy and numeracy, with dedicated literacy and numeracy coordinators on hand if extra help is required. Every student from Prep – Year 2 has her own iPad, which plays a fundamental role in supporting students’ learning and discovery. From Year 3, students receive their own notebook computer which is used to further enhance their learning throughout the curriculum. MLC Junior School also offers a range of specialist programs including art, physical education and swimming, music, library lessons, religious education and technology. Students learn to broaden their language skills and study Japanese from Prep to Year 4 and French in Years 5 and 6. A dynamic Education Outdoors program is introduced in Years 5 and 6 at MLC Banksia, located in the Banksia Peninsula. Visits to MLC Banksia challenge students to develop and learn in a unique environment, while developing an awareness and appreciation for the environment. Every MLC Banksia experience is strategically crafted for each student to develop a range of outdoor skills, cement friendships and discover new talents.


LEARNING IN JUNIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL YEARS 7 – 8 In Years 7 and 8 students are part of a welcoming and inclusive environment in Junior Secondary School. Our focus is on successfully transitioning students into secondary school life, building strong academic foundations and preparing students for the years ahead. Each student is supported through this time of new subjects, new teachers and new friends, reinforcing each student’s sense of belonging and achievement. The broad core curriculum allows students to identify their strengths and interests, while experiencing a full range of subjects to gain the skills and knowledge needed in a globalised era. Year 7 and 8 students and their teachers work together to develop a safe and nurturing environment that promotes personal growth and positive self-esteem. We encourage and foster independence, collaboration and a lifelong love of learning. Students build on their Junior School MLC Banksia experiences, returning to MLC


Banksia with their home groups for six days in both Year 7 and Year 8. This enables them to cement their connections with their peers whilst further developing their Education Outdoors knowledge, with environmental projects, navigation and camping skills. Students in Year 7 have the option of participating in the two-year partial French Immersion program which fosters a rapid acquisition of the French language and allows students the opportunity to become bilingual by the end of Year 8. In both Year 7 and Year 8, students study four subjects in French. All Junior Secondary School students are provided with their own notebook computer which is a key tool in their learning journey. Students use their computers to access MLC’s extensive range of online resources, as well as their email, the internet and a range of different programs, to support their classroom learning as well as their homework.



LEARNING IN MIDDLE SCHOOL YEARS 9 – 10 The focus in Middle School is on balance and choice. Students enjoy extensive academic and cocurricular programs within a stimulating learning environment. There is also an abundance of leadership opportunities to help prepare them for their final years of schooling and beyond. Academic programs are designed to offer students a balanced curriculum that provides access to the range of different pathways offered in Senior School. Within a framework of ‘guided choice’, students are encouraged to try something new and discover new areas of interest. From the Creative and Performing Arts, English Literature, Heath and Physical Education, and Languages other than English, to Mathematics, Sciences, Humanities and Information Technology, students can choose from one of the broadest curricula on offer at any independent school in Australia. Most Year 9 students elect to spend a term at our residential campus, MLC Marshmead. The Marshmead program stems from the concepts of sustainability and community, and students learn through practical, hands-on experiences. A small number of Year 9 students opt for the Melbourne Term program. This provides students the opportunity to access, investigate

and contribute to the wider Melbourne environment and to interact with its diverse community. The program is designed to build our student’s independence and resilience and encourage community engagement. In Year 10, the focus turns to future pathways and subject choice is broadened with the opportunity to apply to study Unit 1 and 2 VCE subjects. The study of an additional language is maintained, with students continuing their study of Chinese, French, Japanese or Spanish. Throughout the year, careers staff work alongside the students’ home group and classroom teachers, in providing support to students to guide them in their course and subject choices. A one week work experience program offers students the opportunity to explore a profession of interest and learn first-hand what it is like to work in the industry. All Year 10 students participate in the Contribution to Community program where situations and social issues are introduced to students that will expand their knowledge of the world and give them a practical means by which they can contribute and learn about the community, through volunteering with an organisation.




As a Senior School student, life at MLC is enriching, varied and exciting. Students enter a world of possibilities where no dream is too big or too difficult to accomplish and every student aspires for her personal best. Skills gained in earlier years are developed and fine-tuned through the widest possible range of learning experiences and study pathways. Students are surrounded by a supportive team of enthusiastic teachers who are there to listen, advise and inspire. Senior School students enjoy one of the broadest curricula of any school in Australia and can create a timetable that matches their interests, needs and career goals by mixing and matching different subjects from one of three distinct pathways – VCE, VCE VET and IB. MLC has a history of outstanding academic results across the three pathways and all programs are popular with our students. A balanced education is encouraged and many Senior School students choose to take on one of the College’s many leadership opportunities while also maintaining their dedication to the diverse range of cocurricular activities on offer.




