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Halloween Parade Costume Winners Best Department: Snow White and the seven dwarfs Scariest: Edward Scissorhands Funniest: Mario Bros. & Yoshi Most Creative: Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots Best Duo: Old Ladies Silliest: Sailors Best Group: Noah’s Ark Best Individual: Mad Hatter

November 2010


New Roof at Knolls Ends Bucket War Zone Megan Young Staff Writer

During the day this year, students may have seen mysterious men working on the roof, heard interesting footsteps above the second floor ceilings, or noticed large white packages stacked outside the Senior Y windows. All of these are the workings of an over $1,600,000 project to replace the roof at Knolls. Through various grants and sponsorships from the Board of Education (funded by tax dollars) as well as the Morris County Freeholders, the school’s roof is not only being refurbished, but new solar panels are also to be installed. According to students and staff, everyone has experienced the nuisance and discomfort caused by the infamous leaking roof. The leaking roof has been the butt of many jokes cracked by students and teachers alike over the years. Morris Knolls students have complained how between every block, as the narrow hallways filled with people, students would have to weave around a maze of aqua-filled buckets that practically created a minefield down the B-Wing. Many also mention having had the lucky opportunity of experiencing classrooms filled with musty smells, water stains, and desks showered with roof-water droplets. While the majority of the roof is to be redone, solar panels are planned to cover all areas of the school’s roof except the hallway between the gym and the wrestling

room. These high-tech solar panels lation, however, these temporary will serve to replace a portion of the discomforts should have a minimal massive amounts of electricity con- effect.” sumed by the school every day by us- It seems that students ing stored solar energy instead. Dur- should soon be able to say goodbye ing the summer months when the school is mostly vacant, these new solar panels will be storing the sun’s energy to be used throughout the school year. As roofing project guru Mr. Schilling shares, the project has been moving at a steady pace. The new, leakproof roof is expected to be completed by the mid to end of November. The completion date of solar panel installation is still tentative. When asked if construction MK B-Wing during construction would interfere with classes, Mr. Photo by Megan Young Schilling responded, “Hopefully it will not have too much of an impact. to dripping ceilings and barricadThere have been some complaints of ing buckets once and for all. One tar smells and a few leaks of residing can only wonder what students and water from the roof deck and insu- teachers will joke about next.

PDA: Why Can’t You Hide It?

Guidance wins Best Dressed Department at the Halloween Parade with their Snow White and the Seven Dwarves Costumes.

Photo courtesy of

Marla Hesselink Editor in Chief

You’re rushing through the halls on your way to French class when suddenly there’s a huge blockade in the hallway. You shimmy your way through the crowd only to find the cause of the traffic was the kind of French you weren’t expecting to see—a MAKEOUT SESSION! Public Displays of Affection are everywhere—in school, at the mall, etc. A common problem with PDA is that it gives bystanders too much information. Junior Jared Halyard explains, “I have no problem with [PDA]. If they want people in their business about

what they’re doing and not doing it’s on them. They’re allowing others into their business.” To be fair, it is the couple’s business whether or not they want to show PDA. Senior, Conor Lovett said “Whatever people want to do or don’t want to do is up to them.” It is true that people have the right to display their affection for one another, but they also need to realize they are sharing space with others who may not want to witness it. “When people are [literally making out in the hallway, it’s a problem]…if it’s just holding hands and a little smooch, it’s fine,” shares Junior Emily Kohler. We are in high school. We all know that kissing is something many couples do, but some of the things

seen in hallways are completely inappropriate. If you’re “in love”, that’s fantastic. We believe you. We might even like your relationship status on Facebook, but showing everyone around you how long you can make out without coming up for air is a little much. Senior Hannah Gorman kept it short and sweet when she said, “Just as long as they don’t go too far…they’re fine.” So should people be able to get in trouble for PDA? Again, it’s all about moderation. Some people such as Junior, Yulissa Delgado, believe that you shouldn’t be able to get in trouble as it’s all about “their own morals and their own self-respect.” However, the general population of Morris Knolls agrees with (continued on page 4)

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School Store Hits Knolls for 2010- 2011 Dan Dawson Staff Writer

Managed by Mr. Geary and the students enrolled in his International Business class, the Morris Knolls school store opened for business earlier this year and said proprietors are finding that their current endeavors are proving to be very lucrative. A new sight for the student body, some even questioned about the previously empty and dark room with the mysterious plaque reading “School Store.” Morris Knolls always had a location for a store, but it has not been in business for many years.

Morris Knolls senior, Callie Conroy, who can be found working in the school store during B-lunch on B-days, eagerly claimed that the business has been very successful so far and that they are even looking to integrate new merchandise soon. She reported that the most popular selling items are the MK “Superfan” shirts while school is in session. The least popular items are generic school supplies. More Morris Knolls apparel such as t-shirts and sweats are possibly going to be added to the store’s inventory in the near future. Callie also ex-

plained that the school store is, “Awesome!” and that students should stop by if they haven’t already. Also, look out for the Art Service Club’s upcoming major project for the year: designing and painting the school s t o r e . T h e i r hope is that this will enhance and beautify students’ experiences in the school store for School Store years to Photos by Justin Gonzalez (top) Dan Dawson (bottom) come.

