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Voice of RMVRWA October - December 2012

HELLO RESIDENTS! The Editorial team is happy to present the second issue of Harmony for the year !! As you know, the Annual General Meeting of RMVRWA took place on 2 nd September 2012 in the beautiful backdrop of the Rectangular Park. About 49 participated in the proceedings with great enthusiasm. Dr. Jagadeesh Belur, Mrs. Sarah Samuel and Mr. Deepak Shah were unanimously re-elected as President, Vice-President and Secretary respectively. Mrs. Supriya Singh was elected Treasurer and a new Executive Committee of twelve members was elected. We wish all the office bearers success in the discharge of their responsibilities. Garbage handling has put Bangalore in the news recently, within India and abroad. BBMP is battling the problems through different approaches, but a final, sustainable strategy (which does not depend on landfills) is yet to emerge. When one sees the uncleared garbage in different parts of Bangalore, the garbage-free contrast that our neighbourhood presents is indeed striking. This has been possible because of the effort of SHOWS which places emphasis on the segregation of wet and dry wastes in a manner that permits composting and recovery for recycling. What our area sends out to landfills, after the wet waste and recyclable dry waste is taken out, is only a fraction of the total waste generated. We request all RMVRWA residents to ensure segregation of wet and dry wastes in different bins before handing the waste to SHOWS staff - if your support staff (such as domestic help or cook) handles waste, please educate them on how to segregate. Our neighborhood is your neighborhood and we hope every resident will contribute in maintaining and improving the beautiful ambiance we are privileged to live in. Harmony has become a newsletter carrying articles/opinions from the few regular contributors! We would love to get contributions from all our members, age no bar. Short articles on the professions or interests of our residents with topics ranging from health matters, engineering, safety, travel, creative writing etc. which will lead to mutual enhancement of knowledge are welcome. We invite the youngsters in our colony too, to tell us about their scholastic or sporting or other extracurricular achievements. It's time to say goodbye to 2012 . We wish all of you a very happy 2013. ~ S.M. Subba Rao ( ~ Supriya Singh ( ~ Renuka Konchady (

ANNOUNCEMENT The RMVRWA Cultural Committee presents "Suhaani Shaam" on January 27, 2013. Babloo   Mukherhjee and   Group  will perform Bollywood, Kannada and other foot­tapping songs in   the lovely setting of the Rectangular Park from 7:00pm to 10:00pm.  Tickets   for   Rs.   500/­,   inclusive   of   dinner,   will   be   on   sale   from   January   5,   2013.  Entry   for   children under 10 is free.


Dear Members of the RMVRWA, New Year wishes from the Executive Committee. Another year has gone by.... Thank God we are residents of RMV Colony!! Why?.... Our area is nice and clean, while most neighbourhoods have heaps of garbage lying in their street corners. We thank SHOWS and its dedicated staff and Committee members for the prompt and efficient waste management. Our Resident Welfare Association has promised all necessary support to SHOWS. We have a request to all residents who host late night parties. Please be considerate of your neighbours. Loud music and noise is very disturbing especially after 10 p.m. Please be a good neighbour and move your party indoors. Let us make our colony a caring one too! But dear Resident, we need your support more than ever to strengthen the Association by becoming a member and paying the AMC (Annual Maintenance Contribution). Be involved. Be supportive and caring. This neighbourhood belongs to you.


RMVRWA reaches out to all the residents...... Together we have achieved a green and clean environment. A gentle reminder regarding assistance in maintaining cleanliness of our colony Continue the good work of segregating wet and dry waste. It makes it easier for the hardworking staff to process the waste. Please save water. Use buckets instead of hose pipes to wash your cars. Guide your dogs to the trees along the roads to relieve themselves. Neatly stack the garden cuttings on the sidewalks of your house for easy pickup. Pickup will be on Friday only. Large loads are chargeable. Pay the “annual maintenance charge�. This helps us support our dedicated and hard working staff every month through the year. A BIG thanks to all of you for being caring and sensitive. It makes our corner of RMV a beautiful and peaceful place to live in.

~ Cleanliness Committee

Fun times are here again.... Come enjoy "Suhaani Shaam", a musical night, on January 27, 2013 with

Babloo Mukherjee and group Bring out your dancing shoes, ready to jive to the retro tunes of Bollywood! A sit-down dinner in the lovely environs of the Rectangular Park is planned. The timings for the event is 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm. Tickets @ Rs.500.00 will be sold January 5, 2013 onwards. Entry for children under 10 is free. For more details contact: Geetha Ramaswamy @ 9731441677, Supriya Singh @ 9845236658, Renuka Konchady @ 9880005832

Residents are encouraged to come forward and join the Cultural Committee. It is a great way to get to know your fellow residents, hone your organisational skills, have a venue for your creativity and just have fun!!!

