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„Bringing down Fascism; Bringing down the Devil‟ By Mary Lale 2010-2011 WEBSITE ONE IS Dedicated with love and HUGE thanks To the Two Lads at Hebden Bridge; April 2006 And „Simon‟ and then „Little One‟ in Dublin Thursday 16th September 2006: To the POWER OF LOVE:


New Age; New World Order

From Autumn Equinox 1998-2011 (so far) A „me‟ Introduction: My name is Mary Lale, and I am in REBELLION this is true; for it is factual truth. My continual „being‟ is ~ as „I am‟ ~ as my natural individual birthright ~ in my own individual natural genuine diversity. Which means ~ NOT „being‟ as Occultist Fascists dictate, but, remaining as „I am‟ ~ being led from heart conscience; from silence and NOT from the noise and image distractions from mind. And so, from this ~ I am being led from my own natural heart conscience: I remain in my own possession; being my own leader ~ nobody else‟s ~ from following my own heart conscience consciousness; taking on my own individual conscious responsibility… * I am in rebellion against the Occultist „sameness; Oneness‟ fraud. For, as shown in all the Direct and Circumstantial Evidence presented here in Website One ~ the Occultists, ARE the „creators‟ of the being illegally fraudulently attempted „New Age; Cosmic Consciousness; New World Order; New Hierarchy‟ of its „Oneness; Sameness‟ FRAUD via the attempted illegal destruction of natural diversity of individual birthrights … Of which they CANNOT succeed in.

Website One is in three „parts‟; the „me Introduction‟ (here now, and you‟ll see where I continue as „me‟ in the other two parts): Then follows, part two, as „PRE-INTRODUCTION‟ ~ which begins the circumstantial and direct factual evidence, but has its main „proof‟ of what is being stated as „FACT‟, in the last main part: As „The Introduction‟: For this is an involved and complex case, spanning many hundreds of years, and involving many „co-conspirators‟: As such ~ the main part; „The Introduction‟ is really the „Introduction‟ to the following on ~ Website Two; which will be titled „Sub-Rose-Conspiracy; All-Seeing-Eye‟. And, once that is (also) out on the internet, I will follow on with my needed „Making Legally Known‟ in my case AGAINST the Hermes, Esoteric, occultist „adepts‟: Acting as a natural birth-right INDIVIDUAL in on-going nonunity; non-obedience; non-acceptance to them and their „make-believe, fiction;

FRAUD; Oneness idea‟.

The „Anti-New World Order Movement‟ ~ has been in existence, mainly on the internet, for the past ten years: And is made up of diverse INDIVIDUALS who are each ALERTED to the „all-encompassing‟ dangers; of the being illegally attempted, to „become established‟ Occultist „New Age‟ (they also term as „Age of Aquarius‟). ~ As individuals CANNOT be generalized ~ even when „meeting in opinion‟ and „joint action‟ ~ such as physically „demonstrating against a causation‟ ~ I cannot state that ALL the people of the „Anti-New World Order Movement‟ have been involved in the „Anti-Globalization Movement‟ but it is certainly LINKED: who have been HUGELY; PUBLICLY demonstrating against the „World Trade Centre‟ since 1998. And „G4, G7, G8, G20‟ since its inception…immediately following World War 2 and then „made public‟ in the early 1970‟s… Website one, from Direct Factual Evidence shown, specifies „1980-1998-2016‟ as the Occultist alleged „2012 era‟ as their specified „Astrological Timings‟ of their „New Age Foundation Period‟. And, in particular, what is highlighted here, are the last 18 years of…*1998-2016: as their being ILLEGALLY attempted FRAUD of what they term as „Cosmic Consciousness; The Person made of Light‟: By which they also attempt to claim as „New Race of Man‟ and as „The Christ‟: Meaning „False Messiah‟ of their „Kabbalah; Upanishad Geometric Craft‟: ~ In the „Anti-New World Order Movement‟ are many concerned (and SPEAKING OUT AGAINST) Christians (of ALL denominations) and of the Orthodox Jewish Religion who are NOT of the Occultist Kabbalah, as well as concerned Muslims who are NOT of the Esoteric, Occultist Muslim Brotherhood of SUFIS: Who are each ALERTED to the on-going INFILTRATION of each denomination of all the World Religions: For it is the Hermes, Esoteric, Occultist „overall common plan‟ stemming FROM the Hindu Upanishads, that all World Religions will „become One‟: under the TOTAL domination control of the Esoteric, Hermes, Occultist adepts ~ otherwise known as Baal; Satan; Lucifer; Pan; Ad-Dajjal; „as the One-EyedCreature; All-Seeing-Eye = the LITERAL Devil.

Understanding ~ WHAT ~ the „All-Seeing-Eye‟ ~ IS: „It‟ ~ by; the Esoteric, Hermes initiate adepts of Occultism ~ is fraudulently alleged as “Oneness” as “Out of Many; ONE”: As a „collective person‟ ~ termed also as„*New Jerusalem; New Heaven‟ ~ as ~ „The Person: Cosmic Consciousness‟ via their Sub-Rose-Conspiracy ~ of ~ Fraud by False Representation: The most famous symbol of the esoteric occultist „All-Seeing-Eye‟ is portrayed on the „Great Seal of America‟: For America, since its Rosicrucian-Masonic inception, to be the main driving force; as the instigators of the „New Secular Order of the Ages‟: of ushering in the OccultistEsoteric-Hermes adepts of Lucifer asserted „Oneness; Wholeness‟ FRAUD: FOR a world-wide „Cosmic Temple of Perfected Humanity‟, as the US asserted „Divine Providence‟ of which the literal translation and meaning of the word „Providence‟ is „having taken all the necessary precautions‟. It was Rose Cross Fraternity member Thomas Jefferson, the occultist Rosicrucian, who designed and implemented the „All-Seeing-Eye‟ ~ to be hovering as the Apex cap-stone ~ above the Pyramid, and who gave the Latin inscription on the US Shield, of its motto, translating as “Out of Many; One‟. With UK, from St. Albans, Occultist, Rosicrucian; Sir Francis Bacon ~ over a hundred and fifty years previously (in 1610), stating on „The Pyramid‟: “We are founding a Holy Temple as a Pyramid of Flame; of Physics at is base and Metaphysics at its Apex, IN the human intellect, on the model of the Universe.” ~ To understand what the „All-Seeing-Eye‟ is, is to view their FRAUD of their alleged „Supernatural Force; Spirit; Oneness‟ in two parts: The first is to go back to their beginning of their alleged „New Age Foundation Period‟ timing; to go back to 1980: Back to US „Evangelical‟ ~ John Wimber‟s „Vineyard Church‟ and his later controversial „Signs and Wonders Course‟… NB: Infiltration and Subversion of world religions is ongoing, but it should be noted that „Christian‟ ~ „Evangelicals‟ ~ BEGAN, in London, August 1846, at the Occultist, Esoteric, Freemason Headquarters of the United Lodge of England: Great Queen Street, WC2: Where 800 Christian Leaders gathered and voted to establish what was called; „a new thing in Church history, as a definite expression of unity among Christians belonging to different churches‟. In the UK this was called the „Evangelical Alliance‟ and in America was renamed as „World Evangelical Fellowship‟: With US ~ 33rd Degree „Evangelical‟ Freemason, Billy Graham stating: “From the Evangelical Alliance to World Evangelical Fellowship, is

a 150 years of Unity with a Mission: World Evangelical Fellowship has

been a major force in uniting evangelicals throughout the world. Today, World Evangelical Fellowship embraces 150 million evangelicals in 112 National and Regional Fellowships representing an estimated 600,000 churches.” ~ From this has sprung: Rios Montt‟s El Verbo; The Word, The Divine Universal

Church of Argentina, and the Brazilian Church of the Universal Kingdom of God, which has been going since the 1970‟s and is occurring in ALL the „emerging markets‟ via Evangelical Pentecostal „Oneness‟ Churches claiming „bringing out Demons BY Demon invoking‟:

As PART of the alleged „Third Wave‟ of Pentecostal „Charismatic Churches‟ and is termed as the „New Apostolic Reformation of the Evangelical C. Peter Wagner Fuller Theological Seminary‟ and „Tea Party‟ in the US, with Republican Sarah Palin, as one of its many representatives… John Wimber was an American Specialist on „Church Growth‟ and who founded the Californian „Vineyard Church‟ as an ecumenical mini denomination, with his HQ in Anaheim; where he held his first meeting of the small church, assuming the position of „Pastor‟ in a rented Masonic Hall. An original member of his congregation recalled that: “John Wimber told people,

repeatedly, throughout the service that: „he was interested in Masonic Activities as an experiment.‟

= People being lifted up mid-air „supernaturally‟ and thrown against walls…Via Collective Occultist ELECTRICAL ACTION at a Distance…. 17.3 miles away from Anaheim, California in Baldwin Park, members of the „Golden Dawn‟ (going since early 1900‟s): “its system includes; Kabbalah, Rosicrucian Teachings, Freemasonry, Egyptian Magic, Enoch metaphysics (= Field Line of Force), Alchemy, Elemental Magic, Spell-craft, Astral Travel, Astral Initiation…Our Order provides the opportunity to become part of a worldwide fraternity.” 20.8 miles away from Anaheim, California, in Lake Forest: Builders of the Adytum of Orange and San Diego County: „is a Mystery School and training Order based on the western mystery tradition: Founded by Rosicrucian Paul Foster Case in the 1920‟s: This Kabbalah path has been described as the Yoga („Union‟) of the west and has much more in common with esoteric eastern practices; metaphysics.” A report by Bill Randels: „The Roots of John Wimber and the Vineyard‟ ~ gives the account of John Wimber‟s wife; Carol Wimber‟s own witness report of the 1981 Mother‟s Day Service at Anaheim… “On Mother‟s Day of 1981 we had a

watershed experience which launched us, in what is today called „Power Evangelism‟ : At this time John invited a young man who had been attending our Church, to preach one Sunday evening. We had grown to 700 participants. He asked for all the people under 25 to come forward.

When they got to the front, the speaker said: “For years now the Holy Spirit has been grieved by the Church, but he‟s getting over it. Come Holy Spirit!” And He came: one fellow Tim started bouncing, fell over and speaking in tongues: The majority of young people were shaking and falling over: There was much shouting and loud behavior ~ Members of our staff were *fearful and angry: Several people got up and walked out. I asked one boy, who was on the floor, “What‟s happening to you right now?” He said; “It‟s like ELECTRICITY I can‟t move” I was amazed by the effect of God‟s power on the human body, I never imagined there would be strong physical manifestations.” Bill Randles continued: “In John Wimber‟s „Healing Tape 1‟ he teaches us what to look for in healing: „*Hot flushes and stiffness in certain parts of

the body, tingling sensations, trembling and shaking, falling down under the power of the Spirit, STRONG ELECTRIC CURRENTS, ripples under the skin, heavy breathing, moaning, groaning and falling into a TRANCE.‟ John Wimber states: “What separates dead doctrine from the living

reality, is that there is a FORCE of GRACE, there‟s a FORCE of FAITH that must manifest in our midst.” „So now you have a whole group of Christians who are EXPECTING to „tremble, FEEL Electricity‟ and a whole „host of other manifestations‟ catalogued by John Wimber in his „Signs and Wonders Course‟. He also down plays Theology; as the Scripture of the Bible: So that the Christian who insists on measuring all things Spiritual BY the Scripture is now considered „suspect‟ and the only „sin‟ recognized by John Wimber is the „Sin of Critical Thinking‟. *It is the conditioning of God‟s people; in the call for a „New World View‟ as a „Paradigm Shift‟ FROM an OBJECTIVE approach to God‟s truth, to an almost entirely experimental; subjective view, which leaves a person quite vulnerable: And all the groundwork has been laid for a ***MYSTICAL revival.” „Mystical Revival‟ = „Cosmic Consciousness‟ part of „All-Seeing-Eye‟ As the Esoteric ~ Hermes ~ Occultist Illegal attempt from Autumn Equinox 1998 = GOD‟S POWER: SUPERNATURAL FORCE? NO……… As will be shown in the Direct Factual Evidence in this Website One: „Bringing down Fascism; Bringing down the Devil‟ It is a collectively produced „Electromagnetic Field Line of vibrational Force‟ Via their „Geometric Rituals‟ they collectively physically act out, producing first what they

assert as „Ether‟ they also term as „Plasma‟ ~ which then produces the „Electrical Current‟ they term as „Cosmic Electricity‟, (which in the Kabbalah is termed „Teth‟ meaning „Strength‟ and is symbolized as the SERPENT), which then „becomes Magnetism‟… *It is their asserted „Cosmic Electricity‟ which is the „all penetrating, all pervading BINDING FORCE of their Oneness‟ FRAUD; as their posited „All-Seeing-Eye‟. So here it is seen; that back in the early 1980‟s the Occultist, Esoteric, Hermes adepts, were ALREADY asserting themselves ~ or rather ~ their collectively produced ELECTRICAL FORCE ~ to „BE‟ the „Holy Spirit‟ to „Be Jesus Christ‟… For „Evangelical‟ and „Pentecostal‟ people to ACCEPT the literal Serpent; Devil; Cosmic Electricity to „BE the Force of Grace‟ ~ „to BE the Holy Spirit of Jesus‟ AS the multi „Psychological to Physical manifestations‟ of ELECTRICITY. Of which, another investigator into John Wimber‟s „Power Evangelism‟, Rev. R.D. Thomson, states: “The missing link of the Scientific data, which would explain the unusual „phenomena‟ of the Vineyard Church, El Verbo, The Divine Universal Church of Argentina and the Brazilian Church of the Universal Kingdom of God. The missing link is what forms of Hypnotism, auto-suggestion and EFFECTS are being ENHANCED by REMOTE electrical

stimulation of the brain.”

= The *targeted ~ Limbic System of Brain ~ center of mind; the seat of EMOTIONS: Of the „Signs and Wonders‟:

„Hot flushes‟ Becoming fearful and angry Stiffness in certain parts of the body Trembling and shaking Heavy breathing Falling down Falling into a TRANCE… „Occult definitions of Pentecostal Phenomena‟

By June G Beltzar From „The Donning International Encyclopedic Psychic Dictionary‟: 1. Alien Tongues: „To utter sounds that are foreign to the native tongue, when in a state of *ECSTASY ~ sounds that are BELIEVED to be sent by the „Holy Spirit‟, which occurs frequently at Evangelical or Pentecostal; Charismatic Services: Wherein a person is self-hypnotized into a state of „religious high‟.

2. *„Filled with the Spirit‟:

„To be under the INFLUENCE of powerful religious EMOTION and feeling surges and „receiving‟ *PSYCHIC IMPRESSIONS; with music of a proper

trance tempo, members „become‟ filled with religious emotion; talk in tongues, move the body and experience „psychic impressions‟.

„This is GROUP-ELEMENTAL which is built through loud rhythmic music, and emotional ploy from the „charismatic; magnetic pull‟ of the Leader beforehand ~ composed to *put the group in *UNISON of thought.‟ 3. ***ARTIFICIAL GROUP-ELEMENT: „Is a large (electromagnetic) energy field hovering above the heads of individuals, which has STRONG influence OVER individuals…Elemental has independent existence outside the consciousness of the individual thinkers: And is capable of INFLUENCING each person individually to REACT emotionally ~ in a manner one would NOT be CAPABLE of ~ away from the group: ***ELEMENTAL disperses rapidly when the group is dismissed.‟ 4. Charismatic CHANT: „Chant or Song composed in a special VIBRATION FREQUENCY: Music is

played extremely loudly and the words are repetitious which puts the congregation in an „altered state of consciousness of HYPNOTISM‟ and encourages a person to talk in tongues; give prophecy.‟

In the Direct Factual Evidence by Occultist, Theosophist H P Blavatsky in „Hypnotism and its relation to other modes (operations) of Fascination‟ she reveals how „hypnotism‟ is the new name for „spell-enchantment‟: And that it arises FROM the alleged „Cosmic Electricity as OSCILLATIONS‟ in „UNISON; as the equal number of

VIBRATIONS‟ which produces the hypnotic state and auto-suggestion.‟

1980 was the year that 33rd Degree FREEMASON President Ronald Reagan came to power; and a blueprint for „American Policy in Latin America‟ was published in 1980: BY the CIS: Council for Inter-American Security, originally titled: „Inter-American Relations, Shield of the New Order and Sword of the US Ascent to World Power‟. This report set forth: “Plans to create Religious Sects on a world-wide scale to corrupt the collective Christian conscience to willingly ACCEPT a „free-market‟ agenda for the financial advantage of global corporations: EVANGELICAL organizations such as Rios Montt‟s „El Verbo: Church of the Word‟ would be used as fronts for the CIA to „take charge of the initiative of the ideological struggle, through religious phenomena.‟ Christian groups RESISTING this influence, would be „neutralized‟ through Divide and Conquer programs‟. This paper became known as the „Santa Fe Document‟. It was Freemason President Ronald Reagan who brought in „Neo-Liberalism; Privatization; Globalization‟ VIA the „OCCULTIST Evangelical; New Reformation; Paradigm Shift, approach, stated: As the „groundwork; foundation‟ for the being ILLEGALLY FRAUDULENTLY attempted ~ LUCIFER „New Secular Order of the Ages‟. Perhaps the most notable Writer and Philosopher of the Anti-Globalization ~ Anti-New

World Order Movement is Noam Chomsky, well over 70 years old and he published his 36th book titled: “Profit over People: Neo-liberalism and Global Order”: Made up of essays and speeches given during the late 1990‟s: Which deals with the rise and consolidation of our global trading system as crafted by major corporations. Chomsky demonstrates the way in which globalization has been has been misrepresented and sold to the majority of humankind as an inevitable, ultimately beneficial development ~ this despite the fact that the same majority has and will continue to suffer under this system. Noam Chomsky was brought up as a QUAKER: so is what I personally term a „GENUINE Christian‟: I state this from knowing that Quakers do NOT come from any noise and image distraction of the subconscious mind, throughout their services, and neither have they any „LEADER‟ as „PASTOR‟ but each member speaks when moved to ~ or they sit in communing silence, in mind and outside of it. And, also in thanks, for their huge contribution to the Peace Movement, that they have played, and that he, like many other GENUINE people (whether religious or atheist, is NOT important) continually speak-out AGAINST fascism, dictatorship, (in whatever form) and speak the direct truth; led from their own heart consciences. Another writer in the Anti-Globalization ~ Anti-New World Order Movement is Barbara Aho, who wrote: „The Council for National Policy‟: Stating in it: “In 1983 Willard Garvey and other Wichita, Kansas businessmen founded the National Center for Privatization. In 1986 its board of Directors included Garvey and Robert D Love who was a 33rd Degree Freemason, and who founded the Knights of Malta.” “In 1984, Willard Garvey wrote a letter to (Freemason) President Ronald Reagan, stating: From: Willard W. Garvey 300 West Douglas Wichita, Kansas 07909 6th April 1984 To: President Ronald Reagan Executive Office of the President The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Washington D.C 20500 RE: Privatization President Reagan, congratulations on rejecting the political system negatives. Now why not adopt the all positive system ~ Privatization? Hold a White House Conference on Privatization and appoint a Presidential Task Force on Privatization. Privatization is documented in the enclosed paper from the Heritage Foundation and dates back to at least Adam Smith, Plato, Aristotle and Jesus… Privatization is now an IDEA whose time has come. The Knowledge, Communication and Computer industry can make political representatives obsolete! Privatization may well be the theme for the 200th anniversary of the Constitution.

Privatization is essential for national salvation. To restore Privatization is the National Center for Privatization purpose. May we help you? With best wishes Willard W. Garvey Enclosed: Is Heritage Foundation paper National Center for Privatization brochure” “The Conservative Heritage Foundation, the New Right Think Tank, was founded by a member of the Council for National Policy, Paul Weyrich. During the Reagan Administration the Heritage Foundation was delegated a powerful role of oversight of Government Policies and was close to a shadow government.” “*THEN Willard Garvey, in 90 acres of land, built a white shining PYRAMID calling it „The Center for the Improvement of Human Functioning, Inc.‟ also called the „Garvey Center‟, and published the following: “THE CENTER PYRAMID: A principal consideration was of an electromagnetic nature; as waves of energy interacting with each other. The shape or form of a container ~ the Pyramid, affects the quality of the energy force field: Within this, is

apparent with Sound and Light and with other portions of the electromagnetic spectrum. The Pyramid reaches a point Apex depicting the „Oneness of Life‟. The founding fathers of America incorporated a Pyramid on the reverse side of the Great Seal of the US. This seal continues to be printed on our One Dollar Bill. The capstone can only be provided by God. The Eye in the capstone signifies God‟s wisdom and attentiveness to the affairs of man.” Barbara Aho pointed out in her writing ~ that JESUS was NOT into Privatization, but THREW OUT the Money Lenders in the Temple…And I am pointing out: that Adam Smith was NOT into „Close Design Multi-National Corporation Conspiring‟ Cabal‟s…of which the word Kabbalah comes from. And that Plato and Aristotle were BOTH Occultists of the Greek Pythagorean Mystery Schools…

The „Eye‟ in the „Equilateral Triangle as the Cap-stone; Apex Point‟ as understanding the second part of the Occultist asserted „All-Seeing-Eye‟: is shown in Direct Factual Evidence no. 4; to be the „FEMALE individual witness‟ asserted by them as „consciousness: single conscious life‟ and fraudulently represented as „Rose: Soul‟ of their „Sub-Rose-Conspiracy‟ of their posited „Soul Illumination‟ and FRAUD of „Oneness‟ = The Eye; as the female targeted individual is NOT „God‟: she is their alleged „Karmic Prisoner‟: The people receiving the „psychic and physical impressions of her‟ are NOT „God‟ and the esoteric occultist adepts physically geometrically acting out their crossing over transverse carrier electromagnetic wave; and whirling motion are NOT god. This second part of the AllSeeing-Eye understanding ~ they term as „Cosmic Consciousness.‟

PRE-INTRODUCTION: The Occultist New Age; New World Order is of man-made; (*meaning NONNATURAL, NOT of / from NATURE) inter-connectedness; of global interdependence as a „General Systems Theory‟ as a „World view‟ ~ As a posited „Oneness‟ IDEA which is directly from Esoteric, Hermetic, Alchemist, Theosophist, Kabbalah, Occultists:

Direct Factual Evidence no. 1: “God‟s Plan is dedicated to the unification of all Races, Religions and Creeds: This Plan is dedicated to the New Order of Things; to make all things New; A New Race; A New Civilisation and New Religion.” This quote is from Grand Secretary of the US Grand Lodge of Philadelphia; Master Mason William Smith in 1768. THE „God‟ BEING REFERRED TO IS THE OCCULTIST ALLEGED „Higher Ego‟ This Website One „Bringing down Fascism; Bringing down the Devil‟ contests and challenges their alleged „god; higher ego‟ and their overall „Cosmic Plan‟ of which their alleged „New Race of Man‟ also termed by them as „Higher; Cosmic Consciousness‟ and „All-Seeing-Eye‟ is trying to become established‟ from Autumn Equinox 1998 -2011...through blatant Conspiracy; Fascism and FRAUD via their collectively induced; produced and delivered external to internal ( as individually experienced) electromagnetic vibration FORCE: I will be alerting Human Rights Lawyers and Activists to help me make this NON-CONSENTED to „Scientific Psychological to Physical Human Experiment‟ „Legally Known: and ask that they read through all the circumstantial and direct factual evidence presented, to help me do so; BY ***December 1st 2012. *From Autumn Equinox 1998 until now in 2011...ALL of their attempted manmade ~ they ~ allege as „spiritual manifestations‟ are from their overall „Common Plan‟ they are acting out from: the Hindu 4th Veda „The Upanishads‟: To begin to explain, what their alleged „Oneness‟ fraud of the posited „All-One ~

Cosmic Consciousness‟ here is the official ‟Church of Satan‟ website, on their „Hexagram of Satan‟: “The Hexagram of Satan is a representation (of the hermetic maxim): „As Above So Below‟ as the materialization of Satanist‟s Will ( = geometric collective motion) upon the earth; drawn from desire (= magnetism) and ether ( = the medium of vibration of their collectively induced „cosmic electricity‟ which then „becomes‟ magnetism). The Hexagram of Satan represents the Macrocosm (collective) and the Microcosm (individual) as the ‟Personal Ego‟ combined ~ as the „All-One‟…For those readers of you that carry on reading this website, you will see where my own brackets of explanations on their Occultist „craft‟ are drawn from = their own words / explanations ~ which are in this website one as direct factual evidence against them. Direct Factual Evidence no 2. Prasna Upanishad: Book 6: 5-6: “These 16 parts of the Perceiver proceed towards the Person and, upon reaching MERGE INTO that Person, each losing their names and visible appearances. One simply calls it „THE PERSON‟. He then becomes part-less and immortal. On this there is the verse: In whom the parts are fixed As spokes on a hub You should know that person WHO IS TO BE KNOWN So that death may not disturb you” Direct Factual Evidence no. 3:

*2007 Book 17 ~ Teritum Organism By P. D Ouspensky: Chapter XX111 Cosmic Consciousness:

„Extracts first from Dr. R. M. Bucke, from his book on „Cosmic Consciousness‟: “Cosmic Consciousness is a consciousness of the Cosmos, of the Life and Order of the Universe. Along with the consciousness of the cosmos there occurs an ILLUMINATION which alone places an individual on a NEW plane of existence, which makes him a member of a NEW SPECIES.” And P. D. Ouspenksy writes “One element of Cosmic Consciousness is not simply the BLENDING of THOUGHT and FEELING, but the RESULT of

the BLENDING, as thought and feeling plus something else, that is absent in the intellect or the emotional nature.” “Dr Bucke‟s book, establishes the UNITY of FORMS of the TRANSITION in to the NEW state of Consciousness, as different peoples and the UNITY of their SENSATIONS of the world and of the SELF.” “It will be a truly Higher Race and there will be NO possibility of any FALSIFICATION, any SUBSTITUTION or any USURPTION at all. It will be impossible for anything to be bought, or approached to oneself, by DECIET or MIGHT. ***Not only will this New Race be, but IT ALREADY IS…There exists a whole series of Psychological teachings by Occultism, Yoga etc. and a large *literature, having in view a systematic culture of the Higher Consciousness…In the case of men in whom Cosmic Consciousness appears, certain quite definite inner and outer conditions are requisite for its MANIFESTATION ~ a certain culture, the education of those elementals congenial to Cosmic Consciousness: *And the ELIMINATION of those hostile to it. For the MANIFESTATION of Cosmic Consciousness it is necessary that the CENTER of GRAVITY of EVERYTHING shall lie for man in the INNER world, in SELFCONSCIOUSNESS and not in the outer world at all.” *** NB: This was written in *2007 and stating it is already occurring. ***

Circumstantial Evidence no. 1: „In Newtonian GRAVITY the masses ROTATE around their CENTER of MASS; so the smaller „mass‟ moves as a „TEST PARTICLE‟ in a gravitational field which is GENERATED by the larger mass, which does not accelerate.‟

What is „already occurring‟ is a NON-CONSENTED to „Psychological to Physical „Scientific‟ Human Experiment‟ which is termed by the Esoteric, Hermetic, Occultists as „Cosmic Consciousness‟. In this Website One I shall be bringing in „Psychological to Physical Human Experiments‟ which are relevant to what is being illegally undertaken: Starting with „The Milgram Experiment‟: (From Wikipedia website:) „The Milgram Experiment on „Obedience to

Authority‟ was a series of „Social Psychological Experiments‟ conducted by Yale University Psychologist Stanley Milgram: *Which measured the willingness of „study participants‟ to „obey an

authority figure‟ who instructed them to „perform acts which conflicted with their personal consciences.‟ The experiments began in July 1961 ~ *3 months after the start of the trial of *Nazi War Criminal Adolf Eichmann in Jerusalem. Milgram devised his „Psychological Study‟ to answer the Q: „Was it that Adolf Eichmann and his accomplices in the

Holocaust had mutual intent to the goals of the Holocaust? In other words; was there a mutual sense of morality among those involved? Milgram‟s testing suggested that „it could have been that the millions of accomplices were „merely following orders‟ ~ despite violating their deepest moral beliefs.‟

“The Milgram Psychological Experiment Advert”: “Public Announcement: We will pay you $4,000 for one hour of your time; Persons needed for a study of Memory: We will pay 500 New Haven MEN to help us *complete a scientific study of memory and learning. The study is being done at Yale University. Each person who participates will be paid $4,000, for approximately one hour of your time: There are no further obligations: No special training, education or experience is needed. We want: Factory Workers Barbers Construction workers Business men City Employers Clerks Labourers Telephone Workers White-collar workers Salespeople You will be paid $4,000 as soon as you arrive at the laboratory.”

The Miligram Experiment: The „volunteer subject participant‟ was given the „role of teacher‟ and an ACTOR THE „role of learner‟.” “The „volunteer-subject-participants‟ drew slips of paper to

determine their roles: ***Unknown to the volunteer-subject-participant BOTH slips said „teacher‟ ~ thereby guaranteeing that the volunteer-subject would ALWAYS be the „teacher‟.” “At this point „teacher‟ and „learner‟ *were separated into different rooms ~ where they could communicate but not see each other. *In one version of the experiment the ACTOR as „learner‟ was sure to mention to the „teacher‟ (as volunteersubject-participant) that he had a heart condition.” “The „teacher‟ was then given an electric shock from the electricshock-generator as a „sample‟ that the „learner‟ (actor) would supposedly receive during the „experiment‟. “The teacher began by reading the list of word pairs to the learner and read four possible answers. The „learner‟ would press a button to indicate his response. If the answer was incorrect, the „teacher‟ would administer an electric shock to the learner. With the voltage increasing 15-volt increments for each wrong answer. If correct the teacher would read the next word-pair.” “The volunteer-subject-participant as „teacher‟ *BELIEVED that for each wrong answer, the „learner‟ was receiving actual electric shocks. ***In REALITY, there were NO electric-shocks. After the ACTOR as „learner‟ was separated from the teacher, he would set up a tape recorder integrated with the electric-shockgenerator, which played pre-recorded sounds for each shocklevel: After a number of electric-shock increases, the ACTOR as „learner‟ started to bang on the wall that separated him from the teacher: *After several times banging on the wall and complaining about his heart condition, ALL responses from the learner would cease.” “***At THIS point, MANY people indicated their desire to STOP the experiment and check on the „learner; some „teachers‟ paused at 135-volts and *began to question the PURPOSE of the experiment ~ MOST people ***continued ONLY after they had been assured that they would NOT be held responsible.” “A few subject-volunteer-participants began to laugh nervously

or *exhibit other signs of extreme stress once they heard the screams of pain coming from the „learner‟.” “*If at any time the subject-volunteer-participant indicated his desire to HALT the experiment, he was given a succession of verbal prods by the experimenter, in this order: 1. Please continue 2. The *experiment *REQUIRES that you continue 3. It is absolutely essential that you continue 4. You have no other choice you must go on. If the subject-volunteer-participant still wished to STOP after all 4 successive verbal prods the experiment WAS HALTED.” “Otherwise it was halted after the subject-volunteerparticipant had given the MAXIMUM 450-volt-electricshocks ~ 3 times in succession.” “RESULTS: Before conducting the experiment, Stanley Milgram polled 14 Yale University Senior-Year Psychology Majors to predict the behaviour of 100 hypothetical „teachers‟: ALL of the poll respondents believed that only a small fraction of „teachers‟ from 0-3 out of 100 ~ would be prepared to INFLICT the MAXIMUM voltage.” “Milgram also informally polled his Colleagues and found that they too, believed that few subject-volunteerparticipants would progress beyond a very strong electricshock.” “In Milgram‟s first set of experiments 65% = 26 out of 40 people as experiment participants administered the experiments final massive 450-volt-shock, *though many people were VERY uncomfortable in doing so, at some point, EVERY participant PAUSED and QUESTIONED the experiment, ***some said they would refund the money

they were paid in participating in the experiment.”

“Milgram summarized the experiment in his 1974 article:

„The Perils of Obedience‟ writing: „The legal and Philosophical aspects of Obedience are of enormous importance, but they say very little about how most people behave in concrete situations. I set up a simple experiment at Yale University to test how much pain an ordinary citizen would INFLICT on another *simply because he was ORDERED to by an experimental Scientist. *Stark authority was pitted against the subject-volunteerparticipants strongest moral imperatives against hurting others, and, with the participants ears ringing with the screams of the victims ~ ***Authority WON more often than not.” “The extreme *willingness of adults to go to almost any lengths on the command of authority, constitutes the chief finding of the study, and the *fact most urgently demanding explanation: ***Ordinary people, simply *doing their jobs, and without any particular HOSTILITY on their part, can become agents, in a terrible destructive process. Moreover when the destructive EFFECTS of their work become patently clear and they are asked to carry on actions incompatible with fundamental standards of morality ~ relatively FEW people have the resources needed to RESIST authority.” NB:

The „Psychological Experiment‟ ~ beginning in July 1961 ~ of United States of America, Yale University ~ Psychologist, Stanley Milgram‟s ~ was to attempt to prove that „NAZI‟s‟ ~ such as „SS: Lieutenant-General Adolph Eichmann and his accomplices‟ were merely „following Orders ~

despite violating their deepest moral beliefs‟.