Brian Garie Irish Step Dances his IB Way to Mr. MK Understanding An FYI on the International Bacca-

performance which freshman Michael Kedzierski commented on Staff Writers saying, “It was spectacular. His moves flowed together as if he were This year’s Mr. MK was a a professional. I felt as if I was in night filled with Jersey Shore im- Ireland.” Tom Struble lip-synced personations, High School Musical to High School Musical’s “Breaking lip-syncing and even a dance from Free.” Anthony Mandanici sang the movie Mean Girls. On to “Come Sail Away,” Thursday, October and Vincent Oliveri 7, Morris Knolls performed his hosted its 7th Mean Girls annual Mr. dance. MK in the Next school auup was ditorium. the forBrian mal wear Cheung, compeBrian tition. Garie, Each of G r e g the guys Furlong, spiced up Lucas Hoblack tuxmeijier, Anedos with thony Manfancy ties and danici, Vincent colored shirts. Oliveri, Tom StruFrom blue shirts ble and Tyler Wirth were with pink ties to green the candidates Brian Garie & Jennifer Perry shirts and green this year. These Photo courtesy of ties, each coneight contestants testant added his competed in four different catego- own special flare. ries which were swimwear, talent, After the crowd had a formal wear, and an interview. Each chance to cast their votes during contestant also collected money for intermission, it was time for the inbreast cancer. The total amount terviews. Questions ranged from, raised was over 740 dollars. “What would your perfect date The swimwear segment in- be?” to which Anthony Mandanici cluded everything from jeans and responded, “Drills with Coach Wea t-shirt to a snorkel and a tube. ber,” to questions such as, “What Greg Furlong even accessorized would your Jersey Shore nickname with socks and a hat. Jersey Shore be?” to which Vincent Oliveri rewas also big this year. Both Brian plied, “The solution because when Cheung and Vincent Oliveri wore you have a problem, the solution is outfits that advertised the show. right here.” During the talent portion, After the interviewing, winner Brian Garie started off by show- Brian Garie was announced and ing his Irish step dancing skills, a crowned Mr. MK of 2010. Lindsay Opsal & Leah Hennessey

laureate Program at Morris Knolls Nino Signorelli & Cindy Ji Staff Writers The IB program has officially started at Morris Knolls this year, but many students still have misconceptions about IB and often compare the rigor of AP to that of IB. The AP program has been a part of the Morris Knolls curriculum for a while, and most people are familiar with how it works, but because of its novelty, few know much about IB. Senior Matt Ortigas, an AP student, said, “I don’t know too much about IB, but from what I know, I wouldn’t take it even if it could because it seems too rigorous.” Junior Ali Faccenda, whose friends are involved in the program, stated, “I don’t really understand it. I never thought you could pick what you were able to do. I thought it was a set curriculum.” Ali’s comment represents a popular misconception – although IB has a set curriculum, it has some room for freedom. IB students must take one course in math, English, social studies, science, a second language, and an IB elective. There is also Theory of Knowledge, a course taken between lunches and gym classes at least twice a week that does not take up an actual block. Additionally, IBers still have one free block for any Morris Knolls elective, which some use for studio art, music classes, or visual

basic. Mr. Gambale, the Knolls’s IB Coordinator, acknowledges that some students prefer AP because it provides even more freedom of course selection, and freedom is a good thing. Of the IB courses taken, three must be higher level (HL) and three must be standard level (SL), which brings up another common misconception: HL courses are not more difficult than their corresponding SL courses. SL covers more material within the subject while HL covers slightly fewer subtopics in greater depth. Both classes receive ten extra points like AP courses. Since the arrival of the IB program at Morris Knolls, there have been debates among students and teachers alike about whether IB or AP is better. According to Mr. Gambale, AP and IB are not comparable because of their differences in how they look at knowledge, and IB students agree. As Mr. Gambale put it, “Knowledge isn’t broken into separate parts…[It] is collective,” which is why the IB diploma program requires students to take six diverse subjects and why it is considered more rigorous. On the other hand, AP classes are more fastpaced, and put a greater emphasis on the facts of a subject. Simply put, the IB program offers students a different perspective of understanding knowledge and another way of analyzing at questions among integrated subjects.

