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Norti~we!":>tern ColLzg~ Watqo.rtown . WL5c.onsln

Vol ume No.


Contents Acti vity . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 Fa cuIty . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15 T


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27

Undergrads c~ ubs

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 47

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ' . . . ' . . . . . . ' . . . . . . ' . 6l Seniors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 75

Homecoming 1975

TOP LEFT: 'N" is set aflame. TOP RIGHT: Faculty plr:iys trucks. MIDDLE RIGHT: Juniors Succeed. BOTTOM LEFT ~ QuPcn 9ivcn h r flow rs . BOT TOM RIGllT: Frosh wr, pped round lnmp r.)ole.




~'Oil goin~



re.11ancc tonlgl t a.'so,.

concert. MIDDLE LEFT~ Here, take lhis robe a11d co\lcr up your legs. BOT-

Denn? TOP RIGHT: Rr.x ancl ::Sluu


L~FT: Get on


to Terr)''S inlcrptelive directit1g. BOT-

TOM RIGH r~ Debby's here. I'm keyed, how about


TOP LEFT; Tutor knows what it's like Lo be a Senior. TOP RIGHT: ~1C's Terry Balocih, and Larry Gierach . Did lhe Greeb really wear th. t Te!rr~? ABOVE: NWC':i answer to PDQ Bach-the mu llilal~nted Carl Springer. RIGHT: Where

a1e l . Buffalo?

Winter? Carn iv al Winter Carniva I day lurned 01rl to be a beautiful, warm, and sunny day. Dc:.pilc the mld ..wint r-tlinw; ~hich lway c ms to com dtrl11g our winter car11ivall all t nor nal activities of th we~k were H?ld. The Juniors ended up thti overall victors with l Seniots n re fracti ans behind.

TOP LEFT: Is that a lrick you lenrned rron

C rol Brunelle; Ci sch? if'OJ~ l~IGHT: Tl~ t 1

not what those brooms are for! ABOVE~ The Seniors,!' lug-of-'livar champSi. RIG HT: The Soph'~

winning sculpture, IWOJI MA. 7

TOP LEFT: NWC's o~\'n Singer/so


r ikey. TOP RIGHT: Java Man thii s?

ABOVE: The quartet


during che \'1.'in-

ter c.arnii.•al i,,•ariet~f show. CE~ TER: John accepts the U MOC award, RIGHT; John 1N:>rski 11 i1o1dslad shows wh~· he is lH~ OC.

L Ef'T:


Now stand right here Pt'ofes s or

Spauc!e •11 BELOW: That 's what l\appcns wt en you don't skow your ID, DNH1.



LEFT: 11 NO ! I'll do anylMny, makt.? Java r,,.1a 11 put rne down.


ABOVE: Dean ShO'n'S us


hO'N lo quiL ~' ourselves I ike

me 11.


Arbor Day Instructor "Ernie 0 gfls in on the

Arbor 0 ay action. BOT TO .1 l EFT; NO\v let's s-ee, .h ! is ~he best \ ay to e a Co-ed 路? BELOW! Now this is m ch better. BOTTOM RlGHT: Ooos ! ll IO:Ok~ H e you I oose o t, i Itch.


Piano And Organ Recitals Each yeHr , in Spri 119 , the Piano and OrHa11 st.udcnt.s oF Northwe~tern Colle9P. and Prep have lhc opportunity t o drsplay their talents in a p11bHc rec ital.

Tne Senior Orgar1 is ts; Ri c:h Vos•11 i nke I, Mark Zarli ng, ~fork H cfner, Chuck Renz, Br)'un Gerlach, Rodney Sclw,·ab. RIG If T Bryan pr•H::tices so much that tie lia~ cal fo, ~sed finqers.


A Man For AU Seasons Sir r1.11or~: a rran tof'Tl beloyally Lo his conscience and to


his kint1, Rcllctt Bolt's dnirnil wa qlvcn

a finu r~nd ltio11 L i Is y ~a r by lhc Forum Society 1111der Lhc dir~ction of Phi I .~er­ lotl. Tt <llJ9h a lon9 and difficult play 1

it sll 11 c;ilmc vff v.cll ns both gond dranm

1~sson. 1l was cert..1i 1ly rt pla)• of v1tdda lit~ cn~lrc school can bP. prouJ.

'°ind · 1 e:xccllcnt moral

ABOVE RIGJIT: A bea11tifol qirl, Thoma!., but isn't .she a bi shorl? ABOVE~ Supretr.e irony--Crorm•Jel I and Rich consoirinq flq~inst

Sir Thomas u1lder the sign of 'The Loval S ibjcct. RIGHT: Meg, Roper, and Alice bring Sir Thomas his tinal good meal: parsnips at"d roast beef.

LEFT: Sir num1as More and Lady Alice-Ir only she could undcrst Jr1d., . 13rl OW: Who ever heard of a Spaniard spcak1n<J ti flutch Acec11t?

English wl h

LF=F'T: I rikdg~ :lll~uiancc ta Lie of King Henry VUI and to the tyrann~路 ror v/11lch It slands. ... ABOVC: No kidding? widcec

You' re an NWC graduate too?


tuouTiiaTb'~ AXf 18(1[Joro1

,.,. - - I


' 1..-


rOP LEFT= Hey! I can ~ believe that ies rP, rill)• L•s 9rr.iduati 11?- ABOVE: 'INhy so Rl~Jm fel I ow!.? Dnn t cry /\I, even i:lnother ,1t NWC co11ldn' l sai.i·e you fro11 G. A., ~o enjoy your gracluLJllon. UPPER RIGHT~ Jim {hire, who presented the oration in Lhe field of Humanities entitled, "Crnersnn and America, 11 receives his. diploma. RIGHT~ M rk :.! arl 111t1 prNH?t 1 ~ 11 !.- rrMtl on In •H:! fieln of Reli~ion, " he Chri!ilian and His Govcmmc nt . 1


CARLETO TOPPE President,. Religion

' Serious puroose has charar;terized your stay at Ncrthwestern. ot c:inly hrive yoo pul forth pa~ pable effcrt ta 'JCtin a coUcqc ~duCdlion1 you have also ta'(f!n a Iarge sL~p lownrd en .a~ng the most lita1 of pre>fessians, Lne C~risUan rr,inistry. You knm'I the work yoo ~ £11 soon be doing as an am bassadt.r for Christ h~s ctcrnf.11 c.onsequences. Yet your preaaratior1 fot this caning hc::s nol been L'lithout i s sidQ. It has been serious !mt not grimi it tms been purposefo1 but not stark. Good Feil owship, lruma, and hearty laughter hatA e 0

pt..nct.u ated the record of your }'ears at N arlhwe stern . They are also par . oi the good cheel' God

gi tes us rn lrfe . In M~JEMA you ndVe captured many of its moments . In H is wise and ige nerou s Providence they are not incompatible ·.vmth h~gh P'-'P t>Se ii nd serj O.•S endeavor.

U nc Ie T Uilc v: ants


~rou !

BOARD OF CONTROL: STA N01 G~ Pres. Carleton Tappe , Re,1. R<iy1t1011d Schultz, Arnold Sein eppe, Orrnal Kiesslin!), Rev. Jonathan Mahnke, Arnold Schu ann, Rev. Rooert J. Vr;,s st Pres . Wi lIia.m Ze 11 . S EAT ED: F red~rl ck Pahni ng, Rev . 'Walter Sc.human n, Rev . Reginald Siegler, Rev. Karl Gtrge I, Ge arge Reul .

ED 1NARO LINDE:MANN Dean of Men Religion, Football

l~OBf. RT


Tutor Cross Cou ntr~路, T

RICHA~D KOGLER Tutor F' aot ba H, BasketbalI






Librru'}', Librarian


Erne rge nc.~' ~ r.slructo of Gree 路




Greek, Hebre.




Heb e''*'

JERALD PL ITZUWEIT, M.A. Greek, Secretary



SYL V[ST C:: R QUA M, M . S .



