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Youth Network MaMa network of youth centers in Slovenia

Uroš Skrinar,director Beograd, 1.6.2012

Youth Network MaMa combines and represents organizations that run youth centers or are active in field of youth work in Slovenia.

Free time and young people Free time = • Time for rest and relaxation, • Entertainment, • Amusement and recreation, • Social and personal fulfilment.

By young peoples opinion free time is = time spent as I like/ by my own wish.

No spaces, no possibilities, no services, no support for young people on local level!

• Initiative of Office for Youth by the Ministry of education and sport establishing spaces that offers to a young person quality spending of his/her free time, shaped by his/her own wish • Interest of local communities (different interest groups/local governments/other NGO already activie – different actors in different local communities but same goal - MOTIVATION for establishing Youth Center in their home town) • Different local communities, different realities: different approaches

Common idea

Youth Center =

• Young people + • Social Atmosphere + • Space

Where young people are included as individuals for oriented/ nonoriented spending of their free time and where a young person is treated fully.

Target group •

Individuals: – basic target group 15. – 29. years; (NONORGANISED YOUNG PEOPLE) – pre-school and primary school population; – others;

Non formal group of young people (groups without legal formal status);

Formal groups of young people with programs that involves young people (Societies, Associations, ...).

What is a Youth Center in Slovenia?

CRITERIA SET AND CHECKED BY OFFICE FOR YOUTH BY MINISTRY OF EDUCATION • is a legal person (3 different types), working at least one year

• with activities on concluded region of local community either more connected communities, • assures space, (manages with 150 m2 space) • assures equipment

• assures regular work through different activities (implements at least 1500 hours of regular work/year, 4 hours/day each day in year) • assures adequate employed people with suitable experiences (includes regulary for full working time at least two youth workers besides regular program workers) • enables open program (on 7 differents fields) • assure the organizational structure that enables democratical proccess and coordination of implementation of planned programe

7 different fields of programme 1 – To enable space for young people to associate, for their creative work and own promotion, for information, access to equipment and different services, ... 2 – Informational and counselling service; 3 – Non formal education;

4 – International youth work and mobility; 5 – Voluntary youth work; 6 – Active citizenship; 7 – Research work.

3 legal types of youth center -

Association (45 %), (NGO) Privat institutuions (13 %) (NGO) Public institutions (42 %) (public)

All of them are non profit organisations! Because of this, different ways of organisation structure, ways of work, finances,..

Youth Center for cross-sectoral approach: Beside all mentioned program some of the youth centers are also accepting other roles in their and for their local environment: •

NGO servis center (counseling, capacity building, offices,…) (actions lead and supported by Ministry of public affairs)

Performer of politic for active employment (Program of Public Work, Program Education at work,…) (actions lead and supported by Ministry of labour and work)

Daily center (offers learining help for young people, different courses for parents…, includes in work young offenders, immigrants,…) (cooperation with Centers for social works, Employment offices, other organisations)

Coordinator of healt-risk programmes (prevention programmes, counseling programmes) (cooperation with hostpital, programmes supported by Ministry of health)

Organizer of all-life learning (for not so young people different courses (language, computer…), cross-generation cooperation (supported by EU programmes, actions lead by Ministry of Family and social affairs)

Multimedia center (offers space for young music bands, coordinator of e-points in towns…) (actions lead and supported by Ministry of education and culture)

Entrepreneurship incubator (offers help and support for entrepreneurs to start their first business) (actions lead and supported by Ministry of economics)

YOUTH CENTERS have direct contact with young people, have infrastructure, they work daily. That is why they are well known also by ministries and ministries see opportunity for implementation of different policy measures trough youth centers.

Youth Network MaMa combines and represents organizations that run youth centers or are active in field of youth work in Slovenia.

Youth Centers*

42 members

How Network MaMa started -

started as non-formal network in 2001


with mission to connect and represent youth centers


established bottom up by youth centers


in 2005 was established as institution (legal type!?!)

Youth Network MaMa in the interests of its members: • represents common interests; • regularly provides information; • organizes meetings and stimulates communication and cooperation; • concerns itself with educational development of the youth and youth workers, • offers professional help, • runs national projects.

Hvala! Uroš Skrinar

Model MAMA  

Mreza omladinskih centara

Model MAMA  

Mreza omladinskih centara