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Missionary Ventures - Update


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By Rob Carter, Director


salm 68:5-6 reads “A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in his Holy dwelling. God sets the lonely in families; he leads forth the prisoners with singing”. I know these verses to be true. I have seen it with my own eyes. Countless children have lost one or more parents to HIV/Aids or other devastating diseases. I see God using His people to provide care and protect weak and vulnerable babies and orphans. Many wives have suffered the loss of a husband through sickness or desertion. As they struggle to raise their family in hard conditions, I see the Lord stirring His people to bring dignity and hope to these widows.

Introduction Through different forms of evangelism I see Him bringing many lost and lonely people into His wonderful family on earth, the church. There they are nurtured, strengthened and equipped so that they too can be used by God. In crowded jails all over the world I see God’s people demonstrating His love and mercy to prisoners who through sin and poor choices have ended up losing everything. He is truly the God of the Lost! As you read this latest Missionary Ventures ‘Update’, about the wonderful things God is doing through ordinary people like you and I, please

be encouraged. Together we really are making a difference. Thank you for serving with us as we join God’s search party together.

“He is truly a God of the lost”


Missionary Ventures - Update

Uganda News


igel and Kathy Harding our field coordinators in Uganda, along with their two children, Abigail and Emmanuel, have recently spent a year in the UK for


ex and Melinda Guynn recently moved to Kitgum, an 8-hour journey north over rough terrain from the capital Kampala. Following the Civil war over 2 million people in the region were left displaced from their land and lives. Their heart is to reach out to the Acholi people with the gospel of Christ. Initially they will continue to work with indigenous Pastor David and Christine Otto. Please pray that they will be able to settle in quickly and for favour on the ventures they have initiated including a tailoring school and a bee-keeping project.


the first time in 6 years. They mainly came to spend time with friends and family, so Abigail could experience the culture in case she may have to return for education in the future and so Nigel could study at the University of London. They return now to a new house, to build on relationships they started, to grow their networks and to receive more teams. Please pray for them as they settle back down and begin their work again in earnest.


at Crook, a new MV Field Specialist in Uganda has quite a unique ministry. Through a programme she has helped develop, through spending many years in African villages, she teaches local villagers all over Uganda to be healthy. Due to a long history of receiving outside help with their health and medication many have forgotten the very basics of healthy living relying on ‘white medicine’ to solve everything. Pat’s new program tries to show them that God has already provided them with many practical tools to help reduce disease and illness . The Moringa tree, for example exists all over Uganda but it’s potential health


efore his father died and his mother abandoned him, Dickson was left in the care of his Aunty. However it was not long before his Aunty died as well and Dickson found himself in the care of his Uncle, Peter. It is obvious that Peter has a big heart and tenderness toward his nephew. However Dickson was not able

benefits are not taught; the leaves of the tree can be eaten for an excellent source of vitamins, the pods are a natural water purifier and the oil made from the tree has amazing healing properties for skin. This one tree by itself can have a massive impact on the health of a village if they are simply shown how to use it. On top of this there are plants that deter mosquitos, and therefore malaria, fly traps can be made from plastic bottles, to avoid diarrhoea. ‘Tippy-taps’ made for hand washing and so much more. Pat has been working in Uganda since 2001 but she has now teamed up with Missionary Ventures and is excited to see where this new partnership will take her. She will be working closely with the Hardings which will hopefully see Pat’s work increase greatly across Uganda and beyond its borders.

to complete the last term of school, he is a bright boy who needs to be able to get on with his studies without distraction (i.e. not worrying about school fees and being sent home due to non-payment). Thankfully this was all before Missionary Ventures was able to help and now Dickson is progressing well in school. He is fully supported through our Child Support Programme and hopes one day to be a pilot. Thank God that he and many others now have a new chance in life.


allelujah! After a 2-year delay, full written approval to start building the ‘Trust Children Centre’ has been received from the Ugandan authorities! Cost estimates are being updated and we are hoping that there will be sufficient funding available to construct the first two blocks. This should provide good, safe accommodation for around twenty boys who formerly lived on the streets. Nigel Harding and our indigenous partner Pastor Willy Tumwine wish to say a big thank you to all the donors for their patience during the delay.