J A ru1 E FRI cK!::. ~ngl rsh, Gi:;rrmrn


~11. A •

JOHN SULLIVA~, Ph.D . Gi:;rrn,rn, Phi lo5opl y, Sociology

DO NALO SELL NOW Religion, Histor:,f, Psychology, Golf


GERHARD FRANZMANN R€!1 igrn11 1 Hls. t~r;•, Latin

ERW'I N SCHARF 1-1 is tor~·


LLOYD THOMPSON Alhlclir; Director

EOG AR PIC PER, ru1. S, f1,fathcmal c~, 'Nresll r119,


EUGENE KIRST I M.S. SciP.nCP., Mrithr1i;it ic:s t Logir.:

ARNOLD LE H .~ANNt Ph. D. Mus. ic, Art. -:.•


~lous~mot her,

Ass istn11t Librnrian

MRS. SYLVEsT~R I yping





F(lculty Secretary Ass istant Ubr;:ulan

JANITORIAL STAFF: R. Zank, R. Schwefe l

W. rredricke. \.rv·. AILr.c11 r, C. J.1ns;1, V.•:'r. 81:.LOW: Bron\:.D Lank . 1 .(

NIGHT .JANITOR~ Al vin 13artl .

MRS. AR NOLD LE IHMANN, Admi nistration Sec~tary; MRS. RO NALO KAESC::RMANN, Bus iness Office Se ere ti:lty, GLEN PANKOW, B1JSlncss Mt111. g'.•r.

GLEN PANKO'W Bu~ i n.:?s s MJ 11a(Jer ht1rd ill work •

Kl TCHE~J STAFF: BACI<; Ch~t Hanke, A. Manke, L. Hi lk~rl V. Genz, H. Male .. , G. Maron. FRONT: M. Mc 1ch~r, • B~rgrtttJ1 1, C. lla.nkc, S. Br.iu11 Jnn.

MRS. HO WA RO HE ROLD Bookkf'cpcr

K rTCI l ~E S: F RO NT: D . Nolt I ing,

B, BerkPr, M. Frier. BACK; 0, Baumann, D. Rus5ow, P. YI~· isak~r .

FootbaJf P"• "Trojf!ns fi nislil•d tit: sea. rn with,, 2-2 r cJr( n Lne 11aw Uµper Mic~\•f's r- oolbJll C.ot ference and a 4 -4

ai.·~raU re<;ord . I\ hig·1 sµat was Lh~ 11 01 1e-r.ot1 in g '•' i ctory aver

DMLC bv 44-27. D:>Jg .•lr1ttek led the team or ll1c qro1md with 635 ~·ards. His br'olhar, J i111 I ·d 11 r -

cch•i1111 "'itl 182 yard'l •cl. Lead i fill ~ Cl'lr1!1' was f:r 11 He i qcs With 56 poin.s. MVP 1,•lark Zari i nq had the mos L . 011 lhc" Al I Cnnference Team were Zari i ·19) Hcig·:!!=:, Jin Mattek, Tom Nasss Dick Krause. M11rc

Frey, Tin Jnhnston, and Al S ... ir 11 t ze r .

TOP: Look m1t, H's the Connell xpra:..s ! Ml )DLE LErT: Heltr.r Skel._~r. ,•11DlJ U: RjCI IT~ Uo, up, and awa~· ! BOTTOM: •.. ahle to fea1> football fields in a sin9 le bnund.


LEF T: Follo·u vo 1r ul(>Ck -


SraNni e.

r•J i :c

ho le .

LEF"T;OO:J'Jie doer. IL i\ga in! Al10VE: "Get 011t flf ~he wa.y, ren 11 1


RIGHT: "Goal 1lne, here I come l 11 BOTTO ,11; Not n wch gels past . he~ e !Hll'S •




27 7


7 15 40 14

St. Ambrns c Conc:ord i~ (St .• Pa


Mill tin Dr. Martin L.uLher Co l ConGordia. (R. Forest) Mara riat ha Co nc ard in (Mi lwri ukee)




3.3 27



7 16 I

BACK ROW r- RO \•1 LCF T: 1 . Gurut1,, mgr. , I<. F re~, 0 • M~tlc k, R • Sc hoe mam1 , D. Himrn, M, Cordes, J. Grlu9cr; P. K ice a-r, P. Bir11°r, D. Scclhoff, 0. l<olander / D. Stronq, T . r-ri ckc. Tlll RD Row~ s. SchillN, R. Krauset 5. Sauer, M. Krriuse,, J , Ewinqs, 0. CJa,k, D. Biebert, N. Ra.dLke. D. Free, M. Voss# J . Nel son, L otsont S. Wil~ens. SECOND ROW: Coach R. Ko~l ar, L. Ponte I, T, Behnke, D. Voss, M. 8arenz, M. Wagner, J. Ruege, \ 11. Spaude, J. Adomeit, D. Putz, J . r1,1,attck, T. Nass, D. La ngo, L. Pl1nlce, J . Con-

ne ll. FRO NT ROW~ Coach L. Thonip son, W. Brass ow, G. Riese, R. Neuma nn, M. Sci roeder, J . Pope, 0.

Ru'SSO'N r w. Hei gcs, M. Gie'5 chen, M. Zar l1nci, A. Scl1mit:ZN, T _ John ston, M. Fre y, S. Ri'>tm\1 # Coach

L inclenian11, Coac.h Pieper .

Soccer This y~ar' s Learn had a i.•ery rinc LU' II JUL or ? 4 p layer.i many of he~ e heir q sen i Of"5 • The rc-cnrd fo.r l~.e year v.·as ant} 1-8-1. The wir) and


t 'I-re tije i::-.ame aqa inst nos s -tow 11 riVd I ra 11(3 tha. E cl Lehmann was se Iected lo the- A 11 Co nferenc:e Te~m.


\~arggraf qetti119

his kicks ouL o Ide.

ABOVE: 1Dor1 1t hit n1e ! 11 ~.~fODLIZ Ll!FT~ Norsk I a11d his hrot rs. S ANIJ I NG FROM LEr:'T; M. t'3 . 1r1 ~ _ Merkl , I}. Cat'lnvsky, B. Badcrt R. Sch 1rnJ.c:hN1 D. Pieper t R. 1111de 11 , D. Kaiser, A. B~H rr J. M~ld­ slad, M. 1:3rrkho z.t R. Schwao, B. Gerlach, E, Le'imann, M. Haefnert J _ Pracher~

T _ Kl us1t1c•,·cr.

KNEE Ll~~G: F'. Casmer / B • Marqgra F~ T . L i b'< a, T _ l::3ernard t 0 . Daw s.ofl, IC Bi l1lz, K. Tul Iberg.


Cross Country This year's cross counlry team did fair •f well_ ctkirn:i 4 firsts in I 0 di ffo.-ettl rr els. IU11hl~qlil of Lhe season was wh 11 lfte team Look first place ouL af clevr::11 teams al the Baraboo I n•,•irational. Ne:.:t ye ;' tci m should t1 wcll-5·1.?aso od grotrp with only one graduatiny lliis year.

RIG HT: "Do you Lhi nk it would 11 1rt less if we put our shoes an ? 11

ST ANDING FROM LEFT~ Dave Meis·l r_ Fr d Vo§S, Pnul M :eller, Phi I Birner, Coach l:iob KoQster. KNEELING: Richa,.tf Frost, Tom K nescr, Cliu~k Hu b r. MISS IN G: Larry GI rach. ABOVE RJGHT Look at Phil go! RIGHT: "I lhi n~ I tack a wrong

turn. 11


BasketbaU This year's bas~etool I teatt1 a u14 In pro\'oment from re cc 11l ycars • Tneir rec ord for Lhe year ~,as just be • lo'1\' .500 with 13 wi11s and 14 losses. After getting oU lo a good b-2 start, tht! tea n1 liad a bad losing streak, los~ I ng 11 I ne out of ten qmno & . Tl c rcsl al Lhc season turned out to be pretty good • Lea.di n-g t~.e team in hoth sc:ori nq and reuo 11 nd s 'IHI s Dan Mel?g ~ . Bruec Mel< e11 ny bad tne rnos t assists witli 102. A1so l'ligh on the scoring list were Paul Jan~e, J im .•latte'k, and Dan Scnmelif\r , Mel and McK o~my were named lo Lhe All Confcrenee Firs l and Second Tearns,

respect ively.

TOP LEFT: Graceful Janke shows hi!'. stuff. TOP RIGHT= Al~ we have i s picL~s Hke 1-tiinrn. ABOVE: Northwestern cheerleaders . LEFT~ Schme1zer scores!



DLE~ Mattek

aga111~ eh

Stu? MID-

looks For another vicL1m. BOTTOM: McKenny scores anather takP.down. BELO\V: MP.tzger helps him dt1bble.