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Rachel’s Challenge Comes to MK judged based on their appearance, ethnicity, or by their first impressions. A volunteer from Rachel’s Challenge shared five challenges for every student at Morris Knolls, asking students to complete the challenges in order to create a positive environment for everyone in school. Students were then shown pictures and video clips of Rachel and her writings to emphasize the impact the challenge can have. The reaction to Rachel’s Challenge was very positive. “The presentation was extremely good and I learned that something as little as a compliment can make a person’s day” said junior Connor Manning. Freshman Lindsay Opsal said, “It [the presentation] was so inspiring. Rachel was truly an amazing person.” Cassidy Koeppel, a sophomore said it was, “very emotional and very helpful to change other kids’ opinions on how to judge others in and around school, personally I loved it,” The overall message of Rachel’s Challenge is that kindness and compassion can create a positive environment for everyone and words can affect others in a positive or negative fashion. (article includes interview information

Freddy Gutierrez, Sabrina Bogovic

Staff Writers

On Thursday October 21st, 2010, Rachel’s Challenge, an organization dedicated to showing others that kindness and compassion really can make a difference in someone’s life, visited MK. It started after the death of Rachel Joy Scott, the first victim in the Columbine shootings. On April 20th, 1999, two male students at Columbine High School decided to place bombs in the school’s cafeteria, but when they didn’t detinate, the students began shooting others in the school. The killing spree ended with the two boys taking their own lives. One of the victims killed was Rachel Joy Scott. Although this is tragic, good has come of the event through the birth of Rachel’s Challenge. Volunteers from Rachel’s Challenge travel all over the country to schools and businesses to show others Rachel’s message. When Rachel was in 11th grade, she wrote an essay entitled “My Ethics, My Code of Life” about how kindness and compassion are important aspects of everyday life. Rachel believed that people should not be

Photo courtesty of

gathered by Simmone Fayerman)

An Issue of Respect Rachel’s Challenge

Mackenzie Rowe Staff Writer

The night after Rachel’s Challenge, October 21st, Morris Knolls students and staff received a phone call from Mr. Cleffi. He informed students that a hit list was found, but authorities determined that it was a hoax. The school worked with the Denville Police Department. The department “deemed the threat not to be credible” said Mr. Cleffi on the recorded message. He assured parents that their children were safe, and even directly contacted the parents whose children were on the list.

“I think the hit list is an immature, pathetic attempt at humor,” says Taylor Hannan. Most people that I talked to shared similar feelings. “I think it’s messed up that the list was made the day of Rachel’s Challenge. To go out of your way to do something so hurtful when people came here to try to teach us a lesson is really disrespectful,” stated Taylor Freligh. “Things like this are the reason why organizations like Rachel’s Challenge have to exist. People should have paid more attention to the assembly,” said Dan Dawson passionately. Although the hit list was deemed a prank, Morris Knolls students are not laughing.

MK hands from Friends of Rachel Assembly Photo by Dan Dawson

s ’ p o C er n r o C

Officer Torkos SRO

Rachel’s Challenge will be coming to Morris Knolls. Who is Rachel? What’s her challenge? Rachel Scott was the first person killed at Columbine High School on April 20, 1999. Rachel’s acts of kindness and compassion coupled with contents of her six diaries have become the foundation for one of the most life-changing school program in America. An essay she wrote for a school assignment has become a cornerstone in thousand of schools as a positive, core value curriculum. Rachel produced five challenges through her journals and writings that ask us to make this world a better place. She encourages us to be kind and have compassion toward others. Rachel’s first challenge is “Look for the best in others and eliminate prejudice.” Resist the temptation to judge people the first or even the third time you meet them. It is easy to find the bad in people but it is far greater to find the good. The second challenge is “Dare to dream and set goals,” if we have dreams, then they can motivate us and inspire us to do

Officer Scott Torkos Photo by Ms. Schreiner

great things. Writing down our goals is like charting a course for success. Challenge three, “Choose positive influences,” input determines output. Surround yourself with positive influences, like books and music. Challenge four, “Kind words and actions,” will equal huge results. You don’t know how far a smile or a kind word will go. Finally, challenge five, “Start a chain reaction with family and friends,” have the courage to make your school, community, your world a better place to live. With a smile and hello to someone in the hallway, you might just start a chain reaction. To check out more, go on-line to Rachel’s Challenge .com. If you would like to join the Friends of Rachel club, contact me at storkos@denvillepolice. org or see me. Changing the world starts with you.

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To PDA (cont.)

Have a Green and Inexpensive Thanksgiving Allison Faccenda Staff Writer

Use recyclable products when possible. One easy way to do this is to buy boxed dry goods so that the cardboard can be recycled.

Jimmy Kelly when he says, “They [sh]ould get in trouble if they’re all over each other, but one little kiss” given to your significant other should never be reason for disciplinary action. While many of us think that PDA could potentially be a cause for getting in trouble, we still understand why people get upset for getting in trouble. “[People get upset when they get yelled at] because [they] can’t control their emotions, but [they] need to be appropriate with the relationship and know when it’s an acceptable time for such actions,” explains Elsa Ketchum, Senior. When asked about

Eat your leftovers! By eating leftovers, you save money to reduce your shopping bill. Not to mention, having to use your car for one less trip saves some gas Taylor Hannan emmissions from infecting the Staff Writer planet. Every eco-friendly action helps.

PDA in our school, Mr. Cleffi explained that administrators “want people liking and caring about each other” and they understand that “relationships are a normal part of teenage life”, but they “do not want students kissing in the hallways” because it “changes the atmosphere of the school,” so discussions about what is appropriate and what isn’t is, at times, necessary. Public displays of affection. They seem to pop up everywhere—especially in school hallways. But when is enough going to be enough? Next time you see your boyfriend or girlfriend or ANYBODY you want to kiss, please think about what you’re doing and keep it hallway-appropriate.