When, even the briefest examination of NAZI ~ SS Lieutenant-General Adolf Eichmann ~ reveals that he was chosen for the task of setting up the Ghetto‟s and Extermination Camps as the „Final Solution; the Holocaust‟ ~ BECAUSE of „his organizational skills AND his IDEOLOGICAL


= MEANING; his *SS ***Occultist ***Nazi Ideology:

= No Occultism = No Nazism = No Holocaust. The Yale University Psychologist Stanley Milgram, devised his „Psychological Study‟ to answer the Question: “Was it that Adolf Eichmann and

his accomplices in the Holocaust had mutual intent to the goals of the Holocaust? Was there a mutual sense of morality among those involved?” =The Nazi OCCULTIST Ideology AS: „their mutual intent to

the goals of the Holocaust and mutual sense of morality‟: „Invisible Eagle: The History of Nazi Occultism‟ By Alan Baker (Extracts)

“The Intellectual Fathers of National Socialism AS the Nazi Party, like Guido von List, Jorg Lan von Liebenfels and Rudolph von Sebottendorff, cultivated an undeniable and profound interest in Occultism; Theosophy and the idea of „Atlantis as a lost Aryan Civilisation‟. Occultism formed a significant role in the *formation and Rituals of the SS.” “The Volkish Movement and Pan-Germanism: As nationalism and profound sense of the importance of folk-lore, astrology and cosmic cycles: *As more than one commentator has noted, there is a DISTINCT and SINISTER similarity between these principles and the „modern New Age movement.” “According to the historian of Nazism, Eugene Davidson; „the followers of the Volkish movement believed in the return to the ancient Teutonic Gods, that „Volk‟ WAS an „Organic *UNITY‟ with a common biological inheritance and that the culture-bearing Volk was incomparably *SUPERIOR among ALL the races, that Volk WAS the German: Therefore the only proper function of a German State was to administer on behalf of the Volk ~ and that a *German God would have to REPLACE *the Jewish God.” “Pan-Germanism operated in a more political context. Friedrich Ludwig Jahn, a purveyor of Volkish IDEOLOGY, advocated German National Unity, IDENTITY and RITUAL.As Goodrick-Clarke notes: „This cult led to the worship of FORCE and a contempt for humanitarian law and justice.” “The revival of German Mythology and Folk-lore in Austria was of enormous importance to the developments of Nazi

Esotericism and Cosmology; which included the central concepts of Gnosticism, Hermeticism, and the Kabbalah.” “~*„Gnosticism‟ means *„direct knowledge‟ ~ and contains two basic tenets: 1. DUALISM: which according to Michale Baigent and Richard Leigh can be defined as: „Dualism presupposes an OPPOSITION; often a CONFLICT between two principles, two values, two realities. In dualism certain aspects of reality are extolled over others. Certain aspects of reality are repudiated as „unreal‟ or „inferior‟ or „evil‟. In its distinction between soul and body and unregenerate nature, Christianity is in effect „dualist‟. 2. The second tenet of „Gnosticism‟ is the „evil of matter‟: „MATTER‟ was rejected as „EVIL‟: As „material creation‟ ~ the phenomenal world was deemed to be the handiwork of a lesser and malevolent god. *In consequence ~ „MATTER‟ and „Material Creation‟ had to be „TRANSCENDED‟ ~ *in order to ATTAIN ~ „UNION‟ with a „greater and truer god‟ ~ whose domain was pure SPIRIT ~ and it was THIS „UNION‟ that the term „Gnosis‟ as „Direct Knowledge‟ signified.” “Interest in Theosophy increased in Germany with the founding of the German Theosophical Society on 22nd July 1884 at Elberfeld. With Franz Hartmann who became its President and who founded the occult periodical „Lotus Blossoms‟ from 18921900 which was the *first German publication to feature the SWASTIKA on its cover.” “It was Jorg Lan von Liebenfels who founded the *Anti-Jewish Hate-Sheet „Ostara‟ and created the Occultist „Order of the New Templars‟ from the „Knights Templar‟ in 1907. The „Ostara‟ periodical called repeatedly for the *restoration of the blond race as the dominant force of the world. That this could ONLY be achieved by Racial Purity, the FORCED sterilization or EXTERMINATION of „inferior races‟, the *DESTRUCTION of *democracy, *socialism and *feminism.”

“In 1913 he published a short study, in which the „Holy Grail‟ was interpreted as an *ELECTRICAL symbol ~ *pertaining to the ***PAN-PSYCHIC-Powers of the Pure-Blooded-Aryan Race; with the QUEST of the Temple for the Grail ~ was a metaphor for the strict Eugenic practices of the „Templar Knights designed to breed GodMen‟. *The Order of the New Templars served as the prototype for Himmler‟s SS.” NB: „The Electron and the Holy Grail‟ ~ from Occultism Nazism Holocaust to Occultism Cosmic Consciousness CONSPIRACY-FRAUD-intended

FUTURE Holocaust IF they can establish as the fraud of „PANPsychic-god-men‟…by claiming falsely to have „transcended the DUALITY‟; as INDIVIDUAL „matter‟ in direct OPPOSITION to them…from Autumn Equinox 1998-2011 so far… BOTH Attempting to claim: „New Age‟ as „Occultist‟ ~ „New Secular Order; New Order of the Ages; New World Order‟ by it.

~ Milgram‟s „Social Psychological Scientific Experiment‟ meets with the present day Occultist illegal psychological to physical „scientific‟ human experiment of „Cosmic Consciousness‟ via its „measured‟ methodology of „Right thoughts; Right action‟ being „rewarded‟ by „No PAIN infliction‟ and „Wrong thoughts; INCORRECT answer‟ being „punished‟ by „PAIN‟. In Milgram‟s experiment the „pain delivery‟ of „increased electric-shocks‟ UNBEKNOWN to the „volunteer-subject-participants‟ was FRAUD; pretend; NOT „real‟. *WHEREAS: In the present day, illegal Occultist „Cosmic Consciousness‟ Psychological to Physical Scientific Human Experiment‟ the PAIN delivery IS REAL; via their collectively produced man-made VIBRATION; and an individual‟s natural „matter‟ RESPONSE to that toxic pollutant VIBRATION. Stanley Milgrams „Social Psychological Experiment‟ of present day (and

past) Occultist Ideology and overall „common plan‟ of their illegal

„Cosmic Consciousness‟:

Direct Factual Evidence no. 3(b)

„Theosophy and Christian Science‟

Extracts from Trevor Barker‟s 1940 lecture, and published by the Theosophical University Press: “The Ancient Wisdom Religion of Mankind that today we call Theosophy teaches that Theosophy is primarily a metaphysical

and ethical system which is designed to bring about a purification of the lower nature of man ~ to bring about Right Thought; Right Living, and as a consequence. That correctness of action, ultimately results in liberation from all suffering.” “As Theosophists we consider the CAUSE, according to our ancient teachings, of the disease of the body, primarily they are rooted in mind, they are rooted in wrong thinking; in wrong action ~ because wrong action is always the result of wrong thinking.” “Theosophy teaches the Evolution of the Soul through a long series of reincarnations ~ from body to body ~ that is the way the soul rises from step by step to perfection. The Theosophical teaching is that the physical diseases we see manifested in our own bodies here and now, are the RESULTS of wrong thinking working out of our system forever. It is the final demand and retribution of KARMIC LAW; „As you sow, so shall you reap‟. Those actions of wrong thinking are of disharmony, wrong or EVIL…the actual PAIN, discomfort and suffering is getting rid of Evil‟s.” “Theosophy teaches that Consciousness in man is DUAL in character and nature: it can identify with MATTER; as the material pole of our being ~ or it can identify with the spiritual

pole; As it identifies with the Higher Spiritual Pole ~ the lower is Transformed and raised into Divinity. As it identifies with MATTER; the material pole as the „lower man‟ it becomes more selfish, more separate ~ that which we Theosophists call EVIL is the PULL of MATTER; the material of our being.”

The Occultist „worship of FORCE and CONTEMPT of Humanitarian Law

and Justice‟ BY their joint enterprise of Conspiracy and Fraud of Cosmic Consciousness is shown in the present day of August 2011 ~ from Autumn Equinox 1998: BY their knowingly, deliberately, ill-wilfully BREAKING the Articles of the „Universal Declaration of Human Rights‟ ~ which was set up in 1957 as a conscience reaction to all the atrocities of fascism; totalitarianism of Occultist Nazism and its resulting Holocaust. Of which Article 30 states: “Nothing in this Declaration may be

interpreted as implying for any State, *GROUP or Person any right to engage in any *ACTIVITY or to *PERFORM any *ACT aimed at the DESTRUCTION of any of the rights and freedoms set forth herein.” With its „Preamble‟ stating: “Whereas disregard and contempt for

human rights have resulted in barbarous acts which have outraged the conscience of mankind, and the advent of a world in which human beings shall enjoy freedom of speech and belief, and freedom from fear and want has been proclaimed as the highest aspiration of the common people…Whereas it is essential, if man is NOT to be compelled to have recourse to REBELLION *against tyranny and oppression, that Human Rights should be protected by the Rule of Law.” ~ The Esoteric, Hermetic, Occultist conspiracy fraud of their alleged „New Race of Man; Cosmic Consciousness‟ in this present timing of their alleged „foundation period of the New Age; 1980-*1998-2016‟ IS a (KNOWN by them) non-consented to (so illegal from start to now) „Scientific Psychological to Physical Human Experiment‟: With the alleged „Science‟ as their posited „Occult Chemistry; Occult Science, Occult Metaphysics; Occult Geometry‟ of their alleged „Universal Science of Alchemy‟ and „Secret Science of the Mind; Kabbalah‟: and who are „working together; acting in unison‟ specifically, knowingly, deliberately, ill-wilfully BREAKING the following Articles of the „Universal Declaration of Human Rights‟: Article 1: “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act together in a „spirit of brotherhood‟.” As will be shown (in the continuing Direct Factual Evidence) the Occultist

FRAUD of „Cosmic Consciousness‟ is illegally attempting, what they term as the „Individual Deconstruction Process‟: For their goal of „Out of Many, One; the Collective Person‟ false representation fraud. So that for Article One, there would be NO more: “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights”: which ~ in their being posited „New Age; New World Order; Cosmic Consciousness‟ would not any longer apply; for it would NOT be so; no more natural individual birth-right freedom…in birth ~ life ~ death… Article 4: “No one shall be held in slavery or servitude and the slave trade shall be prohibited in all their forms.” Article 5: “No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.” Article 6: “Everyone has the right to RECOGNITION everywhere as an INDIVIDUAL PERSON before the Law.” Article 9: “No one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest, detention or exile.” *Article 12: “No one shall be subjected to arbitrary INTERFERENCE with his /her privacy, family, home or correspondence, not to attacks upon his/her honour and reputation. Everyone has the right to protection of the Law against such interference or attacks.” *Article 18: “EVERYONE has the RIGHT to *Freedom of Thought, Conscience and Religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief and freedom either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest the religion or belief in

teaching, practice, worship and observance.” *Article 19: “Everyone has the right to FREEDOM of OPINION and EXPRESSION; this right includes freedom to hold opinions WITHOUT interference: and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media regardless of frontiers.” *Article 20: “1. Everyone has the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and association. 2. *No one may be COMPELLED to BELONG to an ASSOCIATION.” Article 27: “Everyone has the right to protection of the moral and material interests resulting from any Scientific, Literary or Artistic production and which he/she, is the author.” Article 29: 1. Everyone has duties to the community in which ALONE the free and full development of his / her personality is possible.” NB: I have highlighted *Article 12: „no one shall be subject to

arbitrary (despotic) INTERFERENCE with his/her PRIVACY‟ for this is relevant for the Occultist alleged „All-Seeing-Eye‟ aspect of their posited „Cosmic Consciousness‟. Which, as will be shown, also meets with *Article 9: „no one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest, detention, exile‟ for the Cosmic Consciousness aspect of the „All-Seeing-Eye‟ meets with the long established UK Law of Trespass on the Person; False Imprisonment. Which, in turn meets with *Article 20 (2): „No

one may be COMPELLED to BELONG to an ASSOCIATION.‟ *Article 19 is highlighted: „Everyone has the right to freedom of

opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions WITHOUT interference; and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any MEDIA regardless of frontiers‟: This is highlighted ~ in reference to their posited „Connectivity hypothesis‟ of „All-Seeing-Eye; Cosmic Consciousness‟: Which as will be shown: Their man-made pollutant „embodying‟ vibration works WITHIN the Electromagnetic Spectrum of TV and Radio High Power Airwaves as a „Transceiver;

of both transmitting and receiving electrical interference signals as „frequency signals‟ ~ specifically for their „Individual

Deconstruction Process‟ of which the author Eric Arthur Blair ~ pen name George Orwell depicted in his dystopian Totalitarianism novel „1984‟ as „Big Brother is Watching you; News-speak as Group-think, with the MEDIA as its „Mindguards of Group-think‟ ~ overall orchestrated by the Occultists as „Group-mind‟ ~ producing the UNNATURAL „situation‟ of targeting a specific female heart conscience individual falsely asserted as the „central blame target causation of Cosmic Consciousness‟: of their known NON-CONSENTED to „Scientific‟ Psychological to Physical Human Experiment from Autumn Equinox 1998-2011 (so far). *Article 18 is highlighted for the Occultist IDEOLOGY as „class of thinking‟ of their „ONENESS‟ fraud of their posited „Right Thinking; Right Action‟ ILLEGAL totalitarianism attempt ~ As one aspect of their alleged „Cosmic Consciousness‟ of their falsely asserted „blending of thought and feeling‟ ~ Which directly VIOLATES the first part of *Article 18: „Everyone has the right to FREEDOM of THOUGHT and CONSCIENCE‟ and meets with Article 19: „Everyone has the right of FREEDOM of OPINION and EXPRESSION; this right includes FREEDOM to hold opinions WITHOUT interference‟. Considering that the „Universal Declaration of Individual Human Rights‟ was brought out in 1957-58 ~ and, considering the 1952 „Fraudulent Mediums Act‟ of UK Law ~ which made LEGAL for the first time; „the practice of Witchcraft, Magic and Occultism PROVIDING that NO HARM is done to Persons or Property‟: they have, by continual HARM DONE to Persons and Property, in this country of the UK alone: They have been

collectively acting UNLAWFULLY ~ working in unison as their posited „Group-mind‟ ~ towards their goal of psychological interference of „self-consciousness‟ for their „common aim‟ of „cosmic consciousness‟; from their „Ego-Centric-Hubris‟ comprehension, for their attempt of „New Age; New World Order‟ ~ of ~„New Order of Things, New Race of Man, New Civilisation, New Religion‟ BY their „Out of Many, One; Cosmic Consciousness‟ FRAUD by False Representation. This point is relevant to *Article 18 highlighted, especially in the second part of: “this right includes freedom to change

his/her religion or belief, and freedom either alone or in community with others, and in public or private *to MANIFEST the religion or belief, in teaching, PRACTICE, worship and observance.”

NB: It is the Occult PRACTICE of their „Geometric Craft‟ as a collective PERFORMANCE; ACT; ACTIVITY which produces their electrical becoming magnetism interference VIBRATION which is directly aimed at the destruction of ALL NATURAL freedoms and DIVERSITY of INDIVIDUALS ~ and the destruction of ALL the accepted and established Human Rights „Articles‟ of the Universal Declaration. Which meets with *Article 30: “Nothing in this

Declaration may be interpreted as implying for any State, *GROUP or Person any right to ENGAGE in any ACTIVITY, or to PERFORM any ACT aimed at the DESTRUCTION of any of the rights and freedoms set forth herein” ~ In the mid-1990‟s a UK Occultist „Freemason‟ serving as an Officer in the UK Royal Navy, used this Article 18; „to make

manifest the religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance‟ to „establish the geometric PRACTICE of Freemasonry‟ as an „Equal Human Right‟ ~ which WAS granted by the European Humans Rights Court:

*THIS ruling / decision needs to be overturned, reversed, and „Occultism, Magic, Witchcraft‟ needs to be made again ILLEGAL ~ internationally (including America) from the direct HARM their collective practice produces / causes to people ~ psychologically and physically, and to property;

morally and materially.

Circumstantial Evidence 1(b): „Ego-Centric-Hubris‟

“In Psychology „ego-centrism‟ is: a) The tendency to perceive, understand and interpret the world in terms of SELF b) The incomplete differentiation of the SELF and the world, including other people.” “An „Ego-Centric‟ person CANNOT fully emphasize; i.e. „put himself in other people‟s shoes‟ and believes that everyone sees what he/she sees, or that what he/she sees, exceeds what others see.” “Jean Piaget (1896-1980) claimed that young children are „ego-centric‟. This does not mean that they are selfish but that they do not have the mental ability to understand that other people may have *different

opinions and beliefs from themselves.”

“But as far as „empathy‟ goes, as „in-feeling‟ it is shown that young children exhibit „empathy‟ early on and are able to co-operate with others and be aware of their needs and wants.” “Ego-Centric as Narcissism; means inflated self-

importance, egotism, vanity, conceit or simple selfishness: *Applied to a social group it is used to denote „elitism‟ and indifference to the plight of others” “Today in Psychology the „narcissistic personality disorder‟ is a mental illness; *characterised by a lack of empathy, *a willingness to exploit others and an inflated sense of self-importance…The concept of *excessive selfishness has been recognised throughout history and in Ancient Greece the concept was understood as HUBRIS; meaning „extreme haughtiness, pride or arrogance‟: In ancient Greece HUBRIS referred to *ACTIONS that SHAMED and HUMILIATED the victim

for the pleasure and gratification of the abuser. ***The term had a strong sexual connotation with the „shame‟ reflected on the perpetrator as well.” “The word HUBRIS was also used to describe the ACTIONS of those who challenged the Gods or their Laws, resulting in the challenger‟s FALL.” “In Athens „hubris‟ was a legal term and considered to be a *CRIME as „irreverent outrageous treatment‟;

which RESULTED in the FATAL retribution of NEMESIS; against those who succumb to HUBRIS…The name NEMESIS means to „give what is due; JUSTICE. An

accusation of HUBRIS implies that punishment will follow. Hubris is also referred to as the „Pride that Blinds‟…Examples of HUBRIS are found in fiction, most famously in „Paradise Lost‟ in John Milton‟s description of the biblical LUCIFER.”

Circumstantial Evidence no. 1(c): „Groupthink‟ By Yale University Psychologist Irvin Janis 1972: “Groupthink is a „psychological phenomenon‟ (*as evidenced only by the senses) that occurs within a group of people. The primary socially negative cost of groupthink is the *LOSS of *individual creativity, *uniqueness and *independent thinking” “Irvin Janis, in 1972, performed the majority of initial research on „groupthink‟ at Yale University, as a research psychologist. His original definition of the term was: „A mode of thinking: people engage in when they are deeply involved in a cohesive in-group, when the members strivings for unanimity (*agreeing in opinion, by general consent) OVERIDE their motivation to realistically appraise alternative courses of action.‟ Further stating: „The more amiability and spirit de corps there is among the policy-making-in-group, *the greater the danger that independent critical thinking will be replaced by groupthink, which is likely to result in irrational and dehumanising actions against out-groups‟ (*or in this case, against INDIVIDUALS) “Janis considered a „high degree of cohesiveness‟ to be the „most important antecedent to producing groupthink which is ALWAYS present

when groupthink is occurring.‟ As a „social science mode‟ ~ „groupthink‟ has enormous reach and influences literature in the fields of: ~ Political Science as a Social Science which *originated with the works of (Occultist) Plato and Aristotle. ~ Social Psychology ( example;*Milgram‟s Social Psychological Experiment) ~ Management ~ Organizational Theory (including Control Theory); as the systematic study and application of knowledge of how people act within organizations. ~ Communications: *requiring a sender, a message and an intended receiver ~ although the receiver need not be present or aware of the sender‟s intent to communicate at the time of the communication, thus communication can occur across vast distances in time and space ~ the „communication is completed once the receiver has understood the message‟. ***It is the transmission of signals that involve a living sender and receiver.” “Effects of Groupthink on Tactical Decision-Making‟ By Major Phillip M Johnson US Army ~ School of Advanced Military Studies: “Irving Janis introduced the theory of Groupthink in his classic study „Victims of Groupthink‟ in 1972…This monograph determines whether groupthink negativity affects decisionmaking at the battalion and brigade level. The underlying proposition of this research is that Commander‟s and Staffs that display the symptoms of groupthink are more likely to display defective decision-making, leading to poor mission outcomes.” “Groupthink Symptoms: ~ Type 1: Overestimation of the Group:

1. ILLUSION of invulnerability:

This symptom is defined as excessive optimism that encourages taking risks with little consideration of what would happen if the worst outcome should occur, or the consequences of the solution proposed by the Group. This always includes the over-estimation of the potential success of the solution or the abilities of the group. 2. BELIEF in the inherent MORALITY of the Group:

This symptom implies that the Group ignores the ethical or moral consequences of their decisions.” ~ “Type 2: Closed Mindedness: 3. Collective Rationalization:

This is an effort of members to discount, withhold, or distort warnings and other information that could threaten the Group‟s belief by convincing themselves as to the validity of the group‟s position. The group does not realistically or seriously consider outside information or other potential decision alternatives. 4. Stereotypes of Out-Groups

Just as the groups are overconfident in their own powers and morality, they tend to believe their opponents are „weak‟ or „foolish‟. This results in underestimation of their opponent‟s ability to counter or interfere with the groups plan.” ~ “Type 3: Pressures towards Uniformity 5. Self-censorship:

This occurs when members hold back expressing their doubts or deviation from the apparent group-consensus. This may reflect each member‟s inclination to minimize to himself the importance of his doubts and counterarguments.

6. ILLUSION of Unanimity:

Self-censorship and other devices create an environment of unanimity concerning judgements conforming to the majority view. This environment is also facilitated by the *false assumption that silence is consent. 7. Direct PRESSURES on DISSENTERS:

The group uses direct social pressure on any members who express dissent with the majority‟s views, stereotypes, proposed solution or commitment. Group pressures and norms make it clear that dissenting viewpoints and behaviour are contrary to expected group norms or loyalty. *8. Self-appointed MIND-GUARDS:

Members of the group take it upon themselves to protect the group from adverse information that could threaten the group‟s shared complacency and to keep other‟s in line with the supposed consensus.” “Groupthink tends to strengthen the group‟s cohesion and reinforce self-complacency and group bias among its member‟s, whilst drastically lowering the quality of decisions. *The

EFFECT in many groups is decision‟s that are definitely inferior to decisions made INDIVIDUALLY.” ~ “Instigators of Genocide: Examining Hitler from a *Social Psychological Perspective.” By David R. Mandel ~2002:

“In the 1960‟s and early 70‟s, seminal work in the field, such as *Milgram‟s research on „Obedience to Authority‟ and the *Stanford Prison Experiment by Zimbardo and his colleagues (1973) continued to be motivated by a need to understand the perpetrators of the Holocaust and other acts of collective violence. To this day, these studies represent Social Psychology‟s demonstration of „situation-ism‟ ~ a core tenet of the field that emphasized the „power of situational forces over human behaviour.” “THOSE who INSTIGATE collective violence need to be distinguished from those who subsequently carry it out. *The INSTIGATOR is critical for the ORIGINATION of an act of collective violence, whereas the

Perpetrator ~ usually one of many ~ is critical for its execution.” “*It is the goals, plans and ACTS of INSTIGATORS that set in motion a complex, casual chain of events leading to collective violence.” “*It is INSTIGATORS who can lead other people to participate in murder.” “The distinction between Instigator‟s and Perpetrator‟s shares some similarities of that between „Leaders and Followers‟ but the two distinctions are not synonymous. Many High Ranking Nazis were Leaders but their role in the Holocaust, were, as Perpetrator‟s not Instigators.” “*Perpetrators are those people who take deliberate actions that contribute to the social production of collective violence and who do so with an understanding that their actions will contribute to such ends…*The division of labour amongst the perpetrators of the Holocaust represented a microcosm of modern day society complete with its bureaucrats, business men, lawyers, doctors, scientists, writers and commentators, police and military ~ each of whom contributed to the production of Genocide.” *”INSTIGATORS offer hope to their followers, usually in *times of social unrest ~ in which many are searching for a „sense of belonging‟ in their lives ~ as a „common vision‟ ~ *which rests on HATRED and DISTRUST and that relies on SCAPEGOATING and violence.” “Hitler was more effective than any of his contemporaries at bringing *anti-Jewish VOLK nationalism to the general public and creating a political system that habitually, systematically murders large numbers of its own citizens ~ *based on the ideology of the (*Occultist) VOLK.” “INSTIGATORS, particularly the most notorious ones like Hitler, seemed to be characterised by a sense of „SINGULARITY‟ (*‟Oneness‟) as „non-inter-changeability‟ ~ as the disproportionate „influence‟ that instigator‟s exert on an emerging system of collective violence. *In totalitarian regimes such as the Third Reich, it is evident that such „influence‟ is real.”

“In his analysis of „power in contemporary societies‟ Toffler (1990) and Russell (1992) defined 3 forms: *Low-grade-power: relies on physical force or the threat of violence. *Medium-grade-power: relies on control of capital wealth. High-grade-power: relies on access to and control of information and knowledge.” “A critical factor that clearly distinguishes Instigators from other Perpetrator‟s is the acquisition of power across this power spectrum. Instigators are likely to achieve higher positions of authority than perpetrator‟s ~ *often dictatorial status. Unlike most perpetrator‟s, instigators may attain the power to mobilize armies, paramilitary forces and the police. They can direct capital spending and change laws. They can influence the attitudes of the masses via propaganda and media control, and they can influence mass behaviour more directly through enticements and fear tactics.” “*A subtle „psychological tactic‟ that may be employed by instigators is to induce false consensus effects: which refers to situations in which *people falsely believe that their attitudes or beliefs are shared by a majority of other people.***THIS definition implies an EGO-CENTRIC focus; namely ~ that other people THINK like they do. A more general definition of the „false consensus effect‟ would be simply to subscribe to a false belief about consensus. *Media-controlling INSTIGATORS may propagate false consensus effects by suggesting that the nation subscribes to beliefs and endorses policies that in fact are NOT widely shared. Thus, the Leaders of countries at war will not only install the belief that „the war is necessary‟ but also the belief that „most citizens agree that the war is necessary‟. Such consensus beliefs provide *Social Justifications for moral disengagement; thus serving as premeditation to collective violence and facilitating the transition of the eventual perpetrators.” “With power over the media, instigators can also MANIPULATE the perceived credibility of individuals and groups ~ that they view as friends or adversaries. It is well known that Nazi propaganda portrayed Jews as corrupt liars…*DEROGRATORY messages about Jews were frequently reiterated, ***and we KNOW from psychological research

that the mere reiteration of a message increases the likelihood that it will be believed; a finding known as the „reiteration effect‟. *In short Instigators not only have power to authorize individuals to participate directly in collective violence, but they also have the power to shape bystanders REACTIONS to these events.” “Instigators exercise the ability to stigmatize their victims. Goffman (1990) defined ***„stigma‟ as: „the situation of an individual who is disqualified from full social acceptance‟. Victims of collective violence may be stigmatized through escalations in violence levied against them; through repressive laws that curtail their personal, religious and economic freedoms, that increase their social burdens and that IDENTIFY them as „menaces or pariah‟s of society‟ THROUGH propaganda that „depersonalizes and dehumanizes them and ascribes to them a host of negative attributes‟ and through enticements granted to those who take it upon themselves to worsen the victim‟s situation.” “As LeBon (1896) emphasized over a century ago; the ***effective instigator ENERGIZES his followers by AGITATING their EMOTIONS and by appealing to the sentiments that guide their reason. In modern history „Nationalism‟ has been one of the most effective political strategies for accomplishing this goal and its success is due to its „psychological power‟: Nationalism creates an egotistic

sense of in-group-cohesion („Groupthink‟) by emphasising the shared greatness of a people. And it exacerbates feelings of threat by pointing to the nation‟s precariousness, and feelings of HATRED by pointing to those deemed „responsible‟ for its hardships and failures.” “Nationalism plays upon a fundamental aspect of human social cognition as the tendency to CATEGORIZE individuals into groups: It has been shown that people will DISCRIMINATE in favour of in-groupmembers and AGAINST out-group-members, even when the basis of social categorization is trivial. For example German VOLK Nationalists conceived their nation as an Organic WHOLE as an ENTITY whose members were UNITED by blood bonds that went back to the beginning of human history.” NB: The emphasis and brackets are included by me, Mary Lale, to highlight

the direct similarities of Occultist Nazism (of then) and Occultist „New Age Foundation Period‟ attempt of now: For each are using, exactly the same methodology and ideology; with now, trying to „make it become established‟ via their: „Groupthink-Ego-Centric-Hubris-Scapegoating‟ of „Cosmic Consciousness‟: As the „Sub-Rose-Conspiracy‟ and FRAUD by False Representation. This is an involved and complex case, spanning hundreds of years „they‟ as the Occultists, Hermes Adepts, Esoteric Initiates, Theosophists, Kabbalah Alchemists, Nazis (VOLK ideology) Occultists of the SS Storm Troopers and current day Neo-Nazis in STILL the existing; Order of the New Templars, Druids and Yogis have collectively worked towards striving to „achieve and then succeed in‟ their „Common Aim; Common Plan; Grand Design‟; acting together ~ across the world, always in „unison‟. From the 1980‟s this list includes the alleged „Christian‟ ~ „Evangelicals‟ known as the „Third Wave‟ and as „Charismatic Churches‟: who are attempting to FALSELY claim to „BE the Holy Spirit‟ as the „Second Coming of Jesus Christ‟ = FALSE PROPHETS. AND from the 1990‟s and 2011, this list also includes the „MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD‟ of SUFIS: *This case against them ~ in their collective state ~ „Acting in Unison as One Force‟; as the „SubRose-Conspiracy‟: Goes into all their collectively produced „OCCULTIST effects‟ from their collectively produced „OCCULTIST causations‟….for all their FALSE assertions of the MIND (Limbic System of Brain) to BODY - ILLUSIONS of „Spirituality‟.

Circumstantial Evidence is used to „prove‟ what „cannot be proved directly‟. Website One contains more Direct Factual Evidence than Circumstantial Evidence.

~ Circumstantial Evidence 1(a) gave the example of Occultist Sir Isaac Newton‟s „Theory of Gravity‟ of which he took directly from the Occultist collectively physically acted out Geometric VIBRATION Craft and its „subsequent knowledge‟ of „Action at a Distance‟. The point in it, I highlighted, was: „the masses rotate around their centre of

mass; so the smaller mass moves as a *TEST PARTICLE.‟ As a „Single Conscious Life‟ ~ the „test particle‟ ~ as the claimed „centre of mass‟ ~ which, in the FRAUD of the present day alleged „Cosmic Consciousness‟ is claimed NOT as an „natural female, individual

heart conscience‟ but as „Self-Consciousness‟ as „SOUL‟ termed also by them as „ROSE‟: Of which, the Concise Oxford Dictionary, defines „Soul‟: 1. The spiritual or immaterial part of a human being or animal, often regarded as immortal 2. The moral, emotional or intellectual nature of a person 3. The personification or pattern of something

4. An individual The „Sub-Rose-Conspiracy‟ by the world-wide, Esoteric, Hermes, Occultist Regime, claims the „Soul; Rose‟ as the „Soul of the Whole‟ of the FRAUD of the „Collective Person; Cosmic Consciousness‟: as a specifically targeted „female heart conscience‟ perceived as their „direct threat‟ ~ to try and assert as „CHAOS‟ as „personification of Nature‟. Of which the „pattern of‟ is via their „thought forms‟ of „thought intrusion‟ AS „mind patterning stereotypes‟ ~ as a „reiteration effect‟ and NOT the actual individual heart conscience they allege as the „Rose; Soul‟…to give just a tiny example of the Fraud by False Representation… The UK Human Rights Act 1998 ~ came into force in October 2000. All public bodies such as Courts, Police, local governments, publicly funded schools and other bodies carrying out public functions have to comply with the Convention rights. This means that individuals can take human rights cases in domestic courts and no longer have to go to Strasbourg, to argue their case in the European Court of Human Rights. Protection from Discrimination: Discrimination occurs when an individual is treated less favourably than

another person in a similar situation and this treatment cannot be objectively and reasonably justified. This protection against

Discrimination in the Human Rights Act is not free-standing; an individual needs to show that his / her ability to enjoy one or more of

the other rights in the Human Rights Act has been affected by this Discriminatory treatment. *However you do not need to prove that this

other human right has actually been breached. The Human Rights Act prohibits Discrimination on grounds including:

sex, race, colour, language, religion, ***Political or OTHER opinion, national or social group, association with a national minority, property, birth or „other status‟; such as sexual orientation, marital status, trade union membership, trans-sexual, and imprisonment… AS highlighted by *** I have shown, where, in this case, against the Occultist „New Secular Order‟ Regime ~ the Human Rights Act Discrimination applies as „against a specified individual‟ of „other opinion‟ which INCLUDES „political opinion‟. With the UK Human Rights Act 1998, coming into force October 2000, which defines: „Discrimination occurs when differential treatment

cannot be objectively and reasonably justified.‟ Referring to INDIVIDUAL DIRECT OPPOSITION:

(From AUTUMN Equinox 1998-August 2011 ~ so far) TO: Direct Factual Evidence no. 3(c):

„Souled-Out-Organisation: Glossary of Occult Terms:

“Evolution: the unfolding to a continually increasing power to respond to vibration: The process which unfolds the life within all *UNITS („individuals‟), the developing urge which eventually merges all units and all groups, until you have the manifestation of what can be called „nature‟ or „God‟. Which is the aggregate (combination) of all states of Consciousness: as ordered change and constant mutation: As an ever-increasing power to respond to vibration, and a steadily increasing sensitivity to light and illumination.” Souled-Out-Organisation is an outreach ministry of „safe space‟ founded in California in 1982 as a non-profit religious organisation.

Its Mission statement:

„Our purpose is to „reveal‟, teach and EMBODY the Universal Principles that UNITE the world‟s religions ~ including essential divinity, *Unanimity ~ to embody to teach life as ministry: To engage in Group-work to collectively raise the VIBRATIONS to usher in the New Aquarian Age.” Just like Hitler‟s Occultist attempt at „New World Order‟ of Occultist Ideology, and its resulting „final solution‟ of the Holocaust ~ the Occultists remain the INSTIGATORS using their collectively produced (via their physically acting out „geometric rituals‟) electromagnetic vibration as mind; limbic system of brain INTERFERENCE ~ from where ALL violence, aggression, hatred, rage is activated from…to mould the YOUNG children as the „Hitler Youth‟ perpetrators to carry out the destruction of all once ~ social norms…With individuals termed ~ just like the Occultist Regime today ~ as „UNITS‟… Hitler Youth: „Hitler‟s book Mein Kampf stated: „the weak must be chisel-ed

away. I want young men and women who can suffer pain. A young German must be swift as a greyhound, as tough as leather and as hard as steel.‟ By 1933 Hitler Youth‟s

membership stood at 100,000. After Hitler came to power all other youth movements were abolished. In 1936, the figure stood at 4 million members and in 1939 it became compulsory to join Hitler Youth. The Hitler Youth Organisation was primarily male orientated with a heavy emphasis on competition, every task no matter how big or small was turned into a „UNIT („individual‟) Competition‟…The Nazis capitalized on „Peer Approval; Peer Pressure‟ and for each young person to regard the Hitler Youth Programs and encampments as their „real home. Young children, as young as 6, HUNG around the older boys, and got constantly punched by the older boys, while the Hitler Youth platoon leaders stood by and encouraged the fighting. “Leadership Schools‟ were established throughout Germany, offering 3 week courses on Nazi racial principles, rigorous physical activity and rifle shooting, in 1934 it was labelled „The

Year of Training‟ and a speech stated: “Whoever marches in the Hitler Youth is a soldier of an IDEA: The individuals member‟s VALUE to the *WHOLE is determined by the degree to which he is PERMEATED by the IDEA. The best Hitler Youth, irrespective of rank and office, is he who COMPLETELY surrenders HIMSELF to the National Socialist World View.”…WITHIN Hitler Youth‟s own membership „Patrol Force Units‟ functioned as their own „internal police‟, ferreting out „disloyal members‟ and denouncing anyone who criticized Hitler or Nazism, including, in a few cases, their own parents. Many members of Hitler Youth were transferred into the Occultist SS Officer Training Schools. And others joined the Occultist SS, brutal Death Head Brigades that operated Dachau and other concentration camps and later ran the extermination centres in occupied Poland.”

