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Mary Tran CCSF Fall 2013 Arch 101 Professor Lum, Jerry

Description: The final project assignment is to challenge and demonstrate our design through creativeness, knowledge, skills and collaborative with other students to installed a full-size model on the courtyard of Batmale hall building.

Wonder: a feeling of surprise mingled with admiration, caused by something beautiful, unexpected, unfamiliar, or inexplicable.

Our design is about the symbiosis between the mechanical and the ethereal, and its role in honoring and fostering kinship.

By Nicole

Our installment explores the seemingly disassociated themes of the mechanical and the ethereal. These themes may seem to originate from different rhelms. The first directly from our hard labor and diligent drive to create better, stronger, faster machines – with the sense of tangibility and practicality. The second represents our perception of a more distant, seemingly unobtainable dream of something too perfect for this world – something that can live only in our minds. However, they do have at least one aspect in common. Both spring from the human mind. It is our thought that can create both. By bringing the ethereal into the rhelm of the tangible, the rhelm of the mechanical, we find that there is a necessary symbiosis. The ethereal cannot exist without its mechanical counterpart. We also come to the conclusion that this design, this construction, this form is worthwhile only so far as it is able to precisely generate a positive experience in its occupants. We would like to show and amplify the feeling of kinship that is so pervasive at city college. And in doing this, make our design relevant to our audience. In a way, this final project is not only about architecture. It is also about developing the more universal skill of harmonizing within a group of your peers. We believe that as this is a most positive, albeit often elusive cornerstone of the human experience, this concept will resonate with CCSF’s student, faculty and staff (who all, within their disparate disciplines as well as across departments are also striving to strike this balance and productivity amongst peers). This is an important driving force behind community, of which we have a great deal of at City College.

The site that we chose had the most sun and wind during the time of our presentation. We want to demonstrate this site as a site to view out to the city of colors and the natural materials of our surrounding in the Batmale hall courtyard.

<<<<<<< We want to frame the faces on the wall to give an intimacy feeling towards our project. >>>>>>>

We want to frame the neighborhood surround our campus and uses the colors in our project ^ ^ <<<< This drawing show that the middle areas and towards the concrete wall attract the most wind and sunlight during 12 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 3pm.

We want to recognize the unique qualities of our four primary materials â&#x20AC;&#x201C; wood, metal, rope and cloth. By keeping those elements readable in their differences â&#x20AC;&#x201C; interlocking and connecting and supporting each other by not homogenized, we hope to interject a symbolic meaning into our design. Our installation is a representation of what we experienced working in our group and what we hope for the larger community. Cooperation, as we experienced it, is people from disparate backgrounds, with different skill sets coming together to accomplish something that no one member could have done on their own. As you see people sitting in the hammock together enjoying each otherâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s company we hope to show that the kinship that we have felt within our team and within our department is in fact pervasive throughout city college and as you per our at the view of the surrounding neighborhoods, we invite you to imagine the wealth of experience and knowledge we have in our community our city, even our country and our global community.

Team pictures

We take risk! To experience To collaborate The outcome of a learning experience

Original sketches

We started out with the sketches of our model but due to the planters the triangle cannot be on the left side. So we made the changes to flip the sides of the triangle and the seating area. At this point we didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t figure out what to do with the seating area. The Google sketch-up gives us a better and clearer imagination of our model.

Working small to life size.

Nicoleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s iteration

My iteration

At this point I tried to understand and see if our sketches can comes to life. my iteration is to point out the general of our design. Nicoleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s iteration is to point out how to construct it.

Planning what/how to construct our project

Wood, steel pipe, ropes, and cloth

Buying the basic materials to get started WOOD!

We stained the wood and it was my first time staining and working with wood. It was a new experience staining the wood because with the color that we chose it was basically like paint. When I first applying the stain on the wood it came out very dark. My group member told me that we might need to apply at least a few layers to get the stain but it work out only with one – two coats.

Nylon rope hooks

We actually purchase a lot of difference nylon ropes because we were not sure which nylon rope will be more secure for a hammock. So, on the first 50 ft we bought a regular ¼” nylon rope from west portal hardware store. The second set we bought 150 ft ¼” Braided Nylon and Polypropylene Rope from home depot. The third set we bought total of 500 ft ¼” White Braided Nylon Rope from Lowes. Obviously, 3 different store have different types of rope. So, we had work within the combination of those ropes we had.

It was my first time working with wood and tools like the drill. The first time my teammate let me tried using the drill I almost hurt him. But after a while I got the hang out it however after that incident I didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t touch the drill during our construction time.

It was my first time drawing a line down on the wood for the measurement and because it became my art piece we have to stain the wood. Cutting



Setting it in place to see how it will look

The hammock idea was to create a seating area that everybody have to corroborate with each other to sit down or to be enjoy by just one person of an relaxing and resting area. Hammock are known to be fun, familiar, and relaxing but to create it in our own unique way, we design our hammock to be a 3 point end instead of a 2 point. The 3 point end not only can show our uniqueness, the kinship with others, but to symbolize the triangles at the opposite sides.

For the hammock we uses the overhand knot to start and this way actually show the way to make a fishing net. We uses this way to start on the 3 point end we create to form a triangular shapes as to connect it into a whole we closed it off with the dream catcher way to make an open area in the middle. The middle area is to let people have their feet on the ground and the starting point to sit on the hammock.

Finished piece of our project, the exterior of the project might look simple but the interior can be worthwhile to explored. The meaning of our project is to corroborate to explore and experience what surrounded us in our community.

In conclusion this final project is the beginning of our journey into the professional world. It made us work together as a team and not just an individual. To work as a team we have to understands that everybody have their own set of skills whether itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a strength or weakness we have to work within it. This project gave me a lesson for my career and life, that time management will always be an issue either working with a team or not. In addition, being too nice sometime might be a bad thing, people will take the advantage of nice people as being too soft, a push over or a follower. My lesson have to be more assertive because it allows other people to know what I want and donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t want. It eliminates miscommunication and gives a direct understanding of the objective of the project. Tips for the next generation of arch 101 students: Time are very valuable use it wisely and lastly make sure to be assertive if not, you can never work pass or within your teams. GOOD LUCK! Thank you Jerry Lum! To give us a life/career lesson through the experience in the arch 101 class. I will try my best to improve through my mistakes. -Mary

arch 101 final portfolio  

ccsf fall 2013 arch 101 studio class

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