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Luther College New Ulm, MN Many people have wonoored why our yeatb:iok bears 1he name EXCELSICR. Thts name came from Ille EXCELSIOR steps. which are srtuated oo lhe north· eas1 comer of ovr campus. The sidewall< t"81 leads 10 lhe D<· CELSIOR slepS begin& oo lhl'! cOfner ol Center Street and Sum· mu Avence. These steps 111en le•d to lhe area In hont ol Old

Main. Tile EXCELSIOR stairway was bUill between t928-1931 1 he word "excelsior" means higher or slnvlflg, $0 lherelore the yearbook Is named after the C:X· CELSIOR &teps Which direct CV· eryone to our ever-striving cam·


''Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it. '' Prov. 22:6


2/Table Of Contents

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1. Vicki hard at work getting stats. 2. Tom participates in an exciting game of Othello. 3. Shelly and Sheri doing the twist. 4. Joel gives Otis an uplifting experience. 5. Judy gives a helping hand. 6. Skip, the pianist.



Major change on campus

1. The library before rennovation. 2. The library after construction. 3. The entrance before completion. 4. The construction crew works. 5. The new mall in front of the library. 6. The stained glass windows in the entrance.

4/ ltbrary


A major change on campus this year was the construction of the library addition. Begun in May, 1986, the rennovation was finally completed in March, 1987. More space was added to provide a new computer room and curriculum room, as well as new conference rooms and offices. The new library addition was funded by the Reaching Out Program.

Library / 5


Comics on Campus Homecoming 1986 took place during the week of October 6-11. This year's theme was comic strip characters and therefore Marvin, Garfield, and Charlie Brown could be seen on campus all week. The campus was full of excitement as the students participated in the various activities. On Friday night the annual pep fest was led by the class Spirit Leaders. The Saturday festivities were once again started with the Homecoming parade marching down the streets of New Ulm. New to this year's activities was the soccer game against Northwestern College. The Lancers made a valiant football effort in the "Mud Bowl" game against Northwestern College. The Homecoming Banquet and an evening of entertainment hosted by Connie Kroll and Steve Towne ended the exciting week. The Juniors accepted both the powder puff and the 1986 Spirit Award. The week's activities were enjoyed by all.


1. You tell them. Joel 2. Freshmen take downtown by storm. 3. Dave tries to say a few words. 4. The senior spirit leaders take aim. 5. The winning junior float. 6. Square dancing in the gym. 7. The class of 1936 celebrates 50 years. 8. Pigpen and Lucy dance up a storm.



Civilizing Siam The weekend of November 7-9 brought the musical, The King and I, to the stage of DMLC. As the curtain opened, Anna, a school teacher from England, and her son arrive in Bangkok, Siam. The King of Siam requested Anna's services as a teacher to teach the royal children about Western culture. Anna does indeed help. She teaches the children and refines the barbarous aspects of the Siamese culture. Alan Uher, director of this year's musical. was assisted by producer, Tracey Kriewall. Choreographers were Lorna Fenske and Linda Schapekahm, while Prof. Roger Hermanson and Marianne Petermann handled the musical portion of the production. The musical was a success for all involved.

CAST Captain Orton ........ Clifford Lagerman Louis Leonowens . . . . . . . . . . Kurt Cereske Anna Leonowens .......... Sarah Lassila The Interpreter ......... Bryan Schneck The Kralahome . . . . . . . . . . . . Bradley Abel The King . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Dale Witte Phra Alack . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Eric Brucker Lun Tha ................. Gene Martens Tuptim ................. Jennifer Eggert Lady Th1ang . . . . . . . . Bethel Kuckhahn Prince Chululongkorn ....... Philip Zahn Sir Edward Ramsey . . . . . . . . Todd Stoltz

Chorus: Beth Affeld!. Faith Siebert. Joan Carter. Oaneen Enter. Eva Glaeske. Betsy Godfrey. Amy Guenther. Paul Haag. Jodi Kammholz. Michele Klall. Connie Kroll. Linda Kuske. Malthew Lober. Ann Romain. Julie Russell. Naomi Schultz. Beth Sellnow. Kurt Willmershaus. Kristi Wohlers.

ti/The King and I

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Prof. Hermanson pops out from behind the scenes. "Shall I tell you what I think of you." King. "Et cetera, et cetera. et cetera." Kristi with her head in the clouds. Bryan interpreting Sarah's messages.

The King and 1/9


Christ was born to save.


The Christmas season brought JOY to

everyone on campus. The campus Christmas party took place on Dec. 11. with a special song service In the chapel. Then facully and students all en· ioyed •efreshments and Joined in cnristmas carOls In the student union. Un· def the theme, Christ Was Born to Save. the band and Ch<>irs joined together in concert 10<' a fitting end 10 the ioyous OhriS1mas season on campus. 1 Bocky I01"d ega n v.tu&e deCOtallrig tM gym. ? A Chll,1"'3$ b!Jo!lehn boar(I In lhe dorm 3 Sludonlt. bDlllO f811lflO gttirland. 4 Wctl, ""hot can 1 51'1Y1 ti One ot UiO rnany ChrrSlnli:\$ <:'ecora1t>ns on Citf!IJJU~

6 Cht1stmos 1n lht 00<1ns 1 Jim Br'"''' emcees 1he Ct111s1mas car'06ng in lt'IP uruon

• s

Ow Im.I



A change of pace

MID- YEAR GRADUATION December 18, 1986 Class Hymn: No. 416 (TLH) "Oh, that the Lord Would Guide My Ways" Class Verse: Philippians 4:13 "I can do everything through him who gives me strength." Speaker: Lloyd 0. Huebner Liturgist: Thomas F. Zarling

12 / Mid-Year Gradua11on

MID-YEAR GRADUATES John Gigler Two Rivers. WI Laurie Gauger Rockfield. WI Vernon Gentele Randle. WA William Giles Sedona. AZ Tamara Gray Inver Grove Heights. MN Lillian Levitt Lenexa. KS Michelle Manderfield Marinette. WI Edward Noon Green Bay. WI Philip Petermann St. Paul. MN Dwight Sandvold New Ulm. MN

Mid-Year Graduation/ 13


Disney's Winter Wonderland This year's Snow Carnival took place February 1-7 under the theme "Wonderful World of Disney." The week began with an exciting game of Senior I Faculty basketball with the faculty winning by a narrow margin. The intense queen competition night was hosted by Tutor Petermann and included the court skit with the seven dwarfs looking for Snow White. The highlight of the week was Friday night's coronation hosted by Alan Uher and Jodi Kammholz. As all waited in anticipation, Jodi Kammholz crowned Lori Kieselhorst, the 1987 Snow Carvinal Queen.

1987 COURT Lorna Fenske & Dan Johnson Lori Roekle & Gene Martens Shelly Brickham & Jim Braun Becky Schultz & Steve Jensen Lynn Stobb & Tim Schubkegel Lori Kieselhorst & Mark Eisenmann Carrie Schmeling & Dave Biedenbender

14/Snow Carnival

1. Jody crowns Lori the 1987 Snow Carnival Queen. 2. Becky loves the waiter. 3. These people love these caramel apples. 4. Phil. as the famed professor of Luther Hollow. 5. Ah, I have an idea. 6. Prof. Boehlke helps Shelly get herself in deeper trouble. 7. Jodi reads Al a big bedtime story. Snow Carnival/ 15


Twelve debate verdict On March 27 and 28 the auditorium was filled to view the 1987 Spring Play, "The Jury Room". All were entranced as the twelve jurors tried to reach a verdict in Julie Fletcher's murder trial. Who killed Adrian Fletcher? Was it Julie Fletcher, his niece? The twelve jurors reenacted the scenes to try to reach a unanimous decision. The actors did an excellent job in portraying their characters. Cathy Starke, director, was assisted by producer Joy Panzer. The play was enjoyed by all who attended.

CAST Phil Rehberger . . . . . . . . . Foreman Jim Braun . . . . . Man With Glasses Connie Spiegel . . . . . . . . . Old Lady Annmarie Krueger ...... Old Lady Jennie Oswald ......... .. Actress Peter Schaewe . . . . . . . . Angry Man Lynn Stobb .............. Blonde Wendy Mosher .......... Brunette Ginger Schrank . . . ...... Shy Girl Beth Affeldt ...... Society Woman Todd Stoltz ..... Middle-Aged Man Gene Martens ........ Young Man

16/Spnng Play

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.


-Ir- â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ ,, . .

The jurors deliberate heatedly! To reenact this scene. you must cooperate. " I find this jury business totally below me." Gene (the young man) begins to solve the mystery. The blonde seems to annoy the man with glasses. Pete shows his anger as the angry man! Todd prepares for his performance.

Spring Play / 17


The bear with very little brain.

Hundreds of children filled the auditorium to enjoy this year's Children's Theater production, "Winnie the Pooh." Pooh, Piglet, Rabbit, Owl, and Eeyore experienced many adventures as they attempted to deal with the forest's newest arrivals, Kanga and baby Roo. The performances were enjoyed by the children as well as the adults. Directed by Elisabeth Bauer and Kurt Cereske, the play proved to be a success for all involved.

CAST Christopher Robin . Kurt Wittmershaus Winnie the Pooh ..... Judy Anderson P1glel ........ . ... . Carrie Schmeling Owl ....... . ........ Jeff Sonnenburg Eeyore ..... . ..... Rebecca Fastenau Kanga ................. Lynn Radloff Roo . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Allison Hoewisch Rabbi! . ............... Naomi Ruege Voice . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Deanna Holsen Animals .... . .... Trudy Hoeft. Bryan Schneck, Bethel Kuckhahn. Lisa Krenke. Sarah Lassila. Jennifer Schultz. and Lynette Miller

18 /"'{Yinnie The Pooh"

1. The cast and directors of "Winnie the Pooh." 2. Owl imparts his wisdom. 3. Gloomy Eeyore mopes around stage. 4. The animals are nervously excited about Kanga's arrival. 5. A relaxing moment before the performance.

"Winnie The Pooh" I 19


The theme of the 1987 Spring Activities Banquet was "An Evening in Paris" . The Banquet was held on May 2. Following the "French" meal, Coach Leopold presented Steve Biedenbender, Ann Klatt and Sue Carter with the Outstanding Senior Athlete Awards. The entertainment for the evening hosted by Dawn Ristow, Andy Willems, and Laury Schumacher, was enjoyed by all and made the night a big success.

1. One of the many cou ples at the Banquet. 2. " Is this my sea t?" 3. Shelly, Connie, and Heidi bidding a fond farewell.

20/Spring Banquet

evening in Paris'J


We the People "We, the People" was the theme for May Night 1987. The evening was opened with several numbers by the Wind Ensemble. The choirs then joined the band in the theme song, "We the People." Various songs were then performed by each choir, the Handbells, and the Jazz Ensemble. The concert was well attended and enjoyed by all.

1. 2. 3. 4.

"Mama Don't ' Low No Music Played in Here" Prof. Hermanson leads the Wind Ensemble. â&#x20AC;˘ Rachel plays her part in the concert. Prof. Shilling directs the Chapel Choir.

May Night/21


Time to move ahead

1. Graduates preparing to enter the gymnasium. 2. Steve is congratulated by his parents. 3. Connie happily receives her diploma 4. Scott and Lisa are all smiles. 5. Sue searches for her seat. 6. Don't let these smiles fool you. these gowns are hot!

22 /Graduation

CLASS VERSE: " Show me your ways, 0 Lord, and teach me, for you are God my Savior, and my hope is in you all day long. Psalm 25:4-5 CLASS HYMN: "We Came as Sheep into Your Fold" Text: Peter Schaewe Music: Peter Sordahl CLASS COLORS: Teal and Cream CLASS FLOWER: Cream Rose with a teal ribbon SPEAKER: Pastor John M. Janosek, Blantyre, Malawi, Africa


LITURGIST: Prof. Thomas Zarling PRESENTATION OF DIPLOMAS: Pres. Lloyd 0 . Huebner Prof. Arthur J. Schulz



MEMORY "Jesus said, 'You do not realize now what I am doing, but later you will understand."' (John 13:7 was the sermon text for Rochelle's funeral.)

