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01 Dec 2009

Kingdom Herald

The Bimonthly Newsletter of Millennial Kingdom Ministries

MKM Mission and Vision: Millennial Kingdom Ministries, a partaker of the Great Commission, is dedicated to making an impact in this world by presenting the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost; helping people draw closer to Christ through the Bible based preaching and teaching thus equipping and empowering all to overcome the struggles and pressures of everyday life. Millennial Kingdom Ministries is also committed to the welfare and well being of the sick and afflicted, the elderly, the less fortunate (those lacking life necessities such as: food, clothing, shelter, healthcare), those who are in prison and all who seek the Truth of God. Millennial Kingdom Ministries is also committed to nurturing and cultivating the next generation.

Showing the Love and the Ministry of Christ through our lives, MKM is paving the way for the Second Coming of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and His Millennium Reign

C a n Yo u Wa i t ? The Christian walk is one of the most amazing and exciting adventures one could ever experience. If there were a way to compare it to something, one could say that the Christian walk is like an everyday Christmas Day! When the families gather together, and have fun with the kids, and open up presents, there is a joy and happiness that spreads throughout the house, the neighborhood, and even the whole town. The Christian walk is similar: when people who are believers in Christ Jesus as Lord and Savior, the praises of God begin to be spoken and heard, and the Word of God brings joy and peace to all who hear, thus being spread throughout the world. Being a Christian isn’t easy, and walking in it does take some getting used to. Being able to walk as a Christian, one has to develop certain habits in order to walk. One such habit is having patience. Patience, or being patient, is a direct characteristic of God. God is very patient; in fact, His patience is the very reason why we are alive today: when we come to Christ after coming out from the ways of sin for so long, that finally, we come to Him. We have to wait on God for things. He won’t give us everything at once, but He’ll give just enough to sustain us. In order to enjoy the fullness of Christ, and this walk, we must be able to pace ourselves, meaning that we don’t go ahead of

God when we’re supposed to wait on Him, or lagging behind because we can’t keep up with Him (procrastination). Patience is one of the Fruits of the Spirit (GAL 5:22-23); it’s a level walk; a walk that will keep us in the right place. We can see things never seen before, because we’re not going too fast or too slow; we can get delivered of things that have plagued us for so long. I encourage you all to practice patience, and seek God daily. Being able to stay content with God is one of the best places to be in. In fact, it’s the ONLY place to be in. Stay in His presence by reading the Word of God (Bible), and by praying and meditation of the Word. These activities will keep you in a good place, or, a good pace. ~ Pastor Rich

Kingdom Herald

Millennial Kingdom Ministries

Pray About It! 

How Great is our God!

Please continue to pray for our ministry and all that is being birthed from it. We have so much that is getting ready to come forth! Get Ready Get Ready! We are asking for everyone to pray on one accord for Heart 2 Hands International (this is the missionary ministry of MKM) we are believing God to begin our actual Missions trips in 2010.

We are also praying for a 1216 passenger van or bus to be able to bring in more souls who need church fellowship.

Please remember to keep Sanctuary of Love Ministries Bishop and Pastor Lady Gilbert in your prayers as well.

This is not a question, instead it is a statement! What a Great God we serve!

2009 has been a busy and productive year for MKM To God be the Glory here is a brief overview of some of the landmarks of 2009; In February we received the keys to our building. The youth of MKM joined together to help renovate and decorate our building. We held our 1st service on March 9 with the theme " How Great is our God" In June our Pastors Richard and Ayanna was officially ordained through International Christian Fellowship. July we held our 1st baptism service were 5 candidates were baptized ( Micah, Tayla, and Raven Avery, Grace Rosado, and Judith Marquez) each candidate was presented with a framed certificate & a DVD copy of the baptism to commemorate their special day. August we celebrated the Unveiling of


Kingdom Ministries this was

our one year anniversary service. It was here we announced Bishop H. Gilbert and Lady Gilbert as the overseers and covering of MKM. Minister Shakiya was presented with her minister’s license after completing 6 months of intensive ministers training. September we started Read the Bible in 90 days with MKM God moved and we gained so much from that experience we will be doing it again shortly! October we held our 1st Community Clothing Blessing which was a great success!