NB: For any Human Rights Lawyers reading through Website One: The Esoteric, Hermes, Occultist asserted „New Race of Man; Cosmic Consciousness‟ as non-consented to „Scientific Psychological to Physical Human Experiment‟ Autumn Equinox 1998 – 2011 (so far): Is their attempted „Reversal of Right‟ claimed by them as „Reform; Reformation of Right‟. Of which, from their alleged „New Age Foundation Period‟ of their „2012 era‟ they are attempting to annihilate, exterminate, smash, destroy ~ natural birth-right heart conscience individual diversity; and form a fraudulent „Hive Minded Conformity‟: which they also term as „Group-Soul;

Group-Mind; One Mind in a („Metaphysical‟) House; The Person Made of Light as Ultimate Brahmin; Cosmic Consciousness; Occultist New Jerusalem; The Christ‟:

Which is being attempted by them ILLEGALLY, these past 14 years: via their collective deliberate Ego-Centric-Hubris negative actions; to bring on their known unnatural negative effects: working within the Electromagnetic Spectrum; as a collectively produced „Field Line of Force‟. In *Psychology ~ AS A NON-CONSENTED to ~ „Metaphysical Scientific‟ ~ Psychological to Physical Human Experiment, their asserted fraudulent

„Occultist Collective It‟ is directly relevant, to what, is termed as the „DARK TRIAD‟: Which is of three „personality traits‟ : 1. „Machiavellianism‟: As the employment of cunning and duplicity in State-craft or general conduct: In Psychology, it is used to describe a person‟s tendency to „deceive and manipulate other people ~ for their own personal gain‟:

2. „Narcissistic Personality Disorder‟: Definition by Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research 1998-2011: „The Narcissistic Personality Disorder‟ is a mental disorder in which people

have an inflated sense of their own importance and a deep need for admiration. They „believe‟ they are „Superior to others, and have little regard for other people‟s feelings.‟

But behind this mask of ULTRA-CONFIDENCE lies a fragile self-esteem, vulnerable to the slightest criticism…Its symptoms include:       

Failing to recognize other people‟s emotions or feelings Expecting others to go along with your Ideas and Plans Taking advantage of others Expressing disdain for those you feel are inferior Setting unrealistic goals Appearing as Tough-minded or Unemotional Having a fragile self-esteem.

The Narcissistic Personality Disorder is thinking so highly of yourself that you put yourself on a pedestal (= „god trip‟): In contrast, people who have healthy confidence and self-esteem don‟t value themselves more than they value others. When you have Narcissistic Personality Disorder, you may come across as

conceited, boastful or pretentious. You may belittle or put down people you perceive as inferior: You may have a sense of „entitlement‟ and when you don‟t receive special treatment, you may become very impatient or angry: Underneath all this behaviour lies a fragile selfesteem. You may have a secret SHAME and humiliation: and in order to make yourself feel better, you may REACT with RAGE or CONTEMPT ~ with EFFORTS to belittle the other person to make

yourself feel better.‟ „Ego-Centric-Narcissism‟: means „inflated self-importance, egotism,

conceit or simply selfishness: Applied to a social group it is used to denote ELITISM and INDIFFERENCE to the plight of others‟.

In ancient Greece the concept was understood as HUBRIS; meaning extreme haughtiness, pride or arrogance: with HUBRIS referring to ACTIONS THAT SHAMED AND HUMILIATED THE VICTIM, FOR THE PLEASURE AND GRATIFICATION OF THE ABUSER; THE TERM HAD STRONG SEXUAL CONNOTATION ~ WITH THE „SHAME‟ REFLECTED ON THE ABUSER AS WELL: HUBRIS ~ was a Legal term and CRIME as „irreverent and outrageous treatment‟.

3. Psychopaths: Psychopaths are rarely PSYCHOTIC: Psychopaths lack a sense of guilt or remorse for any harm they may have CAUSED others, instead they „rationalize their behaviour; blaming someone else, or denying it outright‟. Psychopaths also lack empathy towards others in general, resulting in insensitivity and contempt: Psychopaths can have a superficial charm about them, enabled by a willingness to say anything to anyone, without concern for accuracy or truth: In Psychology this is termed as the „Shallow effect‟ ~ which also describes the Psychopath‟s tendency for „genuine emotion to be short lived, glib and ego-centric, with an overall cold demeanour‟. Researcher Robert Hare, whose Hare Psychopathy Checklist is widely used, describes Psychopaths as: “intra-species predators; Psychopaths use charisma, manipulation, intimidation, SEXUAL intercourse and VIOLENCE to CONTROL others and satisfy their needs: They are LACKING in CONSCIENCE and EMPATHY, they take what they want and do as they please, VIOLATING social norms and expectations WITHOUT guilt or remorse: What is missing, in other words, are the

very qualities that allow a human being to live in Social Harmony.”

Psychopaths are UNABLE to UNDERSTAND the EMOTIONAL states of others ~ except in a purely detached, intellectual sense. When a normal person sees someone else in pain or distress, he or she instinctively feels distress as well; but a Psychopath never does: Thus Psychopaths can commit acts of extreme cruelty and callousness because they are not deterred by any unpleasant reaction to their victims suffering:

Because the experience of others provokes no emotion in psychopathy, they regard others as little more than „objects‟ for their personal gratification. Psychopaths often fail to learn from past experience and do NOT modify their behaviour to avoid trouble. Punishment and rehabilitation has no positive effect on them, and their condition is considered untreatable.

What I have highlighted and underlined in regard to the Psychological definition of the „DARK TRIAD‟ is relative to the Esoteric, Hermes, Occultist adepts acting together as a posited collective „IT‟ as a man-made electromagnetic vibration field line of force: In relation to the being CONTESTED sub-rose-conspiracy FRAUD, of their asserted „Hive-mind; Cosmic

Consciousness; The Person made of Light; New Race of Man‟ as a non-consented to „Scientific Psychological to Physical Human Experiment‟: Which BEGAN form Autumn Equinox 1998;

BY Their repeating CRIME of HUBRIS of sexual connotation „that shamed and humiliated the victim‟ they term as the „Rose; Soul‟: as a „specified female heart conscience natural individual‟ who they (collectively) consider to be their „direct opposite in tendency, character‟ and their „direct


With the Psychopath aspect of the Dark Triad, shown by one of their many INSTIGATORS; New Age Leader Barbara Marx Hubbard, member of the think tank Club of Rome, and founder of „Foundation for Conscious Evolution‟ in 1998 stating:

“Anyone who RESISTS to; „create‟ a Hive-minded conformity needs to either change or die: Dealing with those who REFUSE to change will be merely as horrible as killing a cancer cell: it must be done ~ so be prepared for the „selection process‟ now beginning.” The asserted „Rose‟ as a natural female individual being their „direct threat‟ is NOT meaning that the collective Occultist „they‟ are „threatened by her‟ in the Psychopath / Hierarchy meaning of

„being threatened; intimidated by‟: Rather, it is meaning that their collective „they‟ ~ cannot make certain of her, cannot be sure of, CANNOT control her, and certainly CANNOT conquer ~ From NOT being able to comprehend her: ~ For their collective „They‟ ~ Can ONLY „comprehend what THEY have MADE / „created‟ in their Own Image‟: And can

ONLY keep within their own man-made „Prototypes already existing; within their alleged „Subconscious mind realm‟

They CANNOT comprehend „otherness‟ ~ „existing OUTSIDE of their own Subconscious Mind Creation; Make-believe; Fiction‟. They CANNOT comprehend any genuine originality ~ diversity: as a NATURAL HEART CONSCIENCE INDIVIDUAL: They began their non-consented to Scientific Psychological to Physical Human Experiment via their repeating crime of HUBRIS in Autumn Equinox 1998: Referring NOT only to their „sexual connotation of shaming and humiliating their target ~ the Rose‟ ~ via their Kundalini Yoga: But HUBRIS MEANING „their COLLECTIVE excessive Selfishness‟: of alleging to have „created „her‟ in THEIR OWN image‟: as live transmission within the Electromagnetic Spectrum of TV / Radio of the „Rose‟ as „Ghost Image‟: Unbeknown TO the asserted „Rose‟: to transfer the blame of their asserted „Cosmic Consciousness‟ ONTO her:

“Psychopaths rationalize their behaviour by blaming someone else or denying it outright” And ~ by this, they are attempting to claim REVERSAL; as Reformation of Right ~ attempting to claim INDIVIDUALS as ILLUSION; to claim NATURAL MATTER as ILLUSION and claiming natural birth-right INDIVIDUALS „to be selfish, separate, evil‟: And put under their asserted „Individual Deconstruction Process‟ ~ beginning with the natural female heart conscience; they falsely represent as Rose; Soul; Night; Moon; Subconscious; Virgin-Mother… THIS Their NON-CONSENTED to

„Metaphysical; Scientific Psychological to Physical‟

Human Experiment Autumn Equinox 1998 – Winter 2011 (so far) Summary: Of the being illegally attempted New Age; New World Order; within the Occultist „New Age Foundation period; 1980-1998-2016 as their asserted „2012 era‟: With the Occultists as the „Instigators‟ and the Institutional and Political Players ~ as the „Perpetrators‟ of: The Occultist New Age IDEA is of their posited „Lucifer Wholeness‟ as:

NO MORE NATURAL INDEPENDENCE Rather An UNNATURAL GLOBAL-INTER-DEPENDENCE: Politically Monetary: Economically Culturally Socially Religiously AND Individually 1980-1988 saw US Occultist Freemason „Instigator‟ President Ronald Reagan bring in Neo-liberalism of Privatization; alongside his „special relationship‟ with UK: „Perpetrator‟ ~ Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher; who was chosen as „prospective UK Leader‟ by the Instigator – Perpetrators the Bilderberg Group: Who instigated the European Union and the Euro ~ Euro-Zone. 1980‟s Occultist Instigators AND Perpetrators include the Rothschild family bank as a significant part of the private „World Bank‟ and one of the main drivers behind „Privatisation‟ in its „Merger‟s and Acquisitions‟:

Included in this; is in their „role‟ of the „ENRON‟ scandal ~ as part of Margaret Thatcher‟s government and the deliberate financial BREAK-DOWN of Argentina and Latin America; to then „become‟ part of the „Emerging Markets‟ of the being attempted „New Order of Global Neo-liberalism‟ Globalization as Privatisation as Neo-liberalism is RUN via „Quantum Economics‟ as the „Macro-economics‟ of Speculators from Hedge Funds such as Perpetrator George Soros Quantum Fund, and Investment Bankers such as the „Instigators / Perpetrators‟ Rothschild Bank, whom George Soros was a board member of. The being illegally attempted Occultist „New Age; New World Order‟ is RUN from „Quantum Mechanics‟ as an attempted MAN-MADE ideology; class of thinking: of which, Professor M. M. Ninan‟s „Quantum non-locality and coherence‟ states: “Quantum locality places a world view that we are a System taken as a whole” And Roger Penrose: “What is Quantum coherence? This refers to circumstances where large numbers of particles can collectively cooperate in a single quantum state…The „coherence‟ is where bosons making up a substance MERGE into the lowest energy level, into a SHARED quantum state and ACTS as a coherent WHOLE: All particles become exactly

alike and cannot be distinguished; for they have the same quantum numbers and same energies ~ you cannot tell one from another.”

With „The Sociology of Financial Transaction Taxes‟ from University of Tasmania:

“The Financial situation of INTEGRATED global markets is BOTH an Economic and Political construct. The CLOSER global financial markets come to integration the more centrally they act in absorbing and challenging the Political authority of states. For over *three decades the Political paradigm has been to „OPEN UP‟ and „deregulate‟ financial markets to ABSORB global influence. The strongest Political systems have engineered a SHADOW economy: *INITIALLY through the US and UK axis as the Anglo-Saxon financial market trading system, identifiable by the (later 1988) Washington Consensus model of economic and social design.”

“*The Reagan Administration introduced the concept of Wall Street TAX EXEMPTION as „free-market-models‟ ~ that was ADAPTED quickly across continents ~ Canary Wharf in the City of London was given TAX EXEMPTION, by Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher ~ in the UK 1979 Banking Act ~ which REMOVED discrimination between Offshore and Onshore financial markets: The City of London was afforded „offshore status‟ in an expanding and ultra-competitive, global financial market NETWORK: The City of London became the leading centre for these transactions and increased the leading edge for 30 years: AS the central element in the UK competitive strategy.” “Internal Capital and Banking Crisis have arisen through events associated with deregulated institutions; traders, banks, hedge funds and speculators such as George Soros „Quantum Fund‟ ~ which have been described as the „vehicle‟ from which the Asian, Russian, South American and other financial crisis have arisen.” “The 2001 ~ 2011 decade has been marked by corporate excess and resurgence in the Shadow Economy of Inter-Nation Trade ~ during and PARALLEL to a *tightening of credit in the „real economy‟: As a consequence the volatility of financial trading; through hedge funds, fund of funds and derivatives (*such as Credit Default Swaps) markets ~ many originating from Offshore Tax exempt havens, has emerged as a considerable RISK to orderly global financial market function: And States are LESS able to guarantee stable economies than they ever have been.” “Persistent problems related to market dysfunction have regularly occurred for Nation States globally, many of whom have passed through previous disruptive financial crisis; Southeast Asia, Japan, Russia, US and UK, which had DIRECT LINKEGES with Speculative Capital inflows and outflows and

Interest Rate Speculation on Currencies.”

“Many had been economically disrupted during Speculative Short-Selling-trades: such as the short-selling-run on the British Pound by Quantum Fund manager George Soros. Many States had been *caught unaware that an imminent challenge

was being directed at their currencies: Southeast Asia, Russia and the UK: Soros earned US $840 million in 2005 as a 45% increase on the previous year.”

“*To this day (2011) there are NO current „Free Market‟ Political or ~ Economical, Strategies in place to PREVENT any severe „runs‟ on currencies. *Currency speculation markets remain

unregulated and attract a wide range of Private and Corporate players betting in a virtual casino type of trading with DAILY numbers of upwards of US $4.5 TRILLION: The global nature of trading makes ALL countries VULNERABLE: The possibility of a major dysfunction is only a transaction away.” “Market INTEGRATION Has, in many cases become ULTRA DESTRUCTIVE in Social terms: Which has seen massive movement of credit FROM

Investment Banks to Businesses and Private Consumers for

*Real Estate and Speculative purchases ~ MANY of which have BUILT the Major Credit Bubbles (of over-exaggerated pricing) across developed State economies.” “INTEGRATION Of Global Financial Markets ~ AS a TRANSFER from State Funds TO Corporate players ~ THEN as the markets collapse, a FURTHER transfer of TAXPAYER funds to „bailout‟ corporations, SIGNIFICANT DEBT problems now plague European and US economies…***The introduction of a Financial Transaction Tax would

counter the EFFECTS of speculative trade, which have been injurious to Nation States and Civil society: It would make speculative activities ACCOUNTABLE and provide nation states with a specific revenue source for Civil Services to Citizens: An Financial Transaction Tax is essentially an RETURN on taxpayer funds made „available‟ by global governments for „bailouts‟ of Corporate players and stimulus packages following the Global Financial crisis: It would FUND health care initiatives and global initiatives to alleviate poverty. It is designed to raise revenue and MODIFY the behaviour OF Financial Institutions and Markets to minimize EXCESSIVE RISK-TAKING and Speculation” “In 2008 a Financial Transaction Tax at a MINIMAL rate of

0.025% and initiated ONLY in the US territories would have generated the US ~ $320 billion ~ in two-side trades for the country of origin.” Please Note: The Financial Transaction Tax is a man-made „SOLUTION‟ to a man-made ~ (deliberately set off) ~ CAUSATION. French and German Prime Ministers, as the strongest GDP country‟s in the Eurozone ARE seriously considering it ~ *ESPECIALLY in regards to the „risk-taking-speculative instruments of derivatives ~ such as the Credit Default Swaps‟: THEREBY they are showing themselves ~ NOT ~ to be either the „Instigators‟ or „Perpetrators‟ of the being illegally attempted Occultist New Age; New World Order: Which BEGINS its attempt of: „having become established within its foundation timings‟ VIA DESTRUCTION ~ OF ALL „accepted norms‟ = To REPLACE THE „Natural‟ (independence) with the ~ UNNATURAL („inter-dependence mergingintegration‟) and attempt to posit „that‟ as „NATURAL‟ via their asserted „Metaphysics ~ Science‟ of „Quantum Mechanics‟

2009 Commission of the European Communities Brussels: “The on-going financial crisis has brought unprecedented regulatory attention to over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives markets AND the way in which credit risk has been transferred:

One of the root causes has been traced back to the misuse of the techniques that were „developed‟ to „transfer credit risk‟: *The risks inherent in Credit Default Swaps and their IMPACT on financial stability are analysed in this report.”

“In the Credit Default Swaps market, the prices of these „instruments‟ have a direct impact on the financing costs a firm faces…The near collapse of Bear Sterns in March 2008 (*and the

subsequent take-over acquisition and merging of it ~ into JP Morgan Bank; who designed and implemented the ~ *** synthetic Credit Debt Obligation‟ ~ as one of the main CAUSES of the „sub-prime mortgage crisis‟) and the

default of Lehman Brothers on 15th September 2008, and the

„bailout‟ (via Taxpayer money as the „new guarantee‟) of AIG on 16th September 2008, highlighted the FACT that derivatives in general ~ with ***Credit derivatives in particular ~ *carry systematic implications for the financial market.” September 2008

„Credit Default Swaps: From Protection to Speculation‟ By Robins, Kaplan, Miler and Cirest:

“Credit Default Swaps is NOT a form of insurance. Rather it is an „option investment‟ that BETS on whether a „credit event‟ ~ will ~ or will not ~ occur. *Credit Default Swaps do NOT have the same underwriting and analytical analysis as an „insurance product‟ ~ rather it is based on the „financial strength of the

entity issuing the underlying credit asset ~ as loan or bond‟.”

“There are NO regulatory capital requirements for the „seller of protection‟ ~ such as exists with insurance companies…Credit Default swaps are a PRIVATE CONTRACT between two parties; in which the „buyer of protection‟ agrees to pay premiums to a seller of protection, over a set period of time, the most common being 5 years. In return the „seller of protection‟ agrees to pay the buyer an „amount of loss‟ CREATED by the „credit event‟ the most common being bankruptcy, restructuring or default.” “Sub-prime mortgages and other Asset-backed problems: The problems in the sub-prime mortgage area started in the summer of 2007; and exposed the problems in the Credit Default Swap market: AS the sub-prime mortgages and their related Credit Default Swaps started to have „valuation problems and ultimate defaults‟ the „sellers of protection‟ in the CDS market realized that the Credit Default Swaps tied to collateralized sub-prime mortgages (and other CDS type securities) were going to require SUBSTANTIAL payments: *The value of a CDS is based on *computer modelling of cash flows: Including, the stream of premium payments MINUS projected pay-outs ~ DUE to *ANTICIPATED events of default in the underlying debt.” “*SPECULATION

Entered the Credit Default Swap market in 3 forms: 1. Using structured investment vehicles ~ such as the credit debt obligation as the underlying asset. 2. Creating Credit Default Swaps between parties without any connection to the underlying asset 3. Development of a secondary market for Credit Default Swaps: Many hedge funds and investment companies started to write Credit Default Swap contracts WITHOUT OWNING the *underlying security ~ and were just a „BET‟ on whether a „credit event‟ ~ would occur….*THESE Credit Default Swaps „created‟ a way to „short-sell‟ the bond market, or to make money on the DECLINE of the VALUE of the bonds: They often place BETS on the price movements of commodities AND INTEREST RATES, (etc.) and now had a „vehicle‟ to „short-sell‟ ~ these credit markets….The International Swaps and Derivative Association does provide „recommended Credit Default Swap documentation guidelines‟ but it is NOT a regulatory body that issues regulations ~ that ~ ARE ~ enforceable” NB: Please Note: Credit Default Swaps make money for the Leading Banks and Investment Banks; Hedge Funds and Speculators which does NOT return to the „bailout taxpayers; civil society‟. The „profit‟ REMAINS with those who place the „BETS‟ on the „Anticipated‟ (from being engineered) „CREDIT EVENTS‟ of Bankruptcy, Restructuring, default: = The „future‟ further „spill-over-effects‟ of deliberate Economic and Social Deconstruction… With the (Occultist as) Instigators and Perpetrators of their „Overall Common Design; Master-plan‟ asserted „Construction‟ ~ of „gaining continual material prosperity‟ by it: VIA their „Acquisition and MERGERS‟…

= It was the Instigators and Perpetrators „derivatives team‟ at J P Morgan Chase and Company in the mid-1990‟s who were the ~ „Pioneers‟ of the invention of „Credit Derivatives‟ such as the „CREDIT DEFAULT SWAP‟: *The FIRST „Credit Default Swap‟ was „created‟ to allow (Occultist family Rockerfeller) Exon-Mobil to „borrow money from JP Morgan while JP Morgan TRANSFERRED the RISK to the ***European Bank of Reconstruction and Development‟. (Showing the „uses‟ of the Bilderberg created „Eurozone‟…) J P Morgan Chase and Co. is a multi-national banking corporation of Securities, Investments and Retail: It is the largest bank in the US by assets and market capitalization: It is a major producer of financial services, with assets of $2 TRILLION. The Hedge Fund Unit of J P Morgan Chase and Co. is one of the largest hedge funds in the US: It was formed in *2000 when Chase Manhattan Corporation MERGED with J P Morgan and Co. LED by (Occultist Instigator and Perpetrator) David Rockerfeller in the 70‟s and 80‟s Chase Manhattan Bank emerged as one of the largest and most prestigious banks, with LEADERSHIP positions in „Syndicated Lending‟. J P Morgan Chase and Co is 19% owned by the Rothschild Family bank…In 2000 J P Morgan Chase and Co. paid out $2 billion in fines and legal settlements for their ROLE in financing ENRON Corporation: *Notable Former Employees of J P Morgan Chase: „Politics and Public Service‟ TONY BLAIR PRIME MINISTER OF UK 1997-2007: Who „restructured‟ the UK Labour Party into „New Labour‟ from following „centralisation of Neo-liberalism‟ of „New Democrats‟ of US President Clinton: WHO, on November 12th 1999: passed the „Gramm Leach Billey Act of US Congress‟ ~ officially bringing in Credit Debt Obligations and Credit Default Swaps and which REPEALED the 1930‟s „Glass-Steagall Act‟ which PROHIBITED a bank from offering investment ~ commercial banking AND insurance services: the 1999 Act; repealed ALL the existing financial safeguards and firewalls which prevented another GREAT DEPRESSION from occurring… It was J P Morgan‟s „derivative team‟ who later „created‟ the „BISTRO‟ as a bundle of „Credit Default Swaps‟ that was the progenitor of

the „Synthetic Credit Debt Obligation‟ which was at the „toxic core‟ of the „Sub-prime mortgage crisis‟. The originator of the „Financial Transaction Tax‟ was James Tobin, who argued that: “Speculative activity CAUSES harmful fluctuations in financial markets in pursuit of speculative gains”. ***OVER the past two years in the UK, it has been the Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron and his Chancellor of Exchequer George Osborne, (who was a leading Bilderberg member in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and seen again at their meetings, in 2011) who have been consistently REFUSING the „Tobin; Financial Transaction Tax‟ which is termed also as the „Robin Hood Tax Campaign‟ in the UK. To George Osborne‟s assertion that „the financial transaction tax would have the EFFECT of banks and financial / equity services leaving the UK‟: The influential economist Avinash Persuad, who has worked for a number of leading banks and is currently chairman of Elara Capital. On 3rd October 2011, BBC Business News reported him as stating: “An EU Financial Transaction Tax would be both desirable and feasible”. „His argument is based on the long-term-impact of the UK‟s Stamp Duty Reserve Tax, which levies 0.5% on transactions in UK shares. This levy has been around for 25 years, and for longer in other incarnations and hasn‟t been associated with the mass departure of equity trading away from the UK: This Stamp Duty rates £3 BILLION a year for the Exchequer and the Office of Budget Responsibility expects the take from the tax to rise by a third over the next 3 years.‟ „Persuad argues that a SIMILAR rule should apply to the EU Transaction Tax ~ in shares, bonds and derivatives relating to money raised by company‟s based in Europe, then the tax should apply…A transaction tax might reduce the volume of transactions ~ *especially in the derivatives designed PURELY for SPECULATIVE purposes ~ by increasing their cost: *But it is THESE deals that INCREASE irrational exuberance and manic depression in markets, to the DETRIMENT of businesses trying to finance themselves and are also devices for extracting EXCESSIVE fees from more gullible businesses‟. „The important point, says Persuad, is that „even if Investors and Banks relocate to Singapore or Geneva, if they TRADE in UK shares (In the UK Stamp Duty) they HAVE to PAY this duty ~ and the consequence is that foreign residents pay 40% of British Stamp Duty.‟

„As a RESULT of the Financial Transaction Tax ~ there would be a REDUCTION in „high-frequency-trading‟ which would mean that „overshoots‟ and „undershoots‟ in markets would be LESS extreme: A Financial Transaction Tax would INCREASE the efficiency of the allocation of capital, it would improve the functioning of capitalism, rather than undermining it.‟ 8th September 2011 “Taxpayer „guarantees‟ give UK banks a £46 BILLION subsidy ~ or ~ £1,840 for every household in the UK” By Simon Duke: “Research has revealed this, in a highly critical study by

the think tank „New Economics Foundation‟ which said that „Barclays, Lloyds and Royal Bank of Scotland each received £10 billion or more, last year. The Think Tank accused these „lenders‟ of „profiting at the expense of the British public as both taxpayers and customers‟ and that „this is after successive Labour and Conservative Governments have failed to rein in this sector‟.

4th November 2011 „The Robin Hood Tax‟ website: „G20: The Verdict‟: “At the G20 this week, a growing group of G20 countries, from France, Germany, Argentina, South Africa and Brazil BACKED the Financial Transaction Tax; the Robin Hood Tax Campaign. Which leaves leaders like David Cameron, who continues to OPPOSE the tax, looking increasingly isolated: Having sided NOT with the 99% suffering with the EFFECTS of the economic crisis, but with the interests of a privileged few, in the financial sector.” ***Two days later in „The Sunday Times‟ (on 06.11.11) it reported the REASON why the continual OPPOSITION to the Financial Transaction Tax: is that the UK „City of London‟ as the „leading financial centre of the UK‟ is the LEAD CREDIT DEFAULT SWAP marketer ~ In Europe ~ China and India… March 2011 „Brickwork Ratings; for informed Investment Decisions: A Position Paper on Credit Default Swaps and Interest Rate Futures‟: In association with City of London: “The

Indian Banks aggregate assets comprise of loans and advances portfolio of OVER US $800 billion and Investment portfolio in Government of India Securities of OVER US $300 billion: THESE assets are EXPOSED to Credit Risk and Interest Rate risk…These risks remain UNDER-HEDGED due to the LACK of available instruments: This Position Paper sets out the fundamental aspects of CREDIT DEFAULT SWAPS ~ to CREATE robust CDS products for the Indian Market.” “Both CHINA and India have been considering the launch of Credit Default Swaps for some time.” = The two most populous counties in the world….For an expansion of the THEN to BE Global Great Depression…For the banker‟s speculation corruption and debt to remain as the people‟s debt…And IMF Privatisation‟s Austerity measures to ensure it is the innocent and poorest who KEEP paying…

6th November 2011 The Sunday Times “Cameron‟s IMF boost to stop snowball effect” By Ben Laurance “Banks have CUT rather than increased their lending to small and medium-sized businesses: Over the past year the total lent to these companies SHRANK by £5 billion. And, on top of that consumers are under pressure: Unemployment is rising and wage increases for those who have held onto their jobs are being outpaced by inflation, now running at more than 5%.” “London is Europe‟s leading market for so-called Credit Default Swaps. Marie Diron, senior economic advisor to Ernst and Young said: “These markets are very opaque (obscure,

NOT transparent). The RISK is that losses on CDS‟s would trigger other losses and the EFFECT would snowball”

“David Cameron made it sound like a decision ~ that was driven by morality and the best intentions ~ of injecting more (£20 billion) of taxpayers money into the IMF „would be the right thing to do‟ he said, as the G20 leaders assembled last week in Cannes.” ~ Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron is JUST LIKE his predecessor Labour Gordon Brown as („bailout via taxpayers money‟ ~ FOR ~ „transference of risk‟) Prime Minister and his predecessor Prime Minister Tony Blair and his predecessor Conservative Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher ~ (in their ON-GOING ~ US-UK „special relationship‟ ~ FROM Occultist

Freemason UK Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill and Occultist Freemason President Franklin Delano Roosevelt) in FOLLOWING the legislation „authority‟ of American Republican and Democrats: On attempting to bring in the ILLEGAL Occultist New Age; New World Order…Of which its „financial‟ 3 institution „Pillars‟ of the associated „Pyramid‟ is the „World Bank, IMF and World Trade Centre‟… ~ For, it was US Republican Jim Leach, of the 1999 „Gramm-LeachBilley Act‟ which ~ REMOVED all SAFEGUARDS ~ put there to PREVENT another Great Depression, and made „official‟ the „Credit Default Swaps‟…(etc.)… Who then went on ~ to „give authority…to legislate‟ an “International Monetary Fund QUOTA INCREASE…” 22nd April 2010

„Paying for the Crisis: IMF Staff REJECT the Financial Transaction Tax in favour of a Financial Activities Tax‟ By Bodo Elimers:

“It was the G20 that mandated the IMF to prepare a short report which was entitled; „A Fair and Substantial Contribution by the Financial Sector‟: In it there is almost no positive statement on the Financial Transaction Tax: The IMF does

agree that it IS feasible from an Administrative point of view and that it may RAISE up ~ to:

US ***$200 BILLION ***ANNUALLY: At a tax rate of 0.1%: But the remaining space is dedicated to TURNING DOWN the many arguments put forward by the many proponents of the Financial Transaction Tax.” “Accordingly the IMF staff position is that the „Financial

Transaction Tax as a general transaction tax is INADEQUATE because it does not exclusively focus on CORE sources of financial instability‟ They also state that „the costs might be handed on to the consumers‟

*Which, UK Chancellor of Exchequer, George Osborne states, as “it will be the pensioners that pay ~ the BANKS ~ WON‟T”. Probably referring to Quantum Fund manager George Soros who this year, in 2011, has CLOSED his Quantum Fund to OUTSIDERS, and has blamed his decision on „New Financial REGULATIONS ~ requiring Hedge Funds to REGISTER with the US Securities and Exchange Commission‟. “Proponents of the Financial Transaction Tax argue, that the lion‟s share of financial transactions happen among financial institutions and are purely of a SPECULATIVE nature and they do NOT involve any consumers” *And it is the „Credit Default Swaps‟ which are USED to „underwrite pension funds‟ ~ perhaps (?) also needs to be pointed out…on the continuing „transference of RISK‟…As well as the „Credit Default Swap‟ COST is already transferred ONTO the businesses it alleges to „protect from risk‟… “And that SPECULATION is the CORE of financial instability and that the Financial Transaction Tax would significantly REDUCE „incentives‟ for Speculative Transactions: And that the Financial Transaction Tax would ENSURE the TRACEABILITY of Financial Operations ~ which is essential to track illicit and ILLEGAL financial practices and TAX EVASION.” “The IMF, have come to the following conclusions:

1. Backward-looking taxes ~ as taxes paid by each financial institution on ASSETS, or other adequate balance sheet variables, held at a certain point in the PAST: which would be the „least distortionary way to recover SOME of the COSTS of the Financial sector BAILOUTS: 2. Bank levies ~ whose revenue MIGHT flow to either feed into general public revenue OR to a „resolution fund‟.” “They ADMIT however *that the „general public revenue‟

potential of these taxes is SMALL compared to other proposed measures such as the Financial Transaction Tax: Stating; „this is

WHY a „general public revenue fund‟ MIGHT NEED to HAVE ACCESS to contingent ***Credit Lines (***CDS by any chance?) In order to

„cope‟ with larger BANK FAILURES: And the taxes might be supplemented by „recovery charges‟ ~ after a CRISIS has OCCURRED ~ „to recover the FULL cost‟. *With the „Sunday Times‟ on the 6th November 2011, stating (in the article already quoted from): “When figures were compiled last summer, British BANKS were exposed to £22 billion of SOVEREIGN debt from vulnerable EURO countries…However British BANKS are OWED 12 times that sum by Banks, Companies and Individuals in the four financially fragile states: Ireland and Spain account for a LARGE part of this total and they are LESS likely to DROP out of the Euro ~ than Portugal and Greece, that is the good news. Nevertheless, *if any COUNTRY were to DEFAULT on its DEBTS, British banks would face further unquantifiable costs…” “If a DEFAULT by Greece were to spread to other countries, the solvency of BANKS across Europe would be called into question, TRIGGERING a new Credit Crunch even more SEVERE than the one of 2007-8: LENDING would dry up; spending and investment would be squeezed…Forecasters at the Ernst and Young Item Club estimate that DEFAULT by Portugal, Ireland and Spain could knock 6% of euro-zone output ~ TRIGGERING a FALL of 3% or 4% in Britain…” “THAT explains WHY Cameron thinks its „right‟ that Britain should help to ensure the survival of the Euro and inject more of the British taxpayers money into the International Monetary Fund.” From Speculator Bank corruption TO taxpayer BAILOUTS all across Europe…It is STILL the BANKS debt and NOT the „sovereignty of countries‟: The TRANSFERENCE OF BLAME IS SEEN. “The IMF proposes INSTEAD of the Financial Transaction Tax a „Financial Activities Tax‟ as almost the same character as VAT has for „non-financial products‟: This tax would be levied on PROFITS and re-numerations in the financial sector, RATHER than ON the transactions themselves: so it would make

Financial Services MORE costly by reducing the favourable

circumstances the bankers enjoy under the current VAT schemes‟ = THEY DON‟T PAY…But this proposal remains overall WEAKER than the Financial Transaction Tax: BECAUSE revenue would only be substantial in countries with a large financial sector: So the revenue would be SMALLER than that of the Financial Transaction Tax. ***ALSO the IMF staff DO NOT answer HOW this *meagre revenue could cover the COSTS of the financial BAILOUT of taxpayer money: *So if the UK follows this IMF proposal rather than the Financial Transaction Tax it will take between *27 and 54 YEARS until they have recovered their own citizen‟s money.”

