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The Shield

Martin Luther College

The Key to the Future 1995--1996




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We dedicat . this yearbook to A .r 1d.ffB\Y~T Jr BLCOb 1


Henn· \Vilrr~n [.-Kobt:1un, liurH Ff'b r't.HJrV 12, 1CJ/;5, Wf'l::i calk-d hmnc bv h•s Ht::avcuhr F.ither on Aug,u~t-l·l. lqq5 /\ lifetinw rr~ eimlicr L•i Sl. j,1cnbi t ulhc:l'an Ch urch in G rc'2'nfidd, Vvi Dre\"'1 ~p~nl 'hi::. g J'ad L• tiChnul c;J n~r Llicrc A LSL Jacob i. Andy "\V~:S p ublicly confirmed in hl~• ti.Jjth on M;;1v 14. l989. l ~ r'Ofn the,1·e he wen t on to .attend Northwestern Prep m \Vuterni.,,.,•n, \V1. Tht> r~. <1i:, driss pr ·sld...-nl and an all -conr~rence athlete m football. basketb.Jll and babeb<tll. Andy tilm\·\'f·d h i., h-:.1dt!r~hip on and off thi.:o fie]d by setlnf; an e.x<.1mple of Chruhc"ln livmg lnr ,111 tr> 'it't.::' up1 ti"'! gr.u.i u.1lion frL,m r rep. Andy sh m'\•ed his eagi;:imes!-t to ~r. ~hi:. Lord by V(J IUT'll"L't!rirtH tn r Prnrcft 1 imnthy Lu do nussian wo rk in cormectfo n wHh V~cj'ltit.1n Bibi\:' Si.hool 111 Ant1,b"'"U<r, ~'iJL>..,t ind •~

In the fair o( 19Q3 Andy ~can hiscul lege:' rduc;rlt1un at Norlh we!'i tem Colleg;e wilh Lh~ int~nt otberominga f,11rhti.1J pa~tt1r1n rh•• \\i1srnns1 n E.v.mge lical I u Lhcr.mSynod Vl/h1leatNotl1 \'t.restern. Drew ertmt.."'li the aum1ratii;Jn i::lmJ re·sp .... d u f h is proic..~rs .1nd peers- by his d~iJC~1hcm to bis s.chool ]n the da%ruum, 111n thL· s i d.•l rn~_i; r.l(j n Rag, on the bar;;ke.tbaH c-ourt1.:ind on th1e ba~eba11 diam1111d Whijlt~ he was r la11 r1rng ~n L) U~nd MJ.rljn LulheJ' Cullege in the fa.l11. God in His infim te wbdnm tnnk An tn b~ w1l h H im in eternal loy. And~ is luvt:J anJ g1eaUy m1-ssed by hi:;; parent~, t1nd f\. fr~ . Rriymomt j o14 ubsnn~ h•s. limth~ r!'. l'vl ark ..ind Tam, his sister Rachi.!'I.. his ex t(:!ndei.J hi ~ '\Jvrthw~s~ern h rotbC"r~ ...ind .11l ut hi.::. ln.l l1.'\.' 1riends. [n h~aven Andv will remain ft)r~v .. r. in ou r h~art~ .:.nd foreve r whh lfr~•


Km~l1t' ~ P.t~J.:, V11f Ll<iL·LI Wi l li p1.mnis!'i~in from

I l'\m1,b1,.1Y-1, 5t•J• 1 ~ 1)1 rhl.! !.!dJ IDr ot tlw KmJo?;hl : - 1·.,~i.:,

Q,'J\'I' c;!;HJ

In n1any ways, ·Ve are the kt: ys Lo t11e future. As tud~nts in traii1h1g for e teaching or

preaching fields, "''e have the fL1tL1re of our WE .s sy oc ' in ot1r 11a11ds. Much \Vill b left for i1s to ha11d le. Pare11ts leave the· r hildren in he teacl1er 's :l

in session.. Th year is going "''ell so far. EveryoJ\e in tl1 LC ca111ptis famlty '"" to get used to nevv ways of doh1g th i igs. orth,ve tern

College an 1 Dr. Martin

Lu lher College still e. ~ ist in the hearts of many. ovv vve care tlu"'o11ghout the day ai1d have to 1nake roon1 in our expect the 11ea rts for a cl1ildren to new s "'hool. Oiu attitude learn abot1t l.Yi? 1irny In fHt r L11rd n nd Matl , Scitltis year \Vi 11 Sauior, tlw/ He ·wor tJrl guulr:.: IL throughmrl llri;;;; be carri don ence, Englisl1, year muJ Nu:· 1m111.11 ycti r5 Social St11dtl1rough the to ft11Ht'. years. l 11 ies, Music, Rea ding, and tl1at way our attitude n1ost in1porla ntl v ,Word of God. he con- sl1ould be Christlike ·o the grega tions call t11eir pa sto to futur tlldents of MLC can 1 ad theminworshipand\\rith possess tren1endot1s scl1ool faith, guide th.em t11roughout spirit and can feel u11ifi d. their lives. In this \.\ray ""r are Wepraytoour orda11dSavior,, that He Vt.ro1lld guide lls the keys to the fuh.1re . tlu·ot1ghout thi year a 1d the Another way in wltlch V\' can cons id er ourselves tlie keys ina11y years to 01ne. God kn \'VS vvl1at is best, and He o the fu h.tre is tl1at w · are th first student oc y of Martin \'\d 11 do w l1a tever is right for Lutl1er College~ After a 11111ch is children. We are the kevs debated decisio11, MLC i now to he f11tur 1f th· s school. ,I




Patricia Ru ert

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Cn r l'il' FL Hillmunn New Ulm, i\t. F.h· 111 ~11t.1

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New Lllm. MN f.l,""nwmary-~~•011d:rrv

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I '\tiller ~V.-1 llf'i'lt'o1, WI Fh.. m~J "' '1 rv Edu •.al I1m



1il A. Ml1:;ke

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Beth.\. Schader K~ w.i~k

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.22 P. h'id. Rusert

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raduates •Graduates• Graduates• Graduates• Lt1n L S....fiwilrk Ct•uwll , 1"\'l

th:mtmtary l:!'.d u GJition

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braduates•Graduate • Graduates•Graduat s• Susan K. Spt•\·~1n•k Sulltl . liu1gurtil F. l 1·nu~·11l .ir-\ 1 EtJo, illi•m


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Rt'bL.•ci:a A. _tJude

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Graduates•Graduat s• Gradt.1ates•Graduates• K;nt1 1111• M. StP.U~ olumblal, MO

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Ele1rn:-nt.1n;-Seconda ry l!ciuCL1 tirm ... :i mcL?

IMh11n t:•. ~t..mhi1g1m t.::w Or1eJns. LA Iladtil'h•r 1~f Arts.

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Graduates• Graduates• Graduates• Graduates• ft·,\nHL· r:., Wll!'rr~p11N ;'\1·1·111h ~\I

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braduate •Graduates• Graduates•Graduates• Peter Ji. WL)tlgTamm f\fani tow~x:. \\' l


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l\a to~lla B. Wnght .\Li n!.!ll.1, GA El..:-111~r ~L"'' Ed m·a liun


Patridl\ Rusert

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raduates•Graduates• Graduat •Graduates• D.\l lJ C R.1u CL'! h, \'\'J Di-1 hcl •r of Arl~

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Juniors• luniors * luniors Juniors,. Juniors '"t Junior •Junior • C.r.1~· lum£'!; Cnith

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\.\'c\1rs more clothe~ tha11 th i-t: to 1.·l.:10.:~ everv dav.''

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ri ght: ''\.'Vhoil~ \•\'hnal I lelpr C~L~h mt·~ How do Y•-' 3top these lhings?" N1Lhul ~

Nid1i1'H Camh n Ol!-cn t.""'nnlll.'r L\.:rrv 1'110m1 S Pu~U\t,'~Ll I~"kli l 1 loclu~r (. h rt~ Pl ur,er K1 i .;,t,1 I 'Tl'll?hi: r

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Jill Schmidt Anne "'chne1dN k .Sd1Ti1 mm t'.rml! xlirot..'<l.l!r

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""' S( >phu1nor~s ~ Sophon1on.>s" Si1phon1ores ~


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Chr1" lL1phl!r J\ bl! I Chn.. ll,~ lt._•r t\ k1c.. , Quitt A1,di.:r.s on

Da\'i\.I Bae u:: Tl l!J\.·~ B.:hn J\rc-y 11Jtw1 Krist' Ar hm Terry Bu'i.; Tri..... hi..1 BLq; [\.Lon lcil HiL~l~rfelJ ilr.lh



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lr·1THil1.: b.o.!" "J think l \'vould have l o dh.agr•::it.: wilh u · ~ m I ~ 11 lhtll bad' I'\'~ smdkd \.\'O~e.n


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if J ~i:llJ ."

put me down now, okav! l' m nfr7ikl of he1~hts. Espc'dil lly \vlu!n therct:s 110 m~t to Cdtch

ngh 1 goL him! WouM

VL,U plJ I

""cl brmg m~ the handcuffs?

fow ,, th. l 1.". ,1n1cr4

below. \Ve ee the light at the end l'i th~ tunt •J-CHnst.rnn. vu ca lion!

N.uhiln ~ nco;on \h•Ll«""il E.rnsl jaS41n f:wari ~fo lih L'\\ f'1Lt;t:r Joc·I f(·u~r... t.t_1Mr..:, lnnl\Hrnn Fl1">erl1• M~mfnbL D.m~n~· C.1rln•:r

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Brian 1I. rh..k Erin H<It:,£>d<1rn r 1H tl11 H:il m \"t,'a}'nL.! f bUdur!'Oa NLcol ~ Ii 1rm1,m Jllr'tn f·h tlm.:1 ((•:1tn H~inL'1n

\.hd1dc f krm.m Ruth Hern 1111 1\11r11n 1-1~rn Emilr 1 lk>t:.~1 ~tLH..'n ll1Lltm..r

Lod 11 inti~ I· 111~ Hol11b

Sophnrnur .. ""Sophomores " ophon1ores ~ &lphon1nres * Sophuml1rcs

-1 ...


l1.?ft: Any<_)nt..... gt1I ~l Ji rc that m~L"CI~ tr• bi.· ~ tinguished? \Vcll. I \ ..·nu] d n· t 1..."ll l I these guys if I were you.

Rudil"'l lnhmhm LuSh 1wn K.1nJi.1 -

l'lljll)" th!! ~un~hi

dw ing Spring B F..-ic K~~ck C":-t'.!111-,i~e

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t_;.1rreO LHl'k 11a MilJ kc rl•1m MuUck Ala11 Mt.•1h..1k

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* Sophumon."S * Sopluunon.>:s

Sophomores om~


Ft.kycr Mt•\ l!r

Po1n1l Milt.h.h r.r nd l I hihy M11!1 T Alann.i \11:-.

Am\' Mukknhaucr

Lui:~" Mol<h·nlHi\h·1

K.i1ri Mu l'nk S.\r,1h Mt~~~r.10,.1 1.. 0,1\ 11J '\~t·c.11..•r .. l.1 U .t\l 1n Noll. KM:hf'l Obl n~cr Jan.'\.f U)J cnbu rg Chii.. un n ·~·LintJnn Bicn1~· r~dl.''.f~lm

Luli1' Pctrc11ko D.i\'il' r,·111.·r '"hri h,1plwr ~

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l~ii 11•:d

R..1ul~ll her~

rtu 'I R(•I hc-1·~ IJ b11r.1h !\JL·~ m rnd

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l.nn ilU1...r l\uth Sch.IL'~nL'r Ki1r1 L Sdtlmncr 1,v~;nd ,. s..~hi1 ILz lcmi _~human

K.i lhn· 11 Sl!1....,;a:r

t1ch 11!15.:tlert

lbofc-. \flght;

ThL~ girl~

out tor some tun.

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H1l01-es "


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Dene.ii Sp1nli!

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li-;a Tu u.-., m r Ja6llon I l1ll' I £nca Th1c...,fddt r-, 1rm1t'a I hurri\•, t\ liriilm f1mm Nl''" lt'n Trmun('r 11.::i vJd l h I hL •rn <- h..1rlt!..., Val lc-au

1\· In \;LI 11 ,,..,k~~· Mtdut:l \hi~"'I Ju~I Walker

KaliLJ \V1!ihr..-iud1 I odd \·\ lcndt,rl !\ l.1 rg11 \ \ • Wnih-

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IJadd \Vlt•tz Khnd.1 Wull£1


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ab1,.we· Oon't nwss with H!', ur W\! make- yt"u do jmn ping··rlck. 11t1d ·int; schoul 5ung UTI til yuu drup.

ldi:: ChcL:r lc,1de1·~? '\o Tiii:y'n.."! just h.:-•ppy lhere' _ nu ~nuw on thl! gn,und vet. It •~., St"'plt"mher, i'lflL:r" al I.

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Frosh * Frns1i




Frosh~ Fro~h. "$-Fro~ h

* Frosh ~ Frosl1 • Fn1~h ,. K a..•llin AJJd.L?" J\ il.1 I;, nH"·· ~1cku·.


John Bad, 11.:b...·rl}· Bil Id"·in


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D.:truL'I BKk.;in.1

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J.1 Bctk~lh,1upt D.'lvi~!

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Clmt Burn~\ ].;t-...11) R.l~·....i:=

Michael C:llrr

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Et:irhara IJ.uii nj

m.:l'-ccc-.l Dau p leri:>m5 IJt.·((lnJ;l t•t Deanna Diener

J,,mtS D...rug.l.1!: P' Ltricj._

l"l-1, ..·ne~ , Jr ,

Kelly D@ 11~CI Dmn Kt'\ ,


Ot1 \'id E.nd c•rt D.11tid End resB1,1i.lky EnJ:,"Cl Abr;ilwm E11l1'r Ruth Enter

D.H d ErnL~l Jeit'r~ y F.~hJ.



.. ro~h *Frush* Frosh · Frnsh"" Frosh Frosh " l · ro~li *Frosh_. Frosh"* Froslt

HMn..11 F,n1\ ·r MPI. 1lli~ Fl Ul"l;;l;L' l~,l('f'i·-.1 ( lJU"-l L!MU 111If1' CJ ·rtr1cr Elizab •ll1 Gau~kl· M .H')


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::h. •nlcl ~-.row P.·ml Grtal'b~ P.1ul GL1cnkrbcr~ Erii: Gulh~k..-.L\n Ky!~ Gut St •\'en t l,1hm I lc11U1 I l11mm1 h 1dw1

Ah'"l)n H1 rmm Sa ~ah t fe[d l kt>

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r-..'1d1•1l' I HM'n i ~ l\·L1 lthL~v.• Ht"rl-i.;.l C".irri •I l11 1 l1t 1 \ ilr-n1• I lnm•rlirmlt.

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putldle Jivers.

bl!lr.WJ left= A d;i m \V k~hm.i1 tu1 CL•ntem-

platL!s tht· m·xt 1111.1\ e i11 1hl' humLJn chL,:-.s tounli:lmc:n l.

1 ..ft: 511 FJ'lri~, rvtindvl ..

right J<,sh ~:filler

demnnstrii'l t cs

huw t11 de• lhe Hl:'imlkh on a Kandy Kid.

Frosh* G"rush *" fn 1sh"'


P.rosh - Fro~h


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I!~ft: Girls night out. n gh l ~

A bl.,~s -.d Ch r·1:-;tm •~ lu vuu I rc.·nn ,111 (1 1 u~ hl•r · lll l\U. .

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Hri 11, Huin.1 1111 I lf'.\th~r f ht!dmu: Sr;1>lt lnd,1hl Mnrk Jue ~ 1b..1.m D r •JJ(1hm.1•n


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f• 1• l1u11 l 1lw"•1r1 I• •hn~1m 1'.\1ti1.m1d Kl1lll~ Ht.>iLli KPlh. 01nv1 K.h.'11.1.E L M Jr!il1.1 ~111.n1 •ru' M.1 r~ I(r.-•ru tilJ Am;md.i\ Klug J\mv Kneser A111 ' l{m1m\\'skt

O.i \•id .Koclpin ln-...t:p I1 K 1)II >cw» lunl11 Korth

l•o l111 K11ttl1 b Benj.1 mm Kr.1L.: P.tul Kr.JU!'-l' N~L ti\ KrL~'t\lh>; lirlun Krueger J(111o1 1h,111 l'ru·.. t.:fwl Kathl~n Knb~

Frcrh ""Frosh 11 Frosh* Fr, ... h ~Fros h* Frc,sh *Frosh * IFnish ... Fru!Sh .. l·ro~ h 11 Frosh !\ li!H<>:-.:i Ku r, lt l

l u1:.l,., Kui. .th Iu.inne K LJ11lb.i lL!k l-ll-.,1 I h l...lmb Heatl,1.!1' 1....urkm t'hr.h.l11pl1cr ~mkl, Ch ti~~lhlL' Li:!YTL'T

Mt.'l l~ ... I L 1nu WU ml C t:; Lukcns~n rd Jrn 1iltli.m Lor l.fl:t. SJ.r.ih Lem L ry C.:ithe rir\ • l.ut:lich.;.•.,._. j.1mie I lf1 l11iug juhL• l.udk•• 1

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Mk h ilc11'.·1nn111;m1 1 Mdind,, Sarah \.t~·Ct nl l-luUy IVh.."'1t' r IL!nru lt•r l\fl·llo11 Brfon Men-d1iug J~,hn M1·~ ~r


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w1r.1l\ l11h.h n h.1u,•r D.u 1d f\,foll PhlIJ1p \t"mr.• Wilh.J m r..1•' nd ll,\.' Nirh11I Mnr ~ 1 L.Z il'n Mc(j,;;<;il Mm ~·lll t'\ ~TOTI l\·1(I L"llcr h.mmJPr Mull~ni '


rodd N1:bt.."kc.J~rm.if~r N l.!1.J m an :\ndn•\\' Nmtmilnll OLi1ru«•;u Neu m.tnfl



D.wJd Ol!'.r'n

Rachl.!I Oli;;rlfl J<~1 rh1 Ile P 1 utli..'T Timothy r,,[(Jt Cl11 •!-ol11rhcr l u LLl•r_.,, ~'' K.arl [1, 1uh.L'n C~11't·~ Pt.~;.for~m

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Fm 11 ~ Frn!ih ,.. Frosh "" Fri ..,sh " Fn:,sh FtLlSll Frosh • Fr•lSh ,. Fro!!ih ~ Frush ,. Frosh )!