VICTORIAN CERTIFICATE OF EDUCATION (VCE) The VCE is a two year program which each student can tailor to meet her individual needs. All VCE students study an English subject and have the freedom to choose their remaining subjects by either focusing on a specific area of interest or selecting a broader, more general range of subjects. Students completing the VCE follow a number of semester long units of study. Units 1 and 2 are typically completed during Year 11 and Units 3 and 4 are completed in Year 12, though a number of students complete Units 1 and 2 of a particular subject in Year 10 and Units 3 and 4 in Year 11.

VCE VET (VOCATIONAL EDUCATION AND TRAINING) VCE VET focuses on practical activities and real life learning experiences. Through hands on and collaborative learning, students can build a portfolio of real-world skills while adding VCE VET subjects to their VCE program. Upon completion of VCE VET, students graduate with both a VCE certificate and a VET qualification that has national recognition.

INTERNATIONAL BACCALAUREATE (IB) The International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma is a two year program that MLC offers as an alternative option to the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE). It is recognised by Australian tertiary institutions and major universities world-wide and aims to develop inquisitive and knowledgeable lifelong learners. IB students complete six subjects including a humanity, mathematics, an experimental science, the student’s own language, a foreign language, and one other subject which can be drawn from the arts or from a subject area previously listed. In addition, all IB students take a course in Theory of Knowledge, complete an extended essay and commit to ‘creativity, action and service’.




EDUCATION OUTDOORS MLC BANKSIA Education Outdoors is a rewarding, exciting and significant component of the MLC learning journey. MLC Banksia is the College’s Education Outdoors site for students in Years 5 to 8, and is located on the Banksia Peninsula, Gippsland Lakes, near Paynesville. Each MLC Banksia experience is carefully and strategically planned to enable effective personal and skill development. In Year 5 students are introduced to MLC Banksia with the four day ‘Animal Explorers’ program. The focus is on stimulating an interest in the outdoors, learning about local flora and fauna, and developing an awareness and appreciation of the environment. Students take part in hiking, beach walks, environmental learning, art projects and enjoy story-telling around the campfire to develop deeper connections with their peers. In Year 6, students return to MLC Banksia for a five day ‘Water Watchers’ program where skills learned in Year 5 are further developed, confidence is grown and friendships are cemented. Through participation in a range of activities that build teamwork and cooperative skills, students learn about the various user groups that rely on water for survival. For six days in Year 7, students become ‘Lake Explorers’ where they learn to navigate and undertake environmental projects to further develop their understanding of sustainability. Through collaborative learning, students are able to develop stronger relationships with their peers and Home Group teachers and are further challenged to achieve their personal bests. In Year 8, students return to MLC Banksia for their final visit. The Year 8 experience has a strong focus on sustainability and the development of environmentally conscious lifestyle choices. Learning is practical and hands-on, incorporating both individual and team activities. Here, students experience sailing, sea kayaking, caving and they further develop their navigation and camping skills in preparation for their Year 9 experience at MLC Marshmead. Student accommodation at MLC Banksia is in self-contained cabins and offers a valuable introduction to a sustainable lifestyle. 18





EDUCATION OUTDOORS MLC MARSHMEAD MLC Marshmead is an unforgettable learning experience and a rewarding rite of passage for Year 9 students at MLC. Encompassing 114 hectares in East Gippsland’s beautiful Croajingolong National Park, MLC Marshmead is a campus like no other. For eight weeks, a group of Year 9 students live together in a supportive and collaborative community. The MLC Marshmead philosophy is underpinned by a commitment to practical, effective and holistic sustainability and focuses on three concepts; personal sustainability, sustainable communities and environmental sustainability. Students experience a low energy lifestyle and become increasingly ‘carbon conscious’. All campus buildings incorporate energy-efficient design elements, a Remote Area Power Supply System maximises the use of renewable energies and the campus features its own waste and water management system. Time is spent at the campus working farm, where the Year 9s look after the vegetable garden, manage the compost system and care for chickens and poddy calves. Students undertake integrated subject units that tie in with the Kew-based Middle School curriculum and key learning areas. Between formal classes that make use of the campus infrastructure and the local environment, independent learning is encouraged through a range of outdoor activities. Practical skills learned at MLC Banksia are further developed and students take part in navigation, sea kayaking, canoeing and bush walking. Camping skills are also extended through two rewarding three-day expeditions. Wellbeing is paramount at MLC Marshmead and all students take an active role in supporting one another through the eight-week experience of living away from home. Parents are invited to come and visit at the end of Week 4 which is an opportunity to share the MLC Marshmead experience with their daughter.



