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Altering Topography exploration of opportunities with alteration of topography

The altering of topography on the relative flat ground plane of the void deck gives it a hierarchy and also exploration of more options for events to occur in the space. It could also alter the view from one end of the void deck to the other. During the process of design, ideas of catering the space for the homeless was also considered, designing a mobile platform where users are able to negotiate space within the topography, creating a private space for themselves. The iteration considered space for existing cultural events to take place in various areas. In attempt to connect the ground planes through some areas such as the carpark where people usually use it as a short cut to the next void space. With consideration of that aspect, the design intends to have a linking network through these spaces, by creating an overhanging platform across the carpark to bring about a new set of experience.

Fig 66 Variation 01 : in the event of Malay Wedding

Plan plan of areas where topographyis altered

Fig 67 Variation 02 : mobile platform to be altered by users


Section drawing users to the exterior part of void deck

Section linking public housing through carparks


Christina Ting Concise ADR  

Christina Ting Concise ADR

Christina Ting Concise ADR  

Christina Ting Concise ADR