***Which BY THEN (past 2016) in 2011 + 27 years = 2038 ~ or ~ 2011 + 54 years = 2065: the Occultists will have HOPED to HAVE „officially established their New Age; New World Order‟ REGIME: Monetary of Privatisation ~ via Cultural and Religious breakdown ~ and individually…which ILLEGALLY BEGINS via material corruption: of FRAUD by False Representation…The IMF‟s own website, states on the „IMF and World Bank‟: “BOTH have Headquarters in Washington DC, near the White House, on opposite sides of the street. Known collectively as „Bretton Woods Institutions‟ after the remote village in New Hampshire where they were FOUNDED by the delegates of 44 countries in July 1944. The World Bank and IMF are twin inter-governmental „pillars‟ supporting the „structure‟ of the „world‟s economic and financial order‟: In establishing the IMF, the world was REACTING to the unresolved financial problems instrumental in initiating and protracting the Great Depression of the 1930‟s in the sudden and unpredictable variations in the exchange values of national currencies‟…” The IRONY here ~ is that, it was the SPECULATOR on currencies (which was HOW he made his fortune and produced his economic theory)~ UK economist John Maynard Keynes who was the FOUNDER of the IDEA of the World Bank and IMF…And, as shown, STILL today the IMF have FAILED to place any kind of „safeguard‟ to PREVENT speculation and a run-on currencies… 24. 02. 1946: „John Maynard Keynes sets sail for New York and anticipates a pleasant

time at the INAUGURAL meetings of the World Bank and IMF:

But the meeting proves to be difficult and ill-tempered, for ~ in Keynes view: “the

American‟s are taking advantage of their Strong Economic Position to FORCE ~ ill-conceived decisions ~ ON ~ the ~ IMF and World Bank: Nations IN DEBT to the Americans are VOTING WITH AMERICA, NOT because they WANT TO, but because they feel ~ DUE to their dependence on „American Aid‟, they FEEL they have no other option.” These „ill-conceived decisions‟ REMAIN as the CAUSE of the „Great Depression‟: Of NOW ~ Knowingly ~ and ~ Deliberately ~ CAUSING the „Global Great Depression‟ ~ in order to „instigate‟ ~ the Occultist ~ New Age; New World Order of global unnatural networking inter-dependence ~ which includes ~ being of PRIVATISATION ~ World Over: Known Causes of the Great Depression: 1. MERGERS: From 1918 – 1928 in the US there were 1,200 mergers that swallowed up some 6,000 previous INDEPENDENT companies: *By 1929 ~ 200 ~ US Corporations controlled over half of ALL ~ US manufacturing: From this monopolisation there was LESS competition which meant *PRICE FIXING ~ and Federal taxes took very LITTLE of the HIGHER PROFITS: As a RESULT, most of the personal wealth resided in the bank accounts and stock portfolios of a TINY PERCENTAGE of the US population: But goods had been manufactured for the millions NOT thousands and the millions of people COULD NOT AFFORD THEM. 2. „FREE-ENTERPRISE‟: The US tradition of „free-enterprise‟ INCLUDED a LACK of BANKING REGULATIONS: *From 1922 -1929 an average of *691 banks failed PER YEAR: In this timing in 1925: the Louisiana Bank Commissioner, wrote of the bank failures in his state: “Gross and Evil management, poor management, *promotion of SPECULATIVE enterprises, loans WITHOUT security, loans to companies in which officers of the banks, were interested ~ were the MAJOR causes of bank failures.” 3. Following the formation of the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK in 1913: which is NOT part of the US government as they LOAN the government money ~ for its debt (*set up by Freemason Nelson Aldrich, Freemason Rothschild‟s, Occultist Rockerfeller, Goldman Sachs…): Their INFLUENCE grew, which entailed a LACK of supervision: The Federal Reserve Bank expanded credit ~ which resulted in various SPECULATIVE BUBBLES, INCLUDING THE STOCK MARKET, FARMING AND REAL ESTATE.

4. PRICE FIXING: High prices on WHEAT from 91 cents in 1910 to $2 a bushel in 1920, farm debt went from £3.2 billion in 1910 to $8.4 billion in 1920 ~ for which INTEREST RATES PAYMENTS (continuing, as now ~ to be SET by the Federal Reserve Bank) were $574 million. Falling price (via the Price Fixing from the Monopolised US Merged Corporations) entailed increasing production, which brought about the COLLAPSE of Farming, which had a ripple effect…

From the US Great Depression of the 1929 Wall Street Crash to the US initiated (via being in control of the policies of privatisation of the IMF and World Bank ~ since its inception and throughout its financial and political activities): In the Global (being initiated) Credit Crunch Depression of the Millennium ~ the Occultist posited IDEA of „Quantum Mechanics‟ of the „World ~ as a System ~ taken as a Whole‟ is NOT sustainable: for their man-made financial integration ~ as their posited „INCLUSIVENESS‟ remains as a tiny percentage of people in EXCLUSIVENESS ~ which by its very unnatural man-made „elitism; monopolisation‟ deliberately brings about deconstruction = IN order to „GAIN‟ monopolisation; it ACHEIVES its OWN destruction as a „self-perpetuating cycle of DECONSTRUCTION‟… Global Exchange: International Human Rights Organization: „The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund‟: “When the IMF and World Bank lend money to debtor countries the money comes with strings attached: In the form of „Structural Adjustment Policies‟ ~ requiring debtor governments to open up their economies to penetration by foreign corporations, allowing access to the country‟s workers and environment at bargain basement prices: „Structural Adjustment Policies‟ means across the board PRIVATIZATION of public utilities and public owned industries: They mean slashing of Government budgets, leading to cutbacks in spending on health care and education. They mean focusing resources on growing export crops for industrial countries rather than supporting family farms and growing food

for local communities.”

“And, as their IMPOSITION ~ in country after country, in Latin America, Africa and Asia has shown, they LEAD to deeper INEQUALITY and environmental DECONSTRUCTION” The Guardian

30th May 2011

„Greece awaits IMF verdict in shadow of continuing protests‟: “Political agreement over additional spending cuts and what will amount to one of the BIGGEST ever PRIVATIZATION programs, is now seen as key to the EU and IMF ~ throwing a second financial lifeline.” “Concerns over the looming credit crunch were heightened last week when the IMF warned that it would withhold instalment of aid ~ due in June at £10 billion ~ CRUCIAL for payment of PENSIONS and civil servant wages ~ UNLESS the EU „guaranteed Athens funding needs for the year ahead.‟ “A new aid package, expected to be worth 65 billion EUROS, was believed to be the focus of behind-the-scenes-talks on Tuesday: With EU sources saying it could involve a mixture of collateralized loans from the EU and IMF, additional revenue measures and UNPRECEDENTED outside supervision of Greece‟s PRIVATIZATION process.” June 2002 Professor of Development Economics ~ Sanjaya Lall, of Queen Elizabeth House, University of Oxford: „Working Paper no. 88: Implications of Cross-border MERGERS and ACQUISITIONS by TNC‟s in Developing Countries‟: “International Mergers and Acquisitions, particularly those with GIANT Trans-National Companies spending vast sums of money to „take-over‟ firms in other countries, are one of the most VISIBLE aspects of globalization.” “Cross-border Mergers and Acquisitions tend to lead to substantial restructuring of existing facilities. They may involve

substantial lay-offs, technological change and „asset-stripping‟ where the physical and other assets of the acquired firm are separately sold off….There is a STRONG and preferred PREFERANCE on the part of TNC‟s to enter countries BY the Mergers and Acquisitions route”

“As with GLOBALIZATION generally, the IMPACT of Mergers and Acquisitions can be double-edged and uneven: *Capital markets are NOT a „perfect means‟ of allocating resources and restructuring activities: TNC‟s do NOT operate with full information and wrong decisions on Mergers and Acquisitions can lead to high economic and social costs in their Host Economies: The private interests of TNC‟s may diverge from the

social interests of host economies: Take-Overs may LEAD to assetstripping, downgrading of local capabilities or the TRANSFER abroad of SCARCE assets.” “The United Nations UNCTAD estimates that around 80% of Financial Direct Investment (FDI) in the developed countries consists of Cross-border Mergers and Acquisitions and in the developing world Cross-border Mergers and Acquisitions reached a PEAK in *1998 at about $70 billion.”

From 1980 ~ 1998 the first 18 years of the Occultist „New Age 36 year foundation period‟ with TNC‟s such as Enron built via Speculation; Mergers And

GREED: Which, in Webster‟s Unabridged Dictionary „GREED‟ is defined as: “An excessive DESIRE to acquire or POSSESS more than one needs, or deserves, especially with respect to material wealth.” It is the IMPOSSIBILITY of the Occultist „desires; quest‟ to „attain‟ their posited „ALL‟: Despite their ever-craving unsustainable GREED: As will be shown in the following Introduction

The Occultists CANNOT „attain‟ their „All‟

For their „New Age; New World Order‟ FOUNDATIONS Are BUILT On a FALSE „scientific‟ PREMISE: Direct Factual Evidence no. 4 (a):

„A New Paradigm in Quantum Inter-connectedness: Physics and Consciousness‟ Updated 2004:

“In Quantum Physics the observer and the observed can no longer be separated ~ and the WHOLE is more fundamental than the part.” “The mathematical principles of this „new science‟ may help explain and recognise „consciousness‟ as a fundamental part of reality: the similarities between Mind and Quantum THEORY undoubtedly abound.” “When we have a narrow perception of reality it creates illusory lines of separation. This separation transverses from Personal, Societal, Cultural and expanding into the world” “The inter-connectedness of the parts of the whole, allows us to realize „Oneness‟ with all things.” “Einstein THEORIZED that space and time are entwined and that MATTER is inseparable from an ever present Quantum field and that THIS is the SOLE REALITY UNDERLYING all appearances.” “An ELECTRON can be shown to be BOTH a wave and a particle, depending on the observer‟s perspective…This „wave-particle-duality‟, meant that everything is JOINED or CONNECTED together: This scientific discovery of „non-locality‟ as the „wave-particle-duality‟ meant that Space and Time is composed of the SAME essence as MATTER: Since ALL matter and events INTERACT with each other; TIME as PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE along with SPACE and DISTANCE all is relative to the observer and operate under the „Law of non-locality‟.”

NB: The Occultist „false scientific premise‟ is: 1. „In Quantum Physics the observer and the observed can no longer be separated‟: HERE, the Occultists posited „All-SeeingEye: Cosmic Consciousness‟ VIA their man-made collectively produced „electromagnetic field line of force‟ for their

„transmission of photon-electrons‟ of their TIMED „Unity of Images‟ ~ ALL by their physically acting out their geometric shapes of their main „OM; Sri Yanta‟ Geometric PYRAMID construct: Which is directly from their overall common plan The Upanishads. 2. “An electron can be shown to be BOTH a Wave AND a

Particle, depending on the observer‟s perspective…This Wave-Particle-Duality meant that everything is JOINED or CONNECTED together.” *„OM‟ in the Upanishads translates directly as „Joining together‟: The „electron‟ being referred to ~ as their asserted: „The electron and the Holy Grail‟ of their posited „Pan-Psychic-Powers‟: Is the „Photon-electron‟ of their collectively produced VIBRATION; as their electromagnetic wave which is PUT into MOTION by their „impetus; moving rapidly‟ as man-made „Kinetic Energy‟ which literally means „Energy in Motion‟: This is shown in the following Introduction in Direct Factual Evidence no. 16, from: „Shanghai University, Department of

Physics, revised, February 2003: „Transmission of Electromagnetic Waves and deflection of Light in gravitational fields‟:

“The PHOTON is the „basic particle‟ as „the quantum‟ studied in Quantum Mechanics. The Photon is described as „the messenger particle FOR electromagnetic FORCE, as the smallest bundle of LIGHT.” “PHOTONS as IMAGES are *ACQUIRED by electronic signals.” “A PHOTON-ELECTRON has KINETIC ENERGY: Photon-electrons are emitted / transmitted ONLY AFTER the threshold frequency is exceeded ~ for frequencies BELOW the threshold NO electron TRANSMISSION takes place.” “PHOTON particles move as WAVES, these waves follow a CURVED or TRIANGLE pattern” Which, will be shown in Direct Factual

Evidence 5 (c) in „The Secrets of Cosmic Unity; Cosmic Consciousness‟ of the Esoteric, Hermes, Occultist adepts physically acting out their „OM‟ ~ PYRAMID Geometric Construct.

3. “Matter is inseparable from an EVER PRESENT Quantum Field and that THIS is the sole „reality‟ UNDERLYING all appearances…This „non-locality‟ as the „wave-particle-duality‟ ~ as an ELECTRON can be

shown to be BOTH a WAVE and a PARTICLE ~ meant that Space and Time are composed of the SAME essence as MATTER”

When as shown, it is the asserted „Photon-electron‟ of the alleged „Quantum Field‟ which is ACQUIRED „by electronic signals‟: So it is THIS „electric interference signal‟ which is „acting upon natural matter‟ which then CAUSES the „photon-electron transmission‟ to UNNATURALY occur… There is NO „ever present Quantum Field‟ ~ for as shown: “A

photon-electron has Kinetic Energy and are „transmitted‟ ONLY AFTER a threshold frequency is exceeded”

Which ~ in regards to the Occultist „Fraud by False Representation‟ of their posited „All-Seeing-Eye; Cosmic Consciousness‟ = The UNNATURAL „photon-electron transmission‟ occurring: is in TIMED (by Occultists) periods of their electrical signal interference on the Limbic System of Brain = on „natural matter‟ = Of ONLY able to „produce‟ their unnatural „effects‟ BY „reaching the threshold triggering of the firing neurons‟ = BY their electric current interference signal = So that their alleged „it‟ ~ AS ~ their asserted „Quantum Field‟ ~ is NOT „ever present‟ ~ and is ONLY of an „illusory JOINING‟ ~ And world over it is ONLY occurring in SOME people‟s minds: = NO „ONENESS OF BEING‟ IN REALITY; ACTUALITY OCCURING And ~ *YET ~ their *Fraud by *False Representation of their posited „All-Seeing-Eye; Cosmic Consciousness‟ IS occurring in „actuality; reality‟ ~ Autumn Equinox 1998-2011 (so far) BY their geometric rituals, of: Direct Factual Evidence no. 4 (b): 1. From Theosophist, Occultist H P Blavatsky „The Substantial Nature of Magnetism‟:

“SOUND and LIGHT can never be divorced from the operations, of, MANIFESTING THROUGH vibrations: The WHOLE of Occultism is a perpetual motion of Vortex Vibrations.” 2. From the European Physical Journal: „Transmission of SOUND through a single vortex‟ Volume 37, No. 2, page 229, by F. Chilla, JF Pinton, G

Brillant, published March 15th 2004:

“We study the wave-fronts at variable distance AFTER TRANSMISSION THROUGH THE VORTEX, when the wavelength and Vortex STRENGTH are varied: Based on GEOMETRIC acoustic principles…Vortices tend to ROTATE the wave-fronts when a sound wave IMPACTS a vortex it does so in harmony, and additional sound is GENERATED at the FREQUENCY of the incoming wave.” 3. From 2008: „Cosmic Blueprints of the Cosmos‟ by Occultist Christine Sterne, page 4 of 5: “At the basis of the OM; Sri Yanta operation is something called „Shape Energy‟ that every geometric shape EMITS a specific FREQUENCY AND ENERGY PATTERN…Vedic Scholars understood the symbiotic relationship of Wave-Energy, that SOUND VIBRATIONS are Geometry ~ where WEAK vibrations are ENGULFED by stronger ones that creates the FREQUENCY of „OM‟: The Hindus knew that to transmute was the ability of SOUND and Geometry.” 4. From August 10th 2009 website: „Vortex Energy; Vortices and LIGHTTIME‟: “Vortex forms as SPIRALS; it is the ROTATIONAL motion which CREATES the VORTEX; which produces a „LUMINOUS CENTRE‟: Minute Vortices are PART of the INTERFERENCE PATTERN OF LIGHT-WAVES AS THEY interact

WITH matter…An optical Vortex is a singularity as PHOTONS as a „zero point in a magnetic field‟: A vortex turns faster as the radius of its spin is reduced ~ the tighter the circle ~ the more rotations it makes and the harder it is to ESCAPE its FORCE.”

5. From Occultist, Rosicrucian US Denver Spiritual Community: “It is the Soul at the CENTER that is the „Illumined Soul as the Ghost‟ that has been ACTIVATED by the FIRE of the „Creator‟ above: The

REAL WORK goes before the actual „SOUL ILLUMINATION‟: Which is presented under many names, such as „Cosmic Consciousness‟ and is the GOAL of the Rose Cross Fraternity”

6. From *1915 and then re-published November 10th ***2004: „Cosmic Consciousness; the Man-God Whom We Await”: by Ali

Nomad: “Out of this FINAL completeness ~ as counterpart UNION ~ a race of gods will be BORN and these supermen shall „inherit the earth‟: This earth is now being „made fit‟ ~ its „proof‟ lies in the EMANCIPATION of woman ~ it is the AWAKENING of Woman that is the CAUSE of Cosmic Consciousness” Chapter XV:

“This „awakening of woman‟ constitutes the first RAYS of DAWN as the long looked for ***MILLENNIUM: the fact that WOMAN is given her „rightful place ~ in the SENSE-CONSCIOUS-LIFE‟ ~ of ILLUMINATION ~ AS ~ „Cosmic Consciousness‟ ~ PROVES there is a „race awakening‟ to a realization of our UNITY with „OM‟.”

7. From 2011 website: „Sacred Geometry; Energy of Magic‟: “Spiral Vortex Rite is where the anti-clockwise concentric spiral is CO-JOINED with a Cross-Roads circle structure which produces a

powerful magnetic VORTEX that has at its centre a „cojoined singularity‟ :”

“A Cross-Roads Ritual Structure is where four ANGLES are drawn together: USING lines of FORCE ~ that cross the CENTER of the circle; so that the angles are directly OPPOSITE each other and JOINED together ~ which CAUSES an „energy frequency signature of FUSION‟ to occur ~ as „UNION‟.”

“The centre point then „becomes‟ an „access point‟ ~ as spirit („cosmic electricity) INTO matter ~ as „communion‟ ~ as a two way communication…” “A Rose-Cross „device‟ is set to each of the four angles to give the Ritual Structure an OBVIOUS „feminine energy signature‟: ONCE activated the Spiral Vortex Rite functions as an *impervious CONTAINER with a negative core that DRAWS TOGETHER and CONTAINS everything within it.” NB: The word *‟imperious‟ means: „overbearing, domineering‟ from „command,

authority‟ ~ and the word „impervious‟ means: NOT responsive to OUTSIDE argument, influence: The Occultist asserted „impervious

container‟ IS their „field line of force‟ that „surrounds, encloses and permeates, as a man-made moving PRISON; as their „PYRAMID geometric physically acted out ~ electromagnetic force construct; as their posited Metaphysical Fortress‟ ~ Of which their „Sacred Geometry‟ has their „PYRAMID OF POWERS RITE‟ activating: “The resultant power is drawn up and compressed with an INWARD clockwise concentric spiral, imprinted with a frequency signal and then RELEASED through the FORCE: The Pyramid of Powers rite is used to UNLEASH one of the 40 powers UPON a SPECIFIC TARGET.” Q: Who are they TARGETING for their Fraud by False Representation? A: WHO they consider to be their direct threat; „the Rose‟ = Individual Female Heart Conscience ~ MARY ANNE; as their asserted „KARMIC PRISONER HELD IN BONDAGE‟: as „Mary Anne‟ ~ „Maya‟: 8. From Occultist, Theosophist H P Blavatsky: „The Secret Doctrine‟ Page 120: “As a MANIFESTATION it is still Maya; Illusion ~ As the countless lights of the adepts surround, encompass and enclose the inferior mother: Of which the old stanza says: „The PRISONER is held in BONDAGE by Karma, and its outer garments delude the ignorant into saying „Your Soul and My Soul.” 9. Emerson in his work „The Over-Soul‟ states on „Cosmic Consciousness‟:

“The ILLUMINATION is the opening of „The Word‟, in the language of Swedenborg New Jerusalem Church: That WITHIN man is the Soul of the Whole; to which every part and particle is equally related as the „Eternal ONE‟: As the *act of SEEING and the thing SEEN by the Seer: That the OBJECT and SUBJECT are ONE.”

Which Comes Back Full-Circle to their FALSE scientific premise of: “In Quantum Physics the

observer and the observed can no longer BE separated ~ and the WHOLE is more fundamental than the part.” Which, in REALITY is down to ALL that THE Occultists CAN do in their „Electrical to Magnetic ~ Physical and Psychical‟ ~ „manifestations‟ for their ILLUSORY „cojoining‟ which they then attempt to assert as „intuitive direct perception‟: as a „Cosmic Consciousness: new race of man‟ WHICH ~ their attempted „Sub-Rose-Conspiracy FRAUD by False Representation ~ is only „attained‟ by TARGETING inside her mind and outside her physical frame: A SPECIFIC FEMALE INDIVIDUAL ~ which; as an Esoteric, Hermes, Occultist adepts collective concerted negative Group Action ~ DIRECTLY KNOWINGLY ~ VIOLATES ~ „European Law Review on PRIVACY‟:

“Watching people AGAINST their WILL forces them to see

themselves, and their plans ~ THROUGH the EYES of another: as an OBJECT rather than SUBJECT: undermining their self-respect and creating a LACK of FREEDOM, to make choices WITHOUT pressure from outside.”

“With respect to CRIMINAL LAW we recommend that sanctions should be limited and confined to the MOST OUTRAGEOUS FORMS OF INTRUSIONS where the expectations of privacy is at its highest: in a DWELLING or where the activity in question is inherently private; e.g. A private conversation; with supplementary prohibition of disclosure of

information obtained by means of INFRINGEMENTS of these provisions: Consistent with these provisions we also propose an OFFENCE of trespass on private property effected for the purpose of obtaining personal information….Why is Privacy SO important?

“The distinctive feature of this Report is that it is animated throughout by a Human Rights approach to Privacy: Privacy is not merely instrumental to the achievement of

other goals but is a BASIC Human Right ~ that applies to ALL persons in view of their status as Human Beings.”

“PRIVACY is closely related to notions of INHERENT DIGNITY: The

intimacies of PRIVATE LIFE go to the *VERY CORE of what it IS to be HUMAN: Privacy therefore is worthwhile in itself in PROTECTING the human personality or the inherent dignity of the person: THIS is reflected in what the European Human Rights Court refers to as: “the physical

and moral integrity of the person”. “Secondly, Privacy is closely related to Human FREEDOM, autonomy and self-determination. Privacy provides VITAL SPACE for PERSONAL GROWTH and DEVELOPMENT and for the exercise of FREEDOM.” “HUMAN BEINGS ARE



“Self-determination means in part; the freedom to select which aspects of one‟s personality to share with others ~ and on what terms: Central to autonomy and the SELECTION of PERSONAL LIFE-CHOICES is FREEDOM from coercion and manipulation and the PRESERVATION OF SPACE FOR EMOTIONAL RELEASE; SELFEVALUATION AND GROWTH: The European Commission on Human Rights expressed this point: “Private life is of such scope as to secure the

individual a sphere in which He or She can freely pursue the development and fulfilment of his / her personality.” „The Sub-Rose-Conspiracy‟: This is a recognised TERM as directly meaning “SILENCE under the Rose; as being „under‟ Secrecy‟ With the „Rose‟ as shown directly referring to „Soul‟ and the word „Conspiracy‟ coming from the French word „Conspire‟ to literally „breathe together‟: ALL of which points; are relevant in THIS case AGAINST the Esoteric, Hermes, Occultist adepts, for their being ILLEGALLY attempted „Cosmic Consciousness; New Age; New World Order‟. Direct Factual Evidence 5 (a) 1. From Occultist, Theosophist H P Blavatsky: „The Secret Doctrine‟:

“The Three-Fold-Flame of the Human Monad may hasten its evolution through its OWN self-induced efforts as the Rosicrucian‟s taught: TO KNOW, TO WILL, TO DARE AND TO KEEP SILENT: To „KNOW‟ involves the study of the complete constitution of man: Knowledge brings power and POWER MUST BE APPLIED: Power once it has been acquired may be used for good OR evil.” 2. From Alchemist Guilluame de Lorris and Alchemist Jean De Meung: „The Romance of the Rose‟: “This work is an Alchemical interpretation and openly professes the „Great Work of Alchemy‟: The Garden CONTAINS the ROSE and on its outer four walls are the

sculptured figures of Hatred, Treason, Meanness, Hypocrisy, Avarice, Envy, Sadness, Age and Poverty: With the declared project sculptured onto the outer walls of the CONTAINMENT:

„To *POSSESS the Rose‟. “ 3. From

Alchemist, Occultist Eliphas Levi: „The History of Magic‟:

“The problem of the ***CONQUEST

OF THE ROSE was the

problem offered by initiation of the Secret Science of Mind: For the UNION of the Rose and the Cross was the problem offered by supreme initiation of Occult Philosophy ~ of it being the Universal Synthesis; taking into account ~ ALL phenomena of being…” “In Esoteric Philosophy the Rose is the female principle: as the female personification of NATURE; CHAOS; MATTER” The „specifically targeted female heart conscience individual‟ the Occultists assert as „Aleph; the Rose‟ within their posited „New Age Foundation Timings of 1998-2011 (so far): As will be shown in the last part of Website One: „The Introduction‟ is as follows ~ ~ FEMALE Heart Conscience named „Maya‟ as the origination of „Mary Anne‟ ~ Virgo (born 27th August 1964) ~ UK Londoner (born Isleworth, Middlesex) ~ With their FRAUD: Conspiracy: of Cosmic Consciousness BEGINNING in South London: Clapham Common „Horseshoe‟ Autumn Equinox 1998 ~ Within the age between 30 and 40 (33 in 1998) ~ Lesbian ~ Feminist ~ Political Writer and Poet: ~ Anti-Hierarchy; Anti-Globalisation; Anti-Fascism ~ Anti-Totalitarianism ~ ATHEIST which the Occultists term as „Materialistic Thinker‟


THE „NEW SECULAR ORDER‟ „New Age‟ „New World Order‟ BY The Sub-Rose-Conspiracy; Fraud by False Representation: Trespass on the Person of Assault, Battery and False Imprisonment And the Human Right Article Convention Violations BY ESOTERIC, HERMETIC, THEOSOPHIST, KABBALH, OCCULTIST REGIME‟S Posited „New Race of Man; Cosmic Consciousness‟ Direct Factual Evidence no. 5 (b): Prasna Upanishad Book 5 verses 3-7: “OM is pronounced AUM: A man who meditates on „THE PERSON‟ by means of this syllable „OM or AUM‟ he enters into the flow of the light. By Chants he be-holds the FOTRESS-DWELLING PERSON far beyond its entire MASS of living beings. On this there are two verses: „OM; AUM‟ leads to the deathless, WHEN they are COMBINED; Joined to one another and NOT disjointed ~ when they are RIGHTLY COMBINED in *PERFORMANCES EXTERNAL, and internal of inter-breaths. By OM alone as the support, does a man who knows this, attain the supreme” Direct Factual Evidence no. 5 (c): March 2010 website: „108 and Theory of Everything‟ by Ajit Vadakayil: “According to the Upanishads the original abode of the mantra „OM‟ ~ which numerical value is 108; for Unity in Unity as Totality, and was the primeval Ether. OM as the Upanishad „Sri Yanta‟ is the GEOMETRIC construct of *6 spiraling vortex cones as 3 pointing upwards and 3 downwards. ENERGY in Vortex acts as a FREQUENCY converter. *A zeropoint field has ELECTROMAGNETIC counter-clockwise rotating energy spirals, which INTERCONNECTS with space ~ through which „Consciousness‟ manifests itself into Space-Time-Matter.”

*”The secrets of Cosmic Unity: Cosmic Consciousness are held by the interpenetration of 9 triangles to form 43 smaller triangles as the „OM‟ sound / speech vibration as the physical acting out of Sri Yanta geometric construct. Out of 9 interlacing triangles, 4 point downwards and 6 point upwards: All triple intersections meet at the same point. The vertices of the largest triangles fall at the circumference of the CLOSING circle. *The central triangle facing downwards must be equilateral and HOLDS the „Witness‟ as „Consciousness‟ as the „spark‟ as „the female‟ of the holistic (electromagnetic field line of force) PYRAMID. The „witness‟ is also the CENTRE of the CLOSED CIRCLE.”  Direct Factual Evidence no. 6: 1936 published in the „Occult Review‟ Magazine by Master Mason Walter Leslie Wilmshurt…‟Cosmic Consciousness‟:

“To place a single conscious life, UNKNOWINGLY, into the egos of chosen others, and make known as their „Alter Ego‟: to gain overall control of humanity, to gain continual material prosperity by it and gain Human Immortality of the Soul.” NB: In Criminal Law „Conspiracy‟ is an „agreement‟ between two or more persons „to break the Law at some time in the future, and with at least ONE ACT in furtherance of that agreement‟. There is NO limit to the number of people participating in the Conspiracy. Direct Factual Evidence no. 7: 2009 website by Jan Wincherink: „2012 Freemason Revelations‟ “Just recently the University of Bradford, School of Management, headed by Master Mason Dr Robert Lomas, in his „Web of Hiram‟ website, released „Lectures in Freemasonry‟ which included information and Mathematical CALCULATIONS from Master Mason Walter Leslie Wilmshurt, from the 1930‟s. Revealing the Freemason knowledge on what they term as the

„2012 era beginning foundation of the New Age.” “With it stating: the Galactic Alignment zone is the conjunction of the Summer and Winter Solstice with the Galactic Equator that happens in the 2012 era from *1980-*1998-*2016, and is the beginning of the New Age…The 2012 era from 1980-19982016 is the origin of the 26,000 Precession Cycle and the beginning of the New Age…The Four Ages comprises four quadrants which CONNECTS the Microcosm and Macrocosm as a MECHANISM, which shows how and when the Universe changes its *electromagnetic influence towards earth.”  Direct Factual Evidence no. 8: 2009 „Web of Hiram‟ Website by Master Mason Dr. Robert Lomas publishing Master Mason Walter Leslie Wilmshurt‟s writings from the 1930‟s…„The Workings of an Old York Master‟:“The first Working Tool of a Master Mason is a Plumbline with the biblical references, to the uses of, first in the Old Testament, Amos Chapter 7 verse 7-8:“The Lord said, „Look I am setting a plumb-line among my people of Israel, I will spare them no longer. And second the New Testament, Revelation, Chapter 21: „Then I saw a New Heaven and New Earth, for the first Heaven and Earth had passed away and *there was no longer any SEA…I saw the holy city of New Jerusalem coming down out of heaven, prepared as a bride…The angel who talked with me had a Measuring Rod to measure the City, its Gates and its Wall…” “The second Working Tool of the Master Mason is the Trowel to *bind the living stones of his Lodge into UNITY. The Trowel knits separated persons into an inseparable Group Soul: and makes them to be One Mind in a House.” “The Plumb-line forms a Verticle Line (*of verticle integration as verticle angles made by two intersecting lines) and the Trowel involves a lateral Horizontal Movement ~ and these in combination makes the Tau Cross. The Tau-Cross long predates Christianity, and as a MANIFESTATION resulting from the CONFLICT of Two Opposing Forces which *HAVE to be resolved

into UNITY, transcending the Dualism.” *“In Freemasonry „to take up one‟s Cross‟ is to deliberately engage in the work of reducing the Spiritual and Non-Spiritual elements into „ONE SELF‟, that is the Great Work of Alchemy. And so a Master Mason, so qualified is able to help the task of WORLD BUILDING.” *”The third Working Tool of the Master Mason and most significant is a PLAN, containing the Secret Designs to which a Master Mason must work. Of the Great Architects Plan for *building the Temple of Perfected Humanity. A Plan of such privacy that it is entrusted only to those qualified to know it, and *to co-operate in its execution.” “The purpose of Freemason initiation and upon the goal to which it leads, is from *darkness to light to active collaboration in the creative work of building New Heaven, New Earth.” “When the Master Mason of the Secret Science of Mind uses his will and faculties to MANIPULATE cosmic energy, and mold it into building New Heaven, New Earth and in this a NEW SOCIAL ORDER. The Power with which to do them is always provided and available to us.” NB: “The „Concert of Action Rule‟ regarding Conspiracy‟s is that „by their very nature Conspiracy‟s BRING TOGETHER individuals with different resources and abilities, and that, this Concerted Group Action is dangerous.‟ On the 3rd February 2005, Lord Steyn in R v Hayter 2005 UK HL, Paragraph 25, stated: „In the case of Conspiracy Statements or Acts of one Conspirator, of which the Jury were satisfied were said or done ~ *in the execution or furtherance of the Common Design. Are admissible in evidence against the Conspirator: even if he were not present at the time ~ to prove the nature and the SCOPE of the Conspiracy: *Provided that there is some independent evidence to show the existence of the Conspiracy, and that the other Conspirator was a party to it.” „The essence of a Conspiracy is the Agreement and the perceived HARM is the INCREASED DANGER from concerted Group Action. In order to achieve a conviction on the charges of Conspiracy it is sufficient to prove that:

a) The Conspirator‟s did indeed conspire to commit the Crime. b) The Crime was committed by an individual involved in the Conspiracy, proof of which individual it was is usually not necessary. All Co-Conspirator‟s can be charged together in one indictment, and crimes pertaining to individuals are often included in the indictment, despite prejudice to the Co-Conspirators. *ALL Co-Conspirators are RESPONSIBLE for ALL conduct engaged in by any Co-Conspirator *during the course of the Conspiracy. The Statute of Limitations on the Conspiracy runs from the LAST ACT of ANY of the Co-Conspirators. It is not necessary for „guilt‟ that the „act be fully consummated‟. The Conspiracy can be PROVED by Circumstantial Evidence. ANY conspirator is GUILTY of any Substantive Crime committed by any other conspirator in furtherance of the Enterprise. *The Substantive Crimes relative to this „Cosmic Consciousness‟ ~ is FRAUD, attempted Identity Theft (in Life and Death) Trespass on the Person; Assault, Battery and False Imprisonment. Conspiracy is a separate OFFENCE from the Substantive Crime that it intends, enabling multiple prosecutions of the SAME CONDUCT without „double jeopardy‟ attaching. *Conspiracy can exist where the Substantive Crime CANNOT be PROVED, and even where the „commission is impossible‟. *Conspiracy Law usually does NOT require PROOF of the SPECIFIC INTENT by the Defendants to INJURE A SPECIFIC PERSON in order to establish an „illegal agreement‟:***However, in this „Cosmic Consciousness‟ as ~ the Alchemist, Esoteric, Hermetic, Occultist‟s „Co-Conspiracy‟ within their allotted „New Age Foundation period‟ ~ from Autumn Equinox 1998 ~ 2011 (so far) they HAVE been targeting a SPECIFIC FEMALE HEART CONSCIENCE to do harm to, to injure, and fraudulently claim her to be the „first priori causation‟ of the Cosmic Consciousness manifestation. Direct Factual Evidence no. 9: From their overall common plan the Hindu 4th Veda the Upanishads; the 1930‟s Penguin Press Translation, in particular ~ which echoes exactly, point no. 6, on „Cosmic Consciousness‟ summary by Master Mason Walter Leslie Wilmshurt, from 1936. The 1930‟s Penguin Press Translation of the 4th Veda the Upanishads states the „single conscious life placed UNKNOWINGLY into the egos of chosen others, and made known as their Alter Ego‟ ~ as: ~ “For the Serpent People to

be on the look-out for the female heart conscience; the Amazon

who does not run with men, who dares to shoot her fiery arrows at Brahman‟s Hierarchy: The one who finds her will be well rewarded, and she will be given the Bird of Paradise dream to IDENTIFY her. She will be placed UNKNOWINGLY into the egos of chosen others and made KNOWN as Self. The collective will NOT see through to the TRUE CAUSATION of the Serpent People; as the cover behind the cover. And will HUMILIATE her, ridicule her, have continual sport with…BY the two New Moons of the Virgo Constellation, as the ONLY „Sacrifice; Purification‟ period allotted ~ the collective „receiving her‟ must be PUSHED to „DO THE RIGHT ACTION‟ and „FORCE THE HEART CONSCIENCE TO LET GO OF HER HEART. ONLY, BY THIS „right action‟ can ALL the evil karmic causations bringing on the known evil karmic effects by the Serpent People be EQUALLED ~ CANCELLED out. ONLY by this „right action‟ can the Ultimate Brahman; The Person „become‟ and be the ruler over all that is.” ~ So that, the SPECIFIC FEMALE being targeted as their fraudulently alleged „center blame causation‟ is their perceived ~ long awaited for ~ direct threat; opposition to their mind ego self ~ „OM‟ ~ Geometric Craft. With the Alchemist, Esoteric, Hermetic, Occultists termed as the „Serpent People‟: With the Specific Female being targeted, termed as: “the female heart

conscience, the Amazon, who does not run with men.” = Lesbian; Feminist. “Who dares to shoot her fiery arrows at Brahmin‟s invention the Hierarchy” = „fiery arrows‟ = words; a writer; who is, was, and continues to be Anti-Hierarchy. Direct Factual Evidence no. 10:

Who is then named, by Occultist, Theosophist HP Blavatsky in her works „Isis Unveiled‟ and the „Secret Doctrine‟ as: “In Cosmology, the Woman destined to Crush the Serpent‟s Head, is MARY. The root word of MARY is „Mar‟ which means *„SEA‟.” Of which point I highlighted, here, by a *, and in Direct Factual Evidence no. 8, of Master Mason Walter Leslie Wilmshurt‟s „The Workings of an Old York Master‟ stating: “The first Working Tool of a Master Mason is a Plumb-line (Measuring Rod) with the Biblical references to the uses of…the New Testament, Revelation,

Chapter 21: “I saw a New Heaven and New Earth, for the first

Heaven and Earth had passed away, and *there was no longer any SEA.” = NO LONGER ANY MARY LEFT AS HEART CONSCIENCE ~ AS NATURALY DIVERSE INDIVIDUAL BIRTHRIGHT…. Just their fraud left (?????????) of „The Person made of light‟?? *To reaffirm: Direct Factual Evidence no. 10: from Theosophist, Occultist HP Blavatksy‟s work „Isis Unveiled‟ Chapter 9, Volume 2, page 446:

“Thus the Woman stands in Cosmology in relation to Matter as the Great Deep as the Virgin of the Sea who crushes the Dragon under her foot. The root name of MARY is Mar; Sea.” Direct Factual Evidence no. 11: ~ With Theosophist, Occultist and prominent Fabian Society member Annie Besant, confirming their overall common plan the 4th Veda the Upanishads, in her work „The Study of Consciousness‟: “Matter in its totality is described as at rest as inertia, and in Theosophy it is spoken of as the „Virgin‟ ~ „the Virgin AS Astral Light as Virgin MARY as the SEA of Virgin MATTER: that is to „become the Mother‟ BY the ACTION of the Third Logos („OM‟ Sound Vibration).” “The three qualities of Matter are inertia (at rest), mobility and rhythm which are in a state of equilibrium; as existing in a closed circle ~ the beginning of the Third Logos as „creative activity‟ is the BREAKING of that closed circle and throwing the qualities of MATTER (of MARY) out of stable equilibrium and into UNSTABLE equilibrium.” ~ Which is shown in the Upanishads (quoted from) and again in: Direct Factual Evidence no. 12: In the Spring 2009 issue of „A Giant‟s Garden: Special Fairy Tales‟ by Jacqueline Wiegard who quoted the famous Alchemist, Occultist, Psychologist Carl Jung…‟Who demonstrates the

alchemical process of INDIVIDUAL deconstruction in that‟: “The ultimate purpose of the Great Work of Alchemy is that the supreme Opposites are melted into a unity purified of ALL OPPOSITION, therefore incorruptible. The three main stages of the alchemical process involve the dissolution of the individual ‟I‟ and confrontation with the Shadow, then follows purification (SACRIFICE of the natural birthright individiaul) followed by rebirth; resurrection as the collective; ‟The One‟.” To further clarify the „Deconstruction‟ of the natural individual „process‟ ~ in *1998 a website titled „The Processes‟ by Occultist Gabriel Shaw, wrote on „Deconstruction‟: “Deconstruction is about the death of the individual, as obliteration, disparagement, smashing, eliminating, as the destructive side of spontaneity by decisive certainty, it systematically ~ clears the unwanted and develops the wanted.” The Theosophist „Global Oneness; Co-Creating a Happy World‟ website in 2011 describes the „Deconstruction Process‟ as: “To maintain the same identity perpetually ~ this form of lust violates the Spirit and greedily confines matter disproportionately, to a single, inferior and separatist aim. *That in turn results in premature entropy and the abortion of Cosmic purpose.” Their „individual deconstruction process‟ echoes the 1930‟s Penguin Press Translation of the Upanishads, their overall common plan they are acting out of. There, as shown, it directs them ~ via the collective of people „receiving Mary‟ ~ as the „female heart conscience‟ targeted, to: „humiliate, ridicule, have continual sport with her…and BY the two new moons of the Virgo constellation to do the right action and FORCE her to let go of her heart.” And here, their words are: Obliteration; to blot out, efface, erase, destroy, leave no clear traces of Disparagement; speak slightingly of, bring discredit on Eliminating; remove, get rid of, exclude from consideration

Direct Factual Evidence no. 13: KUNDALINI YOGA „Kundalini is the Hindu word for the „sacred transformative energy („electricity‟) that „awakens‟ consciousness‟ as the „coiled‟ or the „Serpent Power‟. Kundalini Yoga has been known for thousands of years, among Occultists, Hermes adepts, Alchemists and Esoteric Mystery cults. Kundalini is a FORCE of electricity which is stored ~ non-active ~ at the base of the spine. The energy ~ once „awakened‟ ~ moves upwards, along the spinal column, to the *Hypothalamus of the Limbic System of Brain, and cycles back to the body, like a huge electrical circuit: *It is the

FOUNDATION and BASIS in the Cosmic Consciousness which produces various degrees of illumination: Kundalini is the RESULT of body-work

(postures), breath work, various yoga and sexual practices. Kundalini can be dangerous in the respect that it can CAUSE terrible headaches, increased body temperature, extreme ANXIETY along with other numerous symptoms within the body and mind. *The HYPOTHALAMUS of the Limbic System of Brain, CONTROLS practically every organ in the body, in particular it influences the Sympathetic Nervous System and the Immune System: Over-activation of the Hypothalamus area in the central nervous system is termed as „Hypothalamitis‟: which controls energy levels, the sleep cycle, muscular function, circulation, temperature and the immune system against infection. If external pressures go on to long then „body-mind‟ working through the „emotional brain‟ of the Limbic System, creates a „CHEMICAL MEMORY‟ about the „threat‟. And each time „situations come up that are associated

with the problem the „chemical memory‟ is activated and the hypothalamus places the body on „action stations‟ and send symptoms to warn the person that he/she is under threat: Under constant over-stimulation the

hypothalamus hormone production starts to falter and the result is a REVERSIBLE adrenal burnout: SUFFERERS can experience muscle pain, weakness, fatigue, headaches, swollen glands, poor concentration and poor memory because the Hypothalamus TRIGGERS the RELEASE of chemicals that tense the muscles, shut down attention, exhaust the energy supply, increase lymphatic fluid and ALTER blood flow to different areas of the brain: Over-activation CAUSES M.E, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia: Dr C. George Boerce, in „The Emotional Nervous System‟ writes: “The Hypothalamus is intimately connected with the Pituitary gland: It is neutrally and chemically CONNECTED, which in turn pumps hormones into the bloodstream which are vitally important in regulating growth and metabolism” Occultist website: “Kundalini Triangle: Amritha Ascension Triangle: The Hypothalamus is in the CENTER of this triangle, and when activated the whole brain is lightened; *particularly the *temporal lobes so important to our next

evolutionary exploration… Ascension Triangle in traditional Kundalini Yoga helps to balance the polarity of the expanded Third Eye as the Pineal Gland and ACTIVATE the

„golden triangle connecting the head centres of Cosmic Consciousness: the connection BETWEEN the Hypothalamus and the Anterior Pituitary Gland; TOGETHER they facilitate the flow of ELECTRICITY through the Nervous System” The „Third Eye; Pineal Gland‟: Is activated by Light; Electricity and controls the bio-rhythms of the body and works directly with the Hypothalamus; which directs the body‟s thirst, hunger, SEXUAL DESIRE: The Pineal Gland; Third Eye ONLY ACTIVATES AFTER being touched BY the Vibrating Electricity; „Light; Illumination‟ of Kundalini Yoga: This is achieved by Hatha Yoga which is a „FORCING TECHNIQUE‟ ~ its primary aim is of FORCING the „arising of Kundalini; Serpent Power‟: which is FROM ~ YOGA BREATHING TECHNIQUES: *The nerves that serve the Pineal Gland; Third Eye DO NOT originate in the brain, but in the Sympathetic Nervous System. *In the Pineal Gland; Third Eye the Hormone Melatonin is manufactured, whose discharge is ***INHIBITED by LIGHT RADIATION and occurs therefore by Night. Melatonin INHIBITS the DEVELOPMENT of GERM CELLS and Sexual Urges. Seratonin acts as a Chemical Neuron-transmitter of ELECTRICAL IMPULSES in the synapses of nerve cells. *Seratonin has the *SAME Chemical structure as some HALLUCINOGENIC substances; which is „transformed‟ into Melatonin ONLY in the Pineal Gland. The Pituitary Gland: It is the *Anterior Lobe Hormones of the Pituitary Gland which CONTROLS the SEXUAL life, especially the *female menstrual cycle, ovulation and the testicles: the Anterior Lobe consists two-thirds of the volume of the Pituitary Gland and the Posterior Lobe one third: The Posterior Lobe of the Pituitary Gland as the „neural lobe‟ is continuous with the Hypothalamus, hormones stored in the terminals are released into general blood circulation in RESPONSE to electrical excitation: Any mass lesion of sufficient size in the area of the Pituitary Gland will CAUSE visual field defects. The two *regions of the brain that are exceptionally sensitive to LIGHT and ELECTRICITY are the Pineal Gland and the Pituitary Gland. NB: To recap: The unnatural FORCING of Kundalini as the Occultist alleged „Serpent Power;

Cosmic Electricity‟ has its first electrical impact on the NERVES of the Sympathetic Nervous System ~ at the base of an individual‟s spine ~ which then „serves the Pineal Gland; Third Eye as an „electrical circuit‟: ~ As its ~ „ACTION‟ ~ ON ~ the Hypothalamus; Limbic System of Brain ~ of its associated EFFECTS which INCLUDES Sexual Urges; Sexual Desire: Sexual Fantasy…and its REACTION back on the Sympathetic Nervous System and Pelvic, Uterus, and all the associated Sexual areas, being targeted… So there is their EXTERNAL „Cosmic Electricity; Serpent Power‟ FROM the Geometric Rituals they collectively, physically act out together; PRODUCING their asserted „Ether vibration‟ which then becomes their „all-penetrating; interfering Cosmic Electricity‟ as a man-made FORCE.; which negatively acts UPON natural matter… And there is their asserted INTERNAL „Kundalini Cosmic Electricity; Vibration‟ via their „COLLECTIVE YOGA INTER-BREATHING‟…which then ACTIVATES their asserted „Third Eye; Pineal Gland‟…VIA the Sympathetic Nervous System… Direct Factual Evidence no. 13 (b) 1996 Else Johansen from the Kundalini Network in Denmark:

“It happened 22 years ago I had been practising Yoga and breathing exercises for 1 year: Then something peculiar happened, I felt sexually excited directly AFTER the breathing exercises, and got the feeling of being „high‟ ~ like when you have smoked hash. *Some weeks later I felt an ELECTRIC CURRENT running through my SPINE and up into my brain: AFTER the Yoga exercises, where it felt so good, I can only describe it as a „brain-orgasm‟. During this time I became ACUTELY PSYCHOTIC that is I lost control. This

however only lasted a few weeks and never came back. The ELECTRIC CURRENT kept flowing upwards, and its power increased, from time to time it felt like burning fire and was very painful ~ it affected my health. It was as if I was being devoured from the inside by this terrible energy which roared through my body and caused a most unpleasant overpressure in my brain, this lasted for a whole year.” “Kundalini arousal occurs as a side-effect of Yoga: When the process of

Kundalini had lasted in me for about 10 years, I was too tired to be able to earn a living on my own; I went to a doctor and told him about my state. And he said: “You are deeply psychotic, I will send you to a good psychiatrist, the energy you are talking about does NOT exist. You have serious misconceptions.” “I got sick pay, and later a disability pension I was diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic, without first having been taken for a mental examination.” “In the Yoga literature I got a reasonable explanation of what had happened to me. Yes, I understood that the „secret purpose of Yoga is to

release the Kundalini FORCE‟.” “In an investigation concerning the Kundalini process: In 76 people: 42 of them had never been informed by their Yoga teacher about the existence of Kundalini: 8 of them got to know they were PSYCHOTIC, 8 received the diagnosis Schizophrenia, borderline Psychosis, 7 Anxiety Neurosis, 3 Manic-depressive 2 hypochondriac 2 inflammation of the brain: 32 of the people investigated were taken into Psychiatric care, 3 in a neurological ward, 12 could manage with help from the Outpatient department, 24 of which now get disability pension. 17 of the surveyed persons admit that they have had THOUGHTS of SUICIDE, since it is IMPOSSIBLE for them to live with an active Kundalini, and one has committed Suicide.” Direct Factual Evidence no. 13 (c): 1855 Alchemist Eliphas Levi: „Transcendental Magic‟

„Love and Passion‟:

“Cosmic Electricity AS Astral Light is typified by the SERPENT of Genesis. This subtle agent (force), ever active, ever vigorous, ever fruitful in ALLURING dreams and SENSUAL images: This FORCE which itself is blind and subordinated to every will, whether for good or evil and which produces VERTIGO in the imprudent: This corporeal (bodily, physical, material as DISTINCT from spiritual) spirit; this fiery body this omnipresent ETHER: how shall we define it comprehensively and how to characterize its ACTION? It transmits light and propagates darkness, it may be called Lucifer; it is a Serpent, it is Fire and belongs to the TORMENTS of the INFERNO: To dispose of it, we must like the predestined

woman, set our foot upon its head.”

= Mary; ~ As the put forward „Rose; Soul‟ of their literally man-made „Sub-Rose-Conspiracy‟ With the word „Conspiracy‟ coming from the French word meaning „to breathe together; to breathe with‟: So the „Sub-Rose-Conspiracy‟ is LITERALLY linked to all their „corresponding ways‟… of their man-made Craft; they posit fraudulently as „Metaphysics, Spirituality; Cosmic Consciousness‟ which they began in 1998 by SEXUAL HUBRIS of their Kundalini Serpent Force: Direct Factual Evidence no. 14 Part Two of INDIVIDUAL DECONSTRUCTION PROCESS From „A Giant‟s Garden; Special Fairy Tales‟ Spring Issue 2009:

By Jacqueline Wiegard of Monash University:

“In 1997 Marie-Louise von Franz observes; „in Western Society Alchemy endeavors to FILL IN THE GAPS left by the Christian tension of OPPOSITES‟.” “The three main stages of the Alchemy Process: Blackening Whitening Reddening Which involves: dissolution of the ego: Confrontation with the Shadow, Purification (sacrifice of an individual ~ to be assimilated into HivedMinded Conformity) followed by rebirth, resurrection: “Carl Jung defines the introverted Psychological tradition of Alchemy ~ „as just as much a investigation of the Collective Unconscious as of Matter‟: According to Jung, the First Phase of Alchemy as the „Blackening‟ is of DEPRESSION and corresponds with the „Shadow Archetype‟ in Jung‟s (from Occultist Plato) Psychology.” “In von Franz‟s 1997 study of Alchemy she observes that: „One reads in old texts that LEAD contains a dangerous *SPIRIT which *makes people MANIC or CRAZY: Beware of the Spirit of Lead in the Great Work of Alchemy: That is not only a Psychological truth: LEAD as a symbol in connected with Saturn; with the *Spirit of *Depression‟.” “In (Freemason, Theosophist) Oscar Wilde‟s fairy tale „The Happy Prince‟, at the beginning of the tale the Prince is relentlessly „witness‟ to misery, he remarks: “…now I am dead they have let me up here so high that I can see all the ugliness and misery of my city, and though my *HEART is made of LEAD, yet I cannot choose but weep.” ***“The Prince‟s deepest MATTER; Material Self IS the Lead Heart ~ as the „other‟ and his „interaction with it dissolves the ego‟: The INDIVIDUALITY of the Prince is *then assimilated into the Collective as the alchemical phase of „Blackening‟. “In his *Depressed state the Prince finds a helper in the Swallow bird: Through the bird‟s role as Mercury; Messenger, he facilitates the Prince‟s „Whitening‟ phase; *which is evident through the PRESENCE of FEMININE symbols such as „Silver; Moon‟. Jung asserts that AFTER the blackening phase as the „Crying; weeping; washing; baptism‟ EITHER this leads directly to the „Whitening‟ phase OR else the „SOUL‟ is released at DEATH and is reunited with the dead body and brings about its RESURRECTION: It is the „presence of the tears as the cleansing water‟ and the „mercury; messenger SOUL bird‟ and the „feminine; moon‟ which all signifies the „PURIFICATION‟ (individual assimilation into the collective unconscious; hive

mind) associated with the „Whitening‟ phase.” “The final phase of the Alchemical Transformation is the „Reddening‟ as the „Philosophical Gold‟; which is externalized by Sacrificing the „Matter; Material Self; Heart of Lead‟ to the „Social Group‟: The completion of this Alchemical Process is the *Egyptian Tradition which indicates that the „individual if FULLY integrated with the Godhead‟.” Direct Factual Evidence no. 14 (b): „Pineal Gland; Third Eye‟ By S. M Rooney-Dougal, published in:

„Journal of the Society for Psychical Research‟ Volume 55: No. 815, Pages 312-327: “Neurochemistry and Anthropology have recently given greater credence to Occultist Folklore, which states that the Pineal Gland IS the Third Eye as the ***SOURCE of „*second sight; *seat of the Soul; *Psychic Centre; *All-Seeing-Eye‟ within the brain.” “Recent Neurochemical research has identified a class of compounds called „beta-carbolines‟ which appear to be PRODUCED in the Pineal Gland: with most interest centering on the 6-methoxy-tetro-hydro-beta, now being called Pinoline.” “Beta-carbolines are found in the Pineal Gland in quantities equivalent to melatonin ~ the major Pineal Gland Neuro-hormone, from which they may be put together; combined ~ ***building up of elements into a WHOLE:


Buckholtz in *1980, states that „Beta-carbolines are neuron-modulators in

that they play a role in the fine tuning of the ACTION of the Neurontransmitters‟.”

“The Pineal Neuron-hormones act UPON the Hypothalamus; mid-brain of the Limbic System of Brain.” “In 1974 W.B Quay in his textbook on „Pineal Chemistry‟ states that the

„proposed Pineal beta-carbolines would ALL arise as products of Serotonin, 5-Methoxy tryptamine or Melatonin…In 1961 Mcisaac demonstrated that 6-methoxy Harmaline can be formed; put together; synthesized FROM Serotonin” “In the 1970‟s a Chilean Psychotherapist Claudio Narjano (1973, 1978) used a variety of HALLUCINOGENS including Harmaline in the Psychotherapy setting and came to the conclusion that:

“Harmaline may be said to be MORE hallucinogenic THAN Mescaline: Both in the number of IMAGES reported and their REALISTIC quality.

Some of the subjects felt that certain scenes that they saw had really happened and that they had been as DISEMBODIED witnesses of them in a different time and place.” “In 1977 Wurtman and Moscowitz stated: „The Pineal Gland SYNTHESIZES

and RELEASES Melatonin in RESPONSE to a Neuron-transmitter *released from the nerves of the Sympathetic Nervous System: The rate at which it is released DECLINES when light activates Eye Photo-receptors and INCREASES when the Sympathetic Nervous System is STIMULATED by *Severe Stress.” “Serotonin is a Neuron-transmitter which has been implicated in a wide range of mental phenomena from Sleep Cycles to *PSYCHOSIS: It is a chemical precursor to Melatonin, with which it alternates on a day-night basis. Selotonin is found in the GREATEST concentrations in the Pineal Gland; being greatest in the day and Melatonin at night.” THIS is severely disrupted if one stays in ***constant LIGHT;ILLUMINATION; which is CERTAINLY implicated in ManicDepression”

“Comparison of the chemical structures of various hallucinogenic agents and tranquilizing drugs with the structures of Serotonin shows it is NOT surprising that this compound has a profound INFLUENCE on the TRANSMISSION of Nerve Impulses and, as a consequence on Emotional States.” NB: The asserted SOURCE of the Occultist FRAUD of their alleged „Pan-Psychic-Powers‟ of their asserted „All-Seeing-Eye‟ of the „Pineal Gland; Third Eye‟ remains with the Occultist, Esoteric, Hermes adepts ~ collectively produced man-made Ether; Cosmic Electricity vibration…acting first on nerves/ natural matter of the Sympathetic Nervous System and then up the spine to the Hypothalamus; Limbic System of Brain of which the Pineal Gland is part of ~ as their alleged „Seat of Emotions; Seat of the Soul‟: Freemason, Theosophist Oscar Wilde‟s „The Happy Prince‟ reveals that it IS „Heart‟ which carries the „true weight of an individual‟ and it is THIS which the illegal Individual Deconstruction Process ~ since Autumn Equinox 1998 ~ has been TRYING to FORCE the put forward „Rose; Soul‟ = natural heart conscience Mary ~ „to force her to let go of her heart conscience‟: As is shown in the 1930‟s Penguin Press Translation of the Upanishads ~ which, since 2006; has been changed to „heart desire‟…for their Sexual Hubris BEGINS with Desire….For Mary as the central target BLAME CAUSATION of „Cosmic Consciousness‟: As their posited „Key; Water; Aleph; Matter; Virgin-Mother SYNTHESIS‟ of their fraudulent mystery religion…of their being illegally attempted New Age; New World Order: Direct Factual Evidence no. 14 (c):

Occultist Eliphas Levi „The Key of the Mysteries‟ translated by Occultist Aleister Crowley and Dante‟s Divine Comedy:

“It will be demonstrated that the old traditions are all TRUE, that the whole of Paganism is only a system of corrupted and misplaced truths ~ that it is sufficient to CLEANSE them and put them back again in their place, to see them shine with all their rays: In a word all ideas will CHANGE.” “We shall exhibit the True Religion with SUCH Characters ~ that NO-ONE: believer or non-believer can FAIL to recognize it ~ and THAT will be the ABSOLUTE in Religion.” “We shall establish in Philosophy the UNCHANGEABLE Characters of THAT Truth: which is IN Science, and „Reality‟ in Judgments and „Reason‟ and in „Ethics and JUSTICE‟.” “And finally we shall acquaint you with the „Laws of Nature‟ ~ whose equilibrium is stability.***We shall also invite the great poets of the FUTURE to „create once more the Divine Comedy‟ ~ no longer according to the DREAMS OF MAN ~ BUT TO THE MATHEMATICS OF „God‟ ( Lucifer); AS THE MATHEMATICS OF THOUGHT” ~ From the „Kabbalah Library‟ Copyright *1998: By Stephen Nominees

„The Divine Comedy and the Kabbalah‟

By Jack Courtis: “The Dante „Divine Comedy‟ (1265-1321) is in 3 parts ~ InfernoPurgatory-Paradise: as a reference to the three fold structure of the Hermetic Cosmos…There are 33 verses for Purgatory and Paradise; the number 33 alludes to the Kabbalah „Tree of Life‟ (Subconscious): The 32 INTERNAL paths lead inevitably to the EXTERNAL 33rd: to LUCIFER the „Light-bearer‟.” Dante‟s Divine Comedy: With Occultist Eliphas Levi stating: „As a series of Kabbalah circles ~ a

ROSE is at the center of the Cross, and for the first time we see the symbol of the Rose Cross Fraternity; Rosicrucian‟s publically and categorically revealed‟: “In fashion as a snow Defined by Wikipedia website: -white ROSE lay Then before my view ~ The Saintly multitude which in his own blood Christ espoused

Meanwhile that OTHER Host that soar aloft To gaze Hovered around like a troop of Bees Flew downwards to the mighty flower; a ROSE Faces they had of FLAME and wings of gold The rest was whiter than driven snow And, as they flitted down INTO the flower From range to range FANNING their plummy loins Whispered the peace and ARDOUR which they WON The vast INTERPOSITION of such numerous flights Cast from above UPON the flower Or VIEW Obstructed OUGHT For through the Universe wherever merited Celestial LIGHT Glides freely And NO obstacle prevents.” With Occultist Nicholas Flannel‟s work „Hieroglyphics‟ stating: “The Mystic ROSE of Hermetic Lore Which issues bright and fair Strange VIRTUES *circling the sap therein Beneath the Universal SPIRIT‟S breath From the Mercury Stone” And Occultist Aleister Crowley‟s poem „The Quest‟ stating: “A part Immutable (unchangeable) UNSEEN BEING ~ before its-self had been Became ~ like DEW ~ a TRIPLE Queen


A veil across the Silver Dawn On holy wings that hovered The music (rhythm) of 3 THOUGHTS


The beauty that is One white flame:

The JUSTICE that SURPASSES SHAME The sacred fountain that is WHIRLED From depths beyond the older world A New World to engender The Kingdom is EXTENDED Night dwells and I contemplate the SIGHT; that is NOT seeing But the LIGHT THAT SECRETLY IS KINDLED.” Please Note: In all 3 Occultist examples; of their long worked towards Sub-Rose-Conspiracy: of which their Substantive Crimes are Fraud by False Representation; Trespass on the Person; Assault, Battery and False Imprisonment ~ in Mary‟s current „LIFE‟ (Autumn Equinox 1998-2011 so far) and when DIES it will be attempted Identity Theft in their FRAUD of their posited „Soul Immortality‟: In all 3 examples shown here ~ their asserted „Celestial Light‟ as „Astral Light‟ which is their man-made „Cosmic Electricity‟ ~ it is SHOWN that it IS their Collective Lucifer Regime actions which is the TRUE causation of their BEGINNING crime of Trespass on the Person of Sexual Hubris of their Kundalini-Pineal

Gland-Hypothalamus interference; activation…And that the true SHAME rests with „they‟ as BOTH the instigators and perpetrators …

With Dante‟s „Divine Comedy‟ revealing that it is „the vast INTERPOSITION of such

numerous flights, cast from above UPON the flower ~ or view ~ obstructed OUGHT: For through the Universe wherever merited; Celestial Light glides freely, and no obstacle prevents.”  With the word „INTERPOSITION‟ meaning: 1. The act of interposing; to „place‟ or insert a „thing‟ between others. 2. An INTERUPTION; to INTERFERE; to „put in‟: 3. interference Which is from their overall common plan: As already shown, in Direct Factual Evidence no. 6: On their asserted „Cosmic Consciousness‟:

“To PLACE a single conscious life, UNKNOWINGLY, into the egos of chosen others‟

In their illegal „Individual Deconstruction Process‟ it is Occultist, Freemason, Theosophist, Writer Oscar Wilde, in his „Happy Prince‟ satire; that asserts „the deepest MATTER is the Material Self as the Lead Heart ~ which is the „Other‟ (single conscious life) and his interaction with it (depression)

DISSOLVES the individual: and the „individuality is then ASSIMILATED into the Collective Unconscious as the alchemical phase of Blackening.‟  With the word ASSIMILATE meaning: 1. 2. 3. 4.

ABSORB information INTO the MIND Absorb people into a larger group Make alike, CAUSE to resemble Be absorbed ~ INTO ~ the body, mind or a larger group.

SEXUAL HUBRIS SHAMING BEGINS The Occultist FRAUD of their asserted „Cosmic Consciousness‟ CLOSELY FOLLOWED by CAUSING DEPRESSION in the targeted natural female heart conscience they falsely assert as the „Rose; Soul; Alter Ego‟… Direct Factual Evidence no. 15:

Founder member of the Club of Rome Think-tank Occultist Ervin Laszlo‟s

Connectivity Hypothesis: Page 74:

„Foundations of an integral Science of Quantum, Cosmos, Life and Consciousness‟ “In the case of LIGHT-VORTEX-ROPES Connectivity Hypothesis can be stated in the general form of a „system of charged particles of an undefined level of organization‟. The level of „single particles‟ is „Alpha‟ ~ and the highest level of the metaphysical universe is „Omega‟: that stands for the Schrodinger Wavefunction, and the Electromagnetic Field denotes the „field‟ for the „Cosmic Plenum” (~ The word „Plenum‟ is taken directly from their overall common plan the Upanishads and means „fullness; as space filled with MATTER as an assembly of people‟ ~ Schrodinger‟s Wave-function equation is „used to find the energy levels of

atoms; it gives the probability of finding the „test particle‟ at a certain position; ELECTRONS give different diffraction patterns; in a similar way to light patterns)

“For the purposes of THIS „Connectivity Hypothesis‟ the Schrodinger Wavefunction can be any electromagnetic field as a medium of Universal Connectivity: so that systems of Charged Particles ~ on all levels *FROM the single charged particle ~ to the Metaphysical Universe; so that it „informs‟ systems on all levels: In this context „in-formation‟ involves NOT conventional convector energy, but the more subtle INFLUENCE of the degree of BRIGHTNESS that EFFECTS the periodically reoccurring sequence, ESPECIALLY of ALTERNATING electric currents of Light VIBRATIONS:”

“THIS creates „in-formation‟ of a particular VARIETY; one that is physically effective ~ WITHOUT conveying manifest energy ~ it „informs the system of charged particles that receive it‟: Which is the RESULT of a two way communication process: THIS two-way INTERACTION between PLENUM (as space filled with an assembly of matter; people) is ***NOT a „zero-sumexchange‟ of the SAME INFORMATION CYCLING BACK AND FORTH; IT IS ***NEVER***THE SINGLE PARTICLE ***ON WHICH THE WAVE FUNCTION CARRIES THE INFORMATION ~ ***BUT THAT OF THE COLLECTIVE STATE OF THE ENTITIES THAT CREATED IT.” NB: Please Note: The „Single Particle‟ IS their asserted „test particle‟ ~ AS the „Single Conscious Life

placed UNKNOWINGLY into the egos of chosen others, to be made KNOWN as their Alter ago”: FOR Transference of Blame: OF their FRAUD by FALSE Representation…which BEGINS by their Sexual HUBRIS Crime of „Outrageous and irreverent treatment‟ by their Kundalini DESIRE… Direct Factual Evidence no. 15 (b): Occultist, Rosicrucian, Paul Foster Case

„The True and Invisible Rosicrucian Order‟: Page 33:

“The 7th Circle of the Kabbalah „Tree of Life‟ ~ as the MAP of „the SUBCONSCIOUS‟ is called the „ROSE; Sphere of Venus‟: FROM our IMPULSES to MAKE adaptions in Ourselves ~ and in OTHERS; which PRESENT themselves in our MINDS in the form of DESIRES.” “The Rose Cross Fraternity of Rosicrucian‟s has the ROSE as the EMBLEM of VENUS as DESIRE: With the CROSS representing KARMIC LAW: With VENUS; ROSE as the „mythological impersonation of THOSE desires‟. “ “IF our Rosicrucian desires AGREE with the ACTUAL constitution of NATURE ~ THEN our Rosicrucian Philosophy WILL be a TRUE explanation of the Universe: However IF our Rosicrucian DESIRES are at a VARIENCE with REALITY ~ then our Rosicrucian Philosophy will be a mere fabrication” The Case of Mary Anne Lale VERSUS the Occultist, Hermes, Esoteric Adepts Autumn Equinox 1998-2011 Autumn (so far) Part 1:

1. „Mary‟ as their posited FRAUD by False Representation as „Rose; Soul‟ is being FRAUDULENTLY put forward by them as „the Subconscious‟: *When she is NOT (and NEVER has been) „an initiate; adept‟ of „Occultist, Hermes, Esotericism‟: *‟Mary‟ IS NOT part of their „Collective‟ acting physically out ~ of their „OM; Sri-Yanta- Pyramid- ETHER sound vibration‟: or ANY of their geometrical constructs: Which „becomes‟ their asserted „Cosmic Electricity‟ which „becomes‟ MAGNETIC; of their „image and sound correspondences‟: Which is the ROOT of all ORIGIN of their alleged „Subconscious Mind Domain‟: Instead, „Mary‟ is a genuine („unchangeable‟) natural female heart conscience, of which Occultist Aleister Crowley states as: “a part, immutable (unchangeable), unseen, BEING before its-self had been.” 2. „Mary‟ is being put forward, fraudulently, as: „The Subconscious is called the Rose; Sphere of Venus: FROM our IMPULSES to MAKE ADAPTIONS in our selves: AND IN OTHERS; which present themselves in our MINDS in the form of DESIRES…The Venus; Rose is the emblem of DESIRE and is the mythological IMPERSONATION of THOSE Desires.” So it is „Mary‟ who is being fraudulently BLAMED for the Occultist collective DESIRE of THEIR attempted „CHANGE‟ into the UNNATURAL: NONDIVERSE „hive-minded-conformity‟: of THEIR asserted (fraud) of „Cosmic Consciousness‟: With „Mary‟ as the „test particle; Single Conscious Life‟ ~ as NATURAL MATTER BEING ACTED UPON: BY THEIR „all-penetrating, invading, interfering; electrical vibration Field Line of Force‟: Which „comes from far away‟ AS their „Collective Negative Concerted Group-Action ~ ACTING at a DISTANCE‟: So that, for these last NON-CONSENTED to 14 years ~ in „reality‟ there is NO actual „Possession; Human Embodiment‟ present; rather a POLLUTANT vibration PERIODICALLY ~ as „timed oscillations‟ ~ occurring: Which ACTS as an electrical current; electrical circuit FROM the Sympathetic Nervous System to the Limbic System of Brain and back down the spine again; VIA their posited Craft of their alleged „Serpent Power; Kundalini‟ HUBRIS. Direct Factual Evidence no. 15 (c):

„Rose Alchemy‟ Published 21st June 2008

By „Alkemia Transform Ezine‟ “Physiology of the „alchemy conjunction‟ is using Kundalini Rites to INDUCE electromagnetic sexual energies for „transformation‟…” “Spirit („Cosmic Electricity‟) is the 7th Vibrational Dimension; which is symbolized by THE *ULTIMATE RECEPTIVITY OF THE ROSE: THIS IS THE OPENING TO COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS as a RESULT of the „marriage between ALL opposites.”