ROCHELLE GLORIA THELKE December 11, 1963January 18, 1987

24 / Memorial



Linda Alshouse Gurnee. IL

Kris Altergott Kenosha, WI

Gregg Birkholz New Ulm, MN

Alan Bitter New Ulm, MN

Judith Anderson Lake Benton, MN

Susanne Blauert Milwaukee. WI



Peter Baganz Mt. Calvary, WI

Judith Bleichwehl Oshkosh. WI

Elisabeth Bauer Two Rivers, WI

Steven Bremer Gretna. NE

Karl Bauer New Ulm, MN

Joel Burmeister New Ulm. MN

Steven Biedenbender Menomonee Falls, WI

Susan Carter East Jordan. Ml

Carol Birkholz New Ulm, MN

Vonda Degner Jefferson. WI

1. Clara is ready to hit the road . 2. Kathy is taking a shower with her clothes on. 3. The Elite Brass: Dale. Brenda . and Steve.


Ruth Dolbey Beloit, WI

Dale Dyrssen San Diego. CA

Vernon Gentele Randle, WA

Robyn Gerbing Fond du Lac. WI

Patti Ebel Bay City, Ml


28 / Seniors 路

William Giles West Sedona, AZ

Daniel Fenske Jackson, WI

Deborah Goldman West Allis, WI

Janice Frank South Haven, Ml

Stephen Fritze St. Paul Park, MN

Laura Fryer Houston. TX

Laurie Gauger Rockfield, WI

Anne Goldschmidt Northfield, MN

Terrence Graf St. Paul Park. MN

Tamara Gray Inver Grove Heights. MN

Amy Guenther Beaver Dam, WI

1. Scott is clowning around again. 2. Here comes trouble! 3. Look out, Rocky. Here comes Dan! \


Nancy Heiderich Manitowoc. WI

Carol Helwig Woodruff, WI

Karen Hepner Brookfield. WI

Annette Hirschmann Milwaukee, WI

Heidi Keibel Concord, CA

Ann Klatt Menomonie, WI

Tracey Kriewall Madison, WI

Constance Kroll Beloit, WI

30 / Seniors

Allison Hoewisch Hortonville, WI

Lincoln Hohler Newark. DE

Tanya Janosek Malawi, Africa

Jodi Kammholz Oshkosh. WI

Dale Krueger Manitowoc, WI

Sarah Kruschel Port Orange, FL

Linda Kuske Goodhue. MN

Lillian Levitt Lenexa, KS

1. Zoli honored at the flag raising ceremony. 2. Bonnie creates the King of Siam. 3. Ann waits for the breakaway. 4. Scott and Phil portray Snoopy and Linus.


Cynthia Lierman Menomonie, WI

Michelle Moungey DeForest. WI

Michelle Lindemann New Ulm, MN

Kristen Loeffler Sebewaing, Ml

Michelle Manderfield New Ulm, MN

Robin Mundstock Waukegan. IL

Sharon Mundt Kenosha, WI

Christine Nell Johnson Creek. WI /

1. The Happy Bean Sprouts are congratulated! 2. Beth ponders life. 3. Phil analyzes the football game. 4. The Senior Float


Brian Maurice Hartford, WI

Edward Noon Green Bay. WI

Anne Meihack New Ulm, MN

Kelly O'Connell Skokie. IL

Maita Menk New Ulm, MN

John Meyer New Ulm, MN

Roxanne Parker New Ulm, MN

Marianne Petermann Appleton, WI


Daniel Plath Milwaukee, WI

Kathleen Pruess Menomonee Falls. WI

Michael Raabe Onalaska. WI

James Raddatz Danube. MN

Timothy Rockhoff Tawas City. Ml

Kristie Rogotzke Sanborn. MN

Jeffrey Roloff New London. WI

Alicia Rote Lake Geneva. WI



Lynn Radloff Sun Prairie, WI

Kara Redlin Tuscon, AZ

Becki Renner Madison. NE

Dawn Ristow Oshkosh, WI

Bonnie Ruch Ontario, Canada

Brian Saeger Juneau, WI

Peter Schaewe Yale, Ml

John Schlavensky Appleton, WI



1. Assembled for attention. 2. Phil hangs on for dear life. 3. Does my hair look alrighi ? 4.â&#x20AC;˘Karl flies high during the Senior-Facu.lty Game.


Beth Schmick Markesan, WI

Kiersten Scholz Kiel, WI

Clara Schultz West Bend, WI

Thomas Schulz Saginaw, Ml

Connie Spiegel Neenah, WI

Cynthia Spiegelberg Larsen, WI

Cathleen Starke Saginaw, Ml

Beth Sternhagen Neenah, WI

36 /Seniors ,

1. My, Sharon! Don' t you look scary! 2. Dale, Dale, and Steve waiting for dcttes. 3. Kiersten concentrates on her solo. 4. Hang in there, Linc. Your shift is almost over.

Laury Schumacher Brookfield, WI

Kristine Smith Kenosha , WI

Jetlrey Sonnenburg Manitowoc, WI

Peter Sordahl Beaver Dam, WI

Paul Strutz New Ulm, MN

Sandra Svehla Waukegan, IL

Christine Timm Morgan Hill, CA

Lyle Timm Wood Lake, MN


Cathy Tinkey Dowagiac, Ml

Karen Wordell Sheboygan Falls, WI

38 /Seniors

Steven Towne Saginaw. Ml

Alan Uher Caledonia, WI

Faith Wurst Osceola, WI

Theresa Yanz New Ulm, MN

Brenda von Stein Jenera. OH

Tamara Zabel Delano, MN

Scott Wagner Chicago, IL

Philip Zahn Downers Grove, IL

Cherie Wehausen Manitowoc, WI

Julie Zeamer DePere, WI

Annette Wilde New London, WI

Jane Willitz Spring Valley. WI

Ruth Zenker Brownsville, WI

Craig Zibrowski Caledonia. MN

1. Kristen studies her music. 2. Keeping watch over Opus. 3. Jeff rises above the crowd. 4. Jodi converses with the Siam women.



Moving on

NOT PICTURED John Gigler Two Rivers, WI Phil Petermann St. Paul, MN Dwight Sandvold New Ulm, MN


1. Of course. Tracey isn't doing homework. 2. Senior class officers First Row: Sue Blauert (Treas.). Sharon Mundt (Pres.). Karen Wordell (Sec.). Top: Steve Biedenbender (Vice-Pres.). 3. Amy looks like she's in trouble. 4. Julie helps set up chairs.

40 /Seniors


Classes/ 41


Bradley Abel Beth Affeld! Susan Atwell Darrell Berg Rebecca Bernthal David Biedenbender

Debra Bode Heidi Brassow James Braun Patricia Bredemann Shelly Brickham Katrina Buie

Randall Cox Sandra Dagen Kristen Eggen Mark Eisenmann Tami Engel Lisa Esch


1. 2. 3. 4.

" Now what did I do?" Heidi always wa nted to be a porn-pan girl. Is it Helga ... or is ii Becky? Mark is pruning the little stick.

Andrea Fastenau Lorna Fenske Laurie Forbeck Deborah Fnsque Steven Gartner Kelly Gillespie

Gary Goessner Beverly Gray Rick Grundman Cynthia Hahn Marilyn Hanel Brenda Hemmelman

Karen Hennig Rachel Henning Mark Hirsch Trudy Hoeft Vicki Humann Shen lsensee

Juniors / 43


Tracy Jarvis Steve Jensen Rebecca John Daniel Johnson Karlene Kander Michelle Karstens

Lon Kieselhorsl Penny Kla11 Dawn Kletscher Sarah Knobloch Katharine Kobs Michael Koester

Lisa Krenke Timothy Kuehl Connie Lauber Jeffry Lillo Peter Markgraf Gerald Marowsky

44 /Juniors

1. 2. 3. 4.

Lorna is awestruck by the game. Dave plays keep-away with the opponent. Is that book good. Becky? The walls are getting pretty thin.

Eugene Martens Wendy Mosher Michelle Myers Michelle Ninmann Dawn Nollmeyer Mikaela Patterson

Susan Petermann Sue-Ann Plautz Kelly Proeber Gail Raddatz Carol Reichow Lori Roekle

Naomi Ruege Gregory Rush Julie Russell Linda Schapekahm Carol Schmeling James Schmidt

Juniors/ 45


Amy Schroeder Rebecca Schroeder Timothy Schubkegel Naomi Schultz Rebecca Schultz

Elizabeth Sellnow Dawn Shorey Heidi Shuster Michelle Steinberg Leah Steinbrenner

Lynn Stobb Lee Stroschine Robin Stuhr Kelly Sturm Rochelle Thelke

46 / Juniors

1. 2. 3. 4.

Do you need directions to understand the direc tions, Gene? The menu board says it all! May t help you? Junior officers: Deb Bode (Sec.), Becky Schroeder (Pres.), Deb Frisque (Treas.). Sarah Knobloch (Vice-Pres.). Discon tinued: Sandra Dagen Gary Goessner Karlene Kander

Sue-Ann Plautz Leah Steinbrenner Michael Vatthauer

NOT PICTURED: Shebna Hook Mark McCormick Gregory West

Pamela Timm Vicki Tomhave Carmen Traub Rebecca Valleskey LuAnn Vatthauer

Michael Vatthauer Beth Vogt Laura Weber Kurt Wiltmershaus Jodi Yerks

Cyn thia Young Darren Zastrow Jeffrey Zilisch Donna Zimmerman Rebecca Zunker

Juniors /4 7


William Arndl James Babinec Jodie Battisl Jon Beagle Dawn Beckmann

Katherine Behnke Failh Siebert Steven Birr Mark Blauert Thomas Bradley

Chari Buhman Carrie Bullard James Burow Joan Carter Alan Cole

Kyle Dahlke Christine Desens Dan Domson James Dretske Carol Drumm

48 /Sophomores

1. Bottoms up Paul. 2. Jim. playing Rambo 3. Prof. Sponholz imparts wisdom.

Amy Eckert Elizabeth Eckerl Stephen Eddy Daneen Enter Amy Erdmann

Jeffery Fa1rba1rn Paula Falk Laura Fastenau Barry Fischer Ph1hp Fischer

Todd Friedel Anne Gabb Sheryl Gallipeau Mary Gentz Ruth Genz

Andre Gosch Heidi Graf Amy Gronholz Deborah Gunther Paul Haag

Sophomores 14 9


Mana Habben Laura Habermann Jade Heiderich Holly Hempel Patricia Hennig

Donna Herman JoEllen Hesselberg Mark H1erl Lori Hoover John Hoskins

Rebecca Huhn Kristi Jacobs John Kaesmeyer Gretchen Kempf Debbie Kiecker

Nathan Kieselhorst Dyann King Martha Klockz1em Kimberly Korth

50 I Sophomores

1. 2. 3. 4.

The atomic bom b in production. Watch ou t when Dale gets angry. Will you marry me? Joel. the va mpire. sees another victim.

Amy Krueger Annmarie Krueger Amy Kuehl Sandy Kuehl Anthony Ku!ahl

Cltrrord Lagerman Paul Lange Leanne Larson Peter Lemke Susan Lindemann

Knsh Luhman Troy Mccargar Dann Menk Jonathan Meyer Alan M1ndock

Barbara Nierme1er Bradley Nommensen Linda Noon Todd Palmer

Sophomores/ 51



Joel Pankow Joy Panzer Eric Paulsen Bethany Pittenger Andrew Plocher

Phillip Rehberger Julie Rogotzke Lisa Schairer Lynn Schattschneider Lynelle Schleusner

Jeffrey Schoch Beth Schultz Sarah Schultz Camielle Schwerin Rebecca Serwe

Sally Smith Craig Sonntag Wanda Sordahl Mark Stein


Discontinued: Tresa Buz Todd Friedel Sheryl Gallipeau Amy Gronholz Holly Hempel Mark Hierl

Mark Holcomb Anthony Kufahl Kristi Luhman Lynn Schattschneider Wanda Sordahl Sherman Unkefer

1. The big game. 2. Liz. are you nervous? 3. Jane helps ou1 during the blood drive. 4. Sophomore officers: Mary Gentz (Sec.). Paul Haag (Pres.). Andy Willems (VicePres.). Susan Warner (Treas.).

