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Understanding The Big Picture Imagine you owned a store high up on a hill and there were no roads or bridges to access this store. Your store is filled with great merchandise and products but no one can find their way to your store due to the fact there is no direction. This is exactly what happens with many web business'...they have everything down perfect and have a wonderful and professional website up and running. However, there is one problem, they have no visitors to their website. This is one of the main reasons people quit on their web business. They assume since they have a website up and running for the world to see they should begin to receive visitors. This is not the case... in order to get a steady flow of traffic you need to do what is known as Traffic Generating Techniques! Traffic Generating Techniques Traffic Generating Techniques are exactly what their name implies... they generate traffic to your website using many different techniques or ways. I am going to breakdown a few of the major forms of generating traffic in this article. The big forms of traffic techniques used today include: forum marketing search engine optimization/keywords writing articles videos social networking traffic classified ads online old fashioned marketing I am sure you are overwhelmed by some of the terminology in that list but I am going to breakdown each one and show how easy but powerful they can be. Lets dive right in shall we? Forum Marketing Forum Marketing is used by many people trying to get their website out there. The way this works is you simply sign up to a forum that is discussing your product. Lets say your website was about how to gain muscle... you would type that into a search engine and then choose a forum that interested you. After you signed up for the forum, keep in mind forums are almost always free, you can then start helping people with your knowledge. At this point you are simply building up rapport with the forum users. Keep in mind they are already interested in your niche (or product you chose

to promote) so you already have a great audience to pitch to. Once you have posted a few threads (AKA new topics) you will see people coming to answer your questions or give feedback on your topic. Now you are probably thinking... well this is all fine and dandy but how am I actually promoting my product? Great question! The way you are getting your website out there is by having your website in your signature. A signature is what is at the bottom of your post. Usually something along the lines of your name, a brief description of what your website does, and finally a link to your website. You can see an example of this at the bottom of my article. Using forum marketing can be incredibly fun to people who enjoy talking about their product and interacting with people interested in your niche. Search Engine Optimization/Keywords A big phrase for a simple idea. Search Engine Optimization or commonly seen as SEO is simply having your website on a page of a search engine. This tool can bring in thousands of visitors a month if you are on the right page. Many people who are on the first page for some niches receive as many as 20,000+ visitors a month. That is a huge number coming from one traffic technique. The way people get on the first few pages of search engines is by using the right keywords and having their website at the right places. Before we get too deep let me explain what I mean by keywords. Keywords are phrases or words that an individual is going to type into a search engine to find a particular product. However, you can not just pick general key words because it could have millions of search results. You have to do what is known as keyword logger which simply tells you how many people search for it a month and how high or low the competition is. The key to keywords is finding high searches and low competition because this is how you will find yourself on the first page of a search engine. Once you have chosen the right keywords now would be a good time to start writing articles and forum posts that ask for those keywords and this is going to give you what is known as back links. Back links are links that will connect you to other sites. Search engines love back links! This is why you have to have your website link all over article writing sites and forum sites because the search engine will take that into consideration along with your keywords to decide where they are going to put at in their search results. As previously stated this is a huge traffic generator and with a little work in the beginning you can find yourself with a "highway of traffic" heading right for your site every single day. Writing Articles This is one of my personal favorites because it gives me a chance to give back to people who are interested in my niche. What you are reading right now is an article, it is simply a collection of knowledge in a certain subject broken down for a targeted reader. Writing articles is a great way to get your website out there in the same manner as forum marketing. The only big difference is articles have more content that forum threads and it is more of an informational guideline as opposed to a discussion. Articles have been used for years now and prove time and time again to be a successful way of driving traffic especially if you are giving good information (which I hope I have been). Videos Videos are a great way to connect with your potential customers because they can actually see what kind of person you are. It is a way to show them you are a real person which is important in order for them to trust you and your product. Keep in mind videos can also show your customers

how to perform a certain skill set. You then can have your signature in the video or down at the bottom to direct them towards your site. Social Networking Traffic This traffic technique is pretty cut and dry. We are all aware of social networking, well now imagine instead of having a page for yourself you have it for your website and simply promote yourself through that page. Within that page you should have different links that lead to your website that way if you entice anyone they can simply click and find out much more information quickly. It is being used more and more by many marketers and so far has really generated a lot of traffic for many marketers. It is pretty simple to get started and once you build up a list of friends your page will show up for everyone on their list of friends and now you could be linked to thousands of people. Classified Ads (Online) Many marketers like to have ads up throughout the web that is usually simply a picture with some brief information on their website with a click here button (which takes the individual to the website). Some marketers will even write a simple ad much like ones you see in newspaper for people selling vehicles or looking for a job. Both are quite powerful and can pull in a nice amount of traffic. If you are going to do this one I would suggest getting a professional picture generated that pertains to your website because they have proven to have a lower attrition rate (number of people who do not want to see more about your website) than the written out ads. I would suggest posting it any and everywhere that you can because it is usually free to post these ads in most websites. Old Fashioned Marketing Old Fashioned Marketing is seldom used by marketers because they are more interested in keeping their web based product on the web. There is nothing wrong with that, but people need to realize the power of things such as the radio or newspaper. One ad in a newspaper that runs for one week could be viewed by thousands every single day. That is huge because these are people that are already drawn to the newspaper and now you are simply riding the coat tails of that newspaper's success which is perfectly acceptable. In Closing As you can see you can market your website any which way you want. Many people only use one or two traffic generating techniques as opposed to using them all. I personally use three but that is because forums and articles are two things I immensely enjoy in addition to SEO. You may choose two different ones or you may want to try every single one to see what you are best at. Regardless of the ones you pick just remember they have all been tried and proven, you just have to stay motivated because once you have a steady flow of traffic it will become more of a hobby. Thank You for your time,

--Kody Crosson---Earn $250/Day with Online Marketing-

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