Gateway Tech CRacine~


91 90 92

Gatev,ay Tech (Kenoshnl



77 bO

60 41 38



58 87 73



Madison Edgewood Cardinal Strlkh Co11cor<.lln (Milwaukee)

Belhany Brackhawk Tech


LI . Chi caqc U. of Chicago

St. Francis Lakela11d Mr lto11 Lawrence 1 laria n Cardina1 Stritd1 Gateway Tech (Kenosha)

56 97

Madison Edge·w~od St.


Concordia (Milwau\ec)


89 102

93 72 81

111 ckhCWJk fech 1ara natha


Gateway Tech (Rac•nc>


Mti.ranatha Beloit


59 69


83 o4

100 48 b6


73 78

70 99 94 98


80 66 60






88 89 84


---- ..,,,,,~~· --


ABOVE LEFT: Shoot! \ !lhal docs



l'te 1 s

doing? ABOVE RIGHT=. u Excus.e

m.e... I have to

make a ~is.ket. 11

STANDING FRO. EFT: Bi11 Natsis mw-., Mark Kolander Jadt B~cbt, Stu Zak, Paul Zell, Dan Sclimel?err Tom Nass, A5s istant Coact ~ich Kogler . SITTING: Paul Janke.- Bruce ~~cKc11ny, Rofl Ebert, Dennis Hirrm, Tim Unke. Dave Voss. Jim "Jattek, Coac;n L1 oyd Thompso11 • MISS rn G~ Dan MetZ9fr.


The Tro1an •,·tTC.stkrs had a sJccessful season this year. They got off to a very fi ne st.rirt, beatjnq GateW'rt}' Tech 51-0. The tetmt '> dual meet rccc.d ~~ns 11 11.i11c; .111d 7 lo~ses. s~nrors were Bill B;1ucr_ Marty Baur"' and Oavc Russow.


ABOVE: Coacfi Inig from the s ide ri nes . ABOVE RIGHT: Takedow n t'mc ! BACK ROW: P. Schleis, P. Pan itzke, J. E't.ings, A . Sorum, B. Badetr , M.

13aur, Coach E . Pi epcr. I\ ID DLE.: RO\\'= T. Hoffmann1 M. S1t1itfi , T. Knc~cr D. Put1.: 1 S. Wrlkcns. FRONT HOW: B. MnrgyrJf.,. J . WQber, D• Russ O\\' •



13 ;ider

1.3 -1.3- l

Marly 8LJur Jerry Ewings Tot i Fricke Tim Hoffmann Tom l<ne5er

23 • 4-Q 14-10-0

Pele Pnnilzke Dave!' Russow f1.1fali'k SmHh J.eff Weber Dave Putz Bruce Mt.1rggtaf StP!Je WIIkens

1'1 Soru m Paul Sd1 la.fs


0- 2 ~o 6-15-0 11-1 l-O

16- 9 ..0 14-1 b-0

8-16 -0 6- 2 - 0

6- 1- 0 .3- 1-1 5- l-0 0- l~O

BowHng To lhr~e teams this ye-ar we"e Waterte1~v n Bew I, Parts Haus Ltd... and Fir~t State Savings_ Pres ident th~ b .'.'ling leaq ue ~ as Dave Hein, 'i.f i ce-pres i dent


was Mi' e, and -

se-crctary "'as eumann _

r.' cus

FAR LEFT: 11 1 alwa·is p ut my 1ueight be hi u! It. 11

LEFT: 0 1 never get a slt1 ke !1 BE LO~,.- 1.rhat form f

r.. ID DL E= Wi nners, Mgh

gmnc: 0;.i le: Kless iq; high avg.: ProL Spaude; hi9h ser ies= Brue~ Hanneman.

LEFT; t• 'inninq teart1; Brui::e Hanneman, Richard Frost ~ Prof, Oalll bcry, Dale IJ, p1us Bob Schmidt, s pons <r ~


BasebaU Northc,,-,c stern basebfll I ..,, ~s liurt 21(1ai n this year by ne-xperl nee. I neon . . isl~ncy hJ Ui tlq and fie Icl i nq d



ta a 4-12 scrJson. The four tap hi tter5 on the tt1'<1111 Wero Douq L.1nqc (. 38 H, D{:trny llimm

L.35 b}, Dru1 Gawrl~ch L.345J, and Ooug Free (. 2 70). Keith Free lrnd

most r~Bl' s w•Lh 13.

RIGHT: Let's put sorne

stee I on lhe ball.

Not enough nrcfl, Rmh1 ! RIGllT: '11 hope I • 11 drdn' t 1:1et ;uw dusL OJI "lour shoes. -... ABOVE~

BACK ROW FROM LEF I: Coach Ed Pieper, Slatistician Lee Punke. MIDDLE R0\1\1: Dotjg l~e,. Da,te

Kolar:ider, Roqer rJPumann. Drive Voss, PetP. Klecker, Tam Libkri. FRONT Row·~ Keith Free, Dale Klessig,

Torn Fricke, Dan Griwrisch, Denny HI nm, SL.eve Schil l~r, Stevr- Wi Ikc ns .

ABOVE: "Throw it over this way, turkey ! 11 MIODlE LEFT: Nobody steals 5econd from Keith Free. LEFT: Wh~n the qoi nq qets tougr, the Louyh get gai ng.


Track This year's season '<is <1 big disappoirittnent dut to UM! ...:iiny seas on and the I r.ic.k o~ c!e~h on the t~am. Despite this., <£eve:ral i rtd i 1J i dual s broke s cl1ool ~s _ Larry Gier ar.Ji broke the 880 record ~·Jitl1 a 2~00. 1. T~ rrule relay l~am (Gie5c;he11,, Birner, Cnnnc ll , and G1uacM ran in 3;33. 99. The same. group ~t a new rec ore! in the di s~ance medl ey retf.l)' witf· a 10:55 _2. The 880 ye!. relay team ( Sch-

mitzer, Ro.i:smatt, Heyer, a11d Nel sool broke th~ sc;hool re&~d wil:1 n 1~38 .2. Paul f. ueller ran a 1 1 ; 1 9 to set a school recor d In lhe steeplediase.

ST ANDING FROM lEFT= Joo Rassman, Jim Ne l son, J·m Connell, Paut Mu~l lcr ... Phi I 11 e~-e r 1 l arry Gierad , Coach L1oyd

ThorttPSOtl, 51.... Tr~IG~ Phil Birner, ,fark Gieser.en, Br!lwnie Schniilztt, Jim

'Krause. TO P ~ Heyer goes ·1igher. · IDOLE: The Notex'i Ol. s Jun11i nq F roo of CJ'th Oak ota, RIGHT= Rest in pea~.

TOP Ll::FT: Ra:xar111e, ahlt., .. TOP RIGliT: Cri1sh lanai nq. MILHJU:. LEFT: Cl).'111fll'.1 dO"n·n tile l111rnc ' trt'"'' • MIDDLE RIGHT: "I thought lhl s Wfl!i the

swirn1~1i nq pool! 11 LEr='T~ A ty pical day



life of Lrad. men,


ABOVE: "Nulc.rack r Suite" or Om bnsketbaU co l. TOP: FOOTBALL Cli AMPS: STANDING: Bob Ku;aw-

ski, Ed Zel I, Joe Ley~, Lee Neujahr. I( NEEL ING : Pete ScrNe, ~路1ikc Tham, Rn.ndy Lei fer, Tom N.=turiann, J 11T1 Kieler, Jolin Dorn, Milch M~lon~y, Rick W~l ds chrnidt.

ABOVE: ASA BASKETBALL CHAMPS: BACK ROW: Russ Schf'li dl, Paul Mtieller, Marcus Ncw1 .inn, Mark Schul z. MIDDLE ROW= Bill NaL!, Randy Schoen1r:inn, John Ruege., FRON f ROW: John Rossm;rn, Jim

Bredes on, Gary KiJJTii n.

TOP LC::rT : NBA BASK CTIJALL CI IAMPS: Ed Zel I, Bil l Heiqes, Jirr Sthumann, D;1n Gaw .. rise\ Tim Johnslan, Tor11 Jeske, Steve Steinet. T0 P RIC 11 T: TDug 1 ,a ell Dt1 Jticcr lhc bards . ABOVC : VOLLEYl3ALL CHAfi.i1PS: Lee Punke, Mil<e Thom, Ji 11 Manek, Ror1er Neuria'"ln, Lee Ncuja ''"路 Doug L::rnge. foHSSINC: Slu ZL'lk, TonN ~J~~.

