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the need for permanent and temporal landscapes

The current condition of the void decks are made up of temporal events such as the Chinese funeral and Malay wedding, which are one of the significant events that occur occasionally in the area of the void decks. Apart from such events, the void deck are utilized as a daily thoroughfare by residents; or as a waiting space; or for boys playing football; or for children playing catch; or for scribbling; or for vandalism on wall columns; or for painting murals on walls and amore. The most likely users of the space are the elderly people who are confined to the void decks, and this space does not provide with them the activities or events needed, other than chess tables. Children are provided with "playgrounds in every 8 blocks" (Chua 2011), which are made up of "artificial, soft spongy grounds" (Chua 2011) and younger generations are provided with community activities. This therefore gives the void decks a sterile and empty condition but at the same time, this is what summarizes the quality of space there is in the void deck. The idea of permanent and temporal landscapes being used in these spaces is ideal to create different options, excitement, innovation and creative events. The main intent of this project is to be able to provide the amenities above but at the same time not forgetting what the true essences of these spaces are like. "Balancing the old avnd new is difficult but definitely essential." (Ho, 2011) I would like to make these spaces a place where the past substance is still embedded into the idea, but at the same time incorporate these with new and ongoing events into the area to form my new proposal. This at the same time will encourage the current cultural events to occur and push for new possibilities to tran-

spire in and the surrounding areas of the void decks in the future. "the underground should be opened at night, after trains have stopped running. The passageways and platforms should be poorly lit with dim, blinking lights... the rooftops of Paris should be opened to pedestrian traffic by means of modification to fire escape ladders and construction of catwalks where necessary... public gardens should remain open at night... Everyone should have free access to prisons. They should be available as tourist destinations, with no distinctions between visitors and inmates..." (Situacionistas 56-57) Guy Debord speaks about bringing pleasure to individuals. In order to move away from the inflexibility of our programmed city, the idea of the situationists look into exploring the city by opening up places of experience, transforming it into a space that user can engage in and encourage participation in the urban environment. Using this analogy for design.

Fig 19. malay


Fig 22. chinese

Fig 25.


old folks exercising

Fig 20.

birthday celebration

Fig 23. chess


Fig 26. badminton

Fig 21. religious

Fig 24.

Fig 27.


hockey game

public urination

events in void decks



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