~ Cultural Committee


ALL ABOUT "SHOWS" Your daily garbage pickup is handled by an NGO called SHOWS (Scientific Handling Of Waste Society). SHOWS shows the way to handle household waste by segregating, recycling and composting. Our History SHOWS began as a citizen initiative, spearheaded by Mrs. Shalini Shenoi, to handle the growing piles of uncleared household garbage in this neighbourhood in 1996. A former resident, Dr. Balasubramaniam, is the scientific brain behind the composting process adopted at SHOWS. The BDA and then BMP supported the initiative and in 2001 provided a site, at 1st Main Road and 3rd Cross, to carry out the composting and segregation work. Now, BBMP and RMVRWA provide financial support to run the operations. Current Status Our locality, which includes Dollars Colony, Gokul Layout and Ashwathnagar Extension, **generates an average of about 615 kgs of garbage everyday! **compostable food waste collected daily is approximately 283kgs **waste sent out daily to the landfill is 58 kgs (mixed, sanitary waste, cloth and broken glass) and 158 kgs (road sweepings, garden waste and tender coconuts) approximately. **the rest is recycled, which accounts for almost 65%. On last count, 90% households are segregating their waste. The positive effects of the segregation done by your households ------ amount of clean paper and plastic waste being recovered has increased. ------ workers are getting a better value for the clean bottles collected. ------ waste sent to the landfill has decreased. All of us at SHOWS thank these households for taking the extra effort. A word of advice to all residents.... Wet waste means food waste only. We find milk packets, masala sachets, candy wrappers, plastic wrappers, plastic straws, tablet covers, batteries in the wet waste containers. It is very time consuming and difficult to pick out the contaminants from 283 kgs of wet kitchen waste! Batteries can contaminate the compost generated. Please hand over broken glass/needles in a separate packet to avoid injury to the SHOWS worker. Please put the sanitary napkins, diapers, condoms and medical waste in a separate packet as it is unhygienic for the SHOWS worker to handle it. Efforts are on to reduce the composting time. SHOWS is working towards procuring --A chopper as small pieces of food waste decompose faster. --Activated charcoal for absorption of odour from the composting stacks SHOWS is having labour issues and has only two workers since the beginning of December 2012. All efforts are being made to resolve the situation. We request all households to bear with the occasional “No Pickup� days. Email notifications are sent out to residents. Please contact Renuka Konchady@9880005832 or Supriya Singh@9845236658 to be added to the mailing list. **Data based on November 2012 collection at SHOWS


ADOPT ONE STREET DOG ONLY!!! We have noticed that the number of stray, homeless, sick dogs in our colony has gone up again. The Cleanliness Committee has received requests from residents to help ease their pain and reduce the menace. In January we plan to address this problem by taking the help of the organizations which deal with stray animals. However, we have a request for the residents. If there is a stray dog who is your favourite, who you feel has a right to continue living on our streets, whom you are feeding and caring for regularly - please identify the dog to Mr. Prabhu, our Manager. Please put a collar on the dog and ensure that he has all the essential vaccinations. As we have learnt, it is essential to keep a few stray dogs on every street. So if you care for a dog please stand by him!

How to become part of the RMVRWA •

Enroll as a member of the RWA by paying a one time membership fee of Rupees 5,000/-.

Pay the annual maintenance contribution as per the chart below.

Site Size


up to 2400 sq. ft.

Rupees 2,000/-

2401 sq. ft. - 4000 sq. ft.

Rupees 3,500/-

4001 sq. ft. - 6000 sq. ft.

Rupees 5,000/-

6000 sq. ft. And above

Rupees 7,500/-

The AMC helps support the staff, maintain the roadside greenery, maintain the parks, handle the residents garden waste, support the SWM operations.

Volunteer in any of the committees. It is a great way to meet other residents.


My Merida Astride my black shiny Merida, Bicycling away in my own little space, Carefree and happy past the parked Honda, Daring the slow tuk-tuk to a road race. Envious as I glide past, Full of zip, Galloping down headed east, Hercules and Hero watch and gossip. Imports love to show off, Just wait till we catch up, Knowing I ignore and scoff, Laggards can never makeup. Muddy potholes bother me not, Ne'er fell nor stumbled, Overtaking the lumbering buses puffing soot, Pushing onwards as they tottered. Quick as a cricket, Riding on fully inflated tires, Soaring over the hills with helmet, Tracing an arc that inspires. Uphills bear no dread, Vicious winds slow me not, With nerves of steel I lead, X-treme biking is what I root, Yes with pace and grace, Zen-like, I am at peace. ~ Manu Konchady