IND OOR SOCCER CHAMPS: C OU NTrRCLOC KWI SE: Mi."1rk Henke, Phil Hayer, Mark Bauer, foHke Sp "'..1 de,, J 1m Proe ber, J 11"1 KI ~fer, J oh n Dc.irn ~ E lt~r~路 Groth, Ji m Admue1t.

ABOVE= 11 Walch out fer the ~ i lllJ Iot, Do.ig !'' UPPER RIG HT: \tVill he or won't he? RmHT= 'JAii rmght guys, gel fir~ up out lhere !




BACK ROW= Doug Mal-

tek, , ark Voss, Tom Jeske, '路路1ark Bauer, Dan

Scliu:elzer, FR ONT R0\'1t'. : P31d Janke 1 Tim

UnkE>, BH I HeJgcst Tuttf"

Don 5~.t.C>Tir Jim Mattek , Tim Jo"'".nston.


Golf ~ n its first seas on p~ a路ti riq Independent, the golf team's. record was somewhal be-law p::ir.

A Ithough ma st mate hes were played i n the ra~ n, the t~arri ,,.,. fls ab1e to pla~r quile well and cons iste ntl y for .e e~ Iy spr1 nq seasnn, m1d loaks forward Lo next s~a~on. SL ff cri n9 onl 路~ the loss of senior Cd Zfl:l I.


fl?O'W~ L~ N"u lahr, Cd Zell, Mark Wn~ner t T011 Bc:'mkc, Don Schei erlein, Co~ch S I Inow,

K NEELrNG: Rreh \Narneke, Mrttk Schulz., Tarn Kneser" Mark Smith, T Ol'l Kri9baum.

f~ a birdie r ABOVE: How could you miss SCl!mNhing Lhal biq? ~

LEFT: Its Kne:r

F ollowinq the orecedenl set in recent ycari;, the Tro1,:n tr:rmi s Lf!am rol lcd 11ndcfo,1tl"~ seiall 6 O Ral ~a c:a1 '~~ii mr-1ny

Ihro11qh nn

:r,nn ll11s year wilt

record. of the m;:ilches to be c::ince?-lled. The m?st ex-citinr.i 111as ayttinst WnitewC1ter •.I • V, '~, in wh. ch o tc i1 ni won 5-4.

STANDING FROM LEF f · Tulor s Buc9~. Tam Ntlss, Bruce Becker, Jjrr Proeber. I< NEELI f\:G : Dave

Gmndmeier, KPith f ullberg,



A80VE: Nas~'s spcc:tncu,nr serve. RIGH T: Frcrl ge ls rr::rid~· to kHI nne.

Sentenced To A

Minimum Of 4 Years


L~ FT ;

Snmconc lock him up.


Kurt L~1£' nt?-bu rg, Tirn G11mm,


BiUt!:r, Steve WJlkens,

r11,ark Vos 'SI 0 i ck ',11-lrti n. FRONT ROW: Dave l<olander, Jeff Seel ow, Kellh T\Jtlberg, Dii.:k Die ner, Douq Free. LOWER RIGHT: l arry Olson, Keith

Oilitz, Dca •11Ja\•,so11, Gnry Wii:;kerL, Pete Birner, Steve

Srluf'r, Rick Johnson, Rick Wari1acke I Roger s loanr Br IJCI' McKenney .

UPPCR LEFT : Pete K1C!i:kc,,

Bll1 Runke, Mark Cordes, Dennis Himrn, nean BiebErt, Da\1c Huebner, Dave Clark,

D.1~.·e Nottl i nq,.. To ·n Fri ck e . MIDDLI:.. LEFT: rt's a 9 of c1 ~1bs , l(C!ith. LO\lVER LEIT BACK ROW: Don Pt,ssehl, Tom Gumm, Tin- Kan , StcvC! Todd, Tim Muelh~r. F RONT ROW: Dave Seelow, Dan Seet-

horr, Mark l<raws~, Phil Spaude, Dennis Strong. UP-

PE:R RIGHT; You 11C!Vcr could 1Jro•1,


bP.arti, cou 1d you,

I< rt? MIDDLE RIGHT: \'1/alLirtQ f0t Cinderella, f om?


UPPER LEFT: They ca II hfm Rex _fllcr. Ml DOLE LEFT: You don'L C:"Jll lhrH. pfle? UPPER RIGHi

BACK ROW: Kerth Joi In, Dn~ Olicon, Jim Zl1utnc • FRONT Row~ Dan Wh lltie~, P~ul Vl1Jisnk~r, Torn M<Jlc-

ncy. MIDD LE RIGHT BACK ROW: Dave Roocrtson, Bob Smith, Jeff Carter, Mike Loesche~, Ellery Groth. FRONT ROW: Randy Wintel'S, Ke.n GrccrMalcl, To111 Rawa1 . LOWER RIGHT~ Ha flPYCr did h~ng nroun~ too

Iontt 11 Her that .

UPPER LCF T~ Ke •in Salzwedel, Brian Oos.e, f\o.ival Kock, Je1Ty Ewings .. Pa.ii Schleis. MIDDLE. LEFT: u.'h~l a chorus line 1 LOVVER LEFT~ Chudc H ebnt!r,

Pete Press. UPPER RIGHT= Tom Libka, Randy 1~1uer ler, Greg Borl<., Steve -.~erten , ~1ike Meyer,. Al Lonn~ quist. ~, IDDLE fff H"T'": I won't tell, jf )'OU dt>n'·.


Sophomores Flying High

UPPER LEFT: You h,a'rl~ to sil ~it lo f1~·. MWOLE LEF : ff j ch Ktaus~, Mark Barenz, •.tat'A Birknor z,. Paul Zell AT Baur, Beck, Do g rda.lte\:, l< ei th Free / John Rue9e. UPPER RIGH T BACK ROW: Rick Scheibe, Tom Behnke, Randy S choe mann, Al S ornm, Pete S erwe / r\'J.a \Vaqner, Tim He11ni ng. FRO T RO~·V! Den Pieper,. Larry Ponte I, Nate Ract e. 1

P.1 IDDLE RfG Hl: Surprise:,

you're on Canditi Came~. LOWER RlG HT: Is that your Jerry LC'.v is 1 h 1i tnt ion, ~ i ck?

UPPER LEFT: Let's hope Steve i5n 1t preqnant. LOWER LEFT BAGI< ROW: Jim Nelson, Keilh Amborn,. Conrad Pre I I. FRONT ROW! R.Jss Schmidt, Jeff Gunn, John Dorn. UPPER RIGHT: Scott Cooper, Mark Scl1ul:, Greg Schuli, Mnri<. Rieke, Jim Flschcrr Mike Feucrstahl1u, Jeff Schal lcrl, Tom S:nlLn. LOW1I::R RIG IT: You do11 1t get rirsL pince tnat way.

UPPER LEFT: Russ r::tirlnqes

league$ ancl profits, LOWER LEFT~ Nate le:-iv~s tJerens~ grovelling .al his hee ls. UPPER RIGHT: Studyinq hcird? MIODLE RIGtlT l'3ACK ROW: Mark llcnkc, .1011 Ro!lsman, Jeff Good, Mmi<. Freier, Don Scheuer l cin~ Gary Ka 'llin,

Jr111 Orc•crns.on. Hc~·c~



Marie Bawer, Bill Natsis,

LOW1 R l~IG llT: D le l(lcssigr

Rich rrC.>st, Cave Payne, Pau Thlerf~lder, Mike Wolff, Steve ft. is chk c... Torw ri ttk 111:111, r1,11arCU!.

Neu ni.1nn.


U PPCR LEFT; That brb would iit yau real good,. Tim. LOVvER U:'.FT~ Gees, liey, what yoti doin'-, UPPER RICH r:

lsn'l iLa little early for Sem Panic.? O\tVER RIGâ&#x20AC;˘lT: Bruce .1arggraf1 qi ch Krause , Dan Schurra nn, Pete Par.itz:ke, Jim Gauger, Slc\1e w. ;ght, Dave Vo~s, T01~1 Jesk e, Oan Schmelzer, Paul Jahnke, -im Ur e.



have you tv.·o

been doirq? LOWER LEF T ~ Ario ler al I-

nighter, Al? UPPER RLGHT= Vanted--



beautifu l girls for

a pair of el ig1bles.