Missionary Ventures - Update By Judy Parker

Romania Big Things


If you’ve ever thought ‘I’d like to go on mission but I could never cope with living rough’ this was a mission with a bit of a difference! Missionary Ventures recently sent a team of 18 adults and young people, from three different churches, to the heart of Transylvania in Romania.


ighisoara (sig-eeswari) boasts of being the birthplace of Vlad the Impaler, alias Count Dracula, but as a town it is simply beautiful in the late autumn with stunning mediaeval architecture, pastelcoloured houses, imposing buildings, and warm sun lighting the rich autumn colours of the trees. With a beautiful location to arrive in and a hotel that decided to upgrade us to 3-star without extra charge we decided this was definitely ‘Mission for Softies’! We went to support a missionary couple, Jill and Sorin Mihai. They work from a base in the town called Casa Vietii (House of Life), and have programmes and regular visits into the gypsy villages around

Sighisoara. They offer a whole range of support such as practical food parcels, clothes, transport to and from hospital, education and practical help for the women during pregnancy, Bible study and prayer groups. Our first plan was to take three sub teams, but in the end five teams evolved from the 18 of us, and it worked remarkably smoothly, with everyone fully involved in their role on the sub team and yet having the diversity of the bigger group to relate to at other times. So, what did we do? The DIY team worked on the extension, which is to house the new clinic, waiting room, and bathroom. Nick and I tiled the waiting room and Ollie taught Tom how to plaster walls and ceilings. Nick also built a ramp outside the main

entrance, and Yvonne levelled and pick-axed the cement floors and sanded the walls. Janet, the Pro-Life trainer and midwife, held a series of seminars for those on the Pro-Life team to update and train them in all aspects of counselling and pregnancy. Phil, Jean and Charlie went out as the medical team to provide one-to-one health screening in the villages.

They took blood pressures, monitored breathing, and checked for undiagnosed diabetes. But their highlight was praying with certain of those individuals. The youth team – James, Jamie, Francis, Sophie and Lucy - went to the villages to engage the lads and girls in either football, frisby or just a chat and some games.

The children’s team - Bernard, Joy, Adele, Hannah and Yvonne - used parachutes, colouring, songs, crafts, and a whole range of activities to give the younger kids a great fun time as well as hearing the message of the God who made the world. They always seemed to have children around their ankles and had enormous fun with them! At the end of each exhausting day we ate together as a big group and then shared some of the amazing and moving things we had seen during the day. It was always encouraging and humbling. At the end of the week, some of the team went out into Sighisoara to do face painting and give out invitations to the outreach service at church that evening. It was led by James and the youth team, and the sense of praise was fantastic, despite it being Hallowe’en! We had testimonies, a drama and some wonderful worship, then James spoke on the story of the prodigal son. Two people gave their lives

to Christ that night, including one lady who had been one of our cooks all week! I don’t think at the end of the week I could have found words for all that I had learned and received in our brief stay. And the thing about mission is that, like it or not, a bit of your heart gets left there when you leave. Then there’s the sheer fun of living with other Christians for a week worshipping, laughing, getting stuck in…well it really is a lot like heaven! A brilliant week, and the effects will stay with us for a long time. Thanks to Missionary Ventures for all they did to make this trip possible, and thanks to everyone who prayed for us or gave us gifts to take out. What about coming along yourself next time?

“A bit of your heart gets left there when you leave”


Missionary Ventures - Update

By Karin Engelbrecht

Zambia News



ine Pastors from the Komena Christian Training Center graduated on 27 September, after three years of part-time studies!!!  The graduates donned caps & gowns and proudly received their certificates in “Basic Pastoral Training”. Komena continues to impact the lives of it’s students, and we are trusting God for funds next year  to build a large “assembly hall” which can be used for an additional lecture hall as well as Leader’s Conferences, plus another student dormitory to house more students.

roject NextGen is an exciting n program which will help orphan girls receive a better education in a s Christian environment!  We have par with another mission organisation ba in Lusaka who have a “safe-house” for street children as well as a small, private school.  On this property we have started building a ‘dormitory’ fa which will house 10 orphaned high school girls from the Gwembe valley


hen Theuns visited the UK in early 2008 he spoke in several churches about the tremendous work God is doing amongst the Tonga people. After one meeting a man offered to donate a Land Rover. The good news is that it has now been successfully received along with some spare parts and many boxes of much-needed baby clothes, medical supplies and a sewing machine. A football coach also gave us several team strips and about thirty balls. The children at the Community schools in the valley will be blessed with ‘proper’ equipment for the first time!



ecently, Theuns and Karin, were approached by the Chief, Senior Headman and the community leaders of the Mbole area, who offered them a piece of land! On it are some cottages, a huge shed and a bore-hole with a handpump on it. The land is suitable for the Farming God’s Way project and it could be developed into a “sub-mission base” providing training of Community Health Workers, Community School teachers, Pastors Training etc. With facilities to house outreach teams and students who come for training.  Please pray with us about this proposal!

