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Fro m Wester n Plains IN THIS ISSUE PAGE 3 REPRESENTIN’ Check out some of the latest images captured at places where Sigmas were out.

Kappa Delta Sigma, Theta Alpha Sigma chapters bring ‘hope and healing’ to L.A. families

PAGE 4 FATHERHOOD Read about Bro. Aubré Dickson’s write-up in Portland Family Magazine focusing on how he provides a good example to his children. PAGE 5 AROUND THE REGION Mentions of all the wonderful work brothers are doing to help their communities. Brothers distributing groceries at the Healing and Hope 4 the Homeless event Nov. 21.


ovember and December were busy months for Bro. Woodrow Bailey and other Los Angelesarea brothers. On Nov. 21, Healing and Hope 4 the Homeless, a nonprofit organization that feeds and clothes the homeless, gave groceries to 300 needy families in the South Los Angeles area. Bro. Bailey, who co-chairs the nonprofit’s food bank and spearheaded the event, along with members of the Kappa Delta Sigma and Theta Alpha Sigma chapters, participated in the give-away. Area Zetas were also on hand to assist. Then on Dec. 19, Healing and Hope 4 the Homeless assisted the brothers from Theta Alpha Sigma with its annual "Toys for Watts" give-away at the Jordan Downs Housing Project. More than 500 loaves of bread and 2,000 bottles of energy drinks were provided. ONE SIGMA WEST--ON THE ROAD TO 1000

Bro. Bailey once again took the helm at mobilizing brothers to participate, with the help of Bro. Octavio Johnson, Theta Alpha Sigma's chapter president, assisting the effort. At the “Toys for Watts” program, children were handed toys while the adults were given the bread and drinks. A step show and speakers filled the rest of the day. Bro. Bailey also served another 400 in the "parking lot" give-away on South Normandie Avenue in South Los Angeles. Various items were distributed including meat, canned goods, bread, vegetables and drinks. The grocery give-away happens the first and third Saturday of every month.    In keeping with our motto "Culture for Service and Service for Humanity,” the Sigma chapters, along with the Zetas, lived up to the fraternity’s ideals during the two special events. 




EDITOR’S MESSAGE Greetings Brothers of the Western Region: As we embark on our fraternity’s 96th anniversary, it is my pleasure to bring you the fourth edition of the Western Region’s newsletter. In putting together each newsletter, I am continually reminded that our mighty region is doing some great things. From helping out needy families to educating students about the real facts on drinking to mentoring young black men, brothers throughout the region have been putting in work and holding fast to our motto, “Culture for Service and Service for Humanity.” My goal with this newsletter has always been to find those stories and tell them so that our region gets the attention it deserves, which is something our regional director, Bro. Raphael Forbes, feels strongly about. I know there are more stories out there, so keep sending them in. So as all of us prepare to start a new year, I pray for strength as an organization and that we continue to make sure “our cause speeds nobly on its way.” G.O.M.A.B. Bro. Martin Ricard Editor-In-Chief

Congratulations to Bro. Steven Bradford for his election to the State Assembly

Steven C. Bradford, California Assemblyman, 51st District




CHEERS: Grad brothers from throughout the Bay Area gathered in December at Mimosa Champagne Lounge in Oakland, coowned by Bro. James Pierce, to fellowship and celebrate the holidays.

REPPIN’ HARD: Undergrad brothers from Sacramento to Fresno being out at the UC Berkeley Yard Show in September.

RECOGNIZE: The Phi Beta Sigma chapter (Los Angeles) received a proclamation from state Assemblyman Curren Price at their recent Sigma Wellness event. According to the chapter, the event was successful and was greatly received by all the attendees, brothers and the speakers.





Portland brother featured in magazine shows fatherhood important to child’s education Bro. Aubré Dickson of the Epsilon Epsilon Sigma chapter was featured in the September issue of Portland Family magazine for his participation in the Million Father March with his two sons. According to the article, Dickson took part in the event in September along with other Portland-area black fathers who took their kindergarten to high school children to the first day of school. The event was organized by The Black Parent Initiative, which started the event following the Million Man March in 1995



Bro. Sadrud-Din Muhammad explaining blood alcohol content to students.

Bro. Aubré with his sons, Eric and Caleb. (Photo by Rachel Coussens/Portland Family Magazine)

at which men marched in Washington, D.C., to promote black community and family values. The article stated that the Black Parent Initiative partnered with the Portland Schools Foundation, the Chalkboard Project and the United Way of the Columbia-Willamette to create the Roadmap Coalition, which, in February 2009, produced a research study on the black-white achievement gap in Multnomah County. One of the Coalition’s findings stated: “The gap between black and white students exists even before kids enter school.” Studies found a 16-percent gap between white children meeting the third-grade reading benchmark versus black students who didn’t perform as well. The gap grew to 33 percent between white and black ONE SIGMA WEST--ON THE ROAD TO 1000