Etiginles .t'hat I dun 1t lrnoL•, . .HODLE

RlGHT BACK ROW~ A.da'?l He ne~er, Joe Crema, Earl Wales, Bruce Hanneman. F'RONT ROW: Bruce Bec~er, Frank Son ne , Ste1e Schi· lcr. LOWER RIG'H , : ~'\fhat did you tel me to eat, Fred?


Juniors Start The Dive Early




Terry Laabs, Rick Lun.:t . Jci11 Egriert, Strw~ Pope, IRON T R0 1-1~ Carl s.:wlnger, Terr}' Baloqh r [30:.:i 'K ujaw!:kl, Randy Le>ifer. Ml ODLE Ll:.f : Je ff WclwriJ C'1 lc11n Scf,\vanke,. Jeff Heard, John Rhym~,

n11ilsch 1 Bob

Chi cl( Corl.fifJht, Joel Frt"drich, Phi I Merten, Slt.!l/r L1lo11LI 1e, Matk Kock. LOWER LEFT: Sho·u and TcU i•1 German clar.s. UPPER RiGUT: Terr~· has gone off tie de~p ~nd again.

TOP= J in Pope, Bil l B asso•.r,, J im ~a.ttek, Tom asrs, Mark Schroeder, J lri Ac!omeJL, . ike Spaude, Doug Lani;c , Let:? P1.mke , J ir11 Connell_ Dave Putt, GreCJ Riese, Rog Neurnarm. LOWER LEFT ; An1·thi nq is better than kitthie foQd. MWDLE RJGHT: Mikf:! Thom , Jim Proo!)~. Bill Schaefer, Tim Hoffrnann 1 John Paustian, J im Pope . LOWER R I GHT~ BeUet stick ta Fri I ing 1~p ga~ tanks, Rog.


LEFT: An am;ient scholai or campus. r•lJDDLE LEFT BACK RO\•'l! Jim Kiefer, Gal')~ Kraklow, ~~ark Smith, Fred Vo5'.li . FRO ~ff RO •. Jim Adocteit, To11 ~<neser, You ten me, Bill UPPER

Brasso' , Tom Krigbaum. LO WER

LEFT: ,Jim

La119bort.els, Joe Leyrer1 Lee Ncuja r. UPPER ~. IDDLE: Unc ean, unclea n. UPPER RIG MT: Torr holds a hat 1robe belt in U e art of sclfdeferse . LO',~'CR R'GHT~ C·1arles eJp, Paul Tu l Iberg, Jon Kruschel, Al Herman, Dav~ Mei stet.

U PPE R LE Fl: Art~r yo 11re dane clca11lny yo toes with the Loo\hhrus h, you can clean rnin.e, Ml DDl E LEFT: Dogs of the world, don't feel bad, l'tvcn t e J(l't'I Man has fleas. UPPER RIGllT~ Please, Prof Friedhvfswerkersw i twehtâ&#x20AC;˘n dw e is enre nle nentp Fanqbes che Ioogung auf U Im, ju"St one bite of your leg. Ml DOLE RIG HT

BACK ROW= Dennis BeltP.r, John Schuetze. Mike Albrechlf Mark G1rthmiller, Tim Wi kel, Don Toller~ 01i_ Tom Na1.11wnn , FRONT ROW~ Tim Pel-er.Sor - MHch M;i 1or "Yt.. Mike M rkel. LOWER LEr T: 11 Luc.k~,i' at his best. LOWF R RIGHT: YaJ wa Jld11 1 t dare! IJ uI J that It!veir r '"'IJU Id you ?

Arnie's Army Storms Aga in

R0 IN 4:

s - Rls.lO'la' s f

Merlcn, D. Dbcon, T.

Laabs , T. Benhke, D.

Ko Iar der, P. Scnle is _ ROW 3: K. AmbOi'n, T. 'Ne-slra, R. Rh'.}'nc , T. Plath, M. Kit ze row, R. Hollz, IL SchrrHz. ROW 2: J . Renz, M, Young, J . Carte.-, R. Hoitt, D. Pulz, J. Baer, 0, Kl c~­ sig. ROW l~ R. Sdmlt:z:, ..J . Latzf:"1, f\iL Siiaudc, R. ~~ oltz, J, Berg.

RO\lV 4: P. Th ierfeldl!'r, P.

Heyer, G. Borti:, T. Tatman.x, D. Pieper, G. Schul% 1 P. Lc11, T . Kl usme~er. RO~V 3 ~ M. Frey. T. H0Ffmn11, S. Manthie, M. Riekc, T • Hc nni ng, R• Sch uttuchr r J , Kruschcl. ROW

2: M. Zarlr11g 1 D. Kuckhahn,

C. Thomps~n, LL Z1ll eget;,r

13. lauersdorf, L. Ke IC i:. Leh matln. ROW 1: M.

Spa ude, S , M111 er, Kianka, 5, Spiluuc, ~·1. Cube, A. 0. Lenmannr Dlrec.or _ ROW' 0= I<. Drums



Pep Band Beats It Up LEFT;


Atrit:nrte ·o the Music Oeparttnen

BE LO W; Pep Band; T. KI l$ rt1e1•er,. D• Rosenow,. 1 Ll. Rieke, R. Sc~·wab, J. Ren;z, 0. Put1, P. heyer, G. Sr.hulz, T. Hoffmann_, D. Peiper, S. Rislow, R. Sch~rrachtt, T. Henning, T. Bei· e,

R. Schieae <GOOF'ING ARO UNO>, T. Laabs CO DRUMS>.

CE JTER= A one, anc - vo, am:. a Three .... LEF : True E"Lhusiasm!

The Ma fe Chorus Completes A BLisy Schedule I

BACK ROJN: !!:, Gruth, P, Tliierfelder, M, WJIFf, A . Gumm, S. Pope, J. See ow, M. Haefner, t . .Nass 1 S. Mischke. THIR D R0\1V: T, Hoffman, T. Gumm, M. Rieke, R. VoswinkP.,, R. J ohns on, R. Mueller, M. Guthmiller, T. Hennr 11~1, f_ Voss. SECOND ROW: J. C;irtcr, S. Monll1i c. J. ConrlP.11, 0. Dixon, T llrnhke, J, F ischer,,. P. Setw I J, R n:r, M. ZarUnr, f>. Pi.'lnlLzJ<~. rRONT now~ J. Bare, J . R •gc, R. Smith, J. Procb!i!r, 1'.11. F~ier, S. Sauer, K. Billh., F. Ca~rner1 E. Lehmann.

BACI< ROW~ C. Springer, M. "\'~1 lclt._ ",•1. r1.11riloney, J. Heard, J. Dorn, J . l<ruschel. FOURTH ROW: T. G.Jmm, M, Plaqen11 T. L;ir\lls, G. Scll.111, J . Brck, T. Rj]weorLs, M. Loescher, S. 'Nr1o~L. TH IRD ROW~ M. He-nkc:, D. Hueob11er1 P. Tu llberg, M. l(r~~e , R. Scnci~ R. Warnecke, T. Na~r1ann, D. Sce lhoff, D . Kr:lm. SECOND RO'N~ R. Schumacf1er M. Wagner, M. Schulz, G. Krak low, 0. Ros~tl::l't'a', D. 1

Scheuer1ein, K. Ari born_ G. Hieb, D. NoLLIEng. f RONT ROV1.'~ N. Radtke, 0. PuLz 1 B. Rurket N. l< oc ~ T. l(tint, M. Cortc'9, T. Frrckc, D. P:aynt"t T . Brln'<man,. T. f1.11ud lcr, K. So l zwcdr: I.

The "fouring Chorus Hops About The State

BACK RO\i'J~ S. Sau~r, J. Pt.,::i拢?ber, R. Vos. 1.路i.Uel, J. Sedow, C. Springer,. G. Scnuiz, M. Wagner, D. Huebner. MID ROW: T. Gumm,.. J. Fischer, T. Henrling, R. Warn_Qckc, D. See!lhGff, B. Rutlle, R. Schei be. FROftlT ROW: E. Lchmarm, M. Zarling, M. Freier, D. RosenO\\', D. Scheuerlein, N. Radtke. 1

ABOVE: let 1 s see now, where am I? LEF'T ~

Some do and some do11 1t ... use

music, that Is,

A Picture:

ABOVE; STANDING· M. ~I :i~f l'liQr, R. Schwab, R• Vo:swlnl<cl, M, Saltier, C. tluebm'r, J. Carter, SIT-

1'NG: ~·i. Plagi::nz, I<.