We take an active role in the pursuit of wellbeing and health for each student at MLC. Our wellbeing program is designed to encourage students to realise their potential as they develop an understanding of their individual strengths and weaknesses and develop life skills that prepare them for life at school and beyond. Students are given exciting choices, encouraged to take on new challenges and are provided with an extensive support network to ensure that any concerns they may have are resolved


quickly. We offer a range of services and specialist staff to support and encourage each student to learn to manage personal challenges and achievements and to engage productively both at the College and within the wider community.

knowledge and attitudes that are essential to active participation in the global community of the 21st century.

Our approach is a holistic one. It encompasses physical, social, emotional, cognitive and spiritual states of being. Students are supported developmentally while they discover who they are and who they aspire to become.

Wellbeing programs are tailored to each age group, to build on skills and knowledge learned in previous years. Program content is regularly reviewed and is informed by both the latest research and ongoing evaluation by students and staff. MLC engages a range of experts in the wellbeing field to advise on program development, and provide training for staff.

While a focus on student wellbeing is integrated across all of the College’s curriculum, programs and activities, specific wellbeing programs aim to equip MLC students with the skills, values,

Ultimately, our approach is about valuing and respecting each student, nurturing her confidence and resilience, and helping her to develop a strong sense of identity and belonging. 23




BEYOND THE CLASSROOM MLC’s range of cocurricular activities is one of the largest and most varied of any school in the country. We offer a myriad of opportunities to participate, make new friends, get involved and experience new challenges through sport, the arts, music, education outdoors, international trips and tours, and a range of different clubs and societies. Regardless of experience or skill, all students are encouraged to get involved with over 30 sports on offer. From fitness training before school, to Girls Sport Victoria, House sport and state and international level competitions, every student has the opportunity to try something new and achieve a new personal best. The Dramatic Arts department offers every student the opportunity to take to the stage with a rich and exciting range of cocurricular experiences. Through developing and showcasing performance and stagecraft skills, students are encouraged to take risks and meet new challenges. Our extensive music cocurricular program inspires students to explore the essence of sound and use it for their own creative purposes. Students have the opportunity to join one of the many orchestras, ensembles, the MLC Drumline or Marching Band – all while learning to become a discerning listener and experiencing cultural diversity through music. Students are also encouraged to take the initiative and are supported in setting up new clubs to nurture their specific interests. Whether it is the arts, music, debating or giving back to the community, there are many clubs and committees to spark your daughter’s passion and to help her develop her leadership and teamwork skills further.


A SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY MLC has a proud tradition of service and of giving back to the community. Students across every part of the College work together to support those in need through House activities and dedicated community service groups. Each School supports a different international community. Junior School students work hard to raise funds for Know One, Teach One in Vietnam and Loreto Vietnam, Junior Secondary students dedicate their efforts to the Jump Start Foundation in Vanuatu, Middle School fundraise for The School of St Judes in Tanzania, and Senior School focus on raising money for Hands Across the Water in Thailand. These community service initiatives reflect a significant number of volunteer hours dedicated by students and staff, provide invaluable learning experiences and nurture a sense of global community. The incredible results achieved each year reflect MLC students’ heartfelt commitment to helping others, and to making a positive and tangible impact upon the world in which we live.


AN OPPORTUNITY TO LEAD At MLC, we understand that everyone can lead, and that leadership can be developed in all who seek it. Knowing that each student has different strengths and aspirations, we offer a number of rich and diverse leadership opportunities. The MLC leadership journey is characterised by choice, support and specialised leadership roles that prepare students to become world-ready women. Students are supported in their leadership learning by program facilitators, teaching staff and peers as they make new friends and cultivate the skills needed for effective leadership. Students from Year 3 are encouraged to apply for a variety of leadership positions covering either classroom based or cocurricular responsibilities. From Year 6 students have the choice of a vast range of leadership positions, including House Captains and Prefects when they are in Year 12. Whether a student is interested in volunteering in the community, driving change, advocating sustainable habits or paving the way in technological innovation – we have something for everyone.


BOARDING AT MLC Tiddeman House, MLC’s boarding house offers a home away from home for approximately 120 boarders from regional and rural Australia and a variety of countries from around the world. Choosing the Tiddeman way to pursue your daughter’s academic goals opens up a world of opportunity. Students have the opening to make new friends, the freedom to socialise and plan outings, the support to develop productive study habits and the guidance to grow into the person they want to become. Tiddeman House is a safe, caring environment that combines tradition with state-of-the-art facilities and technology. We endeavour to provide a culture that offers independence, privacy, flexibility and fun. The experience enables boarders to develop confidence and resilience, and a deeper understanding of diversity. Tiddeman House has a team of dedicated staff who are committed to delivering best practice residential care. Our staff are chosen for their caring attitudes and approachable personalities. The team includes a Head of Boarding, Assistant Head of Boarding, Year Level Coordinators and Tutors, who work together to help each student manage their learning and to ensure that they achieve their personal best. Our tutors liaise closely with day school teaching staff and parents so that each boarder’s learning needs are met and academic progress is monitored.





