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How Pasta Can Help One's Body Fresh pasta is definitely an important part of a wholesome diet. Ravioli and manicotti containing natural wheat grains is a great source, since our bodies need carbohydrates to perform at their best. Rather than getting short-lived energy from sweet drinks and sugary pastries, you will get long-lasting energy from natural wheat products. In Italy, there's a low rate of heart disease and obesity, where these types of dishes are eaten on a regular basis. There's no way that six million Italians are wrong! There are a variety of ways to incorporate fresh past into a healthy daily lifestyle. It starts with the level of quality of the sauce that you choose to put on your noodles. If you go to a restaurant in Italy, or you visit an Italian household for a family meal, you’ll discover that traditional sauces tend to be used with a lighter hand than the ones found in American restaurants. Rather than drowning the meal in a lake of sauce, a small amount of a rich and tasty sauce is used to bring out the flavor of the whole dish. You'll want to use the right amount of sauce to cling to every strand or shape, without ending up with a great deal of leftover sauce on the plate. You won't miss the extra calories, once you become accustomed to the traditional Italian way of eating noodles. It is also important not to overcook noodles if you want to enjoy the maximal health benefits. Whenever that you overcook spaghetti or ravioli, you will get an increased glycemic index, implying that it will affect blood sugar levels more sharply and will not digest as efficiently. The Italians customarily cook their noodles "al dente" which will leave a bit of resistance to each bite. Spaghetti or manicotti cooked in this way is richer in fiber and better absorbed by the body. You can help you blood sugar by cutting a couple of minutes off you usual cooking time - and when you are considering the taste of the dish, "al dente" will always be more delicious. There are limitless amounts of sauces that you can use for your Italian dinners. You have the option of purchasing a pre-made sauce or making one from scratch at home. You may be tempted to purchase the canned or jarred sauce, however those types of sauces could be filled with high fructose corn syrup and various other unhealthy substances. When you cook the Italian way, you can create an easy homemade sauce, which will always be a much healthier option. This process doesn't have to be hard or intimidating. The majority of the classic Italian sauces are going to be made with fresh ingredients like olive oil, chopped garlic and fresh tomatoes. A lot of the traditional sauces can be made in the same amount of time that it takes your noodles to cook. Try an Italian cookbook or perhaps a cooking website for inspiration. Complex carbohydrates like those found in ravioli or spaghetti are a fundamental part of an active lifestyle. A spaghetti dinner will help your body replenish its important glycogen and build muscles for your next workout, if you're the type to go to the gym or take a run after you get home from work. Olympic athletes often use spaghetti to give them with the energy that they requirement for their international competitions. There are thousands of pounds of noodles consumed in the Olympic Village every 4 years that the athletes can use for complex carbohydrates as fuel for their best possible performances. When you focus on fresh ingredients, healthy sauces, and appropriate cooking times, a plate of spaghetti is a perfect choice for an active, natural lifestyle. Pasta is a preferred food that has many health benefits to offer you and your family. Antoni Ravioli Company, Inc.

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How Pasta Can Help One's Body

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Antoni Ravioli Company, Inc.

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How Pasta Can Help One's Body