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fter 18 months of processing, Elizabeth Ratliff has finally been approved for working in the women’s section at Lusaka Central Prison. In addition to sharing the Gospel and praying with the women, MV has provided several pieces of medical equipment & supplies to the prison doctor; started a Sewing Project in which 18 of the inmates are now enrolled which provides a means for supporting themselves and their families when they are discharged. The items they make while in prison are sold and provide money for various needs. Infant formula is also being provided for one of the babies unable to nurse because of the mother being HIV+.  Clothing, nappies and children’s picture books are also being provided for the three babies currently in prison with their mothers.  In the future we would like to set up a library and provide school supplies for those taking courses. 


Missionary Ventures - Update By Tommie So and Naumann So, Thingy


n Macedonia ten Churches have been planted and the Mission Work is still going on with an increasing intensity; there are still many major cities without any protestant work at all. The stories about young people having been set free from heroin addiction and delivered from demonic oppression are numerous. Three quarters of the worship team in Skopje are medical miracles, living examples of God’s marvelous grace. The last Church planted came into existence by one intentional and one accidental healing. One man having suffered from a stroke was brought by his friend to receive prayer. The man suffering from the stroke was healed and as his


Macedonia Page Miracles Heading friend “accidentally� touched him he was instantly healed from a stiff shoulder received after falling off a horse cart a few months earlier. A medical clinic has been started, it serves as a general practice and frequently travels to remote and extremely poor villages to offer medical care. Four second hand shops have been started and are employing fourteen people. Good quality clothes are sold for extremely low prices. The poor are given a sense of dignity by being able to buy something rather than just receiving hand outs.

Shutka, just outside Skopje, is said to be the largest gypsy settlement in the world. We are running a very successful pre-school there and experts are saying that they have never seen such good developments in children as they have seen in this preschool. The creativity level is just incredible. The children are also taught to read and write as many of them may never go to another school in their life.

With Tommie and Gunilla Naumann joining MV a new field of Missions has opened up for us. The Balkans and the Middle East, some of the most unreached regions in the world for the Gospel, are ready to explore. This is a challenge, this is exciting.

centre; illiteracy is big out here, Even though the children come especially among women. It from a Muslim background is our desire to meet needs this is a clearly a Christian like this and many others school with a clear Christian curriculum. The result has been that many of the children even go home and pray for their parents and grandparents. On at least one occasion present in this community. this led to a dramatic healing We are also involved of a sick grandfather. in Church planting in the In this part of Skopje we city of Thessaloniki. The are also planting a Church. Church there has recently Over the years working here seen quite a number of our hearts have been moved in people coming to the Lord. relation to this poverty stricken In the Middle East, in the area haunted by witchcraft, last few years, we have been and in the grip of Islam. As a involved with result we have some hard launched a “we have pressed project that is launched a Churches big scale for in Jordan us. We are in project that is the process big scale for us� and Syria. We have of developing started Bible a place for Schools for the purpose of the pre-school to have their training leaders and conducting own housing in order to be national conferences able to develop and extend, aimed at equipping them a place for the Church to to have a greater impact meet but the intention is for the gospel of Christ. more than that. We want to develop a community centre, to include facilities for sports activities and an educational


Missionary Ventures - Update By So and So, Thingy


India Mission Training

issionary Ventures has been privileged to be able to help train, equip and support hundreds of church leaders in India. We see this as a fantastic investment for the kingdom of God. This continues and grows as we partner with the ‘Nava Jeevana Sahavasa Samajam’ (NJSS), which is Telugu for ‘New Life Fellowship Association’ in the state of Andhra Pradesh. At the time of writing Viv Penfold, accompanied by two other experienced Assemblies of God pastors, Bruce Millar and Clifford Beasley, are in the middle of a busy teaching mission. They

will be hosting a conference for around 400 NJSS church leaders and potential leaders in Eluru. The theme will be ‘The Church in the 21st Century’. The conference will then be repeated in Mumbai in partnership with Abundant Life Ministries under the direction of Jerry and Bella D’Souza. Sandwiched between the two conferences will be the wedding of the chairman of NJSS, Joel Abrahams and his wifeto-be Mevis and a gospel concert ‘starring’ Viv himself. However the highlight of the trip promises to be the annual graduation in Eluru of students from the three training

“This is a fantastic investment for the kingdom”


centres that MV has helped to establish and support. Ten married couples will graduate from the Missions Training Centre (MTC) in Visakhapatnam, where the principal is Pastor Prabakkaroa. Twelve men will also graduate from the MTC in Pakala led by Pastor Adams. The aim of the MTC’s is to equip and enable these leaders to be church planters amongst some of the least-reached tribes in the region like the Konda Dora and the Yanadi. Finally, the first fifteen students through Pastor Enoch’s fledgling Bible School in Tanaku will receive certificates. These occasions are always joyful celebrations as these men and women are commissioned to serve the Lord in India!

