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Panel 1 INTD 102 Instructor Amily Huang

project 2 Mary Tran

Panel 2 INTD 102 Instructor Amily Huang

Project 2 Mary Tran

Sungevity is a solar panel company that specialize in residential homes. My design concept for Sungevity is to stay consistent with their company’s colors which are Orange and a hint of Green. Orange is one of the warmest color in the color wheel which gives you a sense of rush, intensity, and stress feeling. So my idea is to design certain area in the workspace to let employees release their stress. In the design process I use the color green to represent the area where employees can release their stress. The color green is a cooler color which gives you a sense of refreshing and relaxation. Basically I used the color to divide which area are for work and which are for play. For the kitchen dining area I designed to be right next to the conference room because kitchen dining area are design for people to go in for a break and go right back to work. So I’m applying this idea towards the conference room, to have an area that employees can take a break by going into to the kitchen to recharge and go right back to work. I made a ceiling panel out of the pattern by John Ruszel to make the solar panel look differently then just an rectangle. Which to also gives a sense of creativity and remind the employees what’s the company about. For the other area I designed to have more of a nature look even though you are at work you still have a sense of the outside nature. Plus the swing in the inside gives you a sense of relaxation and inspiration of the outside theme. I designed this area to be right next to the game room because I feel like the game room can give the employees that the company is all about serious work however there should be time that they can work but yet play.

Kitchen dining area

Resting area

Reception area Workspaces

Conference area

Intd final portfolio  
Intd final portfolio  

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