It!nnoi l'c-rr\· htthL·w Perry Ch rl 1of1 hi:r r ·•.c:r... r~h1 inJ.i ri~·pf•r


Pl -her

D.111Jdt: rli•L'\:kefm.:m

Cary l1uhlhl Lm!" R.uHh·

S.11 illt R,11n!,1il l11111 I Nt~\'~e jrJl'Cmy ;.!.L•l'I 'I imolhy J~cHz Sh m n R1L~O[ • t•·J 11, rti~ l~il ••\ J.'l.:L1n Rimmi'.'rt

fl. btthN\' fk1bL.-rls Chn h, R1 llm·... n• f\ 1 dw lit> Rn:o.. P .wiJ Rudd il" An !el - h irJ


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11 ,in!'; S•; h.1m.:r :i-.11.:-helLL' xhnuJ Caltlli i..t-ht. nl'i..:k Ch. d ~ l'lumbc:•rg f \1 ,,. I S1· hll11'd r 1'\'le i....c-Ji rlX'do.. r ( rui -.tJp~wr &hult:t.

ll!tt: The ~ r~\V ot George \V.1shington'.:;,.•are •"\. prdi lion.

right: OUCI JHI

belt1\.\ : Op ri-d1Jrm huurs arc i1 bt:!nefit io all.


Memories of C'entenni.JJ Hr.111.




* Frosh~ Frosh• Fr"Ll:Sl1 * Frn:::ih .. Frosh Fn1sh ,. Frush ... F ro~h


Sdu1lv. c;h"f•lwn Sd1ultz Jer1.:my Sci &1lz h.~ li:>.."'"' S1::h111 m.utn fM.Ht - hwa11l 0 1t 5dwi.·t.•rtl t.'J.;t•r

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,;;;.J r il Tnild!:'-c•n S.1rnh 1 m,!j.l. Silm Van Kamp1·n Jacqudim· V11 ttinn Ki1 th~rmc \ i t.1 lt Joel Vo!,;~1 l...t..1 \V~l1CL'

VI ~~L11


W~] kt!r 5 h.'\' n \o\'.nJI Ch d \\t .iltu S.truh Wcru:cl An1 ' Wl'fm.'1' . F1 i.i.:h ~\'t: lphi1l 1itn 11ik1 W 1:'.!:rt p h..1.I K•mb~ll ~


Ad .nn 'INiL....:lim.11111 ,\ndr1'il \\';•~ hn1.11111 1'",'Wilke

~ori>ttn \'\'Ill.;~

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Chm.llan Wmkel '::i.Jr,ih WL1llr.111l l am•l1t-~ Y.:1:--trf\'j'' \.1ichcU(• Zil~;n'''

\nnie Lt:!l lmt r BcnJUmm lil•mt~l It il Z1 mmcrm.1 nn 1



* l ~i\'e-Year Seniors-. Five-)eJ r Seniors • Fiv~-Yi..:.•LJ.r *' Fivl.a..Year Seniors rhiliJI




l•hlm Arra~ J •nmi: liLrlmg f.! 1•bt. rt Bu .. ~ 1

J1m:...: C 1dish• f~l· ·I F~t~U">UU

\·V\: nd}' C rnth


1111 1 1.:.i.i;;~tforn

V1t·ti1rh Huff m.1t1

rh~1JJorc I.! lug R1.1ltl!1 l Md...i•iri

I:lCiL •n .. ·hmli..It 1~1~hl1,1 Sr"rn·n~k

abv' t!:j Jmt!S Cari~I~

a ~t:-.

on thti ~tagr· (,f 111e Curious

J nmlL'r Schramm D11niL l ~-huh: 1

Si1\'ag •

ngh1: Five-


l 1 u.:lr'nl~

get to 11ttend ;111 ye.iu t f plaAl parti ~.

Katf:il!riul! Sh:ll1L~ jO"-•L'J'h ~ ti 'Clt'

Vil lt>JiL::. T~,l~rtlt" n m o thy Treder lfob-ccra \ V.1~nl!r

Ry.rn \'\1ulz ~M h W•· lfl hal Ry.11' Wil"fhm.·1TLri l"\.>11 \ 'illl 7-:Jstm·,,·

11 Facu ltv.. * Fa cu Itv- >t- Fcu.:ultv 11 Facultv it- FLKulty Ii FacuJtv - *" Facu ltv - "' Facu ltv - Fncuitv -· ~


And<>ro..;nn !\li!lthl w ,\rn1 •IJ

nrn~ f3,1>1.~i...~ •r Dctn1,•I H.1 t;,;e:. Wim •n1 Hlt:;;i'hiHg

Sh:vcn Ht'cfo Or"•\" Bud, Gnry C'.umkh 11?1 C harlt•:-. l'ortn~h l L.1 \"'r~·nce C1t r

G.1 L"' 0,1n,11;-,, m D~rtll'I

I )L•u I c:rb [,1nd1..1r

l~ri lTI I J~ ' !')1"'

Cit• ·phc-11 (.;._.; gc) Bt:\erke 1-fo~' ''

t'ighl: ''A-one, a-hvt). a- 'll.1.:', two,, andwho 's the lc("1der of the dub thf1t' .... n)i-"'ldl· ror vou ~nd n1e? 'vl-i -C-K-E-Y M-0-U-S-E!"




'. L~nc.."'f' ( l::u t?t:>fl

url Heid lk~

Philip H 1n.d1 Tho~s.


L.udtk ln~.e->hrf:"tt>nn J~,hn


Arnol.:1 K~1 fpir Faul Koel pi11 fudj th .Kft:::.1-~Ck~1



Lyle- LarLge Jtihn L.:1 WH!'ll.1 l3Rrh~r.l

l R1.lpnld

I .eHov r ~VQt!'.>on

Facully ~ faf'u ll,. Ch<:rl~!:> Lu~._ltkc

\.fa n 1 1.11 ~\~tJl h a..:J... Rrtllrtnd Mr:>nk ~ 11 w;-~rd



1-...~:ri n i I


I ht 1mA,., r..... ri::...;

Jnhn '-'oil" LJi rt it tl N l1tt L! fi.1ann1· 01.:.~n

Th'!.:'• 1dn1. . . OJsi.•11

fld II\ i->L\t1J.~Ct1 GL!ne Pl cj Li.:c' 11;.•!'n]d Plil:"Luwc[t Ott< 1Sd1enk

Ic1h n .Sc-hm1d t

I(1vc.,, ~huli kf'~Pl 1\;thur ..,c.·hulb:.· r~ orii.i td


Ro!')nt t)tol t-z

~V;=iyn~ W«l1 g nf'1 Hn\·.'M'<i \.\i\~.::;~I

\1khaC'l \.\'old• Ft~dt'rkk \'\' ulft

H.m,ld . Yolkr

* ~·'acuity· F~cu l ty '*



f.acultv *Faculty

* Facu1ty


lop Thl'v ,1r0 '3t l1 rea t Amenca :1nd h<HV cold \\'Cl~ it? J. T( , hn..,l~n,


xhrn idtf 11. Ada1n~ .

M r'h JC ht'r_N. VVcnrk~rf r\t Hrihn,J.

Schoeneck. middl(': A hrn picture for fun fri l'11ds.

~ri.Jttom l~ft

He'1thet Cri:;t ).?.iVi""> rme nf her famou~ ~t>-s.tures bottom nJ.:;ht: S vVenz~l einJ K. '1Nhitakttr ~how their Frcsht'rlf'n <;chnnl ~piril ill .1 footbilll game

Staff ~ Staff ,_ Staff


Staff ~Staff _, St

l'he staft of ~1artm Luther Coll "'gt• work~ hdrd~ rl( d 1111Jr~ tha11 <lll\'t111t" \\' 0Uld expect \Vho k ··cps thi" ~,, h<tl · s ·ho{l) runnmg ~moolhh-'l It Js: ihe ..c ~rnup 11.,ttxl un t Ii~ •: ~:-.t fo pages. \Vh~ther they wprk rn~id • nt out..;ic.k, ,he~ ,:h.1 thl'ir jol well. Thmk nf thP buildi11~y011 go h, most t.:>\'erydav. How nflt."n du yl•U takt• tlw Cafe vrialO ~ri.'ln ted? \'\'e get tt• eal every rneaL W'L' gel ~f'\ t""f~l l rhokt"& ~)f \\hilt we \oV.1nl tn eilt ~Ve Ni ';E'Yc.~ra I l i mt'"'S. I h ri I th<> cafet~r id i:a open so we can :<!,1.., and replen ii;; h ou r..::f"l\'t""..;. ~\· h at about ~~1 tho~ link· Lh mg~ I ih• mow ing thC:' gra~!:I . \·Ve don 't hav~ tn do thLil. ThL., fll~tndian~ dc1 that dutv tur us. Thcv als.o fix bn1kt'11 sin kc:.. :::.ho,,·:Ns, ~nd doo rs. '1ha;;> wee!; end nt Com mcn(:Cmc?n t they he:we tu se t up the .g ym with all th0"t' ch;nr~, banm~rs. ri id r.Lst:'f:,,

\ VC": i'.Hf' bh--~sr.!d with a wunJertul !ibrtin' Jt takes \o.•orkt'r.;; to ke\)p it gC"iing tlnJ k~ep it (1rg-an ized . The workcIB 1n' Ivied•~ Center ht'"'1P!'! sf t H.1 t•n l ~ Who het \'~ t'roblesH~ ·with the denl~ who nec<l Ian· ..:omputer.s, 01 those s t •rtati ng cton~, u r ~h~e studen b \ •.rhfl make ~ \'id (.!'1 flir . L L·1ss prOjt:d 4 •• i..vf wt nvt The Financial ~N\ ke!'. oft j cc keep our tu i tkn

i n gl'l d nut be une 011r f.JvorH''", J."aying stu Jen L~. but they every I hi ng ru nn uig i:luthnrized peT~nel nr tiu} il r)n s rela inp, ru Service is ready with i'1 Thf' W L men in the Adonl \'help P~1dcn l 01 GC'!fl La\.v renl: 1 .:J.chult.£, and 'k.L:c· p u~ sH.1 d.enb in-

il n d

llHlnt · y

h.;md!-i. l hi . . offo)'l n'JV Ot'i..'au~~ \Year~ tuili

du ,t hnl' 1ob keeping ~m• •,lthl). Tf 1lf1) of th dub me1nbe r.;;; n.::rd hi schonl, th1• f"n~mcl1l' mile rn;ni.,lr.atiun offil'e nL .,~ nd V1tT Pres.Jde'1• J'Jitzu\'t'eir but they

k.mgh tlv Nei,...,'s. ThC' 'wcretaries ot' th~ Registrars oftlce add o r delete c l ~&St-"6 1rom schedules. lhev cilio prm t out gri:idt?i; :lnd hctp ;i;tudl;'n tb \vhcr'l thl•y can. l:..vr.!ry printed page you receive m ii 1\.fl.C d;issronm J~ n1o<;t I1 l..ely pnnted m th~ prm tshop. They ~lso print thi.:• ~nibhf~ Pa~e. <lnd ~eYera l pamphlets. m· t1ycrc; th.a! you ~ around l:ampus. Ha\'t.' )'l1 I ·v ...~r gotten sick w hil~ iit school?. 1f you wen l to the• nurs-:· . ~ ht' probably ~3\'!: y 'll Sud a (ed 0 1 a :spra ~' nf ~s t u ff' . Thrnughout the y-t'.1 r ::it:w..ients gd \..Old:> and need a ~ m'' :Hein " hi.:· n urse, Lurj l dgue, is lhere fur you. Th~ books.tor is .Jm1th(•1· i mporl~ nl ...,r•1vie1.:'. ·Offl.:'rc.'1.1 LJn Cc1mpl1~ . [t b i.vhere textbooks arr ~o ld . ft rllso hclS ml1!:it\.'., c:~ud!', sticke1:.., clothes, and offtr0 .;;uppl11.>s for shident u buy. f' bocikstnre 1:01 Vt'Tj r on\•1?11ie.nt fo 1 t-t11d ~nts 1Jn clnd of compus. The-.;,e p eopJe .i nd o;rrv1n'" .ue ~ fforl·d hf'rfl:' 1>n t."i'lmpus. lhey keep our school rwming c;n,outhl} and do much that peopl e don't expect.

~ Staff

rvS.taff ~ Staff ~Staff ~ Staff ,_ Music Cei1b~~r secretary: lre11e Flatau

Finanda I Services: ~1a rlys Rosenau, L111 d a Leger. Judy Kruse. Naon1i 1:-lipperC Ginger lvlelzer, Gary Sonnenberg, Davld Stabell, Daryl Klilnent

Ad rninistratiun Office secretaries: Theck la Schultz Diana Burt Ran1ona Sonnenberg E, 1



U 1...:udore Ol~n kr<'IJJ Piltzuv.路c-tl Arthur Schulz Iohn Liwrent. Mid1ilel \.Vole.Ii E-ilrl 1-kidtkc 1-!;(lrtt?"rt ~;tortz Bn,'l ll I )(le;{!

D<:w1d Gosdeck Cl!'rdld T~(Ob">ci11 J~rome Kru~~

lia rbern uopol J Gi1mn Bude Robert Krueger Johfl l sch La\\ 1cn1...i: Olsnn

Boward Wes~I f.,1hn Pau.l~,.n

1-'h ilip Hi.r~ch lohri Seba [d



Staff ~ Staff ~ Staff ,_ Staff r-Staff ~ Sta Library: dt!!t to right) fro nt· D.:n'id l.n~dcck,


FVf' Ivn Daley, -

l [e[en EC rueger.

H•·lf· rl Sir..,d, Iri f;. Lisa Kliment bark: John raulst::n (M t 'Lii<~ Cer t~ r).

Lolh Paulsen (r.,.ted rn Cenie. r Car) Zicbi,.J I


Caft~teria: (l~ft

to right)

Burnett Pettrse, Je~nette


Bun1el l 0.:>berg, 111Iie J<Jhn~on, Ga ry Srh ~"'Khtenber~. ~'Venda Raiford. not pklu red: Irene Sei ferl, 10..1 nn Schaver, He len 1':on nen1a ch~r-

I P.a.trid:1 J~1 1 sert


Staft ,_Staff~ Staff ~Staff,_ Staff~

Athletic Office secretary: Barb Gorslii1e



and Custo路 ~ dial: (l~ft tt right) frnn t: En1est O ha\\:d, Ch uck Wacker. Davf' Mi lqui 路t,

back: Dave Hillesheim., Brad Ti.a le,

Edgar Poehler, Llovd Saba tka, ]oel Stef11, no L pi cttrred : George Schi1nrneJ

Ret,ristrar; s Office: Gwen.Kral, not pictured : Arlene Stolte


an Pelz!

tl•p kf1· Sh.mnon Bnhrrw ,·ommcne::i •lS t<.u i Mi:111t0~ u ':it"S the n.:motc to l<1ke thl: picti,1rc:top right: Nate I Jeyn give.s nb fril!n d \.faurec n \1illt, r· J hutJ,. boUm ll'fL: Adam !\·1 ,~tf•::.kc p .-lss~ t i m (• on choir tour by re.numg Li book_ boU:m right: Sarah \·Venze! and \ofary Gvif!ier smiJc fnr a .,,,,ondc:rfu l pictm·c_

MLC Family • :&1LC Family- • MLC Fan1ily • M1 C Family • M

ile1 yo t1' re part of the MLC family!

left: 5hd ltn 1'{Y1>\'skv. Patb forni.J.ndcz.. .rru] Dl:b Shillin~ !:!,d dLl!it.' dunn)-1 J ltuppy pn.'.Cun.· n~ht: Kip W1l.son, And\• Wc>hausen .•md Irina l\m=;ert t;ike hmi.? nu• l!om .1 m~w1e to 1 '~1~.e io1 Lhi:: i.... 11n;1ro1 wom<tt, boUum et1: 5111., Gilbertson sm l lt"S. Jr.:;i;pilt tht.• rn ml. bottom n)!;rtt: fl.·nn •.,r Larl!S Shelly [fol tz, KeTn I\ hlr&Lln., ,mcl f aLWd Jahn!·: }-'\flSC 'Ntlh \ •licJ...~y Mons!..?' al D{snt!yland dunn~ ~prin~ Break..

Fa1nily • lvfL·C Family • ML·c

Famil~ ~---

Just goofing arou11d!!!! rigl~t:



Ft'1· n ~1rnJez.

iv ·ndt pl~\


around in om: of th~ c I<l!':l~ riJl)m:;, lift: 8dh S< enjo~::; b.,.-r1;;·a~ l l <Ha friendt~ Wt!.J-

ding. t1"1 1 ff~.lm

lt·ft: lo.,,h Sternh.,· ...f:'n, Trov forob..,, ilnd Krr:;tm Hahm rt'i~•x i1'

th • ~un

t1ohom ngl1J: E. lohn

hednch and ColJin l\-tayv1 d1~cu~s thic movie. lhcy il• ~t .sm>i• w1t.h a grot1 p ut fric n d

Events A key to life

~----==::::~~~路---~=----=:____:.::-=~ on campus ~ s'l


Travel Canvas Wihless Iv any students go T,·a.vel Can\'as "''"-' n 1't ness1ng.