Cairo A Breakthrough


am pleased to tell you that the Lord has made a way where there seemed to be no way! Permission to open the facility that several teams have worked on over the past 3 years was consistently rejected. However Pastor W has been able to take a fiveyear lease on an existing but redundant pre-school (kindergarten) facility; and the amazing part is that the facility comes fully complete with a licence to operate as a pre-school! All the furniture and equipment constructed and donated by visiting Missionary Ventures teams has been moved to the new facility, teachers have been recruited and we are thankful that this Christian-run Kindergarten

has finally opened. There are currently seven children attending on various days of the week. Pastor W and the Kindergarten team are now busy promoting the facility and one special feature is that the care includes regular visits to the children by a qualified Doctor. In a country that is overwhelmingly Muslim this project will demonstrate the love of Jesus in a community that has been very difficult to reach with the gospel. It will also help to model bestpractice educational methods where the norm is tradition and will give Pastor W and the

church increased credibility in government circles. However, there are still very significant financial challenges ahead so please pray and if you are able to help please contact the office.

“The Lord has made a way�


Missionary Ventures - Update By Sandy Meier


Russian Missions to India!

ho would have thought a decade ago that the Russian Church would be reaching the nations? Yet in 1855, Hudson Taylor, the English missionary to China, had a vision from God of this very thing. He stopped preaching his message and told the congregation in London what he saw - two world wars, other conflicts, Russians experiencing a spiritual awakening to spread the Gospel beyond their borders, and finally, the coming of Christ. Step by step. By God’s grace, we at Missionary Ventures are doing our part to help the Russian Christians fulfil this vision. It began in 1994 when we began the first church-based leadership


training centre called New Life College. Year after year, graduates began planting churches in their regions. Then we established other church-based colleges located in Volgograd, south western Russia, and most recently, in southern Siberia. God takes a little and makes a lot. When Luther and I taught in these colleges, we spoke of our experiences in Africa and India. In the early days of Russia’s economic hardships, one class was so moved by a story told about a rural Ugandan church that they sacrificed eating their lunches to give us an offering. They labelled it ‘from Russia with love’. We took that meagre amount to Africa and bought chickens and rice for a communal meal. Those

Ugandan Christians, living in dire poverty, shared the meal with their Muslim neighbours and many came to Christ as a result. A little was given, but with a big heart God provided much! And God planted seeds of compassion for the lost. A Breakthrough. This year we saw a breakthrough in Russian missions. We received word that New Life College in western Russia was taking a short term team to India to visit Russian missionaries whom they support. They asked us

to come and help prepare the class and staff for their first foreign short term mission. On April 24, 2008 for 10 days, a team of seven from the college staff and graduates ministered the gospel in New Delhi and the surrounding area. We texted each other during that time and to our delight they reported 20 souls saved during their first service. When the team returned to Russia they sent us this report. “…And we strongly appreciate all the experience we received from you during many years of our friendship. It’s you who taught us to preach the Gospel, pray, sing songs (“Oh, Lord I

want to sing Your praises” was very popular). Thank you for sharing the advice with us when you were here in Pskov. All was very helpful. We thank God for this awesome time, for this step into missions. Our hearts are still there in India though our bodies are back home…” In February 2009, Luther and I will be the keynote speakers for the annual 4-day Youth Conference of Western Russia. Two hundred youth

are expected to attend. The theme chosen is “Mission Possible” to challenge and inspire involvement in world missions! We will also teach at New Life College on missions. Emmanuel Church desires to send more teams abroad to spread the Gospel and partner with Missionary Ventures to help them. Could this be a prototype for hundreds of Russian churches in the future? Only God knows the significance of these events. Please cover this in your prayers. If your heart is stirred to be involved, you can sponsor a Russian Christian or a team to go to India or Africa. What wonderful opportunities lie ahead for many to hear the Gospel!

“Only God knows the significance of these events.”


Missionary Ventures - Update By So and So, Thingy

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Update - Issue 4  

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Update - Issue 4  

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