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Graphics Notebook Max Lapthorne

1.byline Washington Post

Decatur Daily Gadsden Times

Decatur Daily

Washington Post

Gadsden Times lines

3.rules and boxes Washington Post

Washington Post

Gadsden Times

Decatur Daily Gadsden Times Decatur Daily


5.display Brunswick News

Times-News Times-News Red Eye Washington Post

6.decks Times Picayune

7.subheads The Brunswick News

8.story with no art/ horizontal

9.story with no art/ vertical

Washington Post

Washington Post

10.story with no art/ square

11.story with one horizontal


Gadsden Times

12.story with one vertical photo

13.story with one dominant vertical, small horizontal

Portland Press Herald

Arizona Daily Sun

14.story with one dominant horizontal, small vertical

15.story with two verticals

Arizona Daily Sun

El Universo

16.story with two horizontals

17.story with a mug Gadsden Times

The Brunswick News



18.flag (nameplate)

19.standing heads Charlotte Sun The Brunswick News Daily Herald Times-News

Washington Post

20.column logo

21.liftout quote Gadsden Times

Gadsden Times

Decatur Daily Lake-Sun Washington Post

The Brunswick News


23.teasers Decatur Daily

Gadsden Times Times-News

The Brunswick News The Brunswick News Decatur Daily

24.jump lines

25.screens Times-News

Decatur Daily Times Picayune

Gadsden Times

Washington Post

Jersey Journal


27.initial/dropcap Decatur Daily

Washington Post Niagara Gazette

Gadsden Times

Portland Press Herald

Asheville Citizen-Times

28.wraparound cutouts Times-News

Niagara Gazette

World Traveler

The Eagle


Coast & Kayak

30.fact boxes package Rapid City Journal

Niagara Gazette Times Picayune Sunday Oregonian


33.charts and graphs Rapid City Journal

Sunday Oregonian

Wyoming Tribune Eagle Telegraph Herald

Rapid City Journal

Sunday Chronicle


sources The Washington Post The Gadsden Times The Decatur Daily Times Picayune Red Eye Times News The Brunswick News Yahoo ESPN Bleacherreport Portland Press Herald Morning Sun Charlotte Sun Lake Sun Jersey Journal World Traveler Magazine Coast & Kayak Magazine Umbrella Magazine Sunday Chronicle Wyoming Tribune Eagle Telegraph Herald The Eagle Sunday Oregonian Rapid City Journal Arizona Daily Sun

Graphics notebook  

Jrn336 Graphics Notebook Max Lapthorne

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