L1Jfferent congre· gations around our count rv nu2d students to con-~c· and heJ p spread the Vt.' C1rd o t our Lord bv \'if i hi es..">-¥ ing lo people m ~

Lhc ilf<"~,

Students help m man)r ways .. One \ ·.av ~~ by m<tldng phone C'flllS and clSldn.J; the peopi~ on lhe other Iin~ if they a re ~hr.uc.hed or not Student~ rilso ~va l k dt1or Lci door '1fld hand out pamphlcLs about nur chu rch. 'rhe students frum JvtLC who

p(I rtki pated number 63. ~tu d C'lli1i ""ere from bn th lhe SEM and


SPrlM pr(1J~1·;.uns. The lriri.c; ~'ere ta k~n du ri ng Cruistm&ls a nd

Spring break...:;; itlnd tlfso, after ~c·hool gt.> ts OU t. The Lord w ork-c; m mruw \Vi.h's an d thi& is: ruo::t une of them.


MO 1 TN Crr:euviHE), SC Deltona, FL Au <;tin,1X Term Hiluh:, lN Columbus, OH Pomon.G1 CA

Tohnson City

Atlanta. GA C;:myon Country. CJ\ Fort C1..>I Ii ns,


Tbonton,. CO La:r~o, MY Des Moines, [A Yan ktoct,. SD t-lf;l"l<l~.IStm,


Opposite pag~ - S. Pecn''>t1n, A. •111tl


Sd1 1r·u~ner .

(,)]f'm.,10 r('l.1::-i; <ll Zeuma Bea.1..h in

Mahbou. CA

'I hi.., page - lop: J Dr!lamartert K. \Vilke, r. Kumbl'llek. A. Klug and [\(. ~i.:huprnar·u; po~~d in tror"lt ot the.~ church th~\ '"·ent to c..111va::-. '\vHh.

Lett- J Duqu;in1nei ,,.,•Hh ror.. McDh·itt in Can .von Countrv, ,, LA Right· M. H~hn and J SchmJdt ''Tent to 'urth Car<'lrin~ where many i.?xciting thin gs hJpp~n~d

Homecoming: Thi;: nr~t bnml!CL'"lmlnli \'."cl~ dll l'Xdtin~ £ffl't"ll , ~\i~



'l'nurn:rnll'J ll


Km !-ihr (. ~L'"'f"f.<'." I I 1•on!'P>fod nl actl\' if~..;. I rci 111 Jmr ...ti1ni, t(I 'lr.1h1rh.~·· Our lium.rn { ]1f!~i;, ru l •WI b)'

Int' l n::->nmar \' .h .mt•\ ~nl ln 't' lllL?TilPE>l', 1'0\\ di· I Pu I I fict(llb.'lll R0l H~ n~;.id~· lo•

ahP ih~ (;.~m~ uH S~1Lurd.1_1r· rhL" Kn ob,r h:'\ll u•, in g.1 m\-.., 11 1 ~k1ll ( Jm.1'.1~hout

thi: \\ 1..·ck. Tht.! Cc'urt 1hi<> ~·1 1 .1 r included $.:>n;, 1r.:; C:rvc;;t,=i 1

s. ·com & Jo·:;h '-it 1h m.~nn, ~:-a lfo.:le &

f.1<;~1 1

Schmidt, h1ruo1·.s .f,ll elt...Sch r;:im &. l).m I ~ f'Sl• 11 Soph(•ffiOfl><; E< ;;Ii 1° ~"\'~ •r e::. Tnn l..:nlti I- rt>t-:~ 1n;11 ' Auhrr\' (,L' 1' !1 & F'hil Mt1<1... rl; Jn(' C t"lini; of t h1- Kini:'. ·1d Qul'cn .idckr.J ~:XL ii lilL rlt l 11 t l 1c "-1..:1: k


T\lp; B111 Monda ~r shl)ws h1>\ n ... ~!!::: it i~ to~ a fn·~hm.m. Abl)\l't.!~ I luman Chl'Sfi donL" b't' LhL Fre!'ihmrm. Abi)\•.e R1,1.;ht: Th(· Lurly Kn 1~l 1t:s bdo~ thf;'~' h~ach the f ldn wlutt lt ml.:'ans ~o l~ ~n M tC

Kmght .

r\ht''\',• : Lll.fil·h [n,<.>rlainnwnl hv ~fr.:' t· H.1hm


l{tghl· R~11h H1.. r.yi<.tnn i1 "' ru1.. in~ th1· Ftc-.!-hman 11f1 hn·,, I le\ ·-houlcl i.'Jct ill \nn.1 En<lo:I


lt1L1thll l ~..imc.

(ll11°L'l1 1.uu.••p Sd1r"m


K1~ g 0.1.n Larson. I no;:> Fre!".h m ::.11 w "rt• forma]h rriild~ K11i>~t 1t · tlt l bl! ~nd uf th,~ \\ ·t>~ !... o.;1 I k2 the ..,l.1 phmllrt' K11 ):)1 1·,

h ... 1p-.-J rh~m fit

i'' 111 the

-.h.JdC>nl ho<liv ' I hb \Vil"' Cl Wt!t.,K




\~· ...~},(

Wfl' 'r\1 Ill


f C't•!;·h· llTLlll


-hdp TIU~\'E'

th!! B!e-ach-

ers. I L)f" Lni::. Soc~er gam~

Al).;..t\•e lli.."ft~; Pow~for: P1 rrl n\..~d::;



1\Jx1,·~ R1~ht·:

Thi: J995 Powd~r

ru fI

Charnpjl)n team: 1union-1.

L£'fl:: The- ._..nd of the wei:J.... Cel~bration.

f cmtba.J.J .\lLC s.ty;~~

••U} Ll~


I t•r.\W Mike \IL'I ··m<l 1n•:m: M~Un~· .A1-"t lJ Sh~M\l.:: h~v ~~ri!'h M~e,r.i.v.: ~hu,,.. Oall L;ttSC.11 B';tm:llw} fom.-s fl~tt ('; 1 rg1•l f:mh.•1,gu.rd Th1in t\1 lW~ I r.'..llth !Job~puht



D~··e ~.:.11ddat


litil.. i.,1r1uw1..n r ~Tle!llu'IJ Rut1' llr-r m;rnn ,tJi-. RoSt: \ 111' .• 7. Jlr:t r s;1.-.n\r\• I Chrtrt1$ Mike '.i1dt' U4.1•1t

O r:;... .'Choii.1.-:.



Hutbe{lsl ..:Mk ~ 60!.itl H~<;111/7.tin !7ti"k li1m ..·.. h11l\m r..:.liiocm.l/ll I l.hOrub Jim 1-(rilub •J.u.L~'CI"' ,'Clirom~ ~t.4!·11¢n f hJw1 Cr 10 J{Lt$

r r .tti'lt:e ~tud>.>:, I '11ula C1:1ner, Stt-:


n Ki1d,;hril!J\ Kalit> c;,h ·;i~ KrJlitil l<ihrn. Mkhrul;' 1'(1.. ...,,Am ~ll.., Rn~h F.~t..-~, T-nc}' r_;l.'d~ M:ttt Ni~t-r. r.iu1 Gm~ Qui 11

A ~der::-oa, Xusten lludi kr-C'J"h F-.•.•ll''t'» \•, M1d1.\rl ~.ri1i •11m c;,,.ni ru-.thl

DA. ·CR,FS ~ nd}



Wh..-chrri:inn, Bd.:?.n .5c:hw. u; ,

Rt-, th~ dtns: DU<..UC'l 01-l C1111., h<-i- Docirr Pl-t<JJ.>UC i:'.R \'.)'k•rw: T~.i~ui: ioi f u l)tr-. CfiORU:S mrtf('T()~ K.itl'-> ~~,it!9. F.ACtJLTY ('l IOJW.S D l RECfOl<


l'rofe~ : No l t~ ORC- l-U!'~=rrt{.A.. ou~ec Prof...,,~;,r

Alwov~; l:>u1m:.;u~o111 1t --..·11~



I fc-rm;i~

CH'OKCO< .1.c.Af'H E'R


h<>\\~ ;;hi cmwrl

w itlr 1-~'t p»rr11rl1'UltlLL "~ n111 h I 1 i. I .::i,1 t& fl<tn~oo by f\. ruq{cr mr th~ L. JnJ. "itcw f J.Jlm un 11 t.' I< lhghl: All d(11·k.ed o 11 for cti,~ .. r.:J. ~~·m -., .. '!!um Apnl " 1.i:-.J..:.:;, D•l l\ L1r..01\ l1.i•' Gotr~d, pnn S.n,ih M •"1!,r.tH' h .1 m &I up wr lhi..• ...m\B JC!,,, rhi·~ ·'!-1 i:iU /, !f, Ou1J11 1 wd.i~!'I p.Jt11·nrh, 111 bl! pb.1foi;! J?I •LI


CnPnl" m<"mh.-r ... .., ... ,11ri

f...t1di:ha~w. Krlcl.J!fl TSud1 Jll•i Kllh!! ~-\1 1.!ib:r.aur:h ~htow Lill 11-~il 'Su11

fl;H• ~ l'lttl\''" I1ut 111'\i' lh,1• till:!• rt !..'di.:~ lr.crm i:hm:ch it:r um.· 1<; i-11!' rMd)· for Utti r"(t1-.nn:i'!I.<"\' Far lfo.luw. 11:..!!"I! .:.!!.I n t!a~bcr ·~'l>:nv hm,• L>.n:tJt...: •b•"\ ;i::- t" h1 dnf\t! wilh • Lu~ r~·i~lf,·; t•I mghl Iv n.~~1~. Uf'l~w· Pi 1r1fl:>1 th1 '1111r-• · 11 ~I·,, ih1'\\ 0.."!-Jh lwJ h• rnil e: 50a i: colwr'I~ r:hoJn,..~-. in lell:o ~hL"ll }(1 o;e,; ~·tld11

H 'l" A.JU c . l~l!l o.l•.!I ~LI ti:~J~ up fo:r the pt!mnr.l.!lm:e.

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Mi:;;hl: rhn~· who1 .,1i.-rtd1od ll '" R~ ~ltn.:

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Mtllc·r \nrjrz'•l \\'1·1~"'1hmJ11n, 1 tll :\1111)d.•> I

A\\i'f'I ke at 6:30 a rn, h~ student bDdy rninus the Ftfth vt>ar iotnd ~eniors took to the task of cleaning uur campu.'!i. VVith the Junior Cli:!~Si hdping lead the sludenLt; on thi s foj thfu] mission ive vvere broken up into groups and \r\rere given our section. This ndssion undl t the supervision ot i:~rofes:;or Lange, 3

the golt cart ma~ touk no time at a!T. After the can1pus spark.1c<l l·V~ \.VC're treated to rJ \'\·onderti. mj picnic n-1enl by the cafeteria. No\v thal our can1pus and the professors'yards are dea11 we can gel back to nur :;l t 1d y Ing.

Right:: I\tlike iv1arquardt fiUing-up after i1 h, rd day. v·,rork .

Lcit:Tnoa Ruser t and Nata I ie CncJper vvor~h1g Jard at fh e

prnftts::;or's house. Be lo\v: !'".llu dent s loung,ng after a -~""""""-.hard

Left Rebekah Le a rn1an


Meli~;.;a Lei;J ie, Elisab eth

Lpfti ni and Sa ra h La rs.en

hard at \Vork. Rit;ht Sh" nnu n Rohn1e a.111. B~\rba ra Miller fi 11 ish the day's vâ&#x20AC;˘.rork with the meaI ended brownie.

\Vl th a

davs -'

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J:'~rJ M~r··~·

Jv'IAKE' IJ l' Brly,ett.1 Crc~1~

Alt11¥e; Ke1on· IJ·-1'

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IIllt.'T miJ.1,m 1crr:/Jr .n.1H..:,.rubL~. I UJIJ

Iu I 1 ' ' \'d l.i.' T~~ 1(..- i j.npjl<·I10pp<T t•• •ICl l~-.11:,.,-l tt....• ki11-: w1th f!w1;rw1ct•,• J1.;,l,•;.;u..• .;riJ WI.Ill~ ..



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L4;ld. l{ ..1·,,• JiJI 1'::1 ... ho&Lb [).:1111 L1ral!t!1; .JU ~d111 1.h 1 I lc•,11h I t..""hP<"rpu hl, :-.ttx~ 1.f.\r• u

Tr..-,,...,. r,,r••\ ·, rt.11lkro.;m1


Oppo1ldr l\1 ~!.!' f.Jotto111:lh1! fult1l! )' pt: t.:•.rl\" •\' · ~mp:· l.!o'\:; IJ.k.:o uill1l'tin~ Ill<! 11\·er Ji.X~·· dtJh~l'llTI ~\I •h• I!: "1'•11:,, rrt1;-i.Jm';j. lntl'tt111:-~i1111 ••lllt rt,1llm11r.t1t


tlu• .!:-< I <L ''' I( t l:-ro11l l<l•\• ' Trn:ha Ber.,. oi:t.:h' \\' J~~11.1 h:·..:i1 t.'111.;-r a.i.-l rfo· \' '· .,.,,. K..,t cr ,!:i.i· RlP\lln:,?

n1.h 'I w·~c1 N1t11li· H 111


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11.-r.&h::c··r, !::tLt:.1~~.;.;.i.~l-1'..J1l " ' jl'nl::c $x·1'<····r;, nn ?'..ttllmt·r. Ld 1:; h._... m1 ··t c~ e ,·,11.-h11 ...:. 51.trt 1 Ihlh p!'()<i m ~L>n \~':a!< the f?,i,m.tcn:1d \' I ull.<.t;! ((ttL<,lf 1C1ed afn·. -.c~ <;ntiul\" 'fl'TOf, fl. bt".>\l.f'! cr... td oimcl eo:qm:.:.:1l• 1;i,.,, (~lh(lr rh.· r r ·i;.t .. "•i..T'.l Jbllul l.rllln . rh~ \\' ld1 I •l

Weare Family!

right: Prot

Her 1'll<1nso 11



the College Choir v•hile ~he ")th ec choi r!-i sr t behind .:md listen. below~ The? tutors joined the Tr~b l:e choir tH '' .M.atn..1 don~ t 'low nu music plLiyed in"

ab oveo left: Ji] I Rk1 1aird~· ad~ ill~ 1f ·-ht: t••t .1 f inmy A,_.,·nrl.1 for h""r per1.1rntance tL"t the Child en';c; The.ilr1 1 pmducti:on of J 1.:u1s!..'l ari.d Gri.!k1 \v~•et~

pl.1yt_•d h4J ~Viti:h. abovt! rl~hl~ Tran Crc" d~~pfoy::; her tal~nts ot rl ·'Y 111g th · •1nE! mr.!i,L joyful


tun~ 1;1m1'\ e hc·~J\.ll" 0

lerb Alang ,,..,Lh Uin'l! other < Li..K-0:1::. Motcle'flh.:n14"r ,1('1\ •t'll J__,·lfl ipc; the congrnr.;.J-

4.11 at U1t? C.ummen'"t.'ll\Crtl <;i~·1i:c.

l5L•luw Ria.It I, l h1 .n IJt "ulm1l 'IL1llll\' l, 1 .)1111,1 Will dall' (ha C.¥m n.Jt.lU \ \,l J'.!L~l'r.i wilh 11'• l l\\'1' tht•I .,._,~11d~plt..••



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'm , th•• ~lL1J1!'!1l 4'.<

fl t1'11



LlV'l•r:-J,1rl i....J., d ' •, I •11 1 l t te fO.'lh..i • ' • •• 1 h

I \ ~ 11

1tL1r.:igetllt!•tud1 h1 It• ,1!1n;; pj L!:..c, min ..1'!'\ , 'Rjgjtt: [';i:-lnr lr.11·!.: .;,•nu\b r 1 1lr ,• nrccl.)b b 1·.1111w.. I 1 t .. ,.,,


I 1«1.&·n "c1w



flt Rall; ht: \ 11 h1h: w.;irtmv, t1> rL~.l.:v1 (ht:ll .!•pl. mo'l1;o, 1 ~n111t~1

~'' -~ 1d

I il,1.JT I\ I Wi• I""' p.t'" itt I 1t' t ~ ll • '6~ow: ·n,,. d111:·~" Jl:l""- !!.•· f1ir I u ' '1.'t' ~"' 1y.,•. "1:1• ~lr1•ll!!, 11'1 t ~ 11.1






.un iljl-prripra.itL• fi.;111111 lt!r ··~·nl 11 upph· ;tn &ii. r\ .

We all have even tfu]

1· ves here on campus.

Some p1ay sports, some work in organizational clubs or jobs, son1e use their musi-

cal talent in the tl1 ater productions, and smne hang out witl1 their

friends. By the e11d of tl1e day we all are tired

out a11d ready to

sleep. nbnve n ~~nt: I ),;n Lar~on ~ ri<l l<t11~t I ~

Scoran1 ro~· ~~ t fo111 ccorn in~ King :lJl.J Q1 1i;.·~n .~bo\'1..• ld t Cure\' Seim ic.l ·.,hoot~ tor Itu~ ;1l .1 tt.L::>kt!tb~ II g;_11 1rw

l:n:l~h\<; 1¥kh~~;i

5-::hupm:Ht "ml KL>n.~n Wii kl' sh:cp tln a lrtp tor TC\.V 7?.

l-'l\lTi ' iJ


Cluh>s A key to canzpus orga11iza tio11

s1 g n •

L an g ua g

Sign L'ln ~age dub aims lt 1 l<·al h basic 1\mL·ric.1 n Sign I .;1ngu.- g l.:' SC.' \\'C Cilt'l l f'lnlll'IU11ll.c1tt.• \'1. ith tht! dl'C:l f p~'l'l•p k o.t u ur congre.gatj ems. T he d ub cm1~isL:::: of thp..,l: mC'rnhcr~. : ~t~c1·e~"1ry G l:. berho:l rd t, ...._i:1 tw Kiv cm~, dITlt' Knickelbein; Jo. i St.hall. Rich Jvlillcr. Ci ~lp, Luki:1 b_gard Vice Pn.:sid 1.:nt i\ K "r IL1 rt m,1n1 Pr~::.i de nt BL> aP1 r ·~, Alll.:'n Schh...:rusner. S.i.rJh T0Hefson 1 A ngi.c ~1..:h ,1ri, Peb Ca le, Anna u ·tke. S,H.1h l ~owt·q , ·1r isha Bt!rgf Fat.he! I .an gt oltt. S te p ha nit: G r.1 v· l"u!ton, fennv Knisel'. Jo.-il1 .\·1illc--r.






