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Coleman 6 Person Instant Tent Review - Instant Tents _____________________________________________________________________________________ By David - If you're looking for a quality camping tent then you will do well to look at Coleman's range due to their durability, lightweight and high quality of materials. The Coleman 6-person Instant Tent is designed for utmost convenience, allowing it to be setup or taken down in less than one minute. Here, we'll take a deeper look into some of the tents features to help you determine if it's the right tent for you.The Coleman 6-Person Instant Tent can sleep up to six people making it an ideal family tent. The generous footprint of 10x9 foot gives you ample floor space to sleep.A great feature of this tent is the ability to set it up in less than one minute.

Learn More About Instant Tents This is ideal when you're out in bad weather and want to set up camp quickly. Setting up the tent is very simple. You just need to unfold it, and then extend the legs then it's ready for useAs you'd expect from a Coleman tent the build quality is impressive.

The materials are made of heavy-duty fabric and the poles which construct the frame are made of steel. The height of the tent is 6 feet giving you plenty of headroom inside even if you're tall.Exclusively from Coleman is their WeatherTec system consisting of a range of interworking features which keep the inside of the tent dry at all times. Leak-free seams cover the doors and windows thereby preventing water leaking in. The coated polyester fabric provide adequate protection in the even in extreme weather.

The tent holds up well in wet weather and doesn't leak, but it does sometimes produce condensation on the inside. This doesn't produce much water though, so using a towel should be enough to soak up the droplets.There is plenty of ventilation so it feels airy and comfortable inside the tent during hot summers. Both sides of the tent have a large sized window and there is also a big window at the back. There are also two roof vents to provide even further ventilation.

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