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“Art of Lending� Marketing Campaign

We wanted to create each of the products as a work of art. To tie it together, we created a typical map you would receive at an art gallery

sample of copy writing

Product as Art postcard: Alternative A in the syle of Picasso. Artist: Anibal Rodriguez.

Backside of Alternative A postcard

Products as Art: Jumbo Loan product postcard. This one became known as "More Castle for Less Hassle"

Back of Jumbo loan product postcard. The postcards were a hit at tradeshows. Much different than the competition that just hand out typical 8.5x11 copies of their daily rate sheet.

Product as Art: SISA/NINA postcard. This was especially fun. SISA stands for Stated Income/Stated Asset but is referred to in the mortgage biz as SISA. and its sister product No Income No Asset is NINA. It almost rolls off the tounge to say SISA, NINA and the Santa Maria. So, we asked Anibal to create a paiting of Old World boats. Voila!

Products as Art: Option Arms. Again, Anibal finds the right style and image to depict OPTION ARMS.

backside of the Option Arms product postcard

set for action...

Art of Lending Marketing Campaign  

Marketing Campaign for Company

Art of Lending Marketing Campaign  

Marketing Campaign for Company