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In the world of rap music, no artist can claim to have the legacy of 2Pac Shakur. He is one of the bestselling rap artists of all time, including his studio albums and 2Pac mixtapes. He was not only an amazing rapper but also had a flourishing career as an actor and a social activist. In addition to the 2Pac mixtapes that have been released, the rapper had six studio albums to his name between 1991 and 1996. His final three studio albums made it all the way to the top of the US music charts. The most popular was the 1996 release All Eyez On Me, which was certified nine times platinum and was followed up by the album The Don Killuminati, which went four times platinum. Unfortunately, his music is not the only thing that has made 2Pac Shakur a legend in the world of hip hop. In September of 1996, the entire rap world mourned the sudden and untimely death of the rap star that resulted from a shooting while he was parked at a red light. Shot down in the prime of his career, 2Pac joined the ranks of many other music legends who never got the chance to realize their full potential. 2Pac mixtapes have given fans of the departed star something to hold onto, even after his death. When it comes to a mixtape download, it is difficult to find one more popular than anything featuring the late rapper. They are just part of the collection of posthumous 2Pac albums, which actually outnumber the albums he released in life. The story of 2Pac Shakur is one of the most tragic in the history of rap music, because fans will never know what amazing music he would have released had he lived. However, 2Pac mixtapes give them something new to listen to and imagine what might have been. In a way, they have allowed him to live on even after his untimely death.

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==== ==== For more info: 2Pac - Pac's Life ft. T.I., Ashanti ==== ====

2Pac Mixtapes Keep The Rap Star's Legacy Alive