Pascli~ R. Jah~n11esr O. Hein, R. Sc~midL MJDM DLE RtGHT: Photograph~· 1 doesn t rn::an just takinq fl i ctures, you have Lo Iook at ttK\ui a nee in "while too. RIGHT: Exactly how vou dev~ I 0ip~ a oi c:turc ~" i th a 1tght on i5 a mystelj' lo

some . Other's k110'1t' , FAR

RIGHT; Whal n ouy h:is lo 90 thrci ua It to cie~ n pi Gturc of l1lms.c h ! 1

Worth A Thousand Words!?

The Stops Are Pulled And Pi1pes Open


BACK: B. Ger lach, R. Smith, R. Vo~wlnkel. FRONT~ C. Springer, .~. Zarliny,. J_ Cggc-rl, J _ Renz, ~~ .


ABOVE: BACIK ROW: R. Warnecke, M. Hilf'fner, fv1. Plaqcn1, S. Ristow, J. ScelGW. TlllRD ROW: R. J aFins on, M. KDch, r. Tul Iberg, D. He i n..t V. lia adrl ck, J. B01.Jrman. ::,E CONO ROW! M. Loescher, J. Fischer, l. Hoffm:in, G. SchL'rnnkc, 0. Rosenow. FRONT ROW: R, Nalclan, J. Rt:nz, T. Ra'li\1erts,, J . Bare â&#x20AC;˘


Keepers Of The Records

ABOVE: Wl1at


start of a

mess. UP PC: R RIGHT: ~l\CK~ T. G111nm, T. Jeske, T . 1< lu51111P.":rierl A. Gumm, S. Wr;lJhl. MIDD E~ S. RisLow t M. C•cst.l1e11, C. 1111 '1nrr, f1,11. Pla~­ ABOVE ; E:d1 tor M, Haefner , He enz, F~ONT: J . Fischer, \~. I lacfner, D. Hein. ~,qss I NG: really doesn't knm•, any more J. Ne Ison, R. Wi 11tc rs (epidem- aboul pla u ing tl m book than 11yone else , he j11st fakes it '1Ptte . ic case "fr ••• >

ABOVr: Tori shows lhc cover never lo be r,cc-n.


Python Productions Produce



ABOVE ~ Editor' D. Far1ey. His LE FT TO RJGHl: C. Cortriqht, C. Springer, 0. Russow, T., f1,1,. Wa~ner, R. St.111111 achcr~ fu1. WoldL, M. asp1ral1011s etre f1 mil 'I r.omi119 >. f-nr,ey. KN r LING: M. Sc rot'cl er, r:ippciro11 , UPPCR Rlr.ll T: Python Wolff, D. Plr!per, L 0. Payne 1 D. Garlovsky. Ml SS ING : C. PC)tosnyak, (, LehProd . .1c:t ions Pr路 nters .

mann, M. AlbrechL.


On Stage STEPS A 0 TOP PLATFORM; Chuck Pmosnya , RJss Schmidt, I erry Laabs, Da1e Hein (pres J, Eunice Steiner,,. Mike Al!lrecht, Lai fâ&#x20AC;˘,,,ittelsteadt, Phi I Merton, 0

Carmen Ret11Je, Kri!: Seefeldt. ST ANDING

0 LO\\(ER PLATFORM: Dan Dixon, Mai< C<rdes, D<Wan Fischer, Mike Plagenz,

Gcvy Kamin, Steve ..Hsc h'<e / M<W'k Fre 1e:r1 Ri~ Scooibe, Rnnc!y Leifer, Dale Klessig .

FLOOR LEVEL: Brian D~e, Rod Sc:hwab, Steve IP ope, Steve Ristow, Jim Fischer, Jim Rent, Ste\le ~. erton. I\ iss i ng: Bruce Becker, Jim Bare, Tom K lusmQyer, Jeff Gunn, Jim Kra:use.

ABOVE: \'Vh1 look so apprehensive, Schutz_ you kn0'1. I do.11 l puH out the knH~ unti l Act Tfuee? ABOVE RIGliT; It's a new thing c:alled ytol. ~w drin it anc

bett~ ~ R'GHT; f-"is.cher can already operate that lightipg board Ii e an otd pto--V ERY old~

::c>u'U sleep much


Sir Thomas a.E\:.!:! ••11011J c:01t1e the b, d i;r11115 alway!'i hilVf' tunni/ must!lchcs Jlld Wl:!ar hlac.k ? 11 ABOVE RrGHT: Mike al•1,Jy!. did ~nO'N how to l'"iow hi rn..•H:.lf int::i his ports. LC:FT: Prnr.tii::e Roe-son despite tile Un


M.111 1s

rcCARrv1E Ndatrom• . 13ELOW

LEFT: Don't •\'orry # Chuck ""~ i 11 protec::t ;•ou from the biq, l~1cl ·rr<1i:lrr""'!11. BELOW: "And pl~asc let Uw ,md I~ 11ce put I ots of monc: y i n.t.::i the c: oll e r::ti on ! 11


The Decis1i1on Makers: Dorm Council & Car Committee BELO\'V: Dean Lindemann_, M. Cordes., J. Nelson, T. Schnke, O_ Hein, [). ..1yers., K., T. Laabs, G. Krrifdoi."•'r P. Kie ~er.


Translating problems a.e dist~sec! by

Emesl \• endland, Translatron Co-(Jr"d;naior of the L ~heran Church of Central Africa_

ABOVE: STANDING: TulOc" R. Kogle1, Prof. 0. Sellno111, Dean E• L i ndetl"a nn . SI.,,.. Tl G: 0 . Rosenow, D . Russ ow /

T. Winkel. UPPER RIGHT ~ O.C. Pres. Daniel Myersdorf; the man 11-.1·ho brolrqht ten te foosbiJll to i-'te ~~ 'lC campus.

~ ·1he

Muscle Gets Things Moving''

LEF T: ATHLETJC BOARD; 0. Russaw , A. Set mitur, J. Nel~nn, T. Ncis;1 J. Cor.netl . BELOW: INT RAMURAL BOARD STA ·JDING: J. Ne lsoo~ L . Punke, Sf TT1NG= N. Kock ,

B. Nolan.

'· C{ub STANDl G~ .M . Hadnc:r, T. Kneser, T. Nass, J. ?o~, F. Voss, G. Krakle>'a\1 1 J. Proeber, J. ConPP.11, P. Par" tt ke, D. Sc;hmeh:er, M. \ "qf')?r, D. Voss, T. Jahrts ·on . SITTING: BAC K: T. Hoffmann, A . .Schmilzer / G . Riese..£ l:L l3rasso1i:1 . ~~IDDL E: h' ~ G"t:!s.chen, 0. f,rundtneier, .1. Z.arling, .1. rrey, D. F. arley. FRONT: J. Gauqer, J. 'el son, f<. F .ros. l, J .


D. Putz.


The Ensembles: Jazz & Spazz

ON STAGE: Dir~c:tor S. Ristow, P. He~1er, J. Carter, T . ~ e1 n in~h G. Schulz. T. Nass. BACK ROW:

J . Fischer,

Bourman, J. Renz1

j. [)

Putz, T. Hoffmln, S.

Merten, G. Borg, T. Laabs. O~, FLOOR: D. Pieper, A. Lom:q1115t 1

0. Ro~enoo路, R. Schwab, R. Rhyne, M.

Rieke, R. Sch1.1mache1, T. Kl us11 eyer .

ST/\NDI NG: r. Laabs, M. Sdirneder, {B. Cat)

F. Voss, C. Sprlnqert J. Scl11ml.1e, t< N~~L1NG~ R. Rhyne, C .

Cortriqht, J. ConnelL ~ LLD: S. Slel mu. TOP LEFf= Always on U1e ball during concerts. fi.iUDDLE RrG HT: Cons uHaliun time.