I p;l I Ul 1 00



•o ·~ I (/j







•\.mbu!t:>Jdors h~Lpt<d .iruunJ L"i'lmpuo; \'' lh•n lugh '<'.hlK'll':i .:ir J L1ther jZ;r'I lll r':• c.~t,.f.: h our rarnru!> I11r l \ i.;j I I


co~lc!h~ !'-lL1dents

~~ \' i • II.JU ro-, 1:-'fl)L



Lt) Lhl!::.v lh'l'','

""n11ld lf°'t•I more n1mfortable o n Llll'

·1 C: <:<lmpu~ l"i!'Lured h 1• 1i" Mt•, 1\nnl1 Endorf,



l·•flu•.;; G •)th J-1 •,1th L>otibL'TJ'tlh I, jl::'ln ntter KrtiU'i€., Ju-..nn Cui.

I I L_. ________ ._. __ ...


----------------------- ..-

hapel Committee -"1Mftt""...,..,..,.,.......,.,tT":'""':"I,........,..,..,.....

The People bt•hind the 1."'hd pet th.-' t mna kt' thing._ go as -vvell as Lhey do are


Abt,\·.P: David £ n(,forf )~ !H:olpmfZ, •'Ut b~ putting Lhc lJlW)j)' paf:C nurnbi:r up.

ldt· \·hk£ ti.·lanthd Hr;ht":" thi..: 1-ol· •1 tt• l It. 11 )f.:'l


called the Chapel Corrunittt\. lt i ~ In d1arge of he l:an'"Ut":S, byrnn nu rnher and flo"'~ers. They a ll add 1usl a ilile to the \.Yorship ser~ice that ''Tc have here on Campns. Even though \V~ clre not pt:>rfed \Vt' ~in our best to n1a kf" the worship flo\'\r easier for Lhe studenl body. Thi~ is a club that

does" s~n:ice and the people in tht• dub enJoy the wor k. L~H:

\·' f'mb!>P; ot Chapl..J

CommHtt'=, Tun: Di.'!n




Wa).iiter. An1,, Endorf Rntt un. AJy



Not Piclun..>d U:11vid

Cndvrf .mo I Mi k1: ~-1.wlhd

I .<:>Lt; Mjkl• f\fanihi"l .lnd Dm~iJ

nduri dl'dn tht.·

1\ Lt~r bck1 r L hapl'I.

B a n d

.ct-.Qi •I • ,., I Ii.• \JJ L. 1..1·t a l•1,1111r f11"..U1h.•p tnn 'Jnl in O t.)ll 1"ml.1.:1'fl " •.• '" b(•ldlf i:,o ..."' wlwdi f'J'C"lci'1 <!J ml.::j;J..: \• i I, .m 1·pl1m1~t, '•'-'11!; 111.. >l.l'!"• l!t J nt'!'I'.' , nl~ .,, r.nd

J 111~:

ll'r\\ .H-:1 U; ru-.1 f'.1rnap.:itini:; in 1hr:- 1!l'O:,o; \v.i·. Itv.: I.ii(''' =·_ymphomt Crntla'J"; &:nJ .mil Ll-.t• k!lt'd \.\ mJ JI ad r. . I J;J"I

E:nwml•I._._ C.:1nr.e d•" I hn .tm.u 1 11r..r•;rl th•.- l.1tt1•r;.:r\•ttf.1 plt.\'•oU l!l" rro.""L"'S"'"~ ,, h1,.;. th.:-~·- ! r1.1·.-.·d 1l"H· ,,,., ~. r.11 :h, k•JI 11rrl'U, r1'!'. !'-#. 111~.:f l'I I ((11'1fl'JI " J, •rtdi(JJI Rh;'I ~11Jl•,'' h1\ •-h t•tl 11 I in h ~ ~·~h ,,., 11" h·.i • l\•"ll°•'I 'f.,11 111., '-,htol\.'J•j )o.1 11 li:•J"~ 1111,_...J lJu• Wl'l:. k•r 1\ 1• 11t111111,•1• \ ,,. 1; (;~.r-hwm .. 1~hJ:r,,.•>d) in E1:1ioc. I 1~tr..1jnr!.,11,1-.111.., .rnJ i:.oth •r ~!..·:1i in,.1 n•m dl::! m>d •, · 1n~i:r .:-t• 1,.. ~ rl W\'11! ~~ ·.1t11d l•\ I 11 l'.'l'C. l•~·• L'n' .J 'cry .trprcC'tJlll. L o11ud11 ·no • 11t ~' \"L 11~ mttnl.b l.1!1•r f:,· iJ, l~.l~in~ rho· r p lh1rul .1t h:n <! to::.,lh.:11 ::uld t>::i,.kc;b,11l ,.;..imL~. J:i rinK th.• \~ mLN, l.1 n'H•<. <.1n•th.. ronl!t'~m..'Y.-~I!: f,1r1h~ .<!.1~.on, 1.1:-, .:i:J 1fo 91."n .1c ii •


°""''" '"

tilf ' t1.~h1. L•.1ki.• hl:.~~.. ul~<·r ~$hJn­ nim 13 '"".j l);1rth V1~r·T tErk~) l'lilllk .it th ~ l-1..i1H.1,im'l. 0.:lalb '" u l ~t h;· ·• !•> pl.1~· his in-;trn 111 ~"'nl ••nl' b-c.t


ti,,' l 11, 1p ldt \\•j I I i.J r.~r1 U:--.h.'11 Er.!>t:>fl;ble 1 J~)1l: ":i\·ut p5i<mit' K. md 1.,11.; l-ll'.Jflit'r tt. i.lrJ~ f.111.· ll ...• c ..::h ··ori! t•· th .. r<•("·m tnr I hL· •:ta \.\,• aJ s. thi:Jl·,L 11 Ult.' B ..u 1J4 ut-t.


MATH rv1eet Mrlth is a \.vay lor coUL:gc st ud ent~ lo \'\Trite n1ath prubh.~n1s for grade school and High schdo] students 1n the \.Yisconsin Svnod . ., Mt°'et \·I a th 1s n1ore than that. The sh.Ldents tht-11 are invo]ved in t\Ti ting the pr1)blen1s" then \.n:~ Publish then1. A Ht-Jr tha l '''e have a famous 11Sh I ft ir1g P<lrty» \.Vlth

sn<H:::k:=.. [t i.., l:-iai<.1 tha I it is e"li vvay to ~et EFE l1ou I"'!.).

lh~ ~asi­ Th~

0fficers th1~ vcar v\.rer~ Deb Koi.:-hl

ShLlron Koch, Dan Ross, and Anna Endort \vi th Professor Pelzl ss the l.llhriwT. '1/1/e h<ld i'l lot of fun. rhere an.~ n1;iny other people \\rho help oul in 1eet Math by writing prohlt.:.n1" or stuffing enYdopes. All ol this \.V6rk is for the Lhildr~n lha~ ~re in the \·VELS slhool svsten1. Th" l 1'1 "~ll<1 t J\llcct tv1ath" 1





Lt:ll; Deb K(hyh lS c:-.. rl·'~ n i 11.g l,' I ''n ::h1 111•1 wlrnl i-. ~<> J.~'' mlo th~ t.'ll \ "t)lt'vt' Ii


tor Tight: B. r~rry ci'!e(lr.,; d uTing i1 fc•nt1"~ 11 top IL1it: r. trw,tbal D.ctn; ~· I ~~a111 fwnt: r>.l. Mil lerr C. Hl'rlfrh, f... Vunn11.:-u\vf'nni•\'t'I , H. frcsl. ba~·k j \.tev~r. \ .. I hmtirhrink, M V.1s0h.f1 B. f'Prr\', l i:;;.rn'll!

Uppi.;rmdn11. rtght:The lia;;fr..t ll"'1"l II CI t•eriL•ad 1.?r:; ancl ud ~ Ht""U to n~hn~ S. l\·Iu :.-~t ·h'4..', P C.U"ter .• C. f IPin s. K Sh1d:1cr c;_ ~u;.;:ow, A Krwrc1\•,·:-.k1 1

Keeping the spirits high! 64

P:i trida Ru.i,ert

.=ibove· TI1>! KtR)bJ. j1..ii11 1. 11:i1 h

!e(Jm in a r1 •utmc




H"h"' h:iltt1mc· ot


inn billl g:.imL'

li'fl Baskc:rooJJ D~ nn.: Tt>'itm consist!' nt t~ m...-mbt.. r~; frLint: ft.1 f..HHer, C HeTlid, S. Doi m, T B.ihn, H. ( n~t. bel("k V l-fonemrink \ I, V.1sold, J l\·leyer . C Upp.•.1 11 ;mn, U. J-'aL1\'l'r1 B. PL!rry.

Tv1any different grnupi,; nf c.h~i..·dt:'41'dPrs

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ordrr t(1 ~upport ~J llt .alh1dic learn:, rwu Dai cv Ttc'i'nis ~Vere dm~f!n,. 1111e fl r footbalJ and une for b,,skt... tba ll. Th~ same goe~ k1r Hie· KNOBZ. They MHH..11mn-xl their flE:'\'ll I r)lllQ (KNOBZ1 the Honh'C0nnng football gttn1e. Th e KNOilZ dre n group of 5 g ·:; 1Yvh1..' dres~ up cr-<"l:tily ~nd run i:1 round chr···ring tor the p!ayu g lt\"llll and lxl0stm~ the 5ptrH.; 01 t be cro\'Y·d. l hE· g·roup of 5 woml"'n cheer throughout each en tire game uf ba~k :.tbfl ll. They u s-c sJdelin~ cheierc; m1d als.ot u se tloor chf·er~ with difhcu lt anJ mudl pr<1('hced tormati011~ . Occ.:ission~1 lly, dlly ot th..: ch~~rl~a<lu1g tcan1s wouJd do a rou1l1r together. Thi!:! spur1 l cr\m~ t)nd ~i.-~ct.:'ltor~ .:'lppr--dJtc their h.ird wor] . ~ 85

College Choir 1 Was Glad God Is With Us Praise lo the Lord f\ ~~ Kk.l ri:·.1 ...~in t-" 1.... h \\ lw "l'm ...~mf! miglH '.=tll the l tNr;;-% Cl'}h>r,~ Chofr ..1 touring" 1·hc-rr. J hL" trrt\'P.hns tia n:I nt '.'lm~er .. mad(;.' 4 d itfe-r._:nt tn ps. tlw oeJghl:-onng '-Lak ul Wi~L'U[l..!:ofri dmmg •ltc yci:1 r. \ltti,111sh th"L" bus 1.n p:i '"'~re i.~l h .·n I1 '~Jr!., Ihe ~ h \ i r h;.J I h~ pt1vi lt'~I.! 1 I sor{!.)din,tl !ht.• Coc;p1.:•J in :5L'n~, ~•• m.~fl'.' 'VF,.L~ ff•ngr<>gahoo!:'!. Th!! MLC i::olle-~t" Ch,._,ir·s ftr~t Sprm~ tour

iL>L>k theni L~t• a urnwtd L.akc i\-1.ic ,j~,to, Thi.· Cht,Jt \'i~1Ll:d M rinl'tlt:, \<VT 1Jn ~·frlrd1 2 ,mJ "'Pl\~11 d(l\'S r;:itet, Mt~r in~in~ churche"i in ~ ~ ~1tJlhL rn \o\'f lh.c_:Ch~.lll" ~\.l,'iln ri..JLonufll(mlL• \.'\·'J, Lhosi:::- im·oh-cd iri Lher dmi r w1ll n!:'l S'C' n for~i.!t the ..:.'xt:•kn~,·nl <ld:d4.:!u 11> ~m\.' (11 our In}~ \". h''" th.:: h11" L f.t .'!t[1..·i.I 1h 1.1 .. t 10 111 3~ wirl 1 ,1


il~1 Lil'f' (ltl\ th ... ir ~)\lITI'!"\' t('I Mf!n()nlO'nlE"-but the> i.::hair ~Lill m:idt· Jt m time !o !-omg!

The: rh1..Jir wru;. b!~!!OO with l he gi ftE!d dJn-x.um1 nf Pml J( I kmtam;on. 13n:.~!d~nt Em.. L I [tia..·bn~r .rl!.,UJI .iu.'urn\k'\.l Lht• h<•ir, •, l11~11 ul31'(1j;-l'I for his l..l.i;.i ti 1~l' -St."Oll MiUPr


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bl'lii•Wi I r11111 111 l~d. ~I~ U1 nr,h~, f11111r· I\. Tn.,•ud1 11 Jo: ~dllt'~, '. M~111.h.;, ,)

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11 'N'l'."l'J"hal Gt\Jtii.11t • k. i<l•'''"' r1111• 'K, UI\'• n ,


Hdh\C~ 1 ~•a1~1rmp, c A l~·mi-z'.. [.I, !;hil!in~

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' Weth101uLh, IJ_ l.~m:·r. ( I l um~rin. T. '·.roly, l ~ Ta u!-cher. H , ~~ll~h. I' lCU·1..~ I,

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::1• Ii Cm!.1 H L>vbl·1·• 1'U I, I '!Mri.-.1 t.~ itrmS.idt.

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1 z.:,!>lJ(IW, M \'1 1'1i;..1nd. ( :\lx·I :\. !'X1.1L~·-'· D. L.t1r,,1111 l) \•.'}!jet J ~1.11Jm.-.nn,

M. Brr..:, D Uhll-£tri P

l<J111=1tl• J 11 [:1,1»1~ Ir 1r<J · l li·hm.:n C Kr1~1'dbo:i1'~ B C~·~e-J• .:. 1\11111>;, /• - n .....·J.-r,A Ma~c.

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' ·•T 1,•(t· ""Ilk~·\\ :;.\l'L<, ~cimL' .,,.Ti:i~1· ~· pt •• }tf u~· lhr11~\ In~ n1~\'lbaill'i ,, , D'1n I tHld ·~trn'i\ ...,m I J,•:l: Tfit~)' pn:par~ fnr ::u1ot.,N L(>rn\:'rl. b.11 hu11 4. h un!J c; ~! ,,1,·- L fl h•'T fi~th ~·t•ilr \ f'l rnn statu.;,. lutddl.., ci~hl : Tht' -.;up., ju....t t>eing heir .:r•11 ~ =--f'h°•"'· nudJ I,• l.lott(\m ~~ l!c-prn~ :,:,1nL' i..m thL' hus . ,,r il \ '1' In••\ .dr.·,11.h Hl'Ltt:>r; It• tb(! m~1ne -..tO'lt!~?


~ 87

College Chorale IvILC''~ largest chnir, tlu2 C1.)lJeg~ Chumle. JO)" f u Hy rn r~r·d l hc>ir voit:e~ in prarSt"' to thf'ir ~rn1 ior. l'hev ~1ng for the area Retormantion scn·kc~

hc1d in the

Vl Lt. aud Hori um i.n Oct I 9:J5 The choir a lso sang tor both an Ai. l Vt! n t ;md Lenten service~ "L

St John'~ hcrf· in N c ...,. L'Irrt ~ oeaubfl~d

Sunday m~ H'ning ~..'LH~Mr s~n..,"ic~s

al SI



Nevv U lm in N'"wembcr and April. Leading the ch ir 1!'1 itl> mu~ii.. wa~ Prof. John \Jolh 1

Mit:-mbt::ri;: T.:im.ira Ait.a, .•\,'lt'Oti fl.)tt('~. r.-,m~ tlioE'h.m, Juhf;' B''Om.!lm.oi, ~a 1rt.,nlhfl El!;)f1dl, J• Bu ;;i:;,tJ, Karl ('., ni~l I. fl.;; 1 lt,1 r.i !'l.i r'lm~ R•:l 'i.U.1 Daup J~n.,rny 1J~·l.=i.1n.1rl<."t. Di.:.t11ri~ Dii.:ni..:r. Kcl! Urrlegt-r. Mkh('Jlc fa1gdbn."Lh, .Abruh.1m Enl>..'1 Hr.:ind i fll111.1f r. Eh1 ab~lh C.'l u l.J.: •.!, ~[.i r:y Gmg~ Steph;mie Gi!'tn·i::,c, Kn~tm Gerhing.. Aaron~ Cr\':.t.~1 CrL'ff, Ch •.mld Gr~iw, t-..n:itin.L' M1i1ms, Vfl Il'ric I forn..: rbrmk. I eathc•r Hrw..'e•l • Hri.~ 1-[u mannJ 1l1r."1athi..: r l h.rtd1;n"il.m, Jenni tL"'r h' 1-fr.!Ld! Kr.:CI~·. Amy Kmm)\'Y!i.kl. r(1,~I nl ~111nl\!. He<l~h L:!tnb. ChrL•;fophC?r LL•mkl!, l h ris.line U:~·rcr. C..1ilhL·nn\! Ludxh.(>W C.or"'~' M.i!rnlm. I k1lh• ft.·lt'.J~r. ' Men....chin~. 1~--.s.l ni.i Mtllc-r, E.h:.r..alietti 1'..1fnor. Jt·nn ifer \of u tini;i.,. J\n<ln:w 1

~L~ununn, lll.. lm l\le»wl1.JJI, Chm. r.~ltc~c•rt f'f'd(•f"L'n, f.rr1.. r~·, lk~IH'lrt Pt.·rry' M.i.hht?w f't 1.ot~ R~dtke, li'l:so1l Rtmn erl. MicheUc R11s.s,. \.1ichi?ll~ :il-111,,11 dh:ld Ci....horr bi:rg. !-:.rh. 1' k""fit.:r, S le\:~1t Sch u lt..l )..1dt~ Schupma7in