3. „Transference of BLAME‟ back to its owners: It is the Occultist, Hermes, Esoteric Rosicrucian adepts (etc.) as the „collective THEY‟ ~ it is THEIR Psychological to Physical „Desires‟ who are ATTEMPTING to „make‟ via REPETITION ~ „permanent‟ ~ Adaptions, Mutations ~ via their Geometric producing vibration (interference) Craft = „magnetic‟: WORD; imageMEMORY STIMULATION correspondences‟ in the Hypothalamus-Pineal Gland-Limbic System of mind; alongside negative sexual / aggressive „impulses‟ IN non-consenting BODIES of THEIR „chosen other egos‟ ~ and in the being illegally targeted „Rose; Mary‟. This is BECAUSE the „collective they‟ are LIMITED by what they CAN actually DO:

For; in their asserted fraud of „Spirit‟ when it is collectively produced „Kinetic Energy; as energy in motion‟ which „becomes‟ what they assert as „Cosmic Electricity‟ ~ IN their own collective „selves‟ as „spirit‟ they CANNOT evolve; develop FURTHER than the present ILLEGAL manifestation as a „field line of force‟ that they FRAUDULENTLY term as: „Universal Mind; Cosmic Consciousness; New Race of Man‟: For they NEED „natural matter‟ to ACT UPON: In order to DO Their Fraud by False Representation of Soul Illumination; Soul Perfection; Soul Immortality: Cosmic Consciousness… Of which the NON-CONSENTING „test particle; Mary‟ as their put forward „Rose; Soul Illumination‟ as „dot product; center-point‟ is, for them ~ of ~ ABSOLUTE NECESSITY for their „artificial ~ man-made ~ NOT produced

by Nature ~ System‟: Of which Direct Factual Evidence no. 29, CONFIRMS: by Alchemist, Occultist John Dees „Hieroglyphic Monad‟ ~ written in 1564: With Theorem XX1 stating: “You will recollect we have said that the Sun; Light; Solar Degree is NOT delivered to us, ready to our hand, by Nature. But that it is ARTIFICIAL and NOT produced BY Nature…so we discover amongst the members that compose it, a FORCE which is both Magnetic and Active.” With Theorem XX111 re-confirming: “This Monad is the proved Unity of IMAGES; it is NOT within the power of Nature.” Direct Factual Evidence no. 15 (d): John Dees Hieroglyphic Monad Theorem XX: “The POINT must of NECESSITY be present: There is NOTHING that can be substituted in its PLACE: The POINT forms the INTEGRAL POINT of the Binary: so it follows we must take note of all that is HIDDEN INSIDE OF IT.” The Rose Cross Fraternity used to use a center point in the middle of its Cross: Which it then changed into the symbol of a Rose:

~ As the alleged „Rose; Soul‟ PLACED BETWEEN all NON-CONSENTING „opposite individual‟ people in Cosmic Consciousness „receiving her‟ ~ for their FRAUD of:

“The Ultimate Receptivity of the Rose: THIS is the Opening of Cosmic Consciousness as a RESULT of the Marriage BETWEEN all opposites.” The Occultist „Rose‟ as „Soul‟ symbol in the TRANSFERENCE OF BLAME is used for their FRAUD of „Oneness; Sameness‟ by their asserting that „Soul is Archetypal Man‟ and the „Rose; Soul is Nature Personified‟:

WITH their whole CRUTCH of their posited „WHOLENESS‟ ~ originating FROM the Upanishads, as their overall Common Plan ~ is their asserting that „Nature is Sameness; Symmetry‟: WHEN IT IS THEIR MAN-MADE ~ (NOT-NATURAL) ~ ARTIFICIAL „SYSTEM‟ WHICH IS OF SAMENESS; SYMMETRY…IN ITS „corresponding‟ ANALOGY‟S AND PARALLELS… Direct Factual Evidence no. 15 (e):

„The Divine Unified Field Theory; the Upanishads: The Appeal of the Upanishads Today‟ By Swami Atmapriyananda

“The Brahman expounded in the Upanishads is the ALL in ALL…Einstein‟s General Relativity Theory of 1925, taught, from the Upanishads, that Space is curved, and is influenced by the presence of matter” “Einstein‟s search for a „Unified Field Theory‟ as the „Holy Grail‟ eluded him till the end: The human mind goes from the particular, to the general, to the more general until it reaches ~ the most general ~ Oneness: When that is reached, all search comes to an end ~ culminating in the attainment of „Supreme Oneness‟ which is „Shantam, Shivam, Adavitam‟ in the language of the Mandukya Upanishad” “By the turn of the last century, Physicists were investigating and researching into „Super-Symmetry Grand Unification Theories‟: The Philosophical „World View of NATURE‟ ~ is that „Nature is impartial BECAUSE it is Symmetric‟:” “*Nature does not have any preferential frame of reference: Which means that all Physical Laws remain the SAME irrespective of the frame of reference used: Which is Einstein‟s Relativity Principle…one implication of this Principle, Philosophically speaking, is that Nature is IMPARTIAL ~ Nature treats all frames alike: This *SAMENESS is „Samatva‟ in the Upanishads as a „Fundamental Principle of Nature‟ NB: „Impartial‟ means „equally, unprejudiced, fair‟ so here the Occultist, Esoteric prejudiced „Logic‟ is that „Equality IS Sameness‟ and „Sameness is Symmetric‟~ when „Nature is just BEING‟ ~ and in this „Naturally Being; is being Naturally DIVERSE‟…this could „EQUALLY‟ be put forward as so. Direct Factual Evidence no. 16: 1927 Rosicrucian Paul Foster Case:

„The True and Invisible Rosicrucian Order‟:

“We hold we will be able to lay a new foundation of Sciences and to ERECT a new citadel of TRUTH: First the controlled emotions, then exploration of the Subconscious: To then control the Consciousness of the World.” Direct Factual Evidence no. 16 (b) 1930‟s-1940: „Externalizations of the Hierarchy‟

By Occultist, Theosophist Alice Bailey Page 514:

“We shall have the restoration of the Mysteries; through the first initiation: TO KNOW YOUR SELF” “When the Great ONE comes the EFFECT of His appearance will be to demonstrate in every land the EFFECT of inclusiveness: ALL who see NO difference BETWEEN People: between Religion and Religion, between Nation and Nation will rally around Him: WHEREAS * those people who embody the spirit of separateness will stand automatically and equally REVEALED and ALL people will KNOW them for WHAT they are.”

NB: It is NOT „all people world over‟ ~ it is just „SOME people‟…who have been unnaturally, illegally and immorally „receiving non-consenting Mary‟ via the Esoteric, Hermes, Occultist, Geometric interference electromagnetic vibration ~ CRAFT: ALL occurring within the Electromagnetic Spectrum: So including „Transceivers‟ of the Radio and TV High Power Airwaves: Since Autumn Equinox 1998 With their FRAUD ~ beginning from South London; Outside Clapham Common Tube in a triangle railings area as a paved „Horseshoe‟ : The Occultist „Sub-Rose-Conspiracy‟ is of the substantive crime of Fraud by False Representation in three-inter-connecting parts: 1. The fraud by false representation of their posited „All-Seeing-Eye‟: which is falsely asserted as „The Virgin-Mother‟ as the „Soul: Rose‟ (as the „single conscious life‟) fraudulently asserted as „merged; embodied; possessed‟ as the „Collective Person‟ = as MARY: Direct Factual Evidence no. 16 (b-1): 2010 „Global Oneness‟ Theosophy website: „Definitions on Cosmic Higher Consciousness‟:

“The FOURTH state of Consciousness is the HIGHEST state of Hindu Vedic Samadhi: the Fourth State is a PRACTICAL ANNHILATION OF THE ORDINARY INDIVIDUAL HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS; of Human ***Embodiment: It is the ***attainment of *union *in*** Overshadowing: as working through the Ego: It is becoming ONE with the Monadic essence to states of „super-consciousness‟ leading to an immersion of One Universal Consciousness.” 2. The Occultist fraud by false representation of their asserted „All-

Seeing-Eye‟ is „inter-connected‟ with their asserted “We shall have the restoration of the Mysteries through the first initiation „To Know Your Self‟ = By falsely claiming, asserting „Mary as Alter Ego‟ AS the „Subconscious‟ in their

„Oneness of Being‟ as the „collective Person‟ as „SAMENESS‟: Via their false „scientific premise of Quantum Mechanics‟ of their MAN-MADE rightangled-and-curved-vortex PHOTON „transmission‟ of Sound and Light alleged „Mind Illumination-transmission‟ of their collectively produced INTERFERENCE vibration: (As demonstrated already in Direct Factual Evidence no. 4 (b) point 7, of their geometric acting out „result‟ ~ “Which CAUSES an energy frequency signature of FUSION to occur as „union”) = For „Mary‟s‟ Memory activation-recall to occur on the targeted pre-frontal cortex of brain; for their present fraud of „All-Seeing-Eye‟ ACTIVATION and FUTURE (when Mary is DEAD) Fraud to occur of their posited „Soul Immortality‟.

3. The third inter-connected part of their Sub-Rose-Conspiracy ~ Fraud by False Representation: is their falsely asserting MARY as the CAUSE of the (photon transmission) All-Seeing-Eye: Cosmic Consciousness: AS the „Rose of Light‟: AS the „Virgin as Astral Light as Virgin Mary as the SEA of Virgin MATTER: that is to become the Mother by the ACTION of the Third Logos: („The Word‟): From where the fraud of their attempted FUTURE „false messiah‟ as their asserted „Mystic Jesus‟ as „The Great ONE‟ would be „born from‟… Direct Factual Evidence no. 16 (c): Revised February *2003 „Transmission of Electromagnetic Waves and deflection of LIGHT in

Gravitational Fields‟ From Shanghai University, Department of Physics, College of Sciences, by Pan Peng-Peng and Lu Hui-Qing: “PHOTONS ~ Of different energy values are distributed through what is called the Electromagnetic Spectrum. *Our emphasis is on PHOTONS and IMAGES acquired as ELECTRONIC SIGNALS ~ rather than recorded directly on film.” “Variations in PHOTON energies are TIED to the *particular WAVELEGTH: It is frequency electromagnetic radiation that varies from High to Low energy levels which COMPRISES the Electromagnetic Spectrum.” “*When any TARGET MATERIAL is EXCITED by internal processes or interaction with incoming Electromagnetic radiation it will EMIT or REFLECT PHOTONS of varying wavelengths…*The plot of variation of power with wavelength gives rise to a SPECIFIC PATTERN or CURVE that is the „spectral signature‟ for the „target material; substance; feature‟ being ***SENSED.” “The PHOTON is the physical form of a quantum; as the „basic particle‟ studied in QUANTUM MECHANICS: The PHOTON is described as the „messenger particle for Electromagnetic FORCE as the smallest bundle of LIGHT‟: *PHOTONS move at the speed of light and the photon particles move as WAVES: these waves follow a CURVED or TRIANGLE pattern.” “*A Photon travels as an electromagnetic wave; having 2 components: oscillating as *Curved Waves MUTUALLY at *Right Angles; 1. Consisting of the varying Electric Field 2. Consisting of the varying Magnetic field: BOTH have the SAME strengths which reach their maximum-minimum at the SAME time…PHOTON WAVES can TRANSMIT through a *Vacuum; Void; Space ~ *A PHOTON-ELECTRON has KINETIC ENERGY: Photonelectrons are emitted ONLY after a threshold frequency is EXCEEDED; for frequencies BELOW the threshold NO electron EMISSION~TRANSMISSION takes place.” With „Introduction to Quantum Physics‟ Page 10 stating: “While it is POSSIBLE to measure with good accuracy the polarization

parameters of a classical electromagnetic wave ~ which contains a HUGE number of PHOTONS ~ it is fundamentally IMPOSSIBLE to measure those of a Single PHOTON of *Unknown origin.” Which is relative to the FRAUD of the Esoteric, Hermes, Occultist ~ posited „Cosmic Consciousness; Oneness of Being‟ as „*‟All-Seeing-Eye: KNOW Your SELF‟:

4. „Timing‟: The Esoteric, Hermes, Occultist overall common-design; common plan „The Upanishads‟ gives a DEFINITE TIMING for their asserted ~ „Cosmic Consciousness: Person Made of Light: Ultimate Brahmin: Metaphysical Fortress‟ ~ to occur ~ and have succeeded IN = They CANNOT „do‟ their FRAUD without their „timed electric current oscillations‟ ~ and the whole concept of man-made measured ~ rhythm TIME; TIMING is crucial to their fraud of „Symmetry; Sameness; Oneness of Being‟: Of their manmade „symmetrical‟ SYSTEM: Direct Factual Evidence no. 17 (a): 33rd Degree Freemason Manly Palmer Hall: „The Secret Destiny of America: Order of the QUEST‟ “Rosicrucian Francis Bacon‟s „New Atlantis‟ was published in 1627 ~ on the title page it SHOWS the „figure of an ancient creature REPRESENTING TIME who is drawing a FEMALE figure from a dark cavern‟. THIS is one of the MOST famous seals of the „Order of the QUEST‟ and WITHIN IT contains the WHOLE promise of the RESSURECTION OF MAN AND THE RESTITUTION OF THE MYSTERIES.” And 17 (b): „The Secret Doctrine of the Rosicrucian‟s‟ 1918 Page 29: „Light there was not for the Flame of Spirit was NOT yet re-kindled: TIME was NOT for CHANGE had NOT begun”

NB: The FIRST „IMPOSSIBILITY‟ of the Esoteric, Hermes, Occultist adepts „EXCESSIVE DESIRES to POSSESS and CONQUER‟ of their „Unnatural QUEST‟ of „Cosmic Consciousness‟: Is found in their own TIMINGS ~ for the „success‟ of their alleged „Individual Deconstruction Process‟ to have occurred with „Mary as the Single Conscious Life, UNKNOWINGLY, placed into chosen others egos, and made known as their Alter Ego‟ ~ as the targeted Central BLAME causation ~ WITHIN the allotted Upanishads timings FROM Autumn Equinox 1998 and to have „succeeded by the 2 New Moons of the Virgo Constellation‟ ~ which astrologically ~ astronomically ONLY occurs every 200 years and from 1998 ~ within the occultist alleged „New Age Foundation Timings‟ ~ the ONLY date for their alleged „sacrifice period to FORCE the heart conscience to LET GO of her heart‟: was Autumn Equinox *2006.

They did NOT succeed be-cause it is IMPOSSIBLE for them ~ TO ~ succeed: For a genuine natural heart conscience REMAINS naturally so throughout life: No amount of the man-made hierarchy „Divide to Conquer; to Rule Over‟ will or CAN succeed. No amount of „ridicule, humiliation, bullying ~ by ~ having continual sport with‟ will CHANGE „Mary‟ from a heart conscience consciousness who REFUSES to „rule over others or be ruled over by others‟: but rather comprehends „natural diverse individual EQUALITY‟ ~ which is NOTHING; NOTHING of the Occultist posited „Sameness; Symmetry; Oneness‟ FRAUD of: Their posited „Cosmic Consciousness‟

The Esoteric, Hermes, Occultist adepts USE the „cover‟ of their own „Astrological FICTION‟ for their alleged „New Age Foundation Period‟:

In *2006 the US National Science Board published a statement in which it said: „it considered „belief in astrology‟ to be „pseudo-scientific‟: Further stating: “Although the „connection‟ between „celestial mechanics‟ and „terrestrial dynamics‟ was explored first by (Occultist) Sir Isaac Newton, with his development of a „Universal Theory of Gravitation‟: His claims that „the gravitational EFFECTS of the Celestial bodies are what accounts for astrological generalizations‟ are NOT substantiated by Scientific Research.” The „Astrological cover‟ the Occultists were using, was the „2 New Moons of the Virgo Constellation of mid-September 2006; Autumn Equinox‟: Of which an „Astrological website‟ states: “The New Moon Solar eclipse in Virgo Constellation of the week up to 22nd September 2006 ~ is the Second New Moon in Virgo this year ~ *Solar eclipses are STRESSFUL times ~ of CONFLICT ~ it is in RELATIONSHIPS where it will be felt ~ OR in the Virgo House of the Sun itself.” On the 13 September 2006: A Freemason website published the following: th

“We are giving humanity an extra push to do the right action” Which is exactly; quoting the 1930‟s Upanishads Penguin Press translation in regard to their alleged „Sacrifice period‟ ~ of „the people‟~ termed as the „collective‟: „receiving the female heart conscience to do the RIGHT ACTION and FORCE her to let go of her heart‟ WHICH IS THEIR FIRST IMPOSSIBILITY: WITHIN THEIR OWN MAN-MADE TIMINGS: Their Second IMPOSSIBILITY Is in their posited FRAUD of the „Fourth Dimension of TIME‟ ~ AS ~ their alleged „All-Seeing-Eye; Cosmic Consciousness; the Person made of Light‟: From *1998-2012:

Definitions of „Fourth Dimension of Time‟: a) From Oxford Dictionary of Philosophy: “In the late 19th Century, Physicists such as Helmholz popularized work of Reimann that suggested that: „there might be a fourth SPATIAL dimension, into which things might „disappear‟, only to „reappear‟ elsewhere‟. This IDEA was taken up by (Occultists) Theosophists and *Para-psychologists: And, is analyzed in the 1884 classic „Flatland‟ by Edwin Abbot, and is mentioned in work by (UK Fabian Society member) H. G. Wells and (Occultist, Freemason, Theosophist) Oscar Wilde. It „reappeared‟ in orthodox „Psychics‟ in the work of Kaluza, in 1919 , who showed that “when Riemann „tensor metric‟ is re-written in „5 Dimensions‟ ~ a UNIFIED Theory of „Gravity and Electromagnetism‟ ~ can be produced” *Para-psychology: „Studies the MIND; cognitive phenomena, often called „extra-sensory-perception‟ in which „a person acquires knowledge of other peoples THOUGHTS or FUTURE EVENTS through „channels‟ apparently BEYOND the FIVE mind senses.‟ b) Occultist, Freemason Walter Leslie Wilmshurt (published in 1930‟s) „Concerning Cosmic Consciousness‟ notes: “The person EFFECTED by Cosmic

Consciousness sees himself as part of this unity which he SENSES as the EXPRESSION of a Single Conscious Life: At the MOMENT of the experience the realization of the consciousness of the SEPARATENESS of the ego as the knower and the non-ego as the known *entirely *disappears: Cosmic Consciousness is an INTUITIVE perception…as the essential ONENESS of the Universal Consciousness.” c) Occultist Ervin Laszlo, from Direct Factual Evidence no. 15: „Connectivity Hypothesis‟ who is a PROMOTER that „2012 will either be the collapse of the human civilization OR the beginning of a NEW QUANTUM CONSCIOUSNESS‟: His 2004 book „Science and the Akashic Field; An integral Theory of Everything‟ puts forward a „Field of Information as the substance of the Universe‟ : Using the Upanishads term „Akasha‟ for „Space‟: He posits that “Quantum Vacuum is by no means empty space as a Void but contains FLEETING electromagnetic Waves that pop in and out of existence.”

d) „Art History Definition: The Fourth Dimension‟ by Beth Gersh Nesic: “The IDEA of TIME as a FOURTH DIMENSION is usually attributed to Einstein‟s „Theory of Special Relativity‟ proposed in 1905: This idea that „time is a dimension‟ goes back to (Fabian Society member) H G Wells in his novel „The Time Machine‟. The CUBIST artists understood the non-ordinary experience of geometry: in which the Artists Albert Gleizes and Jean Metzinger discussed in the book „Cubism‟ in 1912: And there they mention the German MATHEMATICIAN Georg *Riemann who developed the IDEA of the „hypercube‟.” “Simultaneity as Multiple Views‟ appears in Picasso‟s „Still Life with Compote and Glass‟ (1914-15) ~ which is where we see the CIRCULAR opening and the profile of the wine glass all at one time: The theory that we perceive the world in terms of a „simultaneous INTERSECTION of PAST and PRESENT experience‟ comes from French Philosopher Henri Bergson (1859-1941). The Cubists tried to interpret Bergson‟s theories through their art, showing different sides of an OBJECT or person on one plane.” “In this sense the Fourth Dimension of Time concerns how two kinds of perception work TOGETHER as we INTERACT with objects or people in Space ~ that is to „Know things in real time‟ we must bring our MEMORIES from PAST TIME into the PRESENT.” e) From „Global Oneness‟ Theosophist website: Time CUBE‟: “The „Cube Root‟ is from the Upanishads ~ Sanskrit „Akasha‟ which means to „Pass through, PERVADE‟: The Theosophy dictionary on „FOUR‟ states: „Four is the Square of Two, and the second even number, hence FEMININE in characteristics. And corresponds to a solid figure, as being the immediate successor of the Triad and became the SYMBOL of IMMORTALITY ~ as the „ideal root‟ of all subsequent Hierarchical NUMBERS on the lower physical plane: So that the „Spiritual Four‟ is the „MOTHER TYPE OF ALL PRODUCTIVITY‟: And likewise is the „material four‟ on the Astral and Physical planes: The Hermes adepts had the IDEA that „Four was the symbol of TRUTH when expanded into a CUBE‟.

f) Artist Occultist Surrealist Painter Salvador Dali: Who stated that „he always painted from the Subconscious‟: In his painting „The Search for a Fourth Dimension‟ ~ the LIMP CLOCKS are present, as well as GEOMETRIC shapes and figures, the PENTAGRAM emerges from a cliff face ~ and the Pentagram is REPEATED when he works his vision of the „Last Supper‟ into this Geometric SHAPE.

In 1958 Salvador Dali painted „A meditative Rose‟~ as being „suspended in SKY‟: He was fascinated by the „hypercube‟ which is featured in his painting „CRUCIFIXION‟ in 1954. On his return from New York, Dali announced he „was going to paint an exploding Christ, Nuclear and Hypercube‟ stating: “This picture will be the great METAPHYSICAL work of my summer”: Once completed Dali defined it as „Metaphysical transcendent Cubism; it is a treatise inspired by Philosopher and Alchemist Raymond Lull.”

g) Occultist Scientist Sir Isaac Newton: Subscribed to the view that „TIME is part of the fundamental structure of the Universe as a „dimension‟ in which events occur in sequence‟: Which is referred to as „Newtonian Time‟: as the IDEA of „absolute time and space are independent aspects of objective reality‟. Newton believed „Absolute Time‟ could only be „understood mathematically‟. „Time Travel‟ is THIS view becomes a „possibility‟ as „other times persist like frames of a film strip and spread out across the time line‟. THE OPPOSING VIEW: Is that TIME does NOT refer to any kind of CONTAINER that EVENTS and OBJECTS move through ~ nor ~ to any „entity that flows‟: But it is instead part of a „logical ~ intellectual ~structure TOGETHER with SPACE and NUMBER within which humans sequence and comprise events‟. This OPPOSING view is from Gottfried Liebniz and Immanuel Kant, which holds that „Time is NEITHER an event or a thing, and thus is NOT „itself‟ measurable ~ nor can it be travelled.‟


In REALITY this „Opposing View‟ is of course the FACTUAL TRUTH: But, when a person is talking of the Occultist Geometric Craft of their posited „Metaphysics‟ ~ a person is talking ILLUSION; NOT REAL; NOT REALITY = NOT NATURAL: ~ But of a collectively man-made Kinetic Energy produced ~ CENTRIPETAL TO CENTIFUGAL ~ FORCE ~ of its electrical EFFECTS which INCLUDE the minds „photons‟ AS their „pervading interference‟ of their electromagnetic wave: AS A „SUPERIMPOSITION OF WAVES‟ *IT IS „Mary‟ THAT THEY LUDICROUSLY ATTEMPT TO ASSERT AS „TIME ITSELF‟

The word „Ludicrous‟ is from the Latin word „Ludicrum‟ meaning STAGE PLAY‟: And in modern usage, means „Absurd or Ridiculous‟. THIS „Sub-Rose-Conspiracy‟ IS a man-made „STAGE PLAY‟ via their „Theory of Probabilities‟ and of „ALL‟ the „possible outcomes‟ within their FICTION: = From their IMPOSSIBLE „task‟ given to them via their overall „common design; plan‟ the Upanishads: „Of ~ FORCING the female heart conscience, the Amazon who does not run with men, to LET GO of her heart‟ WITHIN their allotted timings 1998 ~ 2006: THIS Impossible task (***NOT SUCCEEDED IN***) is SHOWN by one of the three personality traits of the Psychological definition „The Dark Triad‟ of the „Narcissistic Personality Disorder‟ of their HUBRIS PRIDE in their STAGE PLAY succeeding ~ covering over a „fragile self-esteem‟ in REALITY: = By claiming „Knowing‟ as „Pre-determined Knowledge‟ that:

“Matter as the Great Deep, as the Virgin of the Sea, who crushes the Dragon under her foot: The root name of Mary is Mer, ~ SEA.” Which, in turn „corresponds‟ to the 1960‟s Occultist Rock Star Jimi Hendrix song:

„The Wind Cried Mary‟ (Which is included in Circumstantial Evidence no 2) BUT What this (asserted by them) „pre-determined knowledge‟ is NOT SHOWING ~ is HOW this would occur; in what exact circumstances, EVENT, PLACE or at what alleged TIMING ~ Because it is NOT KNOWN by them ~ it remains UNKNOWN ~ therefore UNCONTROLLABLE by them. „The Higher Ego as the Knower‟ does NOT know‟ YET Their alleged „other possible outcome‟ of their asserted „SUCCESS‟ does have PLACES and DATES attached in their man-made STAGE PLAY as their „Sub-Rose-Conspiracy‟ of their collective FICTION ~ which in turn „corresponds‟ to their asserted „Depth Psychology‟, which is Direct Factual Evidence no. 62 (in Website TWO), which in part, states: “In Depth Psychology ALL minds ~ ALL LIVES are ultimately EMBEDDED in some sort of MYTH-MAKING in the form of themes or patterns as humanity played out in a symbolic and patterned storytelling.” Autumn Equinox 1998 ~ Autumn Equinox 2006…

Direct Factual Evidence no. 17 (c): Occultist Aleister Crowley (1906) „The Quest‟ “I see the thin web BINDING me With 13 cords of UNITY Towards the calm center of the SEA O thou supernal Mother The triple light my path divides To twain and fifty sudden sides Each perfect as the other Now backwards, inwards and still my MIND Must track the intangible and blind And seeking, SHALL securely FIND HIDDEN in secret places Fresh feasts for every soul that strives New life for many mystic lives And strange new forms and faces My mind still searches and ATTAINS By many days and many PAINS To that which IS and WAS and Reigns SHADOWED IN 4 AND 10: AND LOSES SELF IN SACRED LANDS AND CRIES AND QUICKENS AND UNDERSTANDS Beyond the first Amen”

„Shadowed in 4 and 10‟ ~ of their asserted „4th Time Dimension‟ and 10th Dimension of their alleged „String Theory‟ FROM the Kabbalah…With the alleged „M-Theory‟ as their asserted ‟11 Dimension‟ ~ with the asserted „M‟ standing for „Matrix-Mother-Magic‟…With „Shadowed‟ referring to their asserted „Over-shadowing‟ also termed as „Superimposition of waves‟ = ALL from their „action at a distance‟~ for their then FICTION of electromagnetic „Quantum Mechanics‟… The Occultist (ludicrous) SECOND IMPOSSIBILITY is by attempting to assert „Mary‟ as

„Time itself‟ AS the „Fourth Dimension of Time‟: FROM their alleged „sequence of events‟ occurring FROM Autumn Equinox 1998… FOR, as shown in Direct Factual Evidence no. 17 (a): „The Secret Doctrine of the Rosicrucian‟s‟, Page 29: “LIGHT there was not; for the flame of Spirit was not yet rekindled; TIME was NOT for CHANGE had NOT begun”: And Page 30: “TIME means the MEASURE of changing existence: Time is always measured BY change or „becoming in something‟.” SO Mary‟s question is: Did the „GLOBAL NON-DEMOCRATIC CHANGE‟ of the „Sequence of Events‟ OF „Privatization; Globalization‟ NOT occur? Is it NOT in EXISTENCE? FROM the Occultist asserted „New Age Foundation period timings‟ = FROM 1980? And in this 1980 TIMING did not Occultist Freemason US President Ronald Reagan SET OFF into definite man-made CAUSATION Deregulation Policies for ALL markets ~ KNOWN to CAUSE another Great Depression? Q: Are the Occultist „Unity of Forces‟ NOT INCLUDING THEIR IMF; WORLD BANK AND WORLD TRADE CENTER as their „3 Pillars‟ of their being ILLEGALLY attempted „New World Order‟? ~ As their „NEW LIBERTY‟ ~ Neo-liberalism policies, of; „global-macro-economics‟ AS „Quantum Economics‟?