~ o.'l

6A li't

All I 11~n, WI 1. MA1;:11r~

fl'.S.UL W, 6ADF.R 'v'Hlord lno, '4t-b, ~o otb II • ~ 2,3; Vut'stlln::i: l..2, 3 14; .Soccer: •1; lnlrtt mur~ I ~= 1, 2,~ . .i; r..i er ii>: i.~.'.1 .4; c:t.•S: 3, <il, M·• ht r:t1Qt1:.; l: BW'l, Hiil;

1o,1or1I~ Olli lv \'t'r • l :~ . •• StM,



I Cvr.

Foo11..::.ll rt.a,-iagi+r: 1; B;isk..-tb"'lr 1~bind 11cr 1, 2; Cro~s Cuunlry: ?.J lnlriil r 1uriil •: l.~.~. 1; Dor '' Co1>1icll : Ir _,,,, S; Ftwrurr1 1.2,J,4; lletl"'sdn Cig Birl.J\tuu: l,Z; R.A. -l; CflorV'!:

'/l~Jll ng: 1.,!,~,'1 Socc:or l, Z, ,,~! It 1f,J I U'iJI': i,2,,,.Q, '

l:ri']!.r;t<(I to f'.it••tort:t.r; F ... orlld lllblo 1Jcra111 5?1111. ·11

Cl~. l.Z,~ •.f; YR ~. 1: 5 t< "~ ·l.1 Bi'.! Brv h'ff': l; CC S: 3 ,~; Moll..- Ct11:m.~s: l; ~l ~" 'llf: G-.:lod clolti~;. Md TUtk, Mttrl~, 1.ourllrt Bi i it 'JC'm:: Aom11•1~

(1:2.S. SCM.

.U·21l .•. stM,

1,2,l,:l; Scalol Cilmorun1: 3,4;



PIHUP M. BlRNE:R B1rlo11, M i d i,


Cr ·~~,

rwtliJtl : 2; ln\r.3n·~ l t: l ,'-,'l, "1,.!i: F:irurn: .3; BeH1c~:la Bi 9 Bni<:ncr: 1,2: Bil• i:: 1,2,3,4,5; Choru~: l, 2,lli, 4; Mi 1e11a Chorus: 1: Tour I 11(1 l.!t10tlllt 1,.2: ~1911 !.l .. 11 I c K::irc!I\ Sci II r·ttt; f',1vDP'l l11 Bibi e Vl'tM!': J~hn 1.5· l ; S£M.


[;lruuni::s, W.!!sl i:tglon

M l h"-~uk 11,


l ritr~m urel s.: l,Z, 3; Btoll 1,.v.f,1 Bi !J Bra'h.u: l; Choru:o: 2.; A•1')'!lr11T 11,•;rnt ea ha1u 11n °"rf() ijl.A!hrl C feCl)(d 'I'• ' I r;i yQll' jlu

DI hlo


I C1t1. 12• .iJ; •iEM,




1,2,),4: 1,2,),4; r 1 1 r .i~ .111.r:irs: 1,2,.3,4; N t:lut.· l,.2,3, 4; COS 3.'1;; F.!1,1~1lc BibJ" V('rttt: I Cot. '10: U, SE M, Crvu


JJIM::.S C. ~OUI~, N SL. P 1 JI, \~Inn , lntr:'lmtr-!'11~ · 2,J, •1, ~hoto Club ~; Bclhe~d .1 Bi i: Br·:.i' 1e~: l. 2, ~; (:l'Oru\: J.. ~,t.1: T oi., tllj C IJOl'i.. s:

1, 2


IJ'i\ vrcr C/I R LO VS:k. 'f Pl '.fl"'Olith, MI tlr.

J::n:;r ~ nscm blo · 11; Scol n

C,;iinlt•ru:1 • <:, Di1c c .,, ~ , •1 ..r ~ U d I0 l'i()Jll.1 M~ 11II1111; 'II, I lo""'~ to r-Ja,., UI' ' l 1 ka • 7 t1atJr •


F ''"Jr,



13• bl d




) 0

vrn !CF<'ER T

aAv1 0 1 A.1~L['r'


~il1J '"'""' r.11~1·' ~"Im .1'ln•1: 'l, 2~J .4, N

.) ,JI,

1,2,): tn(,..\m ur .• I~

i.:i.::!, 1 ros: Lo9q1: I' •.r0rl to 141 bl11



l Core. \6: U: SL"',


G.t.rl', '1o: Cs 1 4: ( "t b f'Ji ~IWlh 91tlf 1 V"r 1: M r1 '2'1: ~£ M.

SOCQq,.: .' .! , 4:

U Cl•r

Tr.1~k1 'l.,,'l~

111 vcr lla DI b~o 11C'i""' 1 I,

U.! :u:


llOR"iroJ G, Fr.SC'"lt:R t~~L"l'I I • ,,,, ~.

lrill' 1m11r I• 1, 2,';},

::ii;n;cc-r: 1, 2: tn•· :.',3J

B iYI. 2,,,4 l:iJll or: U H rd l, 2: Ch fLlll: ) 2,3, TOl•li'19

Chbl""J~ 1, .!): ll'l:p . l,t: Jan [n:.c-rnblt': 1,~ : I l Ltm.;;i.n:

Z,J,il; -".,.11,

' .... Pr ~ Ii M .11'1Ut:l ll!i; 1.2,!l,4; COS: 3, I Clrl.'!"11~ 1, 2, :t, f,.: 'i'r.tiwl r :i Cho tu : 61, J: J.'r,..rJ: Sl>CC ·•f :


1i rr1c..i11 l,


r. .=. 5(\4 f.lil

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Tennis: l,2_,.3,.4; lnl:ramur:s l.s: l, 2,~, .;: Bot.•11 l'l'J: 3; N CI u.u 3, •1; CO~: l, .t!!, Pina, How 011n rPJ.r p a " fa var l'la p.uw.:1911 aLlt or l'll!' Bibi c 1 SE:M.


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Wilt.J/IM 0. HECGES Tol11':10, Ohio

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CDll.lnlry: J; JJ1'lf'4mur-11h.: 2,),4; fJ CPub: l , 3,4; Forur.i : 3; COS: 3,.11; Kr•Lm:; r •1'(1r1'to B"til

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JOltr4 MOLDSTAD, JR. .'.ar1

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n u-ll1o: ,.4; UMOC: 4; Clilll"11: ); ~Aur~k I; I I 111r 'i , lllh:i~ '' h:ippanl r. 1 ':' Ru~w. :yi>u redneck, GCf'mlll ! wl..i t~ l I Ni:.1r~•.i jokh; [fly. !!~d l:> f.J:-i\ Y-"l (B•..rt • • I fu .,uri ll" Bi bl 11 \lffrA'~

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DJ!'tseL-"*11: .il, SOc'*r: 4; Tr.:tc k: 1= Cl'O~ t.:ounlr)': l ; l1~lt·• ­ murals: 1.2,3,4; I.M. /,u .. l•V'~ B.ll ,ra: 1,2, rrt:!<., :S,q; Bo.-1lrng· ;L.2, 3, '1 ~ CI 11t1; l : for Jm .3 ,'I; MfH;· '1; ·1oala Can1•.:mu 1: •1: IJ.Gl:I, Sti't.h, ~ I/JU p; l 111 tM I· U 1 ) 11 'J o11l .tt1t1 for- .,,,, o' clack ~ 1cl or; l, f'oQopha lhlnllng I'm ' ' r;ti, RUMing .:i 4:3 D rr.11 c .ind l1>5ln'J; F'avun La Qi .bl~ l/l'f'\":

MBC 4; He c:kt<y 1,2; Dorl, \'ia; M~ l I:u·o •• •I 119 r,, 11, Old11'1 "torr Mom fct1•n1 yo.i :i.n)'thln~" !'.. l f'Qvlf•: Cl.a 1

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lnlr.,nut.:11:;• 1,2, 3, .i: fctu-n: "· 4; YR's ~ 2; P 1olo Cl Uh: •: 61l1n~w!.oi Big BNlher: l,.2, ..;; Cl-orus 1T2,3,4; r.• BC; <I; Sl-ol;; c. 1 ~1lt.'1!'1.,, ' ·i; 1l!to11'.JW!, llo~i; !iiloap1 •"1.:it 11 lh1t ,' (jirh I 1.tol ..,re 1d·111t1y1 "loo br.Ar.' I- var-'• Bl hi• Vo:r1": M•lt. 26: 2.0b: SfM,

C l ~b "I; St. Mark' s 1 utor· 1: 51.ltl lllWl\ 811J Drolber l; M !:IC '1 : Smoot o Co111 t;.tc1r111 1, Z;

I~"' nlllmonl C1>1\11 ILfL11• :i,l,4: rw~1.1rilll' Bibi V11nrill !<om. B:

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l'r.i ck: Z: Cto C:o1.11Lry; Foti.nni l; YA''•: 1: 01'*111 Bl g Dtotl'lur: l, :!; I'.: C>S· "· ~; L'9 ~.1.g ": f'.a ··~ l • .Bl ble

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Ela11d! 1: l'ctp a.amt: 1,.2,J,~; .kl u: EnK!rl'blrto : 1,3,.q; MBC; 4~ .$cal 11. C 11ntonim : 11:; Otiarld: 2 ~ "u~le; How

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STEPHfl"J K. RISTOW MllWll!:"c, ~"1 s.