KrvstLn S:eo!-..crt, !1.i:n·1d ~ •...:,·~rt, V; t..;tchooTiif lfol1..:r• Tt:utt:b:rg, Si-1r Tnll11 tf..!1n 'i;:ir,1hlto~. Kat:£wm1~ V1Latci. Sarn·h 1\ ?nl':et 1-en.nifer W '· l-..1mberly \VhEtt.1l<er. Act1m 'W1ech1n;uu1. A • \\ ~i..:chmann Crinnnu 'r'ViH.:,•, f.'mHi1• Willi.i1Jw., Ry"n W•llis., ~mfi 1/./1,Jt rarh. 1.-111,dh: z...,~LTl..l'.·1.

kmg with all the new

fefl l un:::;

at OW' new sc.hop l, there

e r.e\'i.. choir 'Hided tu the dcp.:irtrn n L, Th c m nIE.· chot "ed. God b'\o• si n~i ng in the m1ant1<m servi<..--e. 'l11~v .Jlsu the rongn~g ..1•ions of St, ~and ~ L John's m N~w Ulm .. }t ~ in ~t f.1mes. and SL. s. in \1.esta during the cuurse :c;chooJ V(L~ C. i,st<; foa tun~d in the m all.! w~re Bnan bchwanz anu tvpher AdKkt's. l he male ~i:O pwvided rl barbershop

of singers dun ng the Com. ..!'6n'le.t1 t Conn•rt. rhos€ dcd in th15o group \\'t..~rt' ;)phcr ..\di.eke~, J('rcmy R L'I::>, Marer, Ml'ltthew f i?lgr:-r, ence Vogel. Steven Hahm, IJoJ nsort~ Jod ['Jui.. hl•r, and SuJzt~. Cu j d ing th i.~ d 1l)ir h their first yl!ar Wil~ Prof_ it Moldt' n.he:mer.

mr:rn l:~r... l h 1::o;f4)11h<•r A ltfk1;.'.;., Qu111 ,·\ndL~r5-·on 1 D1w1tl Rh (•nr.., P-ct.-t But.o.g~. DL1v1d c.1rtc1 Kll•\•rI1 En1kc, Br.!.11..Ht.·~


N.\tl t.'IJ l Eri.c..wJ 1. i\:faul h.'\~' L 1~<.!f, Jeffrey FilJ... 'k.. L

h\hr1 F1'L·d nUl, Ju~tm Cut, K,·k Cul. 5 Lt•\'-.:n J fohrn .\ilchad Hl..nrn~ T.n'tH.'" Ho[\,1'b ChaLf l l"1upL!r Ch.11.J J l1..1pp~. D.iU)'l Jol1nson )Obhi.1.a J(ilm::r:.'n. M<lrk K<:n!'tad Jrn;t!ph KolbL:.'N, Bt:n1tHUlTI K,. r~ul Kr.rn~·. Bn7111 l<, r 111 I 1 arnrnn. lam~c Luchn n}'.!.. fvhcnael \1a11tlw1. Rr.~d ?\fo rti:>n.. (,n·~~' Matte!k, C1~llm May(•r, l).1mL•l l\.11"'ll ).. .1rl l 1.1ulsen, Christoph•'! P1 lt;!k fi;wl f '111 h1" r ll.11 Rl'.'l'·,e. ~L·r~m~ RL·i::, Sh.1w11 ~(i~'iC:tp, Ml1lth r.•. v.' Rob~r'b Em. J~l)Uffi\'r'c, DL1\·i L1 Ru.,,ILlat, 1

('..i.leb ~..:hocni..'"'-'k K:~1 !l!' ~L:h rocdcr, Chns!t,phcr st:hu l t~. kre1t1\ L..i.:huJ1.. Bnt.11 5'..h'lo\ t.llll..,. John SiulLJll. '\'"<Jl:h.at1 Sulton, L...-:.,·:r~t"lo.:: \ ·or,c:L End1 W<-•stph<1l, D..11-·id, rl)el \\'ilJ,._.m~~.



Tr<:bk Ciic •1r mcm'!x:1s: KJ mb~rJy B.:1 Iclv.·1n, K r:st) t{rth m !\·tiche!h' l~l'·rg, l 1'Tf} B~rg, .fi.•h:imca Bie!fterteld. Bt:'"..bel ilLiJc, Kri.:.tin lhri:h. 'lam Coopl:'r. Sarah Dolan, An.~d.:i Duen, Grelchen '=.berh.:J rJ t, Ruln Eri titr1 ~fo·.f;,i!TI Frr~,1. R:ich1 J f.uL1 r-.1••rv1u J11Ut: C.11i'rr1wr 1>."lru~11 P C.1r1 rwr • .i\ lJbrt.·y Cent 1, Ei i n H.~gc.~:k1r-J1 Ah·son li.H'n)u1'1, Jc1\n:i tli.'.c' H~n), Tom HdJ CtrTlc HL·rhLh, 1'..lJtJ1-:>UL' I fam."ln. Emily tlll•bcr R.:11-h~I rohns.t<-,n. X1i...lllt! K('mmt.-=. tr..·fo r;..ha Kl t:anann AmLlnda klu~. 5.h.m.m koi..:h. fl.fary h01.. lpm, ~KO IL! 1:-.. n.,>en 1n~. EC.:1thll.!i.:1t .., Rc:bekuh La.: arm ..m I\. Id j<;<;tl Li.!~ijt.• 1


I\ leh:ssa l.Lmh••l.J nII Sa rah Lcw.·~r'' r A J'I n a i lW·tke' Jerin ~ Man:'il-..\., i\1.1nl{•V, Jmmfer r..·1L~Jk1o11, "i,1r.1h ri.- 1t~•.yt.•r, r'm1v r...1old~nham•r, i\TJ MLJ i..1enh.111t>1, i....?lr~h r-..-~~&&~rft\'e, le~1Jliff'.'r Ni;:>1 man. Ch.Hissa J>..;eum.lHl1, Rachel Olsor1, Chr1~·cm Orr' •mMm1 L 1ur:' Or•1-:<l!rnt.irn1, R.J\.hdk F\'1 11\ter, ~r.• n RO'lnJJ ll, Dt'bt,t..lh Rkhrnnnu SR.•plumic Ril~~-. C'hnsi~· R.1.'urYIJ'N..' Lon Sau~r Angd~1 ~Ch<ir1, Kri.;lt"'n "'ld1.1rl , K.1\ l.i SdiJ"tnt"r, 1~1J, 5<hr i id!. 1r'Vt>11rJ\ SchtLtlL., Katlu ~ I I xt;;c:1, Tcl St.:dL.WCr Di.:fu..: al l::ip•t:rl~. '.\;h..J10LL· SLi..·llidc;, Em:.i Truc.sfdd±. Moml.7.:i Jhurnw, JJ'X]ut.'hr'n.: Vdt:m~. Ml!gari ~Vil l k{.'f", .i\m~~ w~mcr, Jem'"li~ r Z.oibn Ina Zimmermann, ft..lonk.:i Z•mmerrnann.


Thi.! can1pu r.; has gone through a loL of changes i n Lhe past vea r.

As th~ stu-

d en s can1e tc o;;chool in August I 99ti, the ' all viev1:ed d1ffercnt objects around can1p11s. 1 hree thing~ Lha.L Viler~ ~spccfa Jly noticed are the Spnnler, the Knight n1u 1路a t and the rv1artin l..t..t~h~r st~itue.

This !Stdh.l~ mcltchc:; the ones on the VVisconsin Lutheran Sen1inarv cc1ni.pus and on thP LuLher Preparatory School.

np ro~H 1• ~ g<' 11:'.iu.v Tl n: MLC sli:;n 1.1L U:u.: Center i,.tn"Ct ccHrnrn, I.! bdow:- Ci2ntt!nmal f foll. a Fr.i:!~men \•;l1nwn'!-. u~1rn1, .ctftcr u :;m1w <lJld 1re sh.>r:n 1n lanuarv thi.s page far abl'.lv£.: rh.:i ~.jail ~nd thl;! :v1artm Lulhf•r <iliJlUL, ft(HT'I the point ot ·dew l r0m CcnkrmEal Hillll Jeff: rhe L:fbr..iry ~·ntranc:L' ill ru~ht. above! [nci .kniq;nt o:n lh~-. ~\' 'lCh.L·~ \'I: ht1 t gol!"' o.n from Lht< top tif tho "if"-'fl"i·

~ 41

Handbells Ringing praises to God. 1l1e J land b~ll p!;.iye~, otben\'lSe kllo·wn to ~ome ~:-;

d1ng-a-ltng:::-, pa rhc3 paW<l in many

e\·ent!) this ''e.ilr. For thC' first l:.uhe in three ye(l rs. t hL"' d1o1r hc1d t hE:!rr uwn home concerf 1l1i:! 1nemher!i en~oyed plily1ng the bclls for their

friends cl nd tht:- Fii:l cuJty member~ °'vho atte-nded. Bl'$ide~ ~he homt· concert, th~ -..:hoir, under the direction of Prof. Gwen ·qen1..:igeJ. pPrformed Gotl""s praist; s in Sle~py Eye, .Ivlank..1to, ,1 nd

Rock f-0rd, f\1.N. The Bel I chni r i\ l~o jot n(>J in perforn1ace a t the~ Spring COIH:~r'C .

The Hand~U C lu b is or~an17cd a.s ~xtrai..:ur­ ricular activi tv i;vhich "µro\•ides a ~ourre nf knowJedge~bout En.J

and ..,~i hand~U choir for use in worship~ concert, anrl lM LC] recnlitmen t



vi ties." (Ha udbell C lt1 b oonstitution) l11e ringers ilre dH.>!:!i~n br audition 1;n th!.:! babi~ of .:ibj Jiry, .i1t·b

e'Xperience, an\..l muskim1ship

to 1ear:rt ~and practl('e,.,. and for us in worship and cancert. 11

rippo..;ttf' pa r,_,p~ inp A 11 I J"ip bel I~ 1I rlPd .~n~d

lf ~·

P,otlorn. Ti me to prnctm.:i, ' I-Tom ilit' beginning!' ri ngt:"r5, l'O<l

th~~ pa.f;t1.


top: Tl"k3 I landlwll rnemtiel"'!

n• th~ }>f61..,p lot:

~arah T rogt·,


Ionh.,8 ·, H.f·dc.11 Wa.gnL'r.

f be-rh,''ITt i•rot. G. 1 jerri:.:q;~.._ !,

A nn~t-~•.+\I} son H~rmrin, I ~1"-;h a\•;1' Ka nna..'T. l\!kDie .SteJlid., Ll't'>b Koch, Ka ri .l'vL:inte}', M1chaeJ M.arqu.;:irdt r~;:,itnc~q Ru::it..•rt. Sar.1 h. L1..·1·,..~tt:\· . top ri~M Ab~ •u I -1011 r j n~..1..·rs ,ul'long fhcm Lh<: :ivKC hr1 ndbdl club dl"knJ1....,_l tlw \..;itHma.I H.tndbe-11 '.F!.$b"'i.l lot St C wL'lt; Lulht!mn .1-ugh S..::h.ool .bottom h.:ft; Ka.ri M.anle-y anJ. J\:J i kl: l\·1arqu<1rdt ha. ,,...e ~• 1.·. unforett.Cl'. ~L .,... hid1 bcl:J:-. i'I r~ llidr!:.. bLJ tr:>m rie,rht A f~·son 1[L1rmon P'"'sttiomnp; belh tu ht.· pld yed fou' m hand. bottrnn;


H (~rri an dez


~R .,

D.:m Larson, Dan Ross,

Caleb ~chuem.."'Ck


Jen'sc Scah.L1ver, Ch ariss.ll. Neu m~nn, KLlbe 1'.ruse, no t pictured.~ Kim \JV hi tta ke r


Luther Manor Matt J-loltJ:, .lusti11 Clnu.





Audio Visual Committee Th~

:\u :Un \'bu.11 (\1mmilk • nm; 1ht'> ~nund and ti:r,h Ltor 1'\Lm1<,~­ t.~us


•ln ...1mpU"'

i'he~ .:lfl>>d, lo fidp 'nth C:ctl'lC't:?r!<; th~'•1'!-l?T prod uct1L)11s, [ 'L'P h.?:-- ~ and!Ud..:: All lht.....,L' Ji...11't11hl!'"' k'-'t.!P ihi! AVCO ml!mbers bu::.v Prnct:cl! l1m1.: mdud"~.; mu.niph ne checb.~ ..h.m.~ir,:t; la~n t~ .mu '"'l'tlm up all T

I1h.' li."lj ui pl1'\.'I • A~ .ir-., udh.•t 1: • VL•u UM} r 11 r~a~ i :.i:e 1ww rn 1wh •i nw ti it.."\' 5Vtl11\I workmg fn f,t' I ~\'L' l"V Jpt,:i~I nglu

A\. CO do1x; a ,,.fit)dP.rfll I ol1 :.mmd anJ hghk


I''' 11rc1J b1•I• \·"• fn,11' Jn~.i <-:('"h()t."'nf'cl.. • ..,cntl \1 illt~r. Rr.1!f \ ·larlen, h•1t·k IJan L~r.)b...~., .l •'llt~ "h. r Ill K1h'b, ami Di:b





.-- -- . -----

~ -





-- ---


'"I"" t l.'7t' 11 ,, 11r.1... rNicb;,l I Jm:m

l<•r n~L~ L V. <>id ...,1h.J11er mnk:" :;o•x3 u:si: 01 lw.r llm• iJ,.i r.,.:. h<Jll'J..'!.Y"<VI ' hi 1c ~t-.c w .tit::< r,1r h~r 1 \'1 nr m1Jdlr~-1 - l...irr.1•n .rnJ \ :( '\11 rr lr.•tch mil ho lcoci: I hC":, nm ~ ·Urn k;:t A.. 1

f1¥1•+·r :•i.' 1 ,')'t~i<. h1•r 'Yf'p!A1'..-:tt 1'.:Jtwm rl~lu... 111. I l.·1111 t•r,,!':lrr


Childrt>n•q Theater otHc~rs: I kath lJL'bl:.v.·rpl1]1I. l.1111~:... C1rolc, D, l{.1t~r. l.uul t\ .u:h.,~r 1uto r '.\! Zunr h..l111r11n 1 r •Jt li\lt It.'il·Oan l ilGOtl ~ fh~..'lkr f!C'r'forfl~~i';:: \.f1cki HO:';"~ Lu.a Molderhauer, Jemsc:! ~L'ch, ,·~r. t'\1~m· Zel1~1 ~1·. ji.'ni '-.C"h11111., 11, Crd{'h~·n Fb1.~rh :mH. Audril Rohn. t.hrtxi1.•- &-ck.~· Bci i.:~ llt>.fl Bain. ( 'lmrk Sonnt"nb~~.;.. fami...~ J fahm, I. 10.1 k.Hh Dobt:~q)1Jl1J, ~'"''~·I Jahni. ln'>h Miller kn R1chm.unii, 1

L.:iucrs11rf M,rr)tc •, iJ ln.-ct11 D.111 L. r,1fN


The Nakomis Quartet

Sliurirq; rb"t: Lc:t-..t! ur .f~ll5

_ .




~II ~

"'r"'1 jr:r dJi11.

•~ • - """· 1No J ll~.

!l : ,



m itt.

!"C. -!\:

v~ 1"lf ()(' wob,


~ AJ\'r:A.'I\




~eg Jui;: l!JID 1-11e 'lloOb.. ""' .. ~ lnblol tfl:ll .,, u.




~~ ·J~ ~ y. £ ~1 Fd11 !lla 11 h dz Jr:'ff 1\1'oa 'Ir'11111:. ti~""''' n:i hln t.r[Jn~,

~ ~ ii! ;u.: naJm nm.l1 T,.& drl· an1 p,.. n;t



~'llh ~ye

.£ J~w

w~ ...."

Vn Ya

:l m;

' " ...u11 - · .... ID1D



~ui: ~ic ~ot·

ln.U I.....,~


~ ~~

Jr* 'l H Sac "Y'" wl)lil '\'a Jau~ ! na oncl

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~ j f ~ ~f

~~·«- ··ye: w-o(I~



Hip !ii:IT11.rii:: Jmi pa &:µ1: wnh.

-.iw-un Lush'l"T lol~

Nai-Ni CheJ1 .lJance Co.