Direct Factual Evidence no. 17 (d) Quantum Mechanics INCLUDES: „QUANTUM ECONOMICS‟: „Quantum Economics is an alleged „fundamental economic theory that UNIFIES the economic theories of Marx Planck, John Maynard Keynes, Ronald Reagan and Charles Ponzi‟. It accounts for certain „wave-particle-dualities‟ that have been „observed‟ but cannot be explained using classical economic theory…There are MANY unresolved problems of Quantum Economics in particular Quantum Economics CONFLICTS with general common sense: Despite this weakness, Quantum Economics has found many „applications‟ in the fields of business and government.‟ „Quantum Economics‟ by Ian Williams 1st April 2003: “The Speculator was laying down the „law‟ long before BOOM came to BUST. The „First Law of Speculation‟ is that „bubbles always burst in the end‟. The second „law‟ is that if there is NOTHING holding up a stock price, it will eventually fall‟. “Quantum Physics could prove particularly useful for explaining what happened to all those corporate pension funds that „appear‟ to earn 10% a year in the annual accounts, but quickly „disappear‟ when the pensioners want payment.” „Inside the House of Money: Top Hedge Fund Traders Profiting in the Global Markets‟ By Steven Drobny: Introduction ~ “The Interviews were conducted between October 2004 and July 2005”. Chapter 1; „Introduction to Global Markets Hedge Funds‟ by Joseph G Nicholas:

Founder and Chairman of HFR Group: “The global macro approach to investing attempts to GENERATE outsized positive returns by making leveraged BETS on price movements in equity, currency, interest rates and commodity markets. The „macro‟ part of the name is from „macro-economics‟ as „principles‟ to identify dislocations in asset prices, while the „global‟ part suggests that such „dislocations‟ are sought anywhere in the world.” “Global macro trades are classified as either „directional‟ where a manager BETS on discrete price movements ~ or „relative‟ where two SIMILAR assets are PAIRED to exploit a perceived relative „mispricing‟; such as *long-selling emerging European equities VERSUS short-selling US equities: „Discretionary‟ means the managers „subjective opinions‟ of market conditions, or „systematic‟ meaning a „rule-based-approach‟ is taken. ***PROFITS are derived from correctly anticipating Price Trends and capturing Spread Moves.” “Generally macro traders look for unusual price fluctuations that can be referred to as *far-from-equilibrium conditions. If prices are believed to FALL on a BELL CURVE, it is only when prices move more than one standard derivation away from the equilibrium „mean‟ that macro traders deem that market to present an opportunity: ***THIS usually happens when market participant‟s PERCEPTIONS differ from the ACTUAL state of UNDERLYING economic fundamentals, at which point a persistent Price Trend or Spread Move can develop: By correctly identifying WHEN and WHERE the market has SWUNG FURTHEST from equilibrium, a macro trader can profit by investing IN THAT SITUATION and then GETTING OUT once the imbalance has been corrected. Traditionally, TIMING IS EVERYTHING FOR MACRO TRADERS.” “The famous global macro trader George Soros once said; “I don‟t play the game by a particular set of rules; I look for changes in the rule of the game.” Chapter 2: The History of Global Macro Hedge Funds: “The path of today‟s style global macro investing was paved by John Maynard Keynes a century ago…Not only was he the father of modern macro-economic theory but he also advised world governments, and helped design the architecture of today‟s global macroeconomic infrastructure by the way of the World Bank and IMF” Direct Factual Evidence no. 18:

*1610: Alchemist, Occultist Henry Khunrath; Chief Representative of the German Advanced School of the Illuminati ~ from where the Rose Cross Fraternity; „Rosicrucian‟s‟ has its ORIGIN; published a pamphlet; „Amp-theatre of Eternal Wisdom‟ in which the 5th pentacle states:

“The Rose of Light Has at its center a human form Extending its arms in the form of a Cross

And thus, Reversing the Order” NB:

The first „Substantive Crime‟ ~ in this „Sub-Rose-Conspiracy‟ of the Occultist fraud of their alleged „The Person; Divine Mind; Cosmic Consciousness‟ is Fraud by False Representation: A person is in breach if he/she: a) Dishonestly makes a false representation b) And intends, by making this representation; to make a GAIN for himself or another; or to CAUSE LOSS to another or to expose another to a risk of a loss. 2. A „representation is false‟ if: a) Is untrue or misleading, and b) The person making it KNOWS that it is, or might be, untrue of misleading. 3. „Representation‟ means any representation as to FACT or LAW ~ including a representation as to the „state of mind‟ of: a) The person making the representation, or b) Any other person 4. A „representation‟ may be express or implied 5. A „representation‟ may be regarded as made; if it, or anything implying it is submitted in any form to any system or device designed to receive, convey or

respond to communication; with or without human intervention. Direct Factual Evidence no. 19: 2008 Master Mason Dr. Robert Lomas „Turning the Hiram Key‟ Page 196:

“Why is their EVIL in the world? The mythical answer is that Eve ate an apple or Pandora opened a box that she was not supposed to. *Now we have someone to BLAME and the problem is reduced to something understandable.” Circumstantial Evidence no. 2: Occultist Rock Star ~ Jimi Hendrix lyrics ~ of his song:

„The Wind Cried Mary‟:

“After all the Jacks are in their boxes And the Clowns have all gone to bed You can hear happiness staggering on down the street Footprints dressed in red

And the WIND whispers Mary. A broom is drearily sweeping Up the pieces of yesterday‟s life Somewhere a Queen is WEEPING Somewhere a KING has NO wife And the wind, it cries Mary The traffic-lights they turn up blue tomorrow And shine their emptiness down on my bed The tiny island sags downstream Because the Life that was lived, is dead And the wind screams Mary Will the wind ever remember? The names it has blown in the past And with HIS crutch, its OLD age and its Wisdom It whispers NO this will be the last And the wind cries Mary.” Direct Factual Evidence no. 20 (a): Copyright 2008 „Cosmic Blueprints of the Cosmos‟ By Occultist Christine Sterne; page 4 of 5: Page 5: “Sri-Yanta OM operation creates a „hole in the field of consciousness‟ ~

through which the autonomous dynamism of the collective unconscious can break in.” Page 4: “*Whether the Collective Unconscious is considered „Divine‟ is a matter of semantics; you may call it God, OM or *Quantum Mechanics: The String Theory, M-Theory and the Unified Field Theory are mythologies constructed to explain a series of baffling experiments such as the classic double slit electron experiments.” And 20 (b): Occultist Rosicrucian Sir Francis Bacon: 1620 Novum Organum Book 1: Aphorism 46:

“If a Man endeavours ~ to establish and extend the power and dominion of the human race itself, his ambition is without doubt, more noble ~ than those who labour to extend the power and dominion of their country

among men. Now the Empire of Man Over Things depends wholly on the Arts and Sciences.” Sir Francis Bacon 1610

„The Pyramid‟

“We are founding a Holy Temple as a Pyramid of Flame; of Philosophy ~ of Physics at its base and Metaphysics at its *Apex („All-Seeing-Eye‟ as the „Illumined Centre‟) IN the human Intellect on the model of the Universe…” “In the development of FINAL IDEAS as CERTAINTIES as a RESULT from putting these ideas into CAUSATION; with the test being „truth prints goodness‟. Therefore only if the Action IS good and the Effect truly good will we achieve ILLUMINATION as the state of Paradise…I have held up a LIGHT in the obscurity of Philosophy which will be SEEN centuries after I am dead. It will be seen amongst the erection of Fraternities, Temples, Orders for Obedience with the establishment of good LAWS as an example of the world.” Direct Factual Evidence no. 21: Occultist 33rd Degree Freemason Manly Palmer Hall 1944

„The Secret Destiny of America‟

Published by the Philosophical Research Society: ”It is America from Rosicrucian inception, that has been given the divine role of bringing forth a New Political, Philosophical, Economical and Religious era, where the „ILLUMINED‟ stand at the helm of the world‟s destiny: Of bringing in the New Order of the Ages: The reverse side of the USA Great Seal represents the „Collective Man in Unity‟ as the „Pyramid; Great Cosmic Temple‟. Which, Rosicrucian Sir Francis Bacon stated would be of „Physics‟ with the Pyramid symbolising a Temple of Flame, and the Apex; Cap-stone as the „All-Seeing-Eye‟ as „Soul Illumination‟ would be of


Direct Factual Evidence no. 22: DVD (NOT Video) of the *1998 FILM „The Mask of Zorro‟ Published by ~ TRISTAR PICTURES Inc.: Pre-Opening-Credits…runs a message…

“SOME people will be experiencing a „GHOST IMAGE of MARY‟ on their TV screens or CINEMA screens…and to just IGNORE it.” Direct Factual Evidence no. 23:

Theosophist, Occultist H P Blavatsky:

„The Secret Doctrine‟ Volume 1, page 247: “…when the hour strikes for Spirit to mount on MATTER‟S shoulders ~ for the formation of the Perfect Man; Heavenly Ego ~ there are TWO processes: The first as *ETHER as *SHADOWS of *THEMSELVES as *Astral Forms in their *own LIKENESS…Which furnishes the „Monad‟ with its „first dwelling‟ and BINDS MATTER with a model around and upon which to build henceforth.” Circumstantial Evidence no. 3: „Photon Dynamics in the Double-Slit Electron Experiment‟ “The electromagnetic wave equations describe the propagation of electromagnetic waves through a medium or vacuum…SPHERICAL waves are generated by a „Point Source‟: *generally a SOURCE of LIGHT can be considered a „Point Source‟…A Point Source is vibrating at a single frequency and a Spherical Wave is PROPAGATED from the Point Source of Light. The phase of the propagated wave CHANGES where the distance is travelled FROM the source…The „retarded potential‟ formula describes the „vector potential‟ for electromagnetic fields of a time-varying current; the „retard‟ between *Cause and Effect is thereby essential: The signal takes a finite time corresponding to the speed of light, to PROPAGATE from the source

point TO the „point‟ where the EFFECT is produced or measured.” Direct Factual Evidence no. 24: 1918 ~ „Secret Doctrine of the Rosicrucian‟s‟ Page 131:

“To those who experience flashes of illumination of Cosmic Consciousness there is a realisation that the Universe is *animated by One Single Conscious Life, which is diffused among and permeates every portion of its EXTENT and MANIFESTATION: For the „time of the experience‟ there is manifested an actual KNOWING direct and immediate ~ this in a future

time will become the normal state of consciousness of the human race…SUPERIMPOSED upon self-consciousness is a higher form of

consciousness; *when it appears as it MUST on the individual ***between 30 and 40 years old; this New Race as it may be called, will JUSTIFY the long agony of its birth, through countless ages of our past, this New Race

is in course of Evolution.”

Direct Factual Evidence no. 25: „Epitome of Theosophy‟: By Occultist, Theosophist William Q Judge: “The Upper Plane of Vibration is the real register of all sensations and experiences and is called the *Subconscious Mind: For the Occultist the real objective to be kept in view is to „open up this lower nature of a person‟ so that the „Spirit of the adept may shine through it and BECOME

the guide and ruler…In the Astral Light are all the differentiated sounds as well ~ out of this subconscious plane of vibration can be taken IMAGES which are then reflected on a suitable magnetic-electric plane of vibration so as *to SEEM like a GHOST ~ PRODUCING all the SENSATIONS of WEIGHT, hardness and extension.”

*Direct Factual Evidence no. 26: 1894-5: Occultist, Theosophist and *Prominent Fabian Society member ~ Annie Besant; lecture given in India:

„On the USE of Evil‟

Pages 184-188: “Whenever there comes a *Universe as a *New World; a *New Age into existence imperfection MUST come into existence at the same time.” “The ***FACT of manifestation is the ORIGIN of imperfection ~ that which we Occultists call EVIL ~ lies in the degree of IMPERFECTION and its relation to the rest.” “Having *DIVERSITY ~ the very moment you have PARTS ~ as MULTIPLICITY ~ each body separately considered is IMPERFECT ~ because it is less than whole. The ORIGIN of

IMPERFECTION is „separateness‟ ~ as INDIVIDUALITY ~ this is what *we Occultists call EVIL ~ only the „WHOLE‟ can have „perfection‟ predicated of it.”

“To consider the ORIGIN of EVIL; no universe can COME into MANIFESTATION ~ NO manifestation CAN occur ~ UNLESS there be LIMITATION: Spoken of as Brahman ~ that existence

is ABSOLUTE and UNDIVIDED ~ that there is UNITY and no multiplicity ~ it is the ONE without a Second.”

“When there is SEPARATION between the thinker and the thought ~ there IS DIVERSITY and NOT Brahman ~ as ONE in whom there is NO diversity ~ in whom there is NO separated being. But is ABSOLUTE IDENTITY as ABSOLUTE UNITY.” “Conditions ***self-imposed WITHIN Infinite Oneness can be recognised as a BOUNDARY which LIMITS thought.”

Page 190: “***You may have a vibrating body that is vibrating WITHOUT

touching any other body ~ which would DO NO HARM; which would CAUSE NO PAIN and the RESULT of this vibrating body would not be anything which you would regard as EVIL: ***BUT PLACE in contact with ANOTHER vibrating body and it will pronounce what we occultists call a „pleasure or PAIN‟ that is IF that second body has got the power of RESPONSE to VIBRATIONS.”

Page 191: “PAIN is the RESULT of the interaction between two things

which SEPARATELY are harmless but rises from the *interrelation between those two things which in the SEPARATE aspects are NOT individually pain producing ~ but only what we Occultists call IMPERFECT ~ each by itself…WHEN coming into relation with the other they WORK AGAINST one another and *then comes what we Occultists regard as EVIL ~ for the ***NATURE of the ***RESULT will ***DEPEND upon the

relations upon the two:”

“For there is the *** „experience‟ which „illuminates‟ the developing consciousness to enable „IT‟ to recognise certain things to be *AGAINST our Occultist Higher Evolution: Certain „things‟ which *RETARD evolution: Certain „things‟ which CHECK it; which tend to bring DISINTERGRATION ~ instead of Higher Integration.” “What do we Occultists call Evolution? It is the building

together of Higher and more complicated Organisations that express the Life in the Universe which is seeking Manifestation: Which tends towards the LESSENING of SEPARATION and the developing of UNITY: which *leads us AWAY from the poles of *MATTER and towards the poles of the SPIRIT. As Evolution proceeds we Occultists must develop more of what we call EVIL; so that as Evolution proceeds the RESULT is to bring into

* conscious existence types of living which enter into a MORE complicated relationship with others ~ and what is developed is MORE power of RESPONSE to VIBRATIONS.” Page 197:

“The source of all life is the „Great ONE‟ as „being‟; the Lord

known as the DESTROYER and REGENERATOR ~ for UNTIL the „lower life of MATTER‟ that we call EVIL ~ as separate ~ IS DESTROYED ~ our Higher Life CANNOT be born.” Page 199-200: “I am going to deal with the USE of what we Occultist term „EVIL‟ as the „retarding agency‟. If *she chooses the side which „retards‟, what we Occultists call Evolution; she has *chosen destruction. The Divine Life going on CAUSES Evolution to

return to Unity ~ and everything which harmonises with it, is carried outwards without waste of energy ~ WHEREAS

everything that sets itself against it ~ that *CAUSES retardation and *FRICTION wears itself out by the FRICTION it CAUSES.” “It is one of the Laws of Motion that a moving body continues to move if NOT opposed; but if *FRICTION is ***generated by its coming into contact with another body, it will eventually ***come to a STANDSTILL: It is the *form that is destroyed when it comes into contact with that in which the OPPOSITE FORCE is manifested ~ the *FORM perishes because the

Opposition FORCE breaks it into pieces.”

Page 201: “The ***FORM is FROM ~ the condition of DIVERSITY as

separate natural MATTER ~ it *IS the *OPPOSING pole of *MATTER which is AGAINST the collective SPIRIT of Occultism.” Page 205:

“ONLY by recognition of what we Occultists term as EVIL can we KNOW what is „good‟: And to recognise EVIL we must

experience EVIL.”

Page 206: “As what we term EVIL is in discordance with the Divine Life seeking manifestation ~ it must RESULT in PAIN: Pain is a discordant vibration ~ therefore what we term as EVIL inevitably brings suffering as a result ~ by inherent necessity.” In the 1940‟s the author of „Animal Farm‟; Eric Arthur Blair ~ whose

pen name is George Orwell briefly joined the Fabian Society. And, in 1947-8 wrote his „dystopian novel‟ ~ „Nineteen-Eighty-Four‟: of which the title came from him stating „1984 would be 100 years AFTER the Fabian Society had been set up‟…which was in 1883-4. Circumstantial Evidence no. 4:


“Is a 1948 „dystopian novel‟ by George Orwell; from ancient Greek meaning „anti-utopia‟ as a society that is repressive and controlled by the State under the guise of „being utopian‟ ~ as characterised by (Fabian Society member) Audous Huxley‟s „Brave New World‟ and George Orwell‟s „1984‟.” “1984‟ is ruled by an Oligarchical Dictatorship ~ which again the word is from Ancient Greece as where the „power rests with a small number of people‟ from „Oligos‟ ~ „a few‟ and „archo‟ ~ „to

rule, govern, command”

“In 1984 the „Oceanian province of *Airstrip One‟ is the location of ***LONDON; where Winston Smith, the main character, LIVES. The ruling doctrine of Oceania is *„Newspeak‟ ~ which is based on English but has a greatly reduced and simplified vocabulary and grammar. Which suits the totalitarian regime ~ whose *aim is to make any „alternative thinking‟ to be „Thought-Crime‟ ~ such as „ideas of Freedom; Rebellion and so on.” “The leader of Newspeak is „Big Brother‟ as the Dictator of Oceania ~ a Totalitarianism State taken to its utmost logical consequences; where everyone is under complete surveillance by the authorities ~ mainly by Tele-screens ~ which are monitored by the „Thought-Police‟…The „Tele-screens do

***NOT have NIGHT-VISION ~ they cannot SPY in the dark; but are „incredibly sensitive as can pick up a heartbeat and even a back can be revealing‟. “ “Tele-screens are also the equivalent of Televisions ~ regularly broadcasting false news reports of military victories, economic production figures and „Two-Minutes-of-HATE‟ of a two minute film of Emmanuel Goldstein‟s *book „The Theory and Practice of

Oligarchical COLLECTIVISM‟ and his wish for Freedom of SPEECH and PRESS ~ which the citizen‟s have been *trained to disagree

with.” “The „Thought-Police‟ whose job it is to uncover and PUNISH „Thought-Crime‟ and „Thought-Criminals‟ using Psychology and omnipresent „surveillance‟ as a permanent „Watching Over‟ from Tele-Screens; their job is to find and to ELIMINATE members of Society who are capable of the MERE thought of challenging authority or of Independent Thought…The *Tele-Screens are a „transceiver‟ device that is both a Transmitter and Receiver.” Circumstantial Evidence no. 5 „1984 ~ quotes‟: By Eric Arthur Blair; George Orwell “A hideous ecstasy of Fear and Vindictiveness, a desire to kill, to torture, to smash faces in with a sledgehammer, seemed to flow through the group of people like an electric current, turning one, even against one‟s own will, into a grimacing, screaming lunatic.” From Part 1, Chapter 6, page 64: ~ “Your worst enemy was your own nervous system: At any moment the tension inside of you was liable to translate itself into some visible symptom.” Part 3, Chapter 4, page 283: ~ “For the first time he realised that if you want to keep a secret you must also hide it from yourself.” Part 2, Chapter 9, page 206-7: “The invention of print, made it easier to manipulate public opinion, and the film and radio carried the process further. With the development of Television, and the technical advance, which made it possible to transmit and receive simultaneously on the same instrument ~ so that *Private Life came to an END.” Part 2, Chapter 9, page 194: “A mixture of Psychologist and Inquisitor, studying with extraordinary minuteness, the meaning of facial expression, gestures and tones of voice ~ and TESTING the truthproducing-effects of *SHOCK-therapy, *Hypnosis and *Physical

Torture.” *Part 1, Chapter 7, page 77: “A nation of warriors and fanatics, marching forward in perfect UNITY, all thinking the same thought, shouting the same slogans, fighting, triumphing, PERSECUTING ~ three hundred million all with the SAME face.” Direct Factual Evidence no. 27: Hindu Saint Sri Swami Yukteswar born in 1885: Who defined the DATES for the Occultist „Ascent into Light‟ of the „Person Made of Light‟ as „The One; Cosmic Consciousness‟ for the official „New Age beginnings‟ as: ***“The Ascent into Light

starts when the December Solstice Sun aligns with the Galactic Centre from *1998-2012.”

Direct Factual Evidence no. 28: In Master Mason Walter Leslie Wilmshurt‟s „Concerning Cosmic Consciousness‟ notes published in the 1930‟s and brought out again by Master Mason Dr. Robert Lomas, University of Bradford, School of Management, „Web of Hiram‟ website in *2009: which states:

“The person effected by Cosmic Consciousness realises the oneness of the universe, and sees himself as part of this unity which he senses as the *expression of a Single Conscious Life. At the moment of the experience the realization of the consciousness of the separateness of the ego and non-ego; as the Knower and the Known entirely disappears. Cosmic Consciousness is in nature of an INTUITIVE perception…***May there not be within us the makings of a perception and knowledge…by Cosmic Intuition and Pre-Science…which shall NOT be relative to what is here now, but which shall be good for all time and

everywhere?” = The non-consented to „Scientific‟ Psychological to Physical Human Experiment: Which the Occultists define as „Individual Deconstruction Process‟: The FIRST part of their posited „Great Work of Alchemy‟ is via ~ what they term as ~ their „Blackening Process‟: Which, as shown already in Direct Factual Evidence no. 11 (*in relevance to the Occultist „Sub-Rose-Conspiracy‟ for their fraud of „Cosmic Consciousness‟) it is stated as: “The beginning of the Third Logos („The Word‟) as „creative activity‟ (by the adepts) is by *throwing the qualities of MATTER (*of Mary) OUT of STABLE equilibrium and into UNSTABLE equilibrium.”

STATEMENT OF FACTUAL TRUTH BY MARY ANNE LALE: THE FIRST FIVE YEARS: 1998-2003: I, Mary Anne Lale, was living in South London, Clapham North; 359 Clapham Road, Flat 5, and the date, was, 21st September 1998: Autumn Equinox, which I remember was bright, quite warm. I had been out in the morning, and just before 2pm I was coming back on the Tube, on the Northern Line. It was as soon as I stepped into the carriage of the tube, that I knew something was „wrong‟: that „something was unnaturally occurring‟…There were quite a few people in the carriage and so I had to stand, and they each, individually, seemed to be inwardly experiencing some sort of HIDEOUS physical to psychological „inner discomfort‟ as complete PANIC was on their faces as some sort of intense ENERGY was passing through them, one by one: When this „energy‟ reached me, I could understand WHY the panic, for it was a completely INTENSE FORCE; which seemed to be invading all of my body: I had to GET OUT of the Tube ~ believing maybe FRESH AIR would

help: So I got out one stop before my own, in Clapham Common. But, in the bright sun, warmth, fresh air, it was WORSE: I was forcibly propelled across the road from Clapham Common tube exit, into a ***Triangle area with railings enclosing it, with a horseshoe paved center: With Three Churches in a Triangle to each other, at each side of the main road; RINGING THEIR BELLS CONSTANTLY FOR TWO HOURS. For TWO HOURS I was UNABLE to MOVE from this paved horseshoe area, in the middle of a triangle: I was unable to sit down, light a roll-up or do anything but shuffle round and around the crescent shape of the horseshoe. I was experiencing the whole time a complete PANIC ATTACK, for these two hours, and every time I ATTEMPTED to move out of this area, to get back home: I was FORCED back in again, by a pervading energy of such INTENSITY and of such physical and psychological discomfort. Close to 4pm, when the bells had finally STOPPED ringing, I was able to move out of this area ~ and stumbled, down the road, utterly exhausted. Once home I had a glass of milk to calm me down, I was still experiencing psychological and physical discomfort but NOT as intense as it had been: I turned on the TV ~ to try and distract the panicking: And then the third unnatural phenomena occurred: Turning on the TV; it was a live BBC2 program „Call My Bluff‟ ~ with two lady‟s and one of the old 1970‟s „The Likely Lad‟s‟ stars, on it: And, as I (to distract my panicking) „tuned in to what was the bluff and what the real‟ ~ something seemed to be going on, with what was being „received in the high power airwaves transmission / reception‟: As in, INTERFERENCE seemed to be occurring: Whereby, I, Mary Lale ~ with my voice speaking aloud ~ saying what I thought was „bluff‟ and what I thought was „true‟ ~ seemed to be being „RECEIVED‟ in the High Power Airwaves: My „perception‟ that THIS WAS unnaturally occurring, was from the CONFUSION that seemed to be RIGHT THEN occurring in the BBC2 studio, of the „Call My Bluff‟ team: With the „Likely Lad‟ man turning completely RED in the face, and one of the Lady‟s the younger one, seemed to change her mind of her answer ~ And gave instead EXACTLY the one I had just spoken aloud ~ with the younger lady, whilst doing so, laughing nervously…With the older lady giving her a „look of disapproval‟. I, also, totally confused and DISBELIEVING it, quickly changed channels to Channel 4: „Riki Lake Live‟ which was being broadcasted from America: When I switched over, it was in full swing, where a man was „having a go at

his girlfriend, for being “TOO FAT”. Without thinking of what had just „seemingly occurred‟ previously ~ from DISBELIEVING it ~ I again, spoke aloud, as if I WAS THERE in America, in Riki Lake‟s program ~ CONFRONTING him, saying: “Well, what about YOU ~ you‟re not so great ~why have a go at her?” AND AGAIN THE confusion ~ the red face of Riki Lake: and then a „cut / switch over‟ in the program to some other woman in America REPEATING EXACTLY what I had just said, in the same kind of „tone‟ as „retort‟ to him. FREAKED OUT by my whole AFTERNOON I switched OFF the T.V: Q: What did I think? A: What could I? ~ But that, I must have „become‟ what is termed as „mentally ill‟ ~ I must be „delusional‟ ~ „I Must BE Mad‟. Direct Factual Evidence no. 29: Welsh Poet Dylan Thomas; Who had, as his „mentor‟ Occultist disciple of Aleister Crowley; Victor Neuberg, who gathered around him, at Oxford University, many poets, including Dylan Thomas, and went on to PROMOTE the CAREER of Dylan Thomas and GUIDE HIM ~ DIRECTLY ~ in his work:

Dylan Thomas: „A Poem on HIS Birthday‟ (*The relevant extracts) “This sand-grain day in the bent bay‟s grave He celebrates and spurns *His driftwood thirty-fifth WIND turned age Herons spire and spear” *”Under and around him go Flounders, gulls, on their cold dying trails Curlews AROUND in their *congener (*one of the SAME KIND as another) ~ WAVES: Work at their ways to death” “And the ***RHYMER in the long-tongued room

Who *tolls HIS Birthday BELL *Toils towards the AMBUSH of His Wounds *Herons steeple stemmed bless” “And far out at *SEA He Knows *Who slaves to His crouched, eternal END: Under a SERPENT cloud” “***Thirty-Five ***BELLS *SING ***STUCK Steered by the falling stars *AND TOMORROW WEEPS IN A BLIND CAGE TERROR WILL RAGE APART BEFORE CHAINS BREAK TO A HAMMER FLAME AND ***LOVE ***UNBOLTS THE DARK” “Dark is a way and LIGHT is a PLACE Heaven that NEVER WAS ~ *Or ever will be ~ is always true And in that bramble void Plenty as blackberries in the Woods The dead grow for His joy There He might wander bare ***With the Spirits of the ***Horseshoe Bay With blessed UNBORN god and HIS Holy Ghost” “Who is the LIGHT of OLD: And AIR shaped Heaven where SOULS grow wild Oh let me midlife mourn by the shrine and *DRUID Herons Vows.” NB: So here Dylan Thomas, via being guided by his mentor Occultist Victor Neuberg, is ~ as ALL Occultists do ~ pre-1998 and during and now in 2011 ~ Is going along with the Fraud by False Representation in their Sub-RoseConspiracy: that it is the Female Heart Conscience as „Love that UNBOLTS the DARK‟: AS their asserted „Cause‟ for their „New Heaven; Cosmic Consciousness: Out of Many, One‟ FRAUD: Which their overall common plan they are collectively acting out from, The Upanishads states as a „Amazon, female heart conscience, who does not run with men, but dares to shoot her fiery arrows, at Brahmin‟s invention the Hierarchy‟ = Lesbian, Feminist, Writer who is Anti-Hierarchy: With Dylan Thomas further identifying Mary as a „Rhymer‟ ~ „Poet‟. Dylan Thomas is „revealing himself‟ to be ~ „the cliché ‟~ „of being of both

camps‟ = of being „on the fence; as a floating voter‟~ in the sense of being BOTH of the; Occultist „Knowledge‟ (Via Victor Neuberg ~ former lover, and disciple of, Occultist Magician Aleister Crowley) of HOW they do their „through the Air Waves‟ ~ FRAUD: and yet, in his poem is still „seemingly AGAINST it‟: “Dark is a way and LIGHT is a PLACE, Heaven that never was, or will be ~ is always true.” WHILST giving the „exact occultist location‟: for the „beginning‟ FRAUD of their (~ the „Esoteric, Hermes, Occultists adepts‟ ~) asserted „Cosmic Consciousness; Out of Many: ONE‟: by stating in the poem „Poem on HIS Birthday‟: “Thirty-five BELLS sing STUCK…With the Spirits of the Horseshoe Bay; with blessed UNBORN god and HIS Holy ghost” Showing, himself ~ therefore, in the 1930‟s, to be ~ JUST „another pawn‟ ~ in the Occultist LUDICROUS „stage-play-game‟: of the „Sub-RoseConspiracy‟: With MARY to be the MAIN PAWN; in their Fraud by False Representation of „His Holy Ghost‟: With Occultist, Rosicrucian Thomas Jefferson, who designed the „Floating Apex All-Seeing-Eye‟ cap-stone of the US Great Seal of America, stating 100 years previous to the 1930‟s: on April 11th 1823, in a letter to John Adams: “And the

day will come when the MYSTICAL generation of Jesus, by the Supreme Being as his father in the womb of a Virgin, will be classed with the fable of the generation of Minerva in the BRAIN of Jupiter: But may we hope for the dawn of reason and freedom of thought in these United States will do away with this artificial scaffolding, and restore us to the primitive and genuine doctrines of this most venerated reformer of human errors.” With a Freemason website on the „Mason Builders of London, after the great fire of 1666‟ stating that: „the City of London was to be the New Jerusalem; Swedenborg member of the „New Jerusalem Church‟ the Metaphysical Poet and Artist William Blake stated „New Jerusalem being built in London, decades later‟: And Mason John Evelyn, assistant to Mason Sir Christopher Wren wrote about „how a careful arrangement could influence the Soul and Spirits of Man and prepare them to converse with Angels.” With Occultist Catherine Yronwode in her website from 1995-2003

confirming the „symbol correspondence of the horseshoe‟: “The crescent form of the Horseshoe LINKS the Pagan „moon goddess‟ of Ancient Europe and the „protection invoked is that of her VULVA as „DOORWAY‟ ~ AS MARY ~ who is often depicted as standing on a crescent moon and placed within an oval shape.”

Direct Factual Evidence no. 30: Occultist, Theosophist H P Blavatsky from her work „Isis Unveiled‟ and „The Secret Doctrine‟: “Babylonian Mystery Religions are derived from Egypt. Isis is the Egyptian Virgin-Mother as NATURE PERSONIFIED ~ and in the Kabbalah is „the woman clothed with the sun and the 12 stars above her head and the moon beneath her feet‟: The unveiling of Isis will be the revelation of her mysteries at the END of the Age”: “The Ark represents the supremacy of the Spirit OVER matter: Through the CONFLICT of OPPOSING forces: The Ark is the „sacrificial chalice‟ with the ***„Sacrifice as MATTER‟ ~ as the FEMALE; the NATURAL.”

Direct Factual Evidence no. 31: „The Narmer Plate, Baal and the Beltane Festival‟ By Audrey Fletcher from Adelaide South Australia *1999: With a Footnote stating: “The subtle references to Freemasonry are intentional” “Baal‟s story is recounted in the Baal Myth: which concerns a CRISIS in the Autumn Equinox: Baal was the god who „dies and rose again‟ as a reference to the Dawning of the Age of Taurus on September 21st 4468 BC: using the Gregorian calendar” “It is from the god Baal that the name Beltane is derived…the god BEL was the ancient Babylonian counterpart of the Syrian Baal: „Babylon‟ is

the Greek rendition of the Hebrew word „Babel‟ and is translated both as Confusion and Gate of Bel AS the „Tower of Babel‟: in Ancient Egypt „Ba‟ was the SOUL.” “In Paganism the person responsible for introducing Pagan Religion to BRITAIN was the DRUID „Hu‟ ~ who embodied the knowledge of the

ancient Egyptians”: “Druid mythology relates that „Hu was crucified and his SOUL survived after death‟ and the period following his crucifixion was referred to as the „Golden Age‟: In the Beltane Festival Hu was crucified on an Oak Tree, as a symbol of the „Tree of Life‟ so that „Hu became ONE with the Oak Tree‟: In the Druid Religion Hu was fathered by god and ***born of a Virgin Mother as Mayence; Marie; MARY, who is recorded as „having her BODY *enveloped by LIGHT, wearing a crown of 12 stars on her head ~ *confirming she was of the ***VIRGO constellation; and is also represented as „having her foot on a Serpent‟ which is recorded in Revelation Chapter 12 verse 1”: “And there appeared a great wonder in Heaven A woman appeared clothed with the sun And the MOON under her feet And upon her head a crown of 12 stars.” NB: With the „Serpent‟ as the „Moon‟ as „Subconscious‟~ which the Occultists also term as „The Collective Unconscious‟ in reference to ALL that they CAN DO with their „Serpent‟ as their asserted in the Kabbalah „Teth; Cosmic Electricity‟ negatively effecting natural MATTER in the Limbic System of Brain: And, in reference of their „OM: Ether Vibration‟: from their Geometric PYRAMID construct, they collectively, physically act out = the Occultist SubRose-Conspiracy ~ Fraud by False Representation of their asserted „New Race of Man; Cosmic Consciousness‟ as their REPEATING fraud OF „TOWER OF BABEL‟: With Mary further identified as being a „Virgo‟. For the question WHY pick on Mary Anne Lale? The Occultist answer is: Direct Factual Evidence no. 32: Occultist, Theosophist H P Blavatsky „Tetragrammaton‟ November 1887: “I do not propose to teach learned Brahmin‟s the mysteries of their Religious Philosophy, but will take for my subject, a few things from the universal Kabbalah…We are told in the Kabbalah that the Tetragrammaton is in the WAY ~ (*is STOPPING) ~ of a final UNION with the LOGOS: The Tetragrammaton is the „lesser face; a reflection tainted with MATTER; as the female bride, therefore is MAYA; ILLUSION.‟ The latter is the „inferior mother‟

as the „woman pregnant with child‟ of the 12th Chapter of the Bible; Revelations who is PURSUED by the Great Dragon of Wisdom.” “Who is the Dragon? Is he the Devil; Satan we are taught to believe in the Christian Church? Certainly not, he is the Dragon of Esoteric Wisdom who objects to this „child of MATTER being born to the woman; for this child of matter is mankind; hence ignorance and ILLUSION….But Michael and his angels, or Jehovah the host who REFUSE to „create‟ as the Mind-born sons of Brahma did ~ FIGHT the DRAGON of ESOTERIC wisdom ~ conquer him ~ and the dragon of wisdom fall back into the darkness, indeed!” NB: The „Devil; Satan‟ is NOT a „He‟ but a „collective THEY‟; as both females and males WHO ARE occultist, esoteric adepts‟ ~ which, when COLLECTIVELY ACTING TOGETHER produces their NEGATIVE MAN-MADE FORCE of electromagnetic vibration ~ which is what the literal „Devil; Satan; Pan; Baal‟‟ is: As, is, further clarified, in:

Direct Factual Evidence no. 33: Master Mason Albert Pike‟s „Morals and Dogma of Ancient and Free Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry‟ from 1872, page 102: „Third Degree; the Master‟:

“The true name of Satan, the Kabbalah says, is that of Yahweh reversed, for Satan is a negation of God: For the Freemason initiates this is NOT a person but a FORCE, that may be used for EVIL: It is the instrument of Liberty and Free-Will: Freemasons REPRESENT this FORCE which presides over the Physical Generation under the mythological and horned form of the god PAN.” Direct Factual Evidence no. 34: Occultist Pierre Teilhard de Chardin: 1955 „The Future of Man‟ page 182:

“Although the form is not yet discernible, mankind tomorrow will awaken to a PAN organized world.”

Direct Factual Evidence no. 35: Master Mason Walter Leslie Wilmshurt: 1927: „The Meanings of Masonry‟ Page 4: “In the New Aquarian Age, when many individuals and groups are working in various ways for the RESTORATION of the MYSTERIES: An increasing number of aspirants are beginning to recognize Freemasonry for the vehicle of this achievement.” = „The Child of MATTER being born to the woman…as mankind hence ignorance and illusion‟: = STATEMENT OF FACTUAL TRUTH BY MARY ANNE LALE

1995-1998: FROM: 1995 ~ 1998 (and ***finishing early 1999) I, Mary Anne Lale was writing a NON-FICTIONAL book; of what I, then termed, as a „Natural Philosophy book‟: which I called „Gateway to Atlantis‟: With the „title‟ taken from Socrates story of „the destruction by continuous water = the FLOODING of the FOUNDATIONS‟ of the „golden city; paradise‟ of the posited „City of Atlantis‟: IN 1995 ~ 1998 THERE WAS ***NO ***OTHER BOOKS OUT ON; „an individual being his / her OWN LEADER: and NOT following the BULLYING pack mentality of MIND; rather following heart conscience; which I then termed as „soul speaking‟: of „speaking out‟ from silence and not from mind: And thereby ~ remaining in OWN POSSESSION; in natural individual equality and in own unique diversity: EVOLVING ~ DEVELOPING AS A NATURAL INDIVIDUAL: TAKING ON OWN CONSCIOUS INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITY.