Todd Stoltz Noelle Theobald Eva Th1erfelder Jeremy Th1esfeldt Joel Ungemach

Sherman Unkefer Dennis Wagner K1mMarie Wagner Susan Warner Elisabeth Wildauer

Andrew Willems Ronald W1ntrone Dale Witte Marvin Wittig Amy Woldt

David Zabel Jane Zietlow Usa Zimmermann Rebecca Zoellner

Not Pictured: Tresa Buz Joel Grulke Mark Holcomb Pam Miller Bonnie Yotter

Sophomores/ 53


Betty Adams Michael Albrechr Kristin Bame Chrisropher Sandi Jennifer Bartels Joni Beagle

Cheryl Behl Stephen Berg Amy Bergman Christine Boldt Andrea Bolstad Debra Brooks

Enc Brucker Thomas Bruckner Elaine Buchholz Catherine Buechner Janean Buske Christine Butzke

He1d1 Caauwe Kurt Cereske Charlene Cluppert Richard Cody Barbara Cohrs Candace Dahms

54 /Freshmen

1. Hey Mom. look at us! 2. Neil and Cathy promenading back home. 3. Bryan and Chris show the ana tomy of a freshman. 4. Returning home after a tough day.

Amy Danell Jennifer Eggert Collene Erdmann Michelle Ewart Rebecca Fastenau Michele Fluegge

Thomas Flunker Kim Gabb Eva Glaeske Elizabeth Godfrey Cheryl Haag Susan Hassey

Renee Heckendorf Kalle Heider1ch Sara Henderson Rulh Henning Kelly Hill Christine Hillmann

Deanna Holsen Donna Indermuehle Gregory Johnson Kelly Johnson Valerie Jones Carolyn Juergens

Freshmen /SS


Laurel Kander Karen Kirby Elizabeth Kirk Michele Klatt Anne Kobhtz Dawn Koch

Jason Koester Bethel Kuckhahn Carmel Kunz Marie Laich DeAnn Larson Sarah Lassila

Wendy Lehne Mary Lichtenberg Matthew Lober Karen Lorenz Julie Luetke Betty Marnach

Ronald Martinson Connie McConnell Michelle Meihak Kirsten Menke Amy Mertens Courtney Meyer


1. Another interesting memo! 2. Rick aims perfectly every time. 3. Those freshmen guys are going bananas orce again.

Lynette Miller Patrick Miller Neil Neumann Timothy N1edfetdt Jennifer Oswald Michelle Ott

Andrew Pappenfuss Kimberly Phippen Douglas Plath Rebecca Propst Nathan Raddatz Julie Radel

Katherine Radue Amy Rahmlow Mark Renner Bart Reschke Ruth Ridge Darrell Roecker

Ann Romain Dawn Roxbury Pamela Russ Jennifer Schachenmeyer Susan Schaefer Kristina Schibbelhut



Gene Sch1nzel Lisa Schmaltz Jill Schmidt Kristen Schmidt Bryan Schneck

Jeffrey Schoenherr Ginger Schrank Paul Schroer Jennifer Schultz Mana Schultz

Susan Schultz Laura Schwartz Jeffery Smith Jackie Stancil Colleen Steffen

Kurt Steffen Gina Stelljes Darin Stewart Eunice Tank


1. It's going to be one of those days. 2. Ka thy finds herself in an awkward postilion. 3. David pain ts up a Garfield. 4. Freshmen officers. clockwise from top: Mark Zoellner (Pres.). Bethel Kuckhahn (Vice Pres.). Cindy Techlin (Sec.). Eva Glaeske (Treas.) Not Pic tured Amy Behnke Paul Burow Sandy Sylas Steven Earl Bethany Ehlert David Goddard Mara Hidde Debra Jacobs

Kim Larsen Joy Loescher Timothy Malchow William Myers Heidi Salvadori Angela Schupmann Brian Shult

Discontinued Jennifer Bartels Christine Bold l Candace Dahms Valerie Jones

Kristin Kelelhohn Mary Lichtenberg Heidi Salvadori Brian Shult

Cindy Techhn Lisa Thompson Jaqueline Valleskey Derek Vanderheyden Melanie Voigt

Claire Wessel Rachel Westendorf Monica Wiley Michele Wille Dane Wilson

Christine Wint erstein Andrew Wirch Kristi Wohler s Janell Wolff Lisa York

Kristine Zarnstorlf Larry Zarnstorff Mark Zoellner Kristine Zunker

Freshmen I 59



•·, rI .. , 6


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Dave and Julie dance up a storm The wind causes some problems for Becky John and Jerry are to1a11y lhrllled with hie These things get heavier every day Knsti d1hgenlly takes volleyball stats Prof Wandersef? leads a tree pruning e)(ped111on ll's really nor thal bad' Beelhoven. rm no!!



1. Oh no! They won't accept the charges. 2 Line-up 1n the Union 3. What a beauliful day for a fall picnic 4. Noelle drowns the taste with sugar



Staff / 63

PRESIDENT Lloyd 0. Huebner


Theodore Hartwig. Chairman Delmar Brick George Heckman

Arnold Koelpin Robert Krueger Lyle Lange

Mark Lenz Marvin Me1hack Joel Petermann

Darvin Raddatz Fred Wulfl Thomas Zarling


1. "We are the two De-ans." 2. Prof. Bauer calls a square dance. 3. Smile! You're on Candid Camera. 4. Dean Haar makes her stage debut. 5. Prof. Barnes hands out more questions. 6. Coach Buck â&#x20AC;˘ contemplates a strategy.




John Isch. Chairman Robert Averbeck Glenn Barnes

Gerhard Bauer Drew Buck Gary Dallmann

Kurt Grams John Gronholz Beverlee Haar

Roger Klockzier"l George LaGrow Barbara Leopold

Irma Paap Arthur Schulz Ench Sievert

Robert Stoltz David Wendler Howard Wessel Facully / 65



Richard Buss. Chairman Gerald Jacobson

Arlen Koestler Thomas Kuster

LeRoy Levorson Martin Schroeder

Monon Schroeder

1. Here comes lhe old Sponholz Peak story. 2. The Circle of Fifths is very simple. 3. The Faculty quartet performs at a concert.




Edward Meyer. Chairman Ames Anderson Bruce Backer

Harold Yotter. Chairman Paul Boehlke

Fred Banel James Engel Roger Hermanson

Gary Carmichael John M1cheel

Judith Kresn1cka Charles Luedlke John Nolte

John Paulsen David Pelzl

Otto Schenk Francis Schubkegel Joyce Schubkegel

Marlin Sponholz James Wandersee

Ronald Schilling GY en T1ernagel Wayne Wagner

Faculty/ 67

STAFF People behind the scenes

1. Academic Secretaries: Gwen Zimmerman. Diana Burt. Phyllis Fischer. and Judy Martens. 2. Financial Aids: Linda Leger. 3. Business Office: Judy Roberts. Shirley Dickey, Ginger Melzer. and Marlys Rosenau. 4. Music Secretary: Irene Flatau.


1. Food Service Management: Karl Tague. and Barb Brueske. 2. One of the cooks getting one of our many meals ready. 3. Housemother, Mrs. "Ma" Siegler. 4 . Kitchen staff : Edward Dagner. Annette Wetzel. Burnell路 Osberg, Burnett Pearse. Irene Seifert. Delores Hempel. and Vercille Class. 5. Bookstore Manager: Pam Kitzberger.



1. Library Staff: Erma Hamann. Evelyn Daley, Memory Gronholz, Kris Bolda. Gerald Jacobson. Lois Hartwig. and Dorolhy Grams. 2. Ginger and Steve Melzer enjoy a 1001ball game.

3. Prinl Shop: Lesler Ring. Lynn Boesch. Karen Schilling, and Maxine Blomquist 4. Custodial Staff: Roger Blomquist . Dale Class. Robert Palmer, Gayle Winter. Brad Hale. Byron Rudell. Dave Melquist, Chuck Walker, and Vernon Kilzberger. -




''Praise the Name of God with a Song'' College Choir First Row: Jodi Kammholz, Mary Gentz. Lorna Fenske, H eidi Graf, Amy Schroeder. and Heidi Keibel. Second Row: Linda Kuske, Theresa Yanz. Carrie Schmeling, Becky Schroeder, and Elizabeth Eckert. Third Row: Rachel Henning, Marilyn Hanel, Tami Engel, Sue Carter, Becky Bernthal. and Kris Altergott. Fourth Row: Dawn Ristow. Connie Spiegel, Julie Russell, Cindy Spiegelberg, Brenda von Stein, and Kristle Rogotzke. Fifth Row: Marianne Petermann, Kristi Jacobs. Belh Affeldt, Lisa Krenke, Laura Fastenau. and Judy Bleichwehl. Six th Row: Bryan Schneck, Doug Plath, Al Uher. Jerry Marowsky, John Meyer. and Dan Johnson. Seventh Row: Steve Biedenbender, Jim Braun, Phil Zahn, Rick Grundman, Pete Markgraf. and Dave Biedenbender. Eighth Row: Gene Mart ens, Kurl Wltlmershaus, Karl Bauer. Paul Haag, and Pele Schae w e. Nin t h Ro w : Jim Schmid t, Dale Krueger. Courlney Meyer. Kurl Cereske, Dave Zabel. and Jim Radda tz. Tenth Row: D:irin Menk. Joel Ungemach, Brad Abel. Terry Gra f, Jeff Sonnenburg. nnd Scoll Wagner.

College Choir, directed by Prof. Roger Hermanson, is composed of approximately 60 students selected by audition. This year the choir represented DMLC on two weekend tours to Wisconsin. They also participated in chapel services, area church services, and various concerts. President: Steve Biedenbender Secrelary: Kristie Rogol zke

72/College Choir

1 1


Worshipping God in song

College Chorale First Row: Ruth Ridge. Elaine Buchholz. Beth Kirk, Michele Fluegge, Cheryl Behl. Sue Hassey. Betl y Adams. Laurel Kander, and Jenny Schachenmeyer. Second Row: Michelle Meihak. Anne Kobli lz, Pam Russ. Monica Wiley, Connie Lauber. Sarah Knobloch, Sarah Schultz, Amy Krueger. Bev Gray. and Gina Stelljes. Third Row: Charlene Clupperl. Jackie Slancil. Belly Marnach. Bonnie Yotter. Andrea Bolstad, Valerie Jones, Chris Winterstein, Catherine Buechner, Rachel Westendorf. and Mary Lichtenberg. Fourth Row: Ron Martinson, Jeff Fairbairn. Derek Vanderheyden. Matt Lober. Nathan Raddatz. Joel Pankow, Tim Kuehl. Tom Flunker, Dave Goddard, and Mark Holcomb. Fifth Row: Gene Schinzel, Paul Lange, Mark Zoellner. Stephen Berg, Bart Reschke, Steve Earl, Andy Pappen fuss. Mark Hierl, Mark Renner, and Joel Grulke. Sixth Row: Tom Bradley, Kevin Hoskins, Lee Stroschine, James Babinec. Kyle Dahlke, Michael Albrecht, Kur t Steffen. Marv Wittig. Greg Rush, and Chris Bandt. Seven th Row: Mark Blauert, Pat Miller, Neil Neumann. Sherman Unkeler, Jeff Schoenherr, Al Mindock. Steve Birr, Jason Koester. and Tim Niedfeldt.

College Chorale, under the direction of Professor John Nolte, raise their voices to praise God in church services, chapel services, and various campus activities. The choir meets two times a week for rehearsal.

