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Qg Chaparral was originally created in a digital format by Carol Twombly and was meant to combine the 19th century slab serif designs with the 16th century old style typefaces making a “versatile, hybrid slab-serif design.” Chaparral was designed to give a modern, timeless twist to two very popular styles of type. Twombly graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design. She also received a “Master of Science degree in digital typography from Stanford university” She was one of five students to earn this degree. Twombly converted Caslon from the 1700’s to a digital format , as well as designed many typefaces, including Trajan, Myriad and Nueva STD. Type truly does have its own personality and that is definatley present in Chaparral. Chaparral is full of little nuances that make it something quite unique. Each letter is very different but the typeface still is a successful cohesive body of work. The chaparral y is full of personality because the terminal on the descender is slanted and rounded off at the edges rather than having a curve. The serifs in Chaparral are unlike others in its classification, such as Clarendon and Serifa, and is great to use for body copy and has recently been used for body copy in “Stories & Novels” which is a is a remarkable and modestly designed online collection of short stories by Franz Neumann. Twombly’s design is definatley an affective way to merge the two styles of type and making it feel completely new.

Timeless lett

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The tail is curved down and and then curved up at a slanted slight angle.

The bowl is interesting because it has very strong thicks and thins.

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Here the neck has lots of points and curves.

The ear is unique at the end where it tapers out.

This is interesting because there is no finial.

“I discovered that comm graphics— by placing page, —offered a welco freedom and structure.”

Very charecteristic of this typeface.

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The extra stress and curved areas make this letterform more recognizable.

The curve of the tail is similar to the tail of the uppercase Q.

Modern &Classic Light Caption

Modern & Classic Light Italic Caption

Modern & Classic Italic

Modern & Classic Regular

Modern & Classic Semibold

abcdefghi jklmnopq rstuvwxyz

48 pt


36 pt


30 pt


24 pt

Marie Krikorian Fall Semester 2013 Kansas City Art Institute


Chaparral Book  

A book about the typeface chaparral