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Organic Baby Mattresses Keeping Babies Warm And The Earth Happy - Organic Baby Mattress _____________________________________________________________________________________ By Lenaly - In recent times, the movement to go back to all things natural and organic has been rapidly spreading. More and more people are becoming aware of the risks that synthetic and excess has been causing to the environment, and to the body's health. "Going green" is growing more and more to be the preference on everything from food, to make-up, to fashion - and now, organic can also be an option for baby furniture and materials like baby mattresses. Click Here

There is no repairing the damage that the earth has already suffered, but much can be done to prevent the environment from further deteriorating and becoming less and less conducive for human existence. This can be done by lessening the release of harmful and polluting chemicals to the atmosphere, and by minimizing waste and surplus. More and more of the excess that humans create are non-biodegradable, and would stay and pile up for hundreds of years.

By that time, the environment of this planet would not be very conducive for human life. That tragedy can be prevented today by starting to care more about nature, and lessening the dependence on things synthetic and chemical-laden.Mattresses are made of cotton batting and fabric covering. Majority of the cotton now used in commercial mattresses are made from synthetic or manufactured cotton. Or if they are made from real cotton, they are usually bleached and dried out with powerful chemicals. Then, there are cotton farms that rely on using pesticides, which in turn harm the atmosphere.

An organic baby mattress will be made of natural cotton, which has been grown in farms that use only natural pesticides and fertilizers, or none at all. These organic method farms receive a certification from the United States Department of Agriculture to prove their commitment to being organic. The cotton material itself will not be bleached or treated with artificial dyes and powerful chemicals.

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