College Chorale/73


United in song

Treble Choir First Row: Chari Buhman, Belhany Piltenger, Carrie Bullard. Kelly Proeber, Michelle Myers. Tracy Jarvis. Shelly Brickham. Lori Kieselhorst. and Naomi Ruege. Second Row: Lori Hoover, Jodie Saltis!. Paula Falk. Sandra Dagen. Dawn Kletscher. Jodi Yerks. Susan Atwell, and Carol Reichow. Third Row: Clara Schultz. Calhy Tinkey, Kiersten Scholz, Annelle Wilde, Becki Renner. Julie Zeamcr. Kara Redlin. and Bonnie Ruch. Fourth Row: Rebecca Zunker. Kristen Loeffler. Annelle Hirschmann. Karen Hepner. Janice Frank, Sandra Svehla. and Beth Schmick. Filth Row: Trudy Hoell. Penny Klatt. Donna Zimmerman . Andrea Faslenau. Kelly Gillespie. Robin Stuhr. Linda Schapekahm, Rebecca John, and Rebecca Schult z. Sixth Row: Michelle Ninmann. Kristen Eggen. Gail Raddatz. Michelle Steinberg. Rebecca Huhn. Elizabeth Sellnow, Kalharine Kobs. and Rebecca Valleskey. Seven th Row: Naomi Schultz. Kimberly Kor th. Martha Klockzeim. KimMarie Wagner. Deborah Gunther. Ruth Zenker. Robin Mundslock. Cynthia Lierman. and Katrina Buie. Eighth Row: Susan Warner. Judith Anderson. Kristine Smith. Cherie Wehausen. Susan Petermann. Debra Bode. and Wendy Mosher. Ninth Row: Gretchen Kemp f, Dawn Beckmann. Patricia Hennig, Christine Nell. Tracey Kriewall. Sharon Mundt, Beth Vogl, Patricia Bredemann, and Vicki Tomhave. Ten th Row: Cynthia Hahn. Kelty Sturm. Lori Roekle. Rochelle Thelke. Ann Klatt. Alicia Role. Carol Helwig, Ruth Dolbey, Linda Noon. and Susanne Blauert.

Treble choir is a group of approximately 200 women, joined together to raise their voices in song. The Treble Choir's purpose is to prepare and sing songs of praise and thanksgiving to God. They perform during chapel services, designated church services, and various concerts throughout the year. Directed by Professor Joyce Schubkegel, the choir meets two times a week.

74 / Treble Choir

Treble Choir First Row: Jennifer Eggert. Cheryl Haag. Katie Heiderich. Deanna Holsen, Dawn Roxbury. Kelly Johnson, Amy Rahmlow. and Angela Schupmann. Second Row: Sarah Lassila, Michelle Ewart. Wendy Lehne. Kristine Zarnstorff. DeAnn Larson. Joanie Carter, Amy Eckert. and Ruth Genz. Third Row: Anne Gabb. Debbie Kiecker, Julie Rogotzke, Donna Herman. Kristi Luhman. Amy Erdmann. Becky Propst. Marla Schultz, and Amy Mertens. Fourth Row: Bethel Kuckhahn. Kristina Schibbelhut, Karen Lorenz, Sara Henderson, Eunice Tank, Leanne Larson, Lisa Zimmermann, Amy Woldt. and Christine Desens. Fifth Row: Julie Luedtke, Barbara Cohrs. Claire Wessel, Michele Klatt. Karen Kirby, Lisa Schmaltz. Ruth Henning. and Colleen Erdmann. Sixth Row: Rebecca Fastenau, Kim Gabb, Jill Schmidt, Kathy Radue, Jennifer Schultz, Connie McConnell, Melanie Voight, Michele Wille. and Heidi Salvador!. Seventh Row: Julie Radel, Janean Buske, Donna Indermuehle, Kristine Zunker, Christine Butzke, Lynette Miller, Camielle Schwerin, Amy Kuehl, and Becky Serwe. ighth Row: Tresa Buz, Daneen nter. Amy Gronholz, Beth Schultz, Faith Siebert, Renee Heckendorf. Eva Glaeske, and Cindy Techlin. Ninth Row: Kristi Wohlers. Kristin Bame, Betsy Godfrey. Janell Wolff, Christine Hillmann, Susan Schaefer, Jennifer Bartels, and Ann Romain. Tenlh Row: Jacqueline Valleskey, Katie Behnke. Gretchen Kempf, Jane Zietlow, Amy Danell. Dawn Beckmann, Wanda Sordahl, and Bethany Ehlert.

Treble Choir/75


Singing Psalms with praise

Directed by Prof. Shilling, Chapel Choir is a group of students selected by audition. This choir performs in area church services and various campus concerts. Chapel Choir participates in chapel every week to sing praises to the Lord.

Chapel Choir First Row: Dyann King. Shelly Karstens, Laurie Forbeck, Jennie Oswald, Lisa Schairer, JoEllen Hessetberg, and Carol Drumm. Second Row: Kelly Hill, Jade Heiderich. Dawn Nollmeyer, Barbara Niermeier, Joy Panzer. Elisabe th Wildauer, and Lisa Esch. Third Row: Todd Palmer. Brad Nommenson, Barry Fischer, Eric Brucker, Colleen Steffen. Amy Bergman. Kris Schmid t. and Carolyn Juergens. Fourth Row: Jon Beagle. Dane Wilson. Greg Johnson. Tom Bruckner. Paul Schroer. and Cli ff Lagerman.

76/Chapel Choir

1. Kurt practices with College Choir 2. Nale pounds the drums during Jazz Band practice. 3. Wind Ensemble in concert. 4. The College Choir rehearses for their tours.


The beat goes on!

Wind Ensemble Firs! Row: Michelle Ewan. Cindy Techlin, Kris Allergoll . Shelly Karstens, Rebecca Fastenau. and Susan Petermann. Second Row: Susan Atwell, Kiersten Scholz. Dale Wi lle, Belhel Kuckhahn, Kristi Jacobs, Marianne Petermann, Lori Kieselhorsl, Renee Heckendorf, Krisli Rogolzke, Laura Faslenau. and Laurel Kander. Third Row: Slephen Berg, Jeff Sonnenburg. Darin Menk, Julie Rogolzke. Jodi Kammholz, Peler Schaewe. Claire Wessel. Lorna Fenske. Karen Hepner, Krisli Wohlers. Andrea Faslenau, Tina Nell. Rachel Henning, and Prof. Hermanson. Fourlh Row: Sarah Schullz, Joy Panzer. Phil Zahn, Karl Bauer, Kris Schibbelhu t, Laura Schwartz. Sieve Biedenbender, Joel Ungemach, Brenda von Stein, Anne Koblilz. Dale Krueger. and Dave Biedenbender.

Wind Ensemble, under the direction of Professor Hermanson, consists of students chosen through selective auditions. The activities of this past year include two concerts, one in October and February, and also the May Night performance. The band also performed pre-service music before the Christmas concert. BAND OFFICERS Concert Masters . . ..... Steve Biedenbender Brenda von Stein Secretary . . . . . Jodi Kammholz Librarian . . . . . . . Dale Krueger Treasurer Kristi Jacobs Uniform Custodian .. Julie Rogotzke Public Relations Peter Schaewe

78/Wind Ensemble


Strike up the band!

Symphonic Band First Row: Michelle Ewart. Cindy Techlin, Michelle Karstens. Rebecca Fastenau, Janice Frank. Amy Rahmlow, and Susan Petermann. Second Row: Susan Atwell, Laura Fastenau, Laurel Kander, Cathleen Starke. Brenda Hemmelman. Renee Heckendorf. Ruth Genz. Melanie Voigt. Annmarie Krueger. and Elizabeth Kirk. Third Row: Maria Schultz. Collene Erdmann, Kristi Jacobs. Kiersten Scholz. Stephen Berg, Darin Menk. and Mark Renner. Fourth Row: Lisa Schairer. Tina Nell. Joy Panzer, Sarah Schultz. Jade Heiderich, Karen Hepner. Phil Zahn. Kris Schibbelhut. Kristi Wohlers, Andrea Fastenau. Rnchel Henning. Joel Ungemach. Julie Luetke. Darrell Berg. Ruth Henning. Joel Ungemach, Julie Luetke. Darrell Berg. Ruth Henning. Brenda von Stein, Anne Koblitz, Michael Albrecht. and Director Roger Hermanson.

Symphonic Band is open to anyone on campus with the ability to play a musical instrument. Led by Prof. Hermanson, Symphonic Band performed in two concerts this year, as well as providing preservice music at the Christmas concert. This band consists of about 45 members and meets twice a week after school.

Symphonic Band/79


In the swing of things .J

Jazz Ensemble had a rough start th is year but came out better than ever. The Ensemble is under the direction of Prof. Hermanson and presented one concert this year during the Spring picnic. Jazz Ensemble consists of selected musicians on campus, who have the talent and interest in jazz music.

80/ Jazz Ensemble

Jazz Ensemble First Row: Dale Witte, Stephen Berg, Arny Rahrnlow, Claire Wessel, Darin Menk, and Jeff Sonnenburg. Second Row: Renee Heckendorf. Dale Krueger. Brenda von Stein, and Joe1 Ungernach. Third Row: Nate Kieselhorst, Laura Schwartz. Steve Biedenbender, Karl Bauer. and Kris Schibblehut.


Sounds of halftime Under the direction of Steve Biedenbender and Brenda von Stein, the Pep Band once again provided its support to liven up home football and basketball games. The Pep Band also gives students the chance to use their God given abilities to promote " spirit" at various athletic events here on campus. A hearty thank you to those musicians who give their time for the cause of their favorite team!

Pep Band First Row: Collene Erdmann. Brenda Hemmelmann. and Renee Heckendorf. Second Row: Jon Beagle, Jan Frank. and Shelly Karstens. Third Row: Stephen Berg, Amy Bergman. Darin Menk. Brenda von Stein. and Kristi Wohlers. Fourth Row: Joel Ungemach. Tina Nell. Matthew Lober. Steve Biedenbender, Kris Schibbelhut, and Phil Zahn.

Pep Band/81


Handbells First Row: Ruth Genz, Andrea Fastenau. Lisa Schmaltz, Sue Atwell, Dawn Shorey, and Leanne Larson. Second Row: Tanya Janosek. Sue Petermann, Donna Zimmerman, Beth Vogt, and Lynn Schattschneider. Third Row: Dale Witte, Derek Vanderheyden, Laura Fastenau. Chris Desens, and Kristi Jacobs.

The Handbell choir consists of 35 members, who under the direction of Prof. Wagner produce that beautiful sound the campus has come to know. The choir has performed in various church services, the Christmas concert, chapel services, and at Bethany Luleran College. The highlight of the year was the trip to the annual WELS Handbell Festival, in which 29 ringers represented DMLC.


Ringing praises to God


Pedaling around Organ Club Dale Witte (Pres.), Kris Allergott. Sandy Svehla (Vice. Pres.). and Tami Engel (Sec./Treas.).

The Organ Club had a very busy year. Their many activities included a tour of an organ factory, giving and attending recitals, and attending lectures pertaining to the organ and how it works.

Organ Ciub/83


In the spirit of the past

Pro Musica Judilh Bleichwehl, Andrea Faslenau (Presidenl). Barbara Niermeier. Laura Faslenau (Sec. /Treas. ). and Rebecca Faslenau.

Pro Musica's main objective is to promote an appreciation for early music performed on authentic instruments. Their many activities include performances at grade schools, various concerts, church services, and a presentation in "English History and Culture."

84/Pro Musica


For the child in everyone


Children's Theatre is an active group dedicated to the children of today. For Homecoming, the group dressed in costumes for the parade. The major production of this year was " Winnie the Pooh," which delighted the child in every one of us!

Children¡s Thealre First Row: Jenny Eggert. Tracey Kriewall, Sarah Lassila, Amy Bergman. Ca thy Buechner, Bryan Schneck. Deanna f-!olsen, and Lynelle Miller. Second Row: Kur l Cereske. Carmen Traub, Elisabeth Bauer, and Jennifer Schultz. Third Row: Judy Anderson, Connie Kroll. Sarah Knobloch, Krisli Wohlers. Collene Erdmann, Paul Haag. and Naomi Ruege.


Always acting up


Drama Club's main objective is to provide entertainment and activities for the members of the Drama Club , the campus family, and the community at large. The main production of the year was the musical, " The King and I." "The Jury Room" was the spring play production. Both were a huge success for all concerned.

~ Drama

Club First Row: Kristi Wohlers. Paul Haag. and Collene Erdman. Second - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - â&#x20AC;˘ Row: Pele Schaewe, Jenny Eggert. and Tracey Kriewall. Third Row: Deanna Holsen Drama Club, Children's Theatre/85 and Bryan Schneck.


Drawing on their talents.

Art.Club: Kristi Wohlers. Kevin Hoskins. Lynette Miller. Andrea Bolstad, Ca therine Buechner. Beth Sellnow. Beverly Gray and Laura Weber.

