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bekh stencil collection issue #1 spring 2012

The Bekh [Spray] Stencil Book

Issue 1 Issue 1

Produced and Handbound by Imad Shawa and Mike V. Derderian

Let us all Bekh! Bekh is a limited edition manually bound stencil book that is the first in a series of stencil collections we hope to publish periodically. The project bore out of passion for stencil, an untapped mode of expression in the Arab world. On one hand you have the internet, a vast world of free information where all can participate, and on the other hand you have traditional media, where the message is controlled by a select few. Enter stenciling and graffiti. Stencil graffiti takes the best from both worlds: 1. Anyone can do it; and 2. visibility is huge! This medium of expression is at its most powerful when done on large public surfaces (usually illegally) for an entire community to see. Stenciling as "graffiti" is perhaps one of the more exciting art forms in transmitting a message. There is an element of defiance that is unique and that's what lends it its charm. This first issue of Bekh features artists from Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan and Palestine. And each copy of this edition was made with sweat and tears, and long nights of cuttings, aligning, drawing and binding. We hope you enjoy it and tell your friends about it. If you get inspired, do your own stencil art and most likely you'll be featured in the next issue. Amman, March 30th 2012

Stencils & Artists 1. Let's Party … Rozz 2. V for Vendetta … Saad Ruslan 3. Boos Lee (Kiss Lee) … Sardine 4. Lobo … Aly Bchennaty a.k.a ALMA 5. My Country is Torn … Amer Ameen 6. Egypt Can Fly … Mo Fa 7. No Benches … Sardine 8. Tiger Tribal Art … Wael Adel Mustafa 9. Self Portrait … Rozz 10. Fatima … Hamid Sinno 11. Dead Sea Scuba Club … Mlabbas 12. Bull Shit … Mlabbas 13. Abul 7uroof … Awn Takruri 14. ascii Chaplin … Sardine 15. Daughter of Country, Sister to the People (Bin Al Watan Okht Al Sha3b) … Mlabbas 16. Love Knows No Religion … Mlabbas & Ibraheem Awamleh

CTRL + P Now that you know all about Bekh print out, cut out these wicked stencils and tag some walls!

Let's Party by Rozz

V for Vendetta by Saad Ruslan

Boos Lee (Kiss Lee) by Sardine

Lobo by Aly Bchennaty a.k.a ALMA

My Country is Torn by Amer Ameen

Egypt Can Fly by Mo Fa

No Benches by Sardine

Tiger Tribal Art by Wael Adel Mustafa

Self Portrait by Rozz

Fatima by Hamid Sinno

Dead Sea Scuba Club by Mlabbas

Bull Shit by Mlabbas

Abul 7uroof by Awn Takruri

ascii Chaplin by Sardine

Daughter of Country, Sister to the People (Bin Al Watan Okht Al Sha3b) by Mlabbas

Love Knows No Religion by Mlabbas & Ibraheem Awamleh

Cover Design By: Sardine For More Information on Submissions Contact Mlabbas:


Bekh Stencil Book Issue 1