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Lu•hnr l:1JUlt'!](ll Student Ce~ter p ..,,

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K.l\IJGHT'!:i PAGE is ti e 1..;l\.11.h:nt n~wspa~r. A.r; :;udi it prm i dt~ .;. tudt?n1ro 1h~ nppor i' ,1 P4-"· 1IJ\'e 11n.1f;cuf ~tw..~1.·nt hfc while 1 ii.J\.,.·mg thi.: m to r;tClW thmugh Lherffl 'iT~ii't'.'

or pi1l°''ishi11g lht•ir 11\.\'I, it t'rrl

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It ai~tl L pilni..b th1:.: readt!n: literary

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The Ranlblings of a HumbJe S~a,nt Let's conle togelher in the name of th Father,. Lel us a111algamate for the sake of Jesus. o niatlerwhere we establi h the establ~ hment

He ~tilJ peers down from heaven and sees us. There should be no Hr-feelings between Christians. There i!, one God, one lord; now one school. s Christian So cliers. we boldly march on\.vard With Law and GospeJ as our only ools. \'\re carry ~ alvation to the inhabit~d world. \\l1to cares if it's as pastor or teacher? God judges the inner hearl, not the offh:e, So share His ¥.rord \vith every hu1nan cte·ature.. Lord, how Jong "rill You allow u to stumble? We walk duri11g th,e day as if it "vere night. Holy Spirit ilJuminate our minds; And we in tum \VHI share with others this Light -Brady Coleman

Th ~

• r111; WM 1'i1(1'' •'rl1tr the-:r 1J1~~., rwt~ttliPJ,.! i~: tJ Jifor f;o t.•i~ "i.Nm:J-S~L°t!pt mmd

ifWrdrr i( rfz!-: sp1mwzg 11•lH 1.•n...,. ~fop

Sprinter Spea k~

Run l'ICt oo y('l'IJ 1· rn.a rk,

! r..r(H T~fl'lt't' lfrt.' th1'1' n-•z:f

Th~ !:i knv.


the qu' :--k,


la IL The great com rnand is g1 v ~n. By thf' G\°)d nf it IL

tl>1 r~· f f-•1·~ 11:.;-~;orrt 1 tn1 ~4'"J:v·.~«... r1 ·mrd k•"''I'" r11 t..111 WWlJ; b.·l;i •, · me liz:::y .mri f.<1U h1 aa· sri..mnd 1 L.!' crr.n>U"-!'1 Mt'f." Hp J.l.S ma.rld1'l1 f'•'L'l1 ll! r1#1J (•biit•fllu ; 11 tJ,l, .'J~r11rt.:i' 1uH~t m m._'.f hcnrf Jm8 m~ ,fll•.:I 1(rro; r.r Hri' w11rl1i rkr m.:~'-~CI- roumi ke-q.~s -sttmm 11g W..-..11!.:d 1~111:- rq.1 rf~ •rt,1d:11 •w~~\ ,_JJ.tCL~ 1~P~ inti' 1.1f;h J11,•r tiud umJ 1 Josr 1111.1

I mo\'\' nM w h er~ tu g:ti or V•lhere th1s life may lea~ Yd ':>om eon~ 111. rn~ heard ~he c;i H An d sometb jng in m~ be.l ie\.'~i.t


Tl·w slr•,ng rnt-..;;.:-rng~ ha_r;; been w luspcred ~, hi:;t Christ g.,1\'e 21tl for yuu.

- l1orum-,11 f 99t3 t11 1i 5

This ::nv~sume nt"WS 1 i..:i:\ n fell, M~ . :-l<l you 11g.. so nci..,,.•. A Com~ 1! ~time arU!K! for me to gu .1nd fill rnv i::,ru111bling C11m 1n~ , ~.!J..Uu~ •~•'d hoped th'(!t !h+'v W(H tld serve s.omethin~ yumm~·

As [ resignc:-d mp.di to eal ~i

Cilljh.m 1m Bur~i..~r; r nWbh!i..l 11\\' ~re: in ctbhdic! ii'lnd s;l aN"L.i in si)en 1 ,..,.-ondi..•r. Th12 i.:aiet~ri.a \,·as. gonc-nad ' anL-;hcd m.1t ·vf si~l.


Pc111dc..· H.~...J I de ,i I rno&L-1l sav~J me frnm my pJi.e;liL 1 g rabbed a tray und n~h~J urt Lhruu~h; ~~ n:a_i::, firs t-

L"'~1w n 1 o::igrn=- I touk li\ il Otl•·, hell I\·"•\'' P(lt.lro b.Jt, , 1 :p.u.l,i 1~i:i .. , s:.'I ]~d ( nli'I-. a 1,d nuhO;li Errtn:cs, iO: i:-n"il.lrl, ,,....~rt?a L lemonadt?, and "ctd"1sI fl!Jt?d rny tr;:iy w ~he c." tmm11; (J was .Urn i<l ~t w<J:::. rusl 0.1 d rN1Hl I.found .1 Nt¢ll1( ...J)U he~1 rd m~ ril'1ihl I •n wtuch lo d inl? m comfort.

l h.•ok mv tJmi: cnjoy...-U 4..'.1d1 ~::i1k'· the nt~ ht.1~ seernt·d S{'• snort ' !\·lr. N~c~I}· \l.'<'.i; Sc:'• r'li<-e when hP asked m£t in leavaWt'ci.· dosin.+ n~W·, I'm !'iL'1nJ', l>ut y. 1u . .t<rn return tumnr·

Y, you, we Must set our e\•cs above l\.ol on eadh lv 1hrng5 But on [ li.5 gn~a t k1ve. join me ir'I our mi~sion On o Ll r common gtotTnd:

Th.JLon al l the el.lrth Hti-. p1e<;j(ms. \'Vord m'1y ft:nm d.

Ru :nn er"" on your mark Thi? sln-w, the qu ick, th~ laH. The grE·a t command J& g1 ,.len By the God of all,

-R.J. -September, 1995


Th:! pmmm~ ot anuthl"r rnc.1l t.lad


udi t<.•1i~H~

my s<t~rl1'1\',

!)M.<l C,)()'"o!?t'




vliller. cupy compjter; Josh Kesting.. phologra phet·; Ch.lisly Rodmvre, l<1yout; ]OE! K0lho\'-', l.1yout and phntograph,•; t:farb Darling. Jayoul, Ann;i Endorf, k1yc.11ut and phn~ograph}'· Patricia Rusert, Editor. not ~ii:tu.r~d: JeH Dunn ph()rugraphy Edi toe rtnd Jen' my Delamarter, head



5hkld staff publishP-~ cl \'earbook for students. J'.:1.culty and others tu vit'!\V A vearbook ii; ~irni1i<lr h whc:11 some \\ro11!d c.<i ll :\ mr.rnon· hook .. rt should ~ lso be a picture book. Tht~ yE.·ar has not h"-en •

an f•as,. J



concerning tht:: Shield. vVe ·wl!r~ intruduc.:t"J to c1 111:'\'\1 way uf prodl.H..i ng pag~ 1h1s yt"ar w, have n. cmnput~r. It give:l us il chanc.e to creat~ a bt!tter looki11g \"t!arht"IJb. for y ,u. H< rdly r' 11) c•f lhc....

mcmbt.. rs putt=r~ hl.1



£'"'< pPrtc n cc




use the comdefinite lea rning ll1

for us.

SimiJiar to L'tht:!r VC"rl~ th~ 11umbc·r of our staff dwindled throughrn1t thr v<.,ar, vd1ich left the majority or \"-'Ork to be done bv the tew ~vho ~ta\'(.'d . i\nothc1· J

thi<. ,~<."'.i r 'c; Shield L!'; that one of the Co-Editor!> had tu le,,ve scht"H) fot rncdicn r'C'3<>on.s. Puttmg the b~d tune~ asidl!:tlifa vear has -,urely bt-en Lt lr.:.•«1rm11t; ~xperkncc \'\le have had wnn(krful slaJf mentbers. Pnmarilv... thti:!\'... havic been dedirnkd, tntst·worlhy rl!ld 1-Mt'd wo1"king ·when they hild the time. Our photograph~r!:i took '"''Ondcrful pil'ha.t.:.·. and tmsl('.'11.i Ih(' i r ·d iJ or to use Lhc1 r c.Tm.1 r a-;_ M amt pictures have b'-icn tiUbmitted b) tht: ~tudent~ ~..,, ,ich h~v·~ hc lJX'd us .i lnt Our members ha\'e put hours nt work intl lh -, bt.)Ok this \'C"ar lust hke manv, other " .J~pect-o; of Lhis 'I/car, the Shield, too.has do\'\·nqid1., lo

efi:11ria~ R. hdp~J11L! \4.i'lth

11i'· l'ilg~ ''Y r>,ldin~·.

artkl•.:· ,., hLk nl! h·pt;d Lh~m

ve: j~'k! K. ~xpla 111::- to Tnn.i h~ )~\' l1' f i l ChL' t i l I,,. ... '1fir. de-;.ignatl!J tt:-.. L bll'Ck.

room lo grtnv.



The nlt:~1nber~ ot Stud ·nt &:~nat<~ nieef ri\rerv .. rvlonday - ilfler evening chapi.·1 111 the1r ne'v nu!t:<t in~ roorn in thtl basement of Cen lenn1<1 l. 1hey decide mitny thing~ about our life lwre 011

can1pus. H01necon1ing and Sno\v CMnival a ·e \Jrg~ riiYed ~ind run by Lhc nicn1bers of the Student SL"'nate. Thev aJso, for· this first " year, hc:lpt.:!d decide on the open dorn1 hour$. Thi~ ve·tr the SE?nale 1nv1Lcd Lhe raculty and Student body to <l Recognition Bffngut.:L H w.i~ al th~ t::nd ot the year and n1any a\\·ards wer~ g,1 vt•n h:·, fl - studen ls. .i\ lso, during this banquet, n1crnber:, nt Llrg~~111 z tions, usually unnoliced,. \\'Cre r~cognized for ~Ir thP \'\'t'rk thP\. do. f.ach ~Ja"':-, hcl~ IOU r rer~senta l:ivc;:.; and ha.=, their i..::fo~.S piebl· dent be pa rt t ii lht> SLuden L5€nale. All posi lions are den.10cratkally \'O ~ed tor by tht· -...Ludcn ts. Student Body president:



freshmen~ prt.>sidrnl,

Dan:J Juhnsim • du~ kp~Hmie Riky1 lk•thf'I

&de. HE·atl1 L-imb, Jam<..~ Oou· gfi:ls Sophomot~s: Phi l M i lt.-., - ~J••'k<; ("lteSJ~1enl, H:111 rrwn t..f.Wt'>, Jamt--s.

f,°3trf'kt'2, HPnj.;:in-u11 I awm111., Danen

Koon. Tunror5! jL)""r ~h:ut - d.i\.ct-; pre-'>1denc. t"am4.'S. I Lahm, U..:hb1e !>hillW..g rau] Z.,ir in~ ~dthan Ji~''n

Si:~fors: R~'\"lr\ Hill - d.:-i~5 p re-sidf!"nl, ]enni(~r Kr<.1u~et l im Dolan. CA:hbie Q 1andt. L>a·d~ 1\f elk<!. \.fike ~/\ L,tgand .l'\;Kkl Schml1.1t fh,re ye:art Crarg \h~ide • ..:fo~ prt!!-.i dent, Greg Di:~n\c>tl, ~ [cltt


Dm m C:Qu n di C.h.i.irpersons

:..,-rott Milter-Summit Kr1tw Kruse • CerttL'n 1i.u Saruh Mu--~J'i\\'~ • AugustMM o<~n L~ 1'$1)1 - Cof~<Hd \ot.111 H~~ltz- L•rlher- MiH'h'r

f..'l<l•lly <1vjsol'! Pr~ f, Lyle Lange

;ii1(1\' • ldt; 1'.·fm.1n:~n l\.fiUl!r t:,L'l l m~ hlJK_~e-<J t.!urr11~ ~s

l lomccamin3 e;, L'!ll . . ~b1 wi..: n~h;: Sitnatf•r

1.1rn1:•... r [,)hit\ '.flldlt"• iri his r.:mm rrzddle: Clp-~n 1:)1)1'11''> jun,, ,,...... ma.kin ... a :=.~~(1 (or H l.•rnl""-l • 11i11 e;. b~I uw




l1;1tt· I ~t·~1;~

L .111 ~ t1 <1 ~ l' Cll1b tilk~-0 ~m'r·p1durl..!'

irunl nm C L·bi<:rharLl t R

LiJn.i;.h(1lff. I S... ha11 ' Ka1 ;:>er;

ti ri .~ k r P w • C r :1 • ~ ( C 1 a / \' • l• •kxJ ''·).!;·1:l'• 1j A I l c ri Sci ~h.· u~.Ll t:'r , Rj di ~·fill L!T I b- l' l L £' m flf;hl





\\'J.'t)flg l<..~ti

C . d1>n I \IOU

v.-Jnf St•s ictu l<tkc ''uur pidtl r'l: hL.: r

fcm.!uurt..u n· C"l"'rt' .c;r:iy" 1 1~


l:eft One t • lht' 1i..~w find r,.,r 1t.t'f \.\'c ·c·11 tjrir~~


of :'\.~ •:.'t~ I ft.:1alh,


t.iring . . .

fun ...crazy. .. s i lly. . . off

duty times of being involved with a campus club! [I)(; Rusi:::.· rt

The Sh, eld Staff woul€1 like to ·ctedicate the entire Spotts sectioit to Coach Kruse·,.v110 served tl1e Athletic Depart111e11ts of MLC for n1ost of the first year and fortb.\Vestern College for 21 years. Coach Kruse v\ras la ken to , eaven 011Easter Su11aay 1996.

Sports A key fio physical excellence


lights lay Foundation For Wi11ning radition Tho.: ~fl..C F1,~1n I l• am pu·ite.;Lu"I im prt'S~i \;€' l't"cord LhL· 1n.lug1~1 ~! ~'\...:;on. Jhi<!\' 1~h<'q;eci lln1•" 11l1.1 gridmm


;mticipatmn ol ... L~ rtin i:::,. J w m rung trad 1tJUn 1m this c.:impus. It \•,:a~ m<tdcpn!:'s5b te through ~·~dum. t-rmI'ling~md hard l\L 'i<' p la~ mg, <u Ld beea1.i~ or; the s.kiU· tul tuk·l.t!=',t' m lht! r11ad1lnr. ~ta ii Thf' tt'arn h;"ld a pot€nt otfl"fl.;.e read b} leai;ue k'odint::. ru!iher Ailron Robm~on ( f'1 ~t


r:>ef~ i\r(!

End n.!t•p


hvetv. Tht:"\' rt:nC\'Cd sup~rb· ~uppvrl frr,1n tfw tt.•'!-1

..~11 i.:vl.lh.~rL·l 1Cc)

and ru111LiJ1F; mat .. h'-=. tin'i ;md pruvidi :"11!; rm)tot>!"'tkin for the ~n kfr·n arm f1t Jarrcd ('l!de11berg (Si:cunJ '!'~.un) ~·.'(>re fir<; ~earn ~ki...timU>, lason Zahn .111.J OtH. id \Vili...)n, dS w<..•ll M· DMr\"•11 K11o!l Lllon ...1r..1bh: ~{~ntion t ~l;ilt

Cll)Ut .. (H.:)1Wr.j1ble tiOt)) C)p1,fl i •"'I~, I.he Im I

Pi:!$011 ,, IS•• ~i Vr?d


lu~ 1ut-ihU'li..bng t' l(1flo; ill the tii:;ht L•nd po!=-ition. !he 1'..m~ht'~ forn1..l~1u~

T1.!'LlJtl honors for

ddenY.. w1.1 .. kd bv N,1L1r~ Hc\'T'I .u,d Ta soil H (lg;ndon'l,

whr.· bolli Ci.: lh:i: h•d ~ir~• Tr.!ant h1.11tc1rs ;~! ( i P·.t>had..e1


·:-t~n~ I

tt"a m


t inns.

With rile cnrnerS :.Ont

.:t• 1C!'.L~ , ,f theinipen ni ~~ kmght!;ccnnow ool t(l a<ld cmc ni•.:w brick iu ti1 Ur c:omi n ~ S<:'c"'l S01'1 t'O ~

5"J"l I he




uDue to the support of the underclassn1en a11d the :leadership of 'the upper- , t }us . r! c1assmen. I

iyear \Vas a good starting poi11t for MLC Football. -Aaron Robinson 0

,.1 the de1'"'n."i..~~ -.pedfic:illy l 'Hll lnwb=icke r Jim KL1lb a11d dt'l"e-nst\"E:' biick!. B~n L~\'. renz di i:I lod

reu·~rst.:i.hl.l:'r all

three hoi'

tuwL! rot ~t..:t·~ that js \i t lir Lu t ·1~r f' ol lt>ge ronlt\1

- .\ l.a!f Hate

Left: ·\r.JJJ!>.t .i hfT"r ~I, \ ~11, ~1~t I~· 11l°"')'ll I' n k." 11h 1•,d11l.• r\.1 n1n r~(1b11: :.UCI t.:t~O it :il1~ II m ;,, C11.11 l11r ..!_ ,,,r ... ~;rJ"' tor T1 n I 1t•tl• 1 ~ t· .. :.,1'" 1h\' •,)m. · 1 ti) \.,u,1n ""1uN


JN llKF ·'' L1\ MB. (ll,'1 U.K t:: A 1 10.~ Slitrhn:; ·~·i~h 2 lmw.....;;;, rlio:-' ' emit'd Lhc i r ,..,~ 'i-2 g<Hni;1~ :?nd~p ;,,.-,, m Co::flfC>r~nce.

opp. ~.n.c M .-. ~;1.1u1ha



M ~'u nl ~ 1 'lilr i1_1 :~ .;.:•rl.h '•i: L'~ le! m




~rl) \''" U:\·1 -C1-:.x:1'.-..~:t•"1l


18 14

( .""nc.-.rdi;i ·St. P.1111 Trinir.,· Bibi.:·









A ho>J.t:!- • if, 1.....:id,•r ,\d 11-..::? p.1i:I., A<1on.•n R 'lru;.l:vl lt;i --. !it~ I• i111 111 •.kl, ~VDKiJl'll:·t L'n;1wn( •1lk14" du1 1ng J lt1(1)('<"1)1t111'i; ·i;o;; L-c{t; L1 k~ I;,,• ,.un ,m ,: ('l11ath' .t \' I. r •J tll..l<•nburg i: tri; I ~ I 1111i.~h



Lady K1ights Cain Tbu111cm1enl Victon' Tht:' liht Mil~ tin Li ther C1 l lcge ~f ou~~~b.1 l I I ,, m play•~ i'l gnorl s• •ilsun , .. 1th 21 w 11.., ,1 nd ..:1 h •s-U;~.