Led by president Laura Weber, the Art Club members utilize their creativity by doing calligraphy and sketching. The highlight of the year was a trip to the art museum in the Twin Cities. Many hours are also spent experimenting with the more unusual artistic techniques.

86/Art Club




The student body government

The Collegiate Council is the representative organization on campus which is responsible for student activities and student clubs. This year their activities included movie nights, Snow Carnival, Mission Fair, Spring Banquet and campus picnics. The Council also provides certain service functions. such as providing parking attendants for concerts and other events, and taking care of the student mission collection.

Collegiate Council First Row: Deb Bode, Phil Zahn, Rebecca Fastenau, Eva Glaeske, Andy Pappenfuss, and Kim Gabb. Second Row: Jon Meyer, Shelly Brickham, Becky John, Shelly Lindemann (Treasurer), and Kristi Jacobs. Third Row: Gene Martens and Connie Kroll (Secretary). Fourth Row: Prof. Lange. Peter Sordahl (President), Steve Bremer (Vice-President), Joel Grulke, Cliff Lagerman, and Jim Raddatz.

88/Collegiate Council


Keeping the Union The Student Union Board members are concerned mainly with the upkeep of the SU. They purchase new equipment for the game room and sponsor half-price evenings in the Round Table, as well as generally taking care of the Union. Student Union Board officers: Steve Bremer (Sec. -Treas.), Tutor Petermann (Advisor), Carol Reichow (Vice President). and Jerry Marowsky (President).

Student Union Board / 89


The beat goes on! The Porn-Pon sguad is composed of sixteen girls who perform during half-times of football and basketball games. Practice for their exciting routines takes tour to six hours per week. They use a wide range of songs and the finished product makes all the effort well worth it!

Basketball Porn-Pons First Row: Sheri lsensee. Mary Gentz, Dawn Roxbury, Kim Marie Wagner, and Lorna Fenske. Second Row: Vicki Tomhave. Becky Schultz, Lori Roekle, Daneen Enter, and Shelly Brickham. Third Row: Donna Indermuehle, Bethel Kuckhahn , Amy Mertens, Donna Zimmerman, Becky Propst , and Linda Schapekahm. 90 / Pom-Pons


Presenting colors with pride The Color Guard presents the American flag at home football and basketball games. They also spend extra practice time learning halftime routines. All this is done to promote spirit.

Basketball Color Guard First Row: Laurie Forbeck and Ruth Genz. Second Row: Carol Drumm and Jackie Stancil. Third Row: Chris Butzke and Marilyn Hanel. Fourth Row: Colleen Steffen. Deb Jacobs. and Dawn Nollmeyer.

Color Guard / 91


Capturing college experiences Excelsior staff First Row: Tom Bruckner. Darin Menk, and Neil Neumann. Second Row: Paul Schroer, Faith Wurst. Laura Habermann. Shelly Karstens, and Andy Wirch.

Excelsior Editors Amy Schroeder (Copy), Michelle Ninmann (Lay-out. Semester I), Darrell Berg (Business). Carolyn Juergens (Lay-out, Semester II). Beth Sternhagen (Editor-in-Chief). and Dawn Shorey (Photography).

92 I Excelsior

Throughout the entire year, the Excelsior staff works to create the .campus yearbook. Much time and preparation goes into a yearbook, from taking the pictures to laying out the page and typing the copy. The week before each deadline is a very hectic time for the yearbook staff, as they work to get pages to the company on time.


Hot off the presses!

Messenger Editors LuAnn Vatt hauer (Co-Editor). Dawn Shorey (Photography). Michelle Karstens (Business). Darren Zastrow (Sports). Dawn Nollmeyer (Circulation), Patty Hennig (Assistant to the Editors), Cindy Hahn (Co-Editor).

Messenger staff: First Row Jim Raddatz, Cathy Starke, Annmarie Krueger. Sarah Schultz, and Amy Bergman. Second Row: Pete Schaewe. Laura Habermann, Joy Panzer, Gene Schinzel, Mike Albrecht. and Stephen Berg.

The Messenger staff works hard to produce each issue of the newspaper. The writers, proofreaders, lay-out people, circulation staff, artists, and editors do their best to give the campus family a reliable news source. This year the staff produced eight issues of the Messenger. One event which the group sponsors is the annual Bar Bake-off. Messenger/ 93


Sports minded men

L-Club officers: Nathan Kieselhorst (Vice President). David Biedenbender (Sec.-Treas.). and Randy Cox (President).

L-Club is an organization established by and for the male varsity letter winners of the interscholastic athletic program of DMLC. The L-Club is responsible for concessions at the various athletic events, and also sponsors the annual Minnesota District WELS Men's Volleyball Tournament.


Athletic women The Women's Athletic Club is an organization made up of women who participated in interscholastic sports. Just as L-Club, WAC operates concessions and tickets. They also sponsor the annual Women's Volleyball Tournament for area Minnesota churches.

WAC Of11cers: Michelle Steinberg (Vice President). Michelle Myers (President). and Kelly Gillespie (Sec.Treas.).

94 / WAC. L-Club


Tension relieving fun!

Anyone, regardless of ability or size, is welcome to particiipate in the intramural program at DMLC. The men challenge one another in tennis, football, volleyball, basketball, and softball while the women dual in softball, tennis, volleyball, basketball, and badminton. The main objectives of intramurals is participation in competitive sports and having fun with friends.

Women's Intramural officers: Ka therine Behnke (President). and Chari Buhman (Vice President I Secretary).



Getting the message across

Sign Language Club Firs! Row: Karen Kirby. Chris Butzke. and Deanna Holsen. Second Row: Kristi Wohlers. Lynette Miller. Paula Falk, Collene Erdmann. Amy Rahmlow. Cheryl Haag. Beth Kirk. Eva Glaeske. Candace Dahms. Robin Stuhr, and Marie Laich. Third Row: Gail Raddatz. Lynelle Schleusener. Melanie Voigt, Eunice Tank. Chris Winterstein. Amy Krueger. Maria Schullz. Lori Roekle. Carol Reichow. Katherine Behnke. Mary Lichtenberg, and Bryan Schneck. Fourth Row: Kelly Sturm. Pam Timm. Scot! Wagner, Laura Schwartz. Cindy Techlin. Missy Ewart, Kim Gabb, Kelly Gillespie, Jenny Schultz. and Neil Neumann.

The Sign Language Club is dedicated to learning sign language and how to use signs in a classroom to help deaf people understand. Many of their activities include going to signed church services. to a deaf classroom. and hosting guest speakers or signers.

96/Sign Language Club

Sign Language Club First Row: Michelle Ninmann. Becki Renner. and Lisa Schairer. Second Row: Wendy Mosher. Michelle Myers. Annette Hirschmann. Belh Wildauer. Clara Schultz, Tim Kuehl. and Lisa Esch.


Lighting the


Chapel Committee First Row: Ruth Ridge. Amy Schroeder. and Shelly Karstens. Second Row: Laura Habermann. Lisa Schairer. and Deanna Holsen.

The Chapel Committee's main function is to prepare the chapel for the services each day. Not only do they prepare the chapel, they also design bulletin boards and display banners in the chapel to help beautify the services. All of their contributions help to make our chapel a fitting place to worship.

Chapel Committee/97


Puzzling young minds

Meet Math First Row: Amy Eckert. Kristen Loeffler, Karen Hepner. Susan Carter, Cherie Wehausen. and Kristi Jacobs. Second Row: William Arndt. Kiersten Scholz. Paul Schroer. Donna Zimmerman, and Mike Koester.

Meet Math is an organization which provides a service to the grade schools and high schools in our synod. Through Meet Math those schools which choose to participate during the year compete in a series of five math contests written by Meet Math members. Meet Math keeps track of team totals, high scorers; and at the end of the school year, trophies and certificates are sent to the winners.


Everybody's a member Pep Club is the largest organization at DMLC since every student is a member. The Pep Club's main purpose is to promote school spirit, and the main activity for the year is planning the entire Homecoming celebration. This year's theme was "Fabulous Funnies." The Pep Club also organizes the pep tests and the "Shoot for Spirit" contests at all home basketball games. They keep the school spirit alive each year!

Pep Club officers: Chris Butzke (Sec. - Treas.). Darrell Berg (President), and Vicki Humann (Vice President).

98/Meet Math. Pep Club


The audio-visual experts

The Aud io-Visual Committee is a service organization of interested students working with electronic sound and lighting equipment. The organization's sole purpose is to operate audio visual equipment on the campus, serving any organization that needs assistance. This means that the members stay busy by helping with about 400 activities a year. Besides providing service to these activities, they also train members to properly use the equipment. AVCO First Row: Sarah Knoblock (Secretary), James Babinec. Carmen Traub, Deb Goldman. and Carol Drumm. Second Row: Cliff Lagerman. Lee Stroschine. Greg West. and Eunice Tank. Third Row: Andy Willems. (Vice-Director), Andy Wirch. and Rich Grundman (Director).





Always heading downhill

Club Ofliow t 00111t1I Oo!ns.on tPt~' ~· (Soc Ticas).


Oitnoen fn101

~ Vloe-Presiiden1),

Ski Club is a student lormed organization that offeis occasional ski trips In the winter Due 10 the Jack ol snow there were only a lew 1r1ps l hls year. Most o l the skiing took p lace on man-made snew which was somewhat Icy al timeSc

a.nd Andy Pa~tus.s


Get a kick out of it!

"Be there or don' t" was the motto ot this year' s soccer club. The major game ol the year was p layed against Northwestern College. The season was lilied with fun and l rfvollly even !hough the team lost all three o r their games. SOOc9f Club Fit.SI RO'N: Todd Frie(Sel, Phil zann. Joel Ungemacf\ Jofl uno (PTeSICJent), and Alan M.lfldOCk. Second Row. Craig Zlbrowskl, M11t;e Koes1e1. James Braun. Jrison Koes1e1. Phil AetibetQet, Andrew Plocher.

Alan Uher. Thoma• Schult:t. Tuloor Petermann, Jer""'Y m~oldt jVlc..Pram.tenl), Sll!VO Ganne<, and Joel Pankow •

100/Skl Club. Soccer Club




National champs again!



VOll'Ylkll 'lld"' f•nt f:lq"" t;hl...!l'le OOl!il f>tl~tl .,~ I.I~ I ~It. .......,,..,...,, Q111i. w~ 41110 LV!lll Sll;ltlb ~ RI:• K11»11 Jl!Wbl l)l&l"l!Nftl. .ijl Sclllr•ctL- .C.-mtifl!MI AllOl.oll. H•oOI 511111>1111'. 6uwn C-•. M.1na ~ •no 'V'ldl1 Hum°"" ~11111111'1 Thitl ~ Cnclcl\ ~.,.,. M. Reb«.C.11 'HUM ~ tt:i~. Sar• tllmlllnar\ !Uf«l-1.0l*U....,,. ~ e&,oj ~ 11rd .11!•11 ~



The women's volleyball team had another excellent year. They ended their 13-7 season by again winning the NLCAA 1oumamen1 for the second year In a row. Sue Garter and Sara Henderson were chosen for the Ali·Tournamenl Team, and Sue Carter and Garol Helwig received All-American Honorable Mention. The many returning leUer /winners may prove to make next year Just as exciting!