The many facets of MIGRAINE ~ Dr. P.V. Rai Migraine is a common form of severe headache, occurring in a fairly large percentage of the population. Two-thirds of migraine occur in women, the onset being early in life, about 25% beginning during the first decade, and 50% by 20 years of age. On the whole, more than 90% begins before the age of 40 years. A family history of migraine is present in many cases. The headache is severe, usually one sided and throbbing in quality. It may be associated with such symptoms as visual aura, nausea, vomiting and difficulty to bear light and sound. Untreated headache may last several hours up to a day, making the person incapable of daily work. There are several kinds of migraine, from simple classical form with symptoms mentioned above up to very complicated types which may need proper neurological diagnosis. The frequency of pain attacks can be irregular, sometimes every few months up to once a week. The precipitating factors are certain foods such as chocolate, cheese, sausage, meat etc. The other factors are fasting, emotion, menses, drugs (birth control pills), bright lights and loud music. The headache begins in many people with an visual aura, which they recognize, one sided throbbing headache and nausea followed by vomiting. Sometimes the headache can begin at the back region of head, or around the eyes and front side of the head. The Neurological Associations world over have identified various forms of migraines. Some of these are called common migraine, classic migraine, occipital migraine, opthalmic migraine, migraine accompany, basilaris migraine; depending upon the symptoms and severity of occurrence. One special form is called Cluster Headache, which can occur intermittently or continuously over several days making the person very sick. These complicated forms of migraine need expert diagnosis and treatment. The simple forms on the other hand can be managed with change of lifestyle and drugs. The trigger factors can be generally identified with foods and situations which are responsible for the occurrence of headache. They must then be avoided or prevented with simple drugs for example before menstruation. However self treatment must be avoided as there is always the risk of addiction to drugs particularly to pain killers. Once the actual treatment is known, regular visits to physicians is generally not required. In people who get only occasional migraine ie. only every few months, a suitable painkiller drug immediately on beginning of symptoms is sufficient to ward off the pain, sometimes an anti-vomiting drug would be useful. In people with frequent attacks say every week a preventive drug may be necessary. In complicated cases the new line drugs called TRIPTAN may be needed during the headache, which if taken early is very effective. If in spite of all this migraine becomes a real problem, a thorough neurological examination may be needed to rule out any underlying cause.



~ Shali Chandna

Today YOGA is a household word and everybody has experienced Yoga either directly or indirectly. We have done it, watched it on T.V. or read books about it. We all know the many benefits of yoga. Just 50 years ago the story was different. Then not many people knew much about yoga although it has existed in India since time immemorial. In fact it is said that Lord Shiva is the founder of Yoga and his wife, Goddess Parvati was his first disciple. In the early 60's Swami Satyanandaji Saraswati's Guru, Swami Shivanandji of Hardwar, told him to spread Yoga from shore to shore. Following his Guru's command Swami Satyanandaji set up the BIHAR SCHOOL OF YOGA (BSY) with its base in a tiny hillock in Munger, Bihar. Satyananda Yoga has now spread across the globe, gaining universal recognition as an unparalleled scientific method of Yoga, integrating the human personality and improving the quality of life. 2013 is the Golden Jubilee Year of Bihar School of Yoga. It is being celebrated in a most unique manner. Sanyasins from the Ashram are traveling across the country, from state to state, door to door, aiming to cover every village, town and city, bringing the message of yoga to all of us. With the Guru's Grace I have visited the Ashram in Bihar several times and have had some of the best experiences of my life. Now I am thrilled that the BSY is coming to us! To top it all -

a 3 day Shivir is being organized in our own park! on 21st, 22nd and 23rd of January 2013 from 7:30a.m. to 9:30a.m.

Ladies, Gents, Older Children - All are welcome! The Shivir is open for you, your family and friends. You will get an opportunity to learn and revise Asanas, Pranayams, Mudras & Bandhas in a congenial atmosphere. Important DO's• Please arrive punctually by 7:15a.m. • Wear loose, comfortable, cotton clothes. • Bring a blanket or yoga mat and a small cushion if you need it. • Durries will be organized for the floor. • Chairs will be available for any members who are unable to sit on the ground but want to participate in the Pranayams etc. There will be no charge for attending the Shivir, but I am sure that the sanyasins will happily accept our voluntary donations. To enable us to make proper and sufficient arrangements, if you plan to come, please put your name and phone number in the list that is being maintained at the RMVRWA Office with Mr. Prabhu. Ideally all attendees should sign in by 15th January 2013. In the unlikely event of rain, Mrs. Fiona Karle has very kindly offered us the use of her basement (House No. 101, 7th Cross) but then space will only be available for the first 35 signatories. If you have any queries please contact me by phone at 98453-88205 or by email at A Shivir is also being organized for advanced yoga students (from any school of yoga) at the PEBBLE BAY CLUB HOUSE - on the same days as above ie. 21 st, 22nd and 23rd January from 3:00p.m. to 5:00p.m. All students who feel they will benefit are welcome to attend. You would need to fill in your name at the list being maintained at the RMVRWA Office. I hope many of you will take advantage of this golden opportunity.

