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CHILE AUSTRALIA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE 36th Edition - 2018, Santiago de Chile.


Sebastián Jaramillo, Co-Founder Fromozz. “Decentralisation: the way to ensure development” AUSTRALIA – CHILE

COALAR Australia – Latin America Young Entrepreneur Award REPORT

Auscham Day 2017 1


EVENTS 06 CURRENT New Year in Sydney, an

08 INTERVIEW Sebastián Jaramillo

Co-Founder Fromozz Decentralisation: the way to ensure development

unforgettable experience!


REPORT Auscham Day 2017

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AUSTRALIA – CHILE COALAR Australia – Latin America Young Entrepreneur Award

EDITORIAL Dear Members and Friends, As 2017 comes to an end, we are pleased to report that it has been a particularly interesting year for Auscham, due to the successful events organized by our various committees. These included the talk on “Electromobility: Future Uses of the Electricity System”, organized by the Auscham Energy committee with the participation of Claudio Seebach, Vice President of the Association of Electricity Generation Companies, Diego Lizana, Executive Director of the Chilean Agency for Energy Efficiency and Gianni Lopez, Director of Centro Mario Molino. Also notable was the alliance formed with the European and Canadian Chambers in order to carry out joint high-profile activities and events. The first fruit of this alliance was an excellent and well attended event in September focusing on the economic programmes of each of the Presidential candidates.

the first time at the Prince of Wales Country Club and was well enjoyed by all. This next year will be one of important challenges for Auscham. Our principal focus will be to improve, develop and increase the commercial relationships and contact networks of our members with companies in Australia and the Australian community in Chile. We plan to achieve this through various channels including networking activities, business briefings and bilateral meetings. We very much hope for your continuing valuable support and participation in all of these activities. I wish you all the very best for the festive season and look forward to seeing you in 2018!

Very best wishes to you all I would also like to highlight the participation and collaboration of our members and friends at Paulina Martínez Gili our traditional Auscham Day on 9 November. General Manager The event, which is designed to bring together Auscham. members and friends for a fun day of sport, networking and camaraderie, took place for 3

The Directors of the Australian Chilean Chamber of Commerce would like to send warmest greetings for the festive season to all members and to confirm their commitment to the sustained growth of the Chamber, so that it can provide more and better services to all of those who give it their generous and permanent support.

Jorge Delpiano I wish you all my very best wishes for this Christmas, and may 2018 be full of success for our great Auscham community.

Ricardo Vasquez Season’s greetings to all members! On behalf of everyone at the Chamber, we wish you and your loved ones a safe and happy holiday season and a prosperous 2018.


John Byrne I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year with your dear ones. We as Auscham’s Board hope to continue working to facilitate your business in Chile during 2018. Ignacio Gaueca May all that we learnt in 2017 allow us to grow together with Auscham during 2018, bringing success to you, your family and collaborators. Very best wishes to everyone. René Aguilar May Auscham and its members have a very Merry Christmas! May the new year bring new ventures, especially across the Pacific.

Carlos Ruiz I wish a very Happy Christmas to all our members. I hope you enjoy the festive season together with your loved ones, and may you all have a very good 2008. With warmest good wishes. José Antonio Valdés Very best wishes to everyone and may the spirit of Christmas fill us with happiness. May the new year bring many satisfactions to you all.

Klaus Becker May Christmas and the new year fill us with lasting inspiration to reach all our projects and feel fulfilled




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Individual Members Manfredo Manfredi Ricardo Vasquez Matias Allendes


Experience the Progress.

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Liebherr Chile S.p.A Av. Nueva Tajamar 555, Piso 18, Torre Costanera Las Condes, Santiago – Chile Phone Office: +56 2 25801499 E-mail:



New Year in Sydney, an unforgettable experience! We have started the countdown to the welcoming in of 2018, and in the magic city of Sydney they certainly know how to celebrate this! What’s more, people from all over the world watch this celebration, as Australia is one of the first countries in the world to celebrate the arrival of the new year. And it’s definitely done in style with a fabulous spectacle of fireworks in After its terrific fireworks display, Sydney is Sydney Bay. transformed into one huge party, with numerous The approximately 70 viewpoints over the spots showing off the intense nightlife impressive Port of Sydney are filled with more so characteristic of this beautiful city. If you than a million spectators for the fireworks are not able to attend the spectacle in person, display. It’s worth noting, however, that they we invite you to enjoy it live on the website: don’t just come to watch the fireworks. During If you the day they can enjoy a wide range of activities enter now, you will see that the countdown that usher out the old year. These include has already started for people from all over the impressive street shows, a demonstration of world who will be able to see the incredible water cannons from fire rescue service boats New Year celebration live from wherever they that set off the sunset with additional colour, may be. tributes to Australia’s aboriginal communities and many other activities that brighten up the wait for the year-end celebration.

Happy 2018!