I h~' did


l h· wv-tl

in t~w

tini1 1 tm1rnamf•nt. l.\'Jnmn~ :111 hv(• m~tcht~.!:i

vnthcn,Jt a l nwm~ lht; op· po~mg tc~.nn s

Lo \\ m t:\' l!'r1

r;arm ·, \'' h1ch L:ndcd th · ~·u:.iu rl L~1 1 pl '.'!-Lti1·c


Cor:llh Dn.~•r\ Bui.:k w~-. proud oi Lhe h:.'.im lot \•, i1tnfr\~ the lit]c..: kti ~he



~111.11! ccillt>~ti

A1hl~t1c As">('IC1at1n11 Ill

Midugrin Sp~~ 1.11 t\'W~rJs \\'L'rr' rt'-

('ei\•ed 1;i, fm1rof th~ pl.1 vf' rs. ~H-C"onf\'rt1 nn'~'h 1 t­ tr0ns "\Vi:->nl tu wmor Bt!th Sc:h rldi"r and Juniur 111:ht'l le EhgcU.1rL-c.h l AJ I· Tou&""n.:lI!lL!Ht -.dct.:h<.111~ i't'~·n1

h1SttnE1Jr!.S .Ki ~ll' i~ r· ;ind Clli.J I~ J d SLt:t!I .. Chi?lnJa ~·. .l~ a1~· \'t led

MVP 1 •t'

lh~ Lourn.m1f"nt

- .H.nJ\'1 l'.'1 r~u-Jbif.


GRJ:AT!-Gutit.l n!'gul.1r sc1t!:10rl ·;;: J. 23, th.:·n \'"'" n .1tii.m;il.,._

rnAltflH.1 111• \ll.CW•, Ji;n i?;h l·h:-.;u11 1tlc 11'~!~~·11:.::;. lt•.:- 1\:1l1~r•'1I c.h.!i111 1.•1l•·1~hi p in ~~CA.\ Foa.1 I &'11 l ntL•f\".j.•h• ~f'I\ •1,11 11 1,-..;l; J\"-"•I C'.1 H:m r n.7.,it.:·: h• t:ump Lt!H: h~o'-1<.J i-h:in n;i.J ).lidieolk 1-"ny;l·!l>~.!ht lend ott U11t!1:tpp'-'"ia;.; to- 1m'" thr•·.:it.... Abir.,.-c; l"hr ,\(LI • U!d>c. ;.;i.;: i 1tt1 ~~'111,


J 11

O'ToughERTraining HILLTakes&'TDALE: eam to Top fh.; l ~>l):i l\ 11 (. C(I J~~ Cl )IHlt r)' r<>illll r11w;.hl·d il:- 11\!'lugu· r, 11 •;1•a"'f•n l\ i I .n m 111 tc..•-.-

t)h \.:ah, we .1 l <.o rnl't.•I ... ",,,

Dut.• t.1 ii




-.1,.1 f>t'-

El \'(• rcrnrJ. Thi.: :.;t:~!,.On ruJ~ mmak\.l w1th lh~lhthi:!men's ilnf! \ rinwn':-. ~··;1m r; t,,ki11~ fi r 51<..' i1

lhc: Up1.'•'T\.foJ•

hJdtc: Conkrt.:ni::I.! [ 'i..lrlof thisw11sduL •, 11ur rigomu.s t rainin ~ rt' inwn \\•c_-..t ,•\

T.r.u tH


... 1t• 1 ~ iet~1 ~d


.1:-. mcn:I\ ' jo~h111i:;"' , thL.

Knii.;l.ts r hl>U~hl t1~.1t 1t v.-ar..: 1l)o ~.JS) In jMCt· "lit 1'11a I in~erv.115 . J\ O\' 11l11C1 1.;;~C~11 1n ·

b') tL~

m cvukl dLI th~~: n (·v, nL ·w

t'.!'.tm ·· Th rnu~h



,., IJd., Lll Plandrau: ~td tc p.:-ir k \\'(• w+>nt 1•"' 11 In ri n~ ~·\'t: I' \ i 1t1 1. 11 1\ \ 1"1'101mlL ;n .•111J ,;ru!'"" pJam h\ be toun.J ~t.?\'!!.Jhrig.111 11ind.:111wn-

;\fun:· w.._.. 1 ~ 11 k v 11 '' me:~ Ilk::.· 1 1(~]Pl.1l, Amur..m WNt .l.O Cl.!nglus t.1Ch

c;;;s,·n~e r

Kahn lntiJmatmnal 1 I.'\ •ho_y, Spt•n,-t r, l ~ingl c r;. 111, Gftrth fl 1•, • "Id lx!.!Z)' UnJc.·r 1lw ste•tlth l:un~r ,., L' fon.ii.:<l nv er!>.,chmbl'd walL•daJl:S 1·;c--ro ti-l11ndi1.:!d ••n h rhl J wir • fe-n~.



l•t'f•"lll"l(' I 1(.'('d--

-11 11i 1c d.~yl


1hiLtn1\! l1 tl)i r~g



Lall1 b1· done ; n lh1... N~ 1> Lii m ar12a we- Mr•1. th..' c•.w t.: re.•ric1.. c rmvn.

r.u L!!"ft.; 1 ~· t'~l'•ilt' ti1r>msd\.'P.11 li'.lf 1h(' 11r rnmrnJS rJct', fen R:idh:l.d _v Kins.e:r.. Mt-lL-<:~ MolUt'" , ,mf. rr,· B,,W!r J01" for ll

p::-dyr ul!:


,r,d,, n:pn .lnd

f .s~un

li.u "!It cl·..i '!-!. • •h rt'l' ~l R::ind rJu

firlow .1\mv 8..ul!r ~rai M.•!l.t.'>s.>J M.~ntey \''ilJ .a IM ~.~ rt_ng 1 nr d unny, ~h .. liom ~nm1-1 n~~•

li!'h: Al th~ !tLart t •I I'~ St ltslu'a'!! r.:i .x: Chtb Fl'.'thr\~I k'lld:; the cri:ny,;I


h.,J.uwl!<l li .!'' B,111 Gurgt>I r"h•'T l'<H:,, Al;lo·1~: ()u!tc)g lrit> ML(' rn.l.?.('t r~o1.1s C.t ~J (a t ~Q 'i o~n.. c gi:~l Jnr.n~a ~<\1 1 t"' he fo1 tirst l°h+'v ('f't..,;:w.;f L'<li lu ~ f'i,'lnd 1n h:ind ~







Team Acconi. plishes Tl\C• ui.m~11r.)I l\n C ':l<l<.T1·r k'am, compris.00 oi p!;;i"·crs ~ b111 £L>U ght e >.t' Ilcm. c on sep<trilh.: plavm~ fa:kI<.. m Lhi.: pv.s.L came h)~t:tlu·1 'J{' au ~ru~~ 5, I CJ95 Lt• lmtlJte . i m•w wir nfog lt'<'l<l iU u 1'1 ,., i h ,, toug~ Kh'l:'1iol1.! .a~ .......~d lh '.Kn1~h ~i; bt?~.<in l1w.·~"'l,.-k h.1rd undt:r coadws L.>::u.1 IKt"i'Lpi 11 SLL"\'L> floot•. and N;iiti.: Bu~.~ •n ord~r to thl!m

:-s.t•h c~- h}r ll1 • ::>L«ISun .1hC"at..l.

n,ll1t, ;:i1 1':0.N.I k>ncL t1.-1r I he bu] lding ,;f il s.ucce!;c;(ul p rog:-<1 rn ui tltc yc.:.1r to ..:um'! Sl>'I. pl.J \'t:'E'o.. c:.m1ed G:'tfl k-re:t~en•1,.'1)gniti1)fl for t]1eic 111 d , .... r~t.1 r .11:h ri.. .\•1•1 'ot"r11 ... 'i ;1m~i: 1t• lh ._,, ~AC .111 L~nn­ le-ren c~ 1 J r~ I Le-am "vt?re \iart~ Vall~!>k\' •11.• th l ~ ~Jal-s dllU :! as~i.s.ts •n'<l Bt'n Wal.hbum, w1 ... h tlm..~ ~rJ.ib . int I tOLLr ,.,...,Si:!ot.!I Numi..-.e I h.' t Ile ;di • 01 :l.creni..~ s-i.:rnnt..~

ThL' l<ni~hl~ weon.' 1..h.11

•c..••'1'11, l"n·llr1•nl ~i('-o.h·rl •rd

h!Jl~ed 11.,.•j1}1 fit-((!! COJY'l f.'l t'Li-

wnh fo.u p;oa 1,$ ~n d cint• .P5'~

...~.1 .. (ln md l•~i mg

f j L>ti





and l l amHnc 1 he dub n.:Jit7d

m1 it-.., ittn:nglh U.~' rtlLddJ~. w i I h lh?•I

h ·<.11vrh '~'U?

w.1:-;hbllrn R\1.H1 H i ll "' d .:-1nd h_'!,,L I in~ "''""J i..>r r-.1.1 rt\• \'aHEMi"'Y farry1nr, them.~­ nior l,,adi?ri:;;h.ip fmm lll'rl Palak. Ryan l lilL an:J Brent Bk·~tu.ridd hdp1..'-Cl tu ,1m.:fi.1r u youn~ K1' 1 ~ht te.1rr• ln li ~c1w11 11\ark~

i;lst .md jusll

S .:. A .:>(

· :-,. t,.; • •

A ·.

(;..·11.i.1: flt-t f(....t1 i>,~o1 t-J· IO f(>r h tl LI'•


.1ls(1 w11i.h four rp~d!'J •.mcl onl'

Rt"Lei v H'I~ ht1n(1tabl1.: n1('J10•) it1 w~ Ry.rn Hi l L"''ith cmt> ~I/ml arid f"\•.ro ilS.-



ti.,.. ..rctC"rni. ~

n.1 t i1.m ,u·u.J da_i...,j l'i:. Lh j,; •,t ri \·ifl'P. Ior P"':G"ll-i.:ri(a;i. w ,;io '"'"H r•n t rely j n ;i ='i-1:1-2


I IPWt!Vtor,


tnad-. ...~ am.I p1a ver..~ know lh,,L lhi.:y nt1\'l.'. p 11 th•w 1 ll'r.=

FM A.'~~ Rtn Birln l>t~ "' ie1J foi lu p11c.L .. Ab EJve.i Ebi.m DIA.ob~ .mtl ti~h( thr •"'PJ"'"'iti.1n. frir I~•' hlt

1 1~



S artiJ,_g a Lo1,_g Last· -ig Tradition TI~ 1~~ Martin LuthcrCnl· ~-OL'(~r h.: .1m l ~1 .1 vier\' $u"·e..;.~fu I I 1 rst

h.'3l' Woml'n :-.

r. mpaipl. end mg it w1lh o1 tm.:.J 1tk"t1rd ol 7 a:nd ~ 5(•nk n:.1 pi :l ifl I\ ikk i ~hmid IL~ ~h char~e trnw tnc c.:n• miJ ~dtJ pMiEi•1 l o;L.ik-


th h~..Jrls ,1i r.'ipp~Ui~ fullt ic r. S.:-11io1· 0 WI f<of'I pin 1~ ~ th~ ll'ilffi fl~ !r>,.r, H' nto

m si...~nns ~..1th fo·c


includin~ ti Lhri11 1rl~ m1nu~i1 p~.nal'v 3 ~

NL1rt11wc~tt-rn MN. i:hm idl w~c; "«ond v.'Hh lwo goal., ancl h .. u a~bt~h-. n i t" dt ll"fi:'it~ wa:; l:f·ci h~· c;,~ n iin ~ w rt' per n.

her:$e1t in the wai,. ot onc{1m an~ forw.-m.i . \-..·itl rt><~ h•:=.:;. .lbanclon ThE" LL'<1m fITTtgl•l "'·"ll h • nth 111 1•\· t!J) iaJJ1f', ThL'

Wempncr ;.m<l ~.oph,,more t'1•11li:1 full had.... Eh:i-.abeth Loftin. makm~ L1ppu~u\g ~1)i.'ll~ ~i1ffitu bi 1 ou1Nr~e. ThrHL' Jnr..-irtunate ~m.1u1=1i tn m.ikt! 1t r•~:,.I t•w 1J\•fpn.;,1~

OTI ly ~am > in i.'t·hich the:•' ' ~r~ tn ~·nYhdml«.l w;b


h<n~ tO dt;·~I \'>'Hh ':iriphomQof~ ~nJI 1~ e pcr Rcb~k~h

Learman who L'r·uuhJ lhtcJW


M ~n kAlto ,..fate, an


di\'ssian '.! 5d~ ,ol with..; full ye._1£' of rP<111itinb 11 1 dt•rthL~~rb .II. Jlieireiforb were cspw:iaUy a Pf1I\.'Culcd

the r {I ;i cnt>S, Tu tor~. M..:i I tl'er?lv .•\mold aud}.; i,lta.Ut! Zimmt'"nnann '.'.·fo~-t ul the :.-t.11 h.•J ... w~r1-' seruorc. and ''rer · m~tni m t:n



tnl ln jntr du1,.mi:; •mm1,.J"'r,, M LC campu~. hn:t <~ .1 dub "'PL'rl 11nti1 1hi" ye$ wl eri it l~lm' an mbr i a I nterrolle~1a lL !>purl fhci,· w11J b·l' sore]·r mi~:-ed 1 e\ i \'t';\I • Hrr•....·i:>\'J?·r, tlic:re jc; a !itrnn~ nu dem; of sophu

~OC'CeT lo t f.:p

mOre!< .:in...l n ..~shu'rll \11l'H1 ,~.i I be pi{ ·mg up the mantl~


nex • lloCO'I~~'l'I \\,' itl'i !i l~Ch a !:- I1Ct:1o.u;,f11 l fi ri, t ' ' E!:-i r Lri 1-iui IJ l1'1 it l,1ok.<> llk€ V.·om~n ·.s socCT'r wd bL' u lc.m~ J.r::. Ing lTl -

dibon Of'• th~ \.1 l.C ~pcirt-c;

Lt.! 11. Tutor A1m1IJ..i,:i~: 1< .1ll1• Br.iun .m·- OJ"''" :KU!!lpln 1:11_ g01n~ p~an



Golf team enjoyed co1npetition

1 he l.Pal:t."s ;ire tum mg cnl-

would be g<>0d

o rc;. an<l I.he w1nd!-- ha\ t:i L'.x<.wde<l fitt )' m Llc!'I }~f h()Ur in lne facl<.!. Y11..•!:. , it::. -::olf \Vi...1w, what .i '!;t.'a!::unt Under lht• f mltltul ~ d dm:i..: ot one Campu:.. PL1~Lt•r /COih..h I

Lauber. 1 hi! mLin in tnl! m1ddle wa!'i Sttn.·~ 'whew did 11 go~ R1~ht m the lumbr.-n ~rd" Gabb Un th~ cleanup puslho:;i Wil~ h.urt

s., . .. .

rC1\ \ i..•k; ct I'. Mu.:h.n..l "L'V~ll BvblW )1111:...·~ l1'Til4:.' i1~ rne ' l)r ;"t~I\ i~"W,1ld1. th~ MI r- ~l"il I te.;i n\ took "h apt•

H'l\ m~ p.1rrm...·1·d tht- (ie[d from 22 f'.l f>r 1 nnl<h·~ and \•eteran.s down l<l hv1o.1 '>talWilrt g.11ten;. L1~.adinv nit\.\ '1!'> ~an "1 Like \'\'hat "''u\·c

donL:- with Lh~ ~.u.ig~·· ~ltll Ba~ in~



"'''c h.ld

Pti.: ·~ .t pt)() I illlti ,')

p11..111d in h.r ck Tli L' 1"'w 1r.l

·· ·-: tlui.. Ru ·ioltt.,

I ''


not tn Rus.~ia" Schti~cr. Fi11J1 h· li.H·

lt ug l.t~I


tfw l\·fLC ltrik!'ft>I";. Cnip "·\f1d~ F\ 1:-. Jl\V idol, hut f ~Mt)fl, ik~Ct-ii Chi Hodmigl.'.z. " \Viljr.11 ,'\o;


VO'J • i!Jl tPli, WP.'r~

ITI:Clft?:Lntn Clatr

than lt'll'O ilUr

i;ol t tt>clmiqut?, as H 1 l l'J\' OJtt'n un the rec~i\•mg ~nd tit marri,· ga~Jd old t<u.li1c ncJ ~'Ii' J1~>1)pU1t;:.c. Tlu.!l, i..11 l\)U r"-t'.. C-.l('I



pro\ L! to tnel kc• u~

hetk 1xioplt.'

Thi~ ·l:"&••.lfl b

I )IJI\ I r i..:, lhctt;• i! \.•ni: IJ: '" c <lid uchi•. '- ~ .ind it de ~or1hL>I


!hi.! goll




OIWJ'5.. I 1. Oh. bl

w~l\', we diJ bear t'ne teJ tlu~•mt[ ili.1t cxlul.Jr:

\\'HJ be Our spil"atior• fo- tfo: 11pcom1r ...,1J.1::"nn U11hl thr.: thi~i.~T \Vd.'tl1 ,1J1d D.inrt~ Neitxn ~a~·rn ~ "Hil 'c.rn.s~r.:u.ghbu hiL 'mn Be 1hi:>bal •• ill(c; lllULlll.'t'I


-S!e"'1 G4!1b

F14I AL .......N _L 1.

\Ve Rally 'Togetl1er and Wr< all know that Uns y~ar I~ boen fuJI of h~u 111ln~~1. lt wa"S no diH~~nt k~r ~he wrei.tling _tciem , wa!-i l .. nL"\'\i" :::pnrt for l.)t°·l' vf Uw tv. o 1.rt\ 11.11,4~ ·o[(i.:-~i..~.. -

·, \ rh a ne"· t:oa{"h and a t!.lXJCI

~:fllFKJf £re$ '''e v.·efl.! of.f .tnd1Utlr\i1,:::,ffif · ,}II)'· fut lw~-. ',\'~k."") a ~<10d ~ il...'>te o f hDl.l' the sea.son wen l, l-ct' :s t.J~t! ii luok al ill r;::ummrn'l J.rv ;1,_ pr~..;tk'~. We :i:h~fl Out w~ l ·-l}, ~l~\•en guy!->, (remember ,!hat trurn~r, ;t'l1 di.<1~~-) Wi!


