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Words You Should Not Use in a Resume By Brad Grayson

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Most guides in resume writing present power words - words that attract employer attention when he scans hundreds of resume - but few of them include words you should not use in a resume. Here is a list of words and word categories which should be avoided when you create your resume. Abbreviations and acronyms APTA, CPOFAS, RIFL, MRSRSA and it starts to look like a Scrabble game. Too many abbreviations and acronyms make a resume unreadable. As a rule, avoid using them, and use them only when they are easy to recognize. If these words are very popular in your field use them with care. Personal pronouns It may seem strange to avoid personal pronouns (me, I, mine, etc) in your resume - a document that's only talking about you. Because it's all about you, using personal pronouns is redundant and pointless. A resume should not contain unnecessary words, because it is not a novel, but a short presentation of your abilities and experience. Negative words These words transform your resume in a total failure: "arrest", "boring", "fired", "hate" and "racist"; if there are problems you want clarified with the employer, keep them for the interview. Don't overuse some of the words There are words that are a must in a resume but you don't have to overuse them. For example: excessive use of: "a", "and", "but", "because", "very", "also" and words you can't define: even if a word sounds good and makes you look intelligent, if you use them the wrong way, you lose any chance to be called to an interview.

Words You Should Not Use in a Resume