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June 2009 - Issue 2

“A ministry for young adults & singles 18-39.” monthly

Whats going on?

Newsletter Sunday June 21st

Thursday Night Church

The Bridge at Berkeley Junction (beside Delmus Hardware) Starting Thursday, June 4th - 7:00pm

Well it’s that time....summer is officially here!! The Beach is calling my name and you know what that means. Sundays are going to be hard-pressed to make....or will they? Don’t worry, we’ve gotcha covered. How about Sunday morning on Thursday night. It sounds like a plan to me. The Bridge will start having their Thursday Night Service beginning June 4th at 7:00pm in the NEW LOCATION at Berkeley Junction. If your not familiar where that is, it’s right across from Delmus Hardware or your can check it out on Google© Maps for a detailed view. We can’t wait to see how awesome this new facility is. This service will run through August, so now you have no excuse to miss church.....haha!! Hope you are able to take advantage of this special time. We are so excited to see what God is going to do at this new location. If you are not currently involved in a ministry because of distance or location. The Bridge will be a great place to start. Located in the heart of Goldsboro, this new facility will offer so much more and will allow room for growth and further ministry. So now’s the time to get plugged in and use those gifts and talents God has given you. Or if you don’t know what your’s are this would be a great way to find out.

Prayer House Minstry The Bridge Every Friday, 9:00pm-11:00pm

This is a new ministry headed up by Katie Hattfield and other local college students. This time will be utilized to have corporate and unity prayer as well as a time for worship. I believe this ministry will be such an asset to those in need as well as a time to reflect and pray for all the social and economic situations that we are facing at the present time. Please feel free to come and be a part of this awesome ministry. After the summer is up and the students go back to college. We hope that God will raise someone up to keep this ministry going.

upcoming events

Family Fun Day in the Park

Family FUN Day!

Pine Level Park Sunday, June 7th - 5:00pm

This is a family event that WC does every year. We procure Pine Level Park and have food, music, games and tons of fun. Did I say, “Food”?? So come out and bring your family and friends for a day that you’ll be sure to remember. This will be a great time to mingle and meet some of the wonderful people that make WC and The Bridge such a wonderful place to be a part of. We even have softball, so I hope to see ya there!!

Food, Music, Games & Fun...Fun...Fun!!

4th Sunday Lunch

Chili’s-Goldsboro Sunday, June 28th - 12:30pm (after 2nd Service)

Please come and join use after second service at Chili’s in Goldsboro. If you were unable to join us last month this would be a great time to catch up on what’s been going on with friends. Since bible study has ended for the summer it’s hard to keep up with what everyone’s doing. So bring a friend and hang out with the gang and lets enjoy some great food.

upcoming events (contd) SonFest

Carowinds-Charlotte, NC Sat., June 13th-6:00am

This is gonna be the concert of the summer.....maybe even of the year. You gotta check this out! The line up includes Toby Mac, Third Day, Hawk Nelson, Fire Flight, Brandon Heath, Remedy Drive and guest speaker Matt Pitt. All ticket money is in and we have somewhere around 26 people attending. Man what a crowd. I know we will have a great time. Because we will be in the sun all day, it would be a good idea to bring sunblock. I am so looking forward to this. Only three more weeks...YEH!! We will leave sometime around 6:00am that Saturday morning, so make sure you get plenty of rest, because it’s going to be a long day. We can’t wait to see everyone, this is going to be an AWESOME time!

Vacation Bible School Whitley Church-Princeton, NC Sun., June 14th-Wed., June 17th’s time to have some fun—you know you want to! Vacation Bible School is just over a month away and we need your help. You wanted an excuse to let that inner youth run wild, so here it is. This is a very important event in spending time with our children. Come out to the Whitley Church campus and volunteer to bless our “little people”. Being a blessing to them will in turn be a bigger blessing to you. Please Sign up at the WC Info Desk or online at www.vbs.

article of the month “One Single Day” by Elisabeth Adams -, March ‘09

I want to be married. I can’t help it: I’ve heard the low voices of my grandparents, praying together every night before they went to sleep. I’ve seen my mother laughing hysterically, just because my dad doesn’t get her jokes and his almost-hidden, teasing smile in response. I experienced wonder and excitement when my four youngest siblings were born, and have helped them learn to walk, to read, and to enjoy God’s creation. Yes, my foremothers started young, but at my age, my grandmother had been married for eight years. At my age, my mother had four little girls. I’m old enough to be married, and I want to be married to the glory of God. Shouldn’t that have happened by now? At first I ask, How do I change this? Then, as resignation sets in, I wonder, How do I survive singleness? In particularly painful moments, I want to know more: Why should I be contented? Why should I stay the course? Does God see me? Does He even care? Turns out I’ve been asking the wrong questions.......

Click here to read more.

resources Click on the any of the links below for more great articles and info on how to live your single lifestyle. If would like to add a resource please contact Matt at the email below.

• Singles Adult Ministries • The Singles Network • Boundless Webzine If anyone knows of any good books or references for living a Christian life, please check out and list your favorite books or magazines. You can link it through Facebook© without having to sign up for a new account. Just click on the Facebook© link in the top right corner. What...FEE in concert...are you kidding me?!?! How did this happen? Thanks to Youth Pastor J-Rod, FEE will in fact be performing LIVE at WC Friday, July 10th at 7:00pm. Tickets are limited and are on sale now for only $12. You can get yours at the ticket table located in the WC foyer. You’d better hurry if you want to catch this phenomenal group.

Contact Info: Kelly Head: 919-738-6497 or Michael Rowe: 919-920-4280 or Matt Kornegay: 919-396-3228 or

June '09 Newsletter - Issue 2  

This is the Driven ministry's June '09 newsletter.

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