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Be Steady, It’s Starbucks Intro In a caffeine crazed world fueled by a massive variety of caffeinated beverages, Starbucks seems to stand out from the crowd through its exemplary fanbase consisting of people who are absolutely loyal to their one true source of caffeine. Although the reason for such dedication to the brand is varied, one common fact that accompanies Starbucks’s fans is the understanding that Starbucks coffee is worth every last drop, because the world class quality of Starbucks is unmatched elsewhere. Campaign Description Through the combination of different technologies which include the iphone Application system, Google Earth, Facebook, and Twitter, Starbucks will be able to produce a promotional “stunt” that will both reward its custumers for their loyalty, and promote their brand in new way.

Let’s get it started! “Be Steady” Application Starbucks fans will be able to log onto and download game application onto their iphone or ipod.

After the application is loaded, the player will be brought to a game screen and have to choose a difficulty setting. The players choice will affect two things. First, the difficulty chosen will designate how much the cup of coffee will be filled. In addition, it will also ultimately determine the size of the free cup of coffee players will receive upon winning.

Google Earth In sync with Google Earth, players will then be able to view and designate a specific Starbucks branch to start the GPS counter that will show how far they have traveled towards their destination. This is important because players must walk a distance of at least 100ft. in order to receive a voucher for their free coffee.


Therefore players have to be cautious in their walk because a little bit too much movement one way or the other will cause the coffee to spill resulting in the end of the game.

Now the fun begins! When players begin their walk towards their designated Starbucks, the iPhone’s built-in motion sensors will begin to activate. The motion sensors will make the cup shake and stir in accordance with your movements.

Upon successfully entering Starbucks and winning the game, an end screen will pop up containing a voucher for a free latte for the winner to redeem at the counter.

Facebook In addition, there’s also a twist. Players who travel the furthest length beyond 100ft. will compete with other players for the high score that will be portrayed through Starbucks’s fanpage on Facebook.

Twitter Through partnership with Twitter, user updates will also be in sync with the game, thus automatically uploading the players achievement for his or her friends to see.

Starbucks "Be Steady"  

2009 Future Lions winning campaign, “Starbucks Be Steady”, by Sungkwon Ha and Michael Jungho Oh of the School of Visual Arts, New York

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