• 102/VOllo)'DSll


• A muddy season

Foott).lJl I 111>1 Row GllgQfy Wn1 011rren Roecker~ RQftnld """tl•tl'O"I, A.ndt• Goich M1.1k 6'auerl. Cf3jg -Sotlntag PoNI BurO'N Dl!itel( Vlflc»fl°le'y• den, 0.dJr+ M~uro. Dtt···•d 81~·~•;der Dantet Pla1h M.allhtw lobOr •nd M1-1k Holeomb Second Ftow Buan Sh.Ill Thomli• f".'iunkttr James $ctl11ll<!Jt Pio1nr l omkf' 011n1ol Jottneon, Sleven B11~me1, JoM Mey-ft 0ofU,•I VJIOf:MW. l>MQhl SandvOld, Rnndtln Co.<. Gregg 81tkflOll, •nd Mlr\11" Willig 1l"rd Row DaN'I WHQl'I T~rronoe Gr-al Anc:lrew W•lltJ1111, J'llroy Scl'loch. L~·11d NoQn, JQM Gf'ont'IOIL Robert 1<1u~1 Tnomftt 1A!lhig, l~kJn lev111. G1~wy Jotl!'l•on. O!lt<>rd lagerman. and Oi,,1on

Zruttow Fovrth R(.)W Daniel Fenske. AICh1ttd COdy, Tlmolt'ly SChubkfQOl1 Jturies

PopponhJst, JO"ln Ho~ln5, Slf\'en G1&dent>encl«, Gtlf-ald Marowsky C()Urlnl'!'t' tJ0y01 aruj ThOn'AS ~utlittlf!f F!llh Row Mark McGormlcK. JeHrt"/ /lll5Ch. Gt~rV R\11oh, Mnf1t rtsenmnon, Lincoln 'HohteJ. Mil'k Stetfl 0.nltl Danwon, J<-lffey Rololf 01,d L.yl• Tlnwn t>~o' p1etu1ed, Pa1rlek Mklle1, Sloven {1)11, Jiolltey Sct'!oerihen, afld Sttf!rnwi Unlo.1fm

Elotrow JOl\Jlhon t.4eyA1, W"liom A11\dl



Frustration! Thls Is by far the ties! word whe<i describing this year's Lancer's football season. Most al their games were played on muddy fields whodl led to sfij)perf play Many team members will be retutning to nex1 year's team. as they look to Improve on this

son's 2·6 rec:o<d.




Running to make their mark.





Men's Cross COi.iOU')' Anncue HIJSOttmMI\ (mgr.). Mark ~ner, TI1uo1•'Y Koehl.. Brad No~. Dyann (mgr), and Coac:.h Boot\lke.

Womenys. Cross ~unt1y nr&t raw Annelle H1rschmaf\n (mgr-). Olng~r Schranlt, Chrts11ne \IJl"1eusrein. Kns1en Eggen. [)yaf'ln Klng (rngr.). and ~h Boehlke. S~ond row- t<eiliy Hill, Becki Renl'ef!f', anoi Tracy


A new feature ol tills year's Cross Coon1ry team was the addition ol the men's team. The women were led by senior. Becki Renner who ran for one ol her best seasons. The men's team was led by freshmen Mark Renner. who also ran well. With the returning lellerwinners. next season may also be successful.


Tee Time This year's goll team experienced a successful season. Freshmen Kurt Steffen consistenlly led the 1eam all season. while Steve Jensen and Peter Markgraf also contribuled with solid play and steady performance. All returning golfers have much potenUal which will contribute well to an even better season next year.

Goll Team: Pe1e1 M8fkg1ai~ M!chael Koester. Philip F'S(:her. Ku11 Sle:ffen. Douglas Plalh, end J0!1n ~~""""l"'f 104/CrO!l.S

Country, Goff



• CHEERLEADERS Keeping the spirit up.




Anne G.tbb Y..a1hiclnn

Prueu. Kt111y OMtapie Amy G1onho11 )(111a Aud 11'1 nrwJ C111ar Schmd•ng_

The roje or the cheef1eadefs is to keep the students· spirit high. They work hard throoghOut the footbal and baskelball seasons trying to fire up the Lancer learns and rans. They also play an active part In Pep Club by helping to plan Homecoming ec· tlvitles. Much teamwork and cooperation is ne$ded to get cheers 10gether and pep fasts 0tganized.

Cheef~ / 105



Developing technique and style

f L_'

The men's 1>as1<e1ball 1eam hmshed lhe season w11h a 7· 15 reco<d and 1ook fifth in lhe conference With only three jun10<s and no sen· IO<s, this year's team was a very young leam This sea· son lhey worked 10 develop a unitled leam.

100 / Merfs 811 ,1.otbaH

l.W1·1llW.etn9I Av Row ~MCl°'Ml A "'"°°'•, ,ltnl&;,._.,.t. ~¥-.ii- '°"'~M.Cl'<lf"ll.-il AltllfW..... Htlt"'~. RM Wi'l!l'Ol'lf, ~ Tll!MI~ . ...O<:ok.11 ~ kieO'ICI Row M,i1 0 ... ..IOf'tllOI'\. J•'°"'l(oesltr•thmaro .,,..._.... Diii' .klh11IOl'I ~It. t.oM..... JM! ••ot'I\ ,#w ~ ~ Si.,._~ COO,. 1)"°""119!14J1W ....i Mpr tllfl'tl'I 1•1•0.-



Teamwork is the key


.... AofO',..,, Ollllt • .,.,. l<lllMlll\ """'v.i-. M• .........., C.ll'li. .,.,...."" ll'G Becot.r HIM.~ Ai. MQI' l . . 7111111- ....... lrolO.O. vti1!'1. ~KW!! 1'1111.. lGt..-ii, &.11 ~ AM !Od, tl'l!llt t"»'!- tN1 CMl:l1 L~

w ......-i... lw91CMll fltll lb.


"'-t' ( ••II


Cotdl l(iltllor:

Teamwork was a key to the worn· en's basketball team. They were not hurt by the fact that they are a relatively young team. With many returning teller winners. next year should PfOYe to be a very exciting year for the team. This year's team ended lhe sea· son with a t 3·9 record and placed third In the NCLAA districts.


I Women'i B&Sketballl 107


Lancer ladies at bat

Sohbal C.0.C.l'I leopoid. MOI' ;1 W~t. M1dwJI~'" S1ec11betg Belly GOdfrey. Cinoy 1.-aP1m.')n Ja<:ltle Vaf)e.-.key, M ._ht• fl MyM. Al'rfl Kl;:tll Lind I NU4 0oriNll lndli ~ Ctw. HolmaM. Cl-vr


YJ~ Cha• 8uhrrl3n A mr Wf>ldt. and AJll'i.l"f\1 Coad\ Gteg

.., ,

With only four returning letterwlnners, this year's softbaU team P111Cliced and WOfked ha1d and came up wuh a 14· 10 record. In Conference tournament ptay. the Lancerettes finished In fltst place.

• 108



Hitters in a pinch

~ flfti.1 Row

o.ree Roec....Clf

°""" -Gotc.h - ·Seoond C<a.gRow Soonlilg. ana Anclro A-.,


Co.IC Dalf' 0yt$&en SteYe Bte1n0f.

G1egg B1rkhoel, Oa:le- 1<.ruegc1 ano

S1e,,.. Jo"""n T""d Row COacii IA•

hack. Jt1emy Thieslekll. St~en C•11. l<un s;et'4tfl. S14Ytn ~etndlf L« ~. oric Andrew Plocf'lier

- - , _ BNcme< ..... Stt•n. JOfo1 Ou1mel4itet J•lfrey Sct\oenhf11 JOM Ka~. Mid

Peier LHll!ii.t

This year's baseball learn had a good year. wlch meny recumlng pitchers bolstering che team. The team consisted ol many letterwinners as well as underclassmen who aU contributed well to the 14-6 season .

• Bnetlall 109


Aces on the court

This was a rebuilding year for the men's tennis team. Both Dan Plath and Mike Koester contributed to a good season with solid play. Overall the men did quite well and ended with a 6-2 record.

Men's Tennis First Row: Eric Brucker, Dan Plath, Mike Koester, Jason Koester, and Patrick Miller. Second Row: Phillip Fischer. Eugene Martens, Nathan Kieselhorst, Darin Stewart, Michael Albrecht, and Coach Koestler.

110/ Men's Tennis


The matchmakers

Women's Tennis First Row: Jennifer Eggert. Pamela Russ. Shelly Karstens. Kristine Smith, and Michele Fluegge. Second Row路 Annelle Wilde. Lynette Moller. laura Fryer. Sarah Kruschel, Amy Rahmlow. Cindy Techhn. and Coach Dallman

The 1987 women 's tennis team started the year with only 3 returning starters. Since the team did not participate in a conference this year, they played tougher teams from the area . The underclassmen proved to be a very valuable asset to the team's 5-3 record.

Women's Tennis/ 111

The 1987 women's track team had a very successful year. One of their most impressive meets was at Winona State, where the Lady Lancers won the meet over three larger teams. The team was bolstered this year by some excellent athletes.

Women's Track Front Row: Joan Carter. Carol Reichow. Kristin Eggen. Cheryl Haag, and Kirsten Menke. Second Row: Sara Henderson, Lynn Stobb. Becki Renner, Heidi Shuster, and Karen Lorenz. Third Row: Christine Winterstein. Deb Klecker. Gretchen Kempf. Marie Laich. and Dwight Sandvold. Fourth Row: Jodie Bat tist, Kelly Hill, Katie Heiderich. Elisabeth Wildauer. and Coach John Gronholz.


Running for the fun of it The Men's Track Club is made up of men who enjoy track enough to participate even though it is not a "team." The club competes in up to eight meets with other colleges from all over the state, and has regular workouts after school each day.

Men's Track Club First Row: Craig Sonntag. Mark Renner. Thomas Flunker, Jeff Lillo, and William Arndt. Second Row: Dave Goddard. Steve Towne. Marvin Wittig, Phil Rehberger. and Joel Pankow.

t 12/Women's Track. Men's Track Club


Index / 113

A Abel, Bradley Ill 42. 72 Adams. Betty I 54, 73 Affeldt, Beth Ill 42, 72 Albrecht. Michael I 54, 73, 79. 93, 110 Alshouse. Linda IV 26 Altergott, Kris IV 26, 72, 78, 83 Anderson. Judith IV 26, 74, 85 Anderson. Prof. Ames 67 Arndt, William II 48, 98, 103 Art Club 86 Atwell, Susan Ill 42, 74, 78, 79. 82 AVCO 99 Averbeck. Prof. Robert 65

Brucker. Eric I 54, 76, 110 Bruckner. Thomas I 54, 76, 92. 103, 109 Buchholz, Elaine I 54, 73 Buck. Prof. Drew 65, 102, 106 Buechner. Catherine I 54, 73, 85, 86 Buie. Katrina Ill 42, 74 Buhman. Chari II 48, 74, 95, 108 Bullard, Carrie II 48, 74, 91 Burmeister. Joel IV 27, 109 Burow, James II 48, 103 Burow, Paul 103 Buske, Janean I 54, 75 Buss. Prof. Richard 66 Butzke, Christine I 54, 75, 91, 96, 98 Buz, Tresa 75

Cox. Randall Ill 42, 94, 103. 109 Cross Country 104

D Dagen. Sandra Ill 42, 7 4 Dahlke, Kyle II 48, 73 Dahms. Candace I 54, 96 Dallmann. Prof. Gary 65, 111 Danell, Amy I 55, 75 Degner. Vonda IV 27 Desens, Christine II 48, 75, 82 Dalbey. Ruth IV 28, 74 Damson, Dan II 48, 100, 103 Drama Club 85 Dretske, James II 48

B Babinec. James II 48, 73, 99 Backer, Prof. Bruce 67 Baganz, Peter IV 26 Bame. Kristin I 54, 75, 105 Bandt, Christopher I 54, 73 Barnes. Prof. Glenn 65 Bartel. Prof. Fred 67 Bartels. Jennifer I 54, 75 Baseball 109 Basketball. Men's 106 Basketball, Women's 107 Battist, Jodie II 48, 74 Bauer, Elisabeth IV 27. 85 Bauer, Karl IV 27, 72. 78. 79. 80 Bauer, Prof. Gerhard 65 Beagle. Jon II 48. 76. 81 Beagle, Joni I 54 Beckmann. Dawn II 48, 74, 75 Behl, Cheryl I 54, 73 Behnke, Katherine II 48, 75, 95, 96 Berg. Darrell Ill 42, 79, 92, 98 Berg. Stephen I 54. 73. 78. 79. 80. 81 , 85. 93 Bergman. Amy I 54, 76, 81. 85. 93 Bernthal. Rebecca Ill 42. 72 Siebert, Faith II 48, 75 Biedenbender. David Ill 42. 72, 78, 94, 103. 106, 109 Biedenbender. Steven IV 27. 72. 78, 80, 81 , 103, 109 Birkholz, Carol IV 27 Birkholz. Gregg IV 26, 103, 109 Birr. Steven II 48, 73 Bitter. Alan IV 26 Blauert, Mark II 48, 73, 103. 112 Blauert. Susanne IV 26, 74 Bleichwehl, Judith IV 26. 72. 84 Bode. Debra Ill 42, 74, 88 Boehlke, Prof. Paul 67, 104 Boldt. Christine I 54, 102 Bolstad. Andrea I 54, 73, 86 Bradley. Thomas II 48, 73 Brassow. Heidi Ill 42 Braun. James Ill 42, 72, 100 Bredemann. Patricia Ill 42, 74 Bremer. Steven IV 27. 88, 89, 103. 109 Brick, Prof. Delmar 64 Brickham. Shelly Ill 42, 74, 88, 90 Brooks. Debra I 54


c Caauwe. Heidi I 54 Carmichael. Prof. Gary 67 Carter. Joan II 48, 75 Carter. Susan IV 27. 72, 98. 102 Cereske. Kurt I 54, 72, 85 Chapel Choir 76 Chapel Committee 97 Cheerleaders 105 Children's Theatre 85 Cluppert, Charlene I 54, 73, 111 Cody. Richard I 54, 103. 106 Cohrs, Barbara I 54, 75 Cole, Alan II 48 College Choir 72 College Chorale 73 Collegiate Council 88 Color Guard 91

