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Greening the plane ‘stick intervention’


Intervention is generated from the experiment is made from tapioca balls and spaghetti. The design intent was to provide an experience which is spatially interactive, both physically and visually. In addition, setting up of boundaries to provide users with an extent of privacy and enclosure when they are in the space; and could also act as a screen for events such as the funeral and wedding .

density option 01

The iteration of the installation was to create an experience of running through a field of tall grasses. One of the reasons would be that the green scapes in Singapore were not allowed to be “wrecked” (Chua, 2011). Thus, I had like to bring about interaction with these green spaces, altering that perception, bringing an element of play into the intervention.

mobile structure

density option 02

The positioning of these interventions was explored through the difference in density, configuration and the consideration of the position where sunlight is, as it could provide shading in the external area of the ground plane. Exploring the use of a pseudo grass field in the void deck due to the lack of sunlight and transitioning into tall plantings in the existing green space.

Fig 60.model displaying density of intervention


main access points

density option 03

Fig 61. exploring structures of plant growth

Fig 62. exploring density interventions

Fig 63.outcome of intervention


Christina Ting Concise ADR  

Christina Ting Concise ADR