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Volume 1 Issue 6

Every year Key Club holds the blood drive for students. Key Club provides baked goods for students who decide to donate blood. In order to donate, you must be 120 lbs or over. This year students over 16 years of age can donate. Although, students who are 16 must have a permission slipped signed by their parent or guardian. If you can, please donate and make a difference!

Every other Wednesdays key club has bake sales. The money goes in for a good cause. It goes to the Children’s Specialized Hospitals! So please if you are willing to help. Then go for it. We need all of you guys to help and contribute to these bake sales! Keep up the Good Work Key Clubbers!

Every year, hundreds of Key Clubbers from all over New Jersey gather for a weekend of celebration. This year, we will be "traveling the world of service" at District Convention, exploring different countries and cultures.

Club Email: Morris Knolls Key Club: Officer Emails: President Eric Lum: Vice-President Debby Hsu: intheclouds287@optonli Vice-President Brian Cheung: gencheungchicken@aol. com

- Morris Knolls Key Club "Caring...Our Way of Life"

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MK Editor Izza Yamin's March 2010 Newsletter