Visa Work and Holiday 2018 The Work and Holiday Maker program allows increased to 2000 places which was filled by end young adults (18 to 30) from Chile and other of September 2017. Since the commencement of eligible countries to work in Australia while the program in 2006, more than 10,000 visas have having an extended holiday. been granted from Santiago. The program is currently closed for new applications, however This visa program is proving increasingly popular the new program for financial year 2018-19 will with young Chileans. Last year the Department commence on 1 July 2018. of Immigration filled the 1,500 places available by Please check the immigration website: November 2016. This year, the program cap was for full details.


INTERVIEW Today it is more difficult than ever to imagine economic development without foreign trade. There is no longer a place for the utopia of economies closed to the world and acting independently of what is happening in other countries. It is no longer possible to organise an economy without heeding the dictates of large companies and investment funds. SebastiĂĄn Jaramillo Co-Founder Fromozz

of commerce. Today we live in an unstable ¿What is Fromozz? It is a global platform that brings together producers environment where we are dependent on a few and buyers from all over the world. players. This means that the world has to progress by diversifying its exports and imports, not by dealing Most global trade is led by only a few large with a only few actors, but by taking advantage companies, but we are focused on helping of contact networks in order to reach numerous m e d i u m - s i z e d producers to diversify and potential partners. increase their exports. Over our platform we make available to them the buyers that most Many countries are able to progress very quickly by need them, as well as the cutting-edge technology having good production capacity. However, they needed for developing their exports. In this way, have poor export capacity, due to little knowledge we are helping to decentralise global trade. of the world’s emerging markets. This is a barrier for them. Fromozz provides a global economic and political solution for achieving decentralisation and avoiding What is the value you are giving to buyers and dependence on single economies. A political producers? situation have a significant effect on the development Both get value. On the one hand, producers are


INTERVIEW able to present their products to the world through a high-level technological tool that decentralises and increases their exports, levelling out the playing field to give the benefits of globalisation to those who most need it.

imports and exports using leading-edge technology. Of all global commerce, today’s exports and imports are concentrated principally in just 5% of countries. For example, countries such as Indonesia with 255 million inhabitants, food scarcities and increasing purchasing power, will need to buy from the giants that are already exporting. Even more significant examples are countries such as Uganda, Ethiopia and Vietnam that are growing but without any tools to bring them into the world trade arena. We are offering them the tool they need.

On the other hand, medium-sized buyers get access to B2B with a B2C interface that makes available to them an endless number of products from all over the world through an automated system. This allows them to see all the information they need in an orderly fashion, it lets them communicate easily, and as a result they can be assured that they are getting to the actual supplier and not an intermediary. They are able to negotiate across It seems quite ambitious that a group of Chileans, the platform and obtain all they need for from a relatively small and distant country, are decision-making with the best range of information. thinking on such a global scale. How do you manage to expand your global network rapidly? Through our new system Fromozz INTRA, we work hand-in-hand with the “Pro Countries” where we develop, implement and maintain their personalised web portal within Fromozz. Each “Pro Country” facilitates communication and negotiation of their actors both for exports and imports. Therefore each country, through its state agency, is able to provide the value added to its producers and buyers. They are therefore able to focus more on diversification and increasing their sales, which is the principal focus of Fromozz. How interesting. What is the importance of Fromozz in today’s global market? Fromozz will become an important player in global trade and will help each supplier and buyer to reach more diverse and distant countries. If our global economy does not provide new alternatives, very soon the actors will need to diversify. If they do not have the necessary tools to do this, it will lead to a significant crisis. Fromozz is anticipating this situation and offers a new alternative for

Yes, that’s the idea. We have to ensure that each supplier is known on a global level and therefore we have to think big. Furthermore, is not just trade problems that exist in the world, but numerous others. We believe that Fromozz can help. If exports increase from continents such as Africa, there will be more employment and we will be helping to bring people out of poverty. What better than having great things coming from a country as small as Chile!

WORLD LAUNCH “We are a global company with a launch that will be made in stages. The steps to expansion will have to be fast. In just four months we already have a presence in more than 52 countries and we believe that in the near future we will be present in a hundred” the founder of Fromozz told us.