Drumm. Carol II 48, 76, 91. 99 Dyrssen, Dale IV 28. 109

E Earl. Steven 73. 109 Ebel. Patti IV 28 Eckert, Amy II 49, 75, 98 Eckert. Elizabeth II 49, 72 Eddy, Stephen II 49 Eggen. Kristen Ill 42, 74, 104 Eggert. Jennifer I 55, 75. 85. 111 Ehlert. Bethany 75 Eisenmann. Mark Ill 42, 103, 106 Engel. Prof. James 67 Engel, Tami Ill 42, 72, 83 Enter. Daneen II 49, 75. 90, 100 Erdmann. Amy II 49, 75 Erdmann, Collene I 55, 75, 79, 81.

85, 96 Esch, Lisa Ill 42, 76. 96 Ewart. Michelle I 55, 75, 78, 79. 96, 107 Excelsior 92

F Fairbairn, Jeffery II 49, 73 Falk, Paula II 49, 74, 96 Fastenau, Andrea Ill 43, 74, 78, 79, 82, 84. 111 Fastenau, Laura II 49, 72, 78, 79. 82. 84 Fastenau, Rebecca I 55, 75, 78, 79, 84, 88 Fenske, Daniel IV 28, 103 Fenske, Lorna Ill 43, 72, 78, 90 Fischer. Barry II 49, 76 Fischer. Philip II 49. 104, 110 Fluegge, Michele I 55. 73. 111 Flunker, Thomas I 55, 73, 103. 112 Football 103 Forbeck. Laurie Ill 43, 76, 91 Frank, Janice IV 29, 74, 79, 81 Friedel, Todd II 49, 100 Frisque. Deborah Ill 43 Fritze, Stephen IV 29 Fryer, Laura IV 29, 111

H Haag, Cheryl I 55, 75. 96 Haag, Paul II 49, 72. 85 Haar, Prof. Beverlee 65 Habben, Maria II 50. 102. 108 Habermann. Laura II 50. 92. 93. 97 Hahn. Cynthia Ill 43, 74, 93 Handbells 82 Hanel, Marilyn Ill 43, 72, 91 Hartwig, Prof. Theodore 64 Hassey, Susan I 55. 73, 102 Heckendorf, Renee I 55, 75, 78, 79. 80, 81 Heckmann, Prof. George 64 Heiderich, Jade II 50, 76, 79 Heiderich, Katie I 55, 75 Heiderich, Nancy IV 30 Helwig, Carol IV 30. 74, 102 Hemmelman. Brenda 43, 79, 81 Hempel, Holly II 50 Henderson. Sara I 55, 75, 102. 107 Hennig, Karen Ill 43 Hennig, Patricia II 50, 74, 93 Henning, Rachel Ill 43, 72, 78, 79 Henning, Ruth I 55, 75, 79 Hepner. Karen IV 30, 74, 78, 79, 98 Herman, Donna II 50, 75 Hermanson, Prof. Roger 67

Hoskins, John II 50. 73, 86, 103 Huebner, Pres. Lloyd 64 Huhn, Rebecca II 50, 74. 102, 107 Humann, Vicki Ill 43, 98, 102

I Indermuehle. Donna I 55, 75. 90, 108 lntramurals 95 Isch. Prof. John 65 lsensee, Sheri Ill 43, 90

J Jacobs, Debra 91 Jacobs. Kristi II 50, 72. 78, 79, 82, 88. 98. 102 Jacobson, Prof. Gerald 66 Janosek. Tanya IV 31, 82 Jarvis. Tracy Ill 44. 74, 104 Jazz Band 80

G Gabb, Anne II 49, 75, 105 Gabb, Kim I 55, 75, 88, 96 Gallipeau, Sheryl II 49 Gartner. Steven Ill 43. 100 Gauger, Laurie IV 29 Gentele. Vernon IV 28 Gentz, Mary II 49, 72, 90 Genz, Ruth II 49, 75, 82, 91 Gerbing, Robyn IV 28 Giles. William IV 28 Gillespie, Kelly Ill 43. 74, 94, 96, 105 Glaeske, Eva I 55, 75, 88, 96 Goddard, David 73, 112 Godfrey, Elizabeth I 55, 75, 108 Goessner. Gary Ill 43 Goldman, Deborah IV 28, 99 Goldschmidt, Anne IV 29 Golf 104 Gosch. Andre II 49, 103, 109 Graf. Heidi II 49, 72 Graf, Terrence IV 29, 72. 103 Grams, Prof. Kurt 65 Gray, Beverly Ill 43, 73, 86 Gray, Tamara IV 29 Gronholz, Amy II 49, 75, 105 Gronholz, Prof. John 65, 103 Grulke. Joel 73. 88 Grundman. Rick Ill 43, 72, 99 Guenther. Amy IV 29, 90 Gunther, Deborah II 49, 74

Hessel berg. Jo Ellen If 50, 76 Hierl. Mark II 50, 73 Hill, Kelly I 55, 76, 104 Hillmann. Christine I 55, 75, 80, 81 , 107. 108 Hirsch, Mark Ill 43 Hirschmann. Annette IV 30, 74. 96. 104 Hoeft. Trudy Ill 43, 74 Hoewisch. Allison IV 31 Hohler, Lincoln IV 31, 103, 109 Holcomb, Mark 73. 103 Holsen. Deanna I 55, 75, 85, 96, 97 Hoover. Lori II 50. 74

Jensen. Steven 44, 109 John, Rebecca Ill 44. 74, 88 Johnson, Daniel Ill 44, 72, 103, 106 Johnson. Gregory I 55, 76, 103, 106 Johnson, Kelly I 55. 75 Jones, Valerie I 55, 73 Juergens. Carolyn I 55, 76, 92


K Kaesmeyer, John II 50, 104, 106, 109 Kammholz, Jodi IV 31, 72, 78, 90 Kander. Karlene Ill 44 Kander. Laurel I 56, 73, 78, 79 Karstens, Michelle Ill 44, 76, 78, 79, 81, 92, 93, 97, 111 Keibel, Heidi IV 30, 72 Kempf, Gretchen II 50, 74, 75 Kiecker. Debbie II 50. 75, 107 Kieselhorst, Lori Ill 44, 74, 78 Kieselhorst. Nathan II 50, 78, 80, 94, 106, 110 King. Dyann II 50, 76, 104 Kirby, Karen I 56. 75, 96 Kirk, Elizabeth I 56, 73, 79, 96 Klatt. Ann IV 30, 74, 107, 108 Klatt, Michele I 56. 75, 107 Klatt, Penny Ill 44, 74 Kletscher, Dawn Ill 44, 74 Klockziem. Martha II 50, 74 Klockziem, Prof. Roger 65 Knobloch, Sarah Ill 44, 73, 85, 99, 111 Koblitz, Anne I 56, 73, 78, 79 Kobs, Katharine Ill 44, 74 Koch, Dawn I 56 Koelpin, Prof. Arnold 64 Koester, Jason I 56, 73, 100, 106, 110 Koester, Michael Ill 44, 95, 98, 100, 104, 110 Koestler, Prof. Arlen 66, 110 Korth, Kimberly II 50, 74 Krenke, Lisa Ill 44, 72 Kresnicka. Prof. Judith 67 Kriewall, Tracey IV 30, 74, 85 Kroll, Constance IV 30, 85, 88 Krueger, Amy 51, 73, 96 Krueger. Annmarie II 51, 79, 93 Krueger. Dale IV 31, 72, 78, 80, 109 Krueger, Prof. Robert 64, 103 Kruschel, Sarah IV 31

Kuckhahn, Bethel I 56. 75, 78, 79, 90 Kuehl, Amy II 51, 75 Kuehl, Sandy II 51 Kuehl, Timothy Ill 44, 73, 96, 104 Kufahl, Anthony II 51 Kunz, Carmel I 56 Kuske. Linda IV 31 , 72, 90 Kuster, Prof. Thomas 66

L L-Club 94 Lagerman, Clifford II 51, 76, 88, 99, 103 LaGrow, Prof. George 65 Laich, Marie I 56, 96 Lange, Paul II 51, 73 Lange. Prof. Lyle 64, 88 Larson. DeAnn 56, 75, 105 Larson, Leanne II 51, 75, 82 Lassila, Sarah I 56, 75, 85 Lauber. Connie Ill 44, 73 Lehne, Wendy I 56, 75 Lemke, Peter II 51, 103, 109 Lenz, Prof. Mark 64 Leopold, Prof. Barbara 65, 107, 108 Levitt, Lillian IV 31, 103 Levorson, Prof. LeRoy 66 Lichtenberg, Mary I 56, 73. 96 Lierman, Cynthia IV 32, 74, 108 Lillo, Jeffry Ill 44, 100, 112 Lindemann, Michelle IV 32, 88, 102 Lindemann, Susan II 51 Lober. Matthew I 56, 73, 79, 81, 103 Loeffler. Kristen IV 32, 74, 98 Lorenz. Karen I 56, 75, 102, 107 Luedtke, Julie 56, 75, 79 Luedtke, Prof. Charles 67 Luhman. Kristi II 51, 75

M Manderfield, Michelle IV 32 Markgraf, Peter Ill 44, 72, 104 Marnach. Betty I 56, 73 Marowsky, Gerald Ill 44, 72, 89, 103 Martens. Eugene Ill 45, 72, 88, 110 Martinson, Ronald I 56, 73, 103 Maurice, Brian IV 33, 103 Mccargar, Troy II 51 McConnell, Connie I 56, 75 McCormick, Mark 103 Meet Math 98 Meihack. Anne IV 33, 90 Meihack, Prof. Marvin 64, 109 Meihak, Michelle I 56, 73 Men's Track Club 112 Menk, Darin II 51, 72, 78, 79, 80, 81, 92 Menk, Maita IV 33, 90 Menke, Kirsten I 56 Mertens, Amy I 56, 75, 90 Messenger 93 Meyer, Courtney I 56, 72, 103 Meyer. John IV 33, 72, 103 Meyer. Jonathan II 51, 88, 103 Meyer, Prof. Edward 67 Micheel, Prof. John 67, 106 Miller. Lynette I 57, 75, 85. 86. 96. 111 Miller. Patrick I 57, 73, 110 Mindock, Alan II 5路1, 73, 95, 100, 106 Mosher, Wendy Ill 45, 74. 96 Moungey, Michelle IV 32. 90 Mundstock. Robin IV 32. 74 Mundt, Sharon IV 32, 74 Myers. Michelle Ill 45, 74, 94, 96, 107, 108

N Nell, Christine IV 32, 74, 78, 79. 81 Neumann, Neil I 57, 73, 92, 96 Niedfeldt, Timothy I 57, 73 Niermeier. Barbara II 51. 76. 84 Ninmann, Michelle Ill 45, 74. 92. 96 Nollmeyer. Dawn Ill 45, 76, 91 Nolte. Prof. John 67 Nommensen, Bradley II 51. 76. 104, 110 Noon. Edward IV 33, 103 Noon, Linda II 51. 74. 107. 108