A GLOBAL OUTLOOK In keeping with our commitment to diversity and internationalism, MLC organises a number of tours, camps and exchanges for students from Years 3 to Year 11. Tours are either School based (often with a social service component) or curriculum based. School based tours to Vietnam (Years 5 and 6), Hong Kong (Year 8), Vanuatu (Year 8), Tonga (Years 9 and 10), Tanzania (Years 9 and 10), Ngukurr-Arnhem Land (Years 9 and 10) and Thailand (Year 11) are immensely popular. Students also have the opportunity to combine a cultural immersion with one of their passions and take part in a curriculum based tour. For example, there are two different European tours on offer for art and choir enthusiasts. Budding chefs have the option of going on a culinary tour of Vietnam. Historians can explore U.S. culture and society. Biologists have the opportunity to explore the reef and rainforest in Queensland while our sports teams take part in a number of international sporting events. In addition, many students choose to embark on a language or cultural exchange to one of several international schools with which MLC has developed a partnership.


A COMMUNITY FOCUS The MLC community extends well beyond our current students and teachers, it includes parents, alumnae and friends of the College. We endeavour to lead by example and our passionate community supports students in their learning and their understanding of the world of work and the community outside the school gates. The Parents’ Association encourages all parents to get involved with a wide range of events and many special interest groups. The Old Collegians’ Club is open to all former students and cultivates ongoing connections with the College through regular reunions and a range of other events. These events provide MLC alumnae the means to network with over 30,000 Old Collegians worldwide. The MLC Foundation is led by members of the community and works to actively promote a positive culture of philanthropy to advance the College through much-valued financial support. MLC values every member of our community and the contribution made to the continuing success of the College.



“ I have no doubt that MLC gave me the best platform to succeed in my career and overall, shape me into the person I am today. The overseas travel opportunity to the UK and US with the netball team that I received while at MLC set the stage for me to pursue a career and adventure outside Australia. MLC taught me to work hard and be passionate about what you do. Both of these things keep me driven and excited for every new day.�




AN ONGOING CONNECTION Davida Forshaw Class of 1980 International Pilot, Qantas Airways “I have flown the Boeing 747 Jumbo worldwide, the Boeing 737 domestically and currently I fly the Airbus A330 throughout Asia and the Pacific region. In my role outside the flight deck I also mentor young women pilots. MLC enabled me to be an independent free-thinking woman. The quality of the teachers and the diversity in curriculum offered every student a unique journey. The College developed my strengths and gave me the confidence to embark on a career in a technical industry, where the encouragement of female membership is paramount.” Katherine Brown Class of 2000 Winemaker and Brand Ambassador for Brown Brothers Wines “MLC gave me the opportunity to move to the city. I had spent all my life in the country until I moved to the MLC boarding house in Year 9. Gaining the independence of living away from home and becoming confident with city life set me up to easily transition into my university years and beyond.”

Kate Axup Class of 1988 Partner, Allens Law “MLC taught me to have the courage to try new things and to look for possibilities everywhere. My love of languages started at MLC, with French and German, and lead to my first experience living overseas (as an exchange student in Germany). I then studied Chinese as part of my arts/law degree with the aim of being able to combine a career as a lawyer with the experience of living and working in a different country. Since graduating from Monash, I have worked at Allens as a lawyer in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing for a total of eight years and I am now a partner of the firm based in Melbourne.” Bernadette Cranswick Class of 2008 Doctor, Royal Children’s Hospital “While at MLC I was privileged to attend the Ngukurr cultural exchange program. This experience inspired me to want to work in rural and remote Australia and helped me decide to pursue a career in paediatrics to try to help improve health literacy amongst indigenous youth. I am continuously grateful for the experiences offered to me during my time as a student at MLC.”


DISCOVER MORE We hope this prospectus has given you an insight into what makes MLC so special and unique. Additional information about our programs and offerings, including our comprehensive scholarship program, can be found on our website. Our Admissions team are available to answer any questions you may have and take you on a personal tour of our College. We also host regular Information Sessions throughout the year which are a perfect opportunity to meet our Principal and members of staff, learn more about our programs and tour our facilities. Please contact MLC Admissions to learn more. MLC Admissions 207 Barkers Road Kew Victoria 3101 Australia T: +61 3 9274 6316 E: admissions@mlc.vic.edu.au W: mlc.vic.edu.au


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MLC Prospectus  

An MLC education inspires young women to be the citizens the world needs. Read our Prospectus to discover how.

MLC Prospectus  

An MLC education inspires young women to be the citizens the world needs. Read our Prospectus to discover how.

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