Commemoration of Australia Day

AUSCHAM IN AUSTRALIA engagement from a number of different branches. T he Co unc il o n Australia L atin A m er i c a Harris Gomez Relations (COALAR) has had a very busy year, Auscham Australian with a number of successful projects completed aimed at strengthening the corporate relationship President between LatAm and Australia. Since its opening in October 2016, the Victoria Government Trade and As 2017 comes to an end and we look forward Investment office in Santiago has had a fantastic to the New Year, I thought that this would present first year and has opened up a lot of exciting a great opportunity to reflect over some of the export opportunities for Victorian businesses. developments that we have seen over the past year. Australia and Chile have experienced very On our own side of things, over the year we have productive respective years, with our two countries’ been working closely with a number of different strong bilateral relationship continuing to flourish organisations in order to bring new and exciting in new and different ways. opportunities to our members. We have come together with groups such as ProChile, ALABC, It has certainly been a busy time on both sides COALAR, as well as the global network of of the Pacific, with both countries being able to Chilean Chambers of Commerce in order to assist overcome the uncertainty that has defined the our members to increase their presence in Chile, year for a number of other economies. In particular, I to make some useful contacts and to meet some have noticed that more and more Chilean companies interesting people along the way. are beginning to understand the potential that exists in the Australian market, and I have assisted Looking ahead to 2018, with Sebastian Piùera set with many enquiries from interested businesses to assume the presidency for another term in and individuals who are looking to the Australian March following a resounding win in the December market and seeing the favourable business elections, we expect that business opportunities prospects that present themselves here for a and engagement will only continue to increase. number of different industries. I personally look forward to be able to assist our members in taking up these exciting opportunities, The Australian government itself is well aware of as well as reaching out to new members to the heightened interest from Chile, which has continue to promote the benefits that working been evidenced by an ever-increasing level of between Chile and Australia can present. 12

Australia from point to point: Always at the top of the rankings in world tourism


Various rankings from experts highlight the attractions of Australia and list it as a destination not to miss in 2018. We add a few more, so that a visit to Australia is not just a visit but an experience. What else can you do in NSW? Almost anything, but not to be missed is a trip to Bondi Beach to enjoy the golden sands or surf its legendary waves. If you like contrasts, why not include a trip to see the sublime beauty of the Blue Mountains. The scenery at this World Heritage site will take your breath away, and it can be complemented with good food, charming towns and excellent places to stay, all only 90 minutes away fro m Sydney. In s umma r y, 10 0 % Sydney with its iconic opera house was chosen reco mmended. by National Geographic magazine as one of the 21 places that you have to visit during 2018; it Another area to visit if you like eating well is Hunter ranked in fourth position as one of the favourites. Valley. Here you will find the oldest vineyards in It was once again distinguished as the city that all Australia and, without a doubt, some of the best travel lovers should visit. And if you do go, you wines in the world. You can do a wine tour, enjoy should also take the opportunity to soak up the quality restaurants and marvel at the stunning best of New South Wales (NSW). From Western Australia to New South Wales, from Queensland to Tasmania, Australia offers the perfect holiday for any type of traveller. Whether you go to learn about culture in other latitudes, the people, the art and the cooking, whether you prefer to feel the sun on your skin at a beautiful beach, or whether you like adventures in amazing wild habitats, Australia is the place to do all of that and more.


REPORT scenery. The best thing about this is that it is only two hours from the city. To the east… If we go in the direction of the hand of the clock to the east, our next destination is Victoria, with its vineyards, thermal springs, coastal towns and mountainous villages. The perfect route is the Great Ocean Road along the coast. Start from the cultural capital of Australia, Melbourne, with its gastronomic and film festivals, art exhibitions and mega musical productions. A real luxury. From here, keep going to reach the emblematic surfing sanctuaries of Torquay and Bells Beach, and then take a rest at the holiday paradise of Lorne. You will doubtless be speechless when you see the majestic Twelve Apostles rocks in the middle of the ocean, part of the Port Campbell National Park. Don’t miss the many other spectacular sights to enjoy during the drive. Across the sea opposite Victoria is the captivating island of Tasmania. Recognised as a World Heritage site by UNESCO, its protected areas include a chain of six national parks, special reserves and conservation areas, coastlines, islands, rivers, mountains, valleys and remote plateaus of botanical grass, all of indescribable beauty. The natural charm of your surroundings, as well as the fascinating


places to visit and historic villages, will leave you breathless. On to the south… The port of entry to South Australia could not have a better presentation card: Adelaide, one of the world’s wine capitals. It also has stunning food and is a centre for artistic, commercial and cultural activities. From the dynamism of the city you can get into the wildness of nature in blink of an eye. This is the typical contrast to be found in South Australia. If you take the ferry and step out in Penneshaw on Kangaroo Island, you will have

REPORT left the stresses of the modern world behind you and you will not want to return! Now the west On the west side of the continent is one of the biggest states in the whole world, Western Australia, which brings together history, culture, a wonderful climate, flora and fauna. Home to the oldest civilisations of our planet, this region is world famous for its beaches—where the surf is king—and for its diversity of its sea fauna and flora. Ningaloo Reef can only be defined as a paradise.

It sounds, and really is, truly incredible! Heading north When you arrive in the Northern Territory (NT), your biggest problem will be to decide what to see and do, as the diversity is amazing. National Parks in Uluru, contact with ancestral cultures in Darwin, camel rides in Alice Springs, and a dip with enormous crocodiles are some of the offerings of the Northern Territory.