0 O'Connell, Kelly IV 33 Organ Club 83 Oswald. Jennifer I 57, 76 Ott, Michelle I 57

Raddatz. Gail Ill 45, 74. 96 Raddatz. James IV 34. 72. 88. 93 Raddatz. Nathan I 57. 73 Raddatz. Prof. Darvin 64 Radel. Julie I 57. 75. 102 Radloff. Lynn IV 35, 90 Radue. Katherine I 57, 75, 102 Rahmlow. Amy I 57, 75. 79, 80. 96, 111 Redlin, Kara IV 35, 74. 105 Rehberger. Phillip II 52. 100. 112 Reichow. Carol Ill 45, 74, 89. 96, 112 Renner. Becki IV 35. 74. 96, 104 Renner. !';1ark I 57. 73, 79. 104, 112 Reschke, Bart I 57. 73 Ridge, Ruth I 57, 73, 97 Ristow. Dawn IV 35. 72 Rockhoff. Timothy IV 34 Roecker. Darrell I 57. 103, 109 Roekle. Lori Ill 45. 74. 90. 96 Rogotzke. Julie II 52. 75, 78, 107 Rogotzke, Kristie IV 34. 72. 78. 107 Roloff, Jeffrey IV 34. 103 Romain. Ann I 57, 75 Rote. Alicia IV 34. 74 Roxbury, Dawn I 57. 75. 90 Ruch. Bonnie IV 35. 74 Ruege. Naomi Ill 45. 74. 85 Rush. Gregory Ill 45, 73, 103 Russ. Pamela I 57. 73. 111 Russell. Julie Ill 45. 72. 108



Paap, Prof. Irma 65 Palmer. Todd II 51, 76 Pankow. Joel II 52. 73, 100. 112 Panzer. Joy II 52, 76. 78. 79, 93 Pappenfuss, Andrew I 57, 73, 88, 100, 103 Parker. Roxanne IV 33 Patrons 119 Patterson. Mikaela Ill 45 Paulsen. Eric II 52, 106 Paulsen. Prof. John 67 Pelz!. Prof. David 67 Pep Band 81 Pep Club 98 Petermann. Marianne IV 33. 72. 78 Petermann. Susan Ill 45, 74. 78. 79. 82 Petermann, Tutor Joel 64, 89, 100 Phippen. Kimberly I 57 Pittenger, Bethany II 52, 74 Plath, Daniel IV 34. 103, 110 Plath. Douglas t 57. 72. 104 Plautz. Sue-Ann Ill 45 Plocher. Andrew II 52. 100, 109 Porn-pons 90 Pro Musica 84 Probst. Rebecca 75, 90 Proeber, Kelly Ill 45, 74 Propst. Rebecca I 57 Pruess. Kathleen IV 34. 105

Saeger, Brian IV 35

Salvadori, Heidi 75 Sandvold, Dwight 103, 112 Schachenmeyer. Jennifer I 57. 73 Schaefer, Susan I 57, 75 Schaewe. Peter IV 35. 72. 78. 85, 93 Schairer. Lisa 52. 76, 79, 91. 96. 97 Schapekahm, Linda Ill 45. 74. 90 Schattschneider. Lynn II 52, 82 Schenk. Prof. Otto 67 Schibtielhut. Kristina I 57. 75, 78. 79 Schinzel, Gene I 58, 73. 93 Schlavensky. John IV 35 Schleusener. Lynelle II 52, 96 Schmaltz. Lisa I 58. 75. 82 Schmeling. Carol Ill 45, 72. 105 Schmick. Beth IV 36. 74 Schmidt. James Ill 45, 72. 78. 103 Schmidt. Jill 75, 102 Schmidt. Kristin I 58, 76 Schneck. Bryan I 58, 72. 85. 96 Schoch. Jeffrey II 52, 103 Schoenherr. Jeffrey I 58, 73. 106. 109 Scholz. Kiersten IV 36. 74. 78, 79. 98 Schrank. Ginger I 58. 104 Schroeder. Amy Ill 46. 72. 92. 97 Schroeder, Prof. Martin 66 Schroeder. Prof. Morton 66 Schroeder. Rebecca Ill 46. 72 Schroer. Paul I 58, 76. 92. 98 Schubkegel. Prof. Francis 67 Schubkegel. Prof. Joyce 67 Schubkegel. Timothy Ill 46. 103 Schultz. Beth II 52. 75 Schultz. Clara IV 36, 74. 96 Schultz. Jennifer I 58, 75. 85. 96 Schultz. Maria I 58. 75, 79. 96 Schultz. Naomi Ill 46, 74 Schultz. Rebecca Ill 46. 74. 90

R Raabe. Michael IV 34


Schultz. Sarah II 52, 73, 78, 79, 93 Schul tz. Susan I 58 Schulz. Prof. Arthur 65 Schulz. Thomas I 36. 100 Schumacher. Laury IV 37 Schupmann, Angela 75 Schwartz. Laura I 58, 78, 79, 80, 96 Schwerin, Camielle II 52. 75, 107 Sellnow, Elizabeth Ill 46. 74, 86, 111 Serwe. Rebecca II 52. 75 Shilling, Prof. Ronald 67 Shorey, Dawn Ill 46, 82, 92, 93 Shult, Brian 103 Shuster. Heidi Ill 46, 102 Sievert, Prof. Erich 65 Sign Language Club 96 Ski Club 100 Smith, Jeffery I 58, J06 Smith. Kristine IV 37, 74, 111 Smith. Sally 11 52 Soccer Club 100 Softball 108 Sonnenburg. Jeffrey IV 37, 72, 78, 80 Sonntag, Craig II 52. 103, 109 Sordahl, Peter IV 37, 88 Sordahl, Wanda II 52, 75 Spiegel. Connie IV 36. 72 Spiegelberg. Cynthia IV 36, 72 Sponholz, Prof. Martin 67 Staff 68. 69, 70 Stancil, Jackie I 58, 73, 91 Starke, Cathleen IV 36, 79, 93 Steffen. Colleen I 58, 76, 91 Steffen. Kurt I 58, 73, 104, 106, 109 Stein, Mark II 52. 103, 109 Steinberg, Michelle Ill 46. 74, 94. 108 Steinbrenner, Leah Ill 46 Stelljes. Gina I 58. 73 Sternhagen. Beth IV 36, 92 Stewart, Darin I 58. 110 Stobb, Lynn Ill 46. 102

Stoltz. Prof. Robert 65 Stoltz, Todd II 53 Stroschine. Lee Ill 46, 73, 99 Strutz. Paul IV 37 Stuhr, Robin Ill 46, 74, 96 Sturm, Kelly Ill 46, 74, 96 SU Board 89 Svehla. Sandra IV 37, 74, 83 Symphonic Band 79

T Tank, Eunice I 58, 75. 96, 99 Techlin, Cindy I 59. 75, 78, 79, 96, 111 Tennis, Men's 110 Tennis, Women's 111 Thelke, Rochelle Ill 46, 74 Theobald. Noelle II 53 Thierfelder. Eva II 53 Thiesfeld!, Jeremy II 53, 100. 106, 109 Thompson. Lisa I 59 Timm, Christine IV 37 Timm. Lyle IV 37, 103 Timm. Pamela Ill 47, 96 Tinkey, Cathy IV 38, 74 Tjernagel, Prof. Gwen 67 Tomhave, Vicki Ill 47, 74, 90 Towne. Steven IV 38, 112 Traub. Carmen Ill 47, 85, 99 Treble Choir 74, 75

u Uher. Alan IV 38, 72, 100 Ungemach. Joel II 53, 72, 78, 79,


80, 81 , 100 Unkefer, Sherman II 53, 73, 106

v Valleskey. Jacqueline 59, 75, 102, 107, 108 Valleskey, Rebecca Ill 47, 74, 102 Vanderheyden. Derek I 59, 73, 82, 103 Vatthauer. LuAnn Ill 47, 93 Vatthauer, Michael Ill 47, 106 Vogt. Beth Ill 47, 74, 82 Voigt, Melanie I 59, 75, 79, 96 Volleyball 102 von Stein, Brenda IV 38. 72. 78, 79, 80, 81

w WAC 94 Wagner. Dennis II 53, 103, 112 Wagner, KimMarie II 53. 74, 90 Wagner. Prof. Wayne 67 Wagner. Scott IV 39, 72, 96 Wandersee, Prof. James 67 Warner, Susan II 53, 74 Weber, Laura Ill 47, 86 Wehausen, Cherie IV 39, 74, 98 Wendler. Prof. David 65 Wessel. Claire I 59, 75, 78, 80. 102, 108 Wessel, Prof. Howard 65 West, Gregory 99, 103, 108 Westendorf, Rachel I 59, 73 Wildauer, Elisabeth II 53, 76, 96 Wilde. Annette IV 39. 74, 111

Wiley, Monica I 59, 73, 108 Wille. Michele I 59, 75 Willems. Andrew II 53, 99, 103. 106 Willitz. Jane IV 39 Wilson, Dane I 59. 76, 103 Wind Ensemble 78 Winterstein, Christine I 59, 73, 96, 104 Wintrone. Ronald II 53. 95, 106 Wirch. Andrew I 59, 92. 99 Witte. Dale II 53, 78, 80, 82, 83 Wittig, Marvin II 53, 73, 103, 112 Wittmershaus. Kurt Ill 47, 72 Wohlers, Kristi I 59, 75, 78, 79, 81 , 85, 86. 96 Woldt, Amy II 53, 75, 107, 108 Wolff. Janell I 59. 75, 105 Wordell, Karen IV 38 Wulff. Prof. Fred 64 Wurst, Faith IV 38, 92

y Yanz. Theresa IV 38. 72. 90 Yerks. Jodi Ill 47, 74 York. Lisa I 59 Yotter, Bonnie 73 Yotter. Prof Harold 67 Young. Cynthia Ill 47

z Zabel, David II 53, 72 Zabel. Tamara IV 38 Zahn, Philip IV 39, 72, 78, 79, 81, 88, 100 Zarling. Prof. Thomas 64, 103 Zarnstorff. Kristine I 59, 75 Zarnstorff, Larry I 59 Zastrow. Darren Ill 47, 93, 103. 106 Zeamer, Julie IV 39. 74, 102 Zenker, Ruth IV 39, 74 Zibrowski, Craig IV 39, 100 Zietlow. Jane II 53, 75 Zilisch, Jeffrey Ill 47, 103 Zimmerman. Donna Ill 47, 74, 82. 90. 98 Zimmermann. Lisa II 53. 75, 107 Zoellner. Mark I 59. 73. 106 Zoellner. Rebecca II 53 Zunker. Kristine I 59. 75 Zunker. Rebecca Ill 47. 74

WE THANK OUR PATRONS Alwin Electric Contracting, Inc. Audio Village Berens, Rodenberg, O'Conner, Olson, and Hinnenthal, Chtd. Biebl, Ranweiler, & Company, Chartered Budget Holiday Motel Citizens Bank of New Ulm Concordia Lanes Dr. Steve A. Hawkins Dr. Paul G. Radtke, Dentist Domeier's German Store Domino's Pizza of New Ulm Firle Funeral Home Gislason, Dosland, Hunter & Malecki Green Clothiers Inc. Happy Joe's Pizza & Ice Cream Parlor Harmening Oil & Trucking Inc. Heymann Construction Co. Hy-Vee Food Store Jacobs & Meidl Music & Christian Supply Kemske Paper & Co. Master Graphics of Minnesota New Ulm Bus Lines, Inc. New Ulm Industries New Ulm Medical Clinic, Ltd. New Ulm Telecom, Inc. New Ulm Tire, Inc. New Ulm Wholesale, Inc. Patrick's Corner Jewelers Retzlaff's Our Own Hardware Sears Catalog Merchant Spelbrinks Clothing - Men's & Boy's Wear Thrifty Snyder Drug Wallner Const. Co.. Inc. Wilfahrt Bros, Inc. Windings, Inc.

Port raits taken by: Shayds of Color New Ulm, MN

Patrons/ 119

''Jesus said, 'Feed my lambs.''' John 21:15

120/ Closing



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DMLC Yearbook 1986-1987  

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