The Alpha Upsilon chapter held a successful alcohol awareness program Nov. 30 at California State University, Dominguez Hills. A crowd of 30 students attended the Monday night program, titled “Pour Me a Drink,” where there were five stations. The first station was an interactive game where students poured themselves drinks, then compared their pour to the average college student pour and what a bartender usually pours. The second station provided students with an opportunity to measure their blood alcohol content. At the third station, students reviewed myths and facts about alcohol. And at the fourth station, students took a free-throw shot while wearing beer goggles. Students had to complete the first four activities before they could participate in the fifth, which was a game of root beer pong. College alcohol facts were printed on the bottom of each cup. —Submitted by Bro. Rafael Matos

students for meeting the tenth-grade reading benchmark ( Dickson said he and his wife take time every day to read with their children, Caleb, 6, and Eric, 5. “We have a number of books based on their reading levels and we institute … reading workshops so we read for an hour,” he said. The workshops have paid off, Dickson said in the article. Caleb’s reading level progressed from level two to eight over the last school year. Said Dickson in the article: “It’s exciting to be a part of this and being a father is something I cherish.” Dickson added: “It’s important to me to make sure I provide a good example to my children.”




Bro. Palmore’s ‘The Team’ featured in L.A. Times article Bro. Bruce Palmore was recently featured in a truly inspiring story in the Los Angeles Times about his efforts to mentor four young men at Blair International Baccalaureate School in Pasadena, Calif. Worried that his son, also named Bruce Palmore, was hanging out with the wrong crowd and that there was not enough value placed on education among “The Team” members. (Photo from The Team Facebook Page) black male teenagers, the elder Palmore took the teen to a fraternity event. Afterwards, Palmore’s son decided to start a Sigma Beta club at his school. The Sigma Beta club helped Palmore’s son improve in school, according to the article, and it helped his son forge a Pact-like relationship with three other young men, Keymarian Washington and twins Tevin and Terrill Jones. They called themselves “The Team.” From the article: As the Sigma Betas attended college fairs, visited college campuses and did community service projects, their friendship grew into a tight brotherhood. Palmore, the Jones brothers and Washington made a pledge: Not only would they graduate from high school and go to college, they would go together, to keep supporting one another. Palmore and the twins graduated from Blair in 2009; Washington graduated in 2008 and completed a year of community college. According to the article, the four friends are now at Langston University in Oklahoma, still supporting each other and serving as role models for other black students at Blair. AAES holds successful scholarship workshop, awards dinner The Alpha Alpha Epsilon Sigma chapter (Inland Empire) held its fourth scholarship workshop on Oct. 24 at Rialto High School in which 30 students came out and received information about how to apply for college scholarships. On Nov. 14, the chapter also held its annual awards banquet in which $3,000 in scholarships were awarded to six outstanding candidates. —Submitted by Bro. Steven Walker LIS passes out Thanksgiving meals with LT On Nov. 24 the Lambda Iota Sigma chapter (San Diego) had the honor of volunteering with San Diego Chargers star running back LaDainian Tomlinson for his “Touching Lives Foundation” at the annual “Giving Thanks with LT.” They helped distribute more than 2,100 Thanksgiving turkey dinners to families in need. Arriving around 5:30 a.m., brothers checked in and began the day by helping to coordinate the food distribution line. Once the lines opened, it was non-stop action in serving San Diego’s families in need. They spent the next 4 1/2 hours working with Tomlinson and other San Diego Chargers players, including Vaughn Martin, Jacques Cesaire, Ogemdi Nwagubo and Luis Castillo. —Submitted by Bro. Tracy Morris ONE SIGMA WEST--ON THE ROAD TO 1000

OF DONORS (as of 12/31/09) Submitted by Bro. Doeba Bropleh



Bro. Ian Heisser


Bro. Raphael Forbes


Bro. Bill Riley


Bro. Thomas Broome


Bro. Doeba Bropleh


Bro. Charlie Wade


Bro. Emile Pitre


Bro. Reuben D’Silva


Bro. John Jackson


Bro. Timothy D. Harris


Bro. Alvin Blackshear


Bro. Gary Hogans


Bro. Cedrick Soso


Bro. Keith Copeland


Bro. Adrian Hunt


Bro. Ernest Miller


Bro. Frank Oliver


Bro. Kaine Nicholas


Bro. Gerald Reneau


Bro. Curtis Jacobson


Bro. Charles Bryant III


Bro. Manzell Baskerville


Bro. Obinna Obijiaku


Forgiven Debt (Bro. Ernest Miller)


Subtotal (Members)




Alpha Upsilon


Epsilon Epsilon Sigma


Subtotal (Chapters)


Grand total






Raphael Forbes 30th Western Regional Director Ian Heisser 1st Vice Regional Director

Damonde Hatfield 2nd Vice Regional Director

Rafael Matos Regional Secretary

Doeba Bropleh Regional Treasurer

Cedrick Soso Regional Director of Bigger and Better Business

Emile Pitre Regional Director of Education

Clarence Griffin Regional Director of Social Action

Gerald Reneau Regional Director of Collegiate Affairs

Dr. Ernest Miller 29th Regional Director

Thomas Broome, Esq. Legal Counsel

Donell Thomas Sigma Beta Club Program Director

Rev. Gary Hogans Regional Chaplain

Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. Western Region 3505 Sonoma Boulevard, Suite 20-123 Vallejo, CA 94590


From Western Plains | Winter 2009  

The official newsletter of the Western Region of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc.

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