Whether you prefer to take a walk, enjoy the beach or go out in a sailing boat, Darwin and it The heart of Western Australia is Perth and its surroundings are perfect places to rest and relax. surroundings. This city can be summed up as The sunsets are a unique spectacle – and all for offering the best beaches on the continent, an free! attractive night-life, parks, good shopping, open-air eating and many, many sea adventures. Australia has a heart and this is in Uluru. Without a doubt its biggest attraction is the Ayers Rock natural monument, but there are many more: kings Canyon, Kata Tjuta, transparent skies, an


REPORT incredible silence and a real experience of luxury in the open air. Going back east At the end of our trip around the clock, we find ourselves in Queensland. Here the Great Barrier Reef, the largest coral reef in the world, paradise islands, beautiful beaches and of course Brisbane, are more than can be imagined. Sunny and full of activity, Brisbane is an active, cosmopolitan but relaxed city, without complications and where fun is guaranteed. You cannot visit Brisbane and stay indoors. To have a great time you should get out into the open air, for dinner, for a drink, or simply to appreciate the beautiful postcard scenery on offer. Sun and surf is what you will find on the beautiful Gold Coast, with its skyscrapers overlooking the sea. It is a place made to have fun – and you can’t miss it! If you need a shot of adrenaline, you shouldn’t miss the Theme Parks, including Dreamworld, Disney World, Movie World, Wet’n Wild Gold Coast and the Australian Sea World. The most difficult problem with your holiday in Australia will be trying to decide which route to take so that you don’t miss anything in this tremendous country that is really a continent. The worst that could happen is that you will need to come back to see more of its amazing sights.

Australia is waiting for you. Have you packed your suitcase?




The Board of Directors of our Chamber participated in a breakfast organised by 3IE Institute, the business incubator of Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, for its mentor network.


The talk “Natural Resources and Environment”, organised by Auscham and CSIRO Chile had a very good turnout. Participating in the event was the speaker Mr Warwick McDonald, Land and Water Research Director, CSIRO Australia.





The Auscham Innovation and Technology Committee organised the talk “Innovations and Challenges in Marketing Today”, at the offices of Carey and Cía, with the participation of Claudio Duce, Director of Marketing and Communications, Duoc UC, Eduardo Troncoso, Marketing Manager, LG and Rodrigo Labbe, Marketing Manager, DIRECTV.




Fleischmann Group invited the Australian Ambassador, Mr Robert Fergusson, to a networking lunch with the participation of the Shannon Powell, Australian Senior Trade Commissioner, Andean Latin America, and Paulina Martínez, General Manager of Auscham.



Auscham, through its Sustainability Committee, together with Carey y Cía, organised the talk “the Extended Product Responsibility Law” to present the legal principles and progress of the Bill.





Auscham, through its Technology Committee, together with Wide Group and Analytic 10, organised a successful breakfast which gave a detailed briefing on Advanced Analytics and the opportunities this presents. Distinguished expert speakers explained how this topic has developed and presented its new technological tools.




More than 120 friends of the Australian Embassy and members of Auscham participated in the third successful version of the 2017 Australian Business Network. Also present were an important number of ex-alumni from Australian Universities. The guest of honour was former Chilean President Mr Eduardo Frei Ruiz-Tagle. The Australian Ambassador, Mr Robert Fergusson highlighted the ever closer relationship between Australia and Chile. He explained that that this has been sustained by the growing cooperation between institutions in both countries, the fruitful educational interchange, and the opportunities for cooperation in the mining area. He added that the five non-stop weekly flights connecting Chile with Australia have been fundamental to the development of new business and tourism between the twp countries. Ex-President Eduardo Ruiz-Tagle also mentioned the solid relationship between Chilean and Australia, emphasizing the fact that, for Chile, Australia is a great ally and bridge to the Asia Pacific region. He stressed that there are significant challenges and opportunities in the growing Asian market, where Chile already concentrates more than 50% of its foreign trade.


ENCOUNTER 16 November The General Manager of Auscham, Paulina Martínez, held a meeting with Mr Juan Pablo Meyer, Manager and Representative of Integrated Global Partner (IGPartner), during which the decision was taken to incorporate this important company as an associate of Auscham. 21 November Following a meeting between Auscham and the company Sofftek, its General Manager Fabián Bosquiazzo, decided that the company would become a new member of the Chamber. 22 November A encounter was held for all entities representing Australia in Chile in order to set up a work agenda for 2018. 24 November A lunch meeting with Alice Queen from the Australian Embassy was held to discuss actions to be taken for actively incorporating alumni from Australian universities in order to work more closely with them. 30 November Auscham met with Mr Arnoldo Juleff, Commercial Manager of the Mining Division of Liebherr, to thank him for the commitment and support given to the Chamber during 2017. Mr Juleff took advantage of the occasion to express the company’s intention to continue supporting Auscham initiatives during 2018. 5 December Mr Kenneth Maclean, President of the Human Resources Committee, offered a breakfast meeting at the offices of Lagos Maclean Abogados to discuss new projects for the Committee during 2018. One of the principal topics was the change in the main objective and name of the Committee to “Human Resources” (from “Education”), with the view that education would be dealt with from this perspective. Also discussed was the Internship Program for Australian students at Auscham member companies in Chile. Other topics included how to deal with the company-worker relationship, taking as examples AMSA, Pacific Hydro, Komatsu and Laguna Resources, where an Employee Value Proposition (EVP) has been created. It was also agreed that a further matter to be analysed during 2018 was the change that has taken place in organisational structures and how to adapt efficiently to this.