Style Savvy at MK

When decorating, name cards with cute illustrations and guest names on them will make everyone feel like they’re dining out. But use recycled paper! Decorate place settings with cloth napkins rolled and tied with raffia. Slide a cinnamon stick under the tie for a classic holiday scent. Make your own tea-light holders by using a melon scoop to scoop out stems of apples, then add a tea-light.

Photo courtesy of

The halls of Morris Knolls are swarmed with fashion-forward students representing every style. With the changing weather, one can find clothing varying from scarves and leggings to skirts and short sleeves. While some certainly dress to impress, others are all about the comfort. Jennifer Mele, freshman, displays the fall trends with her dark color scheme and punch of color. She dons a floral printed blouse with lace accents, black skinny jeans, and high black boots. For Breast Cancer Awareness month, she showed off her luscious locks by adding a pink streak. Representing the fashionable male underclassmen, Luke Heinbockel wears dark-rimmed glasses, a casual t-shirt, and a bright turquoise hoodie. “I think he’s going for the stylish intellect look,” says Dan Dawson, junior. Representing the moms-to-be, Mrs. VerStyle Photos by Taylor Hannan

Photo by Megan Young

Use glassware and silverware rather than paper plates and plastic utensils, which almost never get recycled. And when dessert time rolls around, use ceramic mugs instead of disposable cups for hot drinks.

tucci shows off her baby bump in fall maternity wear. She is wearing a simple yet sophisticated grey dress, maroon sweater, and black leggings, with the addition of a black scarf, doubling up as an accessory and piece for warmth. As for the male faculty, Mr. Esdale keeps it conservative in a monochromatic look. With a grey button-down and dress

pants, he finishes off the look with a muted blue tie. There’s no doubting that Morris Knolls students and faculty know how to dress. Look for our winter edition next issue. To see photos of The Quill’s fashionable teacher picks, visit our website:

The quill

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By Peter Chia and Mackenzie Rowe

Roving Reporter

“Advice for Freshmen from the Senior Class”

Justin Bush On School Involvement

“Join a sport- you might make some friends along the way too”

Blake Meza On School Involvement “Get involved in a few clubs and stay in them for all four years. Also, go to as many sporting events and school events as possible. They are a great way to meet new people and hang out with friends.”

Courtney Dickerson On Friendships

“Don’t lie or do something you will regret to ruin one. Always cherish your true friends”

Alex Ullrich On Friendships

“Not everything requires drama, just surround yourself with people you have fun with”

Marla Hesselink On Friendships

“Don’t get too caught up in everyone else’s drama.”


Boys X- Country Girls X- Country

Justin Gonzalez Staff Writer

After the County Championship race that took place on October 30th, the Boys Cross Country record is 4-3. Captain Neil Patel and the team have worked many hours every day after school to improve their skills. These athletes of Morris Knolls run through pain and extreme weather conditions striving for perfection. Before the County Championship Meet, Patel explained, “Counties are something I am still uncertain about because of power teams like Randolph, Morris Hills, and Mendham, but based on the kinds of times our team ran today [October 19], I think we definitely have a shot close

to the top as long as we work hard for the next two weeks and stay at the top of our game. If we can reduce the number of injuries present on the team, I know for a fact that we could be contending for a high spot, if not the top spot. As for sectionals, I think if we can hold it together as a team for one final week, we can definitely pull out top five place and move on to the Group Championship Meet. I think our chances of advancing to Groups is much higher this year because of our balanced team and if we do make it, it would be the first time we did so in over four years. I really think if we mentally stay focused we definitely have a chance at making it there in November.” The Morris Knolls Boys Cross Country Team placed 11th in the county.

MK Boys Cross Country Team Photo by Mrs. Thalman

Behind the Bird

Brian Cheung Editor-in-chief

At the football games, she is in charge of inspiring the crowd to erupt with school spirit. Like a conductor of a symphony, she leads the spectators through lively dances and shuffles. The Quill sat down with the Portuguese exchange student that is behind the mascot: Maria Lopes Cardoso. Q: What do you love most about being the mascot for Morris Knolls and school spirit? A: Well at first I didn’t know much about football, so it was a little difficult. But I loved being inside of the costume, where I could do embarrassing things without anybody seeing me! At the games, it was always good when the band was there. In fact, I hated it when they weren’t there because it would get so boring! I also love hanging out and having fun with the cheerleaders.

Q: What is the most difficult thing about being in a costume? A: It is very difficult to run, because the footwear is larger than my feet are. When the cheerleaders run from one place to another, I always find myself trying to catch up. It is also hard to decide what to dress in under the costume, since it gets so hot at times. Q: How did you end up becoming the mascot? A: It happened last August, when I arrived in America. My host sister with the family I am staying with is a cheerleader with the Rockaway Rockets. The two coaches, Melissa Clelland and Jenna Mellott, were some of the first people I met that went to Morris Knolls. I told them that I was interested in joining something at school, but that I am not very athletic. They suggested the position of mascot, and I immediately said yes! Q: So what are your plans now that the cheerleading season is winding down? A: Joining winter track and ski club!