In „Gateway to Atlantis‟ I wrote a Chapter on „Auto-Suggestion‟ ~ on „mind to behavior persuasion‟ of „being influenced, swayed, overtaken‟ by the manmade Hierarchy‟s „divide to rule for overall control‟ policies: Of its „Dominate into Submission‟ assertions, which it attempts to put forward as „The Natural Order‟: Which I was DISPUTING: As well as pointing out, that an individual NOT going along with the Hierarchy „scapegoat victim role‟ of being FORCED into unnatural „submission‟ ~ (rather than remaining in own „natural birthright equality; in own possession‟) ~ would make a DIFFERENCE to „bullying-group-pack-mentality‟~ who would then „collectively‟ be UNABLE to „take hold, influence, take-over‟ an individual acting in own individual conscious responsibility: On an „individual naturally evolving, developing‟ I wrote a Poem entitled: „Toget-her; Together‟ referring to ME Mary Lale as an individual ~ ONLY. And, which NOW in 2011, I can definitely state HAS occurred, that, despite all the negativity I have unnaturally experienced these past 14 years, „I have reclaimed me, gone right into my core as natural birthright Mary Lale, and come from here, in my heart every day‟: So I remain 100% in my own possession. In Gateway to Atlantis I also wrote out another Poem of a „dream I had received‟ in *1998: which I (*?) titled „The Bird of Paradise Dream‟: The question mark of the (*I*) has come after all my research of HOW this unnaturalness can be occurring, particularly in 2005, when I could no longer attempt to „ignore it‟. And, therefore reading the 1930‟s Penguin Press Translation of „The Upanishads‟; in which it states: “She will be given the Bird of Paradise dream ~ to IDENTIFY her”. *At the beginning of 1999: I sent off my manuscript; „Gateway to Atlantis‟: to „Element Books‟~ which deals in Natural Philosophy, and from whom I then received an invitation to go down and meet the Editor Michael Mann, and discuss my work with him. Which I did in May 1999: *And it was he who encouraged me to put it out on the Internet, which I did from New Year Eve 1999: It was out for over 2 years and I received 17,000 hits on it, so I knew I had made some kind of „impact‟. Direct Factual Evidence no. 36: „Occult Geometry: Lesson 8: The Hexagram‟ By A. S. Raleigh 1932: Reprinted in *2011 by DeVorss and Co. Publishing: “The Hexagram is made up of two interlacing triangles; as the ONE FORCE into TWO; of

Electricity and Magnetism and the CONVERGING of these two at a GIVEN POINT: It is thus the separation into two as Positive and Negative and then bringing together into UNITY so that the FUTURE manifestation may be made possible.” “Another aspect of the Hexagram is the macrocosm as the „Cosmic Triangle‟ and the microcosm as the „Individual Triangle‟: THESE


“It is the interlacing of the two forces of Electricity and Magnetism as the recognition of the Cosmic world and to a certain extent COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS: It is *possible in time, for the REVOLUTION to take place which ***causes

the Individual Triangle to exactly coincide with the „Cosmic Triangle‟: *IN THIS WAY WE BECOME NO LONGER INDIVIDUALS: OUR INDIVIDUALITY IS LOST ~ WE BECOME MERELY INSTRUMENTS IN THE HANDS OF THE COSMOS, absolutely PASSIVE under its control: and realize the individual is merely a „channel‟ through which the Cosmos manifests: This means Cosmic Consciousness” “The left hand SWASTIKA is the centrifugal FORCE as the destroying and destructive ENERGY of the Left Hand Path.” ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

STATEMENT OF FACTUAL TRUTH CONTINUED BY MARY ANNE LALE 1998-2003: When I spoke to my family and friends, about what was unnaturally occurring to me, they were obviously concerned, and DISBELIEVING, and told me “I was being delusional‟: For HOW could it be otherwise? For 14 years, since Autumn Equinox 1998, I have been living in THIS „DELUSION‟: With „prejudice in action‟ all around me from being TOTALLY DISBELIEVED and on my OWN with all the unnatural negative phenomena against me; this then, became my „norm‟: „THE DELUSION‟: Every time the radio was / is on; *when it is NOT a pre-recorded program; but of „live transmission‟: Or when I was / am walking down the street, or in a shop where it is on (etc.) Whatever I was saying, be it to a flat-mate, lover, friend,

work-colleague, family member (etc.) ~ Whatever I was saying in a private conversation would be „picked up by the DJ / Presenter as live transmission coming over the High Power Radio Airwaves‟ ~ whatever frequency ~ the DJ etc. would „pick it up and make a reaction „comment‟ (usually negative)back to it‟ in TOTAL non-comprehension / confusion of what I had actually been saying or meaning, from being overheard from a PRIVATE conversation: And with me ALSO in total confusion at this unnaturalness occurring; as an INVASION ~ both ways ~ from them to me and from me to them: *IT WAS / IS ~ THE SAME WITH LIVE BROADCASTING ON T.V. ~ FROM 1998-2005 (*2005 was from when I started thoroughly researching this unnatural phenomena occurring against me) ~ I HAD NO COMPREHENSION AT ALL ~ OF HOW THIS ~ „could be occurring‟ ~ OR WHO WAS / IS ~ DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE FOR IT ~ I WAS ALSO IN ON-GOING DISBELIEF THAT „I WASN‟T BEING DELUSIONAL‟: Direct Factual Evidence no 37:

*Master Mason Dr. Robert Lomas, in his 2008 book „Turning the Hiram Key‟ page 23-25, stating: “I know now that what Wilmshurt termed as Cosmic Consciousness can be CAUSED by exposing my brain to an intense electrical field: Freemason GEOMETRIC Rituals CAUSE an INTENSE electrical current.” “I HAD JUST EXPERIENCED „Cosmic Consciousness‟ as a state of mind that Masonic Writer Walter Leslie Wilmshurt says „is the PURPOSE ~ at the CENTRE ~ of Freemasonry:” “The RADIO SOUND WAVES, coincided with the pulse of light from the electrical discharge of the lightening ~ then I heard the electromagnetic impulse of the strike of lightening, via the radio speakers. Then I heard the sound of thunder, caused by the wavefront of displaced air, reaching my ears: It had to be an electric field which directly stimulated my auditory nerve so I interpreted it as sound: Normally the auditory nerves in my head conduct electrical signals only when I am hit by a wave of sound. *However a STRONG electric field will also trigger them in a different and

strange way: The nerves CONNECTING my left and right ears to my brain, conduct electricity in one way only; from ear to brain”: “*When these two nerves are triggered by an electric field, from a POINT to the side of my head, then they conduct in opposite directions, so the PULSE will be slowed down more than the other: The RADIO SIGNAL had to be decoded by the radio set and „transmitted‟ to the loud speaker; which had to physically move the air to make the sound I heard in the normal way: This takes about 50 microseconds to do this: this is long enough for the audioprocessing part of my brain to detect the different sounds. The fact that I could hear a „light pulse‟ brought home to me, just how dependent my view on the outside world was, on the way I interpret electrical IMPULSES.” “I was suddenly aware that my whole consciousness ~ as I perceived through my SENSES, was an ILLUSION ~ CAUSED by ELECTRICAL PULSES channelled into my brain and EXTERNAL electrical fields directly AFFECT what I perceive: What Wilmshurt termed „Cosmic Consciousness‟ could be CAUSED by exposing my brain to an INTENSE electric field.” Direct Factual Evidence no. 38: Pop Star Occultist Kabbalah Adept „Madonna‟

*1998 „Ray of Light‟ album „Shanti / Ashtangi‟: “AWAKENING the SELF revealed Beyond comparison, working, like the jungle physician To pacify loss of consciousness In the form of man up to the shoulders Thousand Headed…OM shanti…OM”

And also from „Ray of Light‟ album Track: „Sky Fits Heaven‟: “Sky FITS Heaven so FLY it That‟s what the Prophet said to me FATE fits KARMA, so USE it That‟s what the wise man said to me Love fits virtue so hold onto the LIGHT THAT‟s ~ what our future will be”

*1998 Film: „Moll Flanders‟ Released by Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation With the LAST sentence of the film being: “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth; we are ALL just ONE human being.”

NB: THAT I; Mary Anne Lale ~ WAS (from Autumn Equinox 1998) AND I am STILL (Winter 2011) ~ BEEN GIVEN THE DIRECT BLAME FOR this ~ MAN-MADE ~ UNNATURAL ~ ILLEGAL; FRAUDULENT „Oneness of being‟ the Occultists term as „Cosmic Consciousness‟: *1998 Occultist Tunesmith Alanis Morrisette debut album Published by Occultist Kabbalah Madonna‟s record company Maverick Records: „Heart of the House‟ “YOU are the ORIGINAL template You are the original exemplary How seen were you honestly How revered were you honestly at the time? You loved us more than we could love you back Where was your ally, your partner in FEMININE crime?”

“Oh Mother who‟s your buddy? Oh Mother who‟s got your back? The HEART of the HOUSE The HEART of the HOUSE All hail the goddess! You were count on until 4am Oh Mother who‟s your sister Oh Mother who‟s your friend? Did YOU SEE your-self in MY gypsy garage sale ways? In my fits of laughter: in my lack of colour coordination? Oh Maria…Oh Maria…”

NB: The Occultist THIRD IMPOSSIBILITY: In their attempted „Sub-Rose-Conspiracy‟: via FRAUD by False Representation of their asserted „Out of Many, ONE; Cosmic Consciousness‟ AS their alleged „Quantum Transformation; Quantum Consciousness‟: IS specifically in their „Quantum Coherence‟ of their „Quantum Mechanics‟: “What is Quantum Coherence? This refers to circumstances where large numbers of particles can collectively cooperate in a single quantum state. The „coherence‟ is where Bosons making up a substance MERGE into the lowest energy level, into a shared quantum state and ACTS as a coherent WHOLE: *All particles become exactly alike and cannot be distinguished; for they have the same quantum numbers and same energies ~ you cannot tell one from another.” Occultist Tunesmith Alanis Morissette‟s , debut album: „Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie‟ of 1998: And her track „Heart of the House‟: „REVEALS‟ complete OPPOSITION to „Maria; MARY‟ who she is giving the direct blame causation, to: AS is stated WOULD occur in their overall common plan The Upanishads:

Alanis CONFIRMS that „Maria: MARY‟ is ISOLATED, ALONE, and DISBELIEVED: the „prejudice in action‟ ~ from INSIDE the Occultist, FRAUD of their asserted „Metaphysical House / Fortress / Prison‟ is shown… And revealing also ~ her own individual contribution / compliance to the collectivism of the Hierarchy‟s „Divide to Rule for Overall Control‟ processes ~ via ~ in this particular case „ALL against One ~ natural heart conscience Individual‟: Which Alanis, again, is into complying with all the Hierarchy‟s designated „ROLES‟ of the „make-believe of GODDESS‟ and „Mother‟: *IF It is THIS: „Unity of Hatred‟ AGAINST „MARY‟ that „Quantum Coherence‟ asserts as “The coherence is where BOSONS making up a substance MERGE into the lowest energy level”: REFERRING to the „lowest energy level of HATRED‟ ~ it is all those people ACTING against Mary but NOT being INCLUSIVE of her = NO „shared quantum state that

ACTS as a coherent whole‟: is actually occurring NB: Direct Factual Evidence no. 4 (b) point 4: „Vortex Energy and Light Time‟ states: “An optical Vortex is a „Singularity‟ as PHOTONS as a zero-point in a magnetic field…the particle phase of light are GUAGE BOSONS meaning that the Photons are EXCHANGED into BOSONS and FORCE is transferred by means of Virtual PARTICLES.” With their asserted „Singularity as CO-JOINED at the center‟ as is CONFIRMED in their Geometric Rites, in 4 (b) point 7: “Spiral Vortex Rite is where the anti-clockwise co-centric spiral is CO-JOINED with a Cross Roads Circle Structure, which PRODUCES a powerful magnetic vortex which has at its center a co-joined singularity….A Cross-Roads ritual structure is where four angles are drawn together USING lines of FORCE…which CAUSES an „Energy frequency signature of FUSION to occur‟: ***Meaning there is NO natural „quantum coherence‟ actually occurring from Autumn 1998-2011 (so far) ~ but physically acted out geometric „structures‟ ~ as electromagnetic INTERFERENCE vibration through AIR.

With Master Mason Dr. Robert Lomas CONFIRMING this, as shown in Direct Factual Evidence no. 37: “I was suddenly aware that my whole

consciousness as I perceived through my *SENSES, was an ILLUSION ~ CAUSED by ELECTRICAL PULSES channeled into my BRAIN: And ***EXTERNAL electric fields ***directly AFFECT what I perceive: What Wilmshurt termed „Cosmic Consciousness‟ could be CAUSED by exposing my brain to an INTENSE electric field.” It is the 5 mind SENSES in its conjunction point of the Limbic System of Brain; where the 5 mind senses converge: Of Sight, Hearing, Smell, Touch, Taste ~ although the last of „TASTE‟ they (the Occultist Craft) cannot „*imitate; interfere‟ with: FROM where they do their FRAUD of their asserted „Cosmic Consciousness; Out of Many, One‟. And, by it attempt to claim the „Sixth Sense of Intuition‟ as „direct perception; direct knowledge‟ as „knowledge received without any reasoning‟: Via their PHOTON transmission of their asserted „All-Seeing-Eye‟ = MIND ILLUSIONS ONLY. The Occultist Sub-Rose-Conspiracy BEGAN, as shown, from Autumn Equinox 1998, for their „BAAL‟ fraud by false representation of their asserted „Baal‟s myth concerns a CRISIS in the Autumn Equinox, (who was the god who dies and his SOUL rose again)‟: With their asserted CRISIS as „The beginning of the Third Logos is by THROWING the STABLE qualities of MATTER (of Mary) OUT of STABLE equilibrium and into UNSTABLE equilibrium‟: Via their electromagnetic vibration Field Line of FORCE through air, targeting MARY as the „individual in DIRECT OPPOSITION to their unnatural totalitarianism; collectivism‟. With Occultist Tunesmith, Alanis Morissette‟s „Heart of the House‟ opening line stating: “YOU are the original TEMPLATE”: When, as shown their fraudulent „Cosmic Consciousness; New Race of Man‟ is of their REPEATING fraud as „template; pattern‟ of their tried before „Tower of Babel‟. With her second line stating: “YOU are the original exemplary‟: With the word „exemplary‟ defined in the Concise Oxford Dictionary as: 1. Fit to be* imitated 2. Serving as a *warning 3. Illustrative, *representative. Which, in the Sub-Rose-Conspiracy all 3 are relative, of ALL the Occultists CAN and DO via their Electrical Signal; Mind-to-Body Interference Craft.

IF it is NOT their „Unity of Hatred‟ which they are asserting as „Quantum Consciousness; Quantum Coherence‟ as their “BOSONS (PHOTONS) making up a substance MERGE into the lowest energy level, into a SHARED quantum state and ACTS as a coherent WHOLE‟: Is it referring to DESIRE? For in *2007, an Occultist website was claiming that it has been „the ultimate RECEPTIVITY of the ROSE which is the OPENING to Cosmic Consciousness‟: Meaning of MARY as natural MATTER being ACTED upon… And two hundred years previously: Occultist Eliphas Levi, in his work „The Key of the Mysteries‟ states: “We shall acquaint you with the Laws of Nature ~ whose equilibrium is STABILITY: *We shall also invite the great Poets of the FUTURE to create once more the „Divine Comedy‟ ~ no longer according to the dreams of man, but to the *MATHEMATICS of THOUGHT.” Regarding the asserted „Quantum Coherence‟ ~ “All particles become exactly ALIKE and cannot be distinguished, for they have the SAME quantum NUMBERS and SAME energies, you cannot tell one from another.” *1999 Occultist Tunesmith Macy Gray Album „On How Life Is‟ Track: „A Moment to Myself‟: “I saw a RAINBOW just earlier today Lately those RAINBOWS been coming round like every day Deep in the struggle I have found the beauty of me God is WATCHING and the Devil finally let me be Here in this moment to myself I‟m going to VIBE with NO-ONE ELSE There‟s a conversation I need to have with me, it‟s just a moment to Myself yeah, yeah, yeah…*THERE ALL LOOKING AT YOU YOU‟VE GOT EVERYTHING TO LOOSE; Oh get up and dance girl, sing that tu-rah-loo-rah-loo *And quit bitching about how nobody really love you: *SPREAD YOUR RUBBER LOVING AND IT BOUNCES BACK TO YOU” NB: With the „Rainbow‟ as the „Photon-Electron Wave‟ of Mary being „transmitted LIVE‟ though the Electromagnetic Spectrum of the High Power Radio-TV Airwaves: This ~ the Occultist „Divine Comedy‟ of their „EgoCentric-Hubris‟ CRIME ~ as defined by Ancient Greece as „outrageous irreverent treatment‟.

Direct Factual Evidence no. 39: 1910 „CHAOS Magic‟ By Austin Osmen Spare; Member of the Freemason „Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn‟: “The PHOTON is created out of the STRAIN OF INTERACTION: When two ELECTRONS come close, their Wave-forms INTERACT; either cancelling out or reinforcing each other.” “Wave-forms are intimately tied to the ELECTRIC CHARGE which does NOT vary it is always the SAME at 1.602 x -19” “The *VIRTUAL PHOTONS appear out of the Vacuum (Space) and act to readjust the system: it is the Electrical Charge as the STRESS that spawns them.” (And)

*2000 Occultist Fat Boy Slim ~ album: „Halfway Between the Gutter and the Stars‟: Track 4: „Love Life‟ By Occultist Tunesmith Macy Gray: “Love life, I‟ve got to have it, I‟ve got to eat it: I‟ve got to rub it ~ I‟ve got to shove it, It‟s my Love Life, I‟ve got to do it, COS it‟s you and me, see, it‟s my love life, I‟ve got to yell it I‟ve got to talk all night… I‟m going to feel you, love life, give me something: „HOUSE PRIDE‟ When I confess it, I‟m going to sex it I‟m going to sister it I‟ve got to do it, got to have it, Oh my SOUL Take me UNDER man Super-dooper My love life…”

Track 10: „Demons‟ By Occultist Tunesmith Macy Gray: “They say she had a HEART attack I think her creature‟s coming back And I‟m frightened, because all my love‟s ELECTRIFYING…” “And it‟s my premonition; I better give my HEART a listen *For my CREATURE say: ALL of your demons will wither away ECSTASY comes and they cannot stay You‟ll understand when you come MY WAY Because all of your demons will have withered away”

Direct Factual Evidence no. 40: Initiate of the Occultist „Lodge Stella Matutina‟: “The dynamic FORCE employed known as the Hindu Yoga „Kundalini‟ is simply an Electromagnetic Force ~ of which the „SEX Part‟ ~ is from THE Occultist ADEPTS who know how to play it: The „unseen hand‟ behind ALL „Occult Spiritualism‟ of ALL „Orders‟ is a system of cunning MAGNETIC HYPNOTISM and AUTO-SUGGESTION.”

Direct Factual Evidence no. 41: Occultist, Alchemist Eliphas Levi „The History of Magic‟ Page 46: “The NATURAL strength of WOMAN being inertia or RESISTANCE, they would have ruled that MODESTY is the MOST of HER RIGHTS: And hence (for the Occultists) SHE must not DESIRE anything demanding a masculine boldness ~ for ~ „SHE‟ ~ who would ASPIRE to the functions of the opposite sex ~ *MUST ***forfeit thereby the prerogatives of her own sex” “We know NOT to what point she may arrive at the Ruling of Men, but it is CERTAIN at least that she will lose the love of men, and, that which will be the ~ MORE CRUEL for her, she will lose the love of children.” NB: With the word ***„forfeit‟ meaning „thing LOST‟ = all natural privacy = „owing to CRIME or FAULT‟.

Direct Factual Evidence no. 42: MEDIA-MIND-GUARD Occultist „Fat Boy Slim‟: Published by Universal Music Publications and Distributed by Sony Music: Year 2000 Album entitled: „Halfway between the Gutter and the Stars‟ Track 8: „Weapon of choice‟: “Before we get your teeth knocked out”: „The Word‟: “Before we get your teeth knocked out ~ The Word ~ Before we get your teeth knocked out ~ The Word…You can go with this, or you can go with that, you can blow with this, or you can blow with that, you can go with this, you can go with that or you can THROW with us” “Don‟t be shocked by my tone of my voice Check out my new weapon, weapon of choice; “Walk *WITHOUT ~ RHYTHM it won‟t ATTACK the *WORM If you walk WITHOUT RHYTHM, NEVER learn; Don‟t be shocked by the tone of my voice; Check out my new weapon, *weapon of Choice.” “Organically grown through the atmosphere I roam Too big LOVE for the Angels of Light; And that girl ~ she just don‟t ~ understand; It‟s gone *BEYOND being a man; As I drift off into the night, I‟m in flight And I‟m frightened… She‟s a fearless girl no doubt; But I‟m going to keep my cool Because of easy rules Halfway between heaven half in stars Yeah, so MOVE ON baby, yeah: You can blow with this Or you can blow with that You can go with this You can go with that You can blow with this Or you can blow with that Or you can THROW with us:

„The Word‟ Before we get your teeth knocked out „The Word‟ Before we get your teeth knocked out „The Word‟ Halfway between the gutter and the stars, yeah…”

Direct Factual Evidence no. 43: 1888: Occultist Theosophist H P Blavatsky: „Exploring the Great *BEYOND; Chapter 7: Universal Law‟: “*RHYTHM is a rapid vibration; in Occult Chemistry it IS the rapid vibration which underlies the VARIETY of SYMPATHETIC and ANTIPATHETIC Action and Reaction in the inner realm of our FEELINGS.” “The esoteric Science says that Cosmic Electricity can MANIFEST its PRESENCE according to the substances (natural matter) it is CAUSED to flow through…Cosmic Electricity as *LIFE-ENERGIES produces activity such as SENSATION as EMOTION (disturbing natural balance; equilibrium): All these stem from the one SOURCE from which derives the One-SpiritSubstance („OM; ETHER vibration) and the One Law of Karma.”

Direct Factual Evidence no 44: Poet William Blake: From his collection „Songs of Experience‟ „The Sick Rose‟: O rose thou art sick *The invisible worm That flies in the night In the howling storm: Has found out thy bed Of crimson joy And his dark secret love Does thy life DESTROY.”

Direct Factual Evidence no. 45: Occultist, Adoptive Mason, Theosophist Alice Bailey: „Treatise of Cosmic Fire‟: “Anu is the first „building stone‟; some are rotating from clockwise and others counter-clockwise: THIS is the first ETHER as the primordial

particle: the general form of the Anu particle includes the FIRST SPIRAL with influx and outwards.” NB: HERE: Is being shown the ~ Esoteric, Hermes, Occultist THIRD IMPOSSIBILITY of their FRAUD „The „collective‟ Person; Cosmic Consciousness; Out of Many, One‟ ~ FOR their posited „substance‟ of „Quantum Coherence‟ IS their collectively physically acting together ~ using energy in motion as kinetic energy to „PRODUCE‟ their „first vibration‟ they term as „ETHER‟: FROM their „OM‟ Pyramid geometric „structure‟: With „Anu‟ (from the Upanishads) as the „first ether‟ as the „first building stone‟ of their „metaphysical fortress / prison‟ AS THEIR man-made „field line of force‟.

Direct Factual Evidence no. 45 (b): Prominent Fabian Society member, Occultist, Theosophist, Annie Besant and Occultist Freemason C W Leadbeater: „Occult Chemistry‟: (Which was first published November 1895, in an Occult magazine called „Lucifer‟ page 13): “The Hindu Sanskrit for this „ultimate particle‟ is „Anu‟ which exists in two varieties ~ positive and negative and in their FORMATION SPIRALS wind themselves in opposite directions: So that each negative Anu is a „mirror image‟ of the positive Anu…it has been asked whether the „Anu‟ is an electron? The answer is DEFINITELY NO.” “In order to examine the FORMATION of the CONSTRUCTION of „Anu‟ as the „ultimate particle‟ a „space is ARTIFICIALLY made‟ by a certain *action of MOTION we term as Will; known to student adepts. It is possible to make such a space by ~ pressing back and walling off the „MATTER of Space‟: Then, when an OPENING is made in the WALL thus constructed the surrounding ETHER FORCE flows in…Three spiral whorls (as 3 turns of a spiral) immediately appear around the „hole in space‟ with their 3 spiral and a half coil ~ and the adepts then return to their (point); „bay‟ as a spiral WITHIN the Anu…” “These are at once followed by 7 finer spiral whorls, which, following the first 3 of the outer ring pattern, return to their origin ~ with a spiral within that ~ flowing in the opposite direction: Each of the 3

coarser spiral whorls, when flattened out (pressed back) FORMS a CLOSED circle.” “Each of the finer 7 whorls is formed of yet 7 finer whorls, set successively at Right Angles to each other…In the 3 coarser whorls flow currents of different ELECTRICITIES; the 7 whorls VIBRATE in RESPONSE to the ETHER WAVES of Light, Sound, Heat and show the 7 colours of the RAINBOW; of the Electromagnetic Spectrum and give out the 7 notes of the musical scale.”

Direct Factual Evidence no. 45 (c): Occultist, Theosophist H P Blavatsky „On Hypnotism and other modes of Fascination‟: “WILL in the ETHER of SPACE is the much tabooed words such as „spell‟ and „enchantment‟ ~ this and especially the word to „bewitch‟ expresses the ACTION that takes place during the process of *Hypnosis transmission: The FORCE of the transmission is MAGNETIC which is PHYSIOLOGICAL in its RESULTS, and is generated and produced BY *Vibrations as Atoms: ALL this is BLACK MAGIC and TOO MUCH of the correlations of Cosmic Electricity; Astral Light, directed by the Action of Motion as Will, too much will KILL.” *With more on the Upanishad Hindu „Anu‟ as their collectively man-made „Ultimate Particle‟ termed by them FRAUDULENTLY as „real atoms‟ and „life-atoms‟: Direct Factual Evidence no. 46: Occultist, Theosophist H P Blavatsky: „Secret Doctrine Commentary from Translations of the Blavatsky Lodge‟: “The „real-atom‟ does NOT exist on the material planes…It is ETHER which is the real-atom: *The particles, molecules of NATURAL MATTER is NOT the „real atom‟ and therefore NATURAL MATTER of the molecule, particle is regarded by Occultists as ILLUSION.” NB: Showing therefore; the Hermes, Esoteric, Occultist adepts „logical (?) reasoning‟ of fraudulently attempting to claim INDIVIDUALS of NATURAL MATTER as „illusion‟. The specifically targeted female natural heart conscience INDIVIDUAL of NATURAL MATTER of their 14 year: Autumn Equinox 1998-Autumn

Equinox 2011 (so far) sub-rose-conspiracy FRAUD of their alleged „Cosmic Consciousness‟ is IDENTIFIED by them as: Mary Anne Lesbian Feminist Writer against Old and attempted „New‟ Occultist Hierarchy Poet Artist LONDONER; with their illegal attempt BEGINNING from London Between the ages 30 to 40 years old = 33 in 1998 And what they term as a „Materialistic Thinker‟ = *ATHEIST: Direct Factual Evidence no. 47: Occultist, Rosicrucian Rudolph Steiner 1907 „The Theosophy of the Rosicrucian‟s‟ Page 60: “Can we THINK what we like and nobody in the outside world would be affected? The answer will surprise and shock the *Materialistic Thinker who goes by the premise that „sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me‟. The materialist agrees that injury is caused if he throws a stone at a man, but THINKS that a THOUGHT of hatred that he might harbour against a fellow creature, does not hurt him: Whereas a THOUGHT of hatred bores its way into the ETHER and astral bodies like a wounding arrow.” Direct Factual Evidence no. 48: Theosophist „Global Oneness‟ website: „Occult Glossary‟: “Materialist: Materialism is the most simplistic explanation of reality; the belief that ALL that exists is the PHYSICAL that there is NO higher reality; NO psychic or spiritual truths INDEPENDENT of the physical world. The *materialistic thinker or „sceptic‟ explanation of the universe is that „everything is MATTER and ENERGY and there is nothing else, that Spiritual SUBSTANCE is a DELUSION: Consciousness is explained simply as „emergent phenomena on the brain‟. For the materialistic thinker, there can be no such things as Supernatural, Paranormal, Post-mortem existence or Occult phenomena; that these are either delusions or REDUCIBLE to physical FORCES.” “Materialists are not necessarily Atheists, *however Atheism is often a natural consequence or result of materialism *especially in the sense of

DENIAL of a Supernatural GOD or any form of Higher Creative Power. *Materialists do NOT deny the REALITY of such things as LOVE, JUSTICE, Beauty or Goodness.”

Direct Factual Evidence no. 49: Ancient Greek Atomist Democritus As the origin of the Occultist alleged „Materialistic Thinker‟: „He was born around 470 BC and was a pupil of Leucippus who formulated the FIRST „atomic theory of the Cosmos‟: Which BEGAN as an endeavour to overcome the „odd logical consequence‟ of Occultist Parmenides Eleatic School of Philosophy; who stated (then as now) „everything is ONE and change and motion is ILLUSION; and that „reality‟ is CO-JOINED as ONE‟. He also attempted to distinguish between the „unity of nature and its VARIETY‟ ~ as the „reality of Unity and the UNREALITY of its VARIETY.‟ „Democritus and Leucippus attempted to explain the world without reasoning to PURPOSE, Prime Mover or Final Cause. In his work „Canons‟ Democritus says there „are two kinds of KNOWING ~ one through the SENSES and the other through the INTELLECT; through the Intellect he calls legitimate, and through the senses he names „bastard; obscure‟: stating: “When the bastard (obscure) can no longer see any smaller, or hear or smell, or taste, or perceive by touch, but finer matters have to be examined, then comes the legitimate; intellect.” And in „Confirmations‟ writes: “We actually grasp nothing for certain, but what shifts in accordance with the condition of the body and of the ATOMS that enter it and press upon it.” „*Democritus was well known to Occultist „Philosophers‟ Plato and Aristotle, and Plato is said to have DISLIKED him so much „that he wished all his books burned.‟ For atomism EXCLUDED the Supernatural; as a materialistic description of an eternal reality WITHOUT reference to divine intervention‟ It is Democritus defined „obscure; bastard‟ type of „knowing‟ that the Occultists are (AGAIN) attempting to assert as „GNOSIS; direct

perception; knowledge‟ in their current FRAUD of „Cosmic Consciousness‟: Asserting it to be of „intuition‟ as „insight; instinct‟ as a posited „new species; new race of man‟. Direct Factual Evidence no. 50: Theosophist, Occultist H P Blavatsky: „Transmigration of the Life-atom‟: “The real-atoms are those, moved by Kinetic Energy; which we term as „life-atoms‟ as „magnetic fluid‟; it is THESE life-atoms that a man in a blind RAGE ~ or PASSION ~ throws off unconsciously:

Direct Factual Evidence no. 51: Occultist, Theosophist H P Blavatsky „Theosophist‟ July-August 1885: “When this magnetic fluid as the indestructible force is disconnected with one set of atoms, it becomes attracted immediately to other atoms, in that it transfers its living power as energy of motion INTO kinetic energy.” Direct Factual Evidence no. 52: „The Lost Keys of Freemasonry‟ By Freemason Manly Palmer Hall: “When the Mason learns that the key to the warrior on the block is the proper application of the dynamo of living power, he has learned the mystery to his Craft. The seething energies of Lucifer are in his hands and before he may step onward and upward, he must prove his ability to properly handle energy.” Direct Factual Evidence 53: 2010 Global Oneness website; Theosophy Dictionary; Archetypal World Universe: “Plato states: An Archetype is an ideal PATTERN or FORM to which ALL things of a CERTAIN TYPE conform…In the process of „Cosmic Manifestations‟, forms are built by „Builders‟ working on a particular plane of vibration; from abstract models already existing on a higher plane of vibration…In order for the „idea‟ to pass from the „abstract‟ and into „visible form‟ and proceed to build these „model forms‟ in the mind.”

= „Auto-Suggestion‟ as UNNATURAL mind interference ~ for the Occultist attempted „Mind-to-Body-Behaviour overall CONTROL‟ = Fascist Totalitarianism: In ALL its „totality‟ of the LAST „corresponding detail‟ it COULD be = A much reduced „non-life‟ from the being „continually WATCHED over‟: BY the Occultist man-made IMMORAL, illegal, unnaturalness: WITH their asserted „KNOWING Mary‟ ~ from their asserted „direct perception; intuition‟ ~ is, in on-going REALITY not KNOWING Mary; from NOT „getting‟ = NON COMPREHENSION, of Mary: Who is NOT „of‟ controlling ~ „Ruling over‟ ~ „others‟ ~ and REFUSES to be CONTROLLED by „others‟= BY the Occultist man-made negative electromagnetic vibration FORCE; and its corresponding „mind-beliefsystem‟. Q: What MORE can the Esoteric, Hermes, Occultist adepts „DO‟ ~ when their delivered ~ through AIR-SPACE ~ discordant PAIN vibration: FROM their centrifugal Swastika geometric rite does NOT achieve their „desired‟ RESULT? From their 14 years; Day and Night ATTEMPTS ~ „at‟ their specified female natural heart conscience individual = MARY; „me‟ Mary Anne Lale? A: NO-THING-AT-ALL: and with NO other ~ of their man-made „Astrological Timings‟ ~ for „they‟ to ATTEMPT their „Sub-Rose-Conspiracy; Fraud by False Representation‟ IN:*They are DEPENDENT in all of you „readers‟ on DISBELIEVING Mary: Direct Factual Evidence no. 54: „The Kybalion‟: “The Occultist Hermes Teachings are that ETHER as „substance‟ serves as a „medium‟ of transmission of waves of vibratory energy of Electricity and Magnetism. And it is THIS which is the „connecting link‟ between the low rate of vibratory energy known as MATTER and Matter‟s energy on ether: Ether manifests a degree of vibration in rate and mode (operation) entirely on its own.” THIS has been „The Introduction‟ to the following WEBSITE TWO: „SubRose-Conspiracy: All-Seeing-Eye‟: Direct Factual Evidence no. 55: September 1902 „The Freemason Congress of Geneva‟: „The „Official Report of the Proceedings‟ states: “Freemasonry has imposed upon itself a mission: It is a question of nothing less than rebuilding Society entirely on a New Basis: AS A REFORM OF RIGHT: OF A COMPLETE RENEWAL OF THE PRINCIPLE OF EXISTENCE: especially of the Principle of COMMUNITY and of the RELATIONS of men among one another.”

Bring Down Fascism; Bringing Down the Devil  
Bring Down Fascism; Bringing Down the Devil