Auscham Day 2017 The sixth version of Auscham Day brought together Chamber members and friends on 9 November to share a day of Golf and Tennis, and then to enjoy a dinner where prizes for the outstanding Auscham company and business person of the year were awarded. The event was inaugurated in 2011 around the already traditional golf tournament which was being held every year. Thanks to the enthusiasm and collaboration of Auscham members, a decision was made to extend the tournament to include a Tennis Championship and a dinner to pay tribu-

te to the collaboration of members and friends during the year. Each version of this event has had innovations, one of which was the option for members to invite their own clients. In this way, Auscham Day has become an interesting platform for each of our associates to increase their network and find varied business opportunities. This important Auscham activity took place for the first time this year at the Prince of Wales Country Club and was enjoyed by the many members and friends who attended.










1- Winners First Net: Hotel Kennedy Team: Carlos Castellón, Patricio Cruz, Marcelo Cibie B. and Alejandro Hughes.

3- Winners First Gross: Redcol Team: Francisco Briones, Pedro Mingo, Benjamín Morandé and Cristián Olivos.

2- Winners Second Net: Pacific Hydro Team: Josefina Cobo, José Antonio Valdés, Nigel Baker and Patricio Correa.

4- Winners Second Gross: Agencia de Aduanas RFP Team: receiving the award Juan Cristóbal Alcalde and Patricio Fuenzalida.

REPORT The Chilean Australian Chamber of Commerce, Auscham, is especially grateful to its sponsors for their tremendous commitment to and collaboration with Auscham Day 2017.

Special Awards QANTAS, represented by its Commercial Manager for South America Klaus Becker, awarded an air ticket to Australia to the following winners: 1- Best Approach - Patricio Fuenzalida and Straight Right Marcelo Cibie B.

INMOBILIARIA INDESA made special awards to:

Josefina Cobo as the only lady participating in the championship.

Cesar MarĂ­n who at 83 years old was the oldest player in the championship.





Special Awards VANTAZ Chile Consultores S.A., represented by Owner-Director Mauro Mezzano, made the following special awards:




1- The “Hawk-Eye” Prize Cristian González: for being the player who was closed to guessing how many balls were in the goldfish bowl. 2- The “Everything Given on Court” Prize Alfredo Zañartu from Pacific Hydro: for his efforts in the semi-finals where he got injured, but only after having given everything he had.


3- The “Teamwork” Prize Francisco Fernández and Gabriel Arancibia: for the Fair Play they demonstrated throughout the championship. 4- The “Nicolás Massú” Prize Verónica Muñoz: for both her support with the organisation of the championship and her participation on court.




3 First Place: Andrés Chirwing and Julio Maiers Second Place: Héctor Sepúlveda and Cristian González Third Place: Laura Zúñiga and Ruben Bertin


Auscham Business Person of the Year 2017 went to Jorge Fleischmann R. from GRUPO FLEISCHMANN. The award was given in the name of the Chamber by the President of Auscham Klaus Becker and Vice President José Antonio Valdés.

Auscham Company of the Year 2017 was awarded to LIEBHERR CHILE S.A, represented by Arnoldo Juleff, Product Manager Mining Trucks. This important recognition was given in the name of the Chamber by Australian Ambassador to Chile Robert Fergusson and the President of Auscham Klaus Becker.



Why should we look forward to hearING from someone? (Shouldn’t we look forward to HEAR from someone?) Ending an email with “I look forward to hearING from you” is very effective because it reminds your correspondent that you are expecting a reply, but it is also a very polite and standard closing remark.

verb, it will in fact be part of the infinitive. We say: “I need to go”, “she decided to stay”, “he wants to come” etc. It is just the three phrases mentioned above, plus a few more, where “to” is a preposition and must be followed by a gerund. So, these just need to be learnt.

Why do we writing “hearING”, which is a gerund (ends with “ing”) and not “hear” in this phrase? At Writing Solutions we look forward to hearING We are used to seeING (another gerund) the from you if there are any other particular points word “to” as part of the infinitive form of a verb you would like us to cover in our Quick Tips blog! (“to hear” and “to see”). For more Quick Tips and information about A little known rule in English is that when a intensive writing and presentations skills preposition is followed by a verb, this must be workshops in English, please visit our website. a gerund (ending with “ing”). This is obvious in the sentence: “After eatING, I went to bed”. It certainly wouldn’t sound correct to say: “After to eat, I went to bed”. We say eatING here because “after” is a preposition, so the following verb has to be a gerund (with the “ing” ending). There are just a few phrases in English where the final “to” is actually a preposition and not part of the infinitive. Some common examples are: - Look forward to (hearING from you) - To be used to (seeING something) - To object to (gettING up early). So, for these phrases, just as in the example “after eating..”, the verb following the preposition (“to” in this case) has to end in “ing”. Most of the time when you see “to” before a