Pricilla Ortiz Contributing Writer

On October 19, the Girls Cross Country team competed for the Conference Champions seat and walked away with an undefeated season. They fought against Randolph, another previously undefeated team, and Roxbury. Runner Liz Hutnikoff said, “If we beat Randolph, Roxbury will take care of itself.” During the first lap of the course, runners Alyssa Brindle and Julia Strother ran behind Randolph’s second runner, but ended up beating her on the second lap of the course.

Runners Shannon Dolan, Kassandra Ortiz, Priscilla Ortiz, Brianna Reggiani, and Emily Bentivenga, followed behind. Other runners like Lauren Carlson, Elizabeth Hutnikoff , Heather LaVallee, Sadie Polilio, Daniele Ray, Rachel Schweon, and Abby Voelkner secured the win against Randolph and Roxbury. Almost every girl on the team ran her personal best. The win against Randolph and Roxbury on the 19th gave the Girls Cross Country team and Coach Feehan a major championship win. This meet makes Coach Feehan the coach with the most championship wins at Morris Knolls.

Knolls Volleyball

Jamie Chapman Contributing Writer

On October 13, 2010 the girl’s varsity volleyball team beat Morris Hills High School. They defeated the well-known rivals in two games out of the possible three. The score of the first game was 25-8, and the second 25-10. The Golden Eagles got into a rhythm after senior Meghan Martinsen ended the match with 14 serves total, including a stretch where she served 12 times in a row. In addition, Senior Keri Bongo followed

in Martinsen’s footsteps with five straight-forward serves and concluded the match with eight serves total. Sophomore Andrea Bush stepped up to the plate and drove five aces for Knolls. However, the servers were not the only two contributing factors to this big triumph. Bongo also had four kills to help the Eagles strive to their victory. Sophomore Andrea Bush slammed five kills into Knight territory putting the Eagles up immensely. Junior Alexis Sejas added three kills to put Knolls in the winning position.

MK’s TV Cheer

Jess Buznitsky Staff Writer

On October 15th, 22 MK varsity cheerleaders visited the News 12 television station in Elizabeth, NJ. The team was the first to arrive on the new studio set. “It was great considering the last time I was there during my sophomore year, we were literally cheering on a six by six square of concrete,” claims captain Melissa Clelland. The girls got to take pictures in the news chairs, pose in front of the cameras, and talk to newscasters. After a quick bit of practice, they sat down behind the cameras to watch the show. “It was kind of cool to see the anchors getting ready to go on TV and to see the whole process of

filming a news show,” says Clelland. During commercial breaks the girls got to chat with anchors Bryan Jenkins and Bryan Denovellis. According to Melissa, “one of the guys even asked us what to get his daughter for her birthday. It was really funny.” When it was their turn to get in front of the cameras, the girls did a total of eight cheers, starting off with a crowd favorite, the MK Rumble. The sports anchor explained that he especially liked the Golden Eagle worn by senior Maria Cardoso. The broadcast ended with a thank you to “Coach Ronnie,” which the girls found a little strange, considering that the varsity coach’s name is Amy. Overall, the girls found the experience to be a great success, as well as a huge honor for the team.

By Peter Chia and Mackenzie Rowe

Roving Reporter

“Advice for freshmen from the senior class”

Erica Johnson On Classes

Nino Signorelli On Classes

“Take classes that you don’t know anything about. You might end up finding something that really interests you”

“Get your requirements done ASAP so that by Senior year if your goals change, you are free to take different electives.”

Brian Cheung On Classes

Megan Young On Classes

“Don’t take too many hard courses if you don’t think you’re ready for it.”

“Definitely take classes based on the teachers. Who is teaching the class can make or break your experience.”

Sara Conkin On Classes

“Give your best freshman and sophomore year. It still counts and you don’t want to regret it.”


U.S. Officials Should Allow The Building of a Mosque at Ground Zero Taylor Hannan Staff Writer Much debate has been stirred over the construction of the “GroundZero Islamic Center” in lower Manhattan, located a few blocks away from where the Twin Towers stood before being attacked by an Islamic terrorist group. For various reasons, mostly concerning sensitivity issues and overgeneralization of the Islamic religion, however, many oppose the construction. The United States is a country whose citizens pride themselves on freedoms, specifically that of religion; every person has the legal right to exercise religion freely, no matter what faith he or she may practice. Not only is this a highly valued virtue, but it is a constitutional right established by our government. Refusing the Islamic Center would undoubtedly be a case of discrimination, contradicting the First Amendment that the country prides itself so highly on. It is both hypocritical and unconstitutional to stop its construction. The opposition to the Islamic center also causes the United States to appear ignorant for believing that an

entire religion is responsible for the terrorist acts of one group. In every religion, there are radicals who may be hateful and violent towards specific sects of people. In the case of the Twin Towers, Al-Qaeda was the group who acted violently. Just because these people were Muslim, however, does not automatically make the entire Islamic religion responsible for the attack. By protesting the Islamic center, it appears that we are unaware of the separation between Al-Qaeda and the Islamic religion as a whole. The center is not there as a place of refuge for anti-American terrorists, but merely as a building for religious practices. By fighting an Islamic center, the country is seemingly surrendering to terrorism. Through the disregard of our constitutional rights, America shows weakness in that we are incapable of staying true to our laws merely because of a terrorist attack. This act of violence does not create an exception to our freedoms, nor does it represent the entire Islamic religion. By building this center, we are proving our strength, our ability to recover, and our understanding of the Islamic religion and its lack of affiliation with Al-Qaeda. The Islamic center has every right to exist.

