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“Daphne Guinness is known for her outlandish hair and unique fashion sense. She is famous for her multi-tonal grey mane and her outdone make-up sense. She lived a bourgeoisie upbringing and a lavish style. She lived in a monastery in Spain, where Salvador Dali was a neighbor. She tends to think all in-or not at all. She is interested in the idea that fashion as an intrest is a sign of vanity and she disagrees with that. She believes that fashion is a sign of lack of self-confidence. She claims it is “beautiful to be able to cover yourself in metal. I love the color and the way it reflects. But it is also a protection.” People view her as an outgoing woman with a crazy demeanor. Guinness disagrees with this assumption she states, “I’m not eccentric! I’m very level-headed. Not eccentric, imaginative! When people say you are eccentric, they are trying to do you down or say you’re crazy.”.”

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