COALAR Australia – Latin America Young Entrepreneur Award The Council on Australia Latin America Relation’s mission is to enhance Australia’s economic, political and social relations with Latin America. Great strides have been made towards this end. In recent years, there has been a deepening of the commercial, environmental, academic and cultural relationship. Australian Governments have followed the lead of Australian business by increasing our bilateral and multilateral engagement with Latin America, including through ministerial visits and collaboration in international forums such as APEC, the G20, and the OECD. However, there is still considerable work to do to raise awareness in Australian and Latin American about the rapid growth and potential of our relationship.

The Award aims to inspire those with existing business and commercial links to expand their operations, and those who are establishing links to further business/commercial activities. The Australia - Latin America Young Entrepreneur Award consists of two annual awards – one to a young Australian and one to a young Latin American entrepreneur. The awards comprise a cash prize of $5,000 each plus travel and accommodation expenses to a location in Australia to receive their award and have their entrepreneurial achievement profiled. Opportunities will also be provided for networking and linkages to support expansion of their enterprise/activity.

The Australian Technology Network is sponsoring the $5,000 cash prize for each of the successful The COALAR Board established the Young candidates. Air New Zealand will provide a return Entrepreneur Award to provide an incentive flight to Australia for the Latin American Young for young, creative and motivated entrepreneu- Entrepreneur. rs to deepen Australia Latin America relations.


AUSTRALIA - CHILE Purpose Australia’s relationship with Latin America continues to grow. Historic numbers of Latin American and Australian tourists and students cross the Pacific each year. Some of Australia’s and Latin America’s best-known companies have established themselves on both continents, principally in extractive industries, agribusiness and services, but with a growing presence in other sectors. Commercial, environmental, academic and cultural opportunities beyond our regions are also emerging as Australian and Latin American businesses cooperate to meet the demand of the broader Indo-Pacific region. Our Governments increasingly meet and coalesce in international forums such as APEC, the G20, the OECD and through Australia’s commencement of FTA negotiations with Peru and the Pacific Alliance (Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru). As the Australia-Latin America relationship has grown, so too has the number of young, creative and motivated entrepreneurs taking advantage of the opportunities it creates. The Awards are intended to encourage these entrepreneurs, recognise their business/commercial achievements publicly and their links between Australia and Latin America. Eligibility To be eligible, entrepreneurs must: • demonstrate they have built or contributed to building an organisation that enriches the relationship between Latin America and Australia; • be Australian or Latin American (please note: priority will be given to Australian and Latin American nationals but consideration will also be given to applicants who can demonstrate strong and significant personal or cultural connection to either place); • be under the age of 40; • be endorsed by two of their peers (i.e. work colleagues or associates who can endorse the


applicants’ claims); • consent to the collection, use and disclosure of their personal information in so far as it pertains to the award for promotion and publicity purposes.

The Council on Australia Latin America Relations (COALAR) is pleased to announce the opening of the 2018 award for two young entrepreneurs whose efforts have contributed to building Australia-Latin America relations. Two awards will be given – one to a young Australian and one to a young Latin American entrepreneur. With the support of the generous sponsorship of the Australian Technology Network and Air New Zealand, the awards consists of a cash prize of $5 ,000 for each selected entrepreneur plus travel and accommodation expenses to a location in Australia to receive their award and have their entrepreneurial achievement profiled. Opportunities will also be provided for networking and linkages to support expansion of their enterprise/activity.

AUSTRALIA - CHILE Application To apply, applicants must submit an application form in Smartygrants. This must include: • A one to two page pitch, comprising a supporting statement outlining the products you have created or the services you have delivered that improve the lives of Australians and Latin Americans or that add to our shared cultural, economic, environmental, technological or academic prosperity. Your one to two page pitch is a chance to tell the COALAR Board why you are the right person for the award. The Board wants to know why you should be the Young Entrepreneur awardee, what your business/organisation has achieved, and what you can offer in support of Australia—Latin American relations. In a nutshell, why should the board pick you? You have a word limit to complete your pitch (two page maximum, 12 point font, single spaced) • Current Curriculum Vitae (no more than three pages) • Signed letters of nomination from two peers. Applicants should submit their completed applications using the online application form in SmartyGrants

Selection The COALAR Secretariat will consider applications and select a short-list of candidates. These will be presented to a Selection Committee comprised of COALAR Board Members and Young Entrepreneur Award sponsors for consideration and awardee selection. All applicants will be advised by SmartyGrants email of the outcome of their application once the board has completed selection. Applicants must provide consent to the use and disclosure of their personal information in so far as it pertains to the award for promotion and publicity purposes. The timing of the travel and the location for conferral of the successful Awardees will be subject to negotiation with the Awardees and the Young Entrepreneur Award Sponsors.