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1•1tr011r11.1r:il:11: l,2; For1.1m : 2r3,4; Bcn1if: J..,~1 3,4: 'ltorl.l!j; 1,2,J,.il; Tourl niJ Ch1rus: 1,.2,l; TC. f'rtl k~ HD'1dl 1,J: Pop a,.,l'>d· l. ~!,4; J11 U Lri mltJ•. l.J,4: MBC : "1 1 Ohlpu4 '1"911nl1t l,~

I11ttoi n1ur~ Is: 1.,2, 3,4; c;ir Com· ml t'eoc : ~ '1: ath11r.dtt blQ 8'Gtlmr: ( e.rnrJ: \t,, .~~ Cho · rlll l 1, 2.,.l,4: a1Jl'l rt9 Ch::m.ii:: l. 2;),4; TC. P'IJilk·I llaJJd: ~.4: Pll'P a.uyJ· ~:3,4; .,l.1711 fllSC!mblc ~ :J."1; MIBC. o\; S<XJla C ~rtl;)t\.1111 : 2,;i. 4~ RO~!i'; f .-i'w'llt'l~ !;U bl Iii ... ilt'$11. Rom. l: lit.; SEM.

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J.q; U&H : '1; COS: .3 ,41; t-1011•'1• CGf•l i lt!l C11url: 2; C!>Qrus: 2:,3, '1; T oul"in!I Chom~: 3; Kltc ~i• : :J, .;; Stub; Apple! pollst 111rs .:ind .si::KJite.11 w•i i;iPJe; P1.e-en1r.,; !Jc ~ tu Ku.y \llJalllc: Fa.vllllt"ltll Etibht vv..e~

P•. 46: l ; SEM.

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Ho1'°"on, M Inn, S:!i:-c~r: 1,2,J.(.;, Trrl.t:~ : 1,2; Tl'!• rr~1Y1i.r111,: ,.::,.3,•l; Darm Coun-

I\ RI< SA TTL l!fl

'l\'O•l AU11, 11'11. .l.ntJ:i_mur-3 s! l.,1,3/1; Pti1>1.,.. Club: :!,4: bucl!y; 'Tliill hi!$ to be Fzi;rllll")"t sul"t"i::y c.:iur:s~; [ngsig~d to LI Id!\ TI1~r•lbo; f~\.'O r ~ ih~ Biblo 'Voru: Joht-i J.~1!'.33


J'" MES S.CHIJMANN Duluth, Minn, SA~ itlb.1 I I : ~; $,C:Ml\HT1 A UI r-r r.kar1rn:Jth1 MI ah, FoDthii.l I: 1,2,J;i; ir.J<c.k: 1,2,3, .q; £ l,Z ,3t4: N Club; l.,2.,.3,4; AU1'1111 c !;loJ:il'd: 3,4; COS.: q; Gyl'"'lnllS.1.lcs: l; Dr ~·11t1 la; Whr. drlttl 1 fl\\'Orill:!' Bi bit!' V~""!I>!!': ~- 11 :5; :!.E.M.

J.P. MES S.Cf-1 111.A B !l;.o111Nk..,wlln,. Mich,

Cl1tt.l.f'1ur,1 I;,,; 1,2 r

Trfli;k: 1: Cron Cl)Jr1lr!i': 1 ,-4?;

3,;1; COS; 3,•1: ~rmm:1; F'atTor1~ B lbl I! Ver11.!i: Ps. ZJ; Sff\4.

Jnlr.:un11ir.i1s: 1,2:,l; .Selwi;:."1'; Malnllenana~ Carp; FA~~rn.-. Brtll• Vf1 • Ju "IU.t J. :t.i; Ul'id~c: ldl!d.


eri cmr~t· :11 rDrum• l ; VFI'~: &I~ iii; i:.~io Clubi lil,11: Da L hi:~dJi l'1!j Lltotflnr: l,,:


CO$: 1!4; B1uiJ: 3,4: Ch:iru~= 1, 2,3/1; r DUr•np Ch-Drw: 'I: TC • ~lfvt El:!lltd ~ 4; J•U:I! ElttlJJTibl~: 3,4~ Ml!!.C, .ii; MLllilc 1-!o:ifl Bi!

:littar: 3t1; Ch1.s:s Offl c"r: 2,<:i; H"~t)I; f~\·orm1 ai~G \l'IJ..l'RG: F'fJU. 4 ~11; SU.I\,

ROD H:Y R. SCttWA B I< OJwlfn.wl In, Mi ch. So,.;C"t; 4l ll111t~t1lUtil l1!1: 11!.Z,!;4: rt atit C: lub: .3,•1; COS;~ 3,'I; !!111111': l,2,3,4; Chcr.r~: 1,2,3; T11urln!f ChAtiJ1 3; Pop R:ir'tfl~ l,2t.J., ~: J11.n Cit11.: mble: ,'1 ~ MB C: .llJ Sool C11ntrrn11m 1,,~j Gy1t1 1 tic- : :2; PJ.IAll'tf! rt: 'I{ fl 1l doPQ!idL. ·- 'i'~IT.i I ltiJ Jt•~·P.! fo1iyc1rll11 8fUl111 ViJol'llo: U C:n.


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51. Cl .ir e1,, $0.:;CA•· lj [.n11'>lm~1~:

l,:Z,4; Dow I fn'] J; COS: J ,'1; .l n:x, D •fill Iy 0-'w~, R c:11 Roni i Ofl 1 b)' 11 Yt• '1. I i.:I •'I Ji;-11 rri)' rt.arr !I, Willi:. 1 t l<-11.J.JI G"lbrl~ i1ii~t..a~

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\IMO C: JI: C11orw. l, 21J,41: 1 i::iur -

;r1y Clloru, · t ,l; S.C-u '"' C:oJthlorum: l; Miktt)'; 'Iii~ t;l!ht 1 1, lJ;i t1_,• 1 H1urlnq to grc~duat'1' .Dr"!d I "'4._.11

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MAFIK ZAR LINO lkni.on Harbor, Mich. Foolbi! II~ 3, .ti; Jnlrt! rnurw Is: 1, 2, :J.,4; N Cl 1.11:1i: l,4; !lOtl)\ ~ l)lmC II; lf2• J Q111 '"' 1, :J: 81,1 , ..... lhl Dl'jJ IJll'!Cithur. l: CO~: J/I, U nd I l, 2,3 ,4 : Chotm~ l , 2 1),4: Ti;.urinu Clnms~; ,:ii!,l-,4J ri:tp B-:li11d: l, ii!; c;tla.JMlll Orgnnlrt: :i!,3,4;. Scala Ca<.nlorum: 1; TDrnrT' )', l.i p ~ r;i.. i:.-11 n Bl LIll! '/t-rJ>t; Pl. % : 1;



MN£Mi\ · 1 1 2 1 1/~,5: a, 2t:.t, '1 1 !); fl tl1t1t,111

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Club: 19 BrcLI .,, ~ 1,.:2, Chcr1.11.: l,2,3 ,.11, !i; l our lnq C"-:irw: 4,5; C •n.1 paf Or't1 1•"1h.1.: 2.1 3 ,"1,5: 5 r::1;1l.11 C.-nllll"um: ~t:5i GI l!e c: I IA: l ; 1•Ueh; f.i•1Crl,. BI !"ih1

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NWC Yearbook 1975-1976  

NWC Yearbook 1975-1976  

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