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Fig 57.: scenario 01: without boundaries

Fig 58: scenario 02: activating boundaries

without any boundaries, it is seen that the movement of the ball travels from one end to the other . Similar to the situation of the void deck, where people just move through from one place to the other to get to their destination.

reacting towards scenario 01, a string is being used to create boundary, with the idea of it slowing the movement of people moving through a space. It also create territories by trapping people in a certain space, which my intent is not to segregate communities into territories but instead bringing people together.


Fig 59. : scenario 03: private/public

Reacting towards scenario 02, an attempt to create a semi - private space in a public realm. the test uses double sided tape, some balls are no doubt trapped on the sticky tape, some of which moves in and out of the realm of the tape. this test is an attempt to create a space where people can decide to be in a private or public realm, enabling them to interact with one another at certain point of time.


Christina Ting Concise ADR  

Christina Ting Concise ADR

Christina Ting Concise ADR  

Christina Ting Concise ADR