November We Care Nursing Home Ministry was birthed as MKM began to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the residents of Innova Nursing Home. candlelight prayer vigil. We held our 1st community prayer day where we gathered prayer request from our Hammonton neighbors. December Voices of Glory performed and handed out gifts during the City of Hammonton parade (To God be the Glory) We provided gifts for some of the residents of Innova Nurs-

The Lord has shown us that it is not WHAT you have it is HOW much you DO with WHAT you have. Although MKM is a new ministry and is currently small in size we despise not small beginnings. We know that God is already using this ministry to make a BIG impact in the lives around us. We are reminded of the fact it only took 12 to preach the Word around the world..

Kingdom Herald

Millennial Kingdom Ministries

If God Said it Then It Will Happen! As I reflect over this past year in ministry the above statement could not be any more true. Time and time again the Lord has spoken and given us direction concerning this ministry as well as our own personal lives. Time and time again we have watched those Words manifest in our lives. I am writing to encourage you to hold on to whatever it is that the Lord has spoken to you whether the Word came to you in the form of a dream, a vision, a prophecy, or even a hearts desire. The enemy can not stop it from happening but he will

attack your faith, trying to convince you to doubt God and what He said. When we allow our faith to die we are no longer in the position to receive what we once believed. Hold on even when the situation you are in looks absolutely contrary to what you believe! Remember Joseph spent years in the pit before he was elevated to the palace and it was the events that happened in pit that placed him in the palace. This is a great example of a situation that looked bleak and grim and yet God used it for elevation. Do not let anything discourage you or make

you doubt what God has spoken to you. Use EVERY opportunity to build your faith because If God Said Then It Will! ~ Pastor Yannie God is not a man, that He should lie; neither the son of man, that He should repent: hath He said, and shall He not do it? or hath He spoken, and shall He not make it good? Numbers 23:19 ~Pastor Ayanna

Think About It! The road to success is not straight. There is a curve called Failure, a loop called Confusion, speed bumps called Friends, red lights called Enemies, caution lights called Family. You will have flats called Jobs. But, if you have a spare called Determination, an engine called Perseverance, insurance called Faith, a driver called Jesus, you will make it to a place called Success.

Looking Ahead! We have SO many ministries and SO many things that God has shown us for this upcoming year 2010. We are just believing God for some awesome manifestations. Here are some things that we are gearing up for the beginning of the year.

The launch of IGNITION Youth Movement. God is getting ready to get some youth ignited and excited about serving Christ this is NOT a youth group it is a YOUTH movement. Moving the Youth into the Kingdom of God. Making true Soldiers in the Army of the Lord.

Ministers Training Class it is that time again! Time to train up the new ministers in the Body of Christ. Six month of intense training to prepare you for a lifetime of service for the Lord. Our classes start Jan 3 and conclude in June. Possible licensure to those who successfully complete the course and consistently display the characteristics of one who is called to teach and preach the Gospel.

Pastors Richard and Ayanna

Our Outreach/ Evangelistic efforts will be increased. We are praying to be able to go in to the prison systems as well as other facilities to present the gospel of Jesus Christ to the hopeless, and discouraged!

Would like to thank everyone who has

Virtuous Faith Walking Women Fellowship: The Women’s Fellowship of MKM will be birthed in the early

supported the vision of

part of 2010! Our first series of study will be “Lies that Women Believe and the Truth that Makes them Free”

MKM. We realize there are many obstacles when

Prodigal Son Ministries: A ministry designed to reach and teach men from all walks of life how to return

being apart of a ministry

back to their rightful position in every relationship. They will be meeting every 3rd Saturday at 4pm

at the beginning but we believe and declare this

Deep is Calling unto Deeper: In depth Bible Study with Pastor Rich starting January 9 and meeting every

scripture: Romans 8:18

2nd and 4th Saturday at 4pm!

For I reckon that the sufferings of this present

We Care Nursing Home Ministry: Will continue going to Innova Nursing Home 2-3x a month!

time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us. ( ALL of US)

Millennial Kingdom Ministries 17 N. Egg Harbor Rd Hammonton NJ 08332 (856) 449-4018 office (856) 357-3801 youth office Pastors Richard and Ayanna Clark

Millennial Kingdom Ministries Building up the Kingdom of God through the Rebuilding of Souls Revelations 20:6

Kingdom Herald  

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