Melissa Clelland Staff Writer Mayor Bloomburg of New York City has recently expressed his support for the right to construct a mosque near Ground Zero, a very sacred place since the attacks that took place on September 11, 2001. While the mosque is not being built exactly at the sight of Ground Zero, it is extremely close to it. An old Burlington Coat factory building at 45 Park Place, which is two blocks away from Ground Zero, is where the mosque is planned to be built. Many people believe that this mosque is very disrespectful to both those who perished in the attacks and those who risked their

lives to save others. U.S Democratic Senate Candidate, Jeff Greene of Florida, who believes the mosque is a terrible idea stated some strong reactions he had to President Obama’s speech on Friday August 13, 2010. “President Obama has this all wrong and I strongly oppose his support for building a mosque near Ground Zero especially since Islamic terrorists have bragged and celebrated destroying the Twin Towers and killing nearly 3,000 Americans. Freedom of religion might provide the right to build the mosque in the shadow of Ground Zero, but common sense and respect for those who lost their lives and loved ones gives sensible reason to build the mosque someplace else.” Knolls student Kristen Maday agrees with Greene, “I don’t think it should be there because of the incidents that occurred. It just hits too close to home. It’s almost like they’re marking their territory.” While some may think the mosque at Ground Zero is a way to spare further tensions between the Muslim religion and Americans, in the eyes of most it will be dishonoring the memory of the people the attacks involved.

Photo courtesty of

Interactive Textbooks: A New Trend?

Alin Bojkovik Contributing Writer

Imagine walking into a classroom: all students are in their seats, the teacher is writing on the board. students are told to open their textbooks to page 116, they pull out thin slabs and put them on their desks – iPads. These remarkable devices can do everything from storing books to researching on the internet. Many believe iPads and other tablets are the future of education. They have the ability to replace textbooks, newspapers and

notepads. Notes can be taken right on the iPad. Homework can also be written down onto the device’s calendar. Very often students complain that they have to carry too much. The iPad only weighs 1.5 pounds and even if a student programs 10 textbooks in it, it will still weigh 1.5 pounds. The most useful part of textbooks on the iPad is interactivity. Within uploaded textbooks, students do practice problems, take practice quizzes, or watch review videos. Current studies are examining whether interactive textbooks will help students get higher grades. Although individual iPads

come with a hefty price tag, starting at $499, they could be cheaper in the long run. Textbooks cost about $100 each, but when one is bought for the iPad, the file can be shared between devices. Instead of buying a whole new set of traditional textbooks every couple of years, the interactive textbooks can be updated as soon as an update comes out without replacing the device. This also saves paper. In a poll of 20 students at MK, 15 would want iPads, but of those 15, six wanted them for the wrong reasons – games, social networking, and “coolness”. The rest understood the educational value and knew the de-

vices would literally take a lot of stress off their backs. 18 students felt they would help raise their grades. The five who didn’t want to make the change felt that looking and physically feeling paper in front of them was better than staring at a digital screen all day. Richard Nguyen-Le even stated, “The iPad would bring books to life in a way no other book can.” It hasn’t been considered at this time, so no matter what path MK and other NJ schools choose to take, there won’t be a change for a while. But who knows? By then, there could be another device which could blow the iPad and other tablets away.

By Peter Chia and Mackenzie Rowe

Roving Reporter

“Advice for freshmen from the senior class”

Eric Schmitt On SATs

“Be sure to plan ahead. Know the registration dates and sign up as soon as possible to get a seat in a local testing site.”

Matt Maisonet On Actions

“Don’t do anything you’ll regret, ‘cause you might have to wait ten years to fix that mistake.”

Gerri Weinberger On Relationships

“Don’t get too serious with them.”

Zach Heinbokel On Relationships

“Don’t get attached, because most high school realtionships don’t last too long.”

Conor McCloskey On Athletics

“ Remember an extra gym shirt so you don’t get smelly!”