FOR YOUR BODY AND SOUL RANDOM RUMINATIONS ~ Leela Krishnaswamy For nearly eight decades, I have watched the characters on the world stage play out their roles. Even as I do this, some childhood memories come flooding in. The most enduring of these belong to my father. Every month, as he signed my report card in my schooling years, he would make a remark. If I stood second in my class, he would say " So, you have one place to catch up with." Or " That's a figure you can better" alluding to my total score, if I stood first. "Compete with yourself." he seemed to say. He, subtly then, sowed the seeds for a healthy way of thinking. In my quest for excellence, I do not draw on others; a lesson that stays with me today. This then brings me to the question I have been asking myself. “Where is the line when self esteem declines into ego?� Self esteem or self worth is born out of a confidence that we can set ourselves a task and execute it to the best of our potential without extraneous pressure or bidding. Thankfully, each one of us is born with it and our childhood innocence nurtures it. It engenders enormous pride in ourselves, which in itself, is a precursor to harmonious living. Self esteem is eminently desirable, nay, necessary, in that there is no interpersonal maneuvering . All our achievements are our own to declare. We are not looking outside of ourselves for self worth and self definition. Ego, on the other hand, allows us to give away our power to forces that are not in our control. We, willy-nilly, become victims to someone else's diktat. When we let outside entities govern our thinking and our actions, we become enslaved to them, which is not the place we want to be seen in. When we feel the need to be better dressed, more talented and claim superior intelligence than the other person, we know we have slid into an egotistic mode. Looks will deteriorate, talent will dissipate and intellect will erode with age. Then will come the realization that we have been judgmental. This cannot be the space of choice for anyone. This was the lesson my father taught me. "High on self esteem and low on ego" was his dictum. Delving into our earlier lessons in life is a worthwhile exercise, for it came from people wiser than us.

Civic Amenities Directory Provider


Service Emergency

Law and order & traffic problems


Phone No.







Traffic Complaints/Accidents


Police Station (Sanjaynagar)

2294 2533

Mr. Nagaraj (Circle Inspector) Traffic Police (R.T. Nagar) Mr. H.S. Murali (Traffic Inspector) BSNL



Public Officials (BBMP)

Telephone and Broadband services

Electrical Line Services

Water supply & leakage, sewage problems

Street Sweeping Street Light Maintenance Stray Dogs Snake/Wild Animal Rescue

Solid Waste Management

Collection and disposal of household waste & recycling

22943030 99640 65495 2351 2198

24 hrs Online Information

2551 4444

Mr. Kedar (Div. Engineer )

94498 12244

Smt. Padmaja (JTO)

94490 02632

Mr. Srinivasamurthy (SDE)

94498 16699

Mr. Sharavan (Only Broadband)

2012 7394

Mr, Gururaj (Phone & Internet Repair)

2012 7394

Mr. Muniratnam (Lineman)

2012 7399

Office Sanjaynagar (7am-7pm)


Night Service


Mr. Shankarnarayana (JE)

94817 86402

Mrs. Sudha (AE)

99729 76400

Mr. Suresh (AEE)

94498 44644

Mr. Bidari (EE)

94498 44607

Nagaraj/Loknath (Lineman)

98457 84586

Office - Sanjaynagar

2294 5141

Mr. Amrutesh (EE)

98454 44016

Mr. Rajshekar (AEE)

98454 44025

Mr. Satish Reddy (AE)

98454 44027

Mr. Batiah (Work Inspector)

94491 22583

Mr. N. Srinivas (Meter Reader)

99454 37696

Public Health includes cleaning roads, Office drainage, spraying pesticide Dr. Devaki Umesh (Medical Officer) Civil Works includes drainage and footpath construction,


Fault Reporting and Registering

94485 73303

2297 5863 97390 02351

Mr. Muniyappa (Sr. Health Officer) BBMP Control Room Call Centre

94806 84243

Mr. Naveen (Work Inspector)

94491 22583

Mr. Keshava Murthy (AE)

99456 97425

Mr. Muniraju (AEE)

94806 83732

Mr. Prakash Kumar (EE)

94481 11261

Mr. Shankar Reddy (Contractor)

98454 40977

Mr. Suresh (Supervisor)

98445 35588

Mrs. Rama(Contactor & Incharge)

98452 67052

Mr. Raghu (Lineman)

99450 57674

2222 1188


2341 1181

Mr. Anees

98440 37424

Mr. Mukund

93413 24672

Mr. Ashwathnarayan (Supervisor)

99458 01319

Mrs. Shalini Shenoi

2341 7384

Mrs. Supriya Singh

2351 8001

Mrs. Renuka Konchady

2351 4340

Harmony 2012 Oct Dec  
Harmony 2012 Oct Dec  

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