Macey Laughlin Undergraduate Portfolio

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Macey Laughlin

m lau gh 18@ gmail. com | (505)382-9190

Education Woodbury University, San Diego / 2017 -2020

Bachelor of Architecture, 3.7 GPA

Venice Study Abroad / Summer 2019

Agua Alta Program

University of Oklahoma / 2015 - 2017

Completed first two years of BArch.



RAD LAB / Junior Designer, 40 hrs per week, Spring 2019 731 9th Ave, San Diego, CA

-Created concept drawings and diagrams for client presentations. -Assisted in Revit model making and construction documents.




Adobe Creative Suite


Model Making


Heleo Architecture + Design / Junior Designer, 20 hrs per week, Summer 2019

2159 India Street, San Diego, CA

-Worked in Rhino to create detailed render models for clients. -Updated Revit models with design modifications.

Hand Drawing

Michelle Lillywhite Photography / Photography Assistant, 2017-2019 San Diego, CA

-Responsible for culling 2000+ photo libraries. -Worked in Adobe Creative Suite to edit photos. -Managed Michelle’s social media to promote her small business to thousands of people.

Community Involvement Barrio Logan Frida Khalo Mural

Boston Street , San Diego, CA -Coordinated a 300+ person neighborhood project, creating colorful murals and planting new trees

to an overlooked street in Barrio Logan.

AIAS Events Chair

Woodbury University , San Diego, CA - Coordinated community events and fundraisers, including CONFAB Women in Architecture Panel.

Honors and Awards Tau Sigma Delta Honor Society / Spring 2020 -Honor Society open to top 20% of students in their academic class. Dean’s Honor List / 2017 -2020 -Woodbury University -Awarded to undergraduate students with a GPA average above 3.5. President’s Honor Roll / University of Oklahoma -Awarded to college of architecture students with an GPA average of 4.0

Distinguished Scholar / 2015 - 2017 -University of Oklahoma - Awarded to students in top 10% of their academic class.

CONTENTS Beyond Nostalgia: A New Path Forward for The American Motel Eureka Springs Arts Center Hepworth Gallery Liminal Living Tijuana River Estuary Center Hand Drawings

BEYOND NOSTALGIA A New Path Forward for the American Motel

The advent of the American Freeway system in the 1950’s was an integral socio-cultural emergence of the American West.

Bypassed highways

ushered in an interstate landscape, characterized by homogeneous stretches of American roadside franchises. The urban fabric of the American Southwest shifted, and hundreds of smaller American towns were bypassed completely. The abrupt shift in American motel use in recent decades offers rich opportunity within the





structures line route 66 through both rural and urban fabrics, offering opportunity to provide socially valuable programs to their cities. The site is located in Albuquerque, New Mexico in an urban, walkable district. Route 66 runs as a commercial strip, and to the north of the site is a residential area. This

design serves

to integrate the commercial and residential zones, adding more porosity to the site. The new program features an art and design residency, focusing on a balance of public and private space.

The motel is inherently prototypical, as it’s a common typology to both urban and rural communities. Each structure contains all or most of these key elements, which dictate the circulation and public/private relationship between visitors and the existing community. The existing parking lots are a huge missed opportunity for a more rich program.

Communal Dining Room

Gallery B Pop-up shop

Gallery A

Looking at the first floor plan, we can see the activation of the nodes as communal spaces adding in the communal dining room that opens on both sides, a gallery, a fabrication lab with a flexible pop up shop in the northwest corner, and a pocket gallery that opens to route 66. By providing softened margin conditions, creating boundaries with the existing elements, and reprogramming the parking lot, the typology adopts a more dynamic relationship between its users and surrounding community.

Eureka Springs Fall 2016

Eureka Springs is a cultural chaos tucked away in the winding, rocky landscape of the Ozark Mountains in Arkansas. The traditional “main street” layout is lined with quirky coffee shops, authentic Mexican restaurants, haunted hotels, and tacky t-shirt shops. Despite the ranging mixture of cultures in the restaurants and shops, the architecture of Eureka Springs unifies all of these cultures into this charming mountain town.

The historic town has been built up an entire

level, forming underground tunnels and even more variation in the already fluctuating topography. Layering of space is a prevalent design principal throughout the town. Aging staircases and steel framed balconies give visitors new perspectives of the city, and activate relationships between spaces. Each space in this arts center has a visual connection to another or the mountainous landscape of Eureka Springs, echoing the aging layers throughout the town. Circulation is centralized and visible to occupants, mimicking the town’s natural circulation. The use of corten steel is inspired by the historic nature of the moss covered brick, with its evident yet graceful aged quality.



First Floor Plan

Terrace +10 AFF

Second Floor Plan


this rain agnes martin / 1960

the peach agnes martin / 1964

falling blue agnes martin

hiccup jo baer

untitled mary corse

SECTION A 3/16” = 1’0”

Hepworth Gallery Fall 2019

the peach agnes martin / 1964

falling blue agnes martin

hiccup jo baer

untitled mary corse



courtyard 2

stripes, 2001 mary corse

untitled (white inner band) mary corse

this rain agnes martin / 1960


out down







down to dock involute ii barbara hepworth

“I’m sick of sculptures in galleries and photos with


Chatham Island forget-me-nots



(Myosotidium hortensia)


courtyard 3

pendour barbara hepworth

up to loft

single form barbara hepworth




FIRST FLOOR PLAN 3/16” = 1’0”

outdoor mini gallery



flat backgrounds... no sculpture really lives until



it goes back to the landscape, the trees, air, and clouds.” -Barbara Hepworth Located in Christchurch, New Zealand, this project redefines the traditional white -wall gallery through the integration of art, architecture, and landscape. Seamless interior/exterior connections and courtyards to frame works of art.

ARTIST LOFT CAFE out to balcony down to studio

By using a defining grid as an organizing principle, the gallery provides a range of spatial qualities while maintaining a cohesive language. This approach actualizes Barbara Hepworth’s philosophy through architecture.

down to street



subtle shifts in floor elevations create pedestals and


clerestory windows diffuse northern light

SECTION B 3/16”= 1’0”

SECOND FLOOR PLAN 3/16” = 1’0”

Exploded Axonometric


Unit A Level 2 Floorplan

Liminal Living Fall 2017

Liminal space is defined as a space which acts as a threshold between two spaces. We experience liminality in our everyday lives , passing through thresholds within our homes that create and define our daily routine. This housing project explores how liminal space can be redefined in housing to incorporate sunlight and exterior transitions into our everyday routine. Each unit consists of two stories, adjoined by a small private courtyard that acts as the liminal space. The second story consists of the private program within each unit, while the first story contains the shared program. Exterior circulation Unit A Level 1 Floorplan

acts as a ritualistic liminal space that bookend the occuupants day with exterior interaction.

Unit A Model

Perspective Section

Site Model

Tijuana River Estuary Spring 2018

The task of this project was to develop a composite structure capable of withstanding the conditions of the San Diego-Tijuana Estuary, while existing as a space to mitigate the tension present in the region. Through study of building tectonics and the organization of structure, a new form was derived from the structural logic of the arch, and using tangency to develop the final composition. The final structure exists as a permeable steel butterfly roof that allows for flexibility of program. The wide-spanning HSS members are supported by concrete beams that anchor the loads..

Exploded Axonometric

hand drawing / 2019

hand drawing / 2020