The Fall Play Through an Actor’s Eyes Cindy Ji Staff Writer

(Cindy Ji), are contrasted with an interpreter (Victoria Prasad). The interpreter is a figment of the characters’ imaginations and the magical ele This year’s fall production ment of the play. Her exaggerated included two one-act plays: “Aratranslations of their dibian Nights” by David Ives and alogue add a humor“The Real Inspector Hound” ous perspective to by Tom Stoppard. Both plays the romance that feature elements of Theater unfolds between of the Absurd, an outgrowth them. The interof the post-modernist literpreter’s zany comary movement. This genre ments become includes non-chronologNorman’s own as ical time sequence, he confesses his love magical realism, for Flora. Although he and plays within originally enters Flora’s plays. These elesouvenir shop to buy a souvements can ponir, he leaves with her love. tentially confuse During rehearsals, the cast the audience but experimented with timing, an can still convey element that Ives often feacomedy. “It can tures in his plays. Because be appreciated the interpreter was imagion a comedic level, nary, Norman and Flora had and, if you’re interto create realistic actions ested, can also be to fill in the gaps when she appreciated on a spoke. Cast members were deeper, abstract also fascinated with the level,” says Ms. props, including Liana Glew & Owen Dachisen Mazur, the direcan exotic robe as Cynthia Muldoon and Simon tor of the fall play. for the inter In “Arapreter, an albino bian Nights”, two bland characters, frog, and a duster that turned into a Norman (Bryan Richards) and Flora rose!

“The Real Inspector Hound”, on the other hand, contained a less straightforward plot, featuring a play within a play. It openes with two theater critics, Birdboot (Theo Lowrey) and Moon (Thomas Schreck), expressing differing desires and conflicts while interacting and watching a murder mystery together. Birdboot shows hypocrisy when he asserts that he would never cheat on his wife in the beginning of the play but falls in love with one of the actresses, Cynthia Muldoon (Liana Glew), by the end. Meanwhile, Moon fantasizes about the death of Higgs so he can take his place. However, they accidentally become involved in the play. Birdboot briefly wins Cynthia over, but shortly after is mysteriously killed. Moon discovers Puckeridge (Sean O’Neil), yet another critic, has murdered Higgs. Puckeridge kills Moon shortly after because he, like Moon, fantasizes about being with Cynthia. Puckeridge’s disguise

as Magnus Muldoon and Albert in the play also reunites him with Lady Muldoon, robbing Birdboot of his love fantasy as well. Actors in “The Real Inspector Hound” had an interesting experience developing their characters, from the intellectual Moon to the zany Ms. Drudge (Brooke Buonauro). Many actors used peculiar voices, such as Magnus Muldoon’s southern accent, Inspector Hound’s (Amit Gupta) Christian-Bale-esque voice, and Ms. Drudge’s emphysemic, smoker’s voice. A small cast can be conceived as a bad thing, but the actors were able to bond into one group and genuinely enjoy their experience together.

student attending Ojai High School she flies under the radar and feels somewhat anonymous among peers. However, her whip smart comments aren’t missed. Her high school experience begins with “Google Earth couldn’t find me even if I were dressed as a 10 foot building.” At this line, I knew I was in for a laugh. This all changes when she tells her best friend Rhiannon (Aly Michalka) a small lie. The lie itself was an excuse not to hang out all weekend with Rhiannon and her hippie parents, but it becomes about Olive’s feeling of inadequacy in comparison. Olive tells her she had a one-night stand with some “friend of a friend” college freshman. This happens in the girls’ bathroom and predictably, Marianne (Amanda Bynes), the school’s leader of a religious group, overhears the conversation. Even before the bell sounds for the end of class, Olive’s

“sexcapade” is all over school. All traces of anonymity have gone from her life as an unsuspecting high school girl. With the can of worms out and open, Olive tries to stop the situation, but there’s a part of her that likes the attention. The new reputation is suddenly set in stone when she helps a gay friend (Dan Byrd) try to show the school how “straight” he is by pretending to sleep with him at a high school party. The snowball effect takes over as Olive’s reputation morphs into her reality. Comparing it to Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter, Olive embraces her new reputation, embroidering her wardrobe (pretty much consisting of black and pink corsets) with red “A’s”. While her faux trysts have guys lining up for her “experience”, no one actually shows Olive the meaning of romance. Furthering her reputation gets her rewards like gift cards to the Gap and

T.J. Maxx and even twenty percent off a purchase at the Bath and Body Works, but soon, the infamy becomes too negative to live with. Easy A will eventually be described as Emma Stone’s debut into stardom. There was Alicia Silverstone in Cluless, just as there was Ellen Page in Juno. Emma’s look, wit, and deliverance make the movie an effortless must-see. Not only does she carry the role, but she has excellent chemistry with the supporting cast. The movie makes plenty of references to the brat pack movies of the 80’s that’ll have your parents laughing. Along with the teen jokes, it has a dry, witty script that appeals to all ages. The movie is a great teen flick that will be talked about as part of the coveted genre for years to come. Rating: B+

Cindy Ji & Bryan Richards as Flora and Norman

Easy A: Emma Stone’s Debut to Stardom Taylor Nulk Staff Writer

By Peter Chia and Mackenzie Rowe

Roving Reporter

Director: Will Gluck Writer: Bill Royal Starring: Emma Stone, Penn Badgley, Lisa Kudrow, Thomas Haden Church, Amanda Bynes, Stanley Tucci, Patricia Clarkson, Cam Gigandet, Alyson Michalka Easy A has proven to be one of the funniest comedies of the year. While nothing has been able to really capture the heart of adolescence like a teen comedy from John Hughes, who created movies that defined a decade (think Sixteen Candles, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, The Breakfast Club), Easy A stands with the few that have come close in more recent years: Juno, Mean Girls, Superbad, and Clueless. After making her debut in the 2007 hit Superbad, Emma Stone is Olive Penderghast. As a

“Advice for freshmen from...”

