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6-Step Business Plan For Your Beauty Salon By Jesse F. Smith

(This information is brought to you by What is a business plan? A plan is a way to prepare for your salon business. With a plan, you can map out the future of your salon, prepare for any problems and find resources that will help make your salon successful. Here are 6 steps for a simple business plan. 1. Executive Summary A short summary of the information included in your business plan. Information in your plan includes strategy, competition, marketing, and ideas. An executive summary is usually less than 2 pages. 2. Company Description Describes your business and what it entails. It talks about the goals, mission, assets, and start up-plans for your beauty salon business. 3. Market Analysis An evaluation of what your customers will want and need. It also scopes out the competition within your area. Market research is used in order to find the answers to these types of questions. 4. Marketing Brainstorming ways to promote your business. This may include word of mouth, advertisements and utilization of a business website. 5. Workforce Describes staff responsibilities and roles in your beauty salon business. It also lists qualifications for each position. 6. Financial Analysis Figuring out how much different aspects of your salon business will cost and what your profit will be in the future. These 6 steps will give you a general idea of what a typical business plan entails. As you continue with the plans for your salon business, your plan will have to be more thorough. There are various resources available that provide outlines of plans specifically for salon businesses. One such resource is The Business Plan for Your Salon.

(This information is brought to you by

6 Step Buisness Plan for your Beauty Salon