Applications will open as of midday Australian Eastern Standard Time Monday 13 November and must be received by midday Australian Eastern Daylight Saving Time on the closing date, Friday 16 February 2018.



Verรณnica Rioseco General Manager Kangaroo Chileans are getting ever more knowledgeable and clearer about where they want to travel, whether this be for pleasure or to study. This means that we have to be two steps ahead of the market, providing information about new tendencies and exotic destinations. How did Kangaroo Tours start? Kangaroo was started in Brazil 25 years ago by an Australian who then became my partner. After a few years we decided to start up in Chile to promote Australia as an attraction not only for tourism but also as a place to study.

and we also represent prestigious institutes and universities in Australia, New Zealand and other English-speaking countries.

We know that your company has two areas: Kangaroo Tours and Kangaroo Education. What is the value-added element of your services in both of these areas? What is the business model? We are a wholesale operator providing services First of all, with years of experience we have to travel agencies. We specialise in distant had the opportunity to continually improve our serdestinations, particularly when they are exotic, vices. Furthermore, we know our destinations


INTERVIEW very well and all of us have travelled to them Does Kangaroo Education have any program to all. Finally, we take our work very seriously and provide guidance and assistance to students? offer a totally professional service. Yes, we guide students and share our knowledge with them at no cost to themselves. We offer full With regard to Kangaroo Tours. Do you think assistance whether this be in choosing a course that the industry has changed a lot over the last or in making applications, obtaining visas or few years, and if so, how are you facing the new getting travel insurance. challenges? Yes, the industry has changed greatly as our What was the market like during 2017? clients seek less known and ever more exotic Every year more and more people want and dare destinations. This has forced us to stay up-to-date to travel to exotic distant locations with different with the new tendencies, and remain two steps and interesting cultures. There is also an increasing ahead of the market offering new and interesting demand for studying English and post-graduate itineraries in places such as Uzbekistan, Iran, degrees in Australia and New Zealand. Since Island and any other destinations that become these are in the same hemisphere as Chile, attractive. students do not miss out on their summer, but can enjoy the beaches and other modern attractions What are the more distant destinations preferred on offer in these countries. by Chileans? Australia, New Zealand, Africa and Asia, including Another important factor in the increased interest India and Central Asia. are the direct flights between Chilean and Australia that have allowed ties between both Every more attractive in both Chile and South America countries to become ever closer, also providing are the opportunities for studying abroad. What an important bridge to Asia. segment are the services of Kangaroo Education focused on? What are the projections like for Kangaroo in We focus mainly on students seeking to improve 2018? their education with postgraduate studies such We think that the number of Chileans travelling as Master’s degrees and PhD’s. We also offer to these ever more popular destinations will services to students wishing to improve their continue to increase. We plan to position English or undertake other studies. ourselves as experts with a wide knowledge of the product and so be able to offer the best guidance. What do you think is the reason for the significant In this way we will be able to ensure good interest among young people in studying in results and exceed travellers’ expectations. Australia? We want to maintain a permanent relationship Definitely one of the main reasons is the quality with our clients so that they remember us every of education offered today in Australia, as validated time they organise their holidays or studies in by important rankings, where at least one university the destinations which Kangaroo knows best. is in the Top Ten. Moreover, anyone who wants to study abroad also looks for a better lifestyle, a gateway to a wider world and new opportunities.



Guerrero Olivos and the Corporate Reorganisation of CGE The Merger of Electricity Distributors The third stage in the corporate reorganisation process of CGE has just been completed. In 2016 the majority shareholder, the Spanish company Gas Natural Fenosa S.A., announced its plan to simplify the corporate structure and separate the business units. The objective was to improve corporate governance policies in the group companies, including CGE, and to optimise and increase the efficiency of the processes by creating an integrated organisation.

the Board about the advisability of the merger.

The law firm Guerrero Olivos has been in charge of the whole process and most recently its mission has been to provide consultancy for the merger of three companies with CGE. These are the electricity distribution companies CGE Distribución, CONAFE and EMELAT.

Lawyers to CGE from Guerrero Olivos were: - Roberto Guerrero V. and Jorge Delpiano, partners, both of whom work in the areas of corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, banking and financial law, and capital markets. - Tomás Kubick, associate and member of the corporate, mergers and acquisitions and antitrust groups. - Josefina Hübner, associate and member of the corporate, and mergers and acquisitions groups. - Tomás Montes, member of the corporate, and mergers and acquisitions groups.