Caitlin Woods On College Searching

Taylor Hannan On College Searching

“Start with the general area “Look sooner rather than you want to go to school later.” in, then narrow it down by size. Make sure you take a tour.”

Liz Hutnikoff On Organization

“Use your assignment planner, otherwise you’ll forget half of your homework.”

FUN & GAMES Page 8 Leo: July 23- Aug. 21 You’ll be able to make others feel comfortable and enjoy themselves where it’s most necessary. Take pride in that gift Leo. If you’re longing for a relationship this may be your month. Familiar faces could come back into your life; unexpected feelings may develop into something serious.

Capricorn: Gemini: Scorpio: Dec. 23- Jan. 20 May 22- June 21 Oct. 24- Nov. 22 A piece of your past may come Expectations are high for your Don’t fall back into old habits this back to haunt you this month, success this month Gemini, but month Scorpio. Be sure to surbut not to worry, it will blow don’t burn yourself out yet. If round yourself with positive peoover quickly as long as you you’re struggling to keep your ple and make your own choices. refrain from dwelling on it. head above water by the end Your future will take a major turn Your uncertainty about a relaof the month, things will turn for the better. You’re bound to tionship will finally end. This around. Take some time out for stress out but don’t worry. In the month you will realize what is yourself; go for a leisurely walk long run you will be much happier. truly important to you, your or watch a movie. You deserve family being an example. Don’t it. hesitate to lend a helping hand to someone in need.

Aquarius: Jan. 21- Feb. 19 This month your creative side will shine through, don’t be intimidated by it, embrace it. Use caution when meeting new people, but don’t spend too much time alone. Splurge on a new pair of dancing shoes and have a fun night out, you deserve time for yourself.

Aries March 21- April 20 Relationships are a priority this month. Take time to do things with the ones you love whether you want to or not. You’ll learn to prioritize better over the next few months. Make sure you keep the lines of communication open. Your aggressive side and overbearing tendencies may shine through. Be sure to keep your temper in check when frustration

Libra: Sept. 24- Oct. 23 This month will be no time to be indecisive Libra; important personal decisions will need to be finalized before the New Year. Step up and take control, do not allow others to influence your decisions. Jump out of your shell and try something new. Who knows? You may discover a new hobby or a career path.


Fall Horoscopes

June 22- July 22 Branch out and do something out of the ordinary this month. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with your result. Along the way take time to make a small peace offering with a friend or a peer you have been bumping heads with. Doing so will be a big weight off your shoulders.

Taylor Freligh Staff Writer

Pisces: Feb. 20- March 20 Virgo: You’ll have a new found confidence occurs. Things will get better. Aug. 22- Sept. 23 this month Pisces; just don’t let it all Don’t hesitate to pick up a phone and go to your head. You’re financially staSagittarius: call a friend you may have lost touch Taurus: ble but your relationships, on the other Nov. 23- Dec. 22 with for advice. School work may cause April 21May 21 hand, are not. Focus a lot of energy on added stress this month be sure to use This month’s success rate is at an all-time high... New contacts will develop early in the month, working with others to get funding, but some may not be helpful. Your stress levels caution and common sense in all your take advantage of that. Make sure you don’t put negotiate settlements, or plan joint with your future could rise, but you are your decisions. Refrain from pushing your finances. Try to work as a team and be too much on your plate at once as you’re likely own worst enemy. Slow down your socializing family away this month as you may need to get overwhelmed. Personal relationships will willing to compromise. Follow through and focus on your work. A good night’s rest will them the most. with your travel plans you’ve been put- be passionate but time consuming. You can get make you feel like a completely new person. through it Taurus. The stars are aligned for you. ting on hold before it’s too late.

Quill Crossword!

DOWN: 2. Taylor Hannan says opposing the building of a mosque is a case of _________. 4. Captain of the Cross Country team 5. Who is the female editor of the Quill this year? 8. Best newspaper you’ve ever read! 9. The roof is not only being redone, but the school is adding… 14. This actress always gets Easy A’s. 15. Open during lunch and after school

ACROSS: 1. IB students miss gym every other Wednesday, for this course. 3. “...if it’s just holding hands and a _____ _____, it’s fine.” 6. Jennifer Mele supports breast cancer with a ____ ______. 7. Rachel’s Fifth Challenge: Start a _____ ____________ 10. May replace textbooks 11. Alex Ullrich explains, “Not everything requires _____ just surround yourself with people you have fun with.” 12. PDA stands for public display of ________. 13. Mr. MK 16. This Quill issue’s psychic 17. These girls were on TV!

MK Quill: Fall 2010  

The Fall 2010 issue of the Quill Publication

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