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Who Are Solicitors And What They Actually Do? Article Written By: Mk Law A solicitor is the one who provides legal advice and support to his or her client. Their clients can be an individual, private company, public sector company or organization, group, etc. Lawyers and solicitors perform the similar role. Solicitors act as a legal representative and advisor of their client in court. He/she can help you in different legal matters. He/she will guide you through the whole legal process related to your case and he or she will handle your case on your behalf.

Solicitor performs his/her job inside as well as outside the court. A solicitor is actually a legal practitioner. Those solicitors who mostly work with different commercial clients are often specialised in litigation, tax or property as they have to handle matters related to these issues only. Non commercial solicitors have to handle issues like divorce, writing will, custody cases, property conveyance, personal injury, criminal litigation, and many more. If you have any such issue and you want legal assistance then you can hire a solicitor. In Bromley, you can easily find many experienced solicitors. You can browse online to know about Bromley solicitors. Duties of a solicitor Solicitors usually do a lot more than you think they can do for you. If you hire a solicitor, he or she will offer you full service and it will include the following 

Your solicitor will take your instructions and all the details regarding your matter so that he or she can completely understand your case. After knowing all about your case, your solicitor will prepare a plan to help you out. Your solicitor will advice you what you should do and not do in the respective matter. Your solicitor will find the right solution for your problem and guide you on how to implement it.

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Your solicitor will meet the other party with whom you are having the issue. After interacting with the other party or the solicitor of that party, your solicitor will try to convince them. Your solicitor will gather all the evidences for your case to help you out and to get the case turn in your favour. Your solicitor will handle all the legal paperwork on your behalf so that you will not feel stressed or troubled. Your solicitor will prepare all the court papers as well as other documents. After getting all the important documents signed by you, your solicitor will send all those documents to the court. You don’t have to go to the court again and again to do all this. Your solicitor will be your representative in court for a legal hearing. He or she will try to represent your case in the way that will show that you are right and the other party is wrong. Your solicitor will ensure that court orders and all the steps that are important to be taken for legal proceeding are considered properly. Your solicitor takes the whole responsibility for fulfilment of all what is important for your case.

Who are solicitors and what they actually do  

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