Shareholder meetings of EMELAT, CGE Distribución, CONAFE and CGE were carried out on 28, 29 and 30 November respectively and were duly informed to the Chilean Superintence of Securities and Insurance, as well as to the market. The relevance of this consultancy relates to the fact that the merger: (i) includes distribution companies from three Chilean regions: the Metropolitan region, Valparaíso and Atacama, (ii) will allow CGE to obtain synergies for more than USD 100 million, (iii) will grant dissident shareholders from the merged companies the right to withdraw, and (iv) will need to strictly follow respective Chilean regulations since this is an operation between related parties, including a revision by an independent assessors and the publication of the opinions of the members of


This whole process was performed with a very high degree of organisation since it was carried out in just two working days. Within this very strict timeframe, it was possible to successfully complete the four mergers including the respective shareholder meetings and compliance with the requirement to inform authorities and the market within the periods established by law.


Liebherr receives Auscham Company of the Year 2017 award Liebherr Chile SpA was awarded the important Company of the Year 2017 Auscham prize during the annual dinner that finalised the successful Auscham Day 2017 held at the Prince of Wales Country Club in November. This recognition reflects the company’s impressive track record in Chile, its outstanding innovation and technology, its important Social Corporate Responsibility endeavours, its firm commitment to the development of Chile, and its continuing support for Auscham activities

During 2017 Liebherr Chile SpA participated as an active member of Auscham, supporting a c t i v i t i e s such as the Australian Business Networking events, allowing the generation of important development networks and an interesting exchange of experiences for the company. This significant recognition highlights the many successes of the company, its favourable projections, and its continuing commitment to Auscham.



Restructuring of the Education Committee as the Human Resources Committee 1. Change of the purpose of the Committee to 5. At the recent Committee meeting guidelines Human Resources, whereby education will be were drawn up for an activity to be discussed dealt with from this perspective. and organised as follows: 2. During 2018, the following topics will be developed: a) How to face the worker – company relationship in terms of personal life and communications. Where are the limits? b) How have organisational structures changed? c) Millennials and previous generations – two worlds that must collaborate and understand each other. Attraction and retention of talent. EVP (Employee Value Proposition) and how this has been created by large companies and the benefits it has brought. Revision of the experience in Australia in this matter.

• Topic: Migration in Chile – from a sociological and legal viewpoint. The content to be mainly practical with a view to providing solutions to participants. • Format: Probably to be presented as a workshop, with a brief introductory presentation and then a question and answer session led by moderators. • Audience: Auscham members, aimed specifically at the Human Resources area that has to deal with the problems arising from the current legislation and where there is a lack of detailed knowledge on the topic.

3. Internship Program. The contents and characteristics of the program were made known at the recent • Date: During March 2018. Committee meeting. The companies will revise their requirements and options for receiving interns. With this information a proposal will be made to the Australian universities who will send students. Discussions will be held to close the Auscham partial scholarship program. 4. Briefings on the following topics to be evaluated • Support for WIM from SMI ICE (Sustainable Minerals Institute, International Centre of Excellence) Chile (March). • Time management and double presence (April-May).


Latin American Market Entry Accelerator Program

Latin American Market Entry Accelerator Program

The Australia Latin America Market Entry Accelerator Program will build the innovation partnership and capital flows between Australia and its Latin American trading partners. In particular, the initial focus of the Program is proposed to be with Chile and there are opportunities to expand that out to other Latin American nations in time. The Program is a practical way to build knowledge and connections that will enable future trading and investment opportunities to develop. This Program will focus on high-tech industries and opportunities and serve to diversify both the economic activities within both countries and the trading relationship between them. The Program is based on the proven model in Australia to drive commercialisation of innovative technology companies through sourcing, mentoring, profiling and providing local and international introductions to investors, partners and customers. Award Categories The Program is open to technology companies that have market potential in Latin America in the following industries: AGRITECH MINING


Company Eligibility A company entering the Program will need to comply with the following eligibility criteria: • A technology-focussed Australian registered company with a product or service solution applicable to one of the eligible Technology Categories of Mining, Agriculture, Energy or Water. • The company owns or has exclusive beneficial rights to the key Intellectual Property that provides the technology solution. • It is an SME with less than 200 employees.

Company Commitment • Companies entering the Program will commit to the following should they be shortlisted as a Finalist: • Attend all mentoring and pre-trip briefings. • Prepare and submit its ‘International Market Entry Plan’ on schedule. • Participate in the trade mission to Santiago in April 2018 including covering all of their own flights and accommodation costs. • Participate in future Program Alumni activities where possible and provide guidance and assistance to Finalists in future years.

Company Benefits • Australia companies entering the Program will have access to extensive mentoring and connections in both Chile and Australia. For a company looking to expand into global markets, this program will provide a roadmap of how to succeed, connections to fund, partner and buy the solutions, profiling to key industry participants and ongoing support as a member of the Program Alumni. • Expected outcomes for companies include: • Accelerated time to market; • Robust Business Model and Strategic Plan for new market entry; • International operations; and k d h

Shortlisted Finalists in each category will be announced in early February. Each Finalist will win a place on the mentoring and accelerator program and will join the trade mission to Santiago in April 2018. More Information: John O’Brien

The Australia Latin America Market Entry Accelerator Program’ is supported by the Australian Government through the Council on Australia Latin America Relations (COALAR) of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.



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