.stJl.r.:s fol' .1b 1L1 I fit •ei..·r 1 nim -ti~ (ll} th wa,~· then(:s B4 qf tb~t:ri lTI 5'.llruru t, uu.:~c r..:111Wt'tc wundl·rmg. J 05..fl'i', !lU


l ~r'~




ncourage Each Other.

wrc::\11·' Fift'L'tn 'IPCunJ C.J~ ·

.1Im~ .;.L 1ti aiJ ..• wi~~p,ht, Lo;>. Ht!

<lo11t.'1';S- ou L'h' j.:imrned 1•ngi1:rs; -uif' J k gut clnrkctl Twri minute- U'l~Hdi ._1,,ps,

was 2YS and 10 i l 1t.':is. T h[!!: '' '"'~ iJ \'~,.... 1o ll 11t (ru ·;trMion.ii, ;m ~ ~r.ov~ ell mj1.l ne~, ~wwever . Ll wa!'> .:1 lci!rning cxpcn~nC\'." L•1 .:i lot of 1...,.·,1 r::i. A lut of u -..dkl ..."

fi~l gnL ~ ide·d o uC agom, -

:;hmu! M.a ybe you ;hou 1dn 't have 'takl:ri off that (.<'J !>k )'~~ Pr..tCIH.'-t' 1.....1]a11..,·:I uvc•r Al ri ~l1t! Let' !i rnol d O\\ITI \\' Lth snmc> m·rt f l>otb.a] I Lut>ks likt.• w1.:re Lk1\\ n to ii\'>.~ ,gl1 ~·s brLn~

Th .=it· fi c' 10;117. in the

wP ' 11

m.Rna~I.? ~

reinforc~ rni.::n t s.



\\'t'l:'.k~nd 's t.'om1 r,~ ; W t> 11"'


F"C;\'ChE"iJ LI Ior L,\] r hJtl mamenl. [ JUSl hnpc. w t.: dctn' l •,t,ly .~I 11 1• Aillt'~ h ill Mnh,~ .J~am. ~n-ow:s!cmn- meel l:<l!i beencanm lJoo, nuts! Cc:or::i;<=

r·••.itl 1m f'l"f>V"i 1 1~ and nE!-' l year hold some gCXJd pot~ntia I. Mo~1 <ll l. [ thmk W'>! lt<.mit.-d I h.1L he1 'rVt' c,1Jh• !Of,~ I fwr .:!.!:"' a =~am and e ncourage eacn (1ther I:?'·crythin~ s la rl!:r 1 .\'

bJ did . rlub . \\•e n illta~cd to h,we S\lfl 1f;' t llTI, tn" A q, for <H.u rt:corJ - uh, hew.· 'bout tho~t: Pm.:k.\:.r:· 7 Tltn'J.; r.he

f ion.., w ill tak . ·L!m? -RJch •.-1i1frr


Heckendorf, Heyn, and Za hi1 Lead Knights to Success

Ar; with uve-rythi n,g 1n 1~ i~ maugura l vear, the h.11...J.:.el-

ball 5ea~11wa:5' ;:ipp.r(t.aC'hi:-d witn m.arw ques.t10 1,i;. .1Lkl f~w .;rnswer!l. \r\'h.~t wuukl 11 be'to c:ombm~ these two ~~taJswh~C".hcamt.,fmm two dffforentphi10,.J.1phi~?Ho'i'I.'

•ll '·V~!'C<'i1Su• LmJ~ernn 5".•tt I n rv in l' l~p,lrnhc,1 ~'-'r lnl:!

upcornlt'j...:Onforem.~s..:bt.:d· t ife. she Krii~ht t&d.m lookl!d a~ tf 1t \\•a..:: st:uting tu cake• ::.ha~. ln_di.,~d tile~·_ 1n..;.ti· tuted .:i wmnm~ tr..,d1t-io11, ~t

W'Lluld tne pfa'f 4;"!.'"- ~el with 1

<'ne anfltllet:>"Th~e wer, soml'. (tf the ~..·or1·1c , n~l , lhr..!r~ WJ~c:x(.-ikmi.:nl gol.1~

p•ece~0f Ln~_pu7.:zTi• t 1L~~ai{'

de~1 rly, ;)p1mmg_ up the ~l'Ison '"'Hh .a tour m toun.;1.m~nL a~ U\iV ".:>uperior, th~ te."lm took 1hud p-face,

\•.·1th lhe (l[st \ i LC V1ctory 111 histury bch1g pm;kCl ag~~u~~t Com'..orwi:l-St.. Paul

t'Lf this Tuum~v Saon .after thh;., tlie HoopS •t!'am had Li ~tit{' tnr .~ tim rl pJa1,",. e .tt ct1e

Mai..ti.)Of' Ed~·w6otl Toun ~

me1\t The Knights h€ad~d rnto Christmas Bmak ...~th a ::<.m.K!'lo\•hJ.t di~appucm:rng 45 record. wHh thi:."nr~e h ighLignt being ;:i tenilciouF- ~t>1~m-:il! whit.ti h.m J ed Beth1m ~

11 Cl't,~hing '



i\Jt~ r spendijng the last !; ot Ci1 n smas Vaca.Lion

pulled J1..n.,.t1 i7 tcOO LmJ~ pi:r ~arth~ at tht>

"'l:C·a l~ pi.· r ~a mt~ ,.;,;1uch rank(.->CI him ·ec5md £~ NCAAIII. nnd ,..,,9 ass.sis.


.a ..,..otm.. mg p11'." l t1r~ ?' AL 1he (H1WI •ll Lire \•eat, lhe ~l-1C1.Ure !!fas aut h-..nnll'\g

p·oints per ctame and 6~

ri?bound~ ~ate Heyn

e. Joel Hedtendorf Jed the contere!'IC'e in both. s.:i'.'31 and ass.s~ts .:JVr::!r.-.g_i,AA 1.9

Kru~(al<,ng ~...;th ;i~~~ta~t;<;

r...-iarlo. i<,cm..-; Lad, ..miJ Ma LL De.nover) put tngeth£"r rlw

po::;1"tion n\'Ec>rngingJl.4

Pf:'.T g,ID

for 5tLtCt:::.S Thl!. qut::;,tltm Coa~~d

Dnd Ry•rn \~al:t:. f<l .' Z<llm 1~~cl th~ Knight:'> at thff terder

pov1.'er f<n·wa1J ~~tioo .and °"dd~d l:l.6 poirM

ititutl L' :.;c.i-s(.m, Both~Guads wl!r~ ~ranging p1e11t' 0 1 exepene11ce and '1' plt>lho r,1 o r t;d ·n1 which !"-red hopl' vnl~~

niol' ~LH1 rd:-:. }-U'Lll:<1

per game.

~i·dst(l<:tkJ~S'{iiuoJ wht-ch w2JJ h1)r~~1;ll>' be fnllu~,·1.:d b~· m ..m't' mmt: rc.:..i.r::.L,fsucccs~

ful b.1sketb:11LL For he Kni·5h~ wc,,.11t rm ID ]>!)f:= fl

H-11 l'e'C'(lf.i.i

._1ver ."'IJl, 7·1


ronr~r1• no:;:~ ··'lr1hkhg.L·1t.-tht..·m <'!. Sharl!:" O( the rnnfr rence


Stx J\11..!mbers ot rh~ 1995Clo \4.LC men's:. b•L~k~tbali

1n Lhe (..'nd , Lhr: a.... piet.--es. n{ the puz..d h ad b~ ar-


rim_g~d per:fool~r t(J f~~ pu:turl! ut (I dlawti1or.-


'"ili1p te-am. T~r!de(im~¥ a goc'd c~1mst1y.,... h~..t'l

.:1.IJOwcJ. lor ,ini,i 011~ plave-r lo step iilp ~r

l~<l Q tn~ ~€'1:ITI 00 ii;~', g111t•n. r'll.gbt . By v;orkmg cl'> fl ~Pam the MLC

\'fen s R~s1<:etb(lll ~a.m

h!am wer~ nam.E:d to :he v1•as able to est::-.bli.s1Ll U::VT AC aII con ft' renct!' 1•,•inning \ri:id itim1. f Q.f. Named fo Che fir!';l l~a:m hi~ i:ff1)rti> ~Ii ~tab~~ng were this •,.re-.ars ctlplams- thi;.; \'i'i11n1,1.1g ~dH.1qn senior l:cnl12 r j Jstm b hn, l'"Lt'-ad rot:ic:h Jerome I tu"iiC·r r()r\'l.•.ani. Nat~ Kruse W.'IS named l ~ H e·l{a, And Ju nit r Pum1 1Jf ihl' _).' t":lf in th!::! Cuard Tr1t1l H~ckenJo rf Ll!'r.1AL. C0ngra ul~ur.n: Ni;1ml7.°d to tbe to a[] \\-·ho pai-t:it"ipa~ed mention .squad -....·ere se- 1n rhi....:;; .success{uf 't't-jfj rum forv.•.a rd~ A rtd v ]:.i); · · .:tnd Steve ;\·1cycr• .l1id z;;e-

l.tdt ~ Ll~I I l!I I 1~ 11111"11.. lli L~llll• t111 11 li>1•~ h:ill. N.• ~c lit 11 tii;;ht· 11-. lV11\ lliro;1;.;fi « l~·'J.. 111 t•rp t•. b ·\- " L\:-c:1rt11m , ,, 'IK" lt!;in1 Hc•.n 1 ;.t!.1 11• d II• ti t:M:\C' .ill-... ,,rf,.•1cr-." hr:.t l<!.~rn ol\'~r;!:l:_Jnl/.


hr l.t!U; An

.ll'~rl.'~;.,.~ o:~tn:<iH!

p~J\•·r. \.l.111!'

H,.,,.n ~d~:i.·~


i:h.: cmk • tn•nJI; 11• 1li1: tiJ11b..'-'1 Li.: ft; t\.. " 1, am '-J1':aii1\ t.1111.l I;il'-'1' h.J to.. II h:1m~k•r the m~ ·r~!' c11l1 u ...:..-u k>l:-1 H4!o..k<.1V.knt .1l

5,f' ;d'C.tU!ld-< nnd per .-;.im •.

t :: t.

>l.lrtin;.;: p111nt ~1:urJ .<\bu"'~ H1•'., ntil 11·1!d le• hJ'·in;a; tile! L•all ~h•li..'11 Ill 111 hm 1:-ul t:fr1.J~·1•\lm l ,., : lu~l 1:1 UM1\1_ •.m.J -1:n'l1d 111 N \.t\ t.>1·.-..l 111 !'t,·.::h. m&dt' ,1( .9 pt!r ~.1 tnc



Yl-:>ung ean,_ The VVon1en.' s basketball team e11joyed a good year \vith nine \'Vins ai1d eleven Losses-, and th~'i.'~memscc­

on<l p!ilci.!" ou t ot five


in th~ C;1nfere11c • fL•r ·.1 di a vot:"g tt-am.. thi~ i q 1ite .1n ac.-ompli."tbm""n l Mo~t of the! ptayen. w~n· tresh · !.'ruin ~nJ svphotttvJ\·~; t'lnl~ t,-..·o nt them W~I - l'HltOf", "\~'e had a gocid .'io'i:!.:H," .s.Jid Coach ''Vv'1tn ••n Lh~ ex:pi.:rit:'E\Ce ne:i.:t v·~·· r 1.t,'{' wiU definitely (io min· b bf'1tttr 'I A mcng ind ividuaJ ::lWM"<l~ , .l\·n \ Bauer received the very mu ch rl eserved Ath-

lete <n.,.·ard in Sn


rul~Qlkg; ·1'-ili ~lij

I\ ~­

~Q.Jl, Hea ther 5 tom· illd Amy l::lauer wer e both ~'"'ard ed .,,u Conterence. \Vhcn asked if ~c \Vou!d Like lo ~y .w ylhing about MLCs fir !i-t women's bcl



kl?tba l



Dallmann repltcd , "'Jhey h~1 \\.: bt. L'fl J. Lrcm<:nduu:; t~.lm . Thev haVL ' been 1 arJ ·v.'orkinr. . Th0v ac· 0

c:rnnpl1shcd .1 ~uL Th~y all g'1t.c'!fL"lng \'etv i.vr:.11 With nil th1:1 vear ... of coa...:hin ~ I -


Tl1is is orle of the ilicest tea.n1s I've ever ctJacl1e'-i." . -Coacll Dallman 1



ltil 11,·~ u L"l<lttr 1.H y belt,. thi.:. is Ont? Df th e." J'lii::c~t ll'arns I've ever Cf>.achcd. Yriu can 1 C s~y

1tiat a buu t






: >rro



\ 11 ( H-1


'.\i,1r1htmd ( .:o.;.k;.:;l·

:, :~

11 u r;.r: l



~ ...


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workM h 1rd ~n.i i1 11p 1,.1\·cJ ed t hi' t-.•an'l tu .1 l 0 t 2 n.'\.l)rd QH?T ~11 and .lrll pl1 u· l i;, <:1 d J t m the UMAC Th( h.1~1.:' hill team h..i.d 1b u po; and .t, 11(,''ll"'. P~n.1 'the l\u.i-' ~"!.chulrz t]il'(•i\ 11 l1l'K'" rntkr in,\ ~1 -IJ lhrA:=;hin~ "-'' Crown J\Jh:: firn:gf.! lu lnt.. fir-t hL•m1 run [,, t]u: ~1.. houh. first home gamt> Tht, l'knu Nl~ht .11 th~ baJlptl rk br .ught ntit 11

tn ~·very ~a~. H ..•

f.e,., hu~ ..lrt..-<l students to "'Uf 11>«1! l lh • 11.:.llll Tht.• f ~l Knight _h.a.:i.W.; ill l~m tad : h.l n ~·~r a q lhcy .:e t thL' t' 1 111lfahon for {u tun· Kai ~ht tli';i mo.;, ..·th> w11l h,1\.·~ !hl.'. opportunity f• • 0.1 'timR.. t~1 l>urld ; !us team i lllL) a l 1111I1.?re1'~ • i..~''1tl..'nJer t<l£ ffiilU\" )'el! rs. (.t');K h P~ ~n(lo: "1l~I

Sdu1i;d t pu~ .a lot ric l1m~ 11~1 ~, ht- pw~·(.·rs v.a ml~ m b?t ... el.:t.>il .ind rn:w rn~ lt•.=im iil..o ~I I Int 111 time ant:! etfortto

F-t1n year for All Tht> ltlJ L1;2,LcHal \t LL ...ottb~ll 11•,1111 pf~~'L;,i ~\·Hh tcB ;\ln!i

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1, 1~,.,e:--. ln l h t? upper Midwc!:-l A thldi1 Conlere11rr-, tl'tcy Wt:r1..' ~~~·<m dMmp··, 11ud th~~ c~ 111~· tll runnerup m i ii~ p~t !:e<'~·n l11u1


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With 'L'\'CfV ,Saffil' l & Hu!OrL'l "It 1>!.' r.


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The Ten11is team emerged \Nith a winning season. \'ou know .1 d~"nt h:nn.i~ ~<.>as~'n l'i dul" l"r"f'11;•11 , , le.1m

and \.1.aTt\' \",1tlt><»k•,•, ,,..,ht>,r'

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t1• ~'r' •lrli <..oming . r ·~hmen ~nb lr>ok~i 011J; #.,. Ki.·\-·m D. \ 1.i 01!-'t•t'I .ilnd "'-.t.>vir1 Eh1 1-:t· b U:!>lm15 has i.;tnn~

Fhlkt· Ctt<icli Ko1:?~U1.1r~a i m'lt'.I iibmJ I t,,.,,. iCt" t mil tchi JJ <;; I h~ ph.",1sa nt rhi.'11 lt>rtf!;e ('If ~rv­ Jamt ... l-J,1hrn buving a i1·~ li..1 d1.•li...'fJTlLrte p<isi ttc' r.!'. tc'r rfi<",] 111:"1 no~ hdd to8ether 1u1n'r


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he fintl!L~ ::,(.'ttleJ L>n ..m ord~r \'.irh ,1.Nut l\.._", matcht:-... ldl While l h• Fini;h•f' li n.•llr changed trom m11 t1 h Lo match tiht> cfou t>I f'" ,:;.et 1J)J rcmamcd cau ly cnn.; 1~tf';H on J.i.::l-b;irtn 11HI li..•lt n !Yf.attek, the Wi1mji:>1 I\\ [re,, lf'd the w.w a t #1 1..foubtl!~.

wilh dlllC 1.1pL' i1nd q. N(:Ll !-irhlir>i.·_.,. ·~ k IUer L rd.i L hwl". ihc'. IU wo1Jld rt'milin m~ fl,Jnll'lt.'C~ It i..n..J1t were not ~l\'~ 11 lf1 ttic OMJ\:lCOt.trrr, L•IJT own li:ttlE 5a n A 11-clrf',i'S Fuult,

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Svmc. h..·acrtti e>..preS."iE'd · urprbculthcnew, h~Jle ng th .. \o' foct:od from l ht" Ne\\' L"lm c.;,1 uad W ith I he h:wal I h~ ;:r~ dnubl<"S <"01):;;;1~kd ot ·!.m pporto t teUo-.; • t£1i'I m mE."JJlt~e twin h1w~~ . .k.t"~·111 H.lyt.~ b..:ors 0:1n LrunewahJ, f:ri, and Eri• I &:ind Jarm·c; Hahn T.iklni:; Ri..1:Jmne. turns b.auting ~1 .:t3 ...foubk~ fr"l/i.!::.tphal. along wit h lheit COM h Arler\ '''P1~ Kevin ~hl1'e .lJ'ld Da'>ilt:: re~1h1mt l ) l<inn .1ndJ rr'.: J Oh.ll'nburg Koti;tlef" th~ Mr 1. r ·11·~

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opposite page- abovl:'~ leff 17ndi.Jrl â&#x20AC;˘ Li1 I m::.hing !us rac~ middk; M.1ll Rl1l>t!'rb i<;d.:. the i,1,sl ni nmng start i or lus Ion>!;



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The Shield presentation of the be 路 路 g


Patrtda Rusert

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MLC Yearbook 1995-1996  

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