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Can You Start a Profitable Business With Little Or No Startup Capital? By Alex Cadens

This information is brought to you by mkt1on1 at The dynamics of small businesses permanently leave in front of inexperienced entrepreneurs a string of obstacles -or challenges- that are not always simple to overcome. One of those obvious obstacles is mostly the money to start. Therefore, the best way to do business if you are not rich and have little or no money to give up, is to seek for ways to start little, and from there build up your economic liberty. Now, how can you start a small business that will enable you to receive a steady pay from which you can make a living fast? Well, for starters, you ought to modify the way you envision a small business. Forget about locations, employees and complicated operations, and start thinking about simplicity, flexibility and profitability. It sounds nice, and it does for one reason: It is so. Approaching the notion of a business differently, through a nontraditional business mold, can mean the difference between wasting a bunch of time -and money- and doing a lot with very little, but most importantly, doing a lot without risking a lot. What commerce models can you move toward that will not entangle you in the usual mess of problems the usual business model will? There are many, but in my top 3 catalog you will find internet or affiliate marketing, online trading, and e-commerce. All of these businesses retain one point in common: They have unrestrained profit potential, they can be up and running in record time and they demand little to no money to kick start them. These are business models that will enable you to start really petite (microscopic small) but profit great, and one of the reasons for it is that you will hardly incur in any expenses, which translates in a ROI that no other small business can offer. Add to that the fact that all you need to start is a PC and an internet connection, and you can completely understand why I say that you have to (and can allow yourself to) start thinking about simplicity, flexibility and profitability.

Can